1. discourse analysis PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

    University of Portsmouth School of Education, Languages and Linguistics. Applications are invited for a self-funded, 3 year full-time or 6 year part-time PhD project. The PhD will be based in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences and will be supervised by Dr Alessia Tranchese, Dr Matt Round, and Dr Francesca Salvi.

  2. What Is Discourse Analysis? Definition + Examples

    As Wodak and Krzyżanowski (2008) put it: "discourse analysis provides a general framework to problem-oriented social research". Basically, discourse analysis is used to conduct research on the use of language in context in a wide variety of social problems (i.e., issues in society that affect individuals negatively).

  3. Language, Discourse & Communication, option of joint PhD with HKU/NUS

    The MPhil/PhD in Language, Discourse & Communication aims to foster your scholarly and career interests and to prepare you for the world of academic research. The Centre offers extensive research training and supervision on a range of (socio)linguistic methods and frameworks, including: cognitive linguistics, conversation analysis, corpus ...

  4. Discourse Analysis

    Methods and memberships. Our researchers in discourse analysis use a range of qualitative and quantitative methods (often combining both for the purposes of triangulation), such as focus groups, interviews, close linguistic analysis using methods from systemic functional linguistics and critical discourse analysis, corpus linguistics and "big ...

  5. Discourse Analysis

    Discourse analysis is a systematic study of language in use or language meaning in interaction. Discourse analytic work draws on several theories and methods developed in other disciplines to analyze the functional properties of language in written or spoken language. In conversation analysis (CA), language is examined in terms of the structure or design of utterances (how they are composed ...

  6. Prague PhD course on Discourse Studies and Method: Using Discourse

    The course aims to discuss two methods in the field of discourse studies: Discourse-theoretical analysis (DTA) and Discursive-material analysis (DMA). Both are grounded in so-called high theory, with discourse theory as its main starting point, but with elements of actor network theory and new materialism.

  7. Critical Discourse Analysis

    Critical discourse analysis (or discourse analysis) is a research method for studying written or spoken language in relation to its social context. It aims to understand how language is used in real life situations. When you conduct discourse analysis, you might focus on: The purposes and effects of different types of language.

  8. PhD in Comparative Studies in Discourse and Society

    Understand each discourse as both a site and an instrument of contestation and negotiation among social forces; PhD Degree Requirements. All students who enter the doctoral program after January 2013 have eight years from the date of matriculation to complete all requirements for the PhD, including the dissertation.

  9. Discourse analysis

    Discourse analysis ( DA ), or discourse studies, is an approach to the analysis of written, spoken, or sign language, including any significant semiotic event. The objects of discourse analysis ( discourse, writing, conversation, communicative event) are variously defined in terms of coherent sequences of sentences, propositions, speech, or ...

  10. You want a PhD in discourse?

    They are trained in a broad array of quantitative and qualitative methods (e.g. eyetracking, ethnography, conversation analysis and corpus analysis). We award the academic degrees of PhD (Doctorate in Philosophy) and EdD (Doctorate in Education) based on the submission of a thesis and a successful viva. Full-time PhD students are based on ...

  11. Rigor, Transparency, Evidence, and Representation in Discourse Analysis

    This line of macro-level discourse analysis starts from the premise that organizations, institutions, societies, and cultures are discursively constructed through texts (e.g., Alvesson & Kärreman, 2001; Fairclough, 1992; Luke, 1996), and consequently examines how discourse produces these elements of the social world by focusing on the ...

  12. Unpacking the worlds in our words: Critical discourse analysis and

    Critical discourse analysis is a rapidly growing, interdisciplinary field of inquiry that combines linguistic analysis and social theory to address the way power and dominance are enacted and reproduced in text. Critical discourse analysis is primarily concerned with the construction of social phenomena and involves a focus on the wider social ...

  13. PhD in Discourse Studies Group

    How to embark on a PhD in Discourse Studies? A webinar with tips from DiscourseNet Are you thinking of doing a PhD in a field related to Discourse Studies? If you want to turn your interest in discourse into a professional academic career but do not yet know what to expect, how to write a project proposal or who to contact, this webinar is a good place to start.

  14. PDF A critical discourse analysis of student and staff constructions of

    A critical discourse analysis of student and staff constructions of their pedagogical relationships in two UK modern universities in an era of marketisation Diane Garside BA, MA Submitted in fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Philosophy of Education (PhD) Institute of Education (IOE) University College London (UCL) April 2020

  15. Dissertation Archive

    Chou, Wen-Ying Sylvia (PhD - 2005) End-of-Life Discourse: An Analysis of Agency, Coherence, and Questions Mentor: Heidi E. Hamilton. Clagett Williams, Kathleen (PhD - 2012) The Sociolinguistic Language Awareness of Three College Writing Instructors: A Discourse Analysis Mentor: Natalie Schilling. Cochrane, Leslie (PhD - 2014)

  16. Centre for Ideology and Discourse Analysis

    The Legacy of Discourse Studies: Current Applications and the Future of the Essex School in Ideology and Discourse Analysis (ESRC, 2018 -2019) Timebanking in Essex (ESRC, 2016-2018) Collaborative Governance in Cities under Austerity: An Eight-case Comparative Study (ESRC, 2014) The prospects for sustainable aviation in the UK (ESRC, 2010)

  17. Discourse Analysis

    Department of English University of Washington A101 Padelford Hall Box 354330 Seattle, WA 98195-4330


    Ahmed Najm Abed is currently a PhD student in the department of applied linguistics at the Universitat Politècnica de València. His research interests are centered in linguistics, and specifically in critical discourse analysis, discourse studies, refugees media discourse, and multimodality.

  19. PDF A Critical Discourse Analysis of Social Change in Women- related Posts

    relating to critical discourse analysis, feminism, social change and online/digital discourse. This is conducted with special focus on the socio-cognitive approach as the main framework adopted in the analysis and its emphasis on cognitive context models and their role in the change/ status quo struggle.

  20. The Language of Collapsing Power: A Cognitive-Lingusitic Critical

    This thesis has attempted to add three theoretical and methodological contributions to knowledge: it has established a transdisciplinary, harmonious, and fruitful dialogue among disciplines that have long been considered discordant, i.e. Cognitive Linguistics, Critical Discourse Analysis, and Argumentation (Heart 2011: 174; Nunez-Perucha 2011: ...

  21. Multimodal and mediated discourse analysis

    This conference aims to put Hong Kong and international postgraduate researchers into a dialogue around their current work on all aspects of Sociolinguistics and Discourse Analysis with a special focus on Multimodality and Mediation. The conference will include plenary lectures and workshops with two leading scholars in the fields of Multimodality and Mediated Discourse Analysis.


    discourse analysis is a method for the analysis of connected speech or. writing, for continuing descriptive linguistics beyond the limit of a simple. sentence at a time (Harris 1952). Meanwhile ...

  23. Goethe-Universität

    The Discourse Analysis Doc-AG, as implied by its name, is focused on the methodology of discourse analysis. Discussions at meeting will either focus on the method in general, or on the research of members, according to their needs. ... Why Discourse Matters? 2 nd Graduate Conference on Theoretical and Methodological Practices of Discourse ...

  24. Anything is possible: Word of Life and utopian thinking during the

    Nele Dresen is a Junior Research Fellow at the University of Tartu's School of Theology and Religious Studies. She holds degrees in History (BA) and Religious Studies (MA). In 2023, Nele Dresen served as a visiting researcher at the University of Helsinki, where she continued her research in religious change and discourse analysis, with funding from the Kristjan Jaak Scholarship.