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    Archivio Digitale delle Tesi del Politecnico di Milano. tutte le tesi di Laurea Magistrale dalla sessione di luglio 2010. La pubblicazione delle tesi nell'archivio avviene di norma entro 60 giorni dalla data di discussione. Le tesi di laurea e di dottorato precedenti sono reperibili nel Catalogo di Ateneo e consultabili (in formato cartaceo o ...

  2. PDF Instructions for On-line Thesis Submission and Approval of Post

    Fig. 1 - In the summary screen of application "Registration to final exam" click on "Thesis submission": in this way you are able to go directly to the submission application. Fig. 2 - In the personal space "My POLITESI", the candidate can start the deposit by clicking on the button "Submit".

  3. DEIB

    Web page: Description Systemic Design aims to grasp the intricate behavior of socio-technical systems; their hidden patterns are unveiled by making use of Causal Loop Diagrams (CLDs), which visually represent systems' behaviors at an abstract level.

  4. PhD Thesis

    The PhD thesis is expected to present original research contributions developed during the PhD studies of the candidate. The thesis, as well as the research work, is developed under the guidance of a supervisor. The thesis may include previously published work by the candidate, provided that the previously published material is cited ...

  5. DEIB

    Description. Temperature modulation for gas MOS sensor: a breath analysis challenge for the detection of volatile organic compounds. Contact person PIETRO CERVERI. Email: [email protected]. Study course: Biomedical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronics Engineering. Other members of the research group: PhD Student Andrea ...

  6. Thesis abroad 2022/2023: polimi

    Call for applications for 80 scholarships. The Call for applications for n.80 "Tesi all'estero" (Thesis abroad) scholarships for the academic year 2022/2023 - Second call, is on line. The deadline for applications is on the 12th April 2023 (at 12:00 a.m.) .

  7. Thesis

    We suggest to write your thesis in A4 or A5 format; however, different format will be allowed. >> Sample Latex Doctoral thesis template (not compulsory) >> Sample PDF Doctoral thesis template (not compulsory) >> Sample RTF Doctoral thesis template (not compulsory) Mauro Bandini. +39.02.2399.3407. Mail: Contact: Mail: [email protected].

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    Search tips. If you are looking for a book or an e-book enter the significant words of the title or author's surname in BIBLIOSEARCH.; If you are looking for a post-graduate thesis or PhD dissertation. if the thesis was discussed beforeJuly 2010 or the PhD dissertation was discussed before 2012, use the online catalgue; if the thesis was discussed afterJuly 2010 or the PhD dissertation was ...

  9. Master's degree thesis

    Master's degree thesis. The Master's degree thesis consists of an original experimental and/or modeling research work generally undertaken by the student in one of the research laboratories of professors affiliated with or related to the Study Programme in Materials Engineering and Nanotechnology. There is the possibility to undertake your ...

  10. DEIB

    DEIB - Available Theses. » Teaching » Theses » Computer Science and Engineering. Keyword. Deep Learning-based attack detection in RISC-V microprocessors. Contact person LUCA CASSANO. Email: [email protected]. Study course: Electronics Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering. Web page:

  11. DEIB

    DEIB - Available Theses. » Teaching » Theses » Electrical engineering. Keyword. Electric Vehicle charging strategies evaluation and its effects on the electrical grid operation. Contact person GIAMBATTISTA GRUOSSO. Email: [email protected]. Study course: Automation Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronics Engineering ...

  12. Thesis

    Master Degree Thesis. Mengucci, Giulia "Set-up of an experimental protocol to analyse physiological signals during autonomous driving in a dynamic driving simulator". Supervisors Prof. Galli, Prof. Tomasini & Eng. Cioffi. Frigerio, Stefano & Salierno, Marco "Development and experimental assessment of a control logic for hydroplaning prevention, based on a novel tyre model".

  13. Politecnico di Milano: Deadlines

    REGISTRATION FOR LAUREA MAGISTRALE GRADUATION EXAMS - JULY 2024 SESSION. Students on Laurea Magistrale (equivalent to MSc) and single-cycle programmes. 08/07/2024. Verbalization of exams deadline. 05/06/2024-24/06/2024. Online thesis submission. 01/07/2024. TThesis validation deadline (*) 16/07/2024.

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    Submit your thesis; Publish in Open Access; Locations and times. Bovisa Candiani Library - BBC; Bovisa La Masa Library - BBL; Leonardo Campus Library - BCL; Historical Library; ... 100 publications in the series PoliMI Springer Briefs. Read More 09-15-2023 ENLARGEMENT OF THE BOVISA LA MASA LIBRARY ...

  15. Thesis

    Thesis TEC 006/2022 - Experimental identification of heat transfer coefficient in cryogenic jet impingement - Prof. Paolo Albertelli, Tommaso Lucchini Via La Masa 1, 20156 Milano [email protected]

  16. Thesis Board Test Page

    The thesis is intended as a Short Thesis, with the possibility to be extended to Dissertation by leveraging Business Model Innovation literature and analytical methodologies (e.g, QCA). ... ([email protected]), possibly by the 10th October 2023 . The emergence of family governance: A longitudinal single case study . Type of project ...

  17. School: Thesis bulletin board

    Thesis Bulletin Board. In order to facilitate the research of a Supervisor, the Thesis Bulletin Board is active. It is a space collecting proposals for topics already approved by the Degree Course Councils and on which students can work to develop their Thesis. Abitare con i Monti GPA. Interni e arredi 1947-1979.

  18. Thesis

    Full thesis. The estimation of sound field provided by neural networks such has deep prior, can potentially diverge from the underlying physics. This thesis aims at defining novel paradigm for sound field reconstruciton that leverage on the generational power of neural networks and prior knowledge of physics. [Required knowledge: deep learning ...

  19. Polimi Thesis in Computer Science and Engineering

    Polimi Thesis in Computer Science and Engineering. A template for Computer Science and Engineering at Politecnico di Milano. The template is a modified version of the original LaTeX template of Polimi, slightly modified in order to reduce the colour of the template (e.g. in corner pages and section/subsection headers).

  20. Thesis

    The aim of this thesis work is to fabricate a two-dimensional spin filter, able to add the spin resolution to k- and energy-resolved photoemission experiments (ARPES), performed at radiation synchrotron facilities. The basic idea is to interpose a ferromagnetic membrane between the exit slit and the 2D detector of an electron analyser.

  21. Templates

    Polimi Thesis in Computer Science and Engineering A template for Computer Science and Engineering at Politecnico di Milano. The template is a modified version of the original LaTeX template of Polimi, slightly modified in order to reduce the colour of the template (e.g. in corner pages and section/subsection headers).