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How to Give A Compelling Interview Presentation: Tips, Examples and Topic Ideas

How to Give A Compelling Interview Presentation

Interview presentations have now become the new norm for most industries. They are popular for sales, marketing, technology, and academic positions. If you have been asked to deliver one for your job interview presentation, prepare to build a strong case for yourself as a candidate.

Giving a general presentation is already daunting. But selling yourself is always the hardest. Spectacular credentials and stellar expertise don’t count much if you cannot present them clearly, which you are expected to do during your interview presentation.

So, let’s prime you up for the challenge. This post is action-packed with job interview PowerPoint presentation examples and will teach you the best way to do a presentation without stressing too much!

Table of Contents

What is an Interview Presentation?

What should an interview presentation look like, how to prepare for a job interview presentation: the basics, define your structure, what slides to include, how to come up with 15-minute interview presentation ideas, how to conclude your interview presentation, how to prepare for an interview: the final tips, what to do at the first interaction with the company elevator pitch for interview, presentation design tips, how to overcome presentation anxiety, tips on maintaining positive body language throughout the presentation, your final act.

An interview presentation, also known as a job interview presentation or interview portfolio, is a formal and structured way for candidates to showcase their skills, qualifications, and suitability for a specific job position during an interview. It goes beyond the typical Q&A format of interviews, allowing candidates to demonstrate their expertise through a prepared presentation. Employers commonly request interview presentations in various industries, such as sales, marketing, technology, academia, and management roles. These presentations serve several important purposes: assessing communication skills, evaluating cultural fit, measuring expertise, analyzing problem-solving skills, and observing presentation skills. While the specific format and requirements of interview presentations vary widely, candidates typically receive guidelines from the employer regarding the topic, duration, and any specific criteria to be addressed. In essence, an interview presentation is an opportunity for candidates to make a compelling case for their candidacy, showcasing their qualifications, experience, and suitability for the job. It requires careful preparation, effective communication, and the ability to engage and persuade the interview panel. A successful interview presentation can significantly enhance a candidate’s chances of securing the desired position.

Think of your interview presentation as a sales pitch.

Your goal is to convince the human resources team that you are the best candidate. The kick here is that you will present to a warm audience – you already impressed them enough with your resume to be called in for an interview. We recommend generating a strategy and presentation based on a 30 60 90 Day Plan .

Employers request interview presentations for a few simple reasons:

  • To assess your communication and public speaking skills.
  • To understand whether you are the right cultural fit for the company.
  • To develop a better sense of how well-versed you are in the domain .

So, your first job is ensuring your presentation fits the criteria. Review the company’s job description again and jot down all the candidate requirements. Take the time to read about their company values and mission. Be proactive and ask precisely what you should cover during your presentation.

Most interview presentations will differ in content and style, but here’s a quick example to give you more context:

Iterview PowerPoint template design

[ Use This Template ]

Before you get elbow-deep in designing that PowerPoint for a job interview presentation, do some scouting and reach out to the HR team with a few questions.

You want your presentation to be on-point and technically accurate, so ask your contact the following:

  • How long should an interview presentation be? Fifteen minutes is the golden standard, though some employers may ask to cut it down to just 10 minutes or extend it to 20-25.
  • Who exactly will be present? A conversational presentation would undoubtedly be welcomed by your peers and a team leader but may appear too casual for the senior managers or board of directors.
  • Does the HR team have a particular agenda in mind? Ask some leading questions to understand what kind of skills/experience they want you to demonstrate. If needed, use a proper agenda slide to include your content.
  • What’s the IT setup? Should you bring your laptop? Do you need an adapter to connect to their projector? What kind of presentation software have they installed – PowerPoint, Keynote, Google Slides?

Everyone appreciates clarity.

In fact, 89% of professionals state their ability to communicate with clarity directly impacts their career and income.

Your presentation should flow, not rumble. Make sure that your story is easy to follow and your key message is easy to digest, remember, and pass on. If you want people to retain your main points, opt for the following structure:

3D Ladder with arrow PowerPoint infographic

Source: this infographic was created with  3 Steps Editable 3D Ladder Infographic

Here’s an interview presentation example styled in this fashion.

What is: The company’s presence in the Middle East is low. Only 15% of revenues come from the top markets.

Why this matters: The UAE fashion market alone is expected to grow at a CAGR of 21% during the next five years.

What could be: I have helped my previous employer open a flagship store in Dubai, have a lot of industry contacts, and am familiar with the local legislature. Your brand can expect a 17% revenue growth within one year of opening.

You can find even more ideas for designing your presentations in this post .

The choice of slides will largely depend on whether you are asked to talk about yourself or present on some task that you will be required to do as part of your job (e.g., create marketing campaigns).

Most interview presentation templates feature the following slides:

  • Opening Slide
  • Quick Bio/Personal Summary
  • Career Path
  • Education timeline
  • Key Skills and Expertise
  • Case studies/examples of the problems you have solved at your past jobs
  • Your vision for your future role.
  • What exactly can you bring in as the candidate (we will come back to this one later on!)

Can’t figure out where to start? Check out our AI PowerPoint generator to create an entire interview slide deck in a couple of clicks, or just download a job interview template . Swipe down to learn from the either of the following job interview presentation samples.

Typically, a talent acquisition team will suggest broad interview presentation topics for you. For example, if you are applying for a sales position, they may ask you to develop a sales presentation for some product (real or imaginary).

Some employers will request a short presentation about you or your hobbies to understand whether you are a good “fit” for the team and share the company’s values. Remember this: your audience will be assessing your aptitude for the role, no matter which topic you were given.

In fact, the interviewers at this point don’t care that much about your experience and skills. They want to know how you can apply those to solve the company’s pressing problems – meet sales targets, improve ROI from social media marketing or help them earn more revenue.

Your job is to make an educated guess… predict the most wrenching problem, and pitch your “magic pill” during your interview presentation.

I know what you are thinking – but how do I find the right opportunity/problem to tackle?

Businesses across different industries pretty much struggle with the same generic challenges related to either of the following:

Your topic should clearly address one of these areas and offer a potential roadmap for solving some specific problem within it.

Let’s say that you are applying for a sales role. Clearly, you will want to tackle the “customer audience” set of problems. To refine your idea, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Can you think of a new customer segment the company should target? Who are they, what do they want, and how you can help the company reach them?
  • Do you have a network or experience to identify and pitch new clients?
  • Can you think of new collaboration opportunities the company could use to attract a whole new niche of customers?

So a sample job interview presentation about yourself should include a series of Problem & Solution Slides , showing exactly how you will address that issue if the company hires you.

Here’s another PowerPoint presentation about yourself for job interview example worth using – incorporate a case study slide, showing how you have successfully solved a similar problem for your past employer.

Wrap up your presentation by laying out the key steps the company needs to take. Give an estimate of how much time it will take to tackle the problem, and what changes/investments should be made.

Your conclusion should tell this: “Hire me and I will solve this problem for you in no time!”.

How to Prepare for an Interview: The Final Tips

Source: StockSnap

Dial-Up Your Power

Take a deep breath and strike a “power pose” before you enter the room.

According to her research, power posers performed better during interviews and were more likely to get hired. Another study also proved this theory: unaware judges gave major preference to the power-primed applicants. So yes, pep talks do work!

The first 30 Seconds Count The Most

What you do and say in the first 30 seconds will make the most impact. Psychological  research  shows that listeners form opinions about your personality and intelligence in the first 30 seconds of the interview. So be sure to start with a compelling opening, framing exactly how you want to be perceived.

Try To Appear Similar to the Interviewer

Lauren Rivera, a professor from Kellogg School,  came to the conclusion that interviewers tend to hire “people like them” .

Even the top human resource management folks fall for this bias and tend to base their evaluations on how similar a candidate is to them, instead of trying to decide whether the person’s skill set is ideal for the position. So to be liked, you will have to act relatable.

Back up your statements with facts

To deliver a presentation with a bang, you can make use of pre-analyzed facts to support your hypothesis. Make sure to do your homework, study the company and its competitive landscape, and do the professional work you would have done as a member of the company crew. At some point in your interview presentation, you go “off the script”, and pull out a bunch of documents, supporting your statements.

powerpoint presentation on interview skills

For example, you can give away a quick plan indicating a number of things the employer could do today to save money, even if they don’t hire you. Make sure to be meticulous; your work will speak for you. But giving away this work will show the employer your commitment, skills, and focus.

And that’s exactly how to make your job interview presentation stand out. Most candidates just ramble about their skills and past career moves. You bring specificity and proof to the platter, showing exactly what makes you a great hire fair and square.

Within a selection process, there are many interactions (interviews and dynamics) that you must successfully complete in order to be the next selected candidate. One of your objectives in this first interaction should be to generate a great first impression in the company. For this, we recommend using the Elevator Pitch for Interview technique.

The Elevator Pitch for Interview will allow you to present yourself in a solid and professional way in less than 60 seconds, in order to generate an outstanding first impression.

What is an Elevator Pitch for an Interview?

The Elevator Pitch is a condensed speech about yourself that aims to generate engagement in no more than 60 seconds. Entrepreneurs widely use this type of speech to persuade investors and job seekers in job interviews. Your Elevator Pitch for the Interview will generate a great first impression to the employer and be better positioned than other candidates. If your goal is to make a convincing presentation in a job interview, your Elevator Pitch needs to be well crafted.

How to Make an Elevator Pitch for an Interview

There are many ways and tips to make an excellent Elevator Pitch for a job interview. This section provides you with essential advice to make your interview more convincing.

Identify your target

You need to know to whom you are presenting yourself. Is it a recruiter? or an executive?. Your Elevator Pitch will change depending on the receiver.

