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A Journey by Boat Essay, Composition & Paragraph

A Journey by Boat is a common topic for essay, composition and paragraph writing, especially for students in riverine countries. In fact, boat travel may be considered the best way to travel, as it allows you to enjoy the close proximity of nature. If you are going to write an essay or paragraph on a boat journey, you should keep in mind that an essay, composition or paragraph about A Journey by Boat is basically a narrative writing, it depends on your own travel experience. We have written a bunch of essays, compositions and paragraphs on A Journey by Boat as examples, you can write one of your own with the help of these.

A Journey by Boat Essay, Composition and Paragraph

A Journey by Boat Essay for Class 6-10

By: Haque , Words: 400; 01-03-’22

Introduction: A journey by boat is a very pleasant and interesting experience in this country. Bangladesh is a land of rivers. So, it is not difficult to arrange a boat journey. Sometimes it is more convenient to have a journey by boat than by road.

Time for Boat Journey: The best time for a boat journey can be in the rainy season . During the rainy season, all the rivers of the country remain full to the brim and there can be no difficulty in rowing a boat. Most of the areas of the country can be reached by boat during that time. Even, during the rains, many of the parts of the country go underwater and become unsuitable for road communication.

Description of the Boat Journey: During the last rainy season I, along with three other friends, decided to have a boat journey to my sister ‘s house. My sister’s house is at Jaisthapura. Jaisthapura is on the river Karnafully and the easiest way to go there is by boat. On the appointed day we went to the Kalurghat river ghat at 7 AM. There we boarded on a passenger boat bound for Jaisthapura. There were five boatmen in the boat. It was an engine boat. There were about fifty passengers on the boat. At the appointed time the boatmen started the boat.

The boat started moving on. It was a big boat. The passengers were sitting on wooden stools on the boat. After the boat started, the passengers got engaged in different activities. Some of them were reading books, some were reading newspapers , some were chatting and some were eating fruits and nuts. We saw many boats, big and small, plying up and down the river. The views on both sides of the river were very beautiful from the boat. The wind was also refreshing. The boat touched some places on its way. People got down and boarded on the boat at those places. The journey lasted for about three hours. At 10:30 AM we reached our destination.

Destination: My sister’s house was a short distance from the place where we got down from the boat. It took us only five minutes to go there on foot. My sister was very glad to receive us.

Conclusion: We enjoyed the boat journey very much. It is one of the most pleasant experiences of my life.

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A Journey by Boat Composition for Class 7-8

By: Haque , Words: 400; 02-03-’22

Bangladesh is a land of rivers. So it is very easy to enjoy a journey by boat in this country. It is full of charms and joys. It is also a part of education. It brings us close to the natural beauty.

I had recently got an occasion to go from Dhaka to Munshiganj. My elder brother who is a doctor of Munshiganj hospital invited me many a time to pay a visit to his residence. However, a fair chance came to me during the recent summer vacation. My best friend Sumon joined me.

On the appointed day we had our bath and took our breakfast earlier. We reached the river Ghat at 7.30 AM. We found our hired boat ready. The boat was a nice one with two boatmen. We got on the boat. There were hundreds of boats big and small on the Ghat.

On that day the weather was very fine. The river was calm. The sky was cloudless and clear. The sun was visible. As a result, the morning was sunny and fresh.

After a short while, the boatmen uttered the name of Allah and the boat began to move for our destination. It was about 8.15 AM.

When the boat left behind the din and bustle of the town, I enjoyed the varied beauty of nature and other familiar scenes of the countryside. There were endless fields of paddy and wheat, woods and trees . They looked like a green valley. Men, women, and little children were bathing in the river water. Fishermen were catching fish by their nets with boats. All these provided us great amusement. Several launches passed our boat.

We were hearing the Bhatiali song on the tone of our boatmen. When we enjoyed all the charms available on the ways the boat finally stopped at Munshiganj Ghat at about 8 PM. My brother paid off the boatmen’s dues including a tip. We got down off the boat and my brother received us cordially.

Thus our journey came to an end. The beautiful and amazing boat trip won our hearts. The beauty of nature which we often miss unfurled before us that day. I shall even remember the sweet memory of the pleasant boat journey for the rest of my life.

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A Journey by Boat Paragraph for Class 5-6

By: Haque , Words: 150; 02-03-’22

We all make journeys. I like a journey by boat the most. So I do not miss the opportunity to travel by boat. Last monsoon, I took a boat trip with some of my friends. That was during the holidays, at the end of our first interim examination. We decided to go to Mulagul from Kanaighat. That’s why we rented a big boat. We started our journey at 7 AM. Two sailors were driving the boat. I was overwhelmed by the beautiful scenery on both sides of the river. Farmers were planting paddy in the land, fishermen were fishing in the river and children were swimming . At 10 AM we reach the destination. On the way back, it was very enjoyable to see the spectrum of sunset in the river. I will never forget this journey. I think a journey by boat is the most enjoyable way to travel.

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A teacher, writer and blogger, started allparagraph noting students search online for paragraphs on various topics, short and simple essays , edifying stories and other materials of study . In composing these lessons we have tried to use as simple language as possible, keeping young students in mind. If you find any text inappropriate, please let us know so we can make it more useful through necessary corrections and modifications. Thank you!

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A journey by boat composition for all class students.

A journey by boat composition : A successful and happy life can’t be imagined without making any journey during holidays.Therefore, with a view to making life successful and fruitful one should make any journey during one’s holidays. A Journey means to go from one place to another alone or with a group. A journey by boat means to go from one place to another by boat. Bangladesh is a land of rivers, canals, haors and beels. So,it is very easy, cheap and comfortable to make a journey by boat in our country. It is very enjoyable.

Time and occasion : It was the month ‘Ashar’. Our examination was over.Our college was closed.The rainy season had just set in. My father asked me to go to my uncle’s house which is about 20 km.away from our house. The house is on the other side of the Padma. So, I got a chance to make a journey by boat. Three friends joined me.

Description : We hired a small beautiful boat.It had two able-bodied boatmen who were very jolly-minded and cheerful. We started from our river ghat in the morning at 7 am on December 20,2019. The sky was clear and the weather was fine. The river was calm. At first the boatmen started rowing. Next they set sail. The boatmen began to sing “Bhatiali” songs.The songs charmed me very much.

Scene : I enjoyed the scenery on the either banks of the river.Our boat was dancing with small waves.We saw hundreds of boats plying up and down in the river. We saw many boys and girls bathing and swimming in the river. we saw many fishermen fishing in the deep river and the farmers harvesting in the paddy fields. We also found many boats, steamers and launches plying across the river.

Destination : We reached my uncle’s house at 2 p.m. Uncle, aunt and cousins gladly received us. We had a rich lunch there.

Evening scene : After taking a rest, we started for our house again at 4 p.m. when we reached near our river ghat, the sun was setting.The water of the river also turned red. Really,the scenery was very charming.It was dark when we reached home.

Conclusion :A journey by boat is really very enjoyable.It removes the monotony of works and studies. I achieved/gained new experience and new knowledge.I shall never forget this happy journey in my life. So,every student or every person should make a journey by boat once a year on holidays.

A Journey By Boat Composition 2 :

Composition on A Journey By Boat : There are different sorts of journey in our country. I like most a journey by boat. No other journey can be more enjoyable than a journey by boat. Whoever looks for rest and delight should make a journey by boat.

Time and occasion : During the last Autumn vacation my father asked me to go to my sister’s house at Daudkandi, 20 miles away from our house. So,I got a chance to make a journey by boat.Two other friends joined me.

Description of the journey : We hired a fine boat. We started our journey from Homna ghat at 10 a.m. There were two boatmen.The sky was clear.The river was calm and full to the brim . At first the boatmen plied the boat with oars. When the wind was favourable,they set sail. Soon the boat began to move fast. There were small waves in the river. The boat began to dance with the waves. The boatmen were singing. It was a ‘Bhatiali’ song. It filled us with joy.

Scenery enjoyed : We enjoyed the scenery of the river. We saw many boats big and small plying up and down. We saw some steamers and motor lunches plying through the river. Fishermen were catching fish in the river. Boys and girls were swimming. Women were going home with jars filled with water. There were fields on both sides of the river. Cattle were grazing there.

Exciting moments : Rough weather makes a journey by boat risky. Strong winds and storms often prove dangerous. I saw a terrible sight of the river. when I was crossing by boat. Within a short time, a storm rose and the river turned violent. There were huge waves and a strong wind. The boat was about to capsize. I got nervous. But the experienced boatmen stopped and tied the boat with strong ropes to a post. However, the storm was over within a short time and we started again. Still I cannot but thank the skill of the boatmen.

Destination : At about 4 p.m.we reached the ghat of my sister’s house. My sister was very glad to see us. She received us cordially. Thus our journey came to an end.

Conclusion : It is one of the most memorable journeys in my life.There was a lot of pleasure as well as a horrible experience of a storm in the journey. Both the positive and negative aspects of the journey got impressed on my mind forever.

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Hello mates, its impressive paragraph and fully defined, keep it up all the time.

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please add some poem in this composition

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I like the valuable info you provide in your articles. I’m quite certain I will learn many new stuff right here! Best of luck for the next!

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I appreciate, cause I found just what I was looking for. You have ended my four day long hunt! God Bless you man. Have a great day. Bye

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Aug 21, 2013

a sea journey essay for class 7

Essay on Boating for Class 7 (Nauka Vihar 580 Words)

a sea journey essay for class 7

Power Boats like 'Yacht', 'jet boat' 'bow rider' etc are the few names that has become lifeline of 'Boat transportation'.This essay writings will give innovative idea of writing about boating as a means of recreation; which is a common essay topic asked by teachers in many schools. Below navigation can be used to go to respective location.

