Top 50 Geography Research Topics [Revised]

Geography Research Topics

Geography isn’t just about maps and memorizing capital cities; it’s a dynamic field that delves into everything from understanding our planet’s physical features to unraveling the complexities of human societies. In this blog, we’ll embark on a journey through fascinating geography research topics, ranging from climate change and urbanization to cultural dynamics and emerging trends. Whether you’re a curious student or simply someone intrigued by the world around you, join us as we explore the diverse realms of geography research.

What Are The Three Main Topics Of Geography?

Table of Contents

  • Physical Geography
  • Study of Earth’s physical features, processes, and phenomena.
  • Example: Investigating the formation of mountains, erosion patterns in river systems, or the impact of climate change on ecosystems.
  • Human Geography
  • Examination of the interactions between human societies and their environments.
  • Example: Analyzing urbanization trends, migration patterns, cultural landscapes, or economic activities within specific regions.
  • Environmental Geography
  • Focus on the relationship between humans and their natural surroundings, including the impact of human activities on the environment.
  • Example: Researching pollution levels in urban areas, deforestation rates in tropical rainforests, or the conservation of endangered species and habitats.

50 Geography Research Topics: Category Wise

Physical geography research topics.

  • Impact of climate change on polar ice caps.
  • Patterns of desertification in arid regions.
  • Formation and evolution of volcanic islands.
  • Study of river meandering and channel migration.
  • Factors influencing the distribution of biomes worldwide.

Human Geography Research Topics

  • Urbanization dynamics in developing countries.
  • Social and economic impacts of gentrification in urban neighborhoods.
  • Migration patterns and trends in Europe.
  • Cultural landscapes and identity politics in contested territories.
  • Gender disparities in access to resources and opportunities in rural areas.

Environmental Geography Research Topics

  • Analysis of air quality in megacities.
  • Impacts of deforestation on local biodiversity in the Amazon rainforest.
  • Water scarcity and management strategies in arid regions.
  • Ecotourism and its role in sustainable development.
  • Effects of marine pollution on coral reef ecosystems.

Geographical Techniques and Tools Research Topics

  • Applications of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in disaster management.
  • Remote sensing techniques for monitoring agricultural productivity.
  • Cartographic visualization of population density and distribution.
  • Spatial analysis of crime patterns in urban areas.
  • Geographical modeling of disease spread and containment strategies.

Regional Geography Research Topics

  • Socioeconomic disparities between urban and rural regions in India.
  • Geopolitical tensions in the South China Sea.
  • Cultural diversity and integration in multicultural cities like London or New York.
  • Environmental challenges facing the African Sahel region.
  • Regional impacts of globalization on indigenous communities in South America.

Cultural Geography Research Topics

  • Influence of religion on cultural landscapes in the Middle East.
  • Cultural diffusion and globalization in the digital age.
  • Preservation of intangible cultural heritage in UNESCO World Heritage sites.
  • Impact of colonialism on indigenous cultures in Australia.
  • Gender roles and cultural practices in traditional societies.

Economic Geography Research Topics

  • Spatial distribution of industries in emerging economies.
  • Trade patterns and economic integration in the European Union.
  • Impact of globalization on labor markets in Southeast Asia.
  • Role of transportation infrastructure in regional economic development.
  • Economic consequences of natural disasters on local communities.

Political Geography Research Topics

  • Border disputes and territorial conflicts in the Middle East.
  • Secessionist movements and autonomy struggles in Europe.
  • Role of international organizations in conflict resolution and peacebuilding.
  • Geopolitical implications of Arctic resource extraction.
  • Influence of soft power and cultural diplomacy in international relations.

Social Geography Research Topics

  • Spatial patterns of poverty and social exclusion in urban areas.
  • Dynamics of neighborhood segregation and integration in diverse cities.
  • Impact of social media on community engagement and activism.
  • Gender-based violence and spatial justice in urban environments.
  • Cultural dimensions of health disparities in rural communities.

Historical Geography Research Topics

  • Legacy of colonialism in shaping urban landscapes in former colonies.
  • Evolution of trade routes and their impact on cultural diffusion.
  • Archaeological landscape studies of ancient civilizations.
  • Historical geography of migration and diaspora communities.
  • Environmental history of industrialization and its long-term impacts on ecosystems.

How To Write A Geography Research Paper?

Writing a geography research paper involves several key steps to ensure a well-structured, coherent, and informative document. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to write a geography research paper:

  • Choose a Topic: Select a specific and focused research topic within the field of geography that interests you. Consider the scope of your paper, available resources, and the significance of the topic in the field.
  • Conduct Research: Gather relevant sources of information such as scholarly articles, books, journals, government publications, and online databases. Use both primary and secondary sources to support your research and develop a comprehensive understanding of the topic.
  • Develop a clear and short thesis statement that explains what your research paper is about. This statement should show the main idea or point you’re going to talk about in your paper.
  • Organize your paper by making a plan or outline. Split it into different parts like the introduction, where you start talking about your topic and explain why it’s important. Then, include a literature review where you talk about what others have already studied about your topic. If you did any special methods in your research, talk about them in the methodology section. Then, show your findings or results, discuss them, and finally, conclude your paper. Make sure you outline all the important things you want to talk about in each section.
  • Start your paper with an interesting introduction. Tell the reader some background information about your topic and why it’s important. Also, introduce your thesis statement here. Explain what you’ll be talking about in your research paper to help guide the reader through your paper.
  • Conduct a Literature Review: Review existing literature and research related to your topic to contextualize your study and identify gaps or areas for further investigation. Summarize key findings, methodologies, and theories from previous studies to support your own research.
  • Describe Your Methodology (If Applicable): If your research involves empirical data collection or analysis, describe the methodology and research design used in your study. Explain the research methods, data sources, sampling techniques, and analytical tools employed to gather and analyze data.
  • Present Your Findings: Present the results of your research in a clear and systematic manner. Use tables, graphs, maps, and other visual aids to illustrate your findings and enhance comprehension. Provide descriptive and analytical interpretations of the data to support your arguments.
  • Discuss Your Results: Analyze and interpret the significance of your research findings in relation to your thesis statement and research objectives. Discuss any patterns, trends, or relationships observed in the data and explore their implications for the broader field of geography.
  • Draw Conclusions: Summarize the main findings of your research and reiterate the significance of your study. Discuss any limitations or constraints encountered during the research process and propose areas for future research or further investigation.
  • Cite Your Sources: Ensure that you properly cite all sources of information used in your research paper according to the citation style specified by your instructor or academic institution. Use in-text citations and include a comprehensive bibliography or reference list at the end of your paper.
  • Proofread and Revise: Review your research paper carefully for grammatical errors, typos, and inconsistencies. Revise and refine your writing to improve clarity, coherence, and overall quality. Consider seeking feedback from peers, mentors, or academic advisors to further enhance your paper.

Emerging Topics in Geography Research

As our world continues to evolve, new frontiers of geography research are constantly emerging. From the quest for sustainable development to the rise of smart cities and the challenges of climate resilience, researchers are grappling with complex issues that defy easy solutions.

One promising avenue of research is the integration of indigenous knowledge and perspectives into geographic studies. By recognizing the wisdom of traditional cultures and their deep connection to the land, researchers can develop more holistic approaches to environmental management and conservation.

In conclusion, geography research offers a rich tapestry of topics that span the natural and social sciences. Whether it’s unraveling the mysteries of climate change, exploring the dynamics of urbanization, or celebrating the diversity of cultural landscapes, there’s something for everyone in the world of geography research.

So, whether you’re a student embarking on geography research topics or simply a curious explorer seeking to understand the world around you, take heart in knowing that the adventure has only just begun. Happy exploring!

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146 Impressive Geography Research Topics Every Student Will Like

geography research topics

Are you a student seeking inspiration for your next geography research project? Look no further! In this article, we present you with a treasure trove of 146 original and top-quality geography research topics, completely free of charge. Whether you’re pursuing a degree in geography or simply passionate about exploring the world around you, these topics cover a wide range of fascinating subjects.

From human geography and cultural landscapes to physical geography and environmental sustainability, we’ve got you covered. Each topic is carefully crafted to ignite your curiosity and help you delve deeper into the field. Get ready to embark on an exciting journey of exploration and discovery as you uncover unique research ideas that will captivate both you and your readers.

Areas Of Geography

Geography is a field of study that explores the Earth’s physical features, human activities and their interactions. It examines the spatial patterns, processes, and relationships between the environment and society. Geographers investigate the Earth’s surface, analyzing its landscapes, climate, ecosystems and resources, as well as the distribution of populations, cultures, economies, and political systems. There are several types of geography, each focusing on specific aspects of the Earth’s physical and human dimensions:

Physical geography examines natural phenomena like landforms, weather and ecosystems. Human geography studies human activities, such as population distribution, urbanization and cultural landscapes. Economic geography explores the spatial patterns of economic activities, trade and resource distribution. Political geography analyzes the political systems, boundaries and geopolitical relationships between regions. Environmental geography investigates the interactions between humans and the environment, including environmental issues and sustainability. Geographical information systems (GIS) and remote sensing employ technology to analyze spatial data and maps.

These subfields together provide a comprehensive understanding of the Earth’s complexities and its relationship with human society.

Easy Geography Research Paper Topics

Want to write your paper in just a couple of hours? Explore a curated list of accessible and easy geography research paper topics that will make your geography research paper writing a breeze:

  • The impact of climate change on coastal regions
  • Exploring the relationship between geography and tourism
  • Analyzing urbanization trends in developing countries
  • Investigating the effects of deforestation on biodiversity
  • Examining the role of geography in natural disaster management
  • Studying the cultural landscape of a specific region
  • Analyzing the geography of food production and distribution
  • Exploring the impact of transportation on urban development
  • Investigating the geography of renewable energy sources
  • Analyzing the spatial patterns of population growth
  • Studying the impact of globalization on local economies
  • Examining the geography of water resources and management

Human Geography Research Topics

Improve your chances of getting a top grade! Delve into the complex interplay between humans and their environment with this comprehensive list of human geography research topics:

  • Exploring the social implications of gentrification in urban areas
  • Analyzing the influence of gender on migration patterns
  • Investigating the impact of globalization on cultural identity
  • Examining the geography of poverty and social inequality
  • Studying the relationship between health and geographical location
  • Analyzing the spatial distribution of ethnic communities in cities
  • Investigating the geography of political power and governance
  • Exploring the role of geography in shaping human behavior
  • Analyzing the impacts of urban sprawl on communities
  • Studying the geography of education access and quality
  • Examining the spatial patterns of crime and its socio-economic factors
  • Investigating the geography of healthcare provision and disparities

Cultural Geography Research Topics

Interested in cultural geography? Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of cultures and their geographical influences with this captivating list of cultural geography research topics:

  • Analyzing the cultural landscapes of indigenous communities
  • Exploring the impact of globalization on cultural diversity
  • Investigating the geography of language and its preservation
  • Examining the influence of religion on cultural landscapes
  • Studying the role of cultural heritage in tourism development
  • Analyzing the geography of cultural festivals and events
  • Investigating the spatial patterns of cultural diffusion
  • Exploring the impact of migration on cultural identities
  • Analyzing the geography of music and its regional variations
  • Investigating the role of food culture in shaping identities
  • Examining the spatial distribution of cultural institutions
  • Studying the geography of art and its impact on communities

Physical Geography Research Topics

Do you want to write about physical geography? Investigate the natural processes and phenomena shaping our planet through this collection of compelling physical geography research topics:

  • Analyzing the processes of coastal erosion and their impacts
  • Investigating the formation and characteristics of river systems
  • Examining the effects of climate change on glacial landscapes
  • Analyzing the spatial patterns of soil erosion and conservation
  • Investigating the biogeography of specific ecosystems
  • Exploring the impacts of climate on vegetation patterns
  • Analyzing the geography of water resources and hydrology
  • Investigating the formation and classification of landforms
  • Examining the spatial distribution of biodiversity hotspots
  • Studying the interactions between humans and the natural environment
  • Exploring the impacts of urbanization on natural landscapes

Geography Thesis Topics

Are you busy planning your thesis? Engage in an in-depth exploration of geographic concepts and theories with this thought-provoking list of geography thesis topics:

  • Investigating the geographical aspects of sustainable development
  • Analyzing the impacts of climate change on vulnerable communities
  • Exploring the role of geography in disaster risk reduction
  • Studying the geography of migration and refugee movements
  • Examining the relationship between urban planning and social equity
  • Analyzing the spatial patterns of energy consumption and renewable solutions
  • Exploring the geographical dimensions of political conflicts and peacebuilding
  • Investigating the role of geography in land use planning and conservation
  • Examining the impacts of globalization on local economies

Urban Geography Thesis Topics

Are you interested in writing about urban geography? Analyze the complexities of urban landscapes and urbanization processes with this curated selection of urban geography thesis topics:

  • Analyzing the effects of gentrification on urban neighborhoods
  • Investigating the role of urban design in creating sustainable cities
  • Examining the spatial patterns of urban sprawl and its consequences
  • Studying the geography of social segregation in urban areas
  • Analyzing the impacts of transportation systems on urban mobility
  • Investigating the relationship between urbanization and public health
  • Exploring the geography of informal settlements and slums
  • Analyzing the impacts of urban green spaces on quality of life
  • Investigating the geography of urban food systems and food security
  • Examining the role of technology in shaping smart cities
  • Studying the spatial distribution of cultural and recreational amenities in cities

PhD Research Topics In Geography

Expand the boundaries of geographical knowledge and contribute to the field with this diverse and stimulating list of PhD research topics in geography:

  • Analyzing the geography of environmental justice in urban areas
  • Investigating the impacts of climate change on indigenous communities
  • Examining the role of geography in disaster risk governance
  • Studying the spatial patterns of land use change in rapidly urbanizing regions
  • Analyzing the impacts of transportation infrastructure on accessibility and equity
  • Investigating the geographical dimensions of health inequalities
  • Exploring the relationship between globalization and urbanization processes
  • Analyzing the geography of political conflicts and territorial disputes
  • Investigating the impacts of natural resource extraction on local communities
  • Studying the spatial dynamics of international migration and its consequences
  • Exploring the geography of innovation and knowledge economies in cities

Captivating Research Topics In Geography

Looking for some captivating research topics in geography? Ignite curiosity and scholarly interest with this awesome collection of research topics that delve into various aspects of geography:

  • Investigating the geography of mega-cities and their challenges
  • Analyzing the impacts of climate change on vulnerable coastal regions
  • Exploring the spatial patterns of cultural landscapes and heritage sites
  • Studying the geography of borderlands and transnational interactions
  • Examining the impacts of tourism on local communities and environments
  • The role of geography in understanding human-environment interactions
  • Analyzing the spatial distribution of environmental pollution and its impacts
  • Exploring the geography of global food systems and agricultural practices
  • Investigating the impacts of natural disasters on urban resilience
  • Examining the role of geography in understanding urban inequalities
  • Studying the geography of geopolitical conflicts and their implications
  • Exploring the impacts of technological advancements on landscapes