Comprehend the needs of the hiring company

Make an advanced study about the search requirements for the job position. Identify your strengths. Highlight them. Demonstrate your experience. Identify your weaknesses. Show that you have a profile that seeks constant improvement

Create a clear, concise, and truthful Elevator Pitch

This point is critical. Your Elevator Pitch must be clear, concise, genuine, and impactful. Go from less to more. Generate a real hook in your audience. Try not to go off-topic or talk too much, and be brief in everything you want to say.

Speak naturally and confidently

If you can speak fluently and naturally, you can show a confident profile. Show you know what you are talking about and what you want.

Elevator Pitch Example for Job Seekers

This section illustrates an Elevator Pitch Example targeted to Recruiters. It will help you put together your own.

“My name is [NAME]. After graduating with a degree in Business Administration, I have spent the last five years accumulating professional experience as a Project Assistant and Project Manager. I have successfully managed intangible products’ planning, strategy, and launch these past few years. I was excited to learn about this opportunity in Big Data – I’ve always been passionate about how technology and the use of information can greatly improve the way we live. I would love the opportunity to bring my project management and leadership skills to this position.”

Ways to avoid common mistakes in your Elevator Pitch

Keep in mind the following points to avoid making mistakes in your Elevator Pitch for an Interview.

Don’t hurry to make your Elevator Pitch

The Elevator Pitch lasts approximately 60 seconds. Do it on your own time and naturally, as long as you make it clear and concise.

Do not always use the same Elevator Pitch for all cases

One recommendation is not to repeat the same Elevator Pitch in all your interviews. Make changes. Try new options and ways of saying the information. Try different versions and check with your experience which generates more engagement and persuasion.

Make it easy to understand

Articulate your pitch as a story. Think that the person in front of you does not know you and is interested in learning more about your profile. Don’t make your Elevator Pitch challenging to appear more sophisticated. Simply generate a clear and easy-to-understand narrative, where all the data you tell is factual and verifiable.

Don’t forget to practice it

Practice is the key to success. Your Elevator Pitch for Interview will become more professional, convincing, and natural with practice.

How to End an Elevator Pitch?

An essential aspect of ending an Elevator Pitch for an Interview is demonstrating interest and passion for the position. You have already presented yourself and established that you have the necessary background for the job. Closing with phrases revealing passion and attitude will help reinforce your pitch.

We recommend you use expressions such as:

“I have always been interested and curious about the area in which the company operates, and it would be a great challenge for me to be able to perform in this position.”

“I have been interested in moving into your company for a while, and I love what your team is doing in IT.”

“I would like to advance my career with an employer with the same values. I know that thanks to my profile and experience, I can make excellent contributions to your company.”

Keep It Visual: Use visuals like images, graphs, and charts to convey your points effectively. Visuals can make complex information more accessible and engaging. Consistency Matters: Maintain a consistent design throughout your presentation. Use the same fonts, color schemes, and formatting to create a cohesive look. Practice Timing: Be mindful of the allotted time for your presentation. Practice to ensure you can comfortably cover your content within the time limit. Engage the Audience: Incorporate elements that engage the audience, such as questions, anecdotes, or real-world examples. Interaction keeps the interview panel interested. Use White Space: Avoid cluttered slides. Use white space to create a clean and uncluttered design that enhances readability.

Presenting during a job interview can be nerve-wracking. Here are some strategies to overcome presentation anxiety:

  • Practice: Practice your presentation multiple times, ideally in front of a friend or mentor. The more you rehearse, the more confident you’ll become.
  • Visualization: Visualize yourself by giving a successful presentation. Imagine yourself speaking confidently and engaging the audience.
  • Breathing Techniques: Deep breathing can help calm nerves. Take slow, deep breaths before and during your presentation to reduce anxiety.
  • Positive Self-Talk: Replace negative thoughts with positive affirmations. Remind yourself of your qualifications and the value you bring to the role.
  • Focus on the Message: Concentrate on delivering your message rather than dwelling on your anxiety. Remember that the interviewers want to learn about your skills and experiences.
  • Arrive Early: Arrive at the interview location early. This gives you time to get comfortable with the environment and set up any technical equipment you use.

Maintain Good Posture: Stand or sit up straight with your shoulders back. Good posture conveys confidence and attentiveness. Make Eye Contact: Establish and maintain eye contact with your audience to show confidence and engagement. Use Open Gestures: Employ open gestures, like open palms and expansive arm movements, to convey enthusiasm and openness. Smile and Show Enthusiasm: Genuine smiles and enthusiastic facial expressions demonstrate passion and eagerness. Control Nervous Habits: Be mindful of nervous habits like tapping or fidgeting, which can distract your audience and convey anxiety.

Stop fretting and start prepping for your interview presentation. You now have all the nitty-gritty presentation tips to ace that interview. If you are feeling overwhelmed with the design part, browse our extensive gallery of PowerPoint templates and cherry-pick specific elements ( diagrams , shapes , and data charts ) to give your interview presentation the top visual appeal.

Here you can see some 100% editable templates available on SlideModel that could be useful for preparing an interview presentation.

1. Versatile Self-Introduction PowerPoint Template

powerpoint presentation on interview skills

Use This Template

2. Professional Curriculum Vitae PowerPoint Template

powerpoint presentation on interview skills

This a sample of PowerPoint presentation template that you can use to present a curriculum and prepare for a job interview presentation. The PPT template is compatible with PowerPoint but also with Google Slides.

3. Modern 1-Page Resume Template for PowerPoint

powerpoint presentation on interview skills

4. Multi-Slide Resume PowerPoint Template

powerpoint presentation on interview skills

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powerpoint presentation on interview skills

How to Prepare a PowerPoint Presentation for Job Interview Success

Preparing a PowerPoint presentation for a job interview involves summarizing your skills, experiences, and value proposition in a visually appealing way. You’ll need to plan your content, design your slides, and practice your delivery to ensure you make the best impression.

After completing your PowerPoint presentation, you’ll have a powerful tool to help you stand out in the interview process. It will demonstrate your proficiency with technology, your ability to communicate effectively, and your readiness for the role.


When it comes to job interviews, first impressions are everything. In today’s competitive job market, candidates are constantly looking for ways to distinguish themselves from the pack. One effective method is to create a PowerPoint presentation to showcase your skills, experience, and qualifications. Whether you’re applying for a position that requires technical skills, creative thinking, or leadership abilities, a well-crafted presentation can help you demonstrate your expertise in a dynamic and memorable way.

PowerPoint presentations are not only for showing your previous work or the projects you’ve been part of. They’re also a platform to illustrate your thought process, your approach to solving problems, and your ideas for contributing to the potential employer’s success. For professionals in all fields, from marketing to engineering, a PowerPoint presentation can serve as your visual aid and personal brand ambassador. Let’s dive into the steps to craft a presentation that could very well tip the scales in your favor.

Step by Step Tutorial: Preparing a PowerPoint Presentation for a Job Interview

Before we start, remember that a PowerPoint presentation for a job interview should be concise, relevant, and engaging. Here’s how to create one that’ll help you nail the interview.

Step 1: Define the Objective of Your Presentation

Identify what you want to achieve with your presentation.

Before opening PowerPoint, take a moment to think about the message you want to convey to your interviewers. Are you aiming to showcase your expertise, outline your experience, or present a case study? The objective will guide the content and structure of your presentation.

Step 2: Research the Company and Role

Tailor your presentation to the company and position you’re interviewing for.

Understanding the company’s culture, values, and challenges allows you to tailor your presentation accordingly. Highlight experiences and skills that align with what they’re looking for. Use the company’s color scheme or logo to personalize your slides and show that you’ve done your homework.

Step 3: Plan Your Content

Outline the key points you want to cover in your presentation.

Create an outline of what you’re going to talk about. Start with an introduction about yourself, followed by your relevant experiences, accomplishments, and conclude with how you can contribute to the company. Keep it simple—three to five main points should suffice.

Step 4: Design Your Slides

Create visually appealing slides that reinforce your message without distracting from it.

Use a clean, professional design with plenty of white space. Stick to a few key colors and use high-quality images or graphics. Make sure the text is large enough to be easily read, and don’t overcrowd your slides with too much information.

Step 5: Practice Your Delivery

Rehearse presenting your PowerPoint to ensure a smooth delivery on the day of the interview.

Practice makes perfect. Rehearse your presentation several times to get comfortable with the flow and timing. Anticipate questions you might be asked and prepare answers. The more you practice, the more confident you’ll be during the actual presentation.

Engages the InterviewerA PowerPoint presentation can make your interview more interactive and engaging. It breaks the monotony of standard question-answer sessions and allows you to guide the conversation.
Demonstrates Technical SkillsCrafting a presentation showcases your proficiency with PowerPoint, an essential tool in many workplaces. It also shows that you’re capable of translating complex information into an easily digestible format.
Highlights Communication SkillsA well-prepared presentation is a testament to your communication skills. It requires you to express your thoughts clearly and concisely, an invaluable trait in any job.
Overdependence on SlidesRelying too much on your PowerPoint can hinder the natural flow of conversation. It’s important not to let the slides do all the talking.
Technical IssuesTechnology can be unpredictable. If you rely solely on your presentation, technical difficulties could disrupt your interview. Always have a backup plan.
Misaligned ExpectationsSome interviewers may prefer a traditional interview format. Always confirm beforehand if a PowerPoint presentation is appropriate for your interview.

Additional Information

When preparing your PowerPoint presentation for a job interview, it’s important to remember that less is more. Keep your slides clean and uncluttered, using bullet points rather than paragraphs of text. Use graphs, charts, and images to illustrate your points visually, as these can be more impactful than words alone.

