How to Make a 5 Minute Presentation with 30 Topic Ideas in 2024

How to Make a 5 Minute Presentation with 30 Topic Ideas in 2024

Leah Nguyen • 27 Oct 2023 • 9 min read

So, how to make a 5 minute presentation ? What should I cram into my presentation? Is it okay if I cut this out? What information is valuable to the audience? 

The struggle is real, guys. The five-minute presentation, though intriguing to your audience (no one likes to sit through a one-hour-feels-like-a-decade kind of talk), is a nuisance when you have to decide what to cut and what to put in. It may seem like everything happens in a blink of an eye.  

The clock is ticking, but you can keep your panic attack at bay with our step-by-step guide with free topics and examples. Get the full lowdown on how make 5 minute presentation for a team meeting, college class, sales pitch, or wherever else you need it! So, let’s check out 5-minute presentation samples!

Table of Contents

  • Present better with AhaSlides
  • 5-Minute Presentation Topic List
  • How to Make a 5-Minute Presentation
  • 5 Common Mistakes

5-Minute Presentation Examples

Present better with ahaslides.

  • Types of Presentation
  • 10 20 30 Rule Presentations
  • Best 5 Webinar Platforms in 2023
  • Top 10 Office games
  • 95++ Fun questions to ask students
  • 115++ Ice breaker questions
  • Better Engagement by Fun Brainstorm Tools like AhaSlides  Word Cloud
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5 Minute Presentation Ideas

How to make a 5-Minute Presentation? What are the best topics for a 5-minute oral presentation? Ignite the sparkle in the eyes of the audience with this 5-minute presentation topics list.

  • The danger of cyberbullying
  • Freelancing under the gig economy
  • Fast fashion and its environmental impacts
  • How podcast has evolved
  • Dystopian society in George Orwell’s literature
  • Common health disorders you might have
  • What is aphasia?
  • Caffeine myths – are they real?
  • The perks of having a personality test
  • The rise and fall of Genghis Khan 
  • What happens to the brain when you’re in long-distance relationships?
  • Is it too late to care about the environment?
  • The consequences of relying on Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • The ways anxiety disorders disrupt our life
  • 6 economic terms you need to know 
  • Gods in Greek mythology versus Roman mythology
  • Origins of Kungfu
  • Ethics of genetic modification
  • The supernatural strength of cockroaches
  • Is social media detox necessary?
  • The history of the Silk Road
  • What is the world’s most dangerous disease in the 21st century?
  • Reasons to do self-journaling everyday
  • New trends in careers
  • Five reasons to get some quality time for yourself
  • The best food to cook when you’re in a hurry
  • How to order the best Starbucks drink ever
  • Ideas and practices that you follow and would like others to know about
  • 5 ways to make a pancake
  • Introduction to blockchain 

Alternative Text

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Get any of the above examples as templates. Sign up for free and take what you want from the template library!

Hope you’ve had abundant ideas for your 5-minute presentation topics. Before going way to deep of how to make a 5-minute presentation, together, let’s walk through tips for 10-minutes presentation one! With the clock starts running down, every single second counts, and you begin to sweat then how can you pull out a great 10 minutes presentation under that pressure?

In this video, we want to share with you how we overcome the challenge to create 10 minutes presentation structure. Hope you enjoy this video and find it helpful in preparing for your quick presentation! Let us know what you feel.

Bonus Video ▶ Going for 10 Minutes ?

If you feel like a 5-minute presentation would be too stifling, stretch it to 10! Here’s how to do that…

How to Make a 5-Minute Presentation?

Remember, less is more, except when it comes to ice cream. 

That’s why amid hundreds of methods to use, we’ve boiled it down into these four simple steps to make a killer 5-minute presentation.

Let’s jump right in!

#1 – Choose your topic  

Wooden blocks spelling the word topic with a on/off block at the start. Use a 5-minute presentation topic list to choose the right topic for your short presentation

How do you know if that topic is “the one” for you? For us, the right topic ticks everything on this checklist:

✅ Stick to one key point. It’s unlikely you’ll have time to address more than one topic, so limit yourself to one and don’t go over it! 

✅ Know your audience. You don’t want to waste time covering information they already know. Everyone knows 2 plus 2 is 4, so move on and never look back.

✅ Go with a simple topic. Again, explaining something that requires time should be off the checklist since you can’t cover it all.

✅ Don’t dwell on unfamiliar topics to minimise the time and effort you spend preparing the presentation. It should be something you already have on your mind.

Need some help finding the right topic for your short presentation? We’ve got 30 topics with different themes to captivate your audience.

#2 – Create your slides 

How many slides for a 5-minute presentation? Unlike the long presentation format in which you can have as many slides as you want, a five-minute presentation typically has significantly fewer slides. Because imagine each slide would take you roughly 40 seconds to 1 minute to go through, that’s already five slides in total. Not much to think about, eh? 

However, your slide count doesn’t matter more than the essence each slide contains. We know that it’s tempting to pack it full of text, but keep in mind that you should be the subject your audience focuses on, not a wall of text. 

Check these examples below.

Make the text bold to highlight important parts and use italics primarily to denote titles and the names of particular works or objects to allow that title or name to stand out from the surrounding sentence. The underlining text also helps draw attention to it, but it is most commonly used to represent a hyperlink on a webpage.

You obviously saw the second example and thought there’s no way you’re going to read through this on the big screen.

The point is this: keep slides straight, concise, and short, as you’ve got 5 minutes only. 99% of the info should come from your mouth.

When you’re keeping text minimal, don’t forget to befriend visuals , as they can be your best sidekicks. Startling statistics, infographics, short animations, pictures of whales, etc., all are great attention grabbers and help you sprinkle your unique trademark and personality on each slide. 

And how many words should be there in a 5-minute speech script? It mainly depends on the visuals or data you show in your slides and also your speech speed. However, a 5-minute speech is roughly 700 words long. 

Secret tip: Go the extra length by making your presentation interactive. You can add a live poll, Q&A section, or quiz that illustrates your points and leaves a lasting impression on the audience.

Get Interactive, Fast 🏃‍♀️

Make the most of your 5 minutes with a free interactive presentation tool!

#3 – Get the timing right

When you’re looking at this, we only have one thing to say: STOP PROCRASTINATING! For such a short presentation, there’s virtually no time for “ah”, “uh” or short pauses, because every moment counts. So, plan the timing of each section with military precision. 

How should it look? Check out the example below: 

  • 30 seconds on the introduction . And no more. If you spend too much time on the intro, your main part will have to be sacrificed, which is a no-no.
  • 1 minute on stating the problem . Tell the audience the problem you are trying to solve for them, i.e, what they are here for. 
  • 3 minutes on the solution . This is where you deliver the most essential info to the audience. Tell them what they need to know, not what is “nice to have”. For example, if you’re presenting how to make a cake, list each item’s ingredients or measurement, as that’s all essential information. However, additional information like icing and presentation is not essential and can be cut.
  • 30 seconds on the conclusion . This is where you reinforce your main points, wrap up and have a call to action.
  • You can end with a small Q&A .  Since it isn’t technically a part of the 5-minute presentation, you can take as much time as you want to answer the questions. 

How many times should you practice a 5-minute speech? To nail these timings down, make sure you practice religiously. A 5-minute presentation requires more practice than a regular one, as you won’t have as much wiggle room or chance for improvisation.

Also, don’t forget to check your equipment to ensure everything runs smoothly. When you’ve only got 5 minutes, you don’t want to waste any time fixing the mic,  presentation, or other equipment.

#4 – Deliver your presentation 

this picture describes a women who is delivering her 5 minute presentation in a confident manner

Imagine you’re watching an exciting video but it keeps.lagging.every.10.seconds. You’d be super annoyed, right? Well, so would your audience if you keep confusing them with abrupt, unnatural speech. 

It’s normal to feel pressured to talk because you feel every minute is precious. But crafting the convo in a way that makes the crowd understand the assignment is so much more important. 

Our first tip for delivering a great presentation is to practice flowing . From the introduction to the conclusion, every part needs to connect and link with each other like glue.

Go between the sections repeatedly (remember to set the timer). If there’s any part in which you feel the urge to speed up, then consider trimming it down or articulating it differently.

Our second tip is for reeling in the audience from the first sentence .

There are countless ways to start a presentation . You can get factual with a shocking, on-topic fact or mention a humorous quote that gets your audience laughing and melting away their (and your) tension.

Secret tip: Don’t know if your 5-minute presentation makes an impact? Use a feedback tool to collect the audience’s sentiment right away. It takes minimal effort, and you avoid losing valuable feedback along the way.

Use a feedback tool such as AhaSlides to collect the audience's sentiment right away.

5 Common Mistakes When Giving a 5-Minute Presentation

We overcome and adapt through trial and error, but it’s easier to avoid rookie mistakes if you know what they are👇

  • Going way past your allotted time slot. Since the 15 or 30-minute presentation format has long dominated the scene, keeping it brief is difficult. But unlike the long format, which gives you a bit of flexibility on time, the audience knows exactly what 5 minutes feels like and, therefore will expect you to condense the information within the time limit.
  • Having a decade-long introduction. Rookie mistake. Spending your precious time telling people who you are or what you’re going to do isn’t the best plan. As we said, we’ve got a bunch of beginning tips for you here . 
  • Don’t dedicate enough time to prepare. Most people skip the practice part since they think it’s 5 minutes, and they can quickly fill that up, which is an issue. If in a 30-minute presentation, you can get away with “filler” content, the 5-minute presentation doesn’t even allow you to pause for more than 10 seconds.    
  • Devote too much time explaining complicated concepts. A 5-minute presentation doesn’t have room for that. If one point you’re explaining needs to link to other points for further elaboration, it’s always a good idea to revise it and dig deeper into only one aspect of the topic.
  • Putting too many complex elements. When making a 30-minute presentation, you might add different elements, such as storytelling and animation, to keep the audience engaged. In a much shorter form, everything needs to be straight to the point, so choose your words or the transition carefully.

To help you grasp how to make a 5-minute presentation, check these short presentation examples, to nail any message!

William Kamkwamba: ‘How I Harnessed the Wind’ 

This TED Talk video presents the story of William Kamkwamba, an inventor from Malawi who, as a kid experiencing poverty, built a windmill to pump water and generate electricity for his village. Kamkwamba’s natural and straightforward storytelling was able to captivate the audience, and his usage of short pauses for people to laugh is also another great technique.

Susan V. Fisk: ‘The Importance of Being Concise’

This training video offers helpful tips for scientists to structure their talk to fit the “5 Minute Rapid” presentation format, which is also explained in 5 minutes. If you plan to create a “How-to” quick presentation, look at this example.

Jonathan Bell: ‘How to Create a Great Brand Name’

As the title refers to itself, the speaker Jonathan Bell will give you a step-by-step guide on how to create a lasting brand name. He gets straight to the point with his topic and then breaks it down into smaller components. A good example to learn from.

PACE Invoice: ‘5 Min Pitch at Startupbootcamp’

This video shows how PACE Invoice , a start-up specialising in multi-currency payment processing, was able to pitch its ideas to the investors clearly and concisely.

Will Stephen: ‘How to Sound Smart in Your TEDx Talk’

Using a humorous and creative approach, Will Stephen’s TEDx Talk guides people through the general skills of public speaking. A must-watch to craft your presentation into a masterpiece.

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There are pros and cons to giving a 5-minute presentation. One good thing is the length. Long presentations can easily become boring, and you have a much better chance of keeping your audience engaged from beginning to end than with a 5-minute speech.

In this article:

Food & Drink

Relationships, social media, supernatural, list of topics for a 5-minute speech or presentation.

5 minute speech topics

Choosing a topic is extremely important. To help you getting started, here is a list of some killer topics for 5-minute speech or presentation.

  • Why it’s better to adopt a pet from a shelter
  • Choosing the perfect leash for your dog
  • What is the best food for your pet?
  • How much exercise does your pet need?
  • The horror of puppy mills
  • Bringing back endangered species
  • How long are giraffes in labor
  • Domestication of horses
  • Picking the right vet
  • Sleeping with your dog
  • Why should you get goats in pairs
  • Ethics of zoos
  • The domestication of dogs
  • How to keep a goldfish alive for a long time
  • How to choose the right pet
  • Why cats are so independent
  • When to get a dog
  • What kind of dog is best for a household with children
  • Why therapy animals work
  • How to find the money to go to college
  • How much control should the federal government have over curriculum design?
  • How to choose a college
  • Ideas for narrowing down a career choice
  • When to declare a major
  • Benefits of charter schools
  • Why charter schools are bad
  • Negative effects of school vouchers
  • Attracting the right people to the teaching profession
  • Discipline in the classroom
  • Memory tricks that work
  • Why homework is bad
  • Should students still have to use the books in the library?
  • Why cursive should still be taught in schools
  • Textbooks vs. tablets
  • Benefits of going to a trade school
  • Are there positives to taking a gap year?
  • The problem with low teacher pay
  • Social media in the classroom
  • Benefits of integrating apps into the classroom
  • The importance of attachment
  • How to compromise on names for your kids
  • What is the ideal age to start a family
  • How important are grandparents
  • Traveling with children
  • Strategies for potty training
  • How to help a child with nightmares
  • Middle child syndrome
  • How many kids should you have?
  • How to recognize a gifted child
  • When your child doesn’t like to eat
  • How to encourage good eating habits
  • When to intervene with a bully
  • Being active in your child’s school
  • The benefits of aunts and uncles
  • When family falls apart
  • The first days with a new baby
  • When to call the doctor
  • Caring for an ailing parent
  • Balancing home and career
  • When to start saving for retirement
  • IRA vs. Roth IRA
  • When should you start saving for your children’s college education?
  • Crowdfunded loans vs. the bank
  • How Kickstarter changed everything
  • Using your HSA
  • How to apply for a mortgage
  • Improving your credit score
  • How to negotiate a raise
  • Renting vs. buying
  • How does compound interest work?
  • How to ask for a promotion
  • When is it time to get a new job?
  • What to do when you find out a coworker makes more than you
  • How much of a down payment on a house do you really need?
  • Living on minimum wage
  • Is it better to lease or buy a new car?
  • How to budget for a new car
  • What to do when you lose your job
  • Using credit cards responsibly
  • Is rare meat safe?
  • Vegan vs. vegetarian
  • Microbrews vs. standard brewing
  • How to make your own wine
  • What are hops?
  • Best plants for a backyard garden
  • When to transplant sprouts
  • Bananas and plantains
  • How to make a brine for pickling
  • Where did brunch begin?
  • Why pineapple belongs on a pizza
  • When to order in
  • Planning a menu
  • Meal planning and grocery lists
  • Is free range really better?
  • The perfect macaroni and cheese
  • Growing your own herbs
  • How to make your own pasta
  • How to make cookies that are softer
  • Benefits of drinking black coffee
  • Benefits of a gluten-free diet
  • Is the paleo diet accurate?
  • Effects of not getting enough sleep
  • Are meal subscription services worth it?
  • Downsides to Crossfit
  • Benefits of yoga
  • How to meditate
  • Can therapy change the way your mind works?
  • Are GMOs really dangerous?
  • The truth about diet soda
  • Importance of hydration
  • Why cleanses don’t work
  • Best juice diet
  • Most effective exercise for burning calories
  • Do essential oils really work?
  • The history of television
  • When the railway was king
  • Thwarted assassination attempts
  • The first Olympics
  • Media during World War II
  • Military advancements between World War I and World War II
  • War photographers
  • Things you didn’t learn in history class
  • Historical lies
  • The early Internet
  • Why podcasts are great
  • Most unbiased news channel
  • When do people tune into the news most
  • How relevant are women’s magazines?
  • Cable vs. Netflix
  • How worried should you be about your browsing history?
  • How to limit screen time
  • Why it’s bad to use your smartphone right before bed
  • Apple vs. Android
  • The best age to get married
  • How to get an amicable divorce
  • Finding a roommate
  • Splitting financial responsibilities evenly among the household
  • How to have a happy marriage
  • Choosing your family
  • How to fight effectively
  • Signs of an abusive relationship
  • What to look for in a spouse
  • When to let it go
  • How to overcome self-doubt
  • Faking confidence
  • Becoming comfortable with yourself
  • How to say no
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Controlling anxiety
  • Qualities of a leader
  • The importance of self-care
  • Identifying triggers
  • How to eliminate negativity
  • Making new habits
  • Ethics of posting pictures of your children on social media
  • How Internet ads are tailored to you
  • How to advertise your business on Facebook
  • Privacy and social media
  • How to protect your personal information
  • When to allow your kids to get their own social media accounts
  • Why you shouldn’t post your location on social media
  • How to use a hashtag
  • Uncovering Twitter Bots
  • Snapchat etiquette
  • Proof that aliens exist
  • Debunking crop circles
  • Is Bigfoot real?
  • Proof that ghosts exist

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Ideal Teacher

is life really a blessing?

