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The great rewiring: is social media really behind an epidemic of teenage mental illness?

The evidence is equivocal on whether screen time is to blame for rising levels of teen depression and anxiety — and rising hysteria could distract us from tackling the real causes.

  • Candice L. Odgers

Copper-catalyzed dehydrogenation or lactonization of C(sp 3 )−H bonds

  • Shupeng Zhou
  • Zi-Jun Zhang
  • Jin-Quan Yu

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Scientists made a six-legged mouse embryo — here’s why

A rodent with two extra limbs instead of genitals shows the crucial role of a gene pathway in determining the fate of a primordial structure.

  • Sara Reardon

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How a spreadsheet helped me to land my dream job

A shared spreadsheet, passed from generation to generation, helps graduate students in management navigate the academic job market. Whatever your field of study, you can make one, too.

  • Silvia Sanasi

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The corpse of an exploded star and more — March’s best science images

The month’s sharpest science shots, selected by Nature ’s photo team.

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Sam Bankman-Fried sentencing: crypto-funded researchers grapple with FTX collapse

Organizations who received funds from FTX face pressure to return the money at significant operational cost.

  • Jonathan O'Callaghan

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This super-Earth is the first planet confirmed to have a permanent dark side

Convincing evidence of 1:1 tidal locking has been absent until a new analysis of the exoplanet LHS 3855b.

  • Joseph Howlett

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Overcoming low vision to prove my abilities under pressure

A genetic eye condition pushed biochemist Kamini Govender to develop coping strategies that serve her well in the lab and help her to avoid burnout.

  • Lesley Evans Ogden

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How papers with doctored images can affect scientific reviews

Scientists compiling a review scan more than 1,000 papers and find troubling images in nearly 20%.

  • Sumeet Kulkarni

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Tweeting your research paper boosts engagement but not citations

Analysis of a random selection of papers shared on social media showed no causative link between posting and citations.

  • Bianca Nogrady

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Video: Cancer-busting vaccines

Treatments that could train the immune system to identify and destroy cancer cells are on the way.

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Cancer-vaccine trials give reasons for optimism

Therapeutic vaccines could provide a transformative shot in the arm for cancer treatment.

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No sweat: Moisture-wicking device keeps wearable-tech dry

Breathable patch could allow for comfortable and multifunctional wearable electronics.

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A global timekeeping problem postponed by global warming

Increased melting of ice in Greenland and Antarctica, measured by satellite gravity, has decreased the angular velocity of Earth more rapidly than before and has already affected global timekeeping.

  • Duncan Carr Agnew

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CGRP sensory neurons promote tissue healing via neutrophils and macrophages

Experiments in mouse models show that Na V 1.8 +  nociceptors innervate sites of injury and provide wound repair signals to immune cells by releasing calcitonin gene-related peptide (CGRP).

  • Yen-Zhen Lu
  • Bhavana Nayer
  • Mikaël M. Martino

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Formation of memory assemblies through the DNA-sensing TLR9 pathway

Learning results in persistent double-stranded DNA breaks, nuclear rupture and release of DNA fragments and histones within hippocampal CA1 neurons that, following TLR9-mediated DNA damage repair, results in their recruitment to memory circuits.

  • Vladimir Jovasevic
  • Elizabeth M. Wood
  • Jelena Radulovic

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The HEAT repeat protein HPO-27 is a lysosome fission factor

The conserved HEAT repeat protein HPO-27 is identified as a lysosome scission factor in Caenorhabditis elegans , and the human homologue MROH1 also serves the same function to maintain lysosomal homeostasis.

  • Xiaochen Wang

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Five million years of Antarctic Circumpolar Current strength variability

The strength of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current, as traced in sediment cores from the Pacific Southern Ocean, shows no linear long-term trend over the past 5.3 Myr; instead, the strongest flow occurs consistently in warmer-than-present intervals.

  • Gisela Winckler
  • Xiangyu Zhao

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Optomechanical realization of the bosonic Kitaev chain

We report the experimental realization of a bosonic Kitaev chain in a nano-optomechanical network.

  • Jesse J. Slim
  • Clara C. Wanjura
  • Ewold Verhagen

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TRBC1-targeting antibody–drug conjugates for the treatment of T cell cancers

Anti-TRBC1 antibody–drug conjugates may offer a more potent T cell cancer therapy by bypassing the fratricide that may be limiting the efficacy of anti-TRBC1 CAR T cells in the clinical trial for patients with T cell cancers.

  • Tushar D. Nichakawade

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  • Formation of memory assemblies through the DNA-sensing TLR9 pathway. Jovasevic V, et al. Nature. 2024. PMID: 38538785
  • Tumor-secreted FGF21 acts as an immune suppressor by rewiring cholesterol metabolism of CD8 + T cells. Hu C, et al. Cell Metab. 2024. PMID: 38537635 No abstract available.
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