Be mindful of the time constraints you might have during your interview and design your presentation accordingly. Aim for no more than 10-15 slides, each covering a single topic or idea. It’s also a good idea to prepare a leave-behind, a printed version of your presentation or a summary document that you can give to your interviewers for later reference.

Remember, the goal of your presentation is to supplement your spoken responses, not replace them. Use the slides to emphasize and enhance what you’re saying, not as a script to read from verbatim.

Lastly, make sure to weave in your personality throughout the presentation. This is your chance to make a connection with your audience, so let your passion and enthusiasm for the role shine through.

  • Define your presentation’s objective.
  • Research the company and role.
  • Plan your content efficiently.
  • Design visually appealing slides.
  • Practice your delivery thoroughly.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many slides should my presentation have.

Aim for 10-15 slides to keep your presentation concise and impactful.

Should I bring a printed version of my presentation?

Yes, providing a printed summary or leave-behind is always a good idea.

Can I use animations in my presentation?

Use animations sparingly and only if they add value to your presentation.

How can I avoid technical issues during the presentation?

Always have a backup plan, such as a PDF version of your presentation on a USB drive.

Is it appropriate to ask if I can present a PowerPoint during my interview?

Yes, it’s best to confirm with your interviewer beforehand if they welcome a PowerPoint presentation.

Preparing a PowerPoint presentation for a job interview is a strategic move that can set you apart from other candidates. It’s an opportunity to demonstrate your skills, knowledge, and passion for the role. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can create an engaging and informative presentation that will impress your potential employers and increase your chances of landing the job.

Remember, the key is to be prepared. Research the company, plan and design your slides carefully, and practice your delivery. With a well-crafted PowerPoint presentation, you’ll be able to showcase your best self and leave a lasting impression. So, go ahead and give it your best shot—your dream job awaits!

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Matthew Burleigh has been writing tech tutorials since 2008. His writing has appeared on dozens of different websites and been read over 50 million times.

After receiving his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Computer Science he spent several years working in IT management for small businesses. However, he now works full time writing content online and creating websites.

His main writing topics include iPhones, Microsoft Office, Google Apps, Android, and Photoshop, but he has also written about many other tech topics as well.

Read his full bio here.

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19+ Best Free Job Interview PowerPoint PPT Presentation Templates 2024

powerpoint presentation on interview skills

Multipurpose Slide-Deck

  • 150+ unique slides
  • Uses free fonts
  • Color theme
  • Easy to customize

Multipurpose Powerpoint Presentation

Multipurpose PowerPoint Presentation

  • 1000 icon set
  • Fully animated
  • 16:9 full HD quality

STRATEGY Multipurpose Powerpoint V219

STRATEGY -  Powerpoint V219

  • 30 unique slide designs
  • 5 color schemes
  • Master Slide Based

The Arsislide Multipurpose Powerpoint Template

The Arsislide - PowerPoint Template

  • 55+ unique slides
  • Image place holder
  • Fully editable

These free premium interview PowerPoint presentation templates are great options to get you started. Not convinced?

Here's a top tier selection of interview PowerPoint templates  for you to choose from.

Minimalist CV free presentation template

Free Job Interview Presentation

This template uses geometric patterns. Bright and vibrant colors like blue and pink are used to grab attention. 

Modern CV Free PowerPoint Template Google Slides Theme

Modern CV - Free Presentation for Interview 

Modern CV - Free Presentation for Interview Sample is a light template. It comes with a green and blue border. 

Fluid CV Free Presentation Template

Fluid - Free Job Interview Presentation Template

Fluid CV is a free dark job interview template found online. There are colorful, fluid designs the slides. 

Flat Resume Free Presentation Template

PowerPoint Presentation for Job Interview

This template has four background colors. A white text box on the background makes the bright color pop

Geometric Resume free presentation template

Geometric - Free Job Interview Presentation Samples

This template has a white background and colorful geometric shapes on the corners. Blue and red are the primary colors in this template. 

Curriculum Vitae Free Presentation Template

Curriculum Vitae - Free Interview Presentation Ideas

This free job interview presentation example template has a white background, yellow graphics, and gray fonts. It's made to resemble a resume. 

RyanCV Resume Google Slides Template

RyanCV - Free Job Interview Presentation Samples

Fun doodles are used in this job interview presentation example template. It's not a very formal-looking design, but it works well for freelancers. 

Zurich Free Google Slides CV Presentation Template

Zurich - Free PowerPoint Presentation for Job Interview PPT

This is a free job interview presentation example. The colors used in this template are blue, white, and black. It's simple and clean. 

Yellow Resume Powerpoint Template FREE

Yellow Resume - Free Presentation for Interview Sample

Here's a free template to present your biography, portfolio, skills, education, work experience, etc. It's got a yellow banner at the top of the slide. The fonts are in black. 

Free Business Self Introduce Resume PowerPoint Template

Business - Free Interview Presentation Ideas 

This is a simple and minimalistic interview presentation examples template. Blue and red are the main colors. Straight lines are used in various ways as the design element. 

Purple self introduction ppt template

Purple Self Intro - Free Job Interview Presentation Samples

This interview presentation examples template has a black background and purple highlights. All fonts are white.

CV Resume Powerpoint Templates

CV Interview Presentation Examples

CV Resume - Free Sample PowerPoint Presentation for Job Interview PPT's background is black. Graphics and highlights are in green. The fonts are in white and black. 

Marble Free Job Intreview Presentation Samples

Marble - Free Job Interview Presentation Examples

This is a black and white template with a marble background design. White fonts stand out well against this marble background. 

Flat CV

Flat Modern - Free Interview Presentation Ideas

Here's a template with geometric shapes as its design elements. It helps you present your education, work experience, and other relevant details well. 


Colorful CV - PowerPoint Presentation for Interview 

The background of this interview presentation example slides is light gray. The graphics are multicolored, and the fonts are in black. 


Green CV - Free PowerPoint Presentation for Interview 

This template uses a lively green gradient background. Be sure to test your presentation on a big screen as there's little color contrast between the fonts and background. 

Geometric CV

Geometric CV - Free Job Interview PPT Template

This template is clean and minimalistic. Each slide has colorful geometric shapes that pop against the white background. 

Timeline Free Interview Presentation Template

Timeline - Free PowerPoint Presentation for Interview

This is a free timeline template that was created for job interviews. It's a single slide and not a complete interview PPT template. 

Geometry CV

Geometry CV - Free Job Interview PPT Template

This is a light template with an off-white background. There are colorful geometry graphics at the corners of each slide. 

Business minimal slides

Business Minimal - Interview Presentation Ideas

This PowerPoint presentation for an interview is a great option to put together a great job interview presentation example.

Premium Job Interview PowerPoint Presentation Templates

Persoon - Resume Powerpoint Template

Persoon - Resume Powerpoint Template

Persoon is a modern minimalistic template. It comes with 30 unique animated slides that you can quickly customize. It's got dark and light backgrounds and three color themes.  

Resume PowerPoint Template

Resume - PowerPoint Template

All graphics on this template are resizable and customizable. Easily drag and drop your images into the picture placeholders. Replace your text, and you're all done. 

PERZONA Curriculum Vitae Presentation

PERZONA - Curriculum Vitae Presentation

Perzona is brightened up with the use of lively colors. This light template has a calm feel to it. It's got 30 professional slides and can be used for job interviews in any industry. 

PERSONA Professional CV Presentation Template

PERSONA –  CV Presentation Template

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powerpoint presentation on interview skills

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Demonstrate Your Skills in an Interview with a PowerPoint Presentation

Extra effort brings extra results . Everything you do before, during, and after your interview, matters at the end of the hiring process. To prepare a PowerPoint presentation is definitely a good idea–especially when you can use it to demonstrate your knowledge of the job , or to showcase a successful project which you completed . Job seekers typically prepare one of the following presentations:

  • Work portfolio – the presentation gives a brief insight on your career, the jobs you’ve had, the projects you managed, and the things you achieved and learned while working on them. Portfolio is especially useful for people who apply for technical jobs, such as graphic designer, project manager, web developer, application developer, marketing manager, cook , etc.
  • Presentation of a specific project – for example if you apply for job in software development company, you can prepare a PowerPoint presentation of one of the projects you led. From first draft and planning of the application through setting milestones to completing them. Such a presentation helps you to demonstrate your excellent pm skills.

* Do not forget to check also: Project Manager Interview Questions .

Table of Contents

Ask them whether you can use a presentation

A presentation is an effective way of demonstrating your skills, and if you do it in a right way, you will benefit from having it in an interview. Nevertheless, you should always ask the interviewers whether you can do the presentation.

Many hiring managers have their own way of doing things, they follow a strict interview template with each job candidate, and they have a packed schedule from morning to evening. In such a case may not allow you to show your presentation–simply because they want to follow the very same interview template with each job candidate –either everyone shows their PowerPoint presentation, or no one will.

Bearing this in mind, you should call them before the interview and ask about an option to show the PowerPoint presentation. Remember that even if they do not allow you to do it, they will appreciate the idea , and the extra effort you made to prepare something for your interview. All HR managers love the “I do more” attitude.

powerpoint presentation on interview skills

How to prepare a presentation

From a software point of view, you will find good tutorials on YouTube , and learn how to prepare a great-looking PowerPoint presentation with ease. From the content point of view, check our interview portfolio article to understand what you should include on your presentation, and what you should rather avoid.

Practice makes perfect, bad presentation can kill your chances

It happened to me several times that a job applicant brought their laptop to the interview, and they delivered their presentation. We did not agree about this upfront, but I never follow a strict template in job interviews, and I like applicants that do something more while trying to succeed. Therefor I let them to deliver the presentation.