This has helped me so much for my English class thank you!

Why personal (private) rules are helpful

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Risks of abortion Wage gap How social media impacts education/mental health Why it’s important to have a good stable mental health Do teenagers really spend all their time on their phones Gsce requirements unfair or reasonable

Here is a kind of a dense topic, domestic abuse. Why does it happen? What are some ways to identify a abusive relationship? How does it affect families? Why is the abuser abusive?

We have presentation next week. I can’t think about the topic. Please help me!

i want a topic that involves supernatural: HELP

Is water wet?

death, what if the earth loses air entirely for five minutes, what is the most common death.

I have presentation next two day concerning with my classroom. I must choose five topics but i can’t think how to choose these topics. Please! help me

Tanks for giving me an A in drama

so helpful thank you

thanks this helped with my speach at school

i need a best topic to present on that is educational to consumer science and food nutrition students. can i please be assisted

what if the earth stopped spinning pros and cons of being an artist how Gen Z affected slang why people are afraid of the dark why knowing how to play an instrument is beneficial/not needed

Here’s a controversial one: are trans, intersex and non-binary people getting the same right as every else?

I have a presentation this week I don’t understand how to find a good title please help me I’m a diploma student the speech must have more than 10 minutes

How do create presentation for famous place in Sri Lanka

i need something for my oral communication class. it must be attention grabbing and not an argument. please help

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5 minute presentation topics

30 Creative 5 Minute Presentation Topics in 2023

A 5-minute presentation is a perfect way to quickly share information with an audience without overloading them with too much information. It’s an important skill to have in the professional world, and it’s a great way to make a lasting impression on your audience. But, how do you craft a successful 5-minute presentation? This blog post will provide 30 creative ideas for crafting a 5 minute presentation topics , along with tips, best practices, and examples.

What is a 5-minute presentation topics?

A 5-minute presentation is a short presentation that is typically given to an audience in order to quickly present information. It’s a great way to quickly engage an audience and get them interested in the topic at hand. The key to a successful 5-minute presentation is to be organized, succinct, and engaging.

Presentation topics and ideas

Benefits of 5-minute presentations topics

There are many benefits to giving a 5-minute presentation. For starters, it’s quick and to the point. This means that your audience won’t become overwhelmed with too much information. Additionally, it’s a great way to practice your public speaking skills and build confidence. Finally, it’s a great opportunity to make a lasting impression on your audience.

The benefits of 5-minute presentations include: 

-Brevity creates excitement: Keeping a presentation short and concise can help to keep your audience engaged and interested. 

-Combine with a poster presentation: Pairing your 5-minute talk with a poster presentation can be a great way to advertise your work and make a lasting impression. 

-Enhance communication skills: The 5-minute presentation format encourages students to communicate clearly and effectively to both specialists and non-specialists. 

-Practice: Practicing and timing your presentation to take no more than 4 minutes gives you a buffer and a chance to be prepared for any potential surprises on the day. 

-Focus: A 5-minute presentation provides the opportunity to focus on the most important facts, ideas, or concepts. 

-Concise: Short presentations are a great way to present information in a limited amount of time. 

-Engaging: 5-minute presentations are more engaging than traditional 60-minute talks. 

-Limited: Having a limited time frame forces you to be concise and selective in your presentation, which can make it more impactful.

Tips for creating a 5-minute presentation

Before you start creating your 5-minute presentation, there are a few tips to keep in mind. First, choose a topic that is interesting and relevant to your audience. Second, create an outline that includes the main points you’ll be covering. This will help you stay organized and on track. Third, create visuals that will help illustrate your points. Fourth, practice your presentation ahead of time so that you can make sure you stay within the time limit. And finally, make sure to have a call to action at the end of your presentation.

Brainstorming ideas

When it comes to creating a 5-minute presentation, brainstorming ideas is a great way to get started. Start by jotting down your main points and any related topics that come to mind. You can also do some research to get ideas from other presentations. Once you have a list of ideas, narrow it down to the topics that you think will be the most engaging and interesting to your audience.

Tips for creating a 5-minute presentation include: 

-Start with a strong introduction: Make sure to grab the audience’s attention right away with a compelling and creative opener. 

-Use clear and concise language: Get to the point quickly and don’t use more words than necessary. 

-Limit each slide to one idea or point: Don’t overload your slides with too much information. 

-Use visuals to support your points: Visuals can help make your point more clear and memorable.

-Memorize your opening and closing: Memorizing your opening and closing can help you stay on track and within the time limit. 

-Pause: Pausing during your presentation can help emphasize key points and keep your audience engaged. 

-Stick to one or two main points: Cover the most important information and limit yourself to one or two main points. 

-Use humor: Humor can help engage your audience, but make sure it is appropriate for the occasion. 

-Be prepared: Make sure to practice your presentation and be prepared for any unexpected questions.

30 Creative 5 minute presentation topics

Now that you’ve brainstormed some ideas, it’s time to start crafting your 5-minute presentation. Here are 30 creative ideas for crafting a successful 5-minute presentation:

  • Introduce yourself and your topic
  • Give an overview of the current state of the topic
  • Discuss the history of the topic
  • Explain the importance of the topic
  • Share your own experience with the topic
  • Highlight key facts and figures
  • Share success stories
  • Explain the science behind the topic
  • Discuss a current event related to the topic
  • Explain how the topic is relevant to your audience
  • Outline the steps to achieving success with the topic
  • Share expert advice on the topic
  • Introduce new technologies related to the topic
  • Share an inspiring quote related to the topic
  • Explain the future of the topic
  • Discuss the pros and cons of the topic
  • Share a personal anecdote about the topic
  • Discuss the ethical considerations of the topic
  • Explain how to troubleshoot common issues related to the topic
  • Share best practices for working with the topic
  • Discuss the importance of collaboration in the topic
  • Explain how to stay up-to-date with the topic
  • Discuss the benefits of the topic
  • Share success tips for working with the topic
  • Introduce new resources related to the topic
  • Explain how to leverage the power of the topic
  • Discuss the potential risks associated with the topic
  • Explain the impact of the topic on society
  • Discuss how to measure success with the topic
  • Share tips for staying motivated with the topic

Creative presentation tools

Once you’ve decided on your 5-minute presentation topics, it’s time to start creating your presentation. There are many creative presentation tools available that can help you create a professional and engaging presentation. Here are a few popular presentation tools:

  • Google Slides
  • Adobe Spark

Each of these tools has different features and tools that will help you create a successful presentation. What are you waiting for? Explore yourself!

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Best Practices for Delivering a Successful Presentation

Now that you have your 5-minute presentation topics and materials ready to go, it’s time to practice your presentation and get ready for the big day. You need to be calm and composed but most importantly, you have to relax. There is nothing bad about making mistakes, you can always improve and succeed. Here are a few best practices for delivering a successful presentation:

  • Speak confidently and clearly
  • Pay attention to body language
  • Use visuals to illustrate your points
  • Make eye contact with your audience
  • Speak at a moderate pace
  • Use pauses to emphasize important points
  • Use humor and stories to engage your audience
  • Be prepared to answer questions
  • End with a call-to-action or summary

5 Minute Presentation Examples

If you’re still feeling unsure of how to craft a successful 5-minute presentation, looking at examples can help. Here are a few great 5-minute presentation examples to get you started:

  • A 5-minute presentation on the importance of storytelling
  • A 5-minute presentation on the power of networking
  • A 5-minute presentation on the importance of self-care
  • A 5-minute presentation on the power of gratitude
  • A 5-minute presentation on the benefits of meditation

Crafting a successful 5-minute presentation can be a daunting task, but with the right tips and creative ideas, it can be a great way to quickly engage an audience and make a lasting impression. Hopefully, this blog post has provided you with some creative ideas for crafting a 5-minute presentation, along with tips, best practices, and examples. Before you start creating your 5-minute presentation, make sure to brainstorm ideas, create visuals, and practice ahead of time. Good luck crafting your 5-minute presentation! For learning you can check our office productivity courses .

When it comes to crafting a successful 5-minute presentation, there are many creative ideas to choose from. Whether you’re looking to introduce yourself and your topic, discuss the history of the topic, explain the importance of the topic, or share success stories, there is an idea for every presentation. Additionally, there are many creative presentation tools available that can help you create a professional and engaging presentation. 

Finally, when it comes to delivering a successful presentation, it’s important to speak confidently, pay attention to body language, use visuals to illustrate your points, make eye contact, and end with a call-to-action or summary. With the right creative ideas and best practices, you can craft a successful 5-minute presentation that will make a lasting impression on your audience.

5-minute presentation topics

Discover impactful 5-minute presentation topics for students and professionals in technology, sustainability, and personal development.

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Anete Ezera November 04, 2022

If you’re looking for good topics for presentations, you’ve landed on the right page. In this article, you’ll find plenty of good presentation topics, tips on choosing the most suitable topic for you, and essential design elements to make your presentation a success. 

Many factors go into an excellent presentation. You need to have confident body language and engage your audience to hold their attention. You also need eye-catching visual aids like images, data visualizations, GIFs, and others (all of which you can find in Prezi ), not to mention a great opening to grab attention and a strong closing line to stay memorable. However, the most essential aspect of your presentation is the topic. It’s the core of your presentation, so it has to be strong, insightful, attention-grabbing, and appealing to yourself and your audience in order to evolve into a successful presentation everyone will love. 

good presentation topics: a woman giving a presentation in a business meeting

How to choose a good presentation topic

There are millions of topics you could create a presentation on, but what defines a good topic? If you’re struggling to either come up with a good topic for a presentation or you can’t decide between multiple ones, here are a few questions you should ask yourself before choosing a topic. 

What’s the goal of your presentation? 

When you’re choosing a topic, consider the meaning behind it. Ask yourself what the purpose of talking about this topic is, and what you want to say about it. Whatever topic you choose to present, the conclusion needs to provide a takeaway or lesson you want to communicate to your audience. A meaningful goal will make your presentation more memorable.  

Are you interested in the topic?

If you’re not interested in the topic, others won’t be curious either. Interest, enthusiasm, and passion enrich your presentation and are noticeable when presenting. Interest shines through and inspires others to find the topic as fascinating as you do. Think about the last time you saw someone sharing something they were passionate about – their excitement drew people in to pay closer attention to what they were saying. 

When choosing a topic, you need to find it or a particular angle of it interesting for yourself. For example, perhaps you’re not a pop music enthusiast, but you’re passionate about studying cultural phenomena. In this case, you can talk about pop music’s influence on early 2000s youth culture. 

Will your audience find this topic relatable? 

While you have to find the topic you’re presenting interesting, you also have to think about your audience. When choosing a subject, consider your audience’s background in terms of demographics, interests, culture, and knowledge level about the topic. Think about what others will find fascinating and relevant, so they’re not bored or confused during your presentation.

Do you have prior experience or knowledge about this topic?

Personal experiences are always great to share in a presentation, providing your unique perspective for anyone listening. While you can easily prepare your presentation based on a quick Google search, it won’t make the same lasting impact on your audience. Choose a topic you have some prior knowledge about, or have an interesting opinion you can share with others. It’ll make your presentation more engaging and memorable.

good presentation topics: a presenter on stage

Ideas for good presentation topics

It’s not easy to come up with a good presentation topic from scratch. It’s much easier to get inspired from other good presentation topics to build your topic on. Whether you’re looking for presentation ideas for work, about me presentation ideas, unique or easy presentation topics, you’ll find them all here.

Without further ado, here are some good presentation topics to choose from or get inspired by.

Presentation topics about social media

  • The role of social media in portraying gender stereotypes
  • How social media impacts our body image
  • How social media shaped Gen Z 
  • The most significant differences between the Facebook and TikTok generations
  • The negative effects of social media
  • The positive impacts of social media 
  • The effects of social media on behavior 
  • How social media impacts our physical (or mental) health
  • How social media has shaped our understanding of mass media
  • Should we teach about social media in schools?
  • The rise of social media influencers
  • How AR Instagram filters impact our self-image
  • How to go viral on social media?
  • The origins of social media echo chambers
  • Social media as a news outlet

Author: Ish Verduzco

Presentation topics about movies

  • How movies influence our understanding of good and evil
  • Beauty standards represented in movies
  • How female characters are depicted in Hollywood movies
  • How horror movies and global fears have developed through time
  • The adverse effects of romance movies
  • How movies have changed our understanding of the Western culture
  • Charlie Chaplin and the silent movie era
  • The globalization of culture: Hollywood vs. Bollywood
  • The psychology behind the music in films
  • The ethics of using animals in movies
  • Social media’s influence on the film industry
  • The history of filmmaking
  • The role of color in movies
  • The cultural impact of romance movies
  • How are gender stereotypes depicted in Hollywood movies?

Author: Cinto Marti

Presentation topics about music

  • The impact of pop music on beauty standards
  • Should digital music be free for everyone?
  • The psychology behind the music in advertisements 
  • The effectiveness of sound therapy
  • Can music inspire criminal behavior?
  • The psychological effects of metal music
  • The origins of K-pop
  • How does music influence our understanding of the world?
  • Can music help in the learning process?
  • The positive effects of classical music
  • The history of hip hop
  • Why is music education essential in schools?
  • The psychological benefits of playing piano
  • Can anyone become a famous musician?
  • The role of music in fashion

Author: Prezi Editorial

Presentation topics about health

  • The link between food and mental health
  • Inequality in the healthcare system
  • Myths about healthy practices
  • Simple practices that help you stay healthy
  • Health education in schools: Should it change?  
  • Toxic positivity and mental health
  • The impact of superfoods on our health
  • The psychology behind unhealthy eating habits
  • Sex education in schools: Why should we have it?
  • How to trick yourself into getting better: The placebo effect
  • How to strengthen your immune system
  • How to tell if someone is depressed
  • The health benefits of regular exercise
  • The impact of junk food on mental health
  • Stress-caused diseases

Author: Prezi Education Team

Presentation topics about human psychology

  • What is social depression?
  • What triggers panic attacks?
  • The impact of testosterone on aggressive behavior
  • How to overcome social anxiety
  • Differences in the functioning of the brain of a child and adult
  • The impact of violent video games on children’s brain development
  • How does the use of social media influence our attention span?
  • How to overcome childhood trauma
  • The influence of marijuana on the human brain
  • How does behavioral therapy work
  • The psychology behind fame
  • The causes of personality disorders
  • The differences in brain functioning between men and women
  • What happens in therapy sessions?
  • The psychology of substance abuse 

Presentation topics about self-development

  • The impact of exercise on productivity
  • How to deal with stress
  • How to deal with procrastination
  • The positive effects of meditation
  • Why new–year’s resolutions don’t work
  • How to overcome bad habits
  • The impact of negative thoughts
  • The negative effects of self-criticism
  • The role of creativity in self-development
  • Benefits of journaling
  • How to learn something fast
  • How to be mindful
  • The importance of curiosity 
  • How to become more self-aware
  • Why it’s essential to spend time with yourself

Author: Nir Eyal

Presentation topics about education

  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of online education?
  • The positive effects of a gap year
  • Should university education be free?
  • Inequality in education access
  • How language learning benefits brain development
  • Emerging gender issues in education
  • The importance of socialization in school
  • School bullying and student development
  • The benefits of reading 
  • Is the education system broken?
  • What you don’t learn in college
  • The link between education and brain development
  • The history of schools
  • The gender gap in STEM
  • The connection between equality in education and economic growth

Presentation topics about culture

  • Is graffiti a form of art or street vandalism? 
  • Cultural diversity in the workplace
  • The impact of culture on gender roles
  • The issue with orientalism
  • Are humans the only species that has culture?
  • How do different cultures view death? 
  • The ethical issues of pop culture
  • The impact of culture on personal development
  • Sexism in different cultures
  • The impact of globalization on local cultures
  • The viral spread of the #metoo movement
  • The history of subcultures
  • The problem with romanticizing toxic relationships in movies
  • 90s pop-culture influence on fashion trends
  • The evolution of cultural psychology 

