Thesis Deposition System

Thesis depostion system, introduction.

Welcome to the Electronic Thesis Management System. This web application has been designed to help KNUST Postgraduate Students upload their thesis, track their progress, and schedule a date for their oral examinations (Viva Voce).

1.        Open your browser (e.g Chrome, Firefox, Safari) on your device

2.        Enter https://thesis.knust.edu.gh in your address bar

3.        Enter your KNUST Credentials, thus your Username, Student ID or Number, and Password, and hit “Submit” button

4.        You can choose to save your logins using the “Remember” toggle button

5.        Wait till your dashboard loads completely

In situations where you forgot your password, you can reset your password by following the instructions below

    Password Reset

To reset your student credentials kindly follow the these steps. - Go to https://apps.knust.edu.gh/students - Click on forgot password ? or click HERE - Enter your student reference number, you'll be notified via email, a reset link will be sent to your personal email ( address will be shown to you ) - Click on "continue" and check your email. ( reset link has been sent to "your mail". Please check this email to complete the process).

You can reach out to the Support Team in case of any challenges by clicking on “ SUPPORT ”

  For more info about the Thesis Deposition System, download the manuals below

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Articles; Conference proceedings; Theses and dissertations; research findings; book chapters; working papers, technical reports, datasets

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Kwame nkrumah university of science & technology.


Online Databases

ACCESS GLOBAL ONLINE RESEARCH IN AGRICULTURE (AGORA)  -   https://portal.research4life.org/content/agora

Access to Global Research in Agriculture (AGORA) is a programme to provide free or low cost access to major scientific journals in agriculture and related biological, environmental and social sciences to public institutions in developing countries. Launched in October 2003, AGORA provides access to more 3000 journals from the world's leading academic publishers.

ACCESS TO RESEARCH FOR DEVELOPMENT AND INNOVATION ( ARDI )   https://portal.research4life.org/content/ardi .

ARDI offers access to scholarly literature from diverse fields of science and technology. It promotes the integration of developing and least developed countries into the global knowledge economy, reinforcing the knowledge infrastructure and supporting researchers in creating and developing new solutions to technical challenges on a local and global level

ACM DIGITAL LIBRARY -  https://dl.acm.org/signin.cfm

Access to full text of every article ever published by ACM and bibliographic citation from major publishers in computing.

ACOUSTICAL SOCIETY OF AMERICA  -    https://asa.scitation.org/

The Acoustical Society of America provides access to contents and publications in diverse field of interest in acoustic include physics, engineering, architecture, noise, oceanography, biology, speech and hearing, psychology and music

AFRICAN JOURNALS ONLINE  -    https://www.ajol.info/

Access to scholarly information from the work of African Academics. It has also been difficult for African researchers to access the work of other African academics. AJOL is the world’s largest online collection of African-published, peer-reviewed scholarly journals.

AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF PHYSICS  -  http://www.aip.org/pubs

Access to comprehensive collection of highly cited peer reviewed scientific information. AIP Publishing’s portfolio includes prestigious titles such as Applied Physics Letters, Journal of Applied Physics and The journal of chemical physics, and the AIP conference proceedings series.

AMERICAN PHYSICAL SOCIETY  -   http://prola.aps.org/search

Subject:-Physics, Accelerators and Beams, Physics Education


The American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers is an educational and scientific organization dedicated to the advancement of engineering applicable to agricultural, food, and biological systems.

ANNUAL REVIEWS -  http://arjournals.annualreview.org 

Subject: - Biomedical/Life Sciences, Physical Sciences and Social Sciences


Offers over 200,000 titles to search and browse.

BEECH TREE PUBLISHING  -  www.ingentaconnect.com

Offers one of the most comprehensive collections of academic and professional research articles online – some 5 million articles from 10,000 publications.   Subject:-Agriculture/Food Sciences, Arts and Humanities. Biology/Life Sciences. Chemistry, Computer and Information Sciences, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Economics and Business, Engineering/Technology, Mathematics and Statistics, Medicine, Nursing, Social Sciences Philosophy/Linguistics, Physics/Astronomy, Psychology/Psychiatry,

BIOMED -  https://www.biomedcentral.com/ BioMed Central is an STM (Science, Technology and Medicine) publisher of 276-peer-reviewed open access journals. The portfolio of journals spans all areas of biology, biomedicine and medicine and includes broad interest titles, such as BMC Biology and BMC Medicine alongside specialist, such as Retrovirology and BMC Genomics