More often than not, however, the presentation had very little to do with the job offer. Or, even worse, the way they delivered it uncovered their weaknesses in terms of their communication, presentations, or project management skills. Take my advice: Practice your presentation before an interview, and make sure that it relates to the job you try to get. Honestly, no presentation is better than a bad one.

Do not put us under pressure, let us lead the interviews

Most interviewers have an exact schedule for their interviews, and the template, and they try to follow both of them. You should not interrupt them at the beginning and tell that you want to present your portfolio, or certain project with the help of MS PowerPoint.

You should wait for a good time , and a good time comes when:

  • We ask about your working experience.
  • At the end of the interview, when everything else has been said and done.
  • When they ask you a practical question, and the answer can be explained with the help of your presentation (this is actually the best time to suggest doing it).

Conclusion and next steps

Wait for the right time. It may come, and it may not come. Maybe everything goes well, and you won’t even need the presentation to get a job . Do not press the issue, do not try to do the presentation at all costs.

If you get a chance to show us your presentation, ensure that the content relates to the job offer, and demonstrates the value you can bring to our company. Practice your presentation beforehand , and ensure you’d deliver it in a best possible way–showing your strong presentation and communication skills.

While the presentation can help you greatly with your efforts to get a job, other things matter as well in an interview. Let’s prepare for them together:

  • How to answer interview questions – Not only WHAT you say, but also HOW you say it matters in an interview.
  • Salary negotiation tips – Learn how to get the best possible salary offer at the end of your job interview.
  • How to overcome interview nerves – Feeling anxious before your interview? You are not alone, and we will show you how to solve this problem.
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Interview Skills Training

Published by Alondra Ayer Modified over 9 years ago

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Interview Skills Training

Internships Your Key to A Career Opportunity. Benefits Practical Experience Compensation Teamwork Experience Technology Exposure Helps With Career Decisions.

powerpoint presentation on interview skills

Strengthening your Interview Skills. Congratulations! You got the interview! Three key steps: Pre-Interview Research Matchmaking First Impressions Pre-Interview.

powerpoint presentation on interview skills

Interviews If you get to the interview stage you basically meet the requirements for the job The purpose of the interview is to give the employer a chance.

powerpoint presentation on interview skills

Behavioral Interviewing 101

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The Enterprise Skills Story

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Outstanding Interviews.

powerpoint presentation on interview skills

March to Employment Success … … Time to Grab your Horn and make some noise! Topic: Interviewing The information and presentation that follows was originally.

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1 Successful Interviewing Strategies. 2 Key Research Findings Power of first impressions Importance of attitude Know what you want Influence of the interviewer.

powerpoint presentation on interview skills

The following sides have been taken from a presentation on Assessment Centres by the Suncorp Graduate Recruitment Team 1 Leadership, Culture & Talent HR.

powerpoint presentation on interview skills

Appraising and Managing Performance (c) 2007 by Prentice Hall7-1 Chapter 7.

powerpoint presentation on interview skills

1 Land the Job You Want: The Interview The Career Place Connecting Workers and Employers.

powerpoint presentation on interview skills

How to optimize your internship experience

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Interviewing Skills Tips and Techniques for Landing a Job Presented by The Sure B.E.T. Team.

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How to survive an Interview

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Interview Workshop The Pennsylvania State University Actuarial Science Club September 18, 2013.

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Adult Social Care Workforce Development Interview Techniques Stephanie Charles Lisa Koc Sharon Middleton.

powerpoint presentation on interview skills

IInterviewing st Step: Preparation Research the industry and the employer – location(s), size, products, programs and services, management, history,

powerpoint presentation on interview skills

020870A01_LT 1 Successful Interviewing Skills Surviving and Excelling in a Behavioral Based Interview.

powerpoint presentation on interview skills

Interviewing. Purpose  Gives the employer an opportunity to get to know you and determine if your skills and experiences match the department’s needs.

powerpoint presentation on interview skills

Chapter 13 Interviewing Skills. Interviewing is Important - Don’t prepare – Dress inappropriately – Poor communication skills – Too much communication.

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Job Interview Skills PowerPoint Training Presentation complete lesson with tasks

Job Interview Skills PowerPoint Training Presentation complete lesson with tasks

Subject: Business and finance

Age range: 14-16

Resource type: Unit of work

Resource Creator

Last updated

22 February 2018

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powerpoint presentation on interview skills

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Employment Skills Bundle

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interview skills

Interview skills

Jan 17, 2013

2.77k likes | 7.22k Views

Interview skills. Most people need interview skills every phase of their lives. The more we are aware of what goes into preparing for interviews and absorbing valuable inputs, the better for us.

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Presentation Transcript

Interview skills Most people need interview skills every phase of their lives. The more we are aware of what goes into preparing for interviews and absorbing valuable inputs, the better for us.

Much is said, written and feared about interview, so it can be a bit confusing. Let’s attempt to summarise relevant information into specific groups. • Before the interview. • Creating a good first impression. • During the interview.

Before the interview • Do your homework Study details about the company you will be going to. If you have applied for a number of jobs, set your record right. Know the company background, all relevant information and future projection through friends, company website and other sources. Be alert to changes, takeovers, and other important facts.

Prepare yourself with interview-related information Company name and address, location landmarks, person who you will meet, his/her designation and office details; telephone numbers. Leave with time on hand to spare so that there’s no chance of yours being late.

Prepare yourself to feel stress-free Be as minimally stressed as possible. Having time on hand is de-stressing, one less thing to worry about. Is you are otherwise prepared both regarding how you look and how you feel, you’re definitely on the right track.

Preparation and practice Know what must spontaneous answers are actually the result of careful preparation and practice. So practice. Think of 20 questions you hope you won’t be asked at he interview and prepare answers for them. Then practice saying them as best and as confidently as you can.

Organize yourself Think of things you will need. Address and phone number, copy of your resume and other documents likely to be needed, passport- size photographs if the company has asked for them, list the details and be organized.

Create a good first impression • Be there in Time: Don’t plan to be there on time but in time. There’s difference between the two. • On time means that you plan to be there on the dot. We know that this isn’t possible, • So plan to be there well in time, with time to spare. • Put your mobile phone : on silent mode or switch off.

Smile: Smile as you walk through the door, smile naturally when you answer questions. Let the smile within you show itself on your face. • Be confident: Without being overbearing or overconfident. Once you are well prepared, it doesn’t help to worry. Prospective employers look for confident people to work for their organizations. On the topic of confidence, know that the interview is one-sided you are going to interview them, too.

Posture and body language: Stand tall without slouching, making it seem like a comfortable posture for you. Also know that overconfidence kills, positive body language work. • Accessories: at interviews, less is more. Wear those that much simple and elegant cloths, footwear, bag, etc. If you decide to use perfume or cologne, wear a light fragrance. Make sure you don’t smell unpleasant.

Dress appropriately: Your attire should reflect the job you are seeking, as well as the personality you are trying to project. It is generally better to be under-stated then attract unnecessary attention with your attire.

During the interview • Wait to be asked to sit, and where to sit. • When you do sit, do so with a good posture and grace, not slouching or with nervousness. • Maintain an appropriate physical distance from the other people present in the room.

Maintain an appropriate physical distance from the other people present in the room. • Offer to shake hands only if the interviewer extends the offer first. • Do not fidget with your mobile phone, accessories or other gadgets during the interview. • Be concise in what you say. When you are asked a question, clear and honest answer are expected of you. • Be honest. Honesty pays, and it shows.

Be prepare with examples to back up what you say. This could relate to qualities you have, work you have done or values that you hold dear. Let the examples be simple and clear. • Keep your guard up, through. Sometimes in our effort to be honest we say too much, or say things that might work against. Be both honest and wise.

Telephonic interview • In these days when telephonic interviews have become a way of life, some tips on how to face them are essential. • Keep your resume in clear view, on the top of your desk, or tape it to the wall near the phone, so it’s at your finger tips when you need to answer questions.

Have a short list of yours accomplishments available to review. • Have a pen and paper handy for note taking. • Turn call-waiting off so your call isn’t interrupted. • If the time isn’t convenient, ask if you could talk at another time and suggest some alternatives. • Clear the room-evict the kids and the pets. • Turn off the stereo and the T.V. Close the door.

Preparation • Friends or family member to conduct a mock interview. • Record it so you can see how you sound over the phone. • Listen to “ums” and “uhs” and “okays” and you can practice reducing them from your conversation.

Some Do’s and Don’ts • Don’t smoke, chew gum, eat, or drink. • Do keep a glass of water handy, in case you need to wet your mouth. • Smile, smiling will project a positive image to the listener and will change the tone of your voice. • Speak slowly and enunciate clearly.

Use the person’s title (Mr. or Ms. And their last name.) Only use the first name if they ask you to. • Don’t interrupt the interviewer. • Take your time it’s perfectly acceptable to take a moment or two to collect your thoughts. • Give short answer. • Remember your goal is to set-up a face-to-face interview. After you think the interviewer ask if it would be possible to meet in person.

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Interview Skills. Workshop Objectives. Typical Interview Structure Behavioral Interviews Interview Preparation & Practice. Typical Behavioral Interview. Component Time Introduction/Greeting 2 minutes Employer questioning 15-20 minutes Applicant prepared questions 5 minutes

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INTERVIEW SKILLS. WHO AM I?. Resume building Know thyself. WHO ARE THEY?. Details of turnover The men who matter The product line The credo The challenges Recent trends and events. MAGIC FORMULA. This field + my background + my career goals = this job!. HOW TO PREPARE.

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Interview Skills. Interview Skills. The importance of nonverbal and verbal skills when seeking a job. Non-Verbal Skills. Body language Facial expressions Posture Dress. Remember!!.