Author: Devin Banerjee

Presentation ideas for work

  • What it’s like to be a digital nomad?
  • How to deal with workplace conflicts
  • The secret to a productive day
  • How to set achievable goals
  • The importance of diversity in a workplace
  • The positive effects of creative thinking at work
  • How to give constructive feedback
  • The characteristics of a valuable team member
  • Inequality and the glass ceiling
  • Racial discrimination in the workplace
  • Work habits of different cultures
  • How is work perceived in various countries?
  • Technological development and the future of work
  • The importance of a healthy work/life balance
  • The rise of health problems in office work

Author: Charles Huang

Presentation topics about hybrid work

  • The positive effects of hybrid work on work/life balance
  • Is hybrid work the future work model? 
  • How to stay connected in a hybrid work model
  • The challenges of hybrid work nobody talks about
  • How to stay productive when working from home
  • The social effects of hybrid work
  • The economic impacts of hybrid work
  • Case study: Hybrid work model in [company]
  • What causes Zoom fatigue?
  • The problem with online meetings
  • Is hybrid work better than remote work?
  • How to develop a close relationship with colleagues in a hybrid work model
  • What kind of company culture is best for a hybrid work model?
  • Is hybrid work sustainable?
  • Cybersecurity consideration for hybrid working

Author: Barbie Brewer

Presentation topics about public speaking

  • The importance of body language in public speeches
  • How to appear confident when you’re not
  • How to become a better orator
  • The use of eye contact in public speaking
  • Breathing exercises that will calm you down before public speaking
  • The benefits of public speaking
  • Ways to improve public speaking skills
  • How to leave a great first impression on stage
  • How to engage your audience during a public speech
  • How to best structure your public speech
  • How to end your presentation speech
  • Can anyone learn to be good at public speaking?
  • How to prepare for a public speech
  • What not to do right before a public speech
  • How to address a controversial topic in a public speech  

Author: Prezi Team

Presentation topics about entrepreneurship and leadership

  • The main principles of a good leader
  • The impact of leadership skills on professional performance
  • The mistake every entrepreneur makes
  • How to successfully lead a cross-cultural team
  • How to celebrate inclusivity in a diverse team
  • What are the common personality traits of a successful entrepreneur?
  • The impact of entrepreneurship on the global economy
  • The characteristics of a leader
  • The most common challenges of entrepreneurship
  • Can anyone learn to become a successful leader? 
  • What affects new venture growth?
  • The psychology of leadership
  • What is crowdsourcing? 
  • The benefits of being an entrepreneur
  • Common mistakes leaders make

Author: Jill Sinclair

Presentation topics about technology

  • The rise of technological development
  • Is technology addictive?
  • Should we use drones for military and non-military purposes?
  • The sustainability of electric cars
  • What are deepfakes?
  • Limitations of AI machines
  • The future of programming
  • Ethical issues of AI
  • The future of AR in business
  • How VR can be used in the medical field

Author: David Vandegrift

Sales presentation topics

  • How to make a cold email intro
  • What is sales enablement?
  • How to build better relationships with customers
  • The best way to improve pipeline management
  • Coaching via verbal and written role-play
  • How to plan cold calls
  • What’s a deal-breaker for most customers? 
  • All about personalized coaching
  • How to manage objections
  • How to close more deals
  • How to keep your prospects engaged
  • Effective sales communication strategies
  • How to conduct a competitor analysis
  • The most valuable sales skills
  • What soft skills do you need to become a successful sales rep?

Author: Cindy McGovern

Easy presentation topics

  • Benefits of daily exercise and how to incorporate it into your routine
  • Simple and nutritious meal recipes
  • Tips for improving time management and productivity
  • The importance of recycling
  • The history of a local landmark or festival
  • Ways to reduce stress
  • Exploring different types of renewable energy sources and their impact on the environment
  • The basics of budgeting and saving money for future goals
  • The benefits of social media for professional use
  • Tips for overcoming stage fright
  • How to start a meditation practice
  • The impact of technology on modern society
  • The basics of personal finance
  • The health benefits of a plant-based diet
  • The history of Earth Day

Good how to presentation topics

  • How to create a successful social media marketing strategy
  • How to give a persuasive presentation
  • How to create effective and engaging content for your blog
  • How to discover your strengths and weaknesses
  • How to use project management tools to increase productivity
  • How to make the most out of boring meetings
  • How to build a personal brand
  • How to conduct effective market research
  • How to use data analytics to improve decision-making
  • How to improve your decision-making process
  • How to write a winning proposal
  • How to create a visually stunning presentation
  • How to manage stressful situations at work
  • How to make friends as an adult
  • How to network at work events

About me presentation ideas

  • My journey to becoming who I am today
  • My passion for [insert topic or activity]
  • My career aspirations and goals
  • My travels and adventures around the world
  • My hobbies and interests outside of work/school
  • My role models and influences
  • My strengths and weaknesses
  • My favorite books, movies, and TV shows
  • My proudest achievements and accomplishments
  • My favorite childhood memories
  • My family and friends
  • My education and academic background
  • My volunteer and community service experience
  • My personality traits and values
  • My vision for the future and how I plan to achieve it

Author: Adam Grant

Student presentation ideas

  • The history and evolution of video games
  • The history and cultural impact of tattoos
  • The impact of social media on body image and self-esteem
  • The effects of globalization on local cultures and economies
  • The role of education in promoting social justice and equity
  • The ethical implications of autonomous weapons in warfare
  • The impact of mass media on society and culture
  • The causes and effects of deforestation on biodiversity and climate change
  • The history and cultural significance of dance in different parts of the world
  • The psychology of addiction and recovery
  • The impact of the gig economy on labor rights and job security
  • The history and impact of feminism on gender equality
  • The benefits and drawbacks of renewable energy sources
  • The impact of colonialism on indigenous cultures and identities
  • The role of technology in promoting global connectivity and intercultural understanding

Author: Edward Quinn

How to create a good presentation 

If you know what you want to present on, it’s time to create an impactful presentation that grabs everyone’s attention. Presentation design plays a crucial role in how your presentation is received and remembered. To stand out and leave a memorable impact on your audience, create a Prezi presentation. Instead of a linear, slide-based presentation, offer an engaging and dynamic storytelling experience to your audience. Breathe life into your presentation with motion, zoom, and spatial relationships. When creating your presentation, consider the following three essential elements: 

Visuals play a significant part in presentation design. They evoke emotions, make a memorable impact, and give more context to the story. Not to mention, 65% of people are visual learners , so visual aids are helpful when explaining a complex topic. 

In your presentation, include different types of visuals, such as images, videos, GIFs, and stickers, all of which you can find in Prezi’s content library. When selecting your visuals, consider what’s relevant and brings additional value to the story. Only add what’s meaningful and necessary. A video or image at the right place and time will enrich the viewing experience and make your presentation more memorable. 

The layout of your presentation is the structure of your story. It’ll help you introduce the topic, intrigue your audience, and unfold the layers of your topic one by one until you disclose your main arguments and summarize the presentation. A good presentation layout has a hierarchical, chronological, or logical flow that leads the viewer from start to finish. 

If you’re creating a Prezi presentation, you can create a dynamic storytelling experience by experimenting with your layout. Instead of going from slide to slide, you can zoom in and out of topics and experiment with different shapes, animations, and effects that draw the viewer into your story world. Here’s an example of a Prezi presentation with a great storytelling layout:

Author: Lydia Antonatos

Data visualizations can elevate your presentation from being a good one to a great one. By providing data behind your arguments, you’ll appear more trustworthy and confident in your audience’s eyes. 

Add charts, graphs, interactive maps, and more to your presentations with Prezi Design. You can choose from a wide selection of charts and maps to illustrate your data. With interactive elements, you’ll be able to engage your audience and make a memorable impact. 

Engaging visuals, a well-structured layout, and relevant data visualizations will provide a great starting base to create a memorable presentation. Discover other tips and tricks that make your presentation effective and capture people’s attention. 

Choosing a topic for a presentation isn’t easy. When selecting a topic, think about the goal of your presentation, your interest and knowledge about the topic, and whether or not your audience will find it relevant and interesting for them. Also, get inspired by other topics that’ll help you figure out what you want to talk about. Lastly, when creating your presentation, consider the impact of visuals, layout, and data visualizations. To simplify the creation process, follow the step-by-step process of making a presentation with helpful tips and resources.

5 minute presentation topics ppt download

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Short Presentation in PowerPoint: How to Win Your Audience over with a 5 Minute / 5 Slide Presentation! -Includes Examples

That's how you manage a short presentation in PowerPoint

There are occasions when you only have limited time to give a PowerPoint presentation. This is where knowing how to create and deliver a short PowerPoint presentation is essential. Done right, you really only need a few minutes to deliver your presentation, get your ideas across and achieve your goals.

You may well be thinking, “No!  How can I squash my ideas into that time? Only five minutes?” Actually, it’s easier than you think with the right structure . Here’s how!

Why give a short presentation?

So when might you only have a few minutes to give a presentation? When making the first steps in applying for a job, for example, or when presenting a product or business idea to potential prospects and investors.

The length does NOT have to be a disadvantage! A well-put-together short presentation, delivered smartly, can actually engage your audience more than a presentation lasting much longer.

Sure, you can go into more detail in a longer presentation, but it’s often more difficult for your audience to stay focused for the full duration. Scientific studies show that most listeners have trouble maintaining their concentration after just 20 minutes.

Haven’t you been there yourself? So why ask your audience to do something you find difficult, unless they’re already on board with your ideas?

Short presentations are actually a great way to present facts, ideas or concepts clearly in only a few minutes. However, take care not to overload them with too much information. It’s important to distill the content of your presentation down to the essentials and key messages.

The purpose of a short presentation is usually to draw your audience’s attention to either you or your product. You don’t get much time to do this, so you need to know how to focus on what’s important. The following tips may help.

Short PowerPoint presentation: set-up and structure

A short presentation should have a clear structure so that the audience can easily grasp and digest the information. So:

Introduction :

A brief explanation of what the presentation will be about.

Main body :

This is the actual content of the presentation. This is where to present the most important information.

Conclusion :

A brief summary of what you covered in the presentation.

Also, keep in mind the order of your slides. The first and last slides are the most important as studies have shown these are what people remember . So make sure that these two slides are particularly engaging and give the audience a good overview of your topic.

The order of the other slides is important too, but not as crucial as the first and last slides. Just play around with the order a bit and find what works best for you.

Make the presentation count

How you design your slides is important here. Create slides that are as clear and professional-looking as possible. Be careful not to put too much text on a slide, and make sure you use a font size that is large enough to be clearly seen by everyone.

If you try to put so much text on a slide that you need to make the font too small, you’ll lose your audience’s attention. For tips on choosing the right font, see our “ Fonts in PowerPoint ” post.

Try using pictures and graphics to make your slides more vivd . A picture, as they say, is worth a thousand words. Use images to illustrate and support your statements.

As well as adding visual interest to your slides, they arouse emotions in the audience, whether they know it or not, which makes you and your presentation topic seem more approachable. Be careful not to place too many images on one slide, though, as this can make it look messy.

Surefire ways to make your short presentation compelling:

short presentation with PowerPoint tips

  • Present no more than three main points . More than this and you’ll lose your audience.
  • Have a clear structure , so your audience always knows where you are and what’s coming next. Getting the structure of the presentation clear in advance really helps. Our article „Preparing a PowerPoint Presentation: 11 Tips”   shows you how to make the best use of your presentation preparation time.
  • Make it easy for the audience to follow you. Use clear and simple language and avoid jargon. Smart use of images and graphics will make your content more vivid.
  • Stay positive and confident . Your audience should be reassured that you really know your stuff; how else are they going to take your ideas seriously? Try to avoid coming across as arrogant, though – that automatically puts people off.
  • Maintain eye contact with the audience. This demonstrates interest and appreciation – both important factors in convincing people and thus gaining potential customers.
  • Be ready for questions . At the end of your presentation, allow a few minutes for questions and discussion. This gives your audience the opportunity to go into further detail or address other aspects as well. We’ve set out a few tips for including Q&A sessions in our article „ Prepare for your Q&A in Presentations” .

Short PowerPoint Presentation Example #1: The Five-Minute / Five-Slide Presentation

A classic example here is the five-minute presentation . This is similar to a Pitch-Presentation  , but structured slightly differently. Read on to see how.

What does a 5-minute / 5-slide presentation entail?

Imagine you have to present yourself, your company or your product in just a few minutes. You only ever need five slides for this . One way of structuring this, and creating a coherent storyline, would be:

  • Overall idea (1st slide) A brief introduction. One slide showing your name might well suffice; you can then briefly describe your field of work or what you do within the company.
  • Introduction (2nd slide) Start with a funny story, an anecdote or a quote to attract your audience’s attention. Then briefly address what you will be talking about. This slide can serve as a short introduction to the topic (company, product or service range).
  • Main message (3rd slide) Try to illustrate the main point of your presentation with one or two simple graphics or diagrams. Photos related to your content or theme are also very useful here. PowerPoint is brilliant for this.  Aim for as little text as possible, with the visuals doing the work for you.
  • Main concepts (4th slide) Underline your main message with three to five essential arguments and present them on a single slide (animated one after the other, if needs be). Remember that people’s attention span drops off sharply after absorbing five ideas.
  • Conclusion (5th slide) Keep your conclusion short and end your presentation with a summary of the content and key messages of your presentation. These are, of course, what you want your audience to remember.

TIP: When preparing your presentation, remember the main question in your audience’s mind: “ What’s in it for me? ” We’ve covered this in our post about customer benefits . The overriding principle is KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid). Design and present everything as simply as possible!

Questions and discussion after the presentation:

If you have time, give your audience the opportunity to ask questions after the presentation, or actively try to spark a discussion and then moderate it. Allow about 5-10 minutes for this. If necessary, you can create back-up slides beforehand, to deepen certain sub-areas in case of specific questions.

Tips for your Q&A session can be found in our Q&A post .

Less is more

It’s sadly not uncommon to see slides stuffed with far too much information, whether text or images. The presenter certainly meant well, but failed to realise that their audience wouldn’t be able to process and absorb all that information at once. So try to stick to the following when putting your presentation together:

  • Maximum one image per slide
  • Only one topic per slide
  • Minimal text
  • Font size at least 18 point
  • Maximum two fonts; sans serif fonts are more legible
  • Display figures as graphs and diagrams
  • No more than four colors per slide

In a five-minute presentation, you need to get to the point as quickly as possible . So skip the lengthy introductions and aim to grab your audience’s attention right at the start. Try to summarize your presentation as pithily as possible, too, to leave them wanting more.

While presenting, don’t forget to establish eye contact with the audience . Just standing there reading the text of a presentation from the slides is a common mistake, and one which quickly loses an audience’s attention.

Try to speak as fluently and freely as possible , so that you don’t look as though you’re just reading off your content (which can come across as a lack of competence or preparation). Invest enough time in preparing your presentation and practice it in front of an audience of acquaintances or, if needs be, in front of a mirror, until you’ve internalized the content and flow of your presentation.

Coming across as confident is just as important for the success of your presentation as its actual content. Don’t underestimate the influence that body language, speaking speed, gestures and facial expressions have on how the audience perceives your presentation. We go into this in detail in our “body language” post.

Keep your presentation lively by using figures of speech or catchy metaphors at appropriate points. We’ve gone into how (and why) to integrate rhetoric into your presentation in our „Public speeking skills” post. 

Short Presentation PowerPoint Example #2: The Three-Minute Presentation 

short presentation examples

Imagine you only have three minutes. Three minutes in which to tell your audience everything they need to know about your idea, your product and your company. Well, it’s possible with a three-minute presentation! This is exactly what it sounds like: a coherent narrative, or story, in three minutes.

How to get your presentation to the point

The essence of this concept is to answer these three questions “ What’s it about?”, “How does it work?” and “What’s in it for me? ” in a few short paragraphs, a handful of slides and finally a short, pithy statement. A strong and compelling three-minute presentation will consist of roughly 25 sentences.

Write these down in advance so you have a clear outline in your head , making the presentation lively. Short and snappy is what you’re aiming for. You can get to the meat of your presentation in three minutes; try it!  Even if you have longer to present, it’s a tremendously useful exercise.