Introduction:  Boating means floating on water with the help of boat for recreation or for sport in water. Here I am explaining two boating experiences at two different places. First of all it is more important to know few history of boat.

Boat has given new concept of connectivity from one land part to another. If we search its history then we will come to know that boat is being used from ancient time. The archaeological survey reveals that the boats were used before 7000 to 10000 years ago (wikipedia). The ancient boats were Log boats usually cut from trunk of a tree . Boats were used for commercial purpose between Indus Valley civilization and Mesopotamia. Columbus, Vasko da Gama and Magellan have given important discoveries with boat. There are three types of boats e.g. Unpowered or Human powered boat, sailboat and motorboat. 

First Boating Experience: Now come to the point. This is one evening I went to a Park fully prepared for boating. The evening was very touching and beauty of joy was ruling visitors. I had no exam pressure that is why I was very much relaxed and in full mood of snatching the ecstasy of boating. I told to my parent about my eagerness for boating. Instantly I got the permission but not allowed alone. We hired a boat and all four family members started boating. It was manual boat; which had propelling force arrangement for two people. I and my younger brother were operating the boat. The gentle air was very nice to feel. During boating we came at the bank and took our coffee. We were in water for half an hour. One safety I noticed that there was live jackets in the boat. I think from safety point of view everybody must know its use. It is because water gives us pleasure and it takes our life very easily. Many accidents had been happened in the past so we must be under rule of safety. That was first very nice experience of boating. But my next ambition is to do riding on motor boat. 

andman photo image picture 1

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Home Essay Samples Life Beach

A Visit to a Sea Beach: My Memorable Journey

Table of contents, embracing the tranquility, playing with the waves, sun, sand, and serenity, awe-inspiring sunset.

  • National Geographic. (n.d.). The Healing Power of the Ocean. Retrieved from https://www.nationalgeographic.com/travel/features/why-do-we-love-the-sea-so-much-healing-power-ocean-air-sea-life-beaches/
  • Beach Bliss Living. (2022). The Science Behind the Soothing Sound of the Waves. Retrieved from https://beachblissliving.com/science-behind-soothing-sound-waves/
  • Smith, J. (2019). The Psychological Benefits of Walking on Sand. Nature and Wellbeing, 14(3), 167-182.
  • Coastal Living Magazine. (2018). The Joy of Playing with the Waves. Coastal Living, 25(6), 45-58.
  • Sunset Spectacles. (2021). Capturing the Beauty of Beach Sunsets. Retrieved from https://sunset-spectacles.com/capturing-beauty-beach-sunsets/

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Maharashtra Board Solutions

Maharashtra Board Class 7 English Solutions Chapter 2.6 Chasing the Sea Monster

Balbharti Maharashtra State Board Class 7 English Solutions Chapter 2.6 Chasing the Sea Monster Notes, Textbook Exercise Important Questions and Answers.

Maharashtra State Board Class 7 English Solutions Chapter 2.6 Chasing the Sea Monster

Class 7 English Chapter 2.6 Chasing the Sea Monster Textbook Questions and Answers

1. From the passage, find all the words and phrases used to describe the ‘monster’.

Question 1. From the passage, find all the words and phrases used to describe the ‘monster’. Answer: Unearthly animal, fearsome creature, unknown creature, huge glowworm, infernal beast, motionless animal.

Maharashtra Board Class 7 English Solutions Chapter 2.6 Chasing the Sea Monster

2. Form groups of 4. Find all the references to time given In the passage. Then make a chart to show the events described in the passage along with the time when they occur. Example:

  • All night long: The crew stayed on their feet
  • Near midnight: …………………………………….
  • At 12.53: …………………………………………….
  • ………….. : …………………………………………….
  • ………….. : ……………………………………………. (lise as many lines as you need.)

Question 1. Form groups of 4. Find all the references to time given in the passage. Then make a chart to show the events described in the passage along with the time when they occur. Example: Answer:

  • All night long: The crew stayed on their feet.
  • Near midnight: The sea animal disappeared.
  • At 12.53: A deafening hiss was heard.
  • Near 2.00 am: The core of a light appeared.
  • At 6.00 am: The animals electric glow disappeared.
  • At 7.00 am: A dense morning mist spread.
  • At 8.00 am: The mist disappeared, the sea animal was seen.
  • A few moments later: The frigate headed for the animal.
  • Three-quarters of an hour later: They were not getting closer to the animal.
  • Next one hour: The frigate gathered speed and so did the sea animal.
  • At 10.50 pm: The electric light reappeared.

3. How long does the whole event described in this passage take? Work it out by reading the passage.

Question 1. How long does the whole event described in this passage take? Work it out by reading the passage.

4. Observe the picture and the labels carefully. Then match the words and the meanings given in the foliwing table.

Maharashtra Board Class 7 English Solutions Chapter 2.6 Chasing the Sea Monster 1

5. Form groups of 4-5. Read the following sentences aloud. Using your imagination and with the help of group discussion, write other situations in which the sentences can be used.

  • The outcome: disappointment and anger.
  • The hour of battle had sounded
  • What a chase!
  • This was our chance, ……..

Question 1. Form groups of 4-5. Read the following sentences aloud. Using your imagination and with the help of group discussion, write other situations in which the sentences can be used. Answer:

  • The outcome: disappointment and anger
  • This was our chance
  • The outcome: happiness and relief
  • The outcome: fun and joy
  • The outcome: misery and poverty
  • The hour of decision had arrived
  • The sound of victory was heard
  • What a book!
  • What a personality!
  • What a movie!
  • This was our victory …
  • This was our last straw …
  • This was our fight…

6. Find the different units of measurement mentioned in the passage and get more information about them from the internet.

Question 1. Find the different units of measurement mentioned in the passage and get more information about them from the internet.

7. Language Study: Transitive and intransitive verbs : We can classify verbs into two types – transitive and intransitive. Some verbs need on object/objects. When a verb has an object, it is a transitive verb. For example, ‘The boy kicked the football’. Here the verb ‘kick’ has ‘the football’ as its object. ‘Give’, ‘cook’, ‘buy’ are transitive verb. Some verbs do not need any objects. When a verb does not have an object, it is an intransitive verb. For example, ‘We laughed loudly’. The verb ‘laugh’ in this sentence does not have an object. ‘Laugh’, ‘walk’, ‘dy’ are intransitive verbs. Some verbs can be transitive or intransitive. For example, ‘Birds fly’. (intransitive) ‘Children fly kites’. (transitive)

Class 7 English Chapter 2.6 Chasing the Sea Monster Additional Important Questions and Answers

Answer the following questions.

Question 1. Guess what order the commander must have given. Answer: The order given by the commander must have been to advance slowly towards the monster and to be ready to attack.

Question 2. Why did the Abraham Lincoln slow down? Answer: The Abraham Lincoln slowed down because it was unable to compete with the monster’s speed.

Question 3. What is the monster compared to when it disappeared? Answer: The monster is compared to a huge glow-worm when it disappeared.

Question 4. What did the deafening hiss resemble? Answer: The deafening hiss resembled the sound made by a water spout expelled with tremendous intensity.

Question 5. Who would get $ 500? Answer: The man who would pierce the infernal beast would get $ 500.

Question 6. Describe the gunner who accepted the challenge. Answer: The gunner who accepted the challenge was a calm, cool, old and gray bearded man.

Question 7. What was Ned Land doing? Answer: Ned Land was brandishing his dreadful weapon.

Reading Skills, Vocabulary and Grammar

Simple Factual Questions:

Fill in the blanks.

Question i. Let’s wait for daylight and then we’ll play a …………… role. Answer: different

Question ii. Unable to compete with the monster’s speed, our frigate, the ………………. slowed down. Answer: Abraham Lincoln

Complex Factual Questions:

Question 1. What is the name of the narrator? Answer: The name of the narrator is Professor Aronnax.

Question 2. What is the name of the ship? Answer: The name of the ship is ‘Abraham Lincoln’.

Question 3. At what time is this event taking place? Answer: This event is taking place sometime near midnight.


Question 1. Give two words as phrases used to describe ‘monster’ in this passage. Answer: fear some creature, cetacean

Question 1. The animal mimicked the frigate. (End with ’… the animal’) Answer: The frigate was mimicked by the animal.

Question 2. No one thought of sleeping. (Make it affirmative) Answer: Everyone remained awake.

Question 3. The animal mimicked the frigate. (Change into interrogative) Answer: Didn’t the animal mimic the frigate?

Question 4. Pick out the verb and state whether it is transitive or intransitive.

  • Rama rang the bell loudly.
  • The bell rang loudly.
  • The baby sleeps on a bed.
  • The birds fly in the air.
  • Close the door.
  • He wrote a letter to his friend.
  • rang – transitive verb
  • rang – intransitive verb
  • sleeps – intransitive verb
  • fly – intransitive verb
  • dose – transitive verb
  • wrote – transitive verb

Read the following passage and do the activities.

Write whether True or False.

Question i. We stayed on the alert until night and were getting ready for action. Answer: False

Question ii. The mist was very dense. Answer: True.

Question 1. What can the blunderbusses do? Answer: The blunderbusses can launch harpoons as far as a mile.

Question 1. Ned had a dreadful weapon. (Add a question tag) Answer: Ned had a dreadful weapon, didn’t he?