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Interview Skills. Beth A. Fischer, PhD University of Pittsburgh www.skillsandethics.org/aspet. Acknolwedgments. Michael Zigmond Lisa Schrott Joey Barnett Jeff Fedan Michael Seminario. Outline. preparing for the interview interviewing following up negotiating.

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Interview  Skills

Interview Skills. Danalynn Recer Gulf Region Advocacy Center. Seven assumptions about interviews. Every interview is strategic and contingent Every interview is conducted in light of team strategies and goals

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Sharing our latest culture memo.

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Sergio Ezama

Chief Talent Officer

In August 2009, Reed Hastings, our co-founder, published a 125-page powerpoint presentation on Netflix’s culture. Its refreshingly direct tone immediately struck a chord — and the focus on values and performance over rules and controls have enabled us to adapt and grow ever since.  

Over the last 15 years, we’ve revised it four times in the quest for excellence, and today, we’re publishing the latest iteration for anyone to read. It’s been 12 months in the making, with every employee given the chance to weigh in (we call this “farming for dissent”). In total, we received over 1,500 comments, many of which are reflected in this update.  

A few key things to highlight: First , the memo had gotten a bit long, so we’ve shortened it by focusing on what’s most important, and what differentiates Netflix. Second , we reintroduced some concepts from the original deck that had been watered down (e.g. the emphasis on responsibility, and the focus on good and bad process versus no process at all). Third , we’ve structured it around the core principles that we think best represent Netflix today — an entertainment company of 13k+ people that operates all around the world: 

The Dream Team : We aim only to have the highest performers at Netflix, modeling ourselves on a professional sports team, not a family.

People over Process : Our goal is to inspire and empower more than manage because employees have more impact when they’re free to make decisions about their own work. 

Uncomfortably Exciting : Netflix works best if you thrive on change because success in entertainment requires us to think differently, experiment and adapt (often quickly). 

Great and Always Better : We often say we suck today by comparison to where we want to be in the future. So we focus on constant improvement, and the resilience needed to get there. 

As head of talent, I’m often asked, why do we place so much emphasis on the culture memo? We believe that our culture is key to our success and so we want to ensure that anyone applying for a job here knows what motivates Netflix — and all employees are working from a shared understanding of what we value most. The other question I’m often asked — does Netflix seriously not have an expenses or vacation policy? The answer: we don’t. 

You might think that this kind of freedom leads to chaos. While we’ve had our fair share of failures — and a few people have taken advantage of our culture — our emphasis on individual autonomy has created a very successful business. This is because in our industry, the biggest threats are a lack of creativity and innovation. And we’ve found that giving people the freedom to use their judgment is the best way to succeed long term.

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The only good reason to add busy, cluttered slides to your presentation.

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The 2022 Apple Worldwide Developers Conference at the Apple Park in Cupertino, California. (Photo by ... [+] Wu Xiaoling/Xinhua via Getty Images)

We’ve all seen cringe-worthy PowerPoint slides so cluttered with information that they’re nearly impossible to read. You know the ones. The text is reduced to 9-point or 12-point font to squeeze everything in.

Busy slides frustrate the audience because of a concept called ‘cognitive load.’ Too much text, too many numbers, and too many graphs overwhelm our ability to process and retain information.

Effective presenters avoid text-heavy slides. Instead, they favor clean, minimalist designs that are attractive and easy to read. However, there is one reason—and one reason only—to include a busy slide in a persuasive presentation:

Add a busy slide to a presentation only when you intend to overwhelm your audience.

In other words, a slide could contain a mountain of information because it is not meant to be read, consumed, and digested. It’s there to stress a point.

For example, in March, the National Association of Realtors agreed to a massive $418 million settlement over commissions that home buyers and sellers pay to real estate agents in the U.S. Since the settlement might convince prospective home buyers to negotiate lower commissions, real estate agents have had to turn up their persuasive skills to articulate the value they provide.

Recently, Realtor.com launched a digital and print campaign to demonstrate the value agents bring to the transaction. One ad fills the entire length of a standard newspaper. The headline reads:

So, you’re ready to buy a home. Here’s the next 111 to-dos.

Best High-Yield Savings Accounts Of 2024

Best 5% interest savings accounts of 2024.

Realtor.com advertisement

Good luck reading the remaining text (on left). It is purposely written in tiny font to squeeze in the dizzying number of details that buyer’s agents navigate to facilitate a home buying transaction

The point of the ad is that home buyers need support. The implication is that you can try to accomplish all the tasks yourself—researching, preparing financial documents, making offers, and considering legal protections. Or you can make just one decision: find a buyer’s agent.

Realtors making presentations to win over clients would be well served to include such a slide—one that's so dense it's almost illegible without a magnifying glass.

There are times when the intentional use of busy slides supports the argument.

Take Apple, for example. The company’s product launches are notable for minimalist and visually appealing slides that contain more photos and images than text.

However, in June, when Apple unveiled new products, features and plans to put artificial intelligence in every corner of its iPhone, the company's speakers intentionally broke the mold by including strategically cluttered slides.

For example, after one speaker highlighted notable updates in macOS Sonoma, the Mac's latest operating system, he projected a slide filled with boxes highlighting dozens of other features: updates to Apple’s browser, Safari, new gaming titles, iPhone mirroring on the desktop, and much more.

The slide only stayed up for 20 seconds. It was far too little time to read everything, but that’s the point—it was intentionally cluttered to put an exclamation point on the product announcement.

The intentional use of clutter is as much of an art as the deliberate use of white space. So get busy, but only when the time is right.

Carmine Gallo

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For more information on PowerPoint infographic template PPTs, keep reading the article below for some helpful templates and tips.

Best New Infographic PowerPoint Presentation Templates From Envato for 2024

These are some of the best PowerPoint infographic templates trending now on Envato Elements.

1. Infographic PowerPoint PPT Presentation Template

Infographic Powerpoint

This infographic PPT presentation template set has 170 professional slide designs. It also comes with creative PowerPoint infographics. The custom vector icons and visual slide designs are ready for you to edit.

2. PPTx Infographics PowerPoint Slides

PPTx Infographics

This modern PowerPoint graphics presentation template set has beautiful slides. Make the most of creative PPT charts, timelines, and icons. Scale and recolor the vector graphics and customize the slide setup.

3. Tech Multipurpose PowerPoint Presentation Deck

Tech - Multipurpose PowerPoint Presentation

With 100 dynamic slides and handmade PPT infographics, this template is ready to rock. It’s made with Slide Master, which makes customization easy. Change colors, edit graphics, or quickly drag and drop your images with just one click.

If you’ve got a presentation soon, grab a PPT template that has everything you need.

4. Sante Infographic Template PowerPoint

Sante - Powerpoint Template

If you have no time to learn how to make an infographic in PowerPoint, here’s one of the best PPTs to help you turn ideas into persuasive presentations. This creative infographic template for PowerPoint comes with:

  • easy to edit icons
  • slide transition animation
  • company profile slides
  • portfolio slides

5. Eargo Infographic Template PowerPoint

Eargo - Infographics PowerPoint Template

You’ll have all the PowerPoint graphics every startup and business planner needs. Present to investors, key employees, and other stakeholders with confidence thanks to Eargo. This infographic template for PowerPoint comes with:

  • over 250 slides
  • 30 color themes
  • 2000 vector icons
  • light and dark backgrounds

Take your business to the next level with this PowerPoint graphics template.

6. Quantum Education Infographic PPT

Quantum Education Presentation PowerPoint Template

This infographic template for PPT is fun and easy on the eye. It packs 30 unique slides and loads of useful graphics. You’ll get charts, maps, and device mockups in this infographics PowerPoint template.

You can resize and customize every infographic slide.

7. Infonova Infographic PowerPoint Template

Infonova - Infographic PowerPoint Template

The best PowerPoint presentation templates offer you creative control. This option is no exception. You’ll get a host of customizable infographic slide designs with this download.

This infographic template for PowerPoint is ideal for creative agencies and creators. It comes with free web fonts and it’s based on Master Slides. Just drag and drop your images, it’s that simple!

8. Water Infographic in PowerPoint

Water Infographic Presentation PowerPoint

Here’s a leading choice for presentation graphics that works for some topics. It comes with minimal white backgrounds and blue, editable charts and graphs. There are 20 infographic slide designs you can customize to suit your presentation.

This infographic template for PowerPoint also has free fonts and so much more.

9. Gets Travel Infographic Template for PowerPoint

Gets Travel Creative PowerPoint Template

This infographic slide template for PowerPoint is great for travel-related presentations. It features stunning graphics with editable colors.

Each of the 50 unique slides in this creative infographic PPT theme is fully editable. Moreover, it comes in both light and dark backgrounds.

10. Foodism Infographics PowerPoint Template

Foodism Modern PowerPoint Template

Pitching an idea for a new restaurant? This infographic PowerPoint template is your go-to choice. There are many PPT graphics in this download.

Find 35 infographic slide designs inside. This infographic in PowerPoint also includes two versions with light and dark backgrounds. Few free presentation graphics can say the same.

11. 3D Finance Infographic Template PPT

3D Finance Modern PowerPoint Template

Deliver dynamic presentations with these great-looking 3D infographics for PowerPoint. This modern template has many PowerPoint infographic examples for financial pitches. Enjoy 35 unique slides in both dark and light versions.

12. Portfolio Infographic Template for PowerPoint

Portfolio PowerPoint Presentation Template

Use this infographic template for PowerPoint to design your next portfolio. It contains 34 well-made, unique infographic slide options. It also features:

  • 20+ color themes
  • over 4,000 infographics for PowerPoint
  • fully editable elements
  • drag & drop picture placeholders
  • help file and free support service

Play with it and make it your own!