“If I’d had more time, I would have written a shorter letter.” Blaise Pascal, mathematician and philosopher 

The above quote is really on point.  It takes time and effort to organize your thoughts into short, coherent sentences, but it’s so worth it. There’s a lot of excess verbiage about, the result of people just writing down whatever comes to mind, however disorganized it is. This has the effect of boring or confusing people, or both.  It really pays to condense your thoughts smartly.

So you need to work out which are your most important points, weigh them against each other, and discard any excess. This is the only way to communicate clearly and concisely.

It’s really useful to have the essentials of what you want to communicate distilled into their bare bones when time is short. If you know exactly what you need to say, you can fit it into whatever time slot you’re given, even if the half hour you’d expected ends up being only five minutes.

This is also invaluable if your boss unexpectedly asks you what you’re working on, or if you’re talking to a client and they want a brief overview of your presentation.

Getting your presentation distilled down to three minutes is very advantageous , even if you plan on presenting for longer. Concentrating on the essentials not only shows creativity, but also organizational and communication skills. You’ll have a strong core to your message and won’t need to depend on your presentation slides and charts. 

Storytelling or Elevator Pitch?

An elevator pitch gets to the heart of your ideas in just a few minutes, and is great for getting someone new to what you’re presenting to want to learn more.

The focus in an elevator pitch is on the positive aspects of your ideas , for example their uniqueness and utility. Of course, the pitch must be delivered persuasively enough for the conversation to continue in a follow-up meeting afterwards!

Storytelling focuses on the story , which pulls the power of emotions into your content, selling them better. So storytelling can also work for a three-minute presentation. Do keep it short and resist going off on tangents, though. We’ve covered all this in our “Storytelling” post.

When you don’t have enough time to present (all) your slides

Even if the time you’re allowed for a presentation is really short (say your customer or client arrives late, then has to leave for another appointment soon), you can still make a strong impression with a three-minute story. It means you always have a plan B up your sleeve.

If you know exactly what you want to communicate, it will be easy to spontaneously adapt it to whatever time limits you are given. This way, many of your slides, diagrams and graphics are an added extra, rather than being something you are lost without.

Short PowerPoint presentations: More examples

Short presentations are an effective way to engage your audience with your idea, offer or brand. They can also be used to draw attention to a specific aspect or trigger an action. Short presentations are often used as presentation teasers to capture the audience’s interest and make them want to learn more.  Examples include:

  • Presenting a new brand or product
  • Presenting a current topic or trend
  • Presenting your company’s successes or growth
  • Presenting your company’s vision or mission statement
  • An informational or educational presentation
  • A scientific topic within your own discipline
  • A research paper, a concept, an innovative project
  • A hot social or political topic
  • A presentation on climate change, migration, globalization, inflation, conflicts
  • A topic from your private life such as a vacation, a special experience or a passion
  • A historical event
  • The history and development of a company you admire
  • An artist whose work you find interesting
  • Your favorite book/movie/musical/etc.

As you can see, the short presentation is ideal for a huge range of topics and occasions. Two examples are introducing a new product or a new service to potential customers.  How to get those into the short presentation format?

Presenting a new product

When introducing a new product, first highlight its key features and benefits. Then explain the different applications of the product and provide examples of them. Finally, you can ask the audience to test the product and give feedback.

Introducing a new service  

present this successfully, start by highlighting the added value and customer benefits. Then explain the different areas of application in more detail and show with concrete examples of where your service can be used meaningfully, and the advantages and results it has led to with your existing clientele.

To sum up: Short PowerPoint presentations – how to effectively use limited time to deliver your presentations in a target-oriented way

short presentation how you do it right

Short presentations are a great way to present and communicate topics to an audience. Why? Because they help the audience grasp the key message of the presentation in the shortest amount of time.

This is especially important when the audience is in the middle of a conference or workshop and has a limited attention span. Presentations are an important means of conveying information to an audience. So follow our tips to make your short presentation the best it can be and achieve your goals.

Got further questions about short PowerPoint presentations, or indeed general questions about PowerPoint? Please don’t hesitate to contact us! Feel free to email us your question at [email protected] . We’re always happy to help!

Looking for professionally designed slide templates to strengthen your short presentation? Have a look around our store! We have a huge range of slides on business topics. Get the best basis for your short presentation today! ► To the Store

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  • Pitch Presentations
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  • Storytelling in Presentations
  • Elevator Pitch
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  • Body language in Presentations
  • Customer Benefits for Your Presentations
  • Q&A that’s how you manage it

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300+ Engaging PowerPoint Presentation Topics

  • by Refresh Science
  • September 13, 2021 January 6, 2022

You are probably familiar with a PowerPoint presentation. This is a Microsoft presentation file format that is mainly used for office and educational purposes. Basically, you write all the important things you want to share with your audience then arrange them accordingly in different slides.

Before you start a presentation, you need to have a PowerPoint presentation topic that you have intended to talk about. This makes it much easier to share what you had with your audience.

Reasons why PowerPoint Presentations are Important

Consequently, there are various reasons as to why a PowerPoint presentation is very important. Some of the reasons are as follows;

Improves your Audience’s Focus

A PowerPoint presentation is a visual presentation, meaning that your audience will be able to see the ppt topics that you have to discuss on that day. Unlike regular presentations where the audience may be easily distracted, a PowerPoint presentation uses images, videos and audios, all of which have an impact on how your audience reacts.

Encourages teamwork

PowerPoint presentation also enhances teamwork especially in office settings. Assuming that you are working on the same project , and you and your team have agreed to handle different parts of the project.

During presentation, the different team members will handle their various ppt presentation topics. This is mainly because they have a better understanding of each topic since they handled them separately.

Encourages Content Sharing

This favours content creators who inspire the public in one way or the other. You have created a presentation and some of your audiences were not able to be present because of unavoidable reasons.

You can share your presentation on different online platforms such as YouTube so that they can watch the ppt topics at their own convenience. They can have access to this information anytime they want to.

5 minute presentation topics ppt download

How do you choose a Good PowerPoint Presentation Topic?

Choosing a ppt presentation topic should not be taken lightly the way some people do. This is what determines whether or not you will capture the attention of your audience. It is usually advisable that you choose a presentation topic that your audience will resonate with easily. Below are some tips that will help you choose a good PowerPoint presentation topic.

  • Choose a topic that interests you.

Choosing a topic that you love will give you an easy time in talking about it and sharing with your audience.

  • Pay attention to the occasion as of that moment

Everything has its own time and place. Always ensure that your presentation topic relates to the occasion or the situation at hand as of that time.

  • Consider your audience

Is the topic you want to discuss favouring your audience? For instance, talking about finance and politics to adolescent teenagers is irrelevant. Once you know your audience, you will choose a topic that best suits them.

  • Choose a topic that is very easy to illustrate

Use of photos and other graphics makes a presentation topic more interesting and easy to understand.

Features of a Good PowerPoint Presentation

A common mistake that many people make is thinking that any presentation is a good presentation. Well, that is not the case. When creating a ppt presentation topic, you need to create one that will keep your audience engaged. To do this, you need to understand what a good presentation is. A good PowerPoint presentation should have the following information.

  • A good presentation should be thoroughly researched.
  • Carefully planned.
  • The presentation should be easy to read and understand to anyone who comes across it.
  • Use simple language in your presentation.
  • Use contrasting colours but not those that are distractive.
  • Avoid using too many slides as it may make your audience lose interest in the message you are trying to pass.
  • Stick to at most six words in a line.
  • Use larger fonts when emphasizing on important information.
  • Do not use acronyms or abbreviations in your presentation.

Therefore, all of the above are some of the factors that make a good presentation. Considering all the above in your presentation will not only make you look like you know what you are doing, but it will also make your audience to love seeing and hearing what you are sharing with them.

Moreover, for you to get a presentation right, you need to select some of the best PowerPoint presentation topics that you want to talk about. Remember, without a topic, you cannot have a presentation.

Below are some of the PowerPoint presentation topics that are applicable to different sectors.

Common PowerPoint Presentation Topics

  • How can cultural differences be handled?
  • What makes studying abroad more interesting than studying in home country?
  • Between buying land and buying a car, which one should you prioritize first?
  • Best tripods in 2021.
  • Influential African American leaders.
  • Weight loss mistakes that many people make.
  • Tourism and Hospitality.
  • The Keto Diet.
  • Why you should consider visiting Rome.
  • Money markets.

Social PPT Presentation Topics

  • How COVID 19 has affected different industries.
  • Teenagers and Social Media .
  • How to teach your pet to behave.
  • Racism in schools.
  • Societal Pressure.
  • How can technology transform the wine market?
  • Diabetes education.
  • What causes teenage pregnancies?
  • Online versus physical dating: which is better?
  • Prominent female political leaders of all time.

PPT Topics on Education and Health

  • Virtual presentations versus physical presentations.
  • How does globalization affect the population of the world?
  • How do GMO’s affect the health and life of people?
  • Effective ways to beat Unemployment.
  • Does graduating from university guarantee that you will get a job from the same area of study?
  • How is teamwork important?
  • How to make education accessible to everyone.
  • What causes interest rates to go up?
  • Obesity and self-esteem.
  • Women and Plastic Surgery.

Interesting Topics For PowerPoint presentation

  • How does religion and politics relate?
  • Role of hydration to the body.
  • What causes women to over think when in a relationship?
  • Sex and marriage.
  • Why some Women put up their Children for Adoption.
  • How does bad nutrition affect one’s appearance?
  • Impacts of antidepressants to the human brain.
  • How does gambling negatively affect people and their finances?
  • How to overcome different types of addiction.
  • Is the healthcare system fair?

Best Topic For PPT

  • Benefits of Acupuncture.
  • How does the respiratory system operate?
  • What does the term ‘glass ceiling’ mean and what effect does it have over a business?
  • Environmental problems and solutions .
  • Natural or relaxed hair: which one do you prefer and why?
  • Diversity in a work environment .
  • Importance of working as a team.
  • How has COVID 19 pandemic affected the hospitality and tourism sectors?
  • Praying at home and praying in the church: which one do you prefer?

PPT On General Topics

  • Are heatless hair curlers effective in curling the hair?
  • Are athletes overpaid or underpaid?
  • Global warming.
  • Cheating in Exams.
  • Sex education in schools.
  • Is home-schooling better than physically going to school?
  • Does home-schooling make students antisocial?
  • Working from home or working from the office : Which is better?
  • Should abortion be legalized all over the world?
  • Are 9am-5pm jobs worth it?

General PowerPoint Topics

  • Different methods of advertising on social media .
  • How do media affect businesses?
  • How has advancement in technology affected different industries?
  • What are some of the alternative sources of energy ?
  • Real estate virtual tour during COVID 19 pandemic.
  • Factors to consider when buying a home.
  • Home renovation ideas.
  • How does body shaming affect an individual?
  • Should homosexuality be legalized all over the world?
  • Religion and Cult: Differences.

Inspirational Topics For PowerPoint Presentation

  • Quotes from famous people and greatest leaders of all time.
  • Ethics and Values.
  • Importance of self love and acceptance.
  • Personal development.
  • How to quickly lose weight without regaining it.
  • Evolution of social media .
  • How to fix your mindset to achieve success.
  • Saving tips for young adults.
  • How to stay productive while working from home .
  • Single parenthood struggles and benefits.

PPT Topics For Students

  • Should mobile phones be allowed in classrooms?
  • Do teachers know everything?
  • Why do students break rules?
  • Do teachers practice favoritism in school?
  • Are there rules that students break that they go free with?
  • If you were a teacher for a day, what would you do differently?
  • What makes being a student difficult?
  • Why do assignments and exams stress students?
  • Should students reside in school premises or rent their own apartments?
  • Benefits of volunteering.

Interesting Topics For Oral Presentation

  • Benefits of dental health.
  • Domestic violence.
  • Natural ways to reduce stress.
  • How to get rid of acne.
  • How to handle a bully.
  • How to effectively manage time.
  •  How to enjoy being single.
  • Dual citizenship and its benefits.
  • How to have fun responsibly.
  • What causes teenage and youth suicides?

Interesting Topics For PowerPoint Presentation

  • Should death penalty be implemented or not?
  • Natural or artificial hair: which is better?
  • Should a lady propose to a man?
  • Should juvenile prisons exist?
  • Is it okay if a man helps his wife in house chores?
  • Herbal or modern medicine: which is better and more effective?
  • Is it fair to deny a patient treatment without a health insurance?
  • Polygamy and Polyandry: should they be legalized worldwide?
  • Should interviews determine one’s professional and academic qualifications?
  • Should marijuana be made legal all over the world?

Interesting Presentation Topics For Work

  • Why is internet safety important?
  • How are plastic bags harmful to the environment ?
  • Risk management tips.
  • Effective communication skills.
  • Strategic planning.
  • Leadership and Management.
  • How to solve conflicts at workplace peacefully .
  • Customer reviews and company success.
  • How to work from home with a toddler .
  • Social media marketing.

Easy Topics For Presentation

  • Effective ways of improving the health system.
  • What led to the collapse of the Soviet Union?
  • Functions of the human sensory systems.  
  • What causes high blood pressure and diabetes?
  • Signs and symptoms of anemia.
  • How do songs affect our mood and feeling?
  • Do punishing students make them better?
  • How does texting affect one’s vocabulary and writing abilities?
  • Effective ways of treating various age groups.
  • How can students be motivated to achieve success?  

Unique Topics For Presentation

  • Should old buildings be preserved or demolished?
  • What age should people allowed to marry?
  • Should use of social media in school be advocated for?
  • Can capable elderly be allowed to adopt children?
  • Should businesses open on Sundays too?
  • Is saving as a couple better than saving individually?
  • Will racism ever die out?
  • Impact that your dressing has on your personality.
  • Teenagers and boarding schools.
  • Causes of cancer.

Interesting Topics For Presentation

  • Are men good at multitasking?
  • Love marriage and arranged marriage: which one works better?
  • Are human beings more intelligent than animals?
  • What effects do social media have on students ?
  • How do you balance personal and professional life?
  • What is the evolution of literature?
  • In the next few years, will population growth affect our way of life?
  • How to eradicate gender equality.
  • Does God really exist?
  • Is gay marriage right or wrong?

Business topics for presentation

  • Different marketing strategies.
  • How to introduce new products to the public.
  • Importance of a business plan.
  • Why data analysis is crucial for a business.
  • Business finance.
  • How to encourage company diversity.
  • Sales data presentation.
  • Examples of computer tools that every business needs.
  • Everyday routine for successful people.
  • Exit strategies in a business.

10 minute presentation topics

  • Importance of foreign investment.
  • How to instil discipline in online classes.
  • Is global warming a myth or a reality?
  • Causes of Unemployment.
  • Corporate social responsibility.
  • Social impact of online education.
  • How to read body language.
  • Is a vegan diet 100% effective in weight loss?
  • How to do away with Smartphone addiction.
  • Is euthanasia ethical?

Presentation topics for students

  • Why are most teachers underpaid?
  • Should inter-school competitions be encouraged?
  • What is foreign exchange program?
  • Why do students miss their classes?
  • How to protect yourself when in danger.
  • What is cross fit?
  • How important is a balanced diet?
  • Who is an EMT specialist?
  • Nelson Mandela and how impacted the world.
  • Martin Luther King Junior and his achievements .

PowerPoint presentation ideas on Money making and Health

  • How to budget effectively with your salary.
  • Blogging ideas.
  • Tips on starting YouTube without an expensive camera.
  • Photosynthesis.
  • How does the respiratory system work?
  • Are internship programs worth it?
  • How does discrimination affect productivity at work place ?
  • After how long should new mums go back to work?
  • Entrepreneurship.
  • Who are the old more in employment than the youth?

5 minute presentation topics ppt download

Best topics for presentation

  • How did human beings evolve?
  • Tips for writing the best resume.
  • History of the internet.
  • Do you believe in the existence of aliens?
  • How to create memories with loved ones.
  • Why were relationships and marriages in the past lasting than presently?
  • Between electric cars and gas cars, which one is better?
  • At what age should one have kids?
  • Would the world be a better place without modern technology?
  • Benefits of using influencer marketing for your business.