Question 2. Pick out two abstract nouns from the extract. Answer: Disappointment, anger.

Personal Response:

Question 1. Do you like travelling on sea? Why? Answer: No, I do not like travelling on sea. I don’t know how to swim and I am very scared of drowning.

Question i. ………… stayed at his post, harpoon in hand. Answer: Ned Land

Question ii. The animal is faster than the ………….. . Answer: Abraham Lincoln

Question 1. Explain why the author uses the words “what a chase!”. Answer: It was an exciting chase no doubt. The author says that the excitement shook his very being. The animal was so smart, it let the frigate get a little closer to it and then picked up speed and kept its distance. The animal was playing tricks with the frigate.

Question 1. Pick out the words from the extract that mean the following. i. person who fires the cannon ii. moved faster Answer: i. cannoneer ii. gathered speed

Question 2. Give the meanings of the following. i. harpooner ii. mate Answer: i. person who handles the harpoon ii. assistant

Question 1. what a chase no i can’t describe the excitement that shook my very being (Punctuate) Answer: What a chase! No, It can’t describe the excitement that shook my very being.

Question 2. The cannoneer fired a shot. (Add a question tag) Answer: The cannoneer fired a shot, didn’t he?

Language Study

Do as directed.

Question 1. There was a mighty explosion. (Pick out the verb and state its kind) Answer: was – transitive verb.

Question 2. The monster seemed motionless. (Frame a ’Wh1 question so as to get the underlined words as the answer) Answer: Who seemed motionless?

Question 3. Barely twenty feet separated him from the motionless animal. (Pick out the adjectives from the sentence) Answer: Twenty, motionless

Question 4. The electric light suddenly went out. (Identify the part of speech of the underlined word) Answer: Suddenly – adverb

Question 5. Pick out the verb and state whether it is transitive or intransitive. Question i. The hunter killed the wolf. Answer: killed – transitive verb

Question ii. Leena saw a monster. Answer: saw – transitive verb

Question iii. Rains spoilt the picnic. Answer: spoilt – transitive verb

Question iv. The baby cried loudly. Answer: cried – intransitive verb

Question v. The bird flew away. Answer: flew – intransitive verb

Writing Skills

Question 1. Write an essay on ‘A Sea Journey’. Answer: A sea journey is something I had never experienced. I used to look at the majestic sea and wonder what it would be like to travel by sea. I got the chance of a life time to travel on a ship.

The ship was filled with people from different states of India. At the beginning all was wonderful, the people, the sea, the sky, the weather. I was told that the journey would take many on board. But as time passed, the journey which I felt would be a pleasant one, wasn’t all that pleasant. There was nothing to see except water, water and more water. The movement of the ship on the water gave me a nauseating/nauseous feeling.

I was praying and hoping for the journey to end. At last after about eight long hours we touched land. I was so happy to be on firm landing once again. The journey by sea was an experience I wouldn’t want to repeat. This journey by sea was my first and last one.

Chasing the Sea Monster Summary in English

The lesson ‘Chasing the Sea Monster’ is an extract from the novel ‘20,000 Leagues under the Sea’ written by Jules Verne. The story in this extract is about spotting a mysterious sea monster by the inmates on a warship. The story revolves round the relentless chase between the warship (frigate) and the sea monster.

The warship (frigate) named Abraham Lincoln captained by Commander Farragut along with Professor Pierre Aronnax, a French marine biologist and narrator of the story, a master harpoonist Ned Land and other crew members chase the sea monster and in the end Ned Land succeeds in hitting the sea monster. The collision between the frigate and the sea monster is so hideous that Commander Farragut, Professor Pierre Aronnax and Ned Land are hurled into the sea.


The lesson ‘Chasing The Sea Monster7 is a science fiction written by Jules Verne, a French writer. He is known as the ‘Father of Science Fiction’. This is a passage, from his novel ‘20,000 Leagues under the Sea’. He describes how people on a ship think of the submarine as an animal and try to chase and hunt it.

  • frigate (n) – small, speedy ship used in war
  • unearthly (adj) – strange, not like those found on earth
  • luminous (adj) – bright, full of light
  • fearsome (adj) – scary, frightening
  • crew (n) – people working on the ship
  • cetaceans (n) – marine animals like a whale
  • lurking (v) – hiding
  • whaling gear (n) – equipment used to hunt whales
  • mate (n) – assistant
  • armour (n) – protective metal covering
  • profound (adj) – deep
  • astern to port (v) – towards the hinder part or stem; backward
  • blunderbusses (n) – a short, large bored gun firing metal balls, slugs or nails
  • duck guns (n) – large shot guns used for hunting ducks in large number
  • harpoon (n) – a barbed spear attached to a rope and thrown or fired from a gun to hunt whales or large fish
  • cannoneer (n) – an artillery man who uses cannon
  • harpooner (n) – a person who uses harpoons especially to hunt whales
  • enormous (adj) – huge
  • hideous (adj) – dreadful, horrid
  • mute (adj) – dumb; not having the power of speech
  • alert (adj) – attentive
  • informed (adj) – having information, based on information.
  • target (n) – a person, object or place selected as the aim of attack
  • weariness (n)- tiredness
  • brandishing (v) – to move or swing back and forth particularly demonstrating skill
  • collision (n)- clash

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The Life of a Seafarer: Navigating The High Seas

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Published: Sep 16, 2023

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Table of contents

The call of the sea, life aboard ship, challenges at sea, rewards of the sea, the future of seafaring, conclusion: navigators of the world.

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a sea journey essay for class 7

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Essays About Journeys: Top 5 Examples and 7 Easy Prompts

Essays about journeys require recounting the events of your travel. Discover our guide with examples and prompts to help you write your essay.

No two journeys are the same, and various factors will always be at play. It’s the reason many documents their expedition through different mediums. Writing about journeys is similar to telling a real-life story that influenced your character or perspective. 

Writing essays about journeys helps to develop your writing and observation skills as you recall and pick the highlights of your travel. Sharing your experiences can entice readers to take on a journey themselves. So, aim to inspire with this exciting essay topic.

5 Essay Examples

1. the best journey in my life by suzanne pittman, 2. road trips: everything you need for a comfortable journey by car by anonymous on gradesfixer.com, 3. the first day of my journey to adulthood by anonymous on papersowl.com, 4. life is a journey essay by anonymous on paperwritings.com, 5. long essay on train journey by prasanna, 1. reasons to go on a journey, 2. trip vs. journey, 3. how to enjoy long journeys, 4. my most memorable journey, 5. what makes a journey meaningful, 6. my dream journey, 7. a hero’s journey.

“I had to save a lot of money because I wanted very much to go on this journey with my friends. We planned our trip to take us around Europe. We were going to stop in various parts of Europe with family members and friends.”

The essay mimics Pittman’s travel itinerary during her journey in Europe. She includes all the trip details from the first to the last day and makes the readers feel as if they’re traveling with them. Pittman also offers some travel tips to help anyone who wants to visit Europe on a budget. These tips include staying with friends and relatives and taking comfortable train rides despite long distances.

“With proper planning, everything else seems effortless. You need to consider all factors when planning in order for you to enjoy a successful, stress-free adventure.”

The author believes that the primary purpose of traveling is to relax and have fun. They use the essay to teach how to plan car trips properly. Travelers must learn to budget and estimate expenses, including accommodation, gas, activities, and food. Picking a transportation means is also crucial as one needs to consider factors such as capacity, range, and utility. 

“Although things didn’t go how I planned I’m still in college bettering myself and furthering my education. Anything is possible with a good support system and positive mindset.”

The essay narrates how the author’s journey into adulthood becomes a mini-vacation in Georgia after their top university rejects their enrollment. This rejection offers the opportunity to understand many great life lessons. Despite having five other universities to choose from, the writer realizes they only provide free tuition for the first semester. Ultimately, the author receives a full scholarship to a university closer to home.

“All people have the same journey to take – their life. As well as in the other journeys, there may be some inconveniences, disappointments and joys, and a lot depends on how we plan this particular journey and what attitude we develop towards it.”

In this essay, the writer shares that the best way to go on a life journey is with the most joy and minor damage you can endure. It’s constant work to continuously improve one’s life while developing positive qualities and thinking. But in doing so, you’ll have a solid foundation to achieve what you want out of life. However, the author still reminds the readers that they should always be ready to face unexpected events and deal with them in the best way possible.

“These days, people prefer traveling via airplanes because it is time-saving. But going by plane gets boring and monotonous. Train journeys are a relief from the monotony.”

For Prasanna, whether it’s a short or extended tour, a train journey offers an exciting travel experience. She talks about the local and regional trains in India, which are often overcrowded but still used by many as they are the cheapest, safest, and fastest mode of transport in the country. She also mentions that you’ll never get hungry when riding their local trains because of the vendors who sell Indian delicacies. 

7 Prompts for Essays About Journeys 

Essays About Journeys: Reasons to go on a journey

Everyone has different motives for traveling. Some go on a journey to appreciate beautiful sceneries, while some move to attend family or work-related gatherings. Some do so to run away from problems. For this prompt, research the common reasons to travel. You can also interview people on why they go on a journey and add any personal experiences. 

It’s a trip when a person travels from one point to another without any transfers. Meanwhile, a journey is a more extended voyage that includes transfers and several trips. Compare and contrast trips and journeys to make your readers understand their similarities and differences. You can also have the advantages and disadvantages of each in your paper.

If writing an essay sounds like a lot of work, simplify it. Write a simple 5 paragraph essay instead.