13. Headline PowerPoint Infographic Template

Headline - PowerPoint Presentation Template

This flat infographic style PPT theme is set up for multi-purpose business presentations. Each infographic slide includes over 4,000 customizable icons. Choose from more than 20 color themes with free fonts used.

14. A New Infographics PowerPoint Template

A New - PowerPoint Presentation Template

A New is a great choice if you need an infographic template for PowerPoint. There are over 30 infographic slide designs to put to use. Scroll through the charts and icons, and see what your slideshow needs.

Each of the PowerPoint graphics is customizable and resizable. Instead of free presentation graphics, try out A New.

15. Project Management Infographic PowerPoint Template

Project Management Powerpoint Template

PowerPoint infographic templates like this are designed for project managers. Your audience is sure to appreciate your use of infographic slide designs. This set of PowerPoint graphics offers:

  • editable graphics
  • drag and drop image placeholders
  • a help file

16. Pitch-Deck Infographic Template for PowerPoint

Pitch-Deck  Presentation Template

Infographic slide designs can help bring ideas to life. PowerPoint infographic templates like this are tools to deliver professional pitches. Change the colors to match your brand and use:

  • and so much more!

With a layout based on master slides, this template is easy to edit. You can change the photos by easily drag-and-dropping. Few free presentation graphics for PowerPoint can do that.

17. Business Plan Infographic PowerPoint Template

Business Plan Infographic PowerPoint Template

PowerPoint infographic templates like this help you pitch a business plan. Use this fully customizable, well-organized PPT to show what keeps your team moving. It has loads of features, including:

  • 665+ unique layouts
  • 4,000+ vector icons
  • over 60 premade color themes
  • drag and drop image placeholder
  • smart object layout & texts

Moreover, it’s regularly updated so you can use it many times and for different purposes!

18. Flanify Infographics PowerPoint Template

Flanify - Multipurpose PowerPoint Template

Flanify is one of the best new PowerPoint infographic templates available today. It’s got a minimalist design that helps you emphasize your content. There are three dozen unique slides featuring all types of graphics.

You’ll find charts, device mockups, and other icons. This infographic PPT is based on master slides, so it’s super easy to edit.

19. Kopikoe Foodie Infographic Template PPT

Kopikoe - Foodie Presentation PowerPoint Template

This infographic template for PowerPoint has everything you’ll need for a foodie PPT. Audiences react well to infographics because they make advanced concepts easy to understand. This pack includes 30 infographic slide designs for your next project.

With loads of vector icons, you have virtually unlimited creative options. Unlike some free presentation graphics found online, these are professionally designed.

20. Imperial Multipurpose Infographics for PowerPoint

Health - Education PowerPoint Template

These PowerPoint infographic examples revolve around the health industry. This template includes a full collection of infographics and 30 slides. It features free fronts, a help file, and many other useful tools. You can fully and easily customize every vector icon and image.

21. Juici Foodie Infographic Template PPT

Juici - Foodie Presentation PowerPoint Template

When searching for an infographic template for PowerPoint, aim for high-quality elements. This infographic template PPT gives you that. You’ll also get:

  • 100% resizable and editable icons
  • drag and drop picture placeholders
  • device mockups

If you want a template to pitch about food and drinks, look no further!

22. Inventive Infographic Template for PowerPoint

Inventive - Business PowerPoint Template

Premium tech layouts like this go beyond any free presentation graphics online. This creative infographic template PPT bundle includes 35 infographic slide designs. Customize every icon and use the master slides – which help you make bulk edits across the deck in a flash.

23. Osprey Education Infographic PowerPoint Template

Osprey - Education PowerPoint Template

Get amazing PowerPoint infographics for your creative business presentation. PowerPoint infographic templates like this give you an array of functional icons. With 30 clean master slide-based layouts, easily edit this PPT as much as you’d like.

24. Edulacti Multipurpose Infographic PPT

Edulacti - Multipurpose PowerPoint Template

This is a creative PowerPoint template for multipurpose business presentation or personal use. This PowerPoint includes 30 infographic slide designs and several icons, such as:

  • flow chart infographics

All the included PowerPoint infographic examples are fully editable.

25. Gatzruts Infographics PowerPoint Template

GATZRUTS Presentation Template

This minimalistic PPT theme is ready to use for many types of presentations. It features a ton of creative, clean infographic slide designs. All these business graphics PowerPoint elements are editable.

As it’s based on master slides, it’s easy to quickly adapt to your needs. Try out this premium choice instead of free presentation graphics for PowerPoint.

26. Mental Concept PowerPoint Infographic Templates

Mental Concept - PowerPoint Infographics Slides

Check out these PowerPoint infographic templates to give a powerful mental concept pitch. These are designed by creative pros with you in mind. It’ll stand out from free infographic templates for PowerPoint.

Make sure to use the various features, including:

  • 204 total slides, with 17 unique mental concept slides
  • 12 color variations
  • 280 fully editable vector icons
  • master slides for easy editing

27. Realth Business Infographic PowerPoint Template

Realth - Business Presentation PowerPoint Template

It’s important to make a solid first impression right out of the gate. An infographic template for PPT like Realth helps you do just that. In fact, it’s got 30 multipurpose slides built in.

From these, pick and choose to suit your message. The PowerPoint infographic examples help you present:

  • growth stats
  • pricing packages
  • app layouts
  • team members
  • and so much more

All the graphics are editable, and the used fonts are free.

28. Maps: Set of Infographics for PowerPoint

Maps Infographic Set PowerPoint Template

These PowerPoint infographic templates have a wide variety of clean map designs. Use them to pitch about locations, migration plans, growth stats per region, and so much more. Find 25 unique slides inside, picture placeholders, and over 90 color themes.

29. Puckup Brand Guidelines Infographic PPT

PUCKUP/Brand Guidelines Template

Not sure how to make a branded presentation? Don’t worry, because the PUCKUP infographic template PPT is surprisingly easy to use. All elements are editable with a couple of clicks.

This infographic template for PowerPoint is great for presenting your brand. Easily add your logo, your company’s color palette and typography, and voila! It’s way better than free presentation graphics.

30. Brand Guidelines Infographic PowerPoint Template

Brand Guidelines Presentation Template

Here’s an elegant choice for presenting your brand. Not all infographic PPT options have to be bright in order to be eye-catching. This template is the go-to download for 2024.

This infographic PowerPoint has everything you need to crush your branding proposal:

  • 34 unique slides
  • picture placeholders

Free presentation graphics may fall short for your brand needs. Choose this one instead!

31. Funnel Infographic Template for PowerPoint

Funnel Infographic Kit Powerpoint

Logistics rule the world in 2024. Are you trying to show the strength of your business’s processes? An infographic template PPT like this is a top choice.

Use each of the professional infographic slide designs to explain things like:

  • case studies
  • business and marketing plans

32. Nursing PowerPoint Infographic Template

Nursing Medical PowerPoint Template

This colorful, creative presentation theme showcases your information and crafts a visual story. It’s an impressive tool for presenting medical-related topics. Unlike most free presentation graphics, it has many unique slides and color schemes.

This infographic in PowerPoint offers:

  • light and dark background options
  • editable elements
  • an icons pack file

33. Mental Health PowerPoint Infographic Templates

Mental Health PowerPoint Template

This template has several color scheme options and PowerPoint infographic examples. Present with clarity, show your process and progress, and more.

There are easy-to-customize layout options, in both light and dark backgrounds. It also features tons of icons and picture placeholders.

34. Market Research Infographic PowerPoint Template

Market Research - Power Point template

In need of top PowerPoint presentation graphics for your market research pitch? This one will do. It’s a great pack that includes:

  • 15 unique infographic slide designs
  • drag-and-drop image placeholders
  • easy to change colors
  • shapes and other elements

This doesn’t include the images, but everything else is right there. Try this one instead of free infographic templates for PowerPoint.

35. Hot Pitch Deck Infographic PPT

Pitch - Pitch Deck Smooth Animated Template (PPT)

Next up is this stylish and modern infographic slide design. There are over 100 fully animated slides. Moreover, you’ll find:

  • 2,000+ vector icons
  • 100+ device mockups
  • 50+ theme files
  • and lifetime updates!

Use the master slides to quickly add a personal touch to this infographic template PPT.

36. Environment Infographic PowerPoint Examples

Environment Infographic for Powerpoint

This infographic PowerPoint template comes with everything you need to create an environmental impact presentation. It comes packed with premium features like:

  • 20 education and science slide designs
  • .PPT and PPTX. files
  • Fully editable and easy to use
  • Documentation

37. PowerPoint Infographics Solutions

Infographic Solutions. P1. Powerpoint Template

Work with a PowerPoint infographic template that offers everything you need right out of the box. These infographic PowerPoint examples feature:

  • 50 ready-to-use slides
  • Over 200 icons (PSD+EPS+AI+JPG+PNG+SVG+PPTX Vector)
  • Color themes
  • Objects are organized and grouped

38. ECO Infographic Template for PowerPoint

ECO - PowerPoint Infographics Slides

These infographic PowerPoint examples are great for putting together a sustainability infographic presentation. Use the high-quality illustrations and other great features:

  • 33 unique slides
  • Includes opening and closing slides
  • 11 color variations
  • Simple line vector icons
  • Handmade infographics

39. Infographic PowerPoint Examples

Infographic - Infographic Presentation Powerpoint

No need to learn how to make an infographic in PowerPoint when you have access to this clean PowerPoint infographics template. Take advantage of its amazing features:

  • 80+ unique slides
  • 80+ fully animated infographics
  • Resizable and editable graphics
  • 16:9 widescreen ratio

5 Popular PowerPoint Infographic Slide Design Types

We’ve already established that infographics in PowerPoint are powerful storytelling tools. But let’s go one step further and look at specific examples of the best infographics. We’ll also see how to use them to explain concepts.