Presentation Ideas on Culture

  • Where should young adults visit in their youth?
  • How should parents address adolescent teens?
  • How is social media different now and in the past?
  • What makes you love a specific movie genre?
  • How to make banana cake at home.
  • Should single mothers allow their baby daddy’s to see their child?
  • How to set realistic goals.
  • Should the disabled be treated differently?
  • How to deal with grief.
  • Internet dating and its benefits.

PowerPoint Ideas On Mixed Topics

  • Why are there gender-specific job descriptions?
  • The placebo effect.
  • Solar technology.
  • How to keep the sea clean.
  • The evolution of fashion.
  • Why do people fake their lives on social media?
  • How to control your child’s social media activities .
  • How to co-parent.
  • Tips on surviving a blind date.
  • Anxiety and depression in adults.

Fun Topics For Presentations

  • Are dogs better than cats?
  • Do pets need a self-care routine?
  • Tattoos or piercings: which one do you prefer?
  • Should you allow your partner to access your phone?
  • Are women better than men?
  • Is there life after death?
  • Are ghosts real?
  • Dieting or exercising: which one works better than the other?
  • Which one is healthy between washing your hands and using a sanitizer?
  • Should you take the COVID vaccine ?

Creative Slides Ideas

  • Use music in your presentation.
  • Tell a story.
  • Incorporate humor.
  • Ask your audience questions.
  • Voice over narrations.
  • Illustrations.
  • Use 3D Effects.
  • Add animations to your presentation.
  • Make the best use out of colors.

Cool Presentation Topics

  • How do media affect gender stereotypes?
  • How to do away with insomnia.
  • Ways in which beauty contests affects a woman’s self esteem.
  • Safety measures at home.
  • How to respond to a medical emergency at home.
  • When is it right to call 911?
  • Effective time management skills.
  • Benefits of 3D printing?
  • How to deal with loss and grief.
  • Mistakes people make when it comes to general safety.

Easy Presentation Ideas

  • Effects of the smiling therapy.
  • Benefits of learning a new language.
  • How to be productive in a diverse work environment .
  • Eating healthy foods .
  • Benefits of lemon tea.
  • Importance of learning about culture.
  • Data collection procedures.
  • Responsibilities of a leader.
  • How personal problems affect one’s productivity.
  • Corporate ethics.

Medical Presentation Topics

  • How etiquette helps in public.
  • When should you visit a psychologist?
  • Are gynecologist visits necessary?
  • Mental health awareness.
  • How to prepare effectively for an exam.
  • Oral hygiene.
  • Exercising and wellness.
  • Why do some 50 year olds look 20?
  • Causes of child obesity.
  • Natural ways to reduce body odor.

Creative Presentation Topic Ideas

  • How to answer interview questions like a pro.
  • Writing your Curriculum Vitae.
  • Benefits of maintaining eye contact when conversing.
  • Are leaders born or made?
  • Underage gambling.
  • Why women avoid saying their age.
  • Why do men cheat in relationships?
  • How women overcome insecurity.
  • Reasons why most step parents treat their step children with love.
  • Should pubic hair be shaved?

Technical Topics for Presentation

  • Is technology a blessing or a curse?
  • At what age should kids be allowed to have mobile phones?
  • Do teenagers and youths use the internet for the right or wrong reasons?
  • What role do mobile phone apps play?
  • Cyber Crimes.
  • Wireless Technology .
  • Online shopping versus physical shopping.
  • Are tablets necessary in the computer world?
  • iPhone versus Android phones.
  • How to stop cyber bullying.

Presentation Topics For University Students

  • Online schooling and physical schooling.
  • Financial Markets.
  • Money saving tips.
  • Are education loan interests necessary?
  • Do assignments and tests determine one’s intelligence?
  • Should students work and study at the same time?
  • Peer influence among university students.
  • Stress associated with being a university student.
  • Academic freedom.
  • Is the grading system in universities genuine?

In summary, choosing a good PowerPoint presentation topic is very important in capturing your audience and relaying the message you intended. In addition to that, always aim at selecting a topic that interests you or that is easy to talk about.

Therefore, all of the above are some of the amazing ppt presentation topics that you can discuss.

image source –


Frantically Speaking

Creating & Delivering A 5 Minute Presentation

Hrideep barot.

  • Presentation , Public Speaking , Speech Topics

Person delivering a short presentation

The daunting task of sitting down to work on a presentation that needs to be effective enough to get your point across as quickly and efficiently as possible, might want you to curl up deeper inside your blanket.

Here’s the good part: You can read this article on your phone from your comfy hideout.

As much as people picture presentations to be a difficult task, I personally, enjoy it!

To find the right colour scheme or infographic, or when the text and picture align perfectly, it is a fun experience clicking F5 and just watching your creation seamlessly spill out facts after facts while looking so minimalistic and neat!

Now that you know what I dream about at 2:00 PM in the afternoon, let’s get to work on creating and delivering a well curated, killer presentation which is short and effective, regardless if you have presentation daydreams or not!

What is a Short Presentation?

It would be a really awkward start if you were trying to hit a bullseye without the target board.

I present to you the simplest explanation of a short presentation from my caffeine induced writing:

Short presentations are for no longer than 5 minutes that gives an idea about what the topic is.

It is sort of an overview of your topic and really makes you prioritise what content you need to add in your presentation. We’ll get to this shortly, keep scrolling!

Before we begin working on our presentation, we need an outline or sort of checklist that will help us create our 5 minute presentation.

This will give us an idea of what our presentation will look like.

Essentially for a 5 minute presentation we’re looking at covering 5 topics that will bring your presentation to a complete circle. Let’s get cracking!

1. Introduction

Every presentation needs an introduction, even with a time crunch, this is a very important step in a presentation.

This gives your audience time to form their own opinions on the topic and build a connection with the speaker (that’s you!)

A killer opening might just make those first impressions all positive! Check out this video to work on your introductions:

Now that you have an idea about what exactly you do in an introduction, let’s make one thing clear, for a 5 minute presentation, your introduction needs to be extremely short. Again. For the people in the back: 5 minute presentation introductions need to be EXTREMELY SHORT.

Before you make assumptions and finish your introduction in two lines, let’s give you a time frame: 15 – 40 seconds, based on your topic. This would give you enough time to make an impression and add relevant content as well.

Pro Tip: If you are struggling to shorten your introduction, try avoiding introducing yourself because firstly, the emcee would do that and second, you can always add a little bit about you in your cover slide or your 1st title slide. Another thing that can help you save time throughout your presentation is making sure your title is extremely short. A long title would just become too many words by the time you finish your presentation and after saying it once, they don’t really add any value.

2. Problem Statement / Details of what you are addressing

This slide is like knowing the problem, knowing the answer and just talking about it.

Usually a 5 minute presentation just has one topic or a major focus, you can either explain a problem that your topic solves like how Electric Vehicles solve the whole gas pricing increasing, long term savings issue and of course sustainability and global warming.

Once you find an angle, your answer essentially becomes your topic.

PS. I wouldn’t take more than a slide to address the problem. Using too many slides in just 5 minutes will only distract your audience.

3. Solution

We have the question and the answer and just like every math solution site ever, in the previous slide we haven’t shown them the work, the way to get to the answer.

We’re better than that aren’t we? Let’s build solutions, show them the work. If we are talking about EVs being cheaper in the long run, do the math, show them how much they invest and how it makes a difference.

This section is the most content heavy part of your presentation, you can talk about your ideas, innovation, theories and play around with games and tricks during your presentation because this is where you audience will begin to dose off or get excited but creating the excitement is up to you.

If your presentation is more research based than on your personal work, using a lot of verbal stats might be your go to, but remember numbers everywhere will confuse your audience.

A good trick would be to add most of your statistics on your slides and highlight / mention the most impactful ones.

4. Limitations

In most theories or even hard facts there are always gaps and cracks, even Marvel came out with a “What if” series!

It is always good to address these cracks once you give your solutions, maybe even fuse the two together to keep things interesting.

This helps the audience go “Oh, that is wicked” or just get them thinking, talking about the topic.

Pro Tip: If you have too many things to talk about in this section you can use some facts or “believe it or not” type theories as interjections to catch the audience off guard or maybe even turn them into jokes!

5. Conclusion

This is the most crucial, yet flexible part of your presentation. Remember that it is only for 5 minutes so you really have a time crunch by now. You can’t really sum up everything.

The good thing is you don’t need to! One perk of 5 minute presentations is that it is very direct and short. This means that pretty much most of your content is still fresh in your audience’s mind.

All you need to do now is work on a killer ending. Here’s a video that can help!

Content and Delivery

Now that we know what the final presentation might look like, let’s work on building it by going into detail about it.

Let’s work on this the way Toastmasters International evaluates our speeches. Divide it into Content and Delivery.

On the content front, we will be covering everything from the colours, fonts, animation topics, prioritising content, the type of words we can use, and a few other things that happen before you step on the stage.

For delivery, we’ll be working on the show-person inside you, from everything about how and where you can stand to what you can do apart from the presentation to grab the audience’s attention and more!

I understand some of you might be a little curious about the “Toastmasters International” thing. It is a public speaking forum. Since I know some of us here are visual learners while others prefer to read, if you are interested in exploring it, you can check out our article: All About Toastmasters – What Is It, My Journey And Why You Should Try It or check out this video:

We will be going chronologically because just like presentations, in articles too, we can’t eat the cake until after we bake it! Let’s get going!

Put on your creative hat and let’s get cracking.

1. Prioritise

Being an expert in a topic is usually a good thing but sometimes, experts know too much when compared to a complete beginner. There are three ways this situation can play out.

  • You skim over some extremely important yet insignificant looking foundational topics because you’ve chosen to prioritise a complex topic.
  • You dumb down things waaaay too much and you end up adding not much value for your audience or to your presentation
  • You do it just right, the right content and explanation, because either you have a knack for teaching or are a teacher, or just remember the days when you were a beginner perfectly.

Here is the catch, how do you know that your audience is a beginner crowd? This is one of the most important factors while prioritising your content.

Understanding your audience

Once you know your audience it becomes so much more easier to gauge the type of content that would add value and be useful to them.

You can use it to understand what type of topics you can cover, for beginners they might be looking at careers and building their foundation while the experts would rather enjoy a more technical and “in the news” take on the topic.

Pro Tip: Never! Never use complex jargons with your audience and if you have to, make sure to explain it on your slide or in your speech. With experts and people who know the field, you can use jargons but preferably use the least you can while not making it sound like you are dumbing it down for your audience.

Check out our video to gain a better understanding on how to analyse your audience!

2. Colours, fonts, layout and more!

We need to make your presentation look direct, concise and cute (this is the adjective I am going with, feel free to add your own!)

Colours, fonts and layouts and infographics and all of the other tools are something that gives your presentation a personality, and I believe it is best to find a colour scheme that reflects your personality.

For example, if you are a person who love minimalistic artefacts and aesthetics, a more softer, mellow, and essentially beige colour scheme is what would bounce off your personality on the stage.

If you are confused about what say “you” the best, the quickest way to define yourself with an adjective and go to Pinterest and search that word with maybe these keywords:

  • Bedroom Ideas
  • Office Décor
  • Outfit ideas

And pick the theme that you like the most!

Now listen here. I need your complete and undivided attention. Just because you need to define yourself with an adjective doesn’t mean you go into a downward philosophical spiral about your existence.

If you are finding it hard to define yourself, try figuring out how you want to come across in your presentation, do you want to appear organised – minimalist is the adjective for it. If you are looking to be intelligent or futuristic – techy / tech savvy could be an option.

Another way to figure out the colours, fonts and layouts and all the other tools of a presentation is to go by topic. Find out what your topic talks about and build your presentation personality from there!

2.1. Templates

5 minute presentation topics ppt download

This is another quick and easy way to work on efficient presentations. Use readymade templates! There is no hard and fast rule that says you need to create your presentation from scratch. If it makes your life easy, why not!

With using templates comes this additional benefit of not needing to hunt for infographics or images or a neat layout, it is all handed out to you in a platter. They even have topic specific layouts created and ready to use! How cool is that?!?

There are so many sites out there for exactly this, some are listed below! 1. Canva 2. Slidego 3. Slides Carnival 4. Visme

The length of your presentation, here, the number of slides you have, should be in the range of 5-7.

Remember you are preparing for a presentation that will last for about 5 minutes and changing more than 1-2 slides a minute is time consuming and the audience would not be able to decide whether they should be focusing on what you are saying or showing.

I understand that wanting to speak about so many cool things within 5 minutes is not enough, I have been there!

Here is an easy way to refine your presentations to be as direct and crisp as possible:

Step 1: Data Dump

Do the data dump first. All the things you’ve prioritised and decided that you want to keep in your presentation, dump it all into your slides topic wise.

Step 2: Organise

Once you have all your data, move the slides around, find an order that goes from level 0 to level X – you decide the number of levels based on your topic!

Build a flow of information that is easy to grasp and understand and doesn’t jump back and forth as much.

Step 3: Edit

Now that you know what goes where and what comes after what, you can now choose to scrap topics (yes again, the more you refine the more you can get the perfect well rounded finish on your presentation) and combine them.

Step 4: Make pretty!

If you are combining topics in your presentation, doesn’t mean you make it crowded and too much information for the audience to consume, they would end up reading the slide instead of paying any attention to you and we do not want that, no matter what your stage fright tells you.

You presentation needs to look neat, appealing to the eye, not hard to read and simple.

If it is getting too much, I would suggest going to one of the template sites mentioned above and just check out the various templates available to get a grasp on what I am talking about. It is extremely simple and easy. You got this!

Here is another article you can check out to see what other tools you can use to make your presentation better! 5 Presentations Tools To Use With Multimedia Presentations

4. Other effects

Things like animation, slide transitions and other effects have a huge advantage in making your presentation look pleasing to the eye, but is it very easy to overdo it.

Here is a hack that I use to make sure that I never make my presentation “too much.”

One word: Consistency.

If you are using a slide transition, make sure to apply it to all your slides. This creates a form of flow (try saying that 5 times quickly!) in your delivery.

Also, given that you do not have many slides, it doesn’t make sense for you to waste time on transitions both while creating and delivering your presentation.

The same goes for animations, there are so many options available, you can even make them come on clicks and use it as a “step-wise” explanation technique.

Person delivering a presentation

There are so many things you can do to have a killer delivery, but the fact is that to bask in your limelight for those 5 minutes, you need to prepare fairly in advance.

Let’s check out a few things that you can do to help rock your delivery!

1. Use the right pronouns

I am a proud ally and one way I can effect change is though what I do.

Here’s my tip to you, try asking for any person’s pronouns before you address them with one. If you are uncomfortable asking, instead of using an assumptive pronoun, use they/them. It is gender neutral and puts forth a more formal and no-conflict tone.

It is important to announce your pronouns as well for people to know how they are supposed to address you.

Here is a helpful article I found about gender pronouns if you are interested in learning more about it! What To Know About Gender Pronouns

Outfit for a short presentation

This won’t require you to explore Pinterest but it would help if you check out the room you are going to be speaking in.

Make sure to wear well contrasting colours with the background and the presentation so that you stand out and make it easy for your audience to spot you and refocus when they dose off or aren’t attentive.

Let’s say that you’ve got a well lit room, your outfit does not blend in with the background and your presentation is both interactive and informative. You stand in one place and begin. You are doing everything right and yet, the audience seems distracted.

One possible explanation would be that you are stagnant and in being so, for the audience, you may not have blended into the background but you have become a part of it!

Moving around when you give a presentation is effective, but you need to gauge when to do it. An easy hack to this is: Speak-Stay, Transition-Transportation.

It essentially means that when you are speaking or delivering an important point, stay in one place, the only thing the audience should need to focus on is your content, but when you move from one topic or segment to another, you move, it shows the audience that they are moving on from topic to another and helps smoothen your transitions.

Another thing to keep in mind is that, there might be situations where you can not move, less stage area, the mic is attached to the podium, it is an online platform or physical limitations. Do not fret. It is okay and you can use your voice by changing tones or effect transitions instead or you can come up with your own creative technique!

Pro Tip: Make sure that when you do move, do not hide your presentation slide and try to speak from either ends of the screen.

4. Make things relevant

Is your presentation about palaeontology or space travel?

It can be anything under the sun, but one of the best ways to keep the audience alert and interested is by connecting it to the present.