Interesting Geography Research Topics

Discover a wide range of interesting geography research topics that will pique your professor’s curiosity and offer new insights into the world of geography:

  • Analyzing the impacts of climate change on glacier retreat and water resources
  • Investigating the geography of renewable energy transition and its challenges
  • Examining the spatial patterns of urban heat islands and their mitigation strategies
  • Studying the impacts of land use change on biodiversity conservation
  • Investigating the role of geography in understanding cultural diversity
  • Exploring the geography of disease outbreaks and their spatial spread
  • Investigating the impacts of natural hazards on human vulnerability and resilience
  • Examining the spatial distribution of ecological corridors
  • Studying the geography of regional economic disparities and development strategies
  • Exploring the impacts of transportation infrastructure on urban accessibility
  • The role of geography in understanding weather patterns

Good Geography Research Topics For 2023

Looking for some current topics to write about? Choose from a list of good geography research topics for 2023 that showcase the relevance and significance of geography in today’s world:

  • Impacts of population growth on urban infrastructure and services in geography
  • Geography of water scarcity and its implications for communities
  • Spatial patterns of environmental conservation and protected areas in geography
  • Impacts of land degradation on agricultural productivity and food security
  • Geography of natural resource management and sustainable practices
  • Relationship between climate change and human migration patterns in geography
  • Spatial distribution of environmental justice and marginalized communities
  • Impacts of urbanization on water pollution and ecosystem degradation
  • Geography of renewable energy sources and their integration into the grid
  • Role of geography in understanding regional conflicts over natural resources
  • Impacts of deforestation on biodiversity loss and ecosystem services

Geography Topics For Research For College

Need some great geography topics for research for college? Explore a comprehensive list of geography research topics tailored for college-level studies, offering opportunities for critical analysis and exploration:

  • Impacts of transportation infrastructure on urban air quality in geography
  • Geography of urban gentrification and displacement
  • Spatial patterns of urban food waste and its environmental consequences
  • Impacts of tourism development on fragile ecosystems in geography
  • Geography of environmental migration and its social implications
  • Role of geography in understanding climate adaptation strategies
  • Spatial distribution of environmental inequalities and environmental racism
  • Impacts of land use change on water quality in agricultural regions
  • Geography of geopolitical conflicts and territorial disputes
  • Impacts of industrial pollution on urban health and well-being
  • Role of geography in understanding disaster preparedness

Interesting Geography Topics For High School

Get the most interesting geography topics for high school. Foster geographical curiosity and critical thinking skills with this intriguing list of essay topics designed specifically by our best dissertation service writers for high school students:

  • Analyzing the impacts of climate change on the polar regions
  • Investigating the geography of natural hazards
  • Examining the spatial distribution of endangered species
  • Studying the impacts of urbanization on wildlife habitat fragmentation
  • Exploring the geography of cultural diversity and multiculturalism in cities
  • Investigating the role of geography in understanding climate variability
  • Analyzing the spatial patterns of population distribution and density
  • Investigating the geography of international migration and refugee flows
  • Examining the impacts of tourism on local communities and cultures
  • Studying the geography of natural resources
  • Exploring the role of geography in understanding global inequality

Engaging Geographical Research Topics

Embark on a captivating journey of geographical exploration with this diverse collection of engaging geographical research topics, connecting people, places and the environment through insightful investigations:

  • Urban sprawl impacts on land use and ecosystem services in geography
  • Geography of renewable energy transition and its challenges
  • Spatial patterns of urban heat islands and impacts on residents
  • Impacts of climate change on coastal erosion and shoreline management
  • Geography of water scarcity and implications for human populations
  • Role of geography in understanding geopolitical conflicts and peacebuilding
  • Spatial distribution of environmental pollutants and health effects
  • Impacts of globalization on local economies and cultural landscapes
  • Geography of gender inequalities and spatial dimensions
  • Impacts of natural disasters on vulnerable communities and recovery
  • Role of geography in understanding migration dynamics and urbanization
  • Geography of political borders and their social and economic implications

Affordable Thesis Help You Can Rely On

When it comes to working on a geography research paper or a thesis for Master’s degree , our company is your trusted source for comprehensive writing help. Our team of expert writers consists of experienced professionals who specialize in geography, ensuring that you receive top marks for your school or class. We pride ourselves on delivering high quality and impressive custom written theses tailored to your specific requirements.

With our secure and fast online service, you can access thesis help that is not only affordable but available 24/7. Rest assured that your work will be handled by native English-speaking experts (ENL writers), guaranteeing exceptional quality and adherence to academic standards. Trust us for all your thesis needs and achieve academic success with ease.

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  • 195 Top Anthropology Topics For Great Thesis
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Why is choosing a great topic important when writing a geography essay?

Choosing a great topic ensures that your essay is engaging, relevant, and allows you to demonstrate your understanding of key geographical concepts while capturing the reader’s interest.

How can I choose a great topic for my geography essay?

To choose a great topic, consider current geographical issues, areas of personal interest and the availability of reliable sources. Additionally, ensure that the topic aligns with your essay’s objectives and requirements.

What are some strategies for narrowing down a geography essay topic?

To narrow down your topic, focus on specific geographical regions, phenomena, or concepts. Consider exploring the intersections between different aspects of geography, such as human and physical geography, to create a unique and well-rounded essay topic.

Can I get assistance in choosing a great topic for my geography essay?

Yes, you can seek guidance from your instructor, consult reputable academic resources or utilize online platforms that provide topic suggestions. Engaging in discussions with peers or experts in the field can also help generate ideas and refine your topic choice.

research topics related to geography

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Popular request:

Top 100 geography topics for research.

April 13, 2021

geography topics

Your geography paper or essay can also cover multiple fields. You can also opt to write on scientific or empirical geographic models. Alternatively, you can write about how humans relate to the environment. If your educator has asked you to write a research paper or essay, here are some of the best geographical topics to consider for your project.

Unique Geography Topics

Maybe you like researching and writing about unique ideas. And this is very important because uniqueness is one of the factors that educators consider when grading academic papers and essays. Here is a list of unique geography topics for research that you should consider.

  • Environmental and social-economic effects of gas and oil exploration in your town
  • Demographic and land-use changes in your area
  • Cartography history
  • The emerging grassland agriculture trends
  • Badland areas geomorphological changes
  • How human activities contribute to climate change
  • What causes soil erosion – How to mitigate it
  • How weather variables like wind, temperature, and snow contribute to the vegetation in native grassland
  • Effects of wet summer on agricultural production
  • Effects of modern farming techniques on agricultural production
  • Science historical geographies
  • How to control galley erosion in your area
  • How volcanic action affects land fertility
  • Mapping for landslide hazard and potential solutions
  • How acidification of ocean weather affects the marine life
  • How weather patents relate and possible mitigation in various countries
  • Effects of high urban areas’ population
  • How global warming affects the planet
  • How to manage the aging infrastructure
  • How to deal with urbanization and expansion in big cities

These are some of the best world geography project ideas to explore when writing an essay or a paper. Nevertheless, take your time to research your topic extensively and analyze data to come up with a solid paper.

Cultural Geography Topics

Cultural geography is among the major science branches, alongside social, political, and economic geography. It entails the study of ethnic geography. And this covers religion, art, and languages. Maybe you love researching and writing about cultural geography. In that case, consider these cultural geography essay topics.

  • The educational systems in western and eastern cultures
  • Geographical aspects of the world religions’ study
  • The role women play in the Chinese society
  • Heritage monuments in the geo-cultural space
  • The Native culture’s influence on human psychology
  • How globalization benefits developed and developing countries
  • How cultural superiority affects how humans behave
  • How globalization has affected the Chinese economy
  • The role of cultural geography in promoting tourism
  • The most represented food in my country

These are brilliant cultural geography research paper topics. Pick any of these ideas and then develop them to suit your project.

Human Geography Topics

Human geography entails the study of the network and distribution of people and different cultures across the world. It’s also about the study of how humans relate to their physical environment. Here are some of the best human geography research topics to consider for your papers.

  • India and China – The universal effects of the increasing economic powers of these countries
  • Ethnic Dressing evolution through different centuries
  • Human culture – How it has changed over time
  • The untoward impacts of overgrazing on the Mongolian Steppe’s agricultural production
  • World Power – The evolution of China into a powerful country
  • The development of military geography
  • The expansion of large cities – how does it affect the environment?
  • Settlement movements of the Scythians
  • How the Indian population growth impacts the environment
  • The spread of the South African diseases

These are interesting human geography essay topics. But, you should research your ideas carefully and extensively to come up with a solid paper regardless of your chosen topic.

Physical Geography Research Topics

Physical geography is arguably a major field in this subject. It entails the study of the natural environment. This includes the patterns and processes like the atmosphere, biosphere, hydrosphere, and geosphere. Ideally, physical geography covers both the built and cultural environment. Here are some of the best physical geography topics to consider for your paper or essay.

  • How climate change affects the intensity of the Australian bushfire
  • The meteorology history and its effects on modern research
  • River ice – The worldwide effects of the high ice loss rate across the globe
  • How the Australian bush fires affect the global weather
  • Organizational forms of the living matter on earth
  • The evolution and origin of the biosphere
  • The geographical envelope and its causes
  • Environmental nihilism and environmental determinism
  • Forms of chemical elements migration
  • The atmospheric vertical structure – Gas composition features of air and the determining factors
  • Characteristics of the elementary geochemical landscapes
  • The significance of the main gases in the atmosphere
  • Alkalinity and acidity of the soil – How to regulate them
  • The soil horizons color – How physicochemical properties of the constituent substances of the soil depend on their color
  • Soil formation – The anthropogenic factors
  • The role of endogenous geological processes in earth l formation

Physical geography is generally a complete sciences’ system that entails the study of dynamics, structures, and functioning of the geological envelope, as well as, its structural parts. Pick your geography topic from this category if you love exploring the environment in its natural and man-made forms.

Interesting Geography Topics

Do you want to research and write about something interesting? In that case, consider this category of interesting geography paper topics.

  • Features and qualities of coastal erosion
  • Why should humans protect the endangered rain forests tree species?
  • Why glaciers melting is happening faster than predicted
  • Which was the worst ecological crisis in the world’s history
  • Meteorological science – Is it accurate or real?
  • How to minimize the effects of deforestation
  • Effects of floods on the lives of humans
  • Hurricanes effects and how to predict them
  • An exploration of geographical features of a desert
  • Human roles in the increasing global warming
  • Why earthquakes and landslides are popular today
  • Can eco-friendly food feed the world?
  • How to use innovative technologies to produce eco-friendly food
  • The role of humans in their extinction
  • How a volcanic eruption occurs
  • How humans have contributed to the ever-changing climate
  • How oil and gas exploration affects the social issues
  • How volcanoes affect nearby settlements
  • The happenings and process of earthquakes
  • Factors that lead to the urbanization of some areas over time
  • Indicators and causes of climate change

Choose your geography research topic from this category and then develop it extensively. Use reliable and authentic sources to find relevant information for your paper or essay to earn the top grade.

The Best Geography Research Topics to Choose from

Maybe you want to pick your geography essay topics from a list of the best ideas. Whether you need AP human geography topics or world geography topics, this list comprises the best ideas to consider when writing your paper or essay.

  • The main causes and effects of earthquakes
  • A description of the Amazon basin formation
  • How flooding helps in sustaining life
  • Environmental effects of oil exploration
  • Common hazards associated with landslides
  • Glaciers formation – Describe this process
  • Dumping waste alternatives
  • Explain the impact of the atomic blasts on Nagasaki and Hiroshima
  • Continental drift process from Pangaea until today
  • How geography relates to climate
  • How water bodies affect the climate
  • How public housing affects the housing industry
  • Influence of geographical location on a country’s climate
  • What causes water pollution?
  • What causes the eruption of wildfire
  • Effects of the rising industrialization trend
  • What should humans do to protect rare species
  • How to protect floods
  • How to prevent human-animal conflicts
  • How to deal with the continuing water crisis
  • The severity of natural disasters in the modern world
  • What’s the responsibility of individuals in curbing global warming?
  • How using green energy can substitute fossil fuels

These are amazing topics to consider when writing an essay or a research paper. Take your time to understand each of these ideas to pick the one you will be comfortable working with.

Students have many ideas to explore when writing academic papers and essays. However, the most important thing is to choose a topic you will be happy to research and write about. What’s more, understand the requirements and instructions set by your educator when exploring different geographical project topics. Additionally, take your time to find relevant sources, gather and analyze information before writing. That way, you will come up with a paper that will impress the educator to award you the top grade. You can also contact our writing service to save your time and effort.

research topics related to geography

Take a break from writing.

Top academic experts are here for you.

  • How To Write An Autobiography Guideline And Useful Advice
  • 182 Best Classification Essay Topics To Learn And Write About
  • How To Manage Stress In College: Top Practical Tips  
  • How To Write A Narrative Essay: Definition, Tips, And A Step-by-Step Guide
  • How To Write Article Review Like Professional
  • Great Problem Solution Essay Topics
  • Creating Best Stanford Roommate Essay
  • Costco Essay – Best Writing Guide
  • How To Quote A Dialogue
  • Wonderful Expository Essay Topics
  • Research Paper Topics For 2020
  • Interesting Persuasive Essay Topics

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  • Services Paper editing services Paper proofreading Business papers Philosophy papers Write my paper Term papers for sale Term paper help Academic term papers Buy research papers College writing services Paper writing help Student papers Original term papers Research paper help Nursing papers for sale Psychology papers Economics papers Medical papers Blog

research topics related to geography

136 Clever Geography Research Topics

geography research topics

Do you need clever geography research topics for research? We understand that selecting the right topic is essential to having a project that delivers on your academic goals. Check out these 136 excellent research topics in geography.

What Is Geography?

Geography studies places and the connection between humans and their environments. Geographers study both the earth’s physical properties and the humans that interact with them.

They also explore how man’s culture impacts natural and built environments and how the environment affects humans. Geographers want to explore the origin of things, why they’re in such areas, and how they change with time. There are several fields in Geography:

  • Physical Geography Physical geography studies the planet’s seasons, atmospheres, soils, and climates. It also explores various oceans, landforms, and water bodies. Physical geography addresses the natural processes that relate to the earth. It studies subjects like the biosphere, atmosphere, hydrosphere, lithosphere, etc. Various sub-fields in Physical geography include hydrology, climatology, meteorology, and oceanology.
  • Cultural geography
  • Time geography
  • Historical geography
  • Health geography
  • Political geography
  • Transportation geography
  • Social geography
  • Regional geography
  • Animal geography.
  • Integrated Geography This branch of geography finds the relationship between the earth and people. It exploits subject like the big bang, and other aspects of human evolution till date.Integrated geography also studies how humans have used up the Earth’s resources to build its environment. Integrated geography studies topics like disasters, remote sensors and other technological resources.
  • Cartography Cartography creates maps and displays correct information about them. It involves graphic and artistic information on human populations. Interested students in this field of study must have a creative mind that accurately adapts to locations and other details. Additionally, spatial data of maps can help in studying environmental changes.

