BUSINESS PLAN RUBRIC TEMPLATE PLAN TITLE DATE REVIEWER NAME RUBRIC SCORE SCORING SCALE TOTAL Expectations exceeded 4 EXEMPLARY 25 - 28 Expectations met 3 ACCEPTABLE 21 - 24 Guidelines met 2 NEEDS IMPROVEMENT 16 - 20 Guidelines somewhat met 1 INADEQUATE 0 - 15 Incomplete; Information not ...

  2. Finals Business Plan Defense Copy Rubrics

    Submit the file using this file name format: "Section_Group Name_Leader's Surname". Assigned one member to send the file. The Business Plan defense is on January 10-13, depending on your assigned schedule. The deadline for the Business Plan paper is on January 5, 2022. Please see the attached template and rubric for your reference.

  3. iRubric: Business Plan

    Each student will be responsible for all portions of the comprehensive plan that covers everything, including Executive Summary, Business Description, writing a mission statement, developing the marketing plan, etc. ALL SHOULD HAVE-- Code of Ethics, Resume, Cover Page, Floor Plan, Brochure, Business Card. Rubric Code: XX93B93.

  4. Creating a Comprehensive Business Plan Rubric

    Once your rubric is ready, you can begin evaluating business plans. Review each plan against the criteria, assign scores, and calculate the final scores based on the weightings. 9. Provide Feedback. After assessing the plans, offer constructive feedback to the entrepreneurs or teams behind them.

  5. PDF Business Plan Oral Presentation -- Judges' Rubric (2009)

    National Business Plan Competition Produced by Working in Support of Education (W!SE), the U.S. Network of VE Center for National Activities Business Plan Oral Presentation -- Judges' Rubric (2009) 8-12 minute presentation followed by 8 minutes of Q&A THE COMPETITION RESERVES THE RIGHT TO DISQUALIFY A FIRM, AT ANY POINT DURING OR AFTER THE

  6. PDF Business Plan Oral Presentation Overview

    BUSINESS PLAN ORAL PRESENTATION OVERVIEW Rubric & Scoring Elements Each element will be rated from 1 to 5 stars. A score of five is outstanding and a score of one needs significant improvement. COMPONENT & EXPLANATION Opening • Introduction: A compelling opening that attracts the viewers' attention and outlines the scope and

  7. iRubric: Business Plan Oral Presentation Rubric

    Time limit for oral presentation is five to ten min. Your tone should be persuasive, as you must convince the financial institution to lend you the money for your business venture. You must be in professional business dress as explained in class. Graphics should be used for your presentation. Rubric Code: H23A36.

  8. iRubric: Business Plan Grading Rubric (Written)

    Advanced. Mission statement is clear, concise, and describes the purpose of the business. Core values are included and reflect an understanding of the fundamental beliefs regarding the appropriate manner in which to conduct company activities.

  9. Assessment Rubric For Business Plan Final Defense

    Assessment-Rubric-for-Business-Plan-Final-Defense - Free download as Word Doc (.doc / .docx), PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free.

  10. Business Plan Oral Presentation Rubric

    This document outlines a rubric for evaluating oral business plan presentations. It will be used to score presentations on a scale of 1 to 100 across several categories: content, preparedness, posture/eye contact, and ability to answer questions. For each category, criteria are provided to assess elements such as depth of understanding, inclusion of required slides, rehearsal, professionalism ...

  11. PDF Business Plan Rubric

    of the business plan fully developed. Idea is realistic, mostly well planned, and 1-2 sections of the business plan are NOT fully developed. Idea is somewhat realistic, partially well planned, and 3-4 sections of the business plan are NOT fully developed. Idea is not realistic, is not well planned, and each part of the business plan is NOT ...


    The Business Plan Competition is a rigorous competition for high school students that challenges them to demonstrate their global business expertise through written business plans and oral presentations. The competition showcases best practices, rewards excellence, and trains high schools students to apply sophisticated knowledge and skills ...