1. The Brain Infographic

Some dedicate their whole lives to studying the human mind, and yet there’s always something to learn! The value of a brain infographic is that it’s an intuitive way to show thoughts and ideas and how they connect.

Use an infographic and this tutorial to create a brain graphic that shows the pieces of a thought.

2. The SWOT Infographic

Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats: every business situation has them. You need a way to show them in your presentation. That’s where the classic SWOT infographic makes its impact.

When you lay out all four components, you’re likely to find insight while creating a strategy.

SWOT infographic

3. The Puzzle Piece Infographic

You’re probably familiar with putting together puzzle pieces in the real world. Don’t miss out on using this concept as an infographic! As a PowerPoint visual, puzzle pieces can show how the parts of an idea join into a cohesive whole.

Use this article to see how to use puzzle pieces. The best graphic PPTs often use them to tell a story of how everything fits together.

4. The Gantt Infographic

When you’re running a project, you need a way to show that many tasks are running side-by-side. That’s the purpose of a Gantt chart. It’s a special infographic that’s beloved by the best project managers.

gantt chart inforgraphics

Use our tutorial to see Gantt infographics in action . You’ll learn how to use them to plan a project and the resources you need to succeed.

5. The Funnel Infographic

A funnel is yet another infographic you can leverage in PowerPoint to explain a concept. Funnels show inputs, how they progress, and what they ultimately lead to.

Funnel infographics are common in explaining sales processes. They’re easy to build in PowerPoint with templates. Make sure to check out our tutorial on how you can use PowerPoint funnel infographics .

How to Customize an Infographic PowerPoint Template (Fast!)

So far, we’ve looked at powerful PowerPoint infographic templates. But you might be wondering how to use them to design infographic slides of your own.

Let’s learn how to customize three separate slides to build excellent infographics. We’ll use the PPTx Infographics template to rapidly build our infographic slides.

Let’s look at five example slides. These show how easy it is to customize a PowerPoint infographic:

1. Performance Gears

performance gear infographic

The best PowerPoint templates include abstract designs to build infographics for PPT. Use a little imagination, and there it is! These infographic PowerPoint slides might be perfect for expressing your idea.

Take this turning gear icon slide. In the updated version below, I’ve shifted the elements to show how teams at my company work together.

Simple drag-and-drop actions and grabbing icons from other slides brought this slide to life. Then, I updated the text to match my intent in this infographic template for PowerPoint.

continuous improvement slide

2. Hierarchy Charts

hierarchy chart

If you work in a corporate environment, I’m certain that you’ve seen org charts before. These exist to show off the company’s reporting structure.

In this case, it’s as simple as typing in the placeholder boxes to update the names and titles. I’ve also added a photo in my example to really “put a face with a name” in my organization. This chart uses SmartArt, a built-in PowerPoint feature that’ll adjust the graphic as you adjust the text.

team slide

Learn more about SmartArt PPT infographics .

3. Brain Infographic

brain infographic

Brain charts are infographics that you’ll find in the best PowerPoint templates. They can show how you divide your thinking and showcase the “parts of the whole” that make up your strategy.

In the example below, I’ve left the same basic structure intact. I just updated the descriptions and some of the colors and icons. It’s a simple tweak that shows what my creative agency spends its time on.

core competencies

Brain infographics are very popular, so we created a resource to teach you how to customize them. Check out our screencast to learn more.

4. Sales Report

sales report slide

PowerPoint infographic templates help you tell stories with your data. Slide 15 in our template is a great choice for creating a data-focused slide.

To edit a PowerPoint chart, edit the data that feeds it. Right-click on the chart and choose Edit Data. You’ll see an embedded version of Excel, Microsoft’s data powerhouse. Just type over the data placeholders, and your chart will update in real time.

sales trends slide

Learn more about working with data in this PowerPoint tutorial .

5. The Conclusion Slide

thanks for watching slide

It’s a mistake to think that the last slide is the end of your presentation. Instead, it helps to see it as the start of a conversation with your audience.

You know what’s the best part of PowerPoint infographic templates? Yes, that they include other useful slides. Slide 50, the conclusion slide, is perfect for every presentation. That’s because it can help you continue the conversation by sharing your details.

To update this slide, type over the placeholders. That adapts the slide to your brand-specific details.

get in touch slide

For even more ideas and to learn how to create a conclusion side, don’t miss out on our tutorial .

Common PowerPoint Template Questions Answered (FAQ)

You’ve already seen infographic templates for PowerPoint. But you might still have questions about how to use PowerPoint to your advantage.

PowerPoint is an advanced app. It’s easy to use, but there are many professional-grade features. Let’s look at five common questions you might have as you level up your presentation skills:

1. Does PowerPoint Support Custom Fonts?

Every graphic designer is trying to gain an audience’s attention when presenting. It helps to use custom design options in PowerPoint. That sets the presentation apart from those who only use the built-in, standard fonts.

Try out custom fonts with the help of this tutorial .

2. What Size Should I Choose for My Infographic Slide?

The goal for your PowerPoint presentation is to use the full-screen space. You’ve got to set your infographic template PPT to the proper dimensions. Don’t waste any pixels!

Using pre-built PowerPoint infographic templates gives you several size options.

3. How Much Does PowerPoint Cost?

Microsoft has pivoted its business models in recent years. Once upon a time, businesses and power users would buy a license for the latest version of the app every few years. Now, it’s all about subscriptions.

Many users choose Office 365, a monthly subscription package to keep apps up to date. Another option is the free, browser-based version of the app.

4. Can You Create PowerPoint Infographics From Scratch?

Infographic templates for PowerPoint are perfect for creating interactive visuals. But you can also create PowerPoint graphics with the help of a feature called SmartArt.

5. What’s the Best Way to Present Data in PowerPoint?

Presentation graphics can include data. It’s far better to use a chart than to show data in a table or a wall of numbers that are hard to interpret. With the help of presentation graphics and charts, it’s much easier to explain trends and data.

Grab a Fresh PowerPoint Template With Great Infographic Slide Designs

Any of the best PowerPoint presentation templates from Envato Elements will help make your points clear. Choose the best format for your info. Put together just the right PowerPoint infographic slides that tell your compelling story.

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Trump has spent months painting Biden as incompetent. Now he’s changing his tone before the debate


FILE - Republican presidential candidate former President Donald Trump speaks at a campaign rally, June 22, 2024, in Philadelphia. After months of casting President Joe Biden as a senile shell of a man incapable of putting two sentences together, Trump has changed his tune. As he prepares to face Biden in their first debate of the general election on Thursday, June 27, in Atlanta, Trump and his campaign are trying to adjust expectations amid concerns that the bar has been set so low for Biden that he is sure to exceed it. (AP Photo/Chris Szagola, File)

  • Copy Link copied

NEW YORK (AP) — After months of casting President Joe Biden as a shell of a man incapable of putting two sentences together, Donald Trump has changed his tune days before their first debate.

“I assume he’s going to be somebody that will be a worthy debater,” the former president and presumptive Republican nominee said in an appearance on “The All-In” podcast last week.

“I don’t want to underestimate him,” he added.

The changed rhetoric marks a dramatic shift from how Trump typically describes the man he will face in a rematch this November. At his rallies and in speeches, Trump typically casts the Democratic incumbent as a “low-IQ individual” who is “the worst, most incompetent, and most corrupt president” in the nation’s history, and often imitates Biden appearing lost on stage.

The effort to adjust expectations ahead of Thursday’s matchup in Atlanta comes amid concerns from some in his party that Trump has set the bar so low for Biden that he is sure to exceed it. And it underscores the stakes for both men in a race that has appeared largely static for months.

Millions are expected to tune in Thursday, offering a rare opportunity for both sides to try to gain momentum in a contest that will likely be decided by a small fraction of voters in a handful of battleground states.


Trump — who has never admitted he lost fairly to Biden in 2020 and continues to spread false and unproven theories about election fraud — may also be setting up a series of excuses in case he is outperformed by Biden.

What to know about the 2024 Election

  • Democracy: American democracy has overcome big stress tests since 2020. More challenges lie ahead in 2024.
  • AP’s Role: The Associated Press is the most trusted source of information on election night, with a history of accuracy dating to 1848. Learn more.
  • Read the latest: Follow AP’s complete coverage of this year’s election.

“Maybe I’m better off losing the debate,” Trump quipped in an interview with Real America’s Voice earlier this month. “I’ll make sure he stays. I’ll lose the debate on purpose, maybe I’ll do something like that.”

It’s not just Trump who has been talking up Biden. On Sunday, North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum, one of Trump’s chief surrogates and a top vice presidential contender , pointed to the president’s experience on the debate stage.

“This guy has got the ability,” he said on CNN’s “State of the Union.” “We have seen him in the State of the Union this year, that, when he needs to, he can step up.”

At the same time, Trump and his campaign have ramped up their attacks on the debate’s moderators, insisting the former president won’t be given a fair shake by CNN, which will be hosting the debate. Both campaigns accepted CNN’s invitation after deciding to sidestep the nonpartisan Commission on Presidential Debates, which had hosted debates for decades.

“I’ll be debating three people instead of one half of a person,” Trump said at a rally in Racine, Wisconsin, last week.

On Monday, one of the network’s hosts, Kasie Hunt, cut off Trump spokesperson Karoline Leavitt and ended their segment after Leavitt attacked Jake Tapper, the anchor who will moderate along with Dana Bash, accusing him of being biased against Trump.

The episode “shows that exactly what we’re saying is true, that CNN is not a friendly Trump network, and it won’t be friendly to him on Thursday night,” Leavitt said after the incident on FOX Radio’s “FOX Across America.”

