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  1. The 50 Best 2-Minute Speech Topics

    Here is a list of the 50 best two minute speech topics to get you started. The Importance of Setting Boundaries. Discrimination in the Workplace. Self-Care and Stress Management for Mental Well-Being. If I Could Live the Life of My Dog for a Day.

  2. Powerful 2 Minute Speech Topics: A-Z Guide (With 200+ Examples)

    2. A Joke. Jokes and humor are almost always appreciated by the audience provided it isn't even slightly derogatory or demeaning to anyone. Opening your 2-minute speech with a joke can in fact be a good attention grabber that would also not take up a lot of your speech time.

  3. 150 Just a Minute Topics for Engaging and Effective Speeches

    Explanation of the game. Just a Minute is a speech game that challenges speakers to talk about a topic for one minute without hesitation, deviation, or repetition. The goal is simple: keep talking for 60 seconds straight on any given subject. Players must be quick-thinking and articulate to succeed. This exercise sharpens impromptu speaking ...

  4. Need a good presentation topic? Here are hundreds of them

    Data. Data visualizations can elevate your presentation from being a good one to a great one. By providing data behind your arguments, you'll appear more trustworthy and confident in your audience's eyes. Add charts, graphs, interactive maps, and more to your presentations with Prezi Design. You can choose from a wide selection of charts ...

  5. 120 Presentation Topic Ideas Help You Hook Your Audience

    Step 3: Be novel. Make sure you either select a new topic or bring an entirely new and unique perspective to an already covered issue. For instance, don't make a presentation on the "best lead generation strategies.". Your audience has probably heard those dozens of times already. Corny.

  6. 100+ 2 Minute Speech Topics For Students [Updated]

    Selecting 2-minute speech topics for students can be a thoughtful process. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you choose the perfect topic: Identify Interests: Encourage students to consider their interests, hobbies, or areas of expertise. Topics they're passionate about are more likely to engage both them and their audience.

  7. 180+ Presentation Topic Ideas [Plus Templates]

    180+ Presentation Topic Ideas [Plus Templates] Coming up with a presentation topic idea that's meaningful, relevant and has a creative angle can be tough. If your teacher or professor just assigned you a presentation and also asked you to pick your own topic, you're in the right place. In this article, we've put together a list of informative ...

  8. 200+ 2-Minute Speech Topics For Students: Engage Your Audience

    Tips for Delivering a Successful 2-Minute Speech Topics For Students. Once the topic is chosen, the delivery of the speech is crucial for its success. Here are some tips to ensure a successful presentation: Practice and Timing: Rehearse the speech multiple times to ensure it fits within the 2-minute timeframe. Practice also helps improve ...

  9. 350+ Presentation Topics That Will Appeal to Any Audience

    Interesting Presentation Topics. Ancient Greek Heroes Modern Interpretation. Antidepressants and Their Effects on the Human Brain. How Bad Nutrition Affects a Person's Appearance. Traces of Romanticism in Well-known English Literature. Influences of Music on Mental Health. How Religion and Politics Blend Within a State.

  10. Good 2-Minute Speech Topics for Students

    2 Minute Speech Topics: 4 Illustrations. Speech: Cons of the War in Iraq. Main Point I. Too many American troops and Iraqi civilians are killed. Time to build up the country with the help of the locals. II. The final cost of the combats are sky high and we are not able to collect those billions of dollars back.

  11. 259 Interesting Speech Topics [Examples + Outlines]

    Here is our list of 10 interesting speech topics. Beauty is not only in the eye of the beholder. Children don't play enough. Animal testing is necessary. Girls are too mean to each other. Men should get paternity leave. Tattoos are an addiction. If I had a year to do what I want. Butterflies: deadly creatures.

  12. 333 Informative Speech Topics To Rock Your Presentation

    The three circles are labeled: "things I am interested in," "things my audience cares about," and "things I can research.". The center point where these three circles overlap is the sweet spot for your speech topic. When (Length): The length of your speech can drastically impact how in-depth you dive into the topic.

  13. 500+ Best Presentation Topics for 2024

    Thai Taste Adventure: Balanced and complex flavors. The Protein Showdown: Plants vs. meat. The Tea Journey: Discovering varieties, brewing methods, and traditions. Umami Revolution: The best flavor ever. Veganism: A plant-based lifestyle that's taking over. Presentation topics about style and fashion.

  14. 120+ Presentation Ideas, Topics & Example

    The swapping of orientations will show people that the presentation is progressing nicely. It can help you make a strong, almost physical, distinction between ideas, sections or topics. 10. Make your audience laugh, or at least chuckle. Source. Sometimes you need to not take your business presentations too seriously.

  15. 28+ Easy English 2-Minute Speech Topics For Students

    Here are some 2-minute speech topics suitable for students; they are easy to prepare, and we have included sample speeches for the most. The Power of Kindness: Discuss how small acts of kindness can significantly impact individuals and the community. Here is an example: The Power of Kindness. The Power of Self-Compassion: The power of self ...

  16. 75 Unique School Presentation Ideas and Topics Plus Templates

    History is filled with equally inspiring and terrifying stories, and there are lessons that students can learn from the events of the past. Meanwhile, interactive presentations about culture help students learn and embrace diversity. 16. Women in history: A conversation through time. Get this template.

  17. Memorable 2-Minute Speeches: How to Write & Deliver (With Examples)

    So for 2-minute speeches, 260-300 words should be sufficient. When it comes to the number of pages for a 2-minute speech, then your speech can be half to one page long. It all depends on the font size that you use! Similarly, the number of sentences that would make up a 2-minute speech can vary depending on the font size that you use or your ...

  18. 10 Minute Presentation Topics: 50 Unique Ideas to Engage Your Audience

    When picking a presentation topic, aim for unique and thought - provoking ideas that capture your audience's attention. Be specific and clear to leave a memorable impression. Tailor your presentation to fit the audience's interests and knowledge level, making sure it is relevant and engaging for them. Use personal stories or examples from ...

  19. 110 Interesting Persuasive Speech Topics to Impress Your Audience

    We've compiled a list of 110 persuasive speech topics—broken down by category—for you to choose from or use as inspiration. Use the set of three questions we shared above to determine which of these interesting persuasive speech topics is right for you. Art, Media, and Culture.

  20. 2-Minute Speech Topics for Students PLUS Guide

    Topic Focus: A 2-minute speech on embracing diversity encourages students to appreciate and learn from differences in culture, opinion, and lifestyle. Execution Guide : Open with Facts: Present intriguing statistics or facts about the world's diversity to pique interest. Share Personal Insights: If appropriate, share a brief personal ...

  21. What It Takes to Give a Great Presentation

    Read more on Business communication or related topics Power and influence, Presentation skills and Public speaking Carmine Gallo is a Harvard University instructor, keynote speaker, and author of ...

  22. 25 Topic Ideas For A 2 Minutes Speech

    Here are some of the factors that you need to improve for delivering the best. Relax and take a deep breath. The first thing that people mostly go wrong with is that they do not think before an impromptu speech and straight out start speaking. In most cases, 5 minutes presentation is something you will have to prepare so you need to deliver ...

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