BIOONE -  http://www.bioone.org/

This is an open resource that provides access to full text peer-reviewed research articles in Biological, Ecological Environmental Sciences

BRITISH MEDICAL CENTRAL  -  https://www.bmcmedicine.biomedcentral.com Subjects - Health and allied subjects

BRITISH PSYCHOLOGICAL SOCIETY (BPS)  -  http://www.bps.org.uk / Access to information and publications on excellence and ethical practice in the science, education and practical applications of psychology. The British Psychological Society is the representative body for psychology and psychologist in the UK.  Subject: - Psychology

CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY PRESS - https://www.cambridge.org

Subject- A multi-disciplinary database with full text access to journal articles dating back in most cases to 2005.

COCHRANE MEDICAL LIBRARY: https://www.cochranelibrary.com/ . Is a collection of databases that contain different types of high-quality medicine reviews, and independent evidence to inform healthcare decision-making

CREDO ONLINE REFERENCES -   https://search.credoreference.com/ Credo online reference and research tool offers searches in hundreds of encyclopedia, dictionaries, thesauri, quotations, subject-specific tittles and Atlases. It has images, video and audio on all subject areas. Patrons can search other subscribed databases through Credo as well as the KAIPTC OPAC

DIRECTORY OF OPEN ACCESS BOOK (DOAB) - https://www.doabooks.org/

This is an open Access directory of books covering all subjects in many languages. Areas includes Agriculture and Food, Sciences Arts and Architecture, Biology and Life Sciences Business and Economics, Chemistry, Earth and Environmental, sciences, General works, Health Sciences, History and Archaeology, Languages and Literatures, Law and Political Science, Mathematics and Statistics, Philosophy and Religion, Physics and Astronomy, Science General, Social Sciences Technology and Engineering

DIRECTORY OF OPEN ACCESS JOURNALS (DOAJ)  –  https://doaj.org/ Subjects – Multidisciplinary

DIRECTORY OF OPEN ACCESS REPOSITORIES ( OpenDOAR ) https://v2.sherpa.ac.uk/opendoar/ .

OpenDOAR is the quality-assured, global Directory of Open Access Repositories. You can search and browse through thousands of registered repositories based on a range of features, such as location, software or type of material held.

DIGITAL COMMONS NETWORK - https://network.bepress.com/

Digital Commons Network Repository is an open access repository that provides access to full text articles in the areas of law, engineering, business, social and behavioural sciences, Arts and humanities etc.

EBSCO HOST  –   http://search.epnet.com

Ebscohost is a subscribed database with valuable and comprehensive scholarly, multi-disciplinary full-text database, with more than 8,500 full-text periodicals, including more than 7,300 peer-reviewed journals. The database features PDF content, with searchable cited references.

EDINBURGH UNIVERSITY PRESS - https://www.euppublishing.com/

It is a subscribed multi-disciplinary database that offers full-text, indexes and abstracts on the Humanities, Political Science, Law, Social Sciences, etc.

EDINBURGH UNIVERSITY PRESS  -  http://www.eupjournals.com Subject:-Humanities and Social Sciences


Access to the latest editorially selected content from over 7,500 development organisations - all available free download.  Share your work with over 80,000 development practitioners.

EMERALDINSIGHT -  www.emeraldinsight.com 

Subjects – Management, Business, Library and Information Mgt, Engineering, Computer

ENCYCLOPEDIA BRITANNICA - https://www.britannica.com/

Areas: Animals, Art and Music, Astronomy, Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Countries of the World, Earth and Geography, Government, Law and Politics, Health and Medicine, History, Life and the Biosphere, Literature, Mathematics, Philosophy, Physics, Plants, Religion, Society, Sports and Recreation, Technology

ENCYCLOPEDIA BRITANNICA  (Academic edition)-  http://www.eb.com

GLOBAL ONLINE ACCESS TO LEGAL INFORMATION ( GOALI ) https://portal.research4life.org/content/goali  

Academic and peer-reviewed journals, publications and databases on law and social sciences. Incorporating disciplines such as politics, economics, philosophy, history and many more from the most prestigious academic publishers, GOALI offers access to up to 16,000 resources, including books and peer-reviewed journals from 70 publishers, and the offering keeps growing.

