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Top 7 Best Paraphrasing Tools, Services & Software of 2023

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Paraphrasing is a great way to avoid plagiarism. In this article, you’ll learn about the best paraphrasing tools and software available online.

No matter how good you are as a writer, there will always be times when you need to paraphrase someone else’s work.

But, you don’t want to plagiarize, right?

That’s where paraphrasing tools and software come in handy.

Whether it’s for an assignment, a blog post, or even just for your own personal notes, paraphrasing is a great way to avoid plagiarism.

What is a Paraphrasing Tool?

A paraphrasing tool is a piece of software that you can use to automatically rewrite an existing piece of content. With the help of a paraphrasing tool, you can easily rewrite someone else’s work without plagiarizing them.

Are you a blogger or content writer?

Then, it’s a smart idea to keep a paraphrasing tool in your arsenal.

They can be very useful for students as well. No matter what your purpose is, a paraphrasing tool can help you save time and avoid plagiarism.

You can easily find these tools and software online, often for free.

But, not all tools and software are created equal. In fact, most of these tools don’t always get the job done the right way.

But, don’t worry!

There’s a solution.

You should use NLP-based tools like Quillbot .

NLP-based tools are celebrated among the writing community.

NLP basically means “Natural language processing”.

Natural language processing is the leading element in many writing-related tools today. Since paraphrasing is a necessity, it plays a vital role in such tools. What exactly makes NLP paraphrasing tools great?

  • They can help rewrite content efficiently
  • Remove plagiarism & increase content quality
  • Change or revamp content tones

However, it’s not easy finding tools that have all these qualities.

Moreover, a writer must also find a tool that helps them conduct paraphrasing efficiently. In other words, the tool must not pose unnecessary requirements or extensive payments just to access the basic stuff.

How does NLP work with paraphrasing tools?

In a paraphrasing tool, the primary work of NLP is to read and convert the text for the paraphrasing tool to convert.

Therefore, the tool first kicks NLP and translates the content for the program. The paraphrasing tool then goes on to work on the content.

And, that’s how NLP works with paraphrasing tools.

Right now, NLP is one of the most important parts of any paraphrasing tool. It’s why they’re one of the best writing programs online.

With NLP, users can enjoy efficient paraphrasing of the content.

They can get high-quality results, free from plagiarism. So, let’s take a look at some of our top picks when it comes to NLP-based tools.

Best Paraphrasing Tools & Software

Quillbot Logo

  • FREE account
  • Sentence paraphraser
  • Grammar checker
  • Plagiarism checker
  • Citation generator

Save $65 / all plans


  • Sentence restructuring
  • Enrich texts
  • Improve content quality
  • Improve clarity
  • No duplicate content
  • Best for content writers

Save $95 / all plans

There are hundreds of paraphrasing tools online.

I’ve done the research for you and found the best ones. If you’re looking for a paraphrasing tool or software to help you with your writing, here are some of the best ones that you should consider.

1. QuillBot

QuillBot Home

QuillBot is a free paraphrasing tool that is perfect for writers at all levels. It’s one of the best tools available today when it comes to paraphrasing your content. It also uses AI to help improve the quality of your content.

QuillBot is powered by NLP, which means that it can understand the context of your writing and paraphrase it accordingly.

With the help of the QuillBot paraphrasing tool , you can rest assured that you’ll get the most accurate paraphrasing results. You can also use it to improve your writing skills by getting feedback on your writing.

While the free version is quite generous in terms of features, you can also upgrade to the premium version if you need more features.

Watch How QuillBot Paraphraser Works

Quillbot pricing.

QuillBot’s basic features are free to use. It offers 125 words per paraphrasing. The premium version starts at $9.95/month and gives you unlimited paraphrasing with a faster processing speed and a plagiarism checker.

With the premium plan, you’ll also get access to:

  • Advanced Grammar rewrites
  • 4 synonym options
  • Unlimited freeze words, and phrases
  • 6000 words summarizer
  • Compare modes

If you’re looking for a reliable and efficient paraphrasing tool that uses AI, artificial intelligence, and NLP, you should definitely try QuillBot today .

Word AI Home

Word AI is a powerful paraphrasing tool with a lot to offer. It’s one of the top-rated paraphrasing tools online and for good reason. This tool is quite popular because it offers a wide range of useful features for users.

First, it has an NLP-based paraphrasing process.

This means that your rewritten text will have the same meaning and tone as the original, but with different word choices.

With the help of artificial intelligence, Word AI can understand the context of your content and make suitable changes. This results in a highly readable, well-written text that’s perfect for your audience.

In my review, I found Word AI to be a highly dependable and effective paraphrasing tool. It’s definitely worth a try if you want to improve your content.

Word AI free trial

Word AI offers a free trial for 3 days , which is enough to get you familiar with the rewriting tool. You can use this trial to check the paraphrasing quality and features of this tool before starting with a subscription.

Word AI Pricing

Word AI has a monthly subscription plan of $57/month. However, you can get a discount by opting for an annual plan, which costs $27/month. It also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can try it out without any risk.


Paraphraserio home

This outil de paraphrase by is one of the best NLP-based rephrasers available today. In fact, it’s the best Quillbot alternative.

This tool allows changing over 500 words at a time. While this may not be enough in many cases, the quality of rephrased content makes it more than worth it.

The tool itself follows a simplistic approach. Therefore, when you open the website, the easy-to-use UI greets you:

On the top, you will notice the three different content tone options. Each one can be used for revamping content into something different. All these works are based on NLP, as it analyzes the natural content tone of your content.

Then, once done, the paraphraser begins changing your content.