Basic Human Psychology. Talk or mention something that they possibly would’ve heard about and their ears will prick up, or ask them a simple question like “Have you heard about XYZ?” and wait for their response, react, connect that to your content and move on.

This will make the audience feel that they know something about the topic and will keep them interested.

Wait. How do you know what the audience knows? Current Affairs.

There is always some news which is trending or controversial or simply too important that it is all people talk about, use that to your benefit, read up on your current affairs and decide what suits your content the best and work on segue to bring it up enough to hold your audience’s attention but not too detailed that you deviate from the topic. 

There are various other ways to keep your audience engaged, check out this TedTalk to learn more about it!

Examples of 5 Minute Presentations

Here are some examples to help you understand different ways you can build your presentation!

Topic Ideas

Topic ideas for short presentations

Now that you have an easy guide to creating and delivering a killer short presentation, here are a few topic ideas that you might like to use!

  • Adopting a pet
  • Endangered Species
  • Therapy Animals
  • Financing for College
  • How to choose your major
  • Coffee – Good / Bad Habit
  • Body Shaming
  • Social Media and its importance
  • Outer space
  • Stereotypes and superstitions (like using the number 13!)

Final Thoughts

Short presentations are fairly easy to give and are fun. If you find it difficult, that is normal too. Just take it one step at a time and prioritise your content FIRST, trust me. A mammoth of your work will be done.

Deep breaths and steps at your own pace, you’ll get there. 🙂

Hrideep Barot

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5 minute presentation topics ppt download

 10 Reasons Why Communication Training is IMP for your Employees

reading your speech

11 Shortcuts for Reading Your Speech On Stage

debate speech and topics

The Most Powerful Debate Speech Strategy And Topic Ideas

5 minute presentation topics ppt download

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Most Interesting Topics for Students for a 5-Minute Presentation

Find Yours from the List of Interesting Presentation Topics!

Table Of Contents

  • 5 Tips to Create an Interesting Presentation

What Is the Structure of a Presentation?

  • 5-Minutes Presentation Topics

Academic Presentation Topics

English presentation topics, easy presentation topics, business presentation topics, unsure about your presentation topic take an expert advice.

Have you ever found yourself snoring in any presentation? Or have you ever come across a person who has excellent presentation skills that is so good that you are compelled to stay focused? Maybe yes, maybe no. Some of you might have had the experience of presenting your work in front of several people. It is a different feeling that gives you a rush and a sense of excitement.

This blog is written for you if you are still a student and have yet to give presentations. When you read further, you will find some interesting presentation topics for students. These are sure to end your search for something that can make you feel confident and present impressively.

Remember, to impress your audience, you'll have to incorporate several skills. These qualities are required to make you feel confident and have faith in your preparations. So, before being curious about what topic to pick for your presentation, learn how to present it.

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5 Tips for Creating an Engaging Presentation

The biggest challenge during a presentation is keeping your audience's attention. Especially if you are a student with no experience to refer to for your performance, engaging the people sitting in front of you with dull faces can be a task. Read further to learn the skills to present and select exciting topics.

Break the Ice

The ideal place to start is a simple question that will warm the audience up. It is easy to transform your audience from passive listeners into engaged participants immediately. Additionally, it will aid in your relaxation before you begin the presentation's main body and make your key points. You can easily find interesting presentation topics that will help you engage with your listeners.

Eye Contact

One should never underestimate the importance of making eye contact. It gives you a commanding presence on stage and might help clarify your argument. Remember that you should try to engage each segment of the audience. You don't want to fixate on one individual the entire time because that would make you feel weird and uneasy. Interesting topics for presentation will help you create and sustain eye contact with the other person.

Add Visuals and Audio Effects

Music is an excellent way to connect with an audience. Simply put, they contribute to making your life monotonous. Utilising sound effects or music will inevitably enliven the crowd because it arouses emotion and aids in memory. Images, movies, and even GIFs may provide a visual component to your slides that will help bring focus to them and offer viewers something else to look at. If you want to shift directly to presentation topic ideas ,  scroll to the next stage.

Allow the Audience to Ask

The audience can speak up and feel respected when they are allowed to ask questions whenever needed. In the past, people were reluctant to speak out or express a question in front of a large group. Your skills can enable and promote participation by allowing users to share anonymously, which enhances learning. It can be challenging to find presentation topics for students concerning this idea, but this blog will further help you with it.

Follow the 10-20-30 Rule

If you want to feel confident about your presentation topic ideas, then stick to this. The best slide presentations, according to well-known venture capitalist and former Apple marketing expert Kawasaki, It has no more than ten slides, last no more than 20 minutes, and uses a font size of 30. This tactic aids in condensing your information and keeping the audience's attention.

Also Read:-  How Can Students Overcome Their Fear of Failure?

All different types of presentations have their own structural demands. As a student, before selecting from the interesting topics for presentation ,  learn its structure. Here is the format that you should follow to get booming applause from the audience:

Introduction (15%)

When you are starting your PPT, there are certain rituals that you should convey to

the audience, such as:

  • Your Intro:  It is best to introduce yourself briefly at the beginning of your presentation to establish a connection with your audience immediately.
  • Topic Intro:  After that, introduce the subject, state your presentation's goal, and give a quick rundown of the key points you'll be covering.
  • Ice Breaking:  Studies show that audiences only have a 10-minute attention span on average, so it's critical to grab their interest immediately and maintain it throughout the presentation.

Main Body (70%)

  • Present Your Topic:  The main body of a presentation should thoroughly explain the subject, state the facts, support them, and provide examples. Observe all the commitments you made in the introduction.
  • Length and Structure:  About 70% of the presentation should be taken up by the central section, which should have a clear structure. Clearly state your points and then logically support them.
  • Please focus on the Essentials:  Concentrate on the most crucial points and briefly restate them. Because your audience will only remember some of what you say about a subject, you can say some things. Avoid using complex sentence structures because the audience can only reread something if they understand it.
  • Make Your Presentation Interactive:  Make your presentation interactive to keep the audience's interest. Include polls using a smartphone so your audience can respond and discuss the results as soon as you've gathered all the votes.

Conclusion (15%)

  • Repeat the Main Points:  The most crucial vital points should be summarised in the conclusion. Reiterate your main points, state what the audience should have learned, and describe how the new knowledge will be helpful in the future.
  • Include a Q&A:  To guarantee that no questions are left unanswered, include a Q&A section at the conclusion. If there isn't enough time, your audience can submit anonymous questions, and you can respond to them later.
  • Get Feedback:  Receiving feedback after your presentation is crucial if you want to keep getting better. After your presentation, you can use this flow to solicit anonymous feedback from your audience via star ratings, number ratings, or open texts.

Also Read:-  5 Effective Time Management Tips for College Students

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5-Minute Presentation Topics

This category is most famous for interesting presentation topics for students. It will allow you to present in a short and sweet format.

  • Press freedom
  • The post-Corona virus world
  • The value of discipline
  • The importance of lifelong health
  • The fight against AIDS
  • Effects of forest loss
  • Discrimination and racism
  • A perfect mother
  • The soldier's life
  • Electricity is a wonder.

As a college student, preparing for presentations is easiest when an academic presentation topic idea is chosen. It will help you state and understand your own points.

  • Higher education does not effectively eliminate ignorance
  • The significant changes in education that technology has brought about
  • The role technology has played in society's moral decline
  • Education's future
  • The significance of choosing zoology as a field of study
  • Effective time management is crucial in daily life
  • Social services
  • How do you encourage creative thinking in students at school?
  • Education right now
  • Check the morality of allowing kids to use phones

English is the most common language used in the UK. So, pick exciting topics in English to make your presentation most liked.

  • The value of education
  • Discourse on education
  • Talk about books
  • India's education system
  • Talk about girls' education
  • Romantic influences can be found in well-known English literature
  • Music affects mental health
  • The most well-known and tense plays, books, and novels
  • The procedure for approving conventional herbs
  • Successful medical treatment during the pandemic

College life is demanding and can take a lot of time. If this is your worry too, look for easy and interesting topics for the presentation .  And make your work shine effortlessly.

  • GMOs' adverse effects on life and health
  • Effective ways to improve the health system for older people
  • A most famous form of social media censorship
  • Most notable historical female political figures
  • How to beat the rush?
  • Effects of globalization on the world population
  • Positive impacts of smiling therapy on mental health
  • 3D printing's development and advantages
  • How does music aid in language learning?
  • Approaching child prodigies

Presentation is the biggest KRA in business studies. You are trained to present and interact in this stream. Below is a list of interesting topics for presentation in the business field.

  • Applications for computers and phones in the workplace
  • The year's top business products
  • Every business needs computers
  • Making a profitable product
  • Analysing the performance of a product
  • Determining the need for a product among customers
  • How does slumber affect performance?
  • Breakfast habits of successful people
  • Successful people's evening routines
  • How do you keep tabs on your output?

Also Read:-  4 Tips to Help You Overcome Examination Stress

A presentation in front of several people can be scary. But once you overcome this fear, everything will be easy. It is because if you are not prepared for your content, how will you qualify for a live PowerPoint presentation? Similarly, to help you get through all your academic issues, the Assignment Desk is all set to support you with its  assignment writing service .

Students who have opted to take business as their primary subject should know that their core task will be developing good interaction skills. And we have your back with the  Business assignment help that is expertly written to assist you to fly over this challenge.

Our team of customer support professionals is available 24x7 for your assistance in getting your academic grades higher. And not just that, we have covered you even for your other academic tasks, such as English or  finance assignment help .

From the list of ideas above, you can choose your situation and reflect on your performance while presenting. It would help if you concentrated on creativity and preparation. It's said that for an impressive result, you need interesting presentation topics. Sometimes students find it hard to choose the right one, but they can trust our team of experts from different fields to help them conquer every milestone.

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Careers beyond academia, tips for a memorable 5-minute research presentation.

microphone with empty chairs

“If you get the first 5 minutes down, you are going to be golden for the rest of your presentation.” These were the words Susi Varvayanis, Executive Director of Careers Beyond Academia, stated at the start of Tips for a Memorable 5-Minute Research Presentation.

To help alleviate the stress and worries of making a good presentation, please review a summary of some amazing tips. There are three parts of a presentation that can influence the outcome of the presentation.

  • You, the speaker
  • Your presentation slides
  • The audience

How do you as the speaker prepare yourself for the best presentation?

  • Be aware of your body language – gestures are important, and they underscore the importance of the message we pass across. Add a smile! Be enthusiastic and make eye contact with the audience. These contribute to the appearance of confidence as you present.
  • Practice voice modulations – the way you speak can convey a lot about the information you are passing. Avoid going too fast. Add pauses as you speak, slow your speech, and emphasize key words.
  • Avoid jargon and acronyms – According to the dictionary, jargon is defined as special words or expressions that are used by a particular profession or groups and is difficult for others to understand. So, avoid them! Especially since some words can convey different connotations for different audiences. So, if I don’t use jargon, what should I use? How do I still convey my point? Try a different word, or use an analogy.

What makes for good presentation slides?

  • Good illustrations – make use of simplified images that pass across the information that you are presenting. Simple cartoon illustrations make it easy for the audience, regardless of background, to understand and follow the meanings.
  • Data presentation – avoid using excel defaults. Replace topics and labels with easier to understand headings that communicate your main point. Also, simplify images by removing unnecessary sections that do not apply to your audience. Most importantly, lead the audience through your work with all its ups and downs.

How does the audience affect your presentation?

The audience that you have dictates how you present your information. To prepare for your presentation, evaluate your audience. Understand the hook and make them care. Find unifying interests or commonality among the audience. Understand the goals and issues that challenge the audience. Do your images intrigue the audience?

Here is what makes your 5-minute pitch memorable:

  • It is passionate – This comes with understanding what inspires your work. Passion for research leads you to excel, even when you suffer setbacks.
  • It tells a good story – when you have a flow with compelling images, it helps tell a story, saves explanation, and hooks the audience.
  • It gives a ‘why’ – from your presentation, the audience should know why they should care about your work, the implications of your results and how they can apply this information.

Here are some resources that you can explore to help you with a great presentation:

  • Tool to check for jargon: De-Jargonizer (
  • The difference between ‘what’ and your ‘why’: Know Your Why | Michael Jr. – YouTube
  • Practice your skills: join ComSciCon-NY – in early June; Three-Minute Thesis or business case competitions
  • A guide with many exercises to improve your research communication – Finding Your Research Voice – Cornell University Library Catalog

We would love to hear your own opinions and tips on what you feel gives a good presentation!


How Many Slides for 5 Minutes Presentation

Last updated on January 25th, 2023

5 minute presentation topics ppt download

5 minutes, does it sound significantly less for a presentation it is sufficient time. In other words, your audience starts getting bored listening to you after this period. Only if you are a good storyteller and an even better orator will you not need to make extra efforts to make your listeners stay with you. Confusion still prevails over how many slides for 5 minutes presentation. Let’s cast a glance at the solutions.

Read related articles on the Role of Planning in making an effective PowerPoint presentation.

How Many Slides to Include in a 5-minute Presentation?

The final answer may be different from one presenter to another. In our 10-minute presentation article, we discussed a presentation with 5 slides to be covered within 10 minutes. For a 5-minute presentation, a total of 5 slides will be desirable, including the cover slide and the last slide for Q&A. This, at a speech rate faster than the presentation of 10 minutes. This makes room to include 3 inner slides (after the cover or introduction, and before the Q&A slide). In these 3 slides, you can include the core of your message and keep the audience engaged.

What are examples of 5-minute presentation topics?

Whether you are preparing a topic for a class, or a business presentation, if 5 minutes is a requirement of your presentation, then here are some ideas of topics for your 5-minute presentation.

A 5-minute product demo

Perfecting your demo is not a synonym of taking more time to present it. You can wrap your product demos in less than 5 minutes, which will help keep your audience fully engaged. Plan your product demo accordingly, and keep it covered in a 5-minute presentation.

Regardless of how long your introduction is, the audience won’t be engaged for more than 5 minutes, and they will only pay attention to the five minutes of it. So, prepare your product demo and speech to wrap it within 5 minutes and rock it.

Demo Day Pitch Presentation

Accelerators and conferences are holding pitch competitions and demo days with more frequency these days. At the same time, many new entrepreneurs are interested in pitching on theseatvents, so it is crucial for the organizers and the presenters to keep the Demo Day pitches short. 

As mentioned above, five minutes might not sound like a long time, especially when presenting on stage. Furthermore, when you are part of a demo day presentation, the audience must watch many of these presentations one after the other. You need to wow them, and one way to wow them, aside of using great visual slides, is to keep your presentation short. 

For other ideas, you can check our article about PowerPoint topic ideas .

How to Prepare yourself for a 5-Minute Presentation

1. choose your subject intelligently.

The topic of the presentation plays a crucial role in deciding how long it will stay attractive to the listeners. Although you might not always get the chance to pick a topic, you can present it from an angle with a captivating approach.

For instance, if it is a boardroom presentation, you certainly cannot divert it much. Therefore, statistical demonstrations and references to the latest market scenarios prove helpful and attention-seeking factors. There might be instances when you will be given dry topics; insert some videos and other amusing stuff. It saves you the unnecessary effort of trying to please the audience, which often backfires.

2. Divide the period

Since it is five minutes, you cannot speak for one minute on every slide. Furthermore, time will also be consumed in the introduction, closing speech, and interacting with the participants/audience. Therefore planning and time management are vital in these types of presentations.

Moreover, some technical stuffs need to be kept in mind too. Since the time allotment per slide will be uneven, your content on the slide, as well as your speech need to complement this requirement.

3. Do Not Stay on a Slide for Long

Avoid staying for longer period on a slide. The more expedient step will be if you have least content on the slide and you do the talking. Let images speak; this way you can change the slides to your requirement and even increase their numbers.

Although experts say that time frame has little role to play while deciding the number of slides, yet one cannot ignore the importance of every passing minute. For it is time that will make or break your presentation results.

Final words

How many slides for a 5 minute presentation? This is a common question from someone who is preparing a short presentation and needs to understand how many slides to include in the PowerPoint. The main thing to keep in mind when crafting a 5-minute presentation is not to ramble on too much and keep your audience engaged. And, of course, it’s always important to end on a high note.

As you can see, there is not a fixed number of slides that you should use for a 5-minute presentation. It all depends on the content and your storytelling style. The total number of slides might vary. For example, if you want to share an interesting story about your work or a new product launch, then there’s no need to go overboard with visual aids. Next time when preparing a presentation, keep these tips in mind and be sure to leave some breathing space as well.