GEOLOGICAL SOCIETY  -    http://www.lyellcollection.org/

Subject: - Geological Engineering, Hydrogeology, Geochemistry, Exploration, Environment, Petroleum Geology

GOOGLE SCHOLAR  -  http://scholar.google.com  Subject: - Multidisciplinary

HEINONLINE -  https://home.heinonline.org/  

Journals, case studies and other scholarly materials in all facets of the law and legal practice.

HINDAWI - https://www.hindawi.com/

Hindawi is a rapidly growing academic publisher with 438 peer-reviewed, open access journal covering a wide range of academic disciplines

HEALTH INTERNETWORK ACCESS TO RESEARCH INITIATIVE (HINARI)  -  https://portal.research4life.org/content/hinari

Is a World Health Organization (WHO) project partnered by international publishers to provide access to thousands of journals, books, and other information resources in biomedical and health sciences topics to developing countries.  The journals and books can be searched through a special version of PubMed (Medline) and through other databases.

IMF ELECTRONIC LIBRARY - https://www.elibrary.imf.org/?redirect=true

This is a subscribed service that provides access to authoritative, harmonized and global statistics such us International Financial Statistics, Balance of Payment Statistics, Direction of Trade Statistics, Government Financial Statistics, trade investment and others.

INSTITUTE OF ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERS  -  https://ieeexplore.ieee.org/Xplore/home.jsp

The IEEE Xplore digital library is a powerful resource for discovery and access to scientific and technical content published by the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) and its publishing partners. IEEE Xplore provides Web access to more than 3-million full-text documents from some of the World’s most highly cited publications in electrical engineering, computer science and electronics.

INSTITUTE OF PHYSICS  –  http://www.iop.org  or  http://journals.iop.org 

Access to content in these areas, Condenses matter, soft matter and materials science, Atomic, molecular, optical and plasma physics, Nuclear and high energy particle physics, Medical physics, biological physics and biomedical engineering, Astrophysics, cosmology and gravitation, Mathematical, Statistics and Quantum physics, Earth and environmental sciences

JAPAN SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY INFORMATION AGGREGATOR ( JSTAGE)   -  http://www.jstage.jst.go.jp  Access to digitized scholarly journals and research papers currently published in form by user  organizations and in the field of Science and Technology in Japan.  Subject:- Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Earth Sciences , Biology, Life Sciences and Basic Medicine, Agriculture and Food Sciences, General Medicine, Social Medicine, and Nursing Sciences, Clinical Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Engineering in General, Nanosciences and Materials Sciences, Architecture and Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Information Sciences, Interdisciplinary Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences.

JSTOR  -  http://www.jstor.org

It provides full- text online access to back issues of selected scholarly journals in the Humanities and Social Sciences. Other disciplines are Law, International Relations, Women Studies, Political Science Conflict Studies, International Affairs and Governance.

JOURNAL ARCHIVE  -  www.journalarchive.jst.go.jp  Subject: - Science, Technology and Engineering


-   https://journal.knust.edu.gh/index.php?

The  Journal of Science and Technology  ( JUST ) aims principally at publishing articles resulting from original research whether pure or applied in the various aspects of academic endeavour broadly classified as Science (physical, biological and chemical), humanities and technology. It aims at serving the academic community.

MARY ANN LIEBERT, INC., PUBLISHERS  -  https://www.liebertpub.com/

Publishing integrated media content in the most promising areas of biotechnology, biomedical research, clinical medicine and surgery, engineering and technology, environmental studies and policy, law and public health. 

MSD MANUALS https://www.msdmanuals.com

The MSD Manuals are a comprehensive medical information source covering thousands of topics in all fields of medicine. They are offered as a free public service to health care professionals and the general public

NATIONAL ACADEMIC PRESS  –  http://www.nap.edu  Subject:- Agriculture ,Behavioral and Social Sciences, , Biology and Life Sciences, Computers and Information Technology, Conflict and Security Issues ,Earth Sciences, Education, Energy and Energy Conservation, Engineering and Technology, Environment and Environmental Studies, Food & Nutrition ,Health and Medicine , Industry and Labor , Math, Chemistry and Physics ,Policy for Science and Technology, Space and Aeronautics and Transportation and Infrastructure

NATURE PUBLISHING GROUP  -  https://www.nature.org/en-us/

The Nature Publishing Group provides access to articles on conservation of nature.  Subject: - Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, Chemistry, Clinical Practice and Research, Earth and Environment

NATURE AND PALGRAVE MACMILLAN JOURNALS (NPG)  -  https://www.palgrave.com/gp/journals

Subject:- Bioscience Business, Business & Management, Economics, Education, Finance, Information Systems & Technology, Marketing, Office for National Statistics, Political Science & International Studies, Social & Cultural Studies, Urban Design, Real Estate & Construction

ONLINE ACCESS TO RESEARCH ON ENVIRONMENT (OARE)  –  https://portal.research4life.org/content/oare

Provides access to information resources in a wide range of disciplines contributing to our understanding of the natural environment, including environmental toxicology and pollution, ecology, geography, environmental economics, environmental law, conservation policy, environmental engineering, energy and many others.

OPTICAL SOCIETY OF AMERICA (OSA)  -  http://www.opticsinfobase.org  OSA’s Optics InfoBase is a cutting-edge repository that contains OSA Publishing’s content, including 17 flagship partnered and co-published peer-reviewed journals and 1 magazine. With more than 272,000 articles including papers from over 470 conferences, Optic InfoBase is the largest peer-reviewed collection of Optics and Photonics

OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS - OXFORD JOURNALS  -  http://www.oup.co.uk Subject: - Economics, Humanities, Law, Mathematics, Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, Social Sciences and Medicine

PACHYDERM  -  www.pachydermjournal.org 

Subject: - Elephant and rhinoceros studies

PALGRAVE MACMILLAN JOURNALS - https://www.palgrave.com/gp

Palgrave Macmillan offers combined portfolio of over 70 peer-reviewed e-journals in the areas of political science and international studies, social and cultural studies, business and management, economics, education, information system and technology, urban design and architecture

PLOSONE  - https://journals.plos.org/plosone/

PLOS ONE features report of original research from all disciplines within science and medicine. By not excluding papers on the basis of subject area. PLOS ONE facilitates the discovery of the connection between papers whether within or between disciplines

POLICY PRESS  -  http://www.ingentaconnect.com/content/tpp  Subject: - Public and Social Policy, Politics

PROJECT MUSE -  http://muse.jhu.edu

Subject:- African American and African Diaspora Studies, African Studies, American Studies, Anthropology, Art and Architecture, Asian Studies, Book History and Print Culture, Business and Society, Canadian Studies, Caribbean Studies, Classics, Cultural Studies, Economics, Education, Film, Theater, and Performing Arts, Folklore, French Studies, Gay and Lesbian Studies, Geography, German Studies, History, History of Science, Technology, and Medicine, Iberian Studies, International Relations, Irish Studies, Judaic Studies, Language and Linguistics, Latin American Studies, Law, Library Science and Publishing, Literary Magazines, Literature, Mathematics, Medicine and Health, Medieval and Renaissance Studies, Middle East Studies, Music, Native American and Indigenous Studies, Pacific Studies, Philosophy, Philosophy and Science, Politics and Policy Studies, Population Studies, Psychology and Psychiatry, Religion, Science, Sexuality, Sociology, Women's Studies,

PROQUEST E-BOOKS- https://ebookcentral.proquest.com

RESEARCH4LIFE- https://www.research4life.org

Subject: Research4Life provides online access to academic and professional peer-reviewed content. Aims to improve teaching, research and policy making in health, agriculture, the environment and other life, physical and social sciences

ROYAL COLLEGE OF PHYSICIANS  -  http://www.ingentaconnect.com/content/rcop/cm  Subject:- Agriculture/Food Sciences, Arts and Humanities, Biology/Life Sciences, Chemistry, Computer and Information Sciences, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Economics and Business, Nursing, Engineering/Technology, Mathematics and Statistics, Medicine, Social Sciences Philosophy/Linguistics, Physics/Astronomy, Psychology/Psychiatry,

ROYAL SOCIETY - ROYAL SOCIETY JOURNALS ONLINE  -  http://www.royalsocietypublishing.org/journals  Subject: - Chemistry

ROYAL SOCIETY FOR CHEMISTRY - RSC JOURNALS ARCHIVE-   http://www.rsc.org/Publishing/index.asp  Subject: - Chemistry

ROYAL SOCIETY FOR CHEMISTRY (ARCHIVE)  -  http://pubs.rsc.org   or  http://www.rsc.org