How To Write An Excellent Geography Essay

You don’t need to be an excellent student or scholar to write a good geography essay, just try to follow these tips:

  • Shortlist some useful geography research topics In selecting a topic, you need to shortlist some geography topics that fall within the range of interesting topics for your project or task. Your shortlist could be in fields like population geography, social geography, or other fields of geography. With these shortlisted topics, selecting the perfect topic becomes much easier.
  • Select a topic The first step to writing an excellent research paper in Geography is selecting a suitable topic. Your topic should be one you find interesting to write your research project, thesis, dissertation, or assignments. Moreover, before concluding on a topic, ensure your tutor or lecturer approves of your choice before going ahead in the research. Whether you’re in college, high school, or college, your choice of an ideal and suitable topic is vital. Remember to listen to your tutor’s advice as that can help reduce your challenges in finding a suitable title.
  • Research and Create a Draft Your research paper has to be as detailed as you can make it. To achieve this, research different materials, books, or resources online in the early writing stages. By creating a good outline for yourself, you make it easier to fit all the various parts of your piece into your research paper.
  • Search for Previous Studies on Your Chosen Topic You often need support from different resources and support online when creating a draft. Here’s why you need to research similar projects and research papers written on your chosen topic area. Previewing past works in your chosen field can help you create your custom paper. However, you don’t need to plagiarize the other person’s work. Only refer to the task while paraphrasing the person’s ideas.
  • Conclude your work Create your final paper. Edit and proofread to see that you added all necessary aspects. At this stage, you’re good to finish your paper. You can also check online for documentaries or films that can help to provide more details on the subject or interest.

Therefore, our professional writers always ready to write a research paper for you . Hire a true expert and get an A+! 

Interesting Geography Research Topics

Need some quality geography topics with the prospects of interesting the reader from start to finish? Check out the following interesting geography topics for your research.

  • Impact of reforestation on reviving the environment
  • What are the top causes of groundwater pollution?
  • Exploring the peculiarities of extinct wildlife
  • To what degree should sustainable feeding be adopted into everyday lives?
  • What’s the effect of desert spreading on local wildlife populations?
  • Managing water in various world regions
  • Are world resources equally distributed?
  • How humans can harness greenhouse gases?
  • How recycling can best save Earth
  • How today’s ecosystem manages natural disasters such as wildfires
  • What’s the use of studying paleoecology?
  • How the natural ecosystem manages seasonal changes in weather.

Engaging Topics In Geography

Are you interested in engaging topics in Geography? Here are some interesting options to choose from:

  • How do volcanoes erupt?
  • What’s the theory behind the formation of continents?
  • What factors directly influence the growth of hyacinths in aquatic ecosystems?
  • How to reduce hyacinth pollution in natural waters?
  • Exploring the various vegetation forms
  • Understanding the evolution of Homo sapiens
  • What environmental conditions promote the growth of various vegetation types
  • How early men lived
  • What are the dangerous effects of acid rain?
  • How do fossil fuels affect climates?
  • Influence of climate on the distribution of animals around the world
  • What are the top impacts of deforestation?

Awesome Geographical Research Topics

You only need to look around and view all the amazing features of the Earth. Here are awesome geography research topics to expand your knowledge of the field.

  • What factors lead to forest fires the most?
  • How does energy conversation helps solve the challenge of climate change?
  • Defining different climatic regions of the world
  • How to reduce soil erosion
  • What are the impacts of high humidity in an environment?
  • Comparing sea breeze against the land breeze
  • Exploring events that take place on mountains’ leeward sides
  • Earthquake vs. landslide?
  • How do tsunamis form?
  • How do oceans serve as carbon sinks for greenhouse gases?
  • Exploring how ice glaciers form
  • What are the different stages of soil erosion?
  • Stages of the water cycle.

Human Geography Research Topics

The following are fun human geography research topics to explore during your next research.

  • What are the sub-disciplinary fields of human geography?
  • What human events directly lead to climate change?
  • What are the impacts of mining on built environments?
  • What human activities directly lead to ozone depletion?
  • Exploring the history of agriculture
  • How fishing has affected human existence?
  • How has farming affected weather patterns in history?
  • What are the impacts of urban developments on natural resources?
  • What’s the connection between cultural and human geography?
  • Physical geography vs. Human geography
  • What are the significant subject areas in human geography?
  • Exploring the connection between business and urban geography.

Compelling Topics For Geography Research

Selecting the right topic for your geography research isn’t as challenging as you may have thought. Here are geography research topics that are compelling to readers interested in the field. But if you still have difficulties even with the suggested topics, you can always buy research paper online .

  • How important is studying geography today?
  • Exploring how landslides develop
  • What are the various volcano types today?
  • How climate change affects the environment?
  • The ozone layer
  • How stratospheric ozone depletion affects the earth?
  • How acid rain forms?
  • How were fossils discovered?
  • The carbon cycle
  • How trees lead to rainfall
  • What are the various effects of volcanoes on soil quality
  • What are the various layers of planet Earth?

Excellent Cultural Geography Research Topics

Culture can be diverse across countries, continents, and races. Here are excellent cultural geography research topics.

  • Physical geography vs. Cultural geography
  • How is cultural geography a part of human geography?
  • How important is the study of cultural geography today?
  • What is the influence of humans on various activities of natural environments?
  • The connection between cultural activities and urbanization?
  • What are the relationships between cultural landscapes and communication?
  • Culture in modern human geography
  • Cultural ecology and history
  • What’s the role of cultural geography in creating contemporary society?
  • How to counter-map resources in the community
  • The medical treatment of groundwater to prevent incrustation
  • How remote sensing and GIS can help studies on natural water habitats?
  • Why construct geographical models?
  • Why climatology?

Physical Geography Research Topics

With the abundance of geographical features in the environment, you have many physical geography research topic options to choose from. Let’s see some clever physical geography research topics.

  • Exploring the need for geospatial science in the 21st century
  • Why modeling is important today?
  • Activities that can lead to a sustainable and adaptable global climate
  • Exploring fisheries management
  • Understanding ecology
  • What roles does man play in contributing to global warming?
  • Exploring global warming
  • Understanding how pesticides and wastes cause soil contamination
  • How do carbon dioxide concentrations impact the environment?
  • Impact of climate change on farming produce?
  • The connection between mangrove plants and marine habitats
  • What’s the geographical implication of water scarcity?
  • What’s the impact of nuclear power on the environment?

Excellent Topics For Research In Environmental Geography

Do you need environmental geography research topics? Here are helpful options to select from.

  • How coral reef destruction affects the Earth
  • Making a case for a potential new global ecosystem
  • How ocean acidification affects humans
  • How hybrid vehicles can help to reduce atmospheric pollution
  • How crucial are small water resources in the environment?
  • What are the myths about soil pollution and contamination?
  • How important are trees to the natural ecosystem?
  • How crucial are bees to the global ecosystem?
  • How light affects aquariums and water bodies
  • How important crustaceans are in natural environments
  • Understanding sewage treatment
  • Major energy resources on the planet
  • Species dispersal and migration.

Geography Research Topics On Global Issues

Whether you are looking for Ph.D. research topics in geography for your doctorate degree or paper topics for your college studies, current global issues will always come up. The following research topics are helpful for global issues in geography.

  • Explore the concept of the greenhouse effect
  • What are the effects of water pollution?
  • How do plastics in water bodies affect aquatic organisms?
  • What are the impacts of urbanization in the 21st century?
  • Why should we care for forests?
  • Understanding air pollution
  • How to develop renewable energy?
  • What are the effects of climate change on animals?
  • How to properly dispose or recycle plastics?
  • Environmental management issues.

Geography Research Topics For A Tight Deadline

Researching the following geography research topics is straightforward because there are many sources online with materials to guide your research.

  • The major impacts of gully erosion on natural environments
  • How global warming affects the planet
  • How airlines affect the natural environments
  • How traffic congestion impacts built environments
  • How effective is America’s electoral voting system?
  • What’s the impact of ocean water acidification on marine ecosystems?
  • Major world drainage basins
  • How erosion and transportation affect the environment?
  • The erosion cycle
  • What causes landslides globally
  • What are the latest trends in the field of geography?
  • How does weather forecasting shape modern geography?
  • Physical geography vs Biological oceanography
  • Understanding global biodiversity
  • Understanding the basics of Darwin’s evolution theory.

Writing Help For Your Saviour

Geography is a diverse field, and selecting the right topic is vital for getting the best marks. Selecting a potentially challenging topic could eventually breed regrets. However, with the over 130 good geography research topics here, writing a captivating high school or college geography research paper is easy today. After choosing your preferred topic, the next thing to do is conduct detailed research on your paper. Meanwhile, you don’t lack the resources to conduct your adequate research with the help of the Internet and you. However, we understand that writing an excellent, engaging paper could be challenging. That’s why we offer affordable custom research paper service to students 24/7. Are you searching for some paper help? We’re here to help you! Ours is a team of experts and seasoned writers. If you need help writing an impressive paper urgently, feel free to contact our affordable services. We always produce custom, secure and fast professional work to ensure your school class tutor awards you top marks.

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The Best 130 Topics for a in

Writing essays is an inevitable part of most educational processes, where geography research papers continue to be one of the most common assignments for thousands of students. However, choosing fresh and up-to-date geographical ideas, concepts, and topics often appears to be a real challenge for lots of learners. Fortunately, you can forget spending hours picking up a topic for your paper and discover the most effective ways to grab a brilliant idea for your essay. In this post, you will find out the hottest prompts for composing this type of essay and strike with the best geographical research concepts and topics for your academic paper.

How To Choose A Geography Research Essay Topic

When it comes to creating an essay, many learners are feeling lost in hundreds of ideas for composing an academic paper. Discover the list of the most common approaches for choosing the topic for your assignment.

  • Pick up a topic offered by the professor. First of all, it is necessary to investigate all of your learning materials. In many cases, you will find a list of suggested subjects and topics in your textbook, guide, or tutorial. This is one of the easiest ways to come up with a winning geography research academic paper.
  • Put forward your own idea. This option is good for students who have deep knowledge in a certain subject, as well as for those who perfectly understand the main problems and challenges in a particular area. In case you are one of these learners, feel free to choose an innovative topic on your own.
  • Grab an idea from a list of predesigned essay topics. This is the most common way of creating academic papers that is widely popular among thousands of students. The only thing you need in this case is to select one of the most fitting topics from the list of predesigned essay topics.

General Geography Topics

The general topics often appear to be top choices for students with basic knowledge of geography. The fact is that these topics cover a wide number of basic concepts and tendencies any learner should know. For example, you can write about creating maps, ecosystems, environmental problems, and main trends in geography.

  • Geography: Basic Facts And Concepts
  • Careers In Geography
  • Introduction To Creating Maps
  • The Disciplines Connected To Geography
  • Evolution Of Geography As A Discipline
  • Innovation In Geography
  • Geography: Methods Of Learning The Discipline
  • Best Applications To Learn Geography
  • Information Technology In Geography
  • Geography And Geology
  • Geography And Biology: The Common Methods To Study
  • Ecosystems In Geography
  • Using Satellites In Geography
  • The Future Of Geography
  • Maps And Their Role In Learning Geography
  • Environmental Problems To Be Solved In The Nearest Future
  • Top Facts About An Environment
  • Modern Trends In Geography
  • How To Become An Expert In Geography
  • Data Analysis In Geography
  • Charts And Contours In Geography
  • Types Of Projection In Geography
  • Symbolization Issue In Geography

Geographic Research Topics: Analytical Cartography

There is nothing new that cartography continues to be one of the most important fields of study related to geography. This means creating an essay on cartography, its schemas, diagrams, symbols, and technologies is always a good idea.

  • The Introduction To Cartography
  • Cartography: Basic Facts And Concepts
  • The Modern Problems Of Cartography
  • How To Learn Cartography Effectively
  • The Common Trends In Modern Cartography
  • Using Modern Technologies In Cartography
  • Ways To Create Whether Maps
  • The Meaning Of Cartographic Symbols
  • The Challenges Of Fieldwork
  • Maps: The Modern Classification
  • Origin Of Cartography
  • Diagrams And Schemas In Cartography
  • Graticules: The Introduction
  • Cartography: How To Create Reports
  • The Basic Mapping Technologies
  • Mapping Various Types Of Data

Geography Topics For Research: Ocean, Seas, And Rivers

Oceanography, as well as the studies about seas and rivers, are among the most interesting topics for creating academic papers. Explore the wildlife of the oceans, learn more about desalination issues and global warming when composing an essay on these topics.

  • The Introduction To Oceanography
  • The Problems Of River Pollution
  • Wildlife Of Seas And Rivers
  • The Recent Changes In Oceanography
  • Biological And Physical Oceanography: The Differences
  • Underwater Volcanoes And Their Impact
  • Life In The Oceans
  • Top Desalination Issues
  • Ways Of Desalination
  • The Future Of Demineralizing
  • Seawater: The Main Features And Properties
  • Coral Reefs And The Problem Of Extinction
  • Global Warming And Ocean Life
  • Circulation Of Water On Earth
  • Modern Ways To Explore The Ocean
  • Climatic Classifications
  • The Role Of Salt And Sweet-water
  • Food Chains In Geography

Economic Geography Essay Topics

When creating a paper on economic geography, you will need to do deep research on a chosen topic. Feel free to write about different types of resources, deforestation, biodiversity, and other areas to get the best scores in the class.

  • The Problem Of Shortage Of Natural Resources
  • The Age Of Electricity: Its Impact On The Environment
  • The Basic Features Of Economic Geography
  • Ways To Learn Economic Geography
  • Main Classifications Of Natural Resources
  • Human Resources In Geography
  • Deforestation And Its Global Impact
  • Types Of Agriculture
  • Soil Resources
  • Mineral Resources
  • Forest Resources
  • How To Use The Resources In The Most Effective Way
  • Trade And Commercial Activity In Geography
  • The Perspectives Of The Green World
  • How To Stay Green And Protect The Environment
  • International Business And Its Geography
  • How Different Industries Influence On The Environment
  • Biodiversity And Ways To Support It

Top Geographic Topics: History Of Geography

History of geography is considered to be one of the easiest fields to write about. Most students prefer to write a historical overview of the geography, its facts, and issues, as well as describe the location models and migration in their brilliant essays.

  • Geography And Phenomenology
  • Geography: The Historical Overview
  • How Geography Changed Through The Times
  • Idealism Trends In Geography
  • World-famous Geographists
  • Biography And Its Main Concepts
  • Phytogeography: Top Facts And Issues
  • Zoogeography: Top Facts
  • Streams Of Migration
  • Human Settlements
  • Location Models: The Basic Classification
  • Settlements: The Historical Overview
  • Christopher Columbus And His Role In The History Of Geography
  • Riyadh City: Basic Geographical Overview
  • Deviance From Borderlands La Frontera
  • China: Top Geography Facts To Know
  • Administrative Geography

Human Geography Research Paper Topics

It is worth mentioning that human geography research topics have been actual and demanding for years. In case you would like to create a win-win essay, it might be a great idea to stick to population, urban and village life, migration, and human race topics.

  • The Main Differences Between The Human Races
  • Population: Modern Theories
  • How To Solve The Problem Of Overpopulation In Different Countries
  • The Role Of Migration In Geography
  • Modern Urban Life
  • The Issues Of Village Life
  • Common Ways To Solve A Population Conflict
  • Basic Population Programs: An Overview
  • The Problems Of Adaptation
  • Commercial Geography: Top Facts
  • Settlement Hierarchy
  • Modeling As One Of The Methods Of Human Geography

Physical Geography Paper Topics

Physical geography is not the easiest subject to write about. However, in case you have some basic knowledge of modern technologies, variations, cultural regions, and applied geography, creating a perfect essay will be as easy as 1-2-3.

  • Plants And Animals: Global Distribution
  • Hawaii: The Basic Geographical Facts
  • Micro-regions
  • Macro-regions
  • Applied Geography: Main Concepts
  • Geography Of Energy
  • Geography Of Manufacturing
  • Common Problems Of Physical Geography
  • Modern Technologies Used In Physical Geography
  • Hydraulic Cycle
  • Variations In Physical Geography
  • The Problem Of Environmental Degradation And The Ways To Stop It
  • Approaches To Learning Human Geography
  • Regional Geography And The Role Of Human
  • Ways To Distinguish Cultural Regions
  • Using Maps In Physical Geography

Geography Research Topics: Antarctica Exploration

Learning about Antarctica is always exciting. If you would like to learn something new in the area of exploring this amazing geographical region, the topics about biodiversity and exploration of Antarctica will surely suit your needs.

  • Top Technologies Used In Antarctica Exploration
  • Most Common Ways To Explore Antarctica
  • The Biodiversity In Antarctica
  • Ways To Learn The Geography Of Antarctica
  • Antarctica Exploration: Top Facts And Challenges
  • The Future Of Antarctica Exploration
  • Environmental Management In Antarctica Exploration
  • Policies In Exploring Antarctica
  • Antarctica Exploration: Top Issues
  • Innovative Methods Of Antarctica Exploration

How To Create An Astonishing Essay On Geography

Picking a nice topic is only half of the job you need to do when writing an academic paper on geography. What else do you need to keep in mind when composing this type of essay?

  • Follow the basic structure of the academic paper
  • Choose only strong points for an essay
  • Always use only fresh info and sources
  • Keep an essay well-structured and logical
  • Understand and meet the requirements of essay formatting
  • Avoid any grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes
  • Double-check the paper for typos

Of course, you can take care of following all these rules by yourself. But what if you lack free time for creating an excellent essay? What should you do in case you are not good at writing academic papers? Fortunately, you can buy professional essay writing help and forget about all these issues in just a few clicks. This way, you will get a polished and brilliant essay created by an expert within the shortest terms.


  • General essay writing tips
  • United States geographya
  • Subdisciplines of Geography
  • India: population and geography
  • Basic geographical facts: Africa
  • All you need to know about Geography
  • Interesting facts and topics

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Geography articles within Nature

Nature Video | 24 April 2024

Should the Maldives be creating new land?

The Maldives are racing to reclaim vast amounts of land to combat rising sea levels. But many are concerned that these efforts risk harming the paradise they aims to protect

  • Shamini Bundell
  •  &  Jesse Chase-Lubitz

News | 17 April 2024

Humans and their livestock have sheltered in this Saudi Arabian cave for 10,000 years

Saudi herders have travelled the same routes for millennia, cave discovery suggests.

  • Gillian Dohrn

News | 31 January 2024

How do otters protect salt marshes from erosion? Shellfishly

Sea otters inadvertently protect the vegetation that binds sandy shorelines together.

  • Jude Coleman

News & Views | 21 November 2023

People go the extra mile for food

GPS data reveal that people travel far from home to buy food in the United States, challenging ideas about how access to food relates to unhealthy eating habits.

  • Abigail Klopper

Nature Podcast | 06 September 2023

Our ancestors lost nearly 99% of their population, 900,000 years ago

A roundup of stories from the Nature Briefing , including how human ancestors came close to extinction, historic pollution in Antarctica, and the AI that predicts smell from a compound's structure.

  • Benjamin Thompson
  •  &  Shamini Bundell

News | 16 August 2023

Melting glaciers will reveal vast new ecosystems in need of protection

The emerging habitats represent huge ecological shifts and present new challenges for conservation.

  • Jeff Tollefson

Article | 16 August 2023

Future emergence of new ecosystems caused by glacial retreat

By 2100, the decline of all glaciers outside the Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets will produce new terrestrial, marine and freshwater ecosystems, posing both challenges and opportunities for conservation.

  • J. B. Bosson
  •  &  F. Arthaud

Matters Arising | 05 July 2023

Reply to: Possible magmatic CO 2 influence on the Laacher See eruption date

  • Frederick Reinig
  • , Lukas Wacker
  •  &  Ulf Büntgen

Career Q&A | 07 June 2023

What it means to practise values-based research

Environmental scientist Max Liboiron ties principles of humility and accountability to research that respects people and their relationship with the land.

  • Spoorthy Raman

News & Views | 06 June 2023

From the archive: ancient timelines and a west-side story of cities

Snippets from Nature ’s past.

News & Views | 28 March 2023

From the archive: the Channel tunnel, and a phantom island

News & Views | 21 March 2023

From the archive: the cell cycle and Antarctic exploration

News | 15 November 2022

World population hits eight billion — here’s how researchers predict it will grow

United Nations model predicts a slower rate of population growth than was previously estimated.

Career Column | 23 July 2022

It’s time to make science in remote places family-friendly

Melissa Ward Jones and Mette Bendixen share their stories of juggling parenting and fieldwork, and argue that more should be done to help retain scientist-parents, particularly women, in academia.

  • Melissa Ward Jones
  •  &  Mette Bendixen

News Q&A | 13 July 2022

Historic dive aims to map Earth’s deepest point like never before

Ocean-mapping specialist Dawn Wright is the first Black person to visit Challenger Deep.

  • Freda Kreier

News & Views | 12 July 2022

From the archive: butterfly snacking habits and alpine maps

News & Views | 10 May 2022

From the archive: comet observation, and the explorer Dr Livingstone found safe

News & Views | 01 February 2022

From the archive

Nature ’s pages feature an obituary of the Antarctic explorer Ernest Shackleton, and discuss the problem with naming species after people.

Article 27 October 2021 | Open Access

Global potential for harvesting drinking water from air using solar energy

Mapping of the global potential of atmospheric water harvesting using solar energy shows that it could provide safely managed drinking water for a billion people worldwide based on climate suitability.

  • Jackson Lord
  • , Ashley Thomas
  •  &  Philipp H. Schmaelzle

News Feature | 21 September 2021

How far will global population rise? Researchers can’t agree

The United Nations forecasts that nearly 11 billion people will be living on Earth at the end of the century, but other demographic research groups project that population will peak earlier and at a much lower level.

News Round-Up | 08 September 2021

World’s most northern island and climate change’s role in floods

The latest science news, in brief.

News & Views | 17 August 2021

Nature ’s pages feature a 1921 look at the origin of some English place-names, and an 1871 report of a polar expedition.

News & Views | 04 August 2021

The fraction of the global population at risk of floods is growing

Satellite imaging combined with population data shows that, globally, the number of people living in flood-prone areas is growing faster than is the number living on higher ground — greatly increasing the potential impact of floods.

  • Brenden Jongman

Article | 04 August 2021

Satellite imaging reveals increased proportion of population exposed to floods

Satellite imagery for the period 2000–2018 reveals that population growth was greater in flood-prone regions than elsewhere, thus exposing a greater proportion of the population to floods.

  • , J. A. Sullivan
  •  &  D. A. Slayback

Article | 30 June 2021

Precise date for the Laacher See eruption synchronizes the Younger Dryas

A revised date for the Laacher See eruption using measurements of subfossil trees shifts the chronology of European varved lakes relative to the Greenland ice core record, synchronizing the onset of the Younger Dryas across the North Atlantic–European sector.

Article | 16 June 2021

Global prevalence of non-perennial rivers and streams

Non-perennial rivers and streams are mapped globally, showing that more than half of rivers worldwide experience no flow for at least one day per year.

  • Mathis Loïc Messager
  • , Bernhard Lehner
  •  &  Thibault Datry

Article | 26 May 2021

The universal visitation law of human mobility

Using large-scale mobility data from diverse cities around the globe, a simple and robust scaling law that captures the temporal and spatial range of population movement is revealed.

  • Markus Schläpfer
  •  &  Geoffrey B. West

Article 19 May 2021 | Open Access

The nutritional quality of cereals varies geospatially in Ethiopia and Malawi

Geospatial variation in the micronutrient composition (calcium, iron, selenium and zinc) of staple cereal grains is nutritionally important at subnational scales in Ethiopia and Malawi; these data could be used to improve surveillance of micronutrient deficiencies in the region.

  • , P. C. Nalivata
  •  &  M. R. Broadley

Nature Video | 28 January 2021

Explaining the icy mystery of the Dyatlov Pass deaths

A sixty-year-old mystery from Soviet Russia could be explained by snow science.

News & Views | 18 November 2020

Hierarchies defined through human mobility

An analysis of worldwide data finds that human mobility has a hierarchical structure. A proposed model that accounts for such hierarchies reproduces differences in mobility behaviour across genders and levels of urbanization.

  • Elsa Arcaute

Article | 18 November 2020

The scales of human mobility

A model shows that human mobility is organized within hierarchical containers that coincide with familiar scales and that a power-law distribution emerges when movements between different containers are combined.

  • Laura Alessandretti
  • , Ulf Aslak
  •  &  Sune Lehmann

The growth equation of cities

A theoretical model in the form of a stochastic differential equation is proposed that describes, more accurately than previous models, the population evolution of cities, revealing that rare but very large interurban migration is a dominant factor.

  • Vincent Verbavatz
  •  &  Marc Barthelemy

Research Highlight | 04 May 2020

Urban sprawl overspreads Earth at an unprecedented speed

Satellite imagery shows that although the global population is growing, urban areas are growing even faster.

News & Views | 04 February 2020

How Nature reported the first attempt to fly across the whole of Africa in 1920, and the heat and perspiration produced by cows, in 1970.

News & Views | 21 January 2020

How Nature reported an interview with Einstein from 1920, and fears that England was losing the race to reach the North Pole, from 1870.

News & Views | 14 January 2020

How Nature reported the discovery of ancient human bones in Australia in 1970, and how the First World War revolutionized the production of maps of France.

Career Q&A | 04 December 2019

Fighting fire with science

Wildfires are becoming more and more frequent around the world, making expertise in the field a hot commodity.

  • Stav Dimitropoulos

Editorial | 26 November 2019

Egypt stands to benefit from sharing its latest discoveries with all Egyptologists

When the time is right, the country should consider inviting researchers from around the world to study the latest finds from its ancient past.

News | 26 November 2019

Rare mummified lions add to Egyptology buzz

Ancient cats come hot on the heels of a stunning human-coffin find as Egypt keeps research on the artefacts to itself, for now.

  • Antoaneta Roussi

Career Column | 13 November 2019

How to welcome a new international researcher into your team

Lara Pivodic shares advice on saying ‘hello’ to the latest member of your research group.

  • Lara Pivodic

Research Highlight | 21 October 2019

Humans are drying out Europe’s ancient peat bogs

Climate change and peat cutting are altering ecosystems, some of them centuries old.

News & Views | 08 October 2019

How Nature reported a satellite TV system in India in 1969, and an explorer who learnt survival techniques from indigenous Arctic groups in 1919.

Books & Arts | 25 September 2019

Einstein in Britain, worlds on the ebb, and a new angle on climate engineering: Books in brief

Barbara Kiser reviews five of the week’s best science picks.

  • Barbara Kiser

News Feature | 22 May 2019

Science in Europe: by the numbers

The region already hosts some of the world’s leading scientific countries, and some of its smaller states are quickly catching up.

  • Richard Van Noorden
  •  &  Declan Butler

Article 15 May 2019 | Open Access

Mapping HIV prevalence in sub-Saharan Africa between 2000 and 2017

Fine-scale estimates of the prevalence of HIV in adults across sub-Saharan Africa reveal substantial within-country variation and local differences in both the direction and rate of change in the prevalence of HIV between 2000 and 2017.

  • Laura Dwyer-Lindgren
  • , Michael A. Cork
  •  &  Simon I. Hay

Career Column | 25 January 2019

Dispatch: a visit to Japan from Europe

PhD student Magdalena Śmiech describes her experience of switching continents and cultures.

  • Magdalena Śmiech

News | 18 January 2019

EXCLUSIVE: Tiny animal carcasses found in buried Antarctic lake

The surprise discovery of ancient crustaceans and a tardigrade emerged from a rare mission to drill into a lake sealed off by a kilometre of ice.

  • Douglas Fox

News & Views | 11 December 2018

How Nature reported the Apollo space missions in 1968, and a proposed aerial survey of the British Isles in 1918.

News | 30 November 2018

Tehran’s drastic sinking exposed by satellite data

Parts of Iran’s capital city, home to 13 million people, are subsiding by 25 centimetres each year.

  • Kate Ravilious

Spotlight | 17 October 2018

Western Australia’s science finds strength in its isolation

Deep local collaborations and research with regional character are powerful drivers in the state, one of the world’s most remote scientific communities.

  • Jack Leeming


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What's an article database?

An article database allows you to search for articles on a particular topic.

Article databases differ by:

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Geography is an incredibly multidisciplinary field, so start your search in a multidisciplinary database, then try a few more databases from the lists below that suit your topic.

DU Main users may access

Because migration is such a multi-faceted topic, journals that cover migration are found in many different databases. Here are your best bets for finding articles on migration. Depending on your topic, other databases listed above might also be relevant for your search.

Add a few keywords relevant to your research to this basic search string:

(migrants OR migration OR immigrat* OR emigrat*) AND ...

Where are the top journals about migration indexed?

Like many interdisciplinary topics, the top journals for migration are scattered across different databases, which is why we recommend you search multiple databases.

research topics related to geography

Two important migration journals didn't fit in the table, because they're each solely indexed by a unique database:

  • Diaspora, Indigenous, and Minority Education: studies of migration, integration, equity, and cultural survival is only indexed in ERIC (Education Resources Information Center)
  • Immigration and Nationality Law Review is only indexed in Hein Online (a legal database)
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California State University, Northridge - Home

  • California State University, Northridge
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  • Find GIS Resources and Open Data
  • Core Geography Journals

Strategies for Narrowing the Research Topic

The very common challenge when beginning to write a research paper is determining how to narrow down your topic. Even if your professor gives you a specific topic to study, it will almost never be so specific that you won’t have to narrow it down at least to some degree [besides, grading fifty papers that are all about the exact same thing is very boring!].

Here are some strategies to help narrow your topic into something more manageable:

  • Aspect  -- choose one lens through which to view the research problem, or look at just one facet of it [e.g., rather than studying the role of food in Eastern religious rituals, study the role of food in Hindu ceremonies, or, the role of one particular type of food among several religions].
  • Components  -- determine if your initial variable or unit of analysis can be broken into smaller parts, which can then be analyzed more precisely [e.g., a study of tobacco use among adolescents can focus on just chewing tobacco rather than all forms of usage or, rather than adolescents in general, focus on female adolescents in a certain age range who choose to use tobacco].
  • Methodology  -- the way in which you gather information can reduce the domain of interpretive analysis needed to address the research problem [e.g., a single case study can be designed to generate data that does not require as extensive an explanation as using multiple cases].
  • Place  -- generally, the smaller the geographic unit of analysis, the more narrow the focus [e.g., rather than study trade relations in West Africa, study trade relations between Niger and Cameroon as a case study of problems in the region].
  • Relationship  -- ask yourself how do two or more different perspectives or variables relate to one another? Designing a study around the relationships between specific variables can help constrict the scope of analysis [e.g., cause/effect, compare/contrast, contemporary/historical, group/individual, male/female, opinion/reason, problem/solution].
  • Time  -- the shorter the time period of the study, the more narrow the focus [e.g., study of trade relations between Niger and Cameroon during the period of 2010 - 2016].
  • Type  -- focus your topic in terms of a specific type or class of people, places, or phenomena [e.g., a study of developing safer traffic patterns near schools can focus on SUVs, or just student drivers, or just the timing of stoplights in the area].
  • Combination - - use two or more of the above strategies to focus your topic very narrowly.

NOTE: Apply one of the above strategies first to determine if that gives you a manageable research problem to investigate. This is determined by reviewing the literature on this more specific problem and assessing whether prior research on the narrower topic is sufficient to move forward in your study. Be careful, however, because combining multiple strategies risks creating the opposite problem--your problem becomes too narrowly defined and you can't locate enough research or data to support your study.

USC Libraries | Organizing your Social Science Research Paper

Example: Formulating a Research Question

  • A starter topic : "Universities and their host cities" - way too big!
  • Narrowing the topic :  "How large American Universities affect their host city" - still unwieldy!
  • The topic understood as a problem : "What is the impact of California State University Northridge on adjacent San Fernando Valley neighborhoods?"
  • Even more specific :  "How has economic development and transportation in the central San Fernando Valley changed in recent years, and what role as California State University Northridge played in bringing these changes about?"

University of Minnesota | Department of Geography, Environment & Society Writing and Research Guide

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  • URL:

Document Reader

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Research Topics & Ideas: Environment

100+ Environmental Science Research Topics & Ideas

Research topics and ideas within the environmental sciences

Finding and choosing a strong research topic is the critical first step when it comes to crafting a high-quality dissertation, thesis or research project. Here, we’ll explore a variety research ideas and topic thought-starters related to various environmental science disciplines, including ecology, oceanography, hydrology, geology, soil science, environmental chemistry, environmental economics, and environmental ethics.

NB – This is just the start…

The topic ideation and evaluation process has multiple steps . In this post, we’ll kickstart the process by sharing some research topic ideas within the environmental sciences. This is the starting point though. To develop a well-defined research topic, you’ll need to identify a clear and convincing research gap , along with a well-justified plan of action to fill that gap.

If you’re new to the oftentimes perplexing world of research, or if this is your first time undertaking a formal academic research project, be sure to check out our free dissertation mini-course. Also be sure to also sign up for our free webinar that explores how to develop a high-quality research topic from scratch.

Overview: Environmental Topics

  • Ecology /ecological science
  • Atmospheric science
  • Oceanography
  • Soil science
  • Environmental chemistry
  • Environmental economics
  • Environmental ethics
  • Examples  of dissertations and theses

Topics & Ideas: Ecological Science

  • The impact of land-use change on species diversity and ecosystem functioning in agricultural landscapes
  • The role of disturbances such as fire and drought in shaping arid ecosystems
  • The impact of climate change on the distribution of migratory marine species
  • Investigating the role of mutualistic plant-insect relationships in maintaining ecosystem stability
  • The effects of invasive plant species on ecosystem structure and function
  • The impact of habitat fragmentation caused by road construction on species diversity and population dynamics in the tropics
  • The role of ecosystem services in urban areas and their economic value to a developing nation
  • The effectiveness of different grassland restoration techniques in degraded ecosystems
  • The impact of land-use change through agriculture and urbanisation on soil microbial communities in a temperate environment
  • The role of microbial diversity in ecosystem health and nutrient cycling in an African savannah

Topics & Ideas: Atmospheric Science

  • The impact of climate change on atmospheric circulation patterns above tropical rainforests
  • The role of atmospheric aerosols in cloud formation and precipitation above cities with high pollution levels
  • The impact of agricultural land-use change on global atmospheric composition
  • Investigating the role of atmospheric convection in severe weather events in the tropics
  • The impact of urbanisation on regional and global atmospheric ozone levels
  • The impact of sea surface temperature on atmospheric circulation and tropical cyclones
  • The impact of solar flares on the Earth’s atmospheric composition
  • The impact of climate change on atmospheric turbulence and air transportation safety
  • The impact of stratospheric ozone depletion on atmospheric circulation and climate change
  • The role of atmospheric rivers in global water supply and sea-ice formation

Research topic evaluator

Topics & Ideas: Oceanography

  • The impact of ocean acidification on kelp forests and biogeochemical cycles
  • The role of ocean currents in distributing heat and regulating desert rain
  • The impact of carbon monoxide pollution on ocean chemistry and biogeochemical cycles
  • Investigating the role of ocean mixing in regulating coastal climates
  • The impact of sea level rise on the resource availability of low-income coastal communities
  • The impact of ocean warming on the distribution and migration patterns of marine mammals
  • The impact of ocean deoxygenation on biogeochemical cycles in the arctic
  • The role of ocean-atmosphere interactions in regulating rainfall in arid regions
  • The impact of ocean eddies on global ocean circulation and plankton distribution
  • The role of ocean-ice interactions in regulating the Earth’s climate and sea level

Research topic idea mega list

Tops & Ideas: Hydrology

  • The impact of agricultural land-use change on water resources and hydrologic cycles in temperate regions
  • The impact of agricultural groundwater availability on irrigation practices in the global south
  • The impact of rising sea-surface temperatures on global precipitation patterns and water availability
  • Investigating the role of wetlands in regulating water resources for riparian forests
  • The impact of tropical ranches on river and stream ecosystems and water quality
  • The impact of urbanisation on regional and local hydrologic cycles and water resources for agriculture
  • The role of snow cover and mountain hydrology in regulating regional agricultural water resources
  • The impact of drought on food security in arid and semi-arid regions
  • The role of groundwater recharge in sustaining water resources in arid and semi-arid environments
  • The impact of sea level rise on coastal hydrology and the quality of water resources

Research Topic Kickstarter - Need Help Finding A Research Topic?

Topics & Ideas: Geology

  • The impact of tectonic activity on the East African rift valley
  • The role of mineral deposits in shaping ancient human societies
  • The impact of sea-level rise on coastal geomorphology and shoreline evolution
  • Investigating the role of erosion in shaping the landscape and impacting desertification
  • The impact of mining on soil stability and landslide potential
  • The impact of volcanic activity on incoming solar radiation and climate
  • The role of geothermal energy in decarbonising the energy mix of megacities
  • The impact of Earth’s magnetic field on geological processes and solar wind
  • The impact of plate tectonics on the evolution of mammals
  • The role of the distribution of mineral resources in shaping human societies and economies, with emphasis on sustainability

Topics & Ideas: Soil Science

  • The impact of dam building on soil quality and fertility
  • The role of soil organic matter in regulating nutrient cycles in agricultural land
  • The impact of climate change on soil erosion and soil organic carbon storage in peatlands
  • Investigating the role of above-below-ground interactions in nutrient cycling and soil health
  • The impact of deforestation on soil degradation and soil fertility
  • The role of soil texture and structure in regulating water and nutrient availability in boreal forests
  • The impact of sustainable land management practices on soil health and soil organic matter
  • The impact of wetland modification on soil structure and function
  • The role of soil-atmosphere exchange and carbon sequestration in regulating regional and global climate
  • The impact of salinization on soil health and crop productivity in coastal communities

Topics & Ideas: Environmental Chemistry

  • The impact of cobalt mining on water quality and the fate of contaminants in the environment
  • The role of atmospheric chemistry in shaping air quality and climate change
  • The impact of soil chemistry on nutrient availability and plant growth in wheat monoculture
  • Investigating the fate and transport of heavy metal contaminants in the environment
  • The impact of climate change on biochemical cycling in tropical rainforests
  • The impact of various types of land-use change on biochemical cycling
  • The role of soil microbes in mediating contaminant degradation in the environment
  • The impact of chemical and oil spills on freshwater and soil chemistry
  • The role of atmospheric nitrogen deposition in shaping water and soil chemistry
  • The impact of over-irrigation on the cycling and fate of persistent organic pollutants in the environment

Topics & Ideas: Environmental Economics

  • The impact of climate change on the economies of developing nations
  • The role of market-based mechanisms in promoting sustainable use of forest resources
  • The impact of environmental regulations on economic growth and competitiveness
  • Investigating the economic benefits and costs of ecosystem services for African countries
  • The impact of renewable energy policies on regional and global energy markets
  • The role of water markets in promoting sustainable water use in southern Africa
  • The impact of land-use change in rural areas on regional and global economies
  • The impact of environmental disasters on local and national economies
  • The role of green technologies and innovation in shaping the zero-carbon transition and the knock-on effects for local economies
  • The impact of environmental and natural resource policies on income distribution and poverty of rural communities

Topics & Ideas: Environmental Ethics

  • The ethical foundations of environmentalism and the environmental movement regarding renewable energy
  • The role of values and ethics in shaping environmental policy and decision-making in the mining industry
  • The impact of cultural and religious beliefs on environmental attitudes and behaviours in first world countries
  • Investigating the ethics of biodiversity conservation and the protection of endangered species in palm oil plantations
  • The ethical implications of sea-level rise for future generations and vulnerable coastal populations
  • The role of ethical considerations in shaping sustainable use of natural forest resources
  • The impact of environmental justice on marginalized communities and environmental policies in Asia
  • The ethical implications of environmental risks and decision-making under uncertainty
  • The role of ethics in shaping the transition to a low-carbon, sustainable future for the construction industry
  • The impact of environmental values on consumer behaviour and the marketplace: a case study of the ‘bring your own shopping bag’ policy

Examples: Real Dissertation & Thesis Topics

While the ideas we’ve presented above are a decent starting point for finding a research topic, they are fairly generic and non-specific. So, it helps to look at actual dissertations and theses to see how this all comes together.

Below, we’ve included a selection of research projects from various environmental science-related degree programs to help refine your thinking. These are actual dissertations and theses, written as part of Master’s and PhD-level programs, so they can provide some useful insight as to what a research topic looks like in practice.

  • The physiology of microorganisms in enhanced biological phosphorous removal (Saunders, 2014)
  • The influence of the coastal front on heavy rainfall events along the east coast (Henson, 2019)
  • Forage production and diversification for climate-smart tropical and temperate silvopastures (Dibala, 2019)
  • Advancing spectral induced polarization for near surface geophysical characterization (Wang, 2021)
  • Assessment of Chromophoric Dissolved Organic Matter and Thamnocephalus platyurus as Tools to Monitor Cyanobacterial Bloom Development and Toxicity (Hipsher, 2019)
  • Evaluating the Removal of Microcystin Variants with Powdered Activated Carbon (Juang, 2020)
  • The effect of hydrological restoration on nutrient concentrations, macroinvertebrate communities, and amphibian populations in Lake Erie coastal wetlands (Berg, 2019)
  • Utilizing hydrologic soil grouping to estimate corn nitrogen rate recommendations (Bean, 2019)
  • Fungal Function in House Dust and Dust from the International Space Station (Bope, 2021)
  • Assessing Vulnerability and the Potential for Ecosystem-based Adaptation (EbA) in Sudan’s Blue Nile Basin (Mohamed, 2022)
  • A Microbial Water Quality Analysis of the Recreational Zones in the Los Angeles River of Elysian Valley, CA (Nguyen, 2019)
  • Dry Season Water Quality Study on Three Recreational Sites in the San Gabriel Mountains (Vallejo, 2019)
  • Wastewater Treatment Plan for Unix Packaging Adjustment of the Potential Hydrogen (PH) Evaluation of Enzymatic Activity After the Addition of Cycle Disgestase Enzyme (Miessi, 2020)
  • Laying the Genetic Foundation for the Conservation of Longhorn Fairy Shrimp (Kyle, 2021).

Looking at these titles, you can probably pick up that the research topics here are quite specific and narrowly-focused , compared to the generic ones presented earlier. To create a top-notch research topic, you will need to be precise and target a specific context with specific variables of interest . In other words, you’ll need to identify a clear, well-justified research gap.

Need more help?

If you’re still feeling a bit unsure about how to find a research topic for your environmental science dissertation or research project, be sure to check out our private coaching services below, as well as our Research Topic Kickstarter .

Need a helping hand?

research topics related to geography

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Topic Kickstarter: Research topics in education



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Understanding Assignments (Video Tutorial)

This short video from the UNC Writing Center will help you understand how to use your assignment to understand where to begin with a research project.

research topics related to geography

Check out this tutorial from Arizona State Libraries to get started:

  • Developing a Research or Guiding Question

Choosing Your Topic is Research (Video Tutorial)

Watch this short video from NC State University Libraries about choosing a research topic.

Getting Started with Research - Choosing a Topic

Getting started .

  • Make sure you understand your assignment ( Link to UNC video tutorial about understanding assignments ). Talk to your professor or graduate assistant if you have any questions.
  • Think about your interests. What would you like to spend time learning more about? Look over your course materials and lecture notes for ideas. Write down a list of keywords and phrases that interest you.
  • Use a topic ideas database such as CQ Researcher or Opposing Viewpoints in Context (links below). Read current periodicals, browse the internet, and check out reference resources and encyclopedias such as Gale e-books  (formerly Gale Virtual Reference Library ).

Databases to help you get started

UO restricted.  Login required for off-campus access.

  • Be careful not to pick a topic too narrow or too broad. You might not be able to find enough relevant information or you might be overwhelmed with too much information. As you start your research, you might need to adjust your topic. 
  • Check out the  Research Guide  for your subject area, which will include links to helpful resources commonly used by researchers. Our  subject specialist librarians  create these guides -- contact yours with questions and to get personalized help with your research. 

From Topic to Question (Infographic)

This graphic emphasizes how reading various sources can play a role in defining your research topic.

( Click to Enlarge Image )

From Topic to Question infographic. Follow the "long description" link for a web accessible description.

Text description of "From Topic to Question" for web accessibility

Brainstorming Keywords (Infographic)

You will need to use keywords to search for information online and in library resources. Follow this guidance to identify keywords that will be useful for searching.

"Brainstorming Keywords" infographic: Follow the "long description" link for a web accessible description.

Text description of "Brainstorming Keywords" for web accessibility

Selecting the Right Number of Keywords (Video Tutorial)

Check out the video from Kimbel Library to help you locate scholarly journal articles in library databases. 

  • Selecting the Right Number of Keywords

The video is licensed under a Creative Commons  (CC) BY-NC-ND 3.0  license:

Pause to Reflect

Step one not only requires that you come up wth a research question or topic that is narrow enough to explore for an undergraduate research paper, but it also requires that you consider what type of information you will need to find in order to answer your research question.

  • Is your topic so large you could write a whole book or PhD dissertation on it? If so, you should try to narrow your topic down to something manageable within the time you have and the number of pages or words your instructor is requiring.
  • Is your topic so specific that you can't find information about it? Go to step 3 to learn how to search more strategically and broaden your search out a bit.
  • Do you need some basic facts, dates, or names of historical people or specific theories? If so, go on to step 2: Find Background Information .
  • When you are ready, go to step 3 to learn how and where to search for information on your topic.

Mt Hood reflected in Mirror Lake, Oregon.

  Mount Hood reflected in Mirror Lake, Oregon, USA . Image in Public Domain.

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25 Excellent Topics for a Research Paper in Geography

It’s quite natural when a research essay looks like a demanding task to accomplish. It may seem more real and comprehensible if you break it into achievable steps. All you need is to be sure that the topic is worth studying.

So in order to write a research paper, the first and the most important thing is to think over the topic. Of course, it is not a simple task to pick the central thesis, as it should be wide enough to find the needed information on it, but at the same time quite specific to spotlight the topic particularly.

If you haven’t decided on your right and precise topic yet, here are 25 great topics that lead you to a successful study in the end. Here you can get a real inspiration. Don’t waste your time and look at the list below.

  • Desert as a pattern or an abnormality on the earth’s surface.
  • Ecosystems’ phenomenon and why should any person be aware of them.
  • What is the dependence between environment and types of men’s dwelling?
  • Why is it such an essential task to protect rainforests?
  • Can we produce eco-friendly food and how to feed all the world’s population with its help?
  • Ecological crises in the world’s history.
  • The main characteristics of coastal erosion.
  • Glaciers. Are they melting down too fast?
  • Volcanoes of a modern world. Is New Pompeii our not farewell future?
  • Are earthquakes and landslides becoming our new reality?
  • Hurricanes and efficient ways to predict them.
  • Floods and their influence on people’s lives.
  • Global warming. Why do we still stay calm?
  • A volcanic eruption as the Earth’s devastating force.
  • An analysis of climate changes in your area.
  • Animal extinction and ways of preventing the human role in it.
  • How accurate is the science of meteorology?
  • Are humans really responsible for global warming in the world?
  • A case study of soil types in your area.
  • The extinction of sea wildlife and humans’ impact on its condition.
  • An explanation of deforestation.
  • An examination of air pollutant levels in your area.
  • A geographical study of deserts.
  • Numerous categories of mountains.
  • Climate and income.How are they related to each other?

As you see the given above themes are excellent titles for your geography research paper.

If you don’t feel like you are able to create a geography research paper at this point, you are welcome to seek the help of our essay writing service. In other words, you just need to pick one of our topics and bid the writers of the service write a paper for you.

Your essay will be one hundred percent unique and without any plagiarism. We are pleased to mention that our writers always meet the deadline in order to provide you with successful work in time.

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Human Geography

  • Defining human geography
  • Cultural geography
  • Economic geography
  • Feminist geography
  • Migration and detention
  • Statelessness
  • Feminist political geography
  • Geopolitics
  • Population studies
  • Travel and tourism
  • Gentrification
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Human Geography journal

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A short definition for Human Geography

The study of the interrelationships between people, place, and environment, and how these vary spatially and temporally across and between locations. Whereas physical geography concentrates on spatial and environmental processes that shape the natural world and tends to draw on the natural and physical sciences for its scientific underpinnings and methods of investigation, human geography concentrates on the spatial organization and processes shaping the lives and activities of people, and their interactions with places and nature. Human geography is more allied with the social sciences and humanities, sharing their philosophical approaches and methods ( see physical geography for a discussion on the relationship between human and physical geography; environmental geography ).
Human geography consists of a number of sub-disciplinary fields that focus on different elements of human activity and organization, for example, cultural geography , economic geography , health geography , historical geography , political geography , population geography , rural geography , social geography , transport geography , and urban geography . What distinguishes human geography from other related disciplines, such as development, economics, politics, and sociology, are the application of a set of core geographical concepts to the phenomena under investigation, including space , place , scale , landscape , mobility , and nature . These concepts foreground the notion that the world operates spatially and temporally, and that social relations do not operate independently of place and environment, but are thoroughly grounded in and through them. With respect to methods, human geography uses the full sweep of quantitative and qualitative methods from across the social sciences and humanities, mindful of using them to provide a thorough geographic analysis. It also places emphasis on fieldwork and mapping ( see cartography ), and has made a number of contributions to developing new methods and techniques, notably in the areas of spatial analysis , spatial statistics , and GIScience . The long-term development of human geography has progressed in tandem with that of the discipline more generally ( see geography ). Since the Quantitative Revolution in the 1950s and 1960s, the philosophy underpinning human geography research has diversified enormously. The 1970s saw the introduction of behavioural geography , radical geography , and humanistic geography . These were followed in the 1980s by a turn to political economy , the development of feminist geography , and the introduction of critical social theory underpinning the cultural turn . Together these approaches formed the basis for the growth of critical geography , and the introduction of postmodern and post-structural thinking into the discipline in the 1990s. These various developments did not fully replace the theoretical approaches developed in earlier periods, but rather led to further diversification of geographic thought. For example, quantitative geography continues to be a vibrant area of geographical scholarship, especially through the growth of GIScience. The result is that geographical thinking is presently highly pluralist in nature, with no one approach dominating.

Castree, N., Kitchin, R., & Rogers, A. (2013). " Human geography ." In A Dictionary of Human Geography . Oxford University Press. Retrieved 24 Jan. 2022  

Pages under the Human Geography guide include: Cultural geography ; Economic geography ; Feminist geography ; Geopolitics ; Migration studies ; Political geography ; Population studies ; Travel & Tourism ; and Urban geography .

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190+ Topics to Write an Impactful Geography Research Paper in 2024

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Table of Contents

A geography research paper can be an uphill and excruciating affair for first-time writers. Apart from making sure you’re writing a well-structured paper or your thoughts are organised clearly, it is crucial to find a topic that draws the reader in.

Coming up with the best geography topics for research requires one to think critically about an issue, but most importantly, choose something that piques interest. One also should put their creativity into action and develop a healthy subject capable of eliciting a debate.

If you are one of those million students out there sweating your brows over selecting exceptional geography project ideas, you don’t need to look far and wide. Today’s comprehensive post will walk you through certain amazing geography research paper topics that will surely help you stand apart in the herd. With these fantastic topics at your disposal, you’ll be all set to craft an impressive paper that will compel your professor to award you with excellent grades.

Let’s get started!

Tips and Techniques to Choose the Best Geography Research Topics

Choosing your write my research paper topics in geography is crucial as the ways you present your argument hugely depend on it. It is as if everything encompassing your content will be entirely based on the chosen issue.

Now let’s have a look at certain effective tips and techniques to choose exceptional geography topics for research –

  • Select a topic that matches your interest.
  • The subject you choose to discuss must be engaging and informative for the readers.
  • Always try to favour a topic that has a broad research scope
  • The subject you decide on must help you determine and fill in the missing areas
  • Try to go for a topic that has countless reference sources and adequate supporting evidence.
  • Refrain from selecting a subject that is too broad or vast
  • Only confirm the topic if it meets the guideline shared by the educator or the university

With all these effective guidelines up your sleeves, you will surely be able to choose a unique topic that enables you to climb the ladder of success with ease.

For those who are looking for inspiration to set the ball rolling, have a look at this extensive list of fantastic and interesting geography research topics we have specially curated for you. You can secure a straight A+ with any one of these.

Go on and take a dip into it!

A Comprehensive List of Intriguing and Inspiring Geography Research Topics

Cultural geography topics for research.

  • Explain the most representative country’s food.
  • Present a comparative analysis between cultural geography and physical geography.
  • Write the key issues studied in human geography.
  • Discuss the impact of global warming on cultural choices.
  • Present a detailed study of the informal economic activities and the income of women in a specific area.
  • Explain the impacts of urbanisation on natural resources.
  • Present an empirical study on the commuting behaviour of public transport users.
  • Present a detailed social analysis of the reasons behind people living in homes built at crossroads.
  • Present a detailed evaluation of the perception of urban beautification programs.
  • Present the impact of globalisation on China’s economy.
  • Discuss the impact of native culture on human psychology.
  • Discuss the ways agriculture has brought significant changes in the patterns of weather.

Human Geography Research Topics

  • Write about the impacts of fishing on human beings.
  • Discuss the history of farming.
  • Write about the impact of child labour on the economy and demography.
  • Road traffic crash – Discuss causes and effects.
  • Explain the effect of the age of plantation on the current era.
  • Discuss the impacts of rainfall on the communities of farming.
  • Present a detailed study of the relationship between airfares and movements of aircraft.
  • Discuss the impacts of conducting excursions on students pursuing geography.
  • Discuss the human activities that lead to the depletion of the ozone.
  • Write about the diseases spreading in South Africa.
  • Explain the growth of China into a powerful country.
  • Discuss how the culture of humans has changed over time.

Physical Geography Research Topics

  • Present detailed research on the impacts of gully erosion.
  • Present the laboratory evaluation of the physio-chemical properties of clay.
  • Explain the role played by nuclear power in the environment.
  • Explain the causes of the geographical envelope.
  • Write a paper on the importance of the primary gases in the atmosphere.
  • Discuss the role played by endogenous geological processes in the formation of the earth.
  • Write the ways to control the acidity and alkalinity of the soil.
  • Present a detailed study of the crucial ideas in physical geography.
  • Explain the efficacy of networks of drainage to conquer floods.
  •  Present a detailed evaluation of the species found on the planet.
  •  Discuss the dynamics of basaltic volcanism.
  •  Present your views on the erosion caused due to the ice sheet of Greenland.

D) World Research Topics in Geography

  • Discuss the ways man helped in the extinction of wildlife from the sea.
  • Explain the primary applications of geomorphology.
  • Present your views on the correlation between coastal, glacial, and Aeolian landforms.
  • Discuss the causes and impacts of deforestation.
  • Explain the ecological crisis our earth faced previously.
  • Explain the various kinds of dwelling based on the environment.
  • Do you think the actions of man led to drastic changes in the climate?
  • Discuss the ways weather forecasts aid in shaping the geography.
  • Explain the key causes of landslides across the world.
  • Do we have adequate eco-friendly food to provide for the population of the whole world?
  • Discuss the probabilities of volcanoes in the nearest future.
  • Explain the ways flood impacts the lives of humans.

Environmental Geography Project Ideas

  • Explain the significance of bees to the ecosystem.
  • Discuss the impact of light sources on the aquariums.
  • Explain the impact of acidification of the ocean on the environment.
  • Explain the ways pesticides and wastes lead to the contamination of soil.
  • Explain the ecology of fisheries and their management.
  • Discuss the social, environmental, and economic effects of gas and oil examination in your city or country.
  • Explain the conservation of biology.
  • Present your views on geographical information systems.
  • Discuss how urban ecology can help in understanding various processes that take place in the city and densely populated areas.
  • Explain the significance of crustaceans to the environment.
  • Evaluate the significance of bees to the ecosystem.
  • Discuss the ways hybrid vehicles can help in regulating atmospheric pollution.

Unique Topics in Geography

  • Explain cartography history
  • Write about the social-economic and environmental impacts of gas and oil exploration in your town.
  • Discuss the causes of soil erosion and the ways to mitigate it effectively.
  • Present a detailed paper on the impact of modern farming techniques on production in agriculture.
  • Discuss the ways volcanic action impacts the fertility of the land.
  • Write the ways acidification of ocean weather impacts the marine life.
  • Discuss the ways to regulate erosion of galley in your city or area.
  • Explain the ways to manage the infrastructure that’s becoming old.
  • Explain the ways to tackle urbanisation and expansion of big cities.
  • Write the ways to map hazards of landslides and possible solutions.
  • Discuss the benefits of pursuing paleoecology.
  • Explain the ways ice glaciers develop.

Simple Geography Topics for Research

  • Discuss the ways to tackle urbanisation and expansion in cities that are big.
  • Present your views on the growing trends in grassland agriculture.
  • Present detailed research about fossils.
  • Explain the different layers of the earth.
  • Discuss the impacts of the depletion of stratospheric ozone.
  • Explain the origin and history of cartography.
  • Discuss the ways a dormant volcano may emit lava eventually.
  • Discuss the upsurge of industrialisation in Africa.
  • Present your views on the Ozone layer.
  • Discuss the ways trees generate rainfall in a specific area.
  • Explain the average surface temperature of the earth.
  • Assess the growth of human.

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Informative Topics for Geographical Projects

  • Explain the impacts of pollution of water on the life of marines.
  • Present a comparative analysis between landslides and earthquakes.
  • Discuss the key factors that give rise to forest fires.
  • Explain the ways to manage the environment properly.
  • Explain the various stages of erosion of soil.
  • Discuss the impacts of high humidity in a specific area.
  • Explain different cultural landscapes and remarkable communication forms.
  • Write about the development of renewable energy.
  • Discuss how earthquakes help in developing natural reservoirs.
  • Coastal erosion – Explain the causes and effects.
  • Write your views on the relationship between recycling plastic and proper disposal.
  • Discuss the suitable methods of disposing of gases in factories.

Engaging Geography Project Ideas

  • Explain the crucial factors that led to the growth of hyacinth in different water bodies.
  • Discuss the different kinds of vegetation.
  • Present a detailed analysis of changes in the climate in an area.
  • Explain the relation between income and climate. Are they truly related to each other?
  • Present a detailed geographical study of deserts.
  • Present your views on the extinction of sea wildlife and the impact of humans on its current condition.
  • What are your views on hurricanes? Are there any effective ways to predict them?
  • Present your views on the levels of air pollutants in a specific area.
  • Explain the interdependence between environment and the kinds of the dwelling of men.
  • Present an evaluation of the relationship between migration and patterns of weather in a country.
  •  Present extensive research on the ways wind turbines affect the environment of Germany.
  •  Discuss the kinds of flora and fauna found in Greece.

Geography Research Topics about Movement

  • Explain the benefits of the Metropa project.
  • Discuss the influences behind your travel behaviour.
  • Assess the condition of public transportation in the US.
  • Discuss the reasons that led people to migrate.
  • Explain the historical significance of mercantilism.
  • Discuss the gravity model of trade.
  • Write the ways to predict earthquakes.
  • Present a comparative analysis between the journeys of Columbus and James Cook.
  • Discuss the ways beaches lose sand.
  • Present a comparative analysis between Bedouin and modern-day digital nomads.
  • Explain the crucial factors that made human beings begin to settle.
  • Explain the benefits of being a nomad.

Global Interdependence Research Topics in Geography

  • Explain the advantages of NAFTA.
  • Discuss the current trade scenario between the US and China.
  • Evaluate the controversies surrounding TTIP.
  • Explain the major exporting countries.
  • Discuss the ways COVID-19 impacts the travel freedom.
  • Explain the adverse impacts of foreign aid.
  • Present a comparative analysis between a customs union and a free area of trade.
  • Discuss hinterland connectivity.
  • Explain the adverse impacts of globalisation.
  • Explain the crucial aspects that Nord Stream 2 problematic.
  • Explain the reasons behind companies selecting to outsource.
  • Present detailed research on the ways the European market is reacting to Brexit.

Geography Topics on Locations and Places

  • Write your views on different kinds of deserts.
  • Discuss your views on the Rift Valley.
  • Explain the history of the Alsace region in France.
  • Present a comparative analysis between the San Andreas Fault and the Ring of Fire.
  • Discuss the significance of historical sites.
  • Explore the long-term impacts of deforestation.
  • Present a comparative analysis between Kalahari and Mojave desert.
  • Discuss the origins and growth of the Chara Sands.
  • Investigate the distinction between location, locality, locale, and place.
  • Evaluate the significance of solstices.
  • Explore how the situation of a city impacts its vegetation.
  • Explore the crucial information you can acquire when you investigate the soil.

Ecology-Related Ideas of Geographical Projects

  • Explain the reasons behind the formation of wetlands.
  • Present a comparative analysis between the five key kinds of biomes.
  • Explain ways biogeochemical cycles work.
  • Discuss the ways burning fossil fuels is ruining the environment.
  • Explore the working of population dynamics.
  • Discuss the ways spiders contribute to an ecosystem effectively.
  • Discuss the causes of the crisis of water in the Cape Town.
  • In what ways does fracking influence the environment?
  • Explore the reasons behind the extinctions of corals.
  • Discuss the different kinds of estuaries.
  • Discuss how the increasing temperatures of the water are impacting the life of marines.
  • Do you think there exists a way to weed off poverty and hunger?

Unique Research Topics of Geography

  • Explore the impact of changes in the climate in the tropical and polar regions, along with the equator.
  • Explain the impact of climate change in equatorial and tropical regions in concern of desertification.
  • Explore how the usage of land is connected to changes in demographic in various regions.
  • Desertification – Explore the causes, remedies, and impacts.
  • Explore the crucial forces that shape arid and semi-arid areas.
  • Discuss the crucial factors that foster the growth and development of the urban areas.
  • Vulcanicity – Explore the kinds, causes, and associated landforms.
  • Present a detailed evaluation of socio-economic variations in an urban area.
  • Discuss the ways field studies impact geography student’s performance.
  • Explore the geopolitical origins of the Iran-Iraq war.
  • Discuss the influence of geography on society and culture.
  • Explore how the Plate Tectonics and Theory of Continental Drifts is legit and relevant.
  • Present research on the effect of reforestation on bringing the environment back to life.
  • Explore the ways human beings can  harness greenhouse gases.
  • Discuss the ways fishing has impacted the existence of human beings.
  • Discuss the impacts of mining on developing environments.
  • Present your views on the sub-disciplinary fields of human geography.
  • Discuss the reasons for pursuing climatology.
  • Explore the ways GIS and remote sensing can allow studies on habitats of natural water.
  • Discuss how cultural geography can help in creating a contemporary society.
  • Explore the relationships between communication and cultural landscapes.
  • Explore the myths about soil contamination and pollution.
  • Present your views on how vital are small water resources in the environment.
  • Explore the fundamentals of Darwin’s evolution theory.
  • Present a detailed review of the worsening relationship between the environment and human.
  • Present your views on the history and trends of nutritional geography.
  • Write about the issue of symbolisation in geography.
  • Explore charts and contours in the field of geography.
  • Write a paper on the settlement movements of Scythians.
  • Discuss the economic inequalities in the countries of Africa.
  • Explore the ways to prevent the conflict between humans and animals.
  • Discuss the impacts of the rising trend of industrialisation.
  • Write about the continental drift procedures from Pangaea until the present date.
  • Discuss the ways the exploration of oil and gas impacts the social issues.
  • Explore the anthropogenic factors of the formation of soil.
  • Explore the causes behind the geographical envelope.
  • Write about meteorology history and its impacts on the modern research.
  • Discuss the mapping of landslide hazards and potential solutions.
  • Write about the relative contribution of weather variables like snow, wind, temperature, etc., on the vegetation of the native grassland.
  • Explore the scientific consequences of the scarcity of water.

Most Popular Questions Searched By Students:

What is the importance of studying geography.

  • Geography helps us comprehend the basic physical systems that impact daily life.
  • It helps in mastering the location of places and the physical and cultural characteristics of the places that enable us to function effectively in our increasingly independent world.
  • It helps in comprehending the geography of the past era and how it serves crucial roles in the growth of people, their ideas, places and environments.
  • It helps us make sensible judgments about things that involve relationships between physical society and the environment.
  • It helps us comprehend global interdependence and become remarkable global citizen.

How do I choose a geography research topic?

  • Go for a topic from your field of interest.
  • Select a subject which is engaging and informative to a group of targeted readers.
  • Choose a topic that comprises a wide research scope
  • Refrain from selecting a topic that is too broad or vast
  • Go for a subject that has countless references, sources and supporting evidence.

How do I organise my research paper in geography?

  • Establish the topic
  • Search for sources of information
  • Organise the ideas
  • Go through sources and take notes
  • Craft a detailed outline
  • Write a first draft
  • Utilise footnotes or endnotes to document sources
  • Craft a bibliography
  • Proofread and edited the final draft

What are some common data sources used in geography research?

  • Statistics about spatial patterns
  • Paintings of landscapes
  • Landform photographs
  • Images of satellites
  • Data of population
  • Archives and databases

How do I analyse data for a geography research topic?

Analysing data for a geography research topic demands looking for patterns, relationships, and connections. When you evaluate and interpret information, significant patterns or processes will come to notice. Then you can easily synthesise your investigations into coherent explanations.

What are some ethical considerations in geography research?

  • Informed consent
  • Confidentiality and anonymity
  • Researcher behaviour
  • Environmental impact of research

Q7. How can I make my geography research accessible to a wider audience?

  • Know your targeted audience.
  • Make the research informal.
  • Eliminate the jargon
  • Understand where you are communicating
  • Try to communicate inclusively

What are some potential career paths in geography research?

  • Cartographer
  • Environmental specialist
  • Geospatial analyst
  • Computer programmer
  • Travel writer
  • Market researcher
  • GIS specialist
  • Geopolitical analyst

How can I stay up-to-date with the latest research in geography?

  • Go through the journals.
  • Scour social media
  • Conduct extensive research on Google Scholar, PubMed, or ResearchGate
  • Research reviews

How can I incorporate qualitative methods in my geography research?

  • Conduct in-depth interview
  • Employ semi-structured interview
  • Use biographical methods
  • Form focus groups
  • Conduct participatory observation
  • Perform action research
  • Design case studies


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160 Awesome Geography Research Topics To Be Excellent

geography research topics

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Geography is diverse and that’s why you should choose an ideal topic. If you choose a hectic topic you will end lamenting your choice.

How To Write A Geography Essay

Writing a geography essay is just like any other kind of work. Here is a clear outline of how to write a geography essay:

Choose a topic – First, you need to choose a suitable topic that you can use to write your essay, research paper, research project, thesis, or dissertation. However, while choosing a topic, ensure that your professor approves it. Whether in college or university, finding an ideal topic is important. While in class try to listen to your professor’s advice. They are always right! Set aside some suitable geography topics – Yes you have shortlisted some geography topics, what’s left is finding the most ideal one for you. This can be in population geography, social geography, or other geographical topics. With a few shortlisted topics, you can be in a position to choose the best. Research and draft – Your essay, thesis, dissertation, or research paper need to be as informative as possible. Hence, research various resources, books, scholarly articles, and websites. With this, you can draft a great outline for yourself. Break down the various elements to fit all the sections in your paper. Check for previous studies on the specific topic – While creating a draft, you need support from various sources. Hence, check for similar work that can help you build on your custom paper. However, don’t plagiarize, just refer to the work. Finalize your work – Write your final work, proofread and ensure you have included everything. You are now good to go. If there is a documentary or film you can watch to help provide more details, do watch it.

Compelling Geography Research Topic

Are you looking for compelling geography research topics? Well, these can help you to be in a better position to know your geographical world. It is not hectic as you would think. Choose one topic, do research, and you will get all your questions answered on the subject matter.

  • The importance of the study of geography.
  • How do landslides develop?
  • The various types of volcanoes.
  • The effects of climate change.
  • All you need to know about the Ozone layer.
  • The earth’s average surface temperature.
  • The various layers of the earth.
  • The effects of stratospheric ozone depletion.
  • The formation of acid rain.
  • The discovery and study of fossils.
  • Stages of the carbon cycle.
  • How trees promote rainfall in an area.
  • The diverse effects of volcanic activity on the soil.

Fun Human Geography Topics

Human beings play a big role in the environment. These topics are ideal and will increase your study scope. In all that we do, we should always strive to conserve the environment.

  • The sub-disciplinary fields in human geography.
  • The human activities that contribute to climate change.
  • The effects of mining on the environment.
  • Human activities that result in ozone depletion.
  • The history of agriculture.
  • The impact of fishing on man.
  • How agriculture has altered with the weather patterns?
  • The effects of urbanization on natural resources.
  • The relation between human geography and cultural geography.
  • Comparison between human geography and physical geography.
  • Major issues studied in human geography.
  • The relation between business and urban geography.
  • The importance of studying human geography in modern times.

Engaging Geography Topics For Research

Geography is interesting if you dwell on the right topics. All these topics are engaging and will help you achieve better in your geography course unit.

  • How a dormant volcano may erupt with time?
  • The theories revolving around how continents were formed.
  • Factors that promote the growth of hyacinth on water bodies.
  • Ways of reducing and eliminating hyacinth on water bodies.
  • The various types of vegetation.
  • Evaluate the evolution of man.
  • Conditions that promote the growth of different types of vegetation.
  • The various activities done by early men.
  • The effects of acid rain
  • The effects of fossil fuel on the climate
  • How does climate influences the distribution of different animals in different regions?
  • The impact of the study of weather.
  • Major effects of deforestation.

Awesome Geographical Research Topics

Geography is interesting. Just look around and see all the great features around. You can use these topics to expand your geographical knowledge.

  • The major factors that trigger forest fires.
  • Energy conservation as a way of solving the issues of climate change.
  • How to define different climatic regions globally.
  • The modes of reducing soil erosion.
  • The effects of high humidity in an area.
  • Sea breeze vs land breeze.
  • Activities done on the leeward side of a hill or mountain
  • Difference between earthquakes and landslides
  • How a tsunami is formed.
  • Oceans are claimed to be carbon skinks for greenhouse gases.
  • The formation of glaciers of ice.
  • The various stages of soil erosion.
  • Evaluate how the water cycle happens.

Great Cultural Geography Topics

Culture is diverse in different ways. To succeed in these cultural geography topics you need to break them down into different elements to understand the various concepts.

  • Cultural geography vs physical geography.
  • Cultural geography is a subfield of human geography.
  • The importance of cultural geography.
  • The influence of humans on various physical land activities.
  • Cultural activities that promote urbanization.
  • The cultural landscapes and forms of communication.
  • The concept of culture in contemporary human geography.
  • Cultural history and ecology.
  • The role of cultural geography in building a modern society.
  • The dilemmas of counter-mapping community resources.
  • Democratizing electoral geography.
  • The major global imposition systems.
  • Analyze critically the GIS.

Global Issues Research Paper Topics

Globally we are facing many issues that affect humans in different ways. However, we need to conserve our environment to live in a healthy place. Hence, to broaden your environmental scope, you can start with any of these topics.

  • Explain broadly the greenhouse effect.
  • The effects of water pollution on marine life.
  • How plastics are disposed of in water bodies affects marine life.
  • Urbanization and its effects.
  • The importance of taking care of the forests.
  • Air pollution is a global problem.
  • Development of renewable energy.
  • The effects of climate change on humans and animals.
  • Evaluate population distribution globally.
  • Proper disposal and recycling of plastic.
  • How to promote the preservation of forests.
  • Appropriate methods of disposing of factory gases.
  • Proper environmental management.

Comprehensive World Geography Topics

There are many physical features in the world. Hence, here are some comprehensive world geography topics that you can start with. However, do thorough research on the various platforms to get nothing but the best.

  • The major drainage basins in the world.
  • The influence of erosion, transportation, and deposition.
  • The major concept of the erosion cycle.
  • The major causes of landslides worldwide.
  • Correlation of Aeolian, glacial and coastal landforms.
  • The major application of geomorphology.
  • The most recent trends in geography.
  • How weather forecasting helps in shaping geography.
  • Evaluate the origins of ocean basins.
  • Comparison between physical and biological oceanography.
  • Evaluate the global biodiversity.
  • Evaluate Darwin’s theory of evolution.
  • The species dispersal and immigration.
  • Discuss the various population theories and their impact on the modern world.
  • The major energy resources in the world.

Fantastic Geographic Research Topics

Geography is interesting especially when you learn about the various phenomenon and how they came to be. However, you can try to check various documentation to get a better overview of the environment.

  • The major effects of gully erosion on the environment.
  • The effects of global warming on the world.
  • The planning implications of housing development.
  • The effect of domestic airline operations and management in maintaining the environment.
  • The effect of traffic congestion on the environment.
  • The effectiveness of the electoral voting system in a country.
  • The impact of ocean water acidification on marine life.
  • The influence of low-cost airlines on people’s lifestyle.
  • Mapping urban ecology education.
  • The geochemical medical of groundwater for prevention of incrustation.
  • The numeric modeling for control of saltwater encroachment.
  • The remote sensing and GIS application for water resources studies.
  • The importance of geochemical modeling.
  • The importance of the study of climatology.

Environment Research Topics

Are you looking for the best environment research topics? These are some of the best. However, you need to find a suitable one that won’t bring issues while carrying out research.