The idea of having a long journey and discovering new things is exciting. However, the excitement can disappear when you’re far away from home. This is especially true for longer and farther travels. This prompt will help readers have a safer, more affordable, and more enjoyable trip by discussing the best long-distance travel tips. You can present an imaginary itinerary with estimated costs to make the essay more digestible.

Write about an unforgettable journey you’ve had through this prompt. Include the purpose of your travel, how you planned it, and if your timetable was followed. Share what you’ll improve on next time to make your journey even better; you can also talk about your companions and the activities that make the adventure worthwhile.

Journeys become meaningful when they enrich lives. It can be because of the destination, the people you are with, or the travel’s goal. Use this prompt to suggest how journeys improve us as humans. You can section your piece based on an individual’s objectives. For example, someone who wants to recharge and get away from the city will find meaning in going to a location far from technology.

Essays About Journeys: My dream journey

Although traveling can be tiring, 43% of travelers appreciate the experience they gain. Think of journeys you desire to be in and add your reasons. Then, you can share your plan on how to make it happen. For instance, you want to tour Southeast Asia and visit countries like the Philippines, Vietnam, and Thailand. To make this dream journey come true, you’ll save for an entire year and work around a tight budget.

It’s normal to see the main character in a movie or novel go through a character arc before they become a true hero. Use this prompt to explain a hero’s journey and why the character must go through it. To give you an idea, Peter Parker was a shy and introverted kid who lived an everyday life before becoming Spider-Man. This makes him relatable to the audience and lets them understand his decisions in the following scenes.

For more examples, check out our guide to movies that follow the hero’s journey .

You can also talk about real-life heroes, such as doctors and firefighters. Interview someone with that profession and ask them why they decided to have their current career.

a sea journey essay for class 7

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Question and Answer forum for K12 Students

DAV Class 7 English Literature Book Solutions Chapter 7 A Stormy Adventure

Exploring different literary analyses in DAV Class 7 English Literature Book Solutions Chapter 7 A Stormy Adventure enhances critical thinking.

DAV Class 7 English Literature Chapter 7 Question Answer – A Stormy Adventure

Pre-Reading Task

Question 1. Have you ever experienced a sea voyage? Do you think it is (a) enjoyable (b) exciting (c) frightening (d) difficult Why? Discuss the reason for your choice with your friends. You may tick only one choice or more than one. Answer: Yes, I have experienced a sea voyage. It is enjoyable and exciting. It is an adventurous journey. Sea journey is difficult too because no one knows the mood of the sea waves and water in the sea.

DAV Class 7 English Literature Book Solutions Chapter 7 A Stormy Adventure 1

Question 3. What does the title ‘A Stormy Adventure’ suggest about the story? Answer: The title ‘A Stormy Adventure’ tells about the story of a storm which made the journey adventurous for those who were on board.

I. Understanding the Story A. Complete the following statements by filling the blanks with one word only:

Question 1. The name of the Captain of the Trishna was _________ Answer: Captain Kumar

Question 2. The Trishna weighed _________ tons. Answer: 8000

Question 3. Mr Bose held the post of _________ on the Trishna. Answer: Chief Engineer

Question 4. The boating incident, where the boat that Vishal and his friends were travelling in developed a leak, happened in _________ Answer: Okhla

(B) Answer the following questions in not more than 30 words:

Question 1. Where was the Trishna going? Why was it going there? Answer: The Trishna was going to Philippines. The ship was carrying a special cargo of food for the people of the small islands in the South China sea which had been stuck by a devastating typhoon, a few days earlier.

Question 2. Why was Captain Kumar worried? Answer: Captain Kumar was worried because the barometer reading had fallen steeply and rough weather seemed to be engulfing.

Question 3. What was the effect of bad weather on the Trishna? Answer: The Trishna rose high and was tossed down mercilessly. Every punch from the waves seemed to send her reeling. As she shuddered and groaned it seemed as if she might break up.

Question 4. What suggestion did Vishal have to offer to his father? Answer: Vishal suggested to his father to list the ship to expose the hole in her side. This would make it easier to plug it.

Question 5. How was the Trishna saved? Answer: The Trishna was saved by tilting it to expose the hole in her side. The Chief Officer and his men made a wooden plug. Five people held it in position with their might. They blocked it with cement. At last, it held tight. Pumping operations began to dry out the Engine Room.

DAV Class 7 English Literature Book Solutions Chapter 7 A Stormy Adventure 3

Do you think it was easy for Captain Kumar to accept the risky suggestion given by Vishal? What might be going on in his mind? Why do you think he finally accepted the suggestion? Answer: No, it was not easy. Vishal was talking about a boat whose leak was plugged in this manner. This was a big ship. There was every chance that in the stormy weather ship will turn over. But that was the only way left. He finally accepted the solution because no one else could offer a better one.

III. Life Skills

You’re quite a seaman really .. .’ says the chief officer about Vishal. Would you call Vishal a seaman? Give reasons. Answer: We can’t call Vishal a seaman but his presence of mind saved the day. It was coincidence that this incident had happened earlier also but then they were in a boat and they decided to apply the same technique in this case also.

DAV Class 7 English Literature Book Solutions Chapter 7 A Stormy Adventure 4

V. Writing Skills

Imagine yourself to be Vishal. Write an article for the school magazine describing your adventurous journey. Answer:

A Voyage Full of Adventure – Vishal

Sea voyage was my dream. When I got an opportunity to go on my father’s ship Trishna, I was thrilled. I was on board with my sister Rohini enroute to Philippines, which was carrying cargo for the victims of typhoon in the South China Sea. We enjoyed the voyage but one day my father Captain Kumar was worried because the barometer reading had fallen steeply. Panic developed on the ship when the Radio officer informed that the Typhoon Elsie was deepening and would pass 70 miles away from our ship, within 24 hours. It was important for our ship to reach Mindao as people were starving there. By noon the weather deteriorated. Our ship rose high and tossed mercilessly. My father gave instructions to reduce speed and change direction. Soon alarm bells rang on board. People rushed towards Engine Room. It was a matter of great worry that water was gushing into the Trishna.

Chief engineer Bose announced that the engines have to be stopped as water would enter into the machineiy. I suddenly remembered an incident in which we had saved the boat from drowning by tilting it. I suggested same idea to my father. Though it was risky but my father decided to do the same as there was no way left. Trishna was tilted to one side, the hole in that side exposed and the chief officer and his man plugged the hole with wood and cement. Pumping operation began to dry the Engine Room. The ship was saved. Weather also turned calm. It was an adventurous journey for me.

DAV Class 7 English Literature Chapter 7 Solutions – A Stormy Adventure

I. Answer the following questions:

Question 1. Why Capt. Kumar’s wife couldn’t accompany him on this trip? Answer: Capt. Kumar’s mother was unwell. So, she stayed behind to look after her.

Question 2. What had happened to Rohini? Answer: Rohini was unwell. She was experiencing seasickness. Therefore, she was vomiting again and again.

Question 3. Why was it important for Trishna to reach Mindao by Monday? Answer: It was important to reach Mindao because there was less food on board. People were starving already.

Question 4. What happened to the ship as storm started? Answer: A Bedlam seemed to have broken loose. Drawers and books came crashing down on the ground with every lurch. Tables and chairs started shifting on their own. Huge waves crashed on the board. There was water and water everywhere. All joined in to clear the engine room of excess water that was just gushing in through a gaping hole.

Question 5. What do you think about Vishal as a small boy? Answer: Vishal is a small boy. But he is the real hero. He does not lose his nerves even in adverse circumstances because it is he who gives an idea and saves the ship from drowning.

Question 6. What do you mean by adventure? How should it be faced? Answer: An adventure is an exciting experience. Adventures include some extraordinary activities such as sky diving, mountain climbing, river rafting or sports. It should be faced with strong will power and courage.

Question 7. Do you think adventurous activities are not only full of recreation but also full of knowledge? Comment. Answer: According to Helen Keller, life is either a daring adventure or nothing’. Without adventure, life is dull and monotonous. It not only gives us recreation but also excitement. In many cases, adventurous activities can lead to gain knowledge such as those which are undertaken by explorers. It also provides knowledge and experience.

Question 8. How far was the sea-voyage to Philippines ‘adventurous’ for Vishal and Rohini? Answer: The sea voyage to Philippines was ‘adventurous’ for Vishal and Rohini as their ship was nearly caught in a typhoon. It had developed a leak. Water was pouring into the Engine Room. There was a risk of its being overturned. There was nervousness, tension and panic in Vishal’s mind as he experienced the enormous sea waves. Rohini, on the other hand, felt seasick and nearly missed all the excitement as she was completely knocked out by seasick pills saving the Trishna from drowning. It proved adventurous for Vishal.