SAGE ONLINE  -  http://online.sagepub.com  Subject: - Social Science & Humanities, Health Sciences, Life & Biomedical Sciences Materials Science & Engineering

SAGE ONLINE JOURNALS  -  http://www.sagepub.com/journalsIndex.nav  Subject: - Multidisciplinary

SAGE RESEARCH METHODS ONLINE - http://methods.sagepub.com/

Sage Research Methods Online offers full text materials on research methods, major research paradigms, cognitive research, qualitative and quantitative researches as well as designing research questions

SCIENCEDIRECT  -  http://www.sciencedirect.com  ScienceDirect is a leading full-text scientific database offering articles and book chapters from nearly 2,500 journals and 26,000 books for diverse fields ( Multidisciplinary)

SCOPUS - https://www.scopus.com 

Scopus is a source-neutral abstract and citation database curated by independent subject matter experts. It places powerful discovery and analytics tools in the hands of researchers, librarians, institutional research managers and funders.

SCIVAL- https://www.scival.com

SciVal offers quick, easy access to research performance of more than 15,800 research institutions and their associated researchers from 231 nations worldwide.

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY INFORMATION SYSTEM (SIST)  CENTRAL SIST  –  http://sist-prototype.sist-sciencesdev.net GHANA SIST-   www.sist-sciencesghana.org.gh Subjects – Science and Technology and related subjects


Subject: Scientific Electronic Library Online (SciELO) is an electronic library covering a selected collection of scientific journals from various countries.

SOCIAL SCIENCE RESEARCH NETWORK :- https://www.ssrn.com  

Subject: - Social Science Research Network (SSRN), is an open access repository of scholarly research in the social sciences and humanities.

SYMPOSIUM JOURNALS  -  http://www.symposium-journals.co.uk  Subject: - Education, Contemporary Issues in Childhood, E-Learning and Digital Media, European Educational Research, Global Studies of Childhood,

SPRINGER OPEN: - https://www.springeropen.com/

Subject:- SpringerOpen provides access to is Springer's portfolio of 160+ peer-reviewed fully open access journals and books, covering all areas of science.

TAYLOR AND FRANCIS ONLINE - https://www.tandfonline.com/  

Subject:- This is a subscribed multidisciplinary database offering full text, abstracts and citations of articles from  Taylor and Francis Routledge and Psychology Press

The Conversation Africa (Independent source of news and views from the academic and research community) https://theconversation.com/africa .

THE ESSENTIAL ELECTRONIC AGRICULTURAL LIBRARY (TEEAL)  -  www.teeal.org /  Subject: - Agriculture and agric-related subjects

TRIP: https://www.tripdatabase.com/ : A clinical search engine designed to allow users to quickly and easily find and use high-quality evidence-based research content to support their practice and/or care. It also allows clinicians to search across other content types including images, videos, patient information leaflets, educational courses and news.

       1. If you have not yet, register for an account by going to:  https://www.tripdatabase.com/Registration

       2. Once you are registered, log in to your account and go to your profile ( https://www.tripdatabase.com/Profile )

       3. Scroll to near the bottom of the page, where you will see this area:

       4. You will need to select your institution - one tip to speed this up is to simply type your country in the place that

           says 'Select' and it'll show up quickly.

            You'll then need  to add the relevant code. Then scroll down and save these entries.            Your institution is called: Better Evidence, <Country Name>

           Your code is: Ghana | GHA5674

UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA PRESS  -  http://www.ucpress.edu   Subject:- Architecture, Area studies, Biology, Criminology and criminal justice, Ethics, Film, Food studies, History, Interdisciplinary studies, Literature and criticism, Ornithology, Psychology, Religion, Sexuality studies, Sociology

UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO PRESS  - http:// www.journals.uchicago.edu  Subject: - Economics, Political Science, Languages, History, Education, Law, Philosophy, Zoology, Theology, Geology, Anthropology etc

UPTODATE:  https://www.uptodate.com :   UpToDate is the most trusted evidence-based clinical decision support resource at the point of care. More than 100 studies concur that patients receive better care when clinicians use UpToDate. Healthcare professionals around the world turn to UpToDate to answer even the most complex questions .