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75 Unique School Presentation Ideas and Topics Plus Templates

Are you tired of seeing the same PowerPoints repeating overused and unoriginal school presentation ideas covering repeated topics in your classes?

You know what I’m talking about; we’ve all been there, and sat through yawn-worthy demonstrations, slides, or presentation videos covering everything from the solar system, someone’s favorite pet, past presidents of a country, to why E=mC squared.

school presentation ideas bored cat meme

From grade school to university, first graders to college students, we are obligated to create, perform, and observe academic presentations across a plethora of curriculums and classes, and not all of these public speaking opportunities fall into the category of an ‘interesting topic’.

Yet, have no fear! Here at Piktochart, we are here to help you and your classmates. From giving examples of creative and even interactive presentation ideas, providing presentation videos , and suggesting interactive activities to give your five minutes of fame the ‘wow’ factor that it deserves, this article is your guide!

Our massive collection of unique school and college presentation ideas and templates applies if you’re:

  • A teacher looking to make your class more engaging and fun with student presentations.
  • A student who wants to impress your teacher and the rest of the class with a thought-provoking, interesting topic.

A Curated List of Interesting Topics for School Presentations

Did you know that when it comes to presentations , the more students involved improves retention? The more you know! Yet sometimes, you need a little help to get the wheels moving in your head for your next school presentation .

The great thing about these ideas and topics is you can present them either in face-to-face classes or virtual learning sessions.

Each school presentation idea or topic below also comes with a template that you can use. Create a free Piktochart account to try our presentation maker and get access to the high-quality version of the templates. You can also check out our Piktochart for Education plan .

Want to watch this blog post in video format? The video below is for you!

The templates are further divided into the following categories covering the most popular and best presentation topics. Click the links below to skip to a specific section.

  • Unique science presentation topics to cultivate curiosity in class
  • Engaging culture and history presentation ideas to draw inspiration from
  • Health class presentation topics to help students make healthy lifestyle decisions
  • Data visualization ideas to help students present an overwhelming amount of data and information into clear, engaging visuals
  • First day of school activity ideas to foster classroom camaraderie
  • Communication and media topics to teach students the importance of effective communication
  • Topics to help students prepare for life after school

We hope this list will inspire you and help you nail your next school presentation activity.

Unique Science Presentation Topics to Cultivate Curiosity in Class

Science is a broad field and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with too many topics to choose for your next presentation.

Cultivate curiosity in the science classroom with the following unique and creative presentation ideas and topics:

1. Can life survive in space?

template for can life survive in space

2. Do plants scream when they’re in pain?

template for do plants scream when they're in pain

3. What are the traits of successful inventors?

template of what are the traits of successful inventors

4. How vaccines work

template for how vaccines work

5. Massive destruction of the Koala’s habitat in Australia

template for massive destruction of the koala's habitat in australia

6. Left brain versus right brain

template for left brain vs right brain

7. What are great sources of calcium?

template for great sources of calcium infographic

Get access to high-quality, unique school presentation templates by Piktochart for Education.

Create and collaborate in the classroom using Piktochart’s customizable and printable templates for your school reports, presentations, and infographics.

5 minute presentation topics ppt download

8. Recycling facts you need to know

template for recycling facts you need to know

9. Do you have what it takes to be a NASA astronaut?

NASA astronaut template

10. The rise of robots and AI: Should we be afraid of them?

rise of robots template

11. How far down does the sea go?

template for how far down does the sea go

12. The stages of sleep

stages of sleep template

13. Will Mars be our home in 2028?

template for will mars be our home in 2028

14. A quick look at laboratory safety rules

template for laboratory rules

15. The first person in history to break the sound barrier

template for the first person in history to break the sound barrier

Engaging Culture and History Presentation Ideas to Draw Inspiration From

History is filled with equally inspiring and terrifying stories, and there are lessons that students can learn from the events of the past. Meanwhile, interactive presentations about culture help students learn and embrace diversity. 

16. Women in history: A conversation through time

infographic template about women in history: a conversation through time

17. The sweet story of chocolate 

visual for sweet story of chocolate 

18. A history lesson with a twist 

template for a history lesson with a twist

19. The history of basketball 

history of basketball visual template

20. The origin of the Halloween celebration 

origin of the halloween celebration template

21. AI History 

AI history template

22. What you need to know about New Zealand 

infographic template about new zealand facts

23. 1883 volcanic eruption of Krakatoa 

template for volcanic eruption of krakatoa 

24. Roman structures: 2000 years of strength

template for roman structures: 2000 years of strength

25. The most famous art heists in history 

template for the most famous art heists in history 

26. Elmo: The story behind a child icon 

template for elmo: the story behind a child icon 

27. 10 things you should know before you visit South Korea 

template for things you should know before you visit south korea 

28. 8 things you didn’t know about these 8 countries 

eight things you didn't know about these countries, template 

Health Class Presentation Topics to Help Students Make Healthy Lifestyle Decisions

Want to learn how to engage students with healthcare topic ideas? Then consider using these templates for your next interactive presentation.

According to the CDC , school-based health education contributes to the development of functional health knowledge among students. It also helps them adapt and maintain health-promoting behaviors throughout their lives. 

Not only will your presentation help with keeping students engaged, but you’ll also increase class involvement with the right slides.

The following examples of health and wellness interactive presentations include fun ideas and topics that are a good start. 

29. How to look after your mental health?

how to look after your mental health infographic template, mental health, mental health infographic, eating disorders

30. The eradication of Polio

template for the eradication of polio, healthcare infographic, healthcare infographic template

31. How to have a healthy lifestyle 

infographic template about healthy lifestyle, health infographic template

32. 10 handwashing facts 

handwashing infographic template, handwashing visual

33. Myths and facts about depression

infographic template about depression, depression infographic template, infographic on depression

34. Hacks for making fresh food last longer 

hacks for making fresh food last longer template, quarantine infographic

35. Ways to avoid spreading the coronavirus

template about how to avoid spreading the coronavirus, covid infographic

36. Mask protection in 5 simple steps 

template about mask protection, covid infographic

37. Everything you need to know about the flu

cover photo of the presentation about everything you need to know about the flu, flu infographic

38. All about stress: Prevention, tips, and how to cope 

template about stress prevention, tips, and how to cope , stress infographic

39. The importance of sleep 

template about the importance of sleep, sleep infographic

40. Is milk tea bad for you?

template about milk tea is bad for you, health infographic

41. How to boost happiness in 10 minutes

template about how to boost happiness in 10 minutes, happiness infographic

42. How dirty are debit and credit cards 

template of how dirty are debit and credit cards, credit card infographic

43. Why do you need sunscreen protection

template about sunscreen, sunscreen infographic

Data Visualization Ideas to Help Students Present Overwhelming Amounts of Data in Creative Ways

Data visualization is all about using visuals to make sense of data. Students need to pull the main points from their extensive research, and present them by story telling while being mindful of their classmates’ collective attention span.

As far as student assignments go, storytelling with data is a daunting task for students and teachers alike. To keep your audience interested, consider using a non linear presentation that presents key concepts in creative ways.

Inspire your class to be master data storytellers with the following data visualization ideas:

44. Are we slowly losing the Borneo rainforest?

deforestation infographic, template about deforestation, example of how to share about current events

45. Skateboard deck design over the years

skateboard infographic, template about skateboard deck design over the years

46. Food waste during the Super Bowl

super bowl infographic, food waste infographic, template about food waste during the super bowl

47. The weight of the tallest building in the world

building infographic, construction infographic, template about the weight of the tallest building in the world

48. Infographic about data and statistics

data infographic, statistics infographic

49. Stats about cyberbullying

template for stats about cyberbullying, cyberbullying infographic

50. How whales combat climate change

climate change infographic, template for how whales combat climate change

First Day of School Interactive Activity Ideas to Foster Whole-class-Camaraderie

Calling all teachers! Welcome your new students and start the school year with the following back-to-school creative presentation ideas and relevant templates for first-day-of-school activities.

These interactive presentations grab the attention of your students and are remarkably easy to execute (which is the main educator’s goal after all)!

51. Meet the teacher

meet the teacher template, introduction template, meet the teacher visual

52. Example: all about me

introduction infographic, about me visual template

53. Self-introduction

template about self introduction, introduction infographic, about me visual template

54. Tips on how to focus on schoolwork

template about how to productive, productivity infographic, taking notes

55. Course plan and schedule

course plan template, course plan visual, course list

Give our class schedule maker a try to access more templates for free. You can also access our presentation-maker , poster-maker , timeline-maker , and more by simply signing up .

56. Interpreting a student’s report card (for parents)

student report card template, student report card visual

57. Introduction of classroom rules

classroom rules, classroom rules template

58. Assignment schedule

course topics, assignments, course template, course infographic

59. Daily planner

daily planner template

60. Course syllabus presentation

course syllabus template

61. How to write a class presentation

template for how to create a class presentation,

Topics to Teach Students the Importance of Effective Communication

Visual media  helps students retain more of the concepts  taught in the classroom. The following media topics and infographic templates can help you showcase complex concepts in a short amount of time. 

In addition, interactive presentation activities using these templates also encourage the development of a holistic learning process in the classroom because they help focus on the  three domains of learning:  cognitive, affective, and psychomotor. 

62. Interactive presentation do’s and don’ts 

template for presentation dos and donts, presentation infographic

63. How to create an infographic 

template about how to create an infographic 

Recommended reading : How to Make an Infographic in 30 Minutes

64. How to improve your internet security and privacy

infographic template about internet privacy

65. What is design thinking?

what is design thinking infographic template

66. What are your favorite software tools to use in the classroom? 

infographic template about educational software

Presentation Topic Ideas to Help Students Prepare for Life After School

One of the things that makes teaching a rewarding career is seeing your students take the learning and knowledge you’ve instilled in them, and become successful, productive adults.

From pitching a business idea to starting your podcast, the following topics are good starting points to prepare students for the challenges after graduation (aka adulting 101):

67. How to make a resume

resume template

68. How to start a startup

how to start a startup, startup infographic, how to temple

69. Credit card vs. debit card

infographic about credit cards and debit cards, credit card infographic

70. Pros and cons of cryptocurrency

pros and cons of cryptocurrency infographic template

71. How to save on travel

ways to save on travel infographic template

72. How to do a SWOT analysis

swot nalysis infographic

73. How to pitch a business idea

business idea pitch infographic template

74. Habits of successful people

presentation template about habits of successful people

75. Starting your own podcast: A checklist

infographic template about starting your own podcast

Find out how a high school teacher like Jamie Barkin uses Piktochart to improve learning in the classroom for her students.

Pro tip: make your presentation as interactive as possible. Students have an attention span of two to three minutes per year of age. To keep minds from wandering off, include some interactive games or activities in the lesson. For example, if you conducted a lesson on the respiratory system, you could ask them to practice breathing techniques.

Maintain eye contact with your students, and you’ll get instant feedback on how interested they are in the interactive presentation.

Make School Presentation Visuals Without the Hassle of Making Them From Scratch

School presentations, when done right, can help teachers engage their classes and improve students’ education effectively by presenting information using the right presentation topic. 

If you’re pressed for time and resources to make your school presentation visuals , choose a template from Piktochart’s template gallery . Aside from the easy customization options, you can also print and download these templates to your preferred format. 

Piktochart also professional templates to create infographics , posters , brochures , reports , and more.

Creating school-focused, engaging, and interactive presentations can be tedious at first, but with a little bit of research and Piktochart’s handy templates, you’re going to do a great job!

The future of learning is interactivity and collaboration.

Foster interactive and collaborative learning using Piktochart for Education. Share your work, get feedback, and brainstorm on the fly. With Piktochart, everyone’s on the same page. Finally.

foster independent learning

Kyjean Tomboc is an experienced content marketer for healthcare, design, and SaaS brands. She also manages content (like a digital librarian of sorts). She lives for mountain trips, lap swimming, books, and cats.

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120 Presentation Topic Ideas Help You Hook Your Audience

Jenny Romanchuk

Updated: October 24, 2023

Published: August 09, 2023

Cooking is easy. The puzzle is figuring out what to eat. As soon as you know that, you can get started. The same holds for presentations. The sooner you can whip up a good, informative, and catchy topic, the easier the rest of the process becomes.

 man presents presentation topics to a group

Pick a good topic that resonates with you and your audience to set a strong foundation. But select the wrong topic, and it becomes difficult to connect with your audience, find mutual interests, or hold their attention.

So, let’s learn how to develop thought-provoking and relevant topics for your presentations. You’ll also find some best practices to make your presentation memorable.

Table of Contents

How to Choose a Great Presentation Topic in 5 Steps

120 presentation topic ideas, 5 presentation tips.

How to Choose a Great Presentation Topic. Be novel. Begin with the end in mind.

4. Choose an appropriate presentation style.

There are many ways to present a topic. Your personality, the topic at hand, and your audience’s personas will help you determine which style would best fit you and your audience.

Select a presentation style that will communicate the main idea clearly and have a lasting impact on your audience.

For instance, explore a freeform style presenter by Sir Ken Robinson.

5. Engage with your audience.

Work on your presentation skills to make a strong connection with your audience, get through to them and leave a mark.

Think of the presenter as the link between the topic and the audience. A strong or a weak presenter can make a difference between a presentation being a thriving success or a boring failure.

Hone your skills by engaging and interacting with your audience. Make them feel like a part of the presentation and not just spectators. 70% of marketers have found presentations with interactive content to be more effective than those without.

Here are a few ways you can make your presentation interactive:

  • Start your speech with uncommon questions to your audience. Involve them from the get-go, like ask to raise their hands if X.
  • Make eye contact to build credibility and show confidence. Don’t stare at your slides or notes. Smile occasionally and talk to the audience directly.
  • Have an active and confident body language. Don’t stand in the same place the entire time. Move around the stage.
  • Don’t be monotonous. Speak as you would to a colleague — with enthusiasm.
  • Ask close-ended questions in between to keep the audience engaged without losing time. Address them using their names to keep things interesting.
  • Share personal experiences and stories that your audience will find fascinating and relatable.
  • Practice thoroughly before you present so you’re fluent with the material and delivery.
  • Energy and excitement can be quite contagious. Make sure you exude enough to spread some to your audience.

Feeling Inspired Yet?

Now you have all the right ingredients for choosing amazing topics and a hundred ideas to drive inspiration from. So, go ahead and start cooking presentations that will blow your audience away.

Don’t forget to choose a super-relevant topic and add meaty information. Do it with excitement to make it enjoyable for you and your audience. Best of luck!

Blog - Beautiful PowerPoint Presentation Template [List-Based]

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Download ten free PowerPoint templates for a better presentation.

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Exam Success

Best 5 Minute Presentation Topics & Ideas [2023]

Are you looking for the best 5 minute presentation topics or ideas? then you have come to the right place. Here in this post, we have provided a list of the best topics for 5 minute presentation in 2023.

Since finding a topic is a very time-consuming process, with the help of the list we have provided, you can easily select the best topic for a 5-minute presentation and plan properly so that you will able to perform well.

topics-for-5 minute-presentation

These topics can be used for seminars, conferences, classroom presentations, essay competitions, short speeches, and many more.

Let’s take a look at the best 5-minute presentation topics listed below.