Then, you will notice the difference between your original content and the one changed by the NLP paraphraser on the left.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a tool to help your content writing venture, then this one should be a part of the top choices you can make.

4. Content Tool


Content Tool acts as a paraphrasing tool and readability checker at once. It provides you with all the necessary data on the top as soon as you upload your content. The NLP-based algorithms in ContentTool.Io are some of the best you can find today. You should definitely try this tool once.

Mainly because this tool knows how to rewrite your content into something original. The design itself isn’t much to ponder, as you can simply understand how to use it at first glance. The paraphrasing quality is also quite decent.

On top of that, this tool can help you with making your content more readable by checking its readability score. This is a great bonus for content creators who need to make their content more readable.

Once you employ it to rewrite your content, it takes around 2-3 minutes to complete the task. This indicates that it takes time to ensure revamping content.

What you see on the other side is something original and better than your initial input. And the 2000-word limit is also more than enough for most types of content today. While it’s not good enough like QuillBot, it still does the job well.

5. Paraphrasing Tool


Paraphrasing Tool is one of the easiest paraphrasers available today. It relies on NLP and can be used to rewrite content up to 1000 words. While this isn’t the best of its kind, it still is quite useful.

The layout is quite simple.

And you can use it without a hitch at first glance. Even if you are a complete beginner at paraphrasing tools, you’ll be familiar with this one in a jiffy.

The process is quite simple as well.

You just copy-paste your content and hit the Paraphrase button.

How exactly can it help you improve your content writing?

The paraphrasing tool can help you improve your content writing with the help of 3 different content tones. These content tones are ideal for changing or revamping your content for better flow or seamless transitions.

These tone changes are particularly handy for ESL writers, as they can help them understand the way of writing with a native tone.

Besides that, you get a 1000-word limit for each use.

This may not be a lot, but it’s more than enough for various content types. All in all, it’s a good paraphraser to help your content writing.

6. Article Rewriter

Article Rewriter

Article Rewriter is yet another stellar choice to help you improve your content. If you’re someone who likes to try new things with their writing, then a paraphrasing tool of this nature can help you do just that.

On top of that, Article Rewriter offers three different types of modes:

  • Word changer
  • Sentence changer
  • Plagiarism remover

Each one is goal-centric rather than naming specific content tones.

This makes it easier for beginners to understand and use the paraphrasing tool without any hassle. The best part? It’s totally free to use.

The process is more or less the same as the rest.

You just paste your content and hit the button to get your new text back.

You can use it for rewriting small paragraphs as well as large articles.

The paraphrasing quality is quite good too. It’s not the best, but it does a great job for the most part. One of the best things about this paraphrasing tool is that it’s free to use. You can use the tool as much as you want.

7. Paraphrase Tool

Paraphrase Tool

Paraphrase Tool can help you improve the minor quantity, as it offers only around 1000-characters. However, the prowess of this paraphraser cannot be questioned. The paraphrasing quality is quite decent.

The user interface is also easy on the eye and works like a charm. You’ll understand how to use the tool at first glance.

Another thing that makes it an attractive choice is its intuitive design.

The paraphrasing process is quite simple too. You just need to copy your content and hit the button to start the process.

This is one of the better paraphrasing tools out there, albeit a bit limited. If you need to paraphrase small snippets of content often, then you can use this tool without a doubt. It also offers a plagiarism checker, which is a bonus.

There you have it!

These are some of the best paraphrasing tools and software. Use any of these tools to make your content more readable, engaging, and unique.

Final Thoughts and Words

Writing isn’t easy. It takes time to produce quality content that engages your audience. To make things easier, you can use a paraphrasing tool. These tools help you rewrite your content quickly without compromising on quality.

Some of the benefits of using a paraphrasing tool are:

  • Saves time: You can quickly rewrite your content without having to spend hours writing it from scratch.
  • Better readability and engagement: A rewritten text can be more readable and engaging to your audience.
  • Improved quality: Rewriting your content helps you improve the overall quality of your work. Because you get to revise and improve your work.

If you’re looking for a paraphrasing tool, then you should definitely try Word AI . It’s one of the best tools out there with a lot of useful features.

But, if you are on a limited budget, try Quillbot .

It’s a free tool that does a great job of paraphrasing your content. Apart from only paraphrasing, it also has a grammar checker.

While you can choose any of the above-mentioned tools and software, make sure to use them wisely. Paraphrasing should be done keeping the context and tone of the original text in mind. It’s not going to help you if you rewrite your content without understanding the meaning first.

This is it for now!

I hope this article helped you find the perfect paraphrasing tool for your specific needs. If you are still confused about what to use, I recommend QuillBot . It’s the best option for most people and you can start for free.

If you’ve found it useful and helpful, do share it.

Sharing doesn’t only give meaning to the endless hours I’ve spent on research, but it also helps people who are looking for the same information.

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My #1 Pick for Paraphrasing Tool

best paraphrasing software free download

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I am Tamal, a passionate blogger and the creative mind behind Digital Millions. From blogging and affiliate marketing to e-commerce and SEO, I write easy-to-follow guides and give honest advice about the best tools to build a business online and get financially free.

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  • Best Paraphrasing Tool | Free & Premium Tools Compared

Best Paraphrasing Tool | Free & Premium Tools Compared

Published on December 2, 2022 by Koen Driessen . Revised on July 3, 2023.

Paraphrasing means rewording something—expressing the same idea in different words. Paraphrasing tools (or paraphrasers) are AI-powered online tools that can automatically rewrite your text for you. Students often use them to improve their writing and provide inspiration—making their text more formal, more fluent, or more concise.

But which online paraphrasers are really reliable at producing correct and readable English? To find out, we tested seven of the most popular free tools—and their premium versