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    Know their process for doing research, what their investment goals are for the funds, the holdings etc. One question I was asked was: "if I was given a large lump sum of money, what industries would I invest in and why". Again, I only made it to the second round so these are the most valuable things I could tell you.

  2. you are interviewing a new grad for an equity research ...

    Honestly, everyone that gets interviews for research positions have already qualified academically in my opinion. Everyone is smart, you need to set yourself apart. When they bring you in they want to know that you will get along with your senior analyst, show a passion/desire to learn for the industry that you are applying for, you can speak ...

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  4. 2 weeks to prepare for an Equity Research (Associate) interview

    Plan your career in the wide world of finance. 2 weeks to prepare for an Equity Research (Associate) interview. Hi All, In two weeks I will be interviewing in NYC for an ER BB position. I'm overly-stressed out and naturally a very task oriented person, so I'm trying to spend all of tonight planning out a "study" plan for these next two weeks.

  5. Why Equity Research

    Why Equity Research Interview Questions. More specifically, this role intends to find optimized scenarios to either buy or sell stocks and form investment strategies that would minimize risk while maximizing profit and return.. Upon compiling all the quantitative analysis and calculations, equity research analysts put their findings in an equity research report.

  6. Interview for an Equity Research Associate position

    Background: I am scheduled for a final round interview at a large middle market bank (think Piper Jaffray, Robert Baird, William Blair, Jefferies) for an ER associate position as a senior finance major from a non-target. I networked my ass off for this opportunity, have been in contact with the analyst for the coverage sector for a few months.

  7. Equity Research Interview Questions and Answers (40 Samples)

    The majority of questions and sample answers covered in this free guide were obtained directly from WSO's very own Hedge Fund Interview Course, which features: 814 questions across 165 hedge funds. 10+ exclusive case videos with detailed pitches. Long, short, equity, credit, event-driven, macro+ questions.

  8. 30 Equity Research Analyst Interview Questions and Answers

    6. Explain how you would analyze a company's balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement. Delving into a company's financial statements is a critical aspect of an equity research analyst's role, as it helps to determine the overall financial health and value of the organization.

  9. Equity Research Interview Questions With Answers Explained In Detail

    Suggested Answer: Some industries, in my opinion, will benefit from an increase in interest rates in the future. The financial industry is one of the sectors that tends to benefit the most from this trend. Because they can charge higher interest rates for lending, banks, brokerages, mortgage companies, and insurance companies often see an increase in their earnings when interest rates rise.

  10. What is being an equity research associate actually like? : r ...

    Boring parts like any job. Associate job is often data entry into models and writing boring parts of research in your first year. You'll like the boring parts because you can finally chill and catch up on sleep. Yes but theres better pathways for that eg consulting or IBD or tech.

  11. Equity Research Interview Questions

    These are all variants on one of the most common equity research interview questions - pitch me a stock . Be prepared to pitch three or four stocks - for example, a large cap stock, a small cap stock, and a stock that you would short. For any company you are going to pitch, make sure that you have read a few analyst reports and know key ...

  12. Equity Research Interview Questions (Plus Answers)

    Equity research interview questions with sample answers Effectively preparing for an interview can entail researching sample questions and formulating your own responses using a method such as the STAR method.The situation, task, action and result (STAR) method helps a candidate provide an honest and contextually accurate answer to each interview question.

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    Equity Research Forum. Thousands of discussions with equity research analysts, associates, vice presidents and managing directors. ... Private Equity Interview Questions. Hedge Fund Interview Questions. Accounting Interview Questions. Venture Capital Interview Questions. Consulting Case Interviews. View all (+50)

  14. Why Equity Research?

    Common Answers for "Why Equity Research". Rewards intellectual curiosity. Great learning experience. High degree of responsibility early in your career. Relevant internship / club experience / personal experience. Enjoy investing your own money. Allows you to speak with different types of investors.

  15. 9 Equity Research Interview Questions With Answers

    Suggested Answer: Moreover, it can be demonstrated that the Price-Earnings multiple is driven by the ratio (1-g/ROE) / (r- g), where r represents the cost of equity, g represents the growth rate, and ROE represents the return on equity. A high-tech company's price-to-earnings ratio (PE) may be higher because investors expect the stock to grow more rapidly.

  16. Equity Research

    Please check out WSO's free Equity Research Interview page for an in-depth guide to acing your ER interview.. Positions in equity research are available for seasoned professionals and new hires. New hires out of school will start as research associates and move up the chain to a research analyst after gaining experience.

  17. Equity Research Recruiting: Interviews, Email Templates, Stock Pitches

    The Equity Research Stock Pitch. The stock pitch is a separate topic that we covered in a detailed article, so you should refer to that for ideas and examples. You should come up with one "Buy" and one "Hold" or "Sell" idea and avoid stocks the interviewer covers directly.

  18. How to Ace Your Equity Research Interview: Answers to the 30 Most

    Suggested Answer: The 10-year T-Note rate is currently 3.482%, with an open yield of 3.398%, a day high of 3.501%, a day low of 3.389%, and a previous close of 3.399%. The current price of the 10-year T-Note is 105.2969, with a price change of -0.7188 and a price change percentage of -0.6797%.

  19. 36 Equity Research Interview Questions With Sample Answers

    6 examples of equity research interview questions with sample answers To prepare for your interview effectively, it may be helpful to review questions with sample answers to plan your responses. Try to focus on using the STAR method in your answers, which describes the situation, task action and resolve. Here are six equity research interview ...

  20. Equity Research Interview Questions (with Answers)

    It can be classified as the most common equity research interview question. Here is the list of common ratios for financial analysis that can be divided into seven parts -. #1 - Solvency Ratio Analysis. Current Ratio. Quick Ratio. Cash Ratio. #2 - Turnover Ratios. Receivables Turnover. Days Receivables.

  21. Top 10 Equity Research Analyst Interview Questions and Answers

    Question 4: What are the most important financial ratios an analyst should know? Financial ratios help investors understand a company's financial performance. Mention some of the most common ratios, like Price-to-Earnings (P/E) Ratio, Price-to-Book (P/B) Ratio, Return on Equity (ROE), and Debt-to-Equity Ratio.

  22. Top 50 Equity Research Interview Questions and Answers

    B) Providing research to clients and generating trading commissions. C) Handling customer service inquiries. D) Analyzing environmental impact reports. Answer: B) Providing research to clients and generating trading commissions. Explanation: A sell-side analyst works for brokerage firms or investment banks, offering research and analysis to ...

  23. 'Equity' Grading Is the Latest Educational Fad Destined To Fail

    But they will create a mess that further impedes student progress. For instance, some Bay Area schools have approved "equity grading." It's strange to focus on grading rather than teaching, but ...