literature review on microfinance in india

  2. (PDF) A Study of the Performance of Microfinance Institutions in India

    literature review on microfinance in india

  3. (PDF) Microfinance in India: Issues, Problems and Prospects: A Critical

    literature review on microfinance in india

  4. (PDF) Impact Assessment of Microfinance in India: Survey, Issues and

    literature review on microfinance in india


    literature review on microfinance in india

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    literature review on microfinance in india


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  2. Microfinance in India: Small steps to a new beginning

  3. Microfinance Helps Women in Rural India Find Paths out of Poverty

  4. Impact of microfinance by ADA

  5. Watering the Grassroots

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  1. Role of Microfinance in India: A Thematic Review The Microfinance

    A review of the literature on microfinance highlights the growing attention of the researchers on its various aspects. Therefore, this review attempts to present a systematic summary of research ...


    Hartungi, R. (2007), Understanding the success fa ctors of micro-finance inst itution in a developing country. International Journal of So cial Economics , 3 4 (6), 3 88-401.

  3. Microfinance in India: Literature review

    Download Citation | Microfinance in India: Literature review | Indian economy is characterized by low rate of growth, dominance of rural population, heavy dependency on agriculture, adverse land ...

  4. PDF India Microffnance Review FY 2020-21

    36India Microffnance Review FY 2020-21. Performance During a Tough Year The observation is similar for NBFC-MFIs. Data available on MFIN Members (Micrometer Q4 2020-21) show that 39% of the 56 NBFC-MFIs that are large (GLP >Rs 500 Cr) contributed to 93% of the GLP and 91% of the customers served by the member MFIs.

  5. Literature review on effect of microfinance institutions on poverty in

    The review includes an analysis of the selected papers that give insights about publications with respect to themes, number of themes covered in individual publications, nations, scope, methodology, number of methods used and publication trend.,The literature indicates the positive effect of microfinance on poverty but with a varying degree on ...

  6. PDF Micro Matters: Macro View

    10 India Microfinance Review FY 2021-22 This is the second year of MFIN's annual review of Microfinance. It has been initiated with a view to provide data based insights enriched with our experience as an Industry association and Self Regulatory Organisation (SRO). The year 2021-22 was another year spotted with second wave of

  7. Microfinance Research in India During 2001-2021: A Bibliometric

    The study also covered the critical issues related to growth of microfinance in India. Major keywords used in the microfinance research and their association with other keywords, examines the preferred countries for collaboration by Indian authors in microfinance-related studies, and the social impact of top cited articles published during the ...

  8. Social and Financial Efficiency: A Study of Indian Microfinance

    India is a developing country where poverty is a significant ... Microfinance institutions (MFIs), social efficiency, financial efficiency, sustainability, Indian NGO-MFIs IIM Kozhikode Society & Management Review 10(1) 31-43, 2021 ... Literature Review Traditionally, financial institutions' efficiency has been ...

  9. Microfinance in India: Issues, Problems and Prospects: A Critical

    The study is an epitome of the mind-boggling flurry of literature on the subject of microfinance. But, it has gone far beyond the review of literature on the concept, country models and history of microfinance movement in India; it has provided a thematic work on the factual profiles of different microcredit programmes prevalent in the country and their progress, The book contains a very up-to ...

  10. Growth of Indian microfinance : a case-study-based review of trends and

    Abstract. The microfinance industry in India experienced extraordinary evolution throughout the 1990s and into the new century, and it is now entering a new phase of rapid expansion. But there is still a huge gap between the demand for and supply of microfinance services in India. With its enormous population of poor people, India is attracting ...

  11. Microfinance in India and attainment of sustainable development goals

    In India, microfinance is critical to the nation's development. It serves as an anti-poverty vaccine for rural residents by providing basic financial services to the underserved at low costs. The present study aims to highlight the role of microfinance in achieving the SDGs and its challenges and their solution in the Indian context.

  12. Competition and microfinance institutions' performance: evidence from India

    This paper is organized as follows: In Section 2, the statement of the problem is discussed. Section 3 highlights the microfinance practices of India. Section 4 presents a literature review of the study. In section 5, the methodology and data of the paper are discussed. Section 6 describes the analysis of the results.

  13. Ownership and performance of microfinance institutions: Empirical

    The study examines the efficiency differences across the ownership structure of Indian microfinance institutions (MFIs) operating during the year 2005/06 to 2017/18 in response to regulatory reforms initiated by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) in the year 2011. We remove the outliers from the dataset first.

  14. PDF The Systematic Literature Review and Researches on Development of

    This paper enunciates the importance, need of review of literature and the related review of studies to the topic. Microfinance in India is of a comparatively recent origin. In the last two decades there has been a rapid growth in the number of institutions offering microfinance education.

  15. Microfinance Institutions' Efficiency and its Determinants: Evidence

    Global Business Review, 17(5), 1179-1195. Crossref. ... Microfinance in India: Lessons from the Andhra crisis. In Microfinance 3.0: Reconciling sustainability with social outreach and responsible delivery ... Journal of Economic Literature, 37(4), 1569-1614. Crossref. ISI. Google Scholar. NABARD. (2019).

  16. Factors Influencing Sustainable Poverty Reduction: A Systematic Review

    This research examined factors that help microfinance achieve sustained poverty reduction based on a systematic literature review (SLR). A search was conducted on the SCOPUS database up to December 2023. After analyzing hundreds of documents, a subset of 30 articles was subject to in-depth analysis, exploring factors and corresponding measurement indicators for sustainable poverty reduction in ...

  17. Role of Microfinance in India: A Thematic Review

    A review of the literature on microfinance highlights the growing attention of the researchers on its various aspects. Therefore, this review attempts to present a systematic summary of research in the domain of microfinance in India over the last two decades. This includes 95 published research articles on microfinance.

  18. Microfinance in India: Issues, Challenges and Opportunities

    Review of Literature . Mahajn.R. (2017) found in his study, microfinance is critical in India for achieving financial inclusion for the . ... Progress of Micro-Finance in India .

  19. Does microfinance foster the development of its clients ...

    This paper conducts a scientometric analysis and systematic literature review to identify the trends in microfinance outcomes from the perspective of their recipients, specifically more vulnerable people, while also focusing on the demand side. Applying the keywords "co-occurrence networks" and "citation networks," we examined 524 studies indexed on the ISI Web of Science database ...

  20. PDF Microfinance: A review of the literature

    Microfinance: A review of the literature recommendations for improving low income and poverty reduction in Lindsay Isaac K. Yaidoo Department of Economics, Mangalore University, Karnataka, India Available Received 8th February Abstract "Microfinance" has been based on several propositions, recently. We examine the literature on microfinance ...

  21. Microfinance in India: A Succinct Literature Review

    This paper has been prepared with the help of extensive literature available on Indian microfinance that divulges the contemporary debates at the theoretical level. The study has employed content ...

  22. PDF Microfinance in India: Literature Review

    study has been carried out to study of review literature in microfinance sector. Keywords: Microfinance, poverty alleviation, NABARD, MFIs, SHGS, Literature Review INTRODUCTION The field of micro finance has grown in size and stature since its humble origins in 1976 in Bangladesh. The Micro Finance world of today is a world of fast growth,

  23. Micro Finance Through Self Help Groups -a Survey of Recent Literature

    In India, as evident from the study that most of the literature on micro finance revolves around four southern states where Governments and Non Governmental Organisations are taking lead in the spread of micro finance. Studies carried out in India, as evident from the above literature review, indicated that micro finance and Self Help groups ...