CNN, in a statement, called Tapper and Bash “well-respected veteran journalists” with “extensive experience moderating major political debates.”

“There are no two people better equipped to co-moderate a substantial and fact-based discussion and we look forward to the debate on June 27 in Atlanta,” the network said in a statement.

During “The All-In” podcast interview, Trump repeatedly pointed to Biden’s vice presidential debate against Paul Ryan in 2012, then-GOP nominee Mitt Romney’s running mate.

“Well, all I can say is this: I watched him with Paul Ryan, and he destroyed Paul Ryan,” said Trump. “So I’m not underestimating him. I’m not underestimating him. It is what it is. We’ll see what happens.”

Complimenting Biden at Ryan’s expense also allows Trump to insult the former House speaker, who was an often uneasy ally when Trump was in the White House and has since spoken out repeatedly against the former president.

Trump has not completely abandoned his insults of Biden.

At a Saturday gathering of evangelical Christians in Washington, he again went after Biden in deeply personal terms, questioning his intellect. He’s even suggested that Biden would be drugged at the debate, an outlandish attack he also made without evidence during this year’s State of the Union address.

“I say he’ll come out all jacked up, right? All jacked up,” Trump told a rally crowd Saturday in Philadelphia.

Trump campaign spokesman Steven Cheung, meanwhile, accused the media of helping to lower Biden’s expectations “so low he gets a participation trophy simply for standing upright for 90 minutes” and questioned if “Biden can speak for himself without the overt participation and interference of two CNN moderators.”

Biden’s campaign responded by accusing Trump of trying to “distract us from the reality of Thursday night — before a general election audience for the first time, Trump will have to answer for ripping away Americans’ freedoms, promising his billionaire donors tax cuts at the expense of the middle class, and threatening our very democracy with promises to rule as a dictator if he wins and violence if he loses,” said spokesperson Ammar Moussa.

powerpoint presentation on interview skills


  1. Interview Skills PowerPoint and Google Slides Template

    powerpoint presentation on interview skills

  2. Interview Skills PowerPoint and Google Slides Template

    powerpoint presentation on interview skills

  3. Interview Skills PowerPoint

    powerpoint presentation on interview skills

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    powerpoint presentation on interview skills

  5. PPT

    powerpoint presentation on interview skills

  6. Interview Skills PowerPoint and Google Slides Template

    powerpoint presentation on interview skills


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    Step 5: Practice Your Delivery. Rehearse presenting your PowerPoint to ensure a smooth delivery on the day of the interview. Practice makes perfect. Rehearse your presentation several times to get comfortable with the flow and timing. Anticipate questions you might be asked and prepare answers.

  6. 19+ Best Free Job Interview PowerPoint Presentation Templates

    You've got an option between free and premium templates. Free job interview presentation templates are generally background images or three-slide files. You'd still need to have good design skills to use free templates found online. If you need to be more efficient, go premium. Envato Elements has the best PowerPoint templates for job interviews.

  7. Free Professional Interview Presentation Templates & Google Slides

    These interview PowerPoint templates can enhance your presentations by providing a professional and visually appealing design that captures the attention of your audience. With customizable layouts and graphics, you can effectively showcase your skills and qualifications, leaving a lasting impression on potential employers.

  8. Demonstrate Your Skills in an Interview with a PowerPoint Presentation

    Presentation of a specific project - for example if you apply for job in software development company, you can prepare a PowerPoint presentation of one of the projects you led. From first draft and planning of the application through setting milestones to completing them. Such a presentation helps you to demonstrate your excellent pm skills.

  9. 7 tips for a stand-out interview presentation

    Keep the interviewer engaged, make them think and question. This is as much about how you fit with them as them fitting with you. Think of your presentation as one half of a conversation that you will lead, rather than a monologue where you will bludgeon them with facts and statistics. You need to take your listener (s) with you, get them ...

  10. Tips for Great Job Interviews

    Professional Multi-purpose Elegant Gray Business Company Picture Waves Minimalist Corporate Abstract Dark Work Deluxe Editable in Canva. Share with the world your tips and make them have a successful job interview. Download and edit this template on Google Slides and PPT.

  11. Interview Skills Training

    Download ppt "Interview Skills Training". 4/6/2017 Program Objectives Gain an understanding of the multiple styles of interviewing Understand how to best respond to questions asked during the interview Be prepared for a potential interview As a professional, it is essential for you to know your strengths, skills and abilities to be able to ...

  12. Free Job Interview Powerpoint Templates And Google Slides

    Job interview PowerPoint templates are designed to help job seekers quickly and easily create engaging presentations to help them stand out in the interview process. These high-quality templates provide a range of layouts, visuals, and built-in features such as data and timelines to help you make a powerful impression. ...

  13. Job Interview Skills PowerPoint Training Presentation complete lesson

    It is provided in a ppt editable version and a pdf. Topics Covered: Sharing Experiences Types of Interviews Stages of an effective interview The PAR technique ... A comprehensive PowerPoint presentation covering interview skills A cover letter template to use when applying for a job Two CV templates to use when applying for a job. £5.00 ...

  14. Interview Presentation Templates (Plus Examples)

    Interview presentation example Here's an example of a presentation template where the candidate was assigned to present thesis statements to demonstrate their teaching skills: What is a thesis statement? Introduction Joe Smith I'm an experienced writing tutor looking to begin a role as a middle school English teacher. A thesis statement is an important sentence that describes the main idea of ...

  15. Free PPT Slides for Interview Skills

    Unlock a Vast Repository of Interview Skills PPT Slides, Meticulously Curated by Our Expert Tutors and Institutes. Download Free and Enhance Your Learning! ... PowerPoint Presentation Slides. Search our vast collection of PowerPoint presentations. Choose Subject .Net; 2D Animation; 3D Printing; Abacus / Brain Gym; Accountancy;

  16. Interview Skills PowerPoint

    During the interview, applicants should listen carefully, speak clearly, maintain proper body language like keeping eye contact, and ask questions. After the interview, applicants should send a follow-up letter to build rapport, keep their name in mind, and review ways to improve for next time. Read more. Technology Business. 1 of 6. Download now.

  17. How To Prepare An Interview PowerPoint Presentation

    Open PowerPoint and navigate to the slide where you want to add an object. Click on the "Insert" tab in the top menu bar. To add a picture, click on the "Pictures" button and select the image you want to add. To add a shape, click on the "Shapes" button, select the desired shape and then click and drag on the slide to draw the shape.

  18. PPT

    Interviewing Skills. An Image/Link below is provided (as is) to download presentation Download Policy: Content on the Website is provided to you AS IS for your information and personal use and may not be sold / licensed / shared on other websites without getting consent from its author. Download presentation by click this link.

  19. PPT

    Presentation Transcript. Workshop Objectives • Develop an understanding of the competency-based Human Resources system. • Learn the key skills of preparing for an interview • Have an opportunity to practice competency based-interviewing questions. • Appreciate the importance of fairness and objectivity in selection.

  20. PPT

    Interview Skills. Interview Skills. Pesewa Presentations. Objectives. Understand what to expect from and how to prepare for a typical interview Increase knowledge of interview questions you might face, through asking and answering typical interview questions. Agenda. Preparing for interviews. 661 views • 12 slides

  21. Sharing Our Latest Culture Memo

    In August 2009, Reed Hastings, our co-founder, published a 125-page powerpoint presentation on Netflix's culture. Its refreshingly direct tone immediately struck a chord — and the focus on values and performance over rules and controls have enabled us to adapt and grow ever since.

  22. The Only Good Reason To Add Busy, Cluttered Slides To Your ...

    Busy slides frustrate the audience because of a concept called 'cognitive load.' Too much text, too many numbers, and too many graphs overwhelm our ability to process and retain information.

  23. Interviewing Skills Presentation

    This document provides an overview and agenda for a training workshop on interviewing skills. The workshop covers common interview types, how to prepare for an interview, answering questions, handling tricky situations, and following up after an interview. Participants learn techniques like researching the company, practicing responses ...

  24. 22 Best Business Plan PowerPoint Templates

    Explore all of these business plan presentation PPT examples. See how a polished, engaging presentation can captivate your audience. You can even find an amazing fundraising presentation template for your next project.

  25. 39 Best Infographic PowerPoint Presentation Templates for 2024 (Giant List)

    This flat infographic style PPT theme is set up for multi-purpose business presentations. Each infographic slide includes over 4,000 customizable icons. Choose from more than 20 color themes with free fonts used.

  26. Child Sex Trafficking: Forensic Interview Training

    Learn the differences between interviewing children in child abuse cases and interviewing child sex trafficking victims. Review victim-centered interview methodology with special emphasis given to understanding the factors contributing to child sex trafficking victimization and the impact on development and effects of trauma.

  27. Job interview skills

    Job interview skills. Feb 6, 2014 • Download as PPT, PDF •. 20 likes • 16,291 views. Nanda Palit. Facing job interview is an art. Remember. selections are not done on the basis of examination marks. Through job interviews, employers want to find out that you are the fittest candidate for the job. Read more. 1 of 34.

  28. Election 2024: Trump changes tone on Biden's debate skills

    During "The All-In" podcast interview, Trump repeatedly pointed to Biden's vice presidential debate against Paul Ryan in 2012, then-GOP nominee Mitt Romney's running mate. "Well, all I can say is this: I watched him with Paul Ryan, and he destroyed Paul Ryan," said Trump. "So I'm not underestimating him. I'm not ...

  29. Effective interviewing skills

    The document discusses building competencies for interviewing like rapport building, asking questions, active listening, and note taking. It provides tips for preparing for an interview like understanding the job and competencies required. The STAR interview technique is presented as a structured way to evaluate candidates based on real ...