Question 9. You are Captain Kumar. You felt proud on your son whose idea saved the ship and life of everyone on the ship. Write a letter to your wife appreciating your son. Answer: 25, Broadway Street Philippines 25th November, 20XX Dear Karuna I hope everything will be fine there. Today we have reached Philippines. By the way for a moment I thought that everything is going to finish, as our ship was stuck by a typhoon. It broke many parts of the ship and water was gushing inside the ship. When our all efforts proved worthless our little hero Vishal came forward with an idea of repairing the leak. I thought for a moment and applied his idea. It not only worked but also proved effective. Thus our little hero saved the life of every one on the ship. We should feel proud on having such a brave son who has a lot of courage and wisdom at this age. May God bless him with success in every field! We would reach back within 15 days. Take care of yours and mother. Yours Kumar

II. Word Power

Find words from the text which are similar in meaning to the following: (a) extremely destructive : _________ (b) to go into, penetrate : _________ (c) to alter direction, swinging around : _________ (d) frightening : _________ (e) with great energy : _________ Answer: (a) extremely destructive : devastating (b) to go into, penetrate : pierced (c) to alter direction, swinging around : veered (d) frightening : terrifying (e) with great energy : ferociously

A Stormy Adventure Summary in English

DAV Class 7 English Literature Book Solutions Chapter 7 A Stormy Adventure 5

A Stormy Adventure Summary in Hindi

DAV Class 7 English Literature Book Solutions Chapter 7 A Stormy Adventure 9

  • Lurch – to roll on one side – एकाएक एक ओर लुढ़कना;
  • Inarticulate – not expressed clearly – अस्पष्ट;
  • Exasperation – annoyance – क्रोधित होना;
  • Bridge – uppermost part of the ship where it is navigated – जहाज का ऊपरी हिस्सा जहाँ से उसका संचालन करते हैं;
  • Cargo – the goods that are carried in a ship – विमान या जलपोत द्वारा ढोया जाने वाला माल;
  • Typhoon – violent storm – प्रचंड तूफान;
  • Devastating – that destroys something completely – विध्वंसकारी;
  • Trat – to drag behind – घसीटना;
  • Destruction – ruin – विनाश;
  • Unsteady – unstable – अस्थिर;
  • Accommodation – lodging – निवास;
  • Brewing – about to start – आरम्भ होने वाला;
  • Barometer – Instrument used for measuring atmospheric pressure – वायुमापी यंत्र;
  • Whipped – to move a person or an animal hard with a whip – कोड़े या, हंटर से किसी मनुष्य या जानवर को पीटना ;
  • Monster – giant – विशालकाय;
  • Trapped – to keep somebody in a dangerous place – किसी को खतरनाक जगह में फंसा कर रखना;
  • Alarmingly – surprisingly – खतरे की सूचना;
  • Shuddered – trembled with horror – काँप उठना;
  • Veered – changed direction – दिशा बदलना;
  • Buffet – to knock or push in a rough way from side to side – दोनों ओर धक्का देना;
  • Hurled – fling with violence – उछालना;
  • Pour – to rain heavily- जोरदार वर्षा करना;
  • Imperative – urgent – अनिवार्य;
  • Panic – sudden feeling of fear – अचानक भयभीत हो जाना;
  • Wobbly-moving unsteady – लड़खडाना;
  • Expose – uncover – प्रकट करना;
  • Battering – to hard somebody many times – बार – बार जोर से प्रहार करना;
  • Turbulent – disorderly – विक्षोभपूर्ण;
  • Soothe – calm – शांत


Essay on A Trip With My Family

Students are often asked to write an essay on A Trip With My Family in their schools and colleges. And if you’re also looking for the same, we have created 100-word, 250-word, and 500-word essays on the topic.

Let’s take a look…

100 Words Essay on A Trip With My Family

Planning the trip.

My family and I planned a trip to the beach last summer. We packed our bags with essentials like swimsuits, sunscreen, and snacks.

The Journey

We drove down the scenic route, singing songs and playing games. The journey was as fun as the destination itself!

At The Beach

We built sandcastles, played volleyball, and swam in the sea. The salty air and the sound of waves were relaxing.

Returning Home

As the sun set, we packed up and headed home. Tired but happy, we promised to plan more such trips.

250 Words Essay on A Trip With My Family


Family trips are an opportunity to create lasting memories and strengthen familial bonds. Last summer, I embarked on an unforgettable journey with my loved ones that not only brought us closer but also broadened our horizons.

Our destination was a quaint village tucked away in the heart of the mountains. The journey was as enchanting as the destination itself. As we drove through winding roads, the panoramic views of the lush green valleys and towering peaks were a sight to behold.

Experiences and Learning

The village was a treasure trove of culture and tradition. We spent our days exploring the local markets, tasting exotic foods, and interacting with the warm, hospitable locals. The trip was a stark reminder of the simplicity and serenity that is often lost in the hustle of city life.

Strengthening Bonds

The evenings were spent around a bonfire, sharing stories, and playing games. These were the moments that strengthened our bonds. Without the distractions of technology, we were able to truly connect with each other.

As we headed back, our hearts were filled with a sense of contentment and a newfound appreciation for our roots. The trip was a testament to the fact that the journey is indeed more important than the destination. It was not just a trip, but a journey of self-discovery and familial bonding.

500 Words Essay on A Trip With My Family

Traveling is an integral part of human life, and it becomes even more valuable when shared with loved ones. A journey with my family is a memory that I always cherish. It’s a beautiful amalgamation of shared experiences, learning, and bonding. This essay narrates one such trip with my family, an experience that was both enriching and enlightening.

The Destination

Our destination was the picturesque town of Shimla, nestled in the Himalayan foothills. Known for its colonial architecture, historic temples, and panoramic views, Shimla is a place that promises a blend of cultural wealth and natural beauty. The decision to visit this town was driven by its historical significance and the opportunity to experience a different climate.

The journey to Shimla was as exciting as the destination itself. We chose to travel by train to enjoy the scenic landscapes. The train chugged through verdant fields, bustling towns, and winding rivers, offering us a glimpse into the diverse Indian landscape. The journey was a lesson in patience and adaptability, with unexpected delays and changing weather conditions.

Exploring Shimla

Upon arrival, the cool mountain air and the sight of snow-capped peaks welcomed us. We visited the famous Christ Church, an architectural marvel of the colonial era, and the bustling Mall Road, the heart of Shimla. The Jakhu Temple, perched atop a hill, provided a panoramic view of the town. Each place was a lesson in history, culture, and architecture, broadening our understanding of the world around us.

Family Bonding

The trip was also an opportunity for family bonding. Away from the daily grind, we spent quality time together, playing games, sharing stories, and exploring new places. The shared experiences brought us closer and strengthened our family bond. It was a reminder of the importance of family in our lives and the joy of shared experiences.

Lessons Learned

The trip was not just about sightseeing; it was also about learning. It taught us the importance of adaptability, patience, and understanding. We learned to appreciate different cultures and respect their traditions. We learned the value of time spent together as a family, away from the distractions of daily life. It was a reminder of the beauty of our planet and the importance of preserving it for future generations.

In conclusion, the trip with my family to Shimla was a memorable experience. It was a journey of discovery, learning, and bonding. It taught us valuable lessons about life, culture, and nature. It reinforced the importance of family and the joy of shared experiences. As I look back, I cherish the memories and look forward to more such journeys with my family. After all, life is a journey best enjoyed with loved ones by your side.

That’s it! I hope the essay helped you.

If you’re looking for more, here are essays on other interesting topics:

  • Essay on My Family is My Strength
  • Essay on My Family
  • Essay on My Classroom

Apart from these, you can look at all the essays by clicking here .

Happy studying!

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Tell about Chikmagalur in Kan with family feeling

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A Boat Journey Paragraph for Class 6 [Latest & Unique]

A Boat Journey Paragraph: A boat journey is an exciting time that we spend with our family, friends and loved ones. A Boat Journey can be on a lake, river or sea (near the shore). Irrespective of that, each boat journey is uniquely adventurous and provides a different kind of enjoyment.

A Boat Journey Paragraph

A Boat journey is also a learning experience. We either have to peddle or row the boat away from the bank. As we move away from the land and encounter waves, we learn the lessons that life is full of challenges and no path in life is a straight path. A boat journey can also teach us about marine life and its beauty.

Class 6 Students are often required to write A Boat Journey Paragraph in English as a part of the school curriculum. Thus, in this article, we provide you with numerous ‘A Boat Journey Paragraph for Class 6’ to help you write your own A Boat Journey Paragraph.

A Boat Journey Paragraph #1

A Boat Journey Paragraph is as follows

One summer, my parents took me to Kashmir for vacation. At first, I was not interested. But as we arrived in the valley, we went to the Dal Lake and I was mesmerised by the scenic beauty. The lake was surrounded by huge mountains that give it a scenic view. We sat on a Shikara, a traditional covered boat of Kashmir, and took a ride on the lake. It was truly a fascinating experience which almost seemed surreal. A lake with chilled water surrounded by tall and intimidating mountains gave me goosebumps. The rower of the shikara sang traditional Kashmiri songs and also gave some traditional kahva to us. He told us the history and some truly moving stories about the lake. We stopped by a restaurant on the shore and had some Kashmiri food and tea. While returning from the lake, I said to myself, “I have seen what heaven looks like”.

A Boat Journey Paragraph

A Boat Journey Paragraph #2

I used to view Boat journeys as just another boat ride. However, that changed when I, along with my cousins went for a Boat Journey in Kerala. My father booked a houseboat with two rooms for a two-day long journey in Alleppey along its iconic backwaters. It was a mesmerizing experience to stay in a houseboat for two days. The boat had all the amenities and a cook who cooked food along the journey. We were surrounded by lush green mangrove forests that gave us a scenic view all along the journey. At night, we could hear the sound of various animals in the forest. The calmness of the water, especially during the night, was soothing for our souls. We stooped in the middle of the journey to get a glimpse of the local life and culture, and also to try some traditional Malyali delicacies. The journey was so enjoyable that as it neared its end, I got extremely sad. It was truly a soothing and exciting journey.