WILEY ONLINE LIBRARY/BLACKWELL  -  http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com  Subject-Agriculture, Aquaculture & Food Science, Architecture & Planning, Art & Applied Arts, Business, Economics, Finance & Accounting, Chemistry, Computer Science & Information Technology, Earth & Environment, Humanities, Law & Criminology, Life Sciences, Mathematics & Statistics, Medicine, Nursing, Dentistry & Healthcare, Physical Sciences & Engineering, Psychology, Social & Behavioral Sciences, Veterinary Medicine.

World Bank eLibrary (Multi-disciplinary) https://www.inasp.info

NOTE *Require username and password to access full text

For all enquiries refer to the following contact  -Visit the Academic Support Department / Research Commons, Prempeh II Library, New Block.

     -  Yaw A. Aviamu

        Junior Assistant Librarian


       OR Consult your College/Faculty Librarian.

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• http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_images_and_subjects_in_Gray’s_Anatomy

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Influence of parenting style, and parental involvement on student’s academic performance in Oriade Local Government Area, Osun State, Nigeria

The study investigated the influence of parenting style, and parental involvement, on secondary school students’ academic performance, in Oriade Local Government Area, Osun State, Nigeria. The descriptive survey research design of the ex-post facto type was employed in the study. Respondents were 300 secondary school students, randomly drawn from 10 schools constituted the study sample. Two valid and reliable instruments (Parental Style and Parental Involvement Questionnaire (PSPIQ) and students’ score in English Language and mathematics) provided data for the study. The Bivariate and multiple regression statistical methods were used to analyze the data. Results obtained indicated that parenting style had no significant influence on students’ academic performance (F=0.478, P>0.05). However, the positive regression coefficient revealed a positive influence of parenting style on students’ academic performance. Contrarily, parental involvement was observed to have positive and significant influence on students’ academic performance, (F=35.218, P<0.05). The results further demonstrated no significant joint influence of parenting style and parental involvement on students’ academic performance (F=2.56, P>0.05). Parental involvement exerted more influence on students’ academic performance than parenting style. Based on the results, the study suggested that school authorities should educate parents on the relationship between parenting style and students’ academic performance. Also, that parents should be close to their children, in order to abreast themselves with their school needs.

Alkharusi, H. (2012). Categorical variables in regression analysis: A comparison of dummy and effect coding. International Journal of Education, 4(2), 202-210.

Altschul, I. (2012). Linking socioeconomic status to academic achievement of Mexican youth through parent involvement in education. Journal of the Society for Social Work and Research, 3, 13-30.

Amponsah, M. O., Milledzi, E. Y., Ampofo, E. T., & Gyambrah, M. (2018). Relationship between parental involvement and academic performance of Senior High School students: The case of Ashanti Mampong Municipality of Ghana. American Journal of Educational Research, 6(1), 1-8.

Antoine, D. R. (2015). The correlation between parental involvement and students’ academic achievement. LSU Master's These, Louisiana State University and Agricultural and Mechanical College, USA.

Baumrind, D. (1991). Parenting styles and adolescent development. In R. M. Lerner, A. C. Peterson & J. Brooks-Gunn (Eds.), Encyclopedia of adolescence (pp. 758-772). New York: Garland.

Besharat, M. A., Azizi, K., & Poursharifi, H. (2011). The relationship between parenting styles and children's academic achievement in a sample of Iranian families. Procedia Social and Behavioral Sciences, 15(2011), 1280-1283.

Chowa, G., Masa, R., & Tucker, J. (2013). The effects of parental involvement on academic performance of Ghanaian youth: Testing measurement and relationship using structural equation modeling. Children and Youth Services Review, 35(12), 2020-2030.

Coplan, R. J., Hastings, P. D., Lagace-Seguin, D. G., & Moulton, C. E. (2002). Authoritative and authoritarian mother’s parenting goals, attributions, and emotions across different childrearing contexts. Parenting: Science and Practice, 2, 1-26.

Darko, R. (2018). Influence of parenting styles on academic performance of Senior High Schools in Ghana. International Journal or Research and Innovation in Social Science, 2(6), 110-117.

der Vorst, H. V., Engels, R. C. M., Meeus, W., Dekovic, M., & Vermulst, A. D. (2006). Parental attachment, parental control, and early development of alcohol use: A longitudinal study. Psychology of Addictive Behaviours, 20(2), 107-116.

Domina, T. (2005). Leveling the home advantage: Assessing the effectiveness of parental involvement in Elementary School. Sociology of Education, 78, 233-249.

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