Table of Contents

Best 5 Minute Presentation Topics & Ideas List 2023


General Topics for 5-Minute Presentation

  • Importance of 5 Minutes
  • The Art of saying NO
  • 10 Stress Management Techniques
  • Secret of Happiness
  • Impact of Unemployment on the Economy
  • Importance of Self Care
  • World after Pandemic
  • Issue of Censorship in Music
  • Best ways to remove negativity
  • Importance of Plastic Recycling
  • Role of Silence in Communication
  • Difference between Real Life and Social Media

Business Topics for 5 Minute Presentation

  • Importance of financial literacy
  • Role of Social Media in Brand Building
  • Ways to Negotiate in your Client Meeting
  • Secret and Strategies of Business
  • Importance of Business Etiquettes in Corporate Life
  • Role of Communication in Business Organization
  • Social Media Marketing Importance in Business
  • Your Network is equal to Your Networth
  • Different Ways of generating Passive Income
  • Effect of e-business technology on marketing strategy

Educational and Career Topics for 5 Minute Presentation

  • Job vs Business
  • Importance of maintaining work-life balance
  • How to be a Successful Student?
  • Importance of Career Development for students
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Education
  • Role of English in Career Development
  • Is homework essential for students?
  • Importance of Career Counselling for Students
  • Impact of Social Stratification on Education
  • How Smartphones Create Distractions in the Classroom

Environment Topics for 5-Minute Presentation

  • Importance of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
  • Ways to protect Environment from Pollution
  • How to achieve Sustainable Environment
  • Ways to Keep Environment Clean
  • Overpopulation effects on the Environment
  • Impact of urbanization on the environment
  • Renewable energy is good for the environment
  • Importance of environmental management
  • Importance of environmental education for public awareness
  • Public awareness about the environment

Health and Fitness Topics for 5-Minute Presentation

  • Health is wealth
  • Benefits of Mediation and Yoga
  • Importance of good health in daily life
  • Importance of Health and Hygiene for everyone
  • Importance 9f Fruits and Vegetables in Human Diet
  • Importance of Physical Fitness and Wellness
  • Role of Health in creating human capital
  • Role of physical activity in maintaining health
  • How health is affected by lifestyle?
  • Why is mental health important in the workplace?

Science Topics for 5 Minutes Presentation

  • Role of Science in Sustainable Development
  • Importance of Science in everyday life
  • Role of forensic Science in Criminal Investigation
  • Importance of Science in School Curriculum
  • Role of Science in Nation Building
  • Role of Science in Economic Growth
  • Impact of Science on daily life and the Environment
  • Importance of Science exhibition in School Education
  • Role of Science in Space Exploration
  • How science has changed the world

Technology Five-Minute Presentation Topics

  • Pros and Cons of Social Media
  • Smartphone Addiction
  • Online Dating Sites
  • Impact of the internet on students
  • Effects of using Smartphones on students
  • Importance of Cyber Security
  • Impact of Social Media on Youth
  • Importance of technology in globalization
  • Positive and Negative effects of technology on society
  • Importance of Privacy in technology

We hope that the above-given 5-minute presentation topics list will help you a lot in selecting the presentation topic with this you can save time and effort. You can choose the best presentation topic according to your area of interest from the given list.

If you want more latest 5 minute presentation ideas then let us know in the comment section below. We will definitely provide you with more topics.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q.1 How Do I Create a Killer 5-Minute Presentation?

Ans: Below are some of the best steps to follow when making a concise presentation.

  • Focus more on the selection of the presentation topic
  • Do proper research, check facts about the presentation topic
  • Try to figure out what people will learn from the presentation
  • Attend practice sessions
  • Keep calm, relax, and don’t rush

Q.2 What should be in a 5-minute presentation?

Ans: When you are preparing a five-minute presentation, the first thing you should do is plan to present a slide per minute. The five slides, in order, include a Title Slide/Author/ Affiliation Slide, an Outline slide, a Problem Description Slide, a Proposal Slide, and Conclusion Slide.

  • Top Interesting Presentation Topics [2023]
  • Latest General Seminar Topics 2023
  • Good Persuasive Speech Topics 2023
  • Good Informative Speech Topics 2023

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5 minute presentation topics ppt download

Best Topics For 5 Minute Presentation in 2023

Presentation Topics

This post provides best topics for 5 Minute presentation. You can select an appropriate and interesting topic to make your presentation more powerful. Here you can find hundreds of best 5-minute topics for presentation. These recently updated topics are useful for seminars, classroom presentations, conferences, short speeches, & essay competitions.

Latest Topics for 5 Min Presentation

  • The World after COVID-19 event
  • ChatGPT – Boon or bane
  • 5G in India
  • 5 lessons from Sri Lanka’s Economic crisis
  • E-learning – Boon or Bane?
  • The Top 5 Metaverse Trends

Technology Topics for 5 Minute Presentation

  • Mobile Phone Addiction
  • Android Vs Apple
  • Effects of the Internet on Children
  • Driverless Car
  • 5 Technology trends you must be aware of
  • Side effects of social media
  • Data Privacy: Concerns & Dangers!
  • Online Dating: How Good, How Bad!
  • Digital Addiction
  • Social Media Vs. Real Life

5 Minute Presentation Ideas About Life & Self-Growth

  • Secrets of Success
  • What is real intelligence?
  • Importance of 5 Minutes
  • Attitude is everything
  • Journey From Monkey to Men
  • Love Vs. Attachment
  • Importance of discipline
  • The art of saying NO
  • Power of Silence
  • How to develop a growth mindset:
  • 5 Easy Ways to Stress-Free Life
  • 5 Tips: Mastering the public speaking
  • The benefits of a healthy lifestyle
  • Beauty is subjective!
  • Secrets of Happiness
  • The impact of social media on mental health
  • Tips for effective time management:
  • The art of storytelling
  • The art of negotiation
  • The power of positive thinking
  • Overcoming procrastination
  • An Ideal Mother
  • Life After Marriage
  • Work & Life Balance

Science Related Topics for 5 Minute PPT Presentation

  • The best discoveries of all time
  • The science of colour combinations
  • Greatest scientific discoveries

Business & Money Topics

  • Ways to increase money
  • Importance of financial literacy
  • Social Media Etiquette
  • 5 Ways to passive income
  • Renting Vs. Buying
  • Essential Qualities of a Team Leader

Health and Fitness

  • Value of Health in Life
  • Health is wealth
  • Power of yoga
  • The importance of self-care
  • Benefits of Yoga & Meditation
  • Vegan Vs. Vegetarian Vs. Non-Vegetarian
  • Ways to Meditate
  • Cleanliness is next to godliness
  • Swachch Bharat Abhiyan : Importance of Cleanliness

Education & Career

  • Job Vs. Business
  • How to choose the best career
  • How to choose a school or college?
  • Work-life balance

Environmental Topics for 5 Minute Presentation

  • Smart Cities for a better life
  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!
  • Impact of deforestation
  • 5 Simple ways to overcome environmental issues
  • Overpopulation: Boon or Bane?
  • Easy way to grow herbs

Miscellaneous Topics

  • The role of media
  • Freedom of Press
  • I love my nation!
  • Does alien exists?
  • Choosing the right pet
  • Most popular myths
  • Biggest Historical Lies
  • My favorite teacher

This is all about Topics for 5 Minute Paper presentation, poster presentation, or PowerPoint Presentation. You may also like to check the latest topics for presentation .

Table of Contents

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5 minute presentation topics ppt download

50 Topic Ideas for a 5-Minute Presentation

5 minute presentation topics

If you are asked to prepare for a 5-minute presentation, the first thing that comes to your mind is ‘Topic’. Well, most of us may think that justifying any topic in just 5 minutes or 300 seconds is impossible. But this is where you can create a difference. Anyone can easily present his/her point in 15, 20, 30 minutes or more time but smart people are those who can make the best use of even the 5 minutes. Those 5 minutes are enough to create a lasting impression on your audience’s mind. Also, those who know how to value 5 minutes time are the ones who can climb the success ladder easily in any field. So, do you want to be one of those? If yes, then use the 5 minutes wisely. How?

Well, this starts with choosing the right topic that strikes the right chord with your audience in the given 5 minutes. A wide range of topic choices can pose to be a real challenge and may call for a lot of time for the selection process. So, the key is to choose a topic that you are passionate about and are thoroughly interested in. If you have thorough understanding of the topic, then you can easily present your points to your audience through your  presentation . Also, you need to ensure that the topic that you choose can be easily presented through pictures and supported by facts and graphs. This will help you to ensure that your message gets across your audience in minimum time.

In a nutshell, for a 5-minute presentation, topic selection is the major task and this can make or mar your success chances. So, do spend a considerable time in selecting the right topic.

5-Minute Presentation Topics List

To ease this task for you, we list some interesting 50 topics that can be chosen for a 5-minute presentation:

  • Time is money
  • Intelligence v/s wisdom
  • Importance of 5 minutes
  • Beauty is in the eye of the beholder
  • Be the change you wish to see in the world
  • Honesty is the best policy
  • 5 tips for increasing your wealth
  • 5 things you can do with your savings
  • How to be self-motivated?
  • Cleanliness is next to godliness
  • How to lead a stress-free life?
  • The art of saying no?
  • 5 ways to build an influential personality
  • Rules are meant to be broken?
  • Importance of silence
  • Poverty is the state of mind
  • Are we a free nation?
  • Are we politically literate?
  • Superstitions prevailing in the society
  • 5 important parenting tips
  • How to teach moral values to your child?
  • Effect of television on children
  • The impact of social media on young generation
  • The side effects of using mobile phones
  • The need for cyber security
  • 5 latest technology trends
  • The best discoveries of all times
  • The famous Indian inventors
  • The latest fashion trends
  • 5 beauty mistakes that are ageing you
  • The growing fast food industry in India
  • New-age career options
  • 5 tips for cracking the job interview
  • How to dress for office?
  • Striking a balance between personal and professional life
  • How to maintain a healthy work-diet?
  • How to stay fit naturally?
  • Health is wealth
  • How I failed in life and rose again?
  • How to master the art of public speaking?
  • My favourite teacher
  • Travel is the best teacher
  • 5 offbeat tourist destinations of India
  • Tips for budget travel
  • How to save the environment?
  • How to overcome suicidal tendencies?
  • How to cope up from a recent break-up
  • Online dating: Good or bad?
  • Tips for your first date
  • Live life king size

Hopefully, some of the above-listed topics were any help for you. If you are still confused and need further assistance in selecting the best topic for your 5-minute presentation and preparing and designing the PowerPoint slides for the same, then fret not! Help is at your hand. Just knock the doors of presentation consulting services and design firms like INK PPT and ask them to help you deliver an impactful 5-minute presentation.

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  1. How to Make a 5 Minute Presentation with 30 Topic Ideas in 2024

    However, a 5-minute speech is roughly 700 words long. Secret tip: Go the extra length by making your presentation interactive. You can add a live poll, Q&A section, or quiz that illustrates your points and leaves a lasting impression on the audience.

  2. Engaging 5 Minute Presentation Topics

    Get Prezi Top Presentations Like what you're reading? Discover over 60 engaging 5-minute presentation topics an attention-grabbing opening Rehearse your presentation multiple times to become comfortable with the content and timing. Practice helps you refine your delivery and identify areas for improvement.

  3. 169 Five-Minute Topics for a Killer Speech or Presentation

    To help you getting started, here is a list of some killer topics for 5-minute speech or presentation. Animals Why it's better to adopt a pet from a shelter Choosing the perfect leash for your dog What is the best food for your pet? How much exercise does your pet need? The horror of puppy mills Bringing back endangered species

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    13 English Presentations Templates Microsoft PowerPoint Need to learn how to make a short presentation? A quick presentation has unique challenges. In this article, we'll look at tips and ideas for 3 to 5 minute presentations. We'll also check out some 5-minute presentation samples, and other tips and tricks for planning your mini presentation.

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    Here's a short selection of 8 easy-to-edit presentation templates you can edit, share and download with Visme. Check more templates below: List of Presentation Topic Ideas for Students We know how difficult it is to come up with an interesting presentation topic idea on the fly.

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    Download Now: Free PowerPoint Presentation Templates Caroline Forsey Published: September 15, 2023 A 5-minute speech can feel both incredibly short and infinitely long.

  7. 30 Creative 5 Minute Presentation Topics in 2023

    January 13, 2023 by kushal A 5-minute presentation is a perfect way to quickly share information with an audience without overloading them with too much information. It's an important skill to have in the professional world, and it's a great way to make a lasting impression on your audience. But, how do you craft a successful 5-minute presentation?

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    5-minute presentation topics Discover impactful 5-minute presentation topics for students and professionals in technology, sustainability, and personal development. Sanskar Tiwari 23/09/2023

  9. Need a good presentation topic? Here are hundreds of them

    Data. Data visualizations can elevate your presentation from being a good one to a great one. By providing data behind your arguments, you'll appear more trustworthy and confident in your audience's eyes. Add charts, graphs, interactive maps, and more to your presentations with Prezi Design. You can choose from a wide selection of charts ...

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    Short Presentation in PowerPoint: How to Win Your Audience over with a 5 Minute / 5 Slide Presentation! -Includes Examples There are occasions when you only have limited time to give a PowerPoint presentation. This is where knowing how to create and deliver a short PowerPoint presentation is essential.

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    Download Now Download to read offline Engineering A 5 minute presentation on how to give a 5 minute presentation. Geared for developer audience giving lightning talks. Gregory Raiz Founder and CEO of Raizlabs. My passion is working to improve lives through technology and design. at Raizlabs Follow Recommended Art of Presentation Sameer Mathur

  12. 300+ Engaging PowerPoint Presentation Topics

    A PowerPoint presentation is a visual presentation, meaning that your audience will be able to see the ppt topics that you have to discuss on that day. Unlike regular presentations where the audience may be easily distracted, a PowerPoint presentation uses images, videos and audios, all of which have an impact on how your audience reacts.

  13. Creating & Delivering A 5 Minute Presentation

    For the people in the back: 5 minute presentation introductions need to be EXTREMELY SHORT. Before you make assumptions and finish your introduction in two lines, let's give you a time frame: 15 - 40 seconds, based on your topic. This would give you enough time to make an impression and add relevant content as well.

  14. 50 Interesting PPT Presentation Topics and Tips for Students

    Main Body (70%) Present Your Topic: The main body of a presentation should thoroughly explain the subject, state the facts, support them, and provide examples. Observe all the commitments you made in the introduction. Length and Structure: About 70% of the presentation should be taken up by the central section, which should have a clear ...

  15. 5 Steps to Amazing Mini Presentations

    Creating a mini-slideshow? Let's explore how to make a successful short presentation. In this video, we'll discuss five-minute presentation topics, look at s...

  16. Tips for a Memorable 5-Minute Research Presentation

    Be enthusiastic and make eye contact with the audience. These contribute to the appearance of confidence as you present. Practice voice modulations - the way you speak can convey a lot about the information you are passing. Avoid going too fast. Add pauses as you speak, slow your speech, and emphasize key words.

  17. How Many Slides for 5 Minutes Presentation (Examples and Ideas)

    For a 5-minute presentation, a total of 5 slides will be desirable, including the cover slide and the last slide for Q&A. This, at a speech rate faster than the presentation of 10 minutes. This makes room to include 3 inner slides (after the cover or introduction, and before the Q&A slide).

  18. 75 Unique School Presentation Ideas and Topics Plus Templates

    History is filled with equally inspiring and terrifying stories, and there are lessons that students can learn from the events of the past. Meanwhile, interactive presentations about culture help students learn and embrace diversity. 16. Women in history: A conversation through time. Get this template.

  19. 120 Presentation Topic Ideas Help You Hook Your Audience

    Download Now: 10 Free Presentation Templates Jenny Romanchuk Updated: October 24, 2023 Published: August 09, 2023 Cooking is easy. The puzzle is figuring out what to eat. As soon as you know that, you can get started. The same holds for presentations.

  20. Best 5 Minute Presentation Topics & Ideas [2023]

    Technology Five-Minute Presentation Topics. Impact of Social Media on Youth. Importance of technology in globalization. Positive and Negative effects of technology on society. We hope that the above-given 5-minute presentation topics list will help you a lot in selecting the presentation topic with this you can save time and effort.

  21. Best Topics For 5 Minute Presentation in 2023

    This post provides best topics for 5 Minute presentation. You can select an appropriate and interesting topic to make your presentation more powerful. Here you can find hundreds of best 5-minute topics for presentation. These recently updated topics are useful for seminars, classroom presentations, conferences, short speeches, & essay competitions.

  22. 50 Topic Ideas for a 5-Minute Presentation

    Education 50 Topic Ideas for a 5-Minute Presentation SEO May 13, 2020 Leave a Comment If you are asked to prepare for a 5-minute presentation, the first thing that comes to your mind is 'Topic'. Well, most of us may think that justifying any topic in just 5 minutes or 300 seconds is impossible. But this is where you can create a difference.

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    5 Minute Presentation. Transcript: Don Haskins: "The Bear" Haskins took over the UTEP program for the 1961-62 season. His first Miner squad notched an 18-6 record. His second UTEP team posted a 19-7 mark during the 1962-63 campaign and made the first of Haskins' 14 NCAA Tournament appearances. Haskins, who was nicknamed "The Bear," was the ...