A Boat Journey Paragraph

A Boat Journey Paragraph #3

Hailing from the city of Mumbai, I always wanted to have a boat ride along the shores of the city. One day, my father asked me to accompany him on a boat ride. I was extremely excited as it was my first boat ride. The ride began near the Gateway of India and had many passengers. The weather was turbulent that day and the boat started to encounter waves that the boatman said were stronger than usual. I was nervous but nonetheless felt secure with my father. To distract ourselves, we passengers started to talk to each other, and in the process, we made quite a few friends. The waves, however, became stronger and soon we could feel the bumps caused by the waves. But that didn’t stop the fun everyone was having on the boat as if they knew that everything will be fine. The waves slowed down and we reached the shore safely.

A Boat Journey Paragraph

A Boat Journey Paragraph #4

The holy river Ganga runs right through the middle of my city. I and my elder brother recently got to know about a boat club that opened in our city. He wanted both of us to go and check out what was there. As we reached there the next day, we hired a boat that we were required to row up to a certain point. We both had never done this before but nonetheless attempted it. But after ten minutes, we didn’t have the strength to row any further. So we stopped at the bank of the river and stepped out to see the local village. We met someone who was ready to row our boat to the next station. All along the way, he told us about the local folktales, gods, beliefs and culture. It was a fascinating experience which made us realise the diversity of our country. We reached the station and gave him some money for his help.

A Boat Journey Paragraph

A Boat Journey Paragraph #5

One day my father told me a tale about an incident in which he was stuck at a hill station during a camping expedition. To escape the town that was cut off due to a landslide, he, along with his friends, bought a boat from a local seller and risked his life to travel to another city along the river. It was an arduous journey in which he saw many challenges and nearly damaged their boat. The journey took 3 hours during which he encountered huge waves. But his courage made him determined to reach a safe city and return home. The journey involved so much risk that I got goosebumps as my father was narrating the story.

A Boat Journey Paragraph

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a sea journey essay for class 7

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A Journey by Train Essay | Short & Long Essays for Students

A Journey by Train Essay in English: In this article, you are going to learn how to write an essay on a journey by train in English. We’ve provided both long and short essays here. So, let’s begin.

A Journey by Train Essay/Paragraph

During last summer vacation, I went on a family trip to Puri with my family. This was my first long journey by train. We reached the Howrah railway station with all our luggage quite early. The train departed from Howrah at around 9 o’clock in the morning. When I looked outside everything was running behind, I loved that scene. The train was moving quite fast. The whole train was crowded.

After boarding, we had our breakfast. I always prefer a window seat, because I can enjoy beautiful nature from there. I was impressed by the beauty of the landscape. Watching the beautiful natural scenes outside gave me extreme happiness. The train finally reached the Puri station at 6 o’clock in the evening. It was an exciting train journey.

Essay on A Journey by Train

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Short Essay on A Journey by Train

Train journeys are always very exciting. We get to meet a lot of new people. Two weeks back had a train journey. The name of the train was Howrah-Dhanbad Black Diamond Express. My destination was Asansol. The train departed from Howrah around 6.40 in the morning. The weather was pleasant and I took a window seat.

Most of the passengers inside the train compartment were either reading a newspaper or sleeping. I started reading one of my favourite novels. The constant yelling of the hawkers forced me to close the book and look out of the window. Around 8.30 in the morning I bought a cup of coffee and a packet of biscuits from a hawker. Having small sips in the coffee concentrated on the visuals and images that changed rapidly outside the train compartment.

I noticed that concrete jungle have paved its way to lush green fields and ponds with trees surrounding them. Farmers were tilling children were going to school through the mud track. The ambiance outside was serene and in complete contrast with the atmosphere inside the train.

A Journey by Train Essay

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Once I read a poem. I still remember some of  its lines as follows:

“All of the sights of the hill and the plain Fly as thick as driving rain; And ever again, in the wink of an eye Painted stations whistle by.” (From A Railway Carriage-RL Stevenson)

A journey by a speeding train is an exciting experience. The modern age seems to be obsessed with speed. So people prefer to travel by the railways than by road.

Description of the Journey:

One day, my father announced that we were going to visit Shantiniketan during the winter holidays. I was simply thrilled. On the scheduled day, we reached Howrah station in the morning. The Shantiniketan Express stood majestically at the platform. The station was humming with the din and bustle. There were rings of people before the ticket counters. We entered a compartment and settled down for the journey. I managed a seat beside a window. Soon the signal was green at the far end of the platform. Within a minute, the train began to move. We glided out of the station. Then it picked up speed.

As the train thundered on, I surrendered my ears to the rattle of the train wheels. They were making rickety-rackety sounds when they rolled over the tracks. I looked outside through the window to get a view of the Nature outside. The train was passing by harvested fields, meadows, brooklets, and small ponds. Through the window, the world outside looked like a motion picture. Everything looked very bright and pleasant in the morning sunshine.

I looked about my compartment. Father was flipping through a magazine. Mother was chatting with an elderly couple. The hawkers and vendors were selling various foodstuffs. A beggar was singing a song while begging. In the meantime, the train reached at Guskara station. After half an hour it reached Bolpur.

My Feelings:

I got spellbound to see the fantastic wild beauty of nature through the window. The greatness of God manifested in nature’s creations. I remembered some lines of a poem-

“The true pleasing spirits sight’s That may breed true love’s delights” (Nicholas Breton)

The breeze was gentle, fresh, glorious, and a pleasure to breathe. It was pouring into our compartment from outside. I sometimes lost my sense of individuality and seemed to expand through the window. Thus, I wanted to establish a magical link with nature.


Thus ended my first train journey. This journey was so pleasant that l experienced an intense high.

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August 29, 2022

Journey by Bus Essay – Suitable For All Class

Journey by Bus Essay

Essay on A Journey by Bus-1

Journey by Bus Essay – Normally, we most of the time believe that, as far as sightseeing is concerned, a journey by boat is the most pleasurable, because such a journey generally allows us to enjoy the natural scenery with ease of mind. But a journey is concerned more with feeling than with observation. And much can be enjoyed and felt when a sense of motion is combined with the process of observation and enjoyment. The dimension of motion, indeed, can add new elements of pleasure to a journey. Looked at from this angle of view, a journey by bus can be thought of as a source of immense pleasure and experience. And undoubtedly it is. Now I would like to give a specific account of such a journey I took several months ago.

It was the month of Agrahayan. We decided to go to my maternal uncle’s home at Bagerhat from Rupsha.

Instead of going there by train, as usual, we this time decided to enjoy a different experience of going there by bus. It will be a good journey, we thought and will be enjoyable, therefore. We bought four tickets for a luxury bus service. One morning my parents, my younger sister and I set out for the journey.

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Our bus started for Bagerhat at nine O’clock in the morning. It was a bright sunny morning. Our bus was running along the well-paved smooth road at an alarming speed.

Speed gives man a different type of pleasure—a mixed feeling of adventure, smoothness, tension, and briskness.

In the beginning, I was afraid suspecting any danger that might be caused by the horrible speed at which the bus was running. But after some time I was accustomed to it. Not only that, I must frankly say that the speed was giving me some amount of intoxication. I got a seat by the window. So I could easily see things on one side of the road. On each side of the road there were thousands of trees of various kinds so close to one another that their shadows covered the entire road. It seemed to me that all those trees, houses, fences and other things that stood on each side of the road were all moving backward. I could not look at anything for long. But that was no regret of mine . Taking a mere birds eye view of many things at a time, especially of natural scenery, gives much pleasure.

All the way I enjoyed my time. There was natural scenery; there was music as well as songs. All seemed very interesting to me because seldom had I taken such a journey before.

We reached our destination at 2 p.m. On reaching Bagerhat, I though I would find a seat by the window of the other side during our return journey.

Essay on A Journey by Bus-2

Topic: (Introduction, Occasion, and preparation, Description, Destination, Conclusion)

Many vehicles are the invention of modern science. The bus is one of the gifts of science. Nowadays, a bus journey is an enjoyable and comfortable experience. It is always a pleasure for human beings.

We live in the port city of Chittagong. Nowadays we feel bored in the noisy atmosphere of the town. We want to enjoy the pleasures for a while and we have decided to spend a weekend in a pleasant surrounding for a change. One of my friends proposed to us to go to Cox’s Bazar for the pleasure trip.

We four friends, with the permission of our guardians, booked ourselves for the trip. On the fixed day, we reached the bus terminal at 7 a.m. The bus would start there at 7.30 a.m. The passengers were limited. We got comfortable seats.

The time was the summer vacation. The weather of the day was suitable for our journey. The bus started punctually. We crossed the Shankha Bridge’. Then our bus began to run through rural areas. We enjoyed the charming scenery of the paddy fields in the country-side. The bus ran at a stretch without stopping for about two hours. Then it stopped at Amirabad. There was a restaurant by the wayside. We took some light tiffin and all the passengers also took their tiffin. Then the bus started again at full speed. Sometimes we had pleasant talks with our fellow passengers. There were several passengers of our age. They sat beside us. Some of the passengers were sleeping and some of them were busy reading newspapers or magazines. But the natural beauty was so attractive and charming that I could not turn (take) my eyes away from it.

At about 11.30 a.m. we reached our destination, Cox’s Bazar. The bus finally stopped. We got down from the bus. The Bay of Bengal and the beautiful sea-beach came into view.

Thus our journey by bus came to an end. To me, that journey is an unforgettable experience in my life. In fact, it was a pleasant and enjoyable journey for me. It will remain ever fresh in my memory.

Essay on A Journey by Bus-3

Introduction: Bus is a wonderful invention of science and technology. On many an occasion, I made a journey by bus. The journey I am going to describe is an exceptional one.