  13. PDF Presentation Guideline and Scoring Rubric for Business Plans

    Presentation Guideline and Scoring Rubric for Business Plans This competition challenges students to present well-developed business models and implementation plans. On the day of the competition, contestants must bring five printed copies of their presentation slides plus a one to two-page executive summary for review by the judges.

  14. PDF Business Rubric Examples

    California State University East Bay MBA Rubrics . Leadership Rubric 10 . Teamwork Rubric 11 . Problem-Solving Rubric 12 . Global Perspective Rubric 13 . Written Communication Rubric 14 . Oral Presentation Rubric 15 . SUNY at New Paltz School of Business . Academic Presentation Skills Rubric 16 . Walton College . Business Plan Rubric 17 ...


    Written plan supports assertions in the oral presentation. Written plan communicates business concept as a stand-alone document, and stimulates potential investor attention. Quality of Visual Aids (10 Points) Number of points: ____ Clear, interesting visual aids that help explain the business ideas and concepts. May bring sample products,

  16. In Defense of the Business Plan

    A business plan is essentially a document that presents the entrepreneurs vision and execution plans with its associated risks and rewards for consumption of investors. The goal is to help investors assess the business and make an informed decision. It is essentially an analysis and communication tool for the entrepreneur to provide the ...

  17. Script FOR Defense BY Group 4

    BUSINESS PLAN BY GROUP 4 12 ABM 7 CHAPTER 1. Bernice: Greetings to everyone. I am Bernice Monding together with my groumates, I am Jomary De Guzman, I am Aubrey Arellano, Jose Miguel Mateo, Bianca Saludadez, Irish Villamin, Jennifer Lopez, Kaith Lorraine Dela Cruz, Sharlene Castillo, I am Danica Salvador.

  18. DOC Wharton Global Youth Program Home

    Had each part of the marketing plan and started to support some of the decisions but still left for some questions. Had each part of the marketing plan and supported the decisions. Clearly presented. Finance & Accounting - Show an accounting plan for the business, outlining the fixed and variable costs as well as project ted revenue.

  19. Entrepreneurship 12 Presentation Rubric

    Rubrics for Title Defense; Preview text. Business Plan Presentation Rubric Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Concept Statement-Presenting the product, reason for selecting the product and summarizes the general plan. Group did not include in presentation or to such a limited degree it would not count.

  20. iRubric: Business Plan Oral Presentation rubric

    The presentation should contain information researched by students regarding the planning of a new business. The presentation must be aligned with the Business Plan. Rubric Code: Q2WC243. By tgross289. Ready to use. Public Rubric. Subject: Business. Type: Project. Grade Levels: 9-12.


    Form 5b - Rubrics for Final Oral Defense RESULTS AND DISCUSSION Indicators 5 4 3 2 1 1. Tables and figures are scholarly presented 2. Drawing implications from the discovery of the study were done properly. 3. Analysis of datasets is well-written and done. 4. Interpretation of the results is objectively and subjectively presented. 5.

  22. Business Plan Rubric

    Business Plan Rubric - Free download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free. The document provides a rubric to evaluate business plans. It includes categories for organization, paragraph construction, quality of information, internet use, mechanics, product idea, and sources. Organization, paragraph construction, quality of information, and mechanics each receive a score ...

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  27. iRubric: Entrepreneurship Business Plan

    iRubric H92A96: Students develop a business plan for a business that they are personally interested in starting. Each student will be responsible for all portions of the comprehensive plan that covers everythnig, including Executive Summary, Business Description, writing a mission statement, developing the marketing plan, etc.. Free rubric builder and assessment tools.

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    The transformation plan would reduce authorized strength — the maximum number of soldiers allowed — from 494,000 to 470,000. The Army currently has about 450,000 active-duty troops.

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    May 9, 2024. Union Township has produced a visual rubric for the future of Eastgate Mall and its surrounding properties. The 25-page master plan, dubbed " Envision Eastgate ," establishes ...

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