  • The importance of remote sensing and GIS.
  • The influence of bioremediation.
  • Are acid rains connected to industrial activities in the world?
  • The importance of the conservation of the Antarctic.
  • The importance of coral reeds and consequences on the environment.
  • The impact of Fukushima disasters on the environment.
  • The major consequences of deforestation.
  • Why does humanity try to prevent endangered species extinction?
  • Are national parks important to the ecosystem?
  • The role of the Greenpeace organization is to preserve the global ecology.
  • The major causes of groundwater contamination and the associated risks.
  • The best way to reinforce the ozone layer.
  • Is deep-sea mining safe for oceans?
  • The impact of the ice age on the climate.

Interesting Environmental Research Topic

The environment is diverse and finding out more about the various phenomenon is interesting. To create a sustainable environment, we need to make some sacrifices here and there.

  • How can reforestation help in environmental reviving?
  • The main causes of groundwater contamination.
  • The uniqueness of extinct wildlife.
  • How should sustainable consumption be implemented into real life?
  • The impact of desert spreading on the local wildlife.
  • The best way to manage water in different regions of the world.
  • Evaluate the various resources in the world. Are they spread equally?
  • How can humanity harness the greenhouse effect?
  • The best way to save the planet through recycling.
  • How does the ecosystem deal with disasters like forest fires
  • The importance of small water bodies to the environment.
  • The importance of the study of paleoecology.
  • The best way to save the planet is to make the ecosystem better.
  • How the ecosystem deals with the seasonal weather change.

Physical Geography Research Topics

There are many geographical features in the environment. While walking outside, you can’t miss seeing a mountain, hill, lake, dam, and much more. That’s what makes the environment outstanding.

  • The social dimension of natural resources
  • The importance of geospatial science and modeling.
  • The climate adaptability and sustainability practices.
  • Evaluate fisheries ecology and management.
  • Evaluate the invasive species found on the planet.
  • The human role in global warming.
  • The best way to switch to cleaner fuels and vehicles.
  • The realities surrounding global warming.
  • How pesticides and wastes contribute to soil contamination.
  • How increase in carbon dioxide concentrations affects the atmosphere.
  • How does climate change affect agricultural production?
  • The importance of mangrove trees on marine ecosystems.
  • The scientific implications of water scarcity.
  • The role of nuclear power to the environment.

Environmental Geography Research Topics

How do you undertake your research? Do you first jot down what you want to find out then start writing, or do you go into research right on? Whatever your method, these topics can be ideal for you.

  • The impact of coral reef destruction.
  • How a new ecosystem is possible in the future.
  • The impact of ocean acidification on the environment.
  • How can hybrid vehicles help to control atmospheric pollution?
  • The importance of small water sources to the environment.
  • The myths surrounding soil contamination.
  • The importance of trees to the environment.
  • The importance of bees to the ecosystem.
  • The effect of light sources on the aquariums.
  • The importance of crustaceans to the environment.
  • The way sewage treatment works.

Geography Thesis Or Paper Is Too Challenging?

Have you ever read any of the geography documentaries? You will be amazed. You can even get to see a volcano eruption. Even though it can be fun seeing with your eyes, but a documentary is still fun. All these geography research topics are ideal and will help you to meet your academic target. If in need of some help, we are here for you!

Geology Research Topics

Make PhD experience your own

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Faculty research in our department emphasizes collaboration between peers and mentorship of students, both graduate and undergraduate, in challenging areas of focus.

Our diverse roster of projects requires cutting-edge laboratory and field technology that helps facilitate high-level analysis of geographical factors including an extensive collection of geographic positioning equipment and state-of-the-art image processing equipment used in remote sensing.

Use the filter below to explore our research in these areas:

  • environmental processes and change
  • urban planning and transportation
  • geographic information science
  • human-environment interactions

Looking to connect with a subject-matter expert? Our faculty are happy to field your questions.

Type: Enhancing Resilience in Savanna Ecosystems (E-RISE) Category:

Type: Paleolandscapes and Human Settlement of Coastal Portugal Category:

Type: Political Ecologies (Mine-FPE) Detecting Observation ‘Hot-Spots’ in Massive Citizen-Contributed Geographic Data Category:

Type: Rock Glacier Hydrology Category:

Type: Air Transport, Airports and Urban Development Category:

Type: Ecological Literacy Category:

Type: Evaluating Transit-Oriented Development in Denver Category:

Type: Farmer-Led Agroecological Research for Biodiversity Conservation in Malawi (FARMS4Biodiversity) Category:

Type: Human-Environment Interactions in Central America Category:

Type: Hydrologic Assessment Methods Category:

Type: Integrating VGI and Authoritative Data for Wildlife Habitat Mapping Category:

Type: Issues of Scale and Representation in Geographic Data Category:

Type: Measuring Learning Outcomes for Undergraduate Geography Students Category:

Type: Methodological Innovations in New Feminist Political Ecologies (Mine-FPE) Category:

Type: Nighttime Satellite Imagery Category:

Type: Quaternary Geology and Dendroclimatology Category:

Type: Soil Erosion, Floodplain Sedimentation, and Agricultural Sustainability Over Centennial Time Scales Category:

Type: Transportation Infrastructure Expansion Category:

Type: Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks and Big Data to Model the Distribution of Birds in the Americas Category:

Type: Valuation of Ecosystem Services Category:

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Urban Geography Dissertation Topics & Titles

Published by Owen Ingram at January 6th, 2023 , Revised On March 22, 2023

Urban geography is a growing field of study that provides learners with a comprehensive understanding of how cities, towns and other human settlements develop and change over time. As such, it can be an incredibly rewarding topic to research for a dissertation.

Urban geographers also explore socio-economic issues such as housing, employment opportunities and access to services to identify inequalities that can lead to social exclusion.

Urban geographers utilise various qualitative and quantitative methods, including interviews, surveys, geographical information systems (GIS) mapping and remote sensing techniques such as satellite imagery.

By studying changes over time, they can track important trends in a city’s city’s development and understand why certain areas are more desirable than others. This research helps inform policies that aim to improve the quality of life for those who live there.

Students researching urban geography topics can explore the various facets of urban life and development, from the physical processes that shape cities to the social dynamics of their inhabitants.

Through this extensive research, students gain insight into how particular places have been formed and continue to evolve in response to external influences like policy decisions. They also learn about the cultural diversity within cities—knowledge that can help inform decision-making in urban planning or public health fields.

Furthermore, learning about urban geography also helps students become better citizens by developing an appreciation for different cultures and ways of life in major global cities like London or Tokyo.

Urban Geography Dissertation Topics: How to Choose One?

To help with this, it’s important first to consider your interest and expertise in the field of urban law. Once you’ve identified what topics you’re most interested in, you’ll need to narrow down your choice further by determining which topics are within the scope of your studies and have enough research material available for a successful dissertation.

When looking for potential topics, using trusted sources such as peer-reviewed journals or other authoritative documents is important. This will ensure that you choose an academically rigorous topic that is current and up-to-date with legal changes or new developments in the field of urban law.

When choosing an appropriate dissertation topic, students should consider topics such as urban development patterns, transportation networks within cities, housing markets and socio-economic dynamics.

Exploring different approaches to examining urban geographies – such as political ecology or critical geopolitics – might yield interesting results.

It’s also beneficial to explore a wide range of areas when selecting a dissertation topic to identify one that is suitable for your interests and resources.

  • Geography Dissertation Topics
  • International Development Topics
  • Diplomacy Dissertation Topics
  • Brexit Dissertation Topics

List of Urban Geography Topics for Dissertation

  • Malarial ecology: a global perspective
  • The pedagogical benefits of SimCity in urban geography education
  • Spatio‐temporal dynamics in California’s Central Valley: Empirical links to urban theory
  • The new economic geography versus urban economics: an evaluation using local wage rates in Great Britain
  •  Britain’s cities: geographies of division in urban Britain
  • Access to urban services—the case of secondary schools in Glasgow
  • Geography and public finance: planning for fiscal equity in a metropolitan region
  • The geography of the urban crisis: some evidence from Glasgow
  • Sustainable urban development in the UK: rhetoric or reality?
  • The view from the tower: geographies of urban transformation in Glasgow
  • Private profit, public interest and land use planning—A conflict interpretation of residential development pressure in Glasgow’s Glasgow’s rural-urban fringe
  • Citizenship, partnership and the popular restructuring of UK urban space
  • The urban crisis: poverty and deprivation in the Scottish city
  • The geography of multiple deprivations in the Clydeside conurbation
  • Toward a community economy—an examination of local exchange trading systems in West Glasgow
  • Proprietary residential communities in the United States
  • Urban restructuring and the reproduction of inequality in Britain’s Britain’s cities: an overview
  • Urban geography in America, 1950-2000: paradigms and personalities
  • Environments of disadvantage: Geographies of persistent poverty in Glasgow
  • The geography of religious affiliation in Scotland
  • Continuity and change in Scotland’s Scotland’s first garden suburb: The genesis and development of Pollok shields, Glasgow
  • Problems and planning in third world cities (Routledge Revivals)
  • The geography of disadvantage in rural Scotland
  • The relevance of religion for a relevant human geography
  • A geography of the third world

The Importance of Selecting the Right Urban Geography Dissertation Topic

The selection of an urban geography research topic can have profound implications for a student’s academic success. It is important to identify a meaningful and compelling research question that will contribute to the knowledge of urban geography and be achievable within the time frame allowed.

The right dissertation topic makes the research interesting for students. Being enthusiastic about the subject matter will make writing your dissertation much easier and give it more depth and insight when discussing the findings.

Engaging with research around your chosen topic expands your knowledge base and gives you ideas on how to approach certain aspects of the research process .

How Can ResearchProspect Help?

ResearchProspect writers can send several custom topic ideas to your email address. Once you have chosen a topic that suits your needs and interests, you can order for our dissertation outline service which will include a brief introduction to the topic, research questions , literature review , methodology , expected results , and conclusion . The dissertation outline will enable you to review the quality of our work before placing the order for our full dissertation writing service!

FAQs About Urban Geography Dissertation Ideas

How do i choose the most appropriate urban geography dissertation topic.

When determining which topic to focus on, researchers should reflect on what they find personally intriguing and what is relevant in society today. When looking for topics related to urban geography, it may be helpful to look at major news outlets or scholarly articles to better understand current city planning and development trends.

Additionally, speaking with local government officials or members of civil society organisations can provide valuable insights into pressing issues facing cities worldwide.

Is the list of dissertation topics above unique?

Yes, the mentioned topics are unique. Nevertheless, we cannot say that other students do not use these topics either.

Does ResearchProspect provide customised and unique urban geography dissertation topics?

Yes, ResearchProspect provides customised dissertation topics . To place an order or read about our services , visit the website.

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Here is a list of Research Topics on Philosophy to help you get started with the process of findings related dissertation idea of philosophy.

Human civilization cannot continue to develop without environmental sustainability. A legal provision that protects the environment is called an “environmental law.” An academic study of environmental law provides a better understanding.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the process of building machines, robots and software that are intelligent enough to act as humans.






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[100+] Geography Research Topics With Free [Thesis Pdf] 2023

Are You Searching Research Topics For Geography ,   Topics For Geography Research Paper, Geography Research Topics For Students, Research Topics Ideas For Geography, Geography Research Topics For PhD, Geography PhD Topics. So You are in right place. 

In this article, we provide you latest research topics for Geography with a full Phd thesis. By these research topics for Geography you can get idea for your research work. On this website, you can get lots of Geography Research Topics for College Students,  PhD, Mphil, Dissertations, Thesis, Project, Presentation, Seminar or Workshop. Check the suggestions below that can help you choose the right research topics for Geography: You can also Free Download Geography Research PhD Thesis in Pdf by the given link.

Now Check 100+ Geography Research Topics List

Table of Contents

Research Topic For Geography 2023

Geography research topics for dissertation, research topics ideas for geography, geography research topics ideas for college students, topics for geography research paper, geography research topics for thesis, geography research topics for students, geography research topics for undergraduate students, geography research topics for university students, geography research topics for phd, research topics for phd in geography, research topics for mphil geography, geography phd topics, research paper topics for geography, geography research paper topics, phd thesis topic for geography, research topics for geography subject, geography research topics for fisheries, research topics for geography, geography research topics examples.

Note: All Research Work Idea on this website is inspired by Shodhganga: a reservoir of Indian Theses. We provide you mostly research work under Creative Commons Licence. Credit goes to

If you find any copyright content on this website and you have any objection than plz immediately connect us on [email protected]. We Will remove that content as soon as.

This Post is also helpful for: Geography Thesis Pdf, Geography Thesis Topics, Geography Dissertation Topics, Geography Thesis, Catchy Title For Geography, Phd Thesis Topic for Geography, Geography Research Paper Topics, Geography Phd Topics, Geography Research Topics, Research Topics For Geography Students in India, Geography Research Topics For College Students.

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    A case study of soil types in your area. The extinction of sea wildlife and humans' impact on its condition. An explanation of deforestation. An examination of air pollutant levels in your area. A geographical study of deserts. Numerous categories of mountains.

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    An annual journal of research, commentary, and reviews concerning geographic perspectives on the past. International journal and major forum for theoretical and analytical developments in the housing field. Covers topics ranging from geopolitics, through cultural and economic issues, to political ecology.

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    2022 Geography Research Topics. Table of content. 1: Introduction; 2: 2022 Geography Research Topics ... The research paper aims to investigate the security of nutrition and food in geography. There is a big challenge related to the sustainability of the atmosphere growing food and the arrangements of the society so that the poor people can ...

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    Call Number: eBook. ISBN: 9781136307195. Human Geography: The Basics is a concise introduction to the study of the role that humankind plays in shaping the world around us. Whether it's environmental concerns, the cities we live in or the globalization of the economy, these are issues which affect us all.

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  18. Current Research Projects

    Current Research Projects. Faculty research in our department emphasizes collaboration between peers and mentorship of students, both graduate and undergraduate, in challenging areas of focus. Our diverse roster of projects requires cutting-edge laboratory and field technology that helps facilitate high-level analysis of geographical factors ...

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    The selection of an urban geography research topic can have profound implications for a student's academic success. It is important to identify a meaningful and compelling research question that will contribute to the knowledge of urban geography and be achievable within the time frame allowed. ... When looking for topics related to urban ...


    Geography is an inter-disciplinary subject. It is an essential academic field, which is needed for all walks of human life and a nation's development. By definition, Geography is the study of ...

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    research databases - GeoBase. She used GeoBase because she knew it would help her find peer-reviewed research articles, and that it focused specifically on geography and environmental studies research. She used the keywords "coastal zone management" and "Lake Erie" to get an idea of how much scholarly research has been done on this topic.

  22. Full article: Geographical thinking in geography education: a

    Introduction. Almost 80 years ago, Smith (Citation 1945) argued for the implementation of geographical thinking within geography lessons, saying that it would help students become purposeful thinkers and successful doers rather than "animated gazetteers."She described the poor state of geographical thinking among students in the United States and lamented about how geography was taught.

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    Research Topic For Geography 2023. Sr. No. Research Topic. Check Thesis. 1. Medium irrigation project made changes in farming of jalna district a geographical analysis. Download. 2. Regional planning for socio_economic development in Meerut district.