Occasion : I had no definite or particular occasion to make this journey. One day while I was amidst a gossiping with some of my friends, one of them put up the case of a divine Fakir named Azahar. He talked much about his miracles and fakirism on credit. I made up my mind to visit there. At an auspicious hour on Saturday, 2003 I went to Postagola Bridge over the Buriganga. The bus staff was shouting Fakir Bari. It was an Isapura bound bus. I got into it and somehow managed my seat by the window. I had never gone there through this route,

Description of the journey: With the signal, the bus started slowly, I kept casting my eyes at the things through the window. The zigzag road runs through the villages up to Isapura, my destination, and the bus ran along it at a speed of not less than 30 km per hour. The trees, houses, fields, markets and all seemed to be running backward. When the bus was on the bridge, the houses below it looked little. Many land vehicles were running along the rugged road from the opposite direction. The bus, where was loaded with mostly unknown passengers. The hawkers in the bus attracted the passengers’ attention towards their hawking goods. Some passengers bought goods from them. With a very dramatic art, each hawker appeared before the passengers. I could not help buying two pieces of chocolates. When the bus stopped at the stoppages, a few hawkers were hawking goods. They flattered many lady passengers with a dramatic shouting.

Scene outside the bus : I saw many things outside the bus. I saw men and women working together in the field. Children and young boys were seen bathing, swimming and playing hide and trick in the water. Cowboys were tending cattle. The day was sunny. The whole field was full of green grains. I saw a brick-field beside the road through which the bus was going/running. So far as I could collect data that all passengers would go to Isapura.

In the bus : The bus danced up and downplaying along the ragged and zigzag road. In the bus, some passengers were killing time in reading newspapers, magazines, and periodicals. Some passengers were gossiping, some were under the soporific influence, some were vomiting etc.

A heart-rending sight : Suddenly the bus stopped and the driver got down. To our surprise, we looked through the window. There was a small gathering of the crowd a little far ahead. I went there with some other passengers. I saw a capsized truck beside the road and à dead body lying mashed on the heap of blood. He was a van puller. The scene was very heart-rending. When our driver found a scope he drove the bus. The bus went on running towards its destination. The bus took a turn to the left. We saw a vast potato field around us. The green leaves of potatoes looked greener. It charmed us very much. The bus crossed the potato field and there was our destination.

Destination: W e also saw many patients on the way to Fakir Bari. When the bus stopped, we got down. And thus my bus. journey came to an end.

Conclusion: A journey by bus is both interesting and pleasing. It is not so costly. It is the speedy vehicle on the land. People can go to their goals so easily by bus. It is a blessing of science. However, the impact of the journey will remain ever fresh in my mind.

a sea journey essay for class 7

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a sea journey essay for class 7

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a sea journey essay for class 7

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A Journey by Train Essay

The shrill whistle of the train is all that needs to straighten one up, and for many, travelling by train brings many strong memories. Any journey is sure to brighten up our day, but a train journey will indeed fill us with excitement and adventure. Whether short or long, train journeys have a special place in our hearts, and they will never leave you bored but instead make you crave more.

To get you started on a journey by train essay in English, we have compiled a beautiful one for your reference. It would be easier for you to write an essay on a journey by train with this sample essay.

A Journey by Train Essay

Experience of a Journey by Train

As a young kid, I usually jumped with enthusiasm whenever my parents planned a trip, as I loved travelling, especially by train. My journeys by train were always comfortable and unforgettable. I always looked forward to my vacations because that was the time when I got to visit my father’s ancestral home located in a remote village. Due to my father’s job, we were stationed in a town, and it was during my 10-day vacation that I was able to journey by train to meet my grandparents.

Normally, we start early in the morning as our train will leave at 7.30 am from Hasanpura station. Inside the train station, many porters circled my parents, demanding to carry our luggage. But we used to get past them to reach our platform and wait for a few minutes before the train arrived. Nonetheless, the wait is not dull as I get to observe many people around and listen to their chitter-chatter.

We kept our bags ready as we heard the announcement of the train arriving. After boarding the train and sitting near the window, I heard the station master blow the whistle and wave the green flag. Slowly, the train started moving, and once it left the platform, it sped up. From here begins my joyous ride on the train. The most exciting part of my train journey was the number of vendors that passed our berths, where I could eat some delicious snacks and buy some colouring books. The seat was spacious, and yet I jumped to the top berth to enjoy colouring or get a good sleep.

After some time, I sat by the window and took in the beautiful sights of the village. With blooming trees and working people on the fields, it was truly an attractive sight outside. If I were to travel by car or bus, I wouldn’t have been able to see these wonderful places as I easily became travel sick. But a journey by train enables me to enjoy each moment and experience.

Moral of the Essay

Even though we like all sorts of travel, it is the journey by train that makes it special. We would be able to feel nature at its best and interact with people from different backgrounds while travelling on a train. A journey by train essay for kids would undoubtedly enable them to think about their unique train journey experiences and help them to identify which aspect of the journey interests them more.

Explore more essays and other kid-friendly resources on BYJU’S website to make kids’ learning fun.

Are train journeys more comfortable than other means of transport?

Yes. Train journeys offer you the maximum comfort where you have the provision for sitting, standing or lying down. You can also move around freely, and there are convenient sleeping berths to relax.

Is it possible to carry our food while travelling on a train?

Indeed, trains allow you to pack your food and have it on the way to your destination. Also, many hawkers sell candies and snacks on the train as well as deliver food parcels. It is completely safe to buy from them.

How can we book tickets for a train journey?

It is wise to book your tickets at least 3 months in advance of your planned journey. You can either check online for tickets or visit the ticket counter at your nearest station.

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a sea journey essay for class 7

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Essay on A Journey by Train in English for Children

a sea journey essay for class 7

Table of Contents

Essay on A Journey by Train: Train journeys are quite exciting and interesting experiences. A journey by train is not only fascinating but also comfortable and economical for long distances. I have had the pleasure of traveling to several places by train, and these journeys have given me some of the best memories of my life. They have been the most relaxing and thrilling experiences one can have.

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Watching villages, cultures, and houses pass by as you speed across the countryside has always piqued my curiosity for better. It’s truly fascinating how a train journey can enhance your knowledge about cultures, regions, languages, and cuisines. The journey is like reading a captivating book that has all the ingredients to keep you entertained until you reach your destination.

One significant advantage of a journey by train is that it provides an excellent opportunity to interact with people from completely different ethnicities and linguistic backgrounds. The diversity of passengers on a train is like a Railway Journey Narrative in itself, where you can learn from the stories and experiences of your fellow travelers.

Long and Short Essay on A Journey by Train in English

Below we have provided long and short essay on ‘A Journey by Train’ of varying lengths in English.

These ‘A Journey by Train’ essay will take you through the experiences of a train journey and their advantages.

They will also prove helpful to help you with the topic in your exam.

You can select any A Journey by Train Essay as per your interest like essay on a journey by train 100 words, essay on a journey by train 100 words essay on my first train journey in 200 words and present it in your class, essay writing or debate competitions.

Short Essay on a Journey by Train Essay 1 (100 words)

Train journeys are both exciting and memorable. My first train journey was when I was in the 2nd standard, traveling to my aunt’s wedding in Dehradun. It was a night journey, and we boarded the train with eager anticipation. With family and relatives, the journey was filled with laughter, games, and delicious train food.

As morning broke, I gazed out of the window, captivated by the picturesque scenery. The lush green fields, the rising sun, and the distant hills created a mesmerizing view. This train journey left an indelible mark on my memory, combining the joy of travel with the beauty of nature.

Short Essay on ‘A Journey by Train’ – Essay 2 (200 words)

Short essay on ‘a journey by train’ – essay 1 (200 words).

Train journeys are super fun, especially when traveling by train with a group of friends. One of my most memorable journeys by train was my journey from Delhi to Jaipur. It was a school trip, and we were all really excited about it. We had numerous plans for the trip and were especially looking forward to having a great time on our way.

We all reached the railway station by 6 in the morning, and the train ride started within a few minutes. I occupied the window seat to see the view outside. The view of the green fields, muddy roads, and huts on the way was delightful. My best friend sat beside me, and we chatted as we looked outside.

Soon, it was time for breakfast. I loved the cutlets and bread served on the train. We also had hot tomato soup after having a plate of bread and cutlets. After breakfast, we all decided to play antakshari . Playing antakshari in large groups is always fun. Our teachers also joined us, thereby adding to the fun. We played antakshari for the rest of the journey, and before we even knew it, we had reached our destination. It was a great experience. The company of my friends made this train journey all the more gleeful.

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Essay on ‘A Journey by Train to Shimla’ – Essay 3 (300 words)

Train journeys hold a unique charm, especially when they lead to enchanting destinations like Shimla. However, what makes the journey even more captivating is the special toy train that runs from Kalka to Shimla, winding through breathtaking landscapes. A trip to Shimla remains incomplete without experiencing this iconic train ride. Thus, we planned our Shimla trip well in advance and secured our tickets for this much-talked-about train journey.

Our Journey to Shimla by Toy Train

During last year’s autumn break, we embarked on a memorable journey to Shimla. We began our travel by bus to Kalka, the starting point of our adventure with the toy train. Initially, I expected it to be just another train journey, offering glimpses of mountains and valleys. However, it turned out to be an exhilarating and extraordinary experience. Throughout our journey, we found ourselves immersed in the lap of nature, not merely observing the mountains, valleys, and lush greenery, but feeling like an integral part of this natural wonder as the train gracefully traversed the mountains.

Spanning a duration of 5-6 hours, this journey was filled with thrills and excitement. The route featured a multitude of tunnels and bridges that added to the allure. There were more than 100 tunnels and approximately 800 bridges along the route. I remained glued to the window seat, relishing the splendid vistas outside. At one point, the train made a brief stop at a quaint station, affording us a brief ten-minute break to explore.

Throughout the journey, my parents and brother shared in my delight, finding it as enjoyable as I did. We chose the same train for our return journey, unwilling to miss out on a second opportunity to savor this captivating experience.

Undoubtedly, this train journey stands out as the most remarkable one in my life. My deep love for nature made this journey even more special. I sincerely hope for a chance to traverse this enchanting route once more, as it left an indelible mark on my heart.

Essay on ‘My First Train Journey’ – Essay4 (400 words)

My First Train Journey

My very first train journey was an unforgettable experience that I embarked on when I was in the 2nd standard. It was a special trip to attend my maternal aunt’s wedding in Dehradun. As soon as the news of the wedding spread, excitement and joy filled our home. My mother began planning her outfits, while my father organized our travel arrangements. We decided to travel by train, accompanied by a few relatives, marking my maiden voyage on a train.

Planning the Train Journey

Train journeys require meticulous planning for a smooth and enjoyable trip. My parents carefully studied the available trains on our route to select the most convenient option. We booked our tickets well in advance, packed our bags, and ensured that all necessary arrangements were in place for our journey.

The Journey Begins

Our train journey commenced as a night voyage. We arrived at the railway station on time, settled into our seats, and, within a few minutes, the train began its journey.

Fun on the Way

As we greeted our relatives and settled in for the long journey, there was an air of excitement. Many of us hadn’t seen each other in months, so there was plenty to catch up on. I sat with my cousins, and we eagerly planned to make the most of this train journey. They had brought along board games, and we engaged in an entertaining one.

After a few rounds of the game, it was time for dinner. The food served on the train was surprisingly delectable. Following dinner, I found a cozy spot by the window. Despite the darkness of the night, I enjoyed the rhythmic sounds of the moving train, a novel experience for me.

As everyone finished their meals, we decided to play antakshari . Our relatives enthusiastically joined in, and we sang songs and played antakshari for an hour before it was time to rest.

A Scenic Morning

The next morning, I awoke early and was greeted by a stunning view outside the window. The lush green fields, the rising sun, the distant hills, and the charming huts along the way — everything appeared exceptionally beautiful. This scenic morning view was the highlight of my train journey.

In hindsight, my first train journey was incredibly exciting and fascinating. I cherished every moment of it, and the delightful company of my cousins added an extra layer of enjoyment to the experience.

Long Essay on Journey by Train

Essay on ‘a memorable journey by train’ – essay 4 (500 words).


I have gone on many train journeys with my family as well as friends. Travelling by train is comfortable and enjoyable. I always prefer train journeys over road trips for the experience they offer. I have made great memories on these trips. While I have enjoyed all my train journeys, my train travel from Delhi to Goa is the closest to my heart.

Journey from Delhi to Goa

I went for a trip to Goa with my classmates when I was in seventh standard. The trip was planned by the school. After much persuasion, my parents agreed to send me on the trip. Most of my friends also got the consent from their parents. We planned to do a lot of fun things on the trip.

Besides, site-seeing and having fun with friends on the trip, I was also excited about the train journey. The train journey from Delhi to Goa was for around one and a half day. This was the longest journey I had ever gone on. I was really looking forward to it.

My parents dropped me to the station. They were a bit anxious as this was the first time I was travelling so far without them. My mother gave me last minute instructions and I nodded obediently as I eagerly awaited the train. We left from Delhi at around 5 in the evening. I sat by the window with one of my friends by my side.

Travelling with Friends

Travelling with friends is always fun. I had been to Jaipur, Nanital and Shimla with my friends. All these trips were planned by our school. We travelled by train on all these trips and had a lot of fun on the way but none of them involved so much travelling. Most of these were overnight journeys. But on our trip to Goa we spent one night and one and a half day in the train.

I kept sitting by the window for the first two-three hours of the journey. I loved the view outside. As it started getting dark, I joined my friends who were playing dumb charades. We kept playing this game until it was time for dinner. After having our dinner, we chatted until late night. We shared our experiences, narrated interesting stories and mimicked our teachers. It was all great fun. I slept comfortably at night and woke up late.

The breakfast was served almost immediately after I woke up. After having the breakfast, I went and stood by the train door which was half opened. The view outside was beautiful. I love nature and I can watch the trees, hills and the water bodies for hours. It soothes and pleases my senses and offers a delightful experience.

I kept standing there for a long time. One of my friends joined me there. We enjoyed the view and spoke about our love for travelling and nature. During the rest of the day, we played games, had food and chatted with each other. We reached Goa at around 11 at night.

This train journey was an awesome experience. I enjoyed it thoroughly and made several beautiful memories on the way.

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Long Essay on ‘A Journey by Train’ – Essay 5 (600 words)

Train journeys are economical, comfortable and fascinating. It is a complete experience in itself. While travelling by train, I am not eager to reach the destination, I rather enjoy each moment of the journey. I have made many friends during my train journeys and had several new experiences.

Advantages of Journey by Train

Train journeys offer numerous advantages. Some of these advantages are shared below:

  • One of the main advantages of train journey is the comfort and convenience it offers. Unlike cars, buses and aeroplanes, you have the option to lie down and sleep while travelling by train. Overnight journey by train is thus much more convenient compared to that by car or bus. One can sleep comfortably through the night and wake up fresh.
  • There is no restriction on the luggage. One can carry as much luggage as he wants while travelling via train unlike the aeroplanes where a limit is set for the same.
  • Trains have washrooms that make long journeys more convenient.
  • One can study or work comfortably on a laptop during train journey. Thus, the time spent in travelling can be put to productive use.
  • Trains are quite economical as compared to cabs and aeroplanes. One can travel long distance at a nominal cost.

Disadvantages of Journey by Train

While train journeys offer a number of advantages, there are certain disadvantages attached to them too. Here is a look at these disadvantages:

  • One of the biggest disadvantages of travelling by train is that one needs to plan the trip and get the tickets booked days before the journey. This is quite unlike travelling by car or bus wherein one can plan the trip and get going even the next day.
  • Booking the ticket can be quite taxing. People who go to the railway station to book the tickets need to stand in the queue for hours. Booking train tickets online is also quite time consuming as the railway booking site sometimes get quite slow due to increased traffic.
  • Though the trains have washrooms and restrooms, these are not as clean and hygienic as they should be.
  • Trains often get delayed due to different reasons. This can be quite annoying and exhausting.
  • Compared to aeroplanes, travel time taken by trains is much higher. It is not a good option for those who need to reach somewhere urgently.

My Train Journey Experience

I have been on many train journeys since my childhood. I have gone to Mount Abu, Udaipur, Varanasi, Shimla, Chandigarh, Lucknow, Bombay and many other places with family, friends and relatives. I have travelled to most of these places by train. What I love most about train journeys is the view outside. I love to sit by the window and watch the natural surroundings that come by during the journey. I often take a novel along as I love reading while travelling.

Train journeys become all the more fun when we are travelling in groups. There are so many fun things to do on the way. We crack jokes, sing songs, play games and chit chat for hours during the journey. We also get a chance to meet new people. It feels great when we meet like-minded people on our way. It makes the trip quite enjoyable. There is so much to talk about and share. I have made quite a few friends during my train journeys.

Train journeys have their set of advantages and disadvantages. While planning ahead, booking tickets and strict train schedules can be a put off; comfortable travel and good utilization of time are some of the advantages it offers. I have been on several train journeys and I really look forward to them.

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Frequently Asked Question on Essay on Journey by Train

How do you write a train journey.

To write about a train journey, vividly describe the sights, sounds, and emotions experienced during the trip. Begin with an engaging introduction, narrate the journey's details, and use descriptive language to engage your readers. Share personal anecdotes or reflections to make your account unique and relatable.

How do you write a journey by train essay?

Crafting a journey by train essay involves structuring your narrative. Start with an introduction, set the scene, and introduce any characters or events. Describe the journey, including scenery and experiences, and reflect on its significance or impact. Conclude by summarizing your thoughts and feelings.

What is a journey by train called?

A journey by train is commonly referred to as a train journey or simply traveling by train. It encompasses the experience of traveling on a train, often involving scenic views, interactions with fellow passengers, and the unique ambiance of train travel.

Is it travel by train or by train?

Both travel by train and by train are grammatically correct. You can use either phrase based on your preference. For example, you can say, I prefer to travel by train or I enjoy the experience of traveling by train.

Why should we travel by train?

Traveling by train offers several advantages. It's an eco-friendly mode of transportation, reducing carbon emissions. Trains are often cost-effective, comfortable, and allow passengers to appreciate scenic routes. Additionally, train travel can be less stressful than other modes, as it avoids issues like traffic congestion.

How was your first train journey?

My first train journey was a memorable experience filled with excitement. Traveling with my family, I marveled at the changing landscapes, relished train food, and enjoyed the camaraderie of fellow passengers. The rhythmic sounds of the train and the anticipation of the destination made it an unforgettable adventure.

Do we say travel by bus?

Yes, you can say travel by bus to describe a journey on a bus. It's a common and straightforward way to express the mode of transportation, indicating that you are using a bus as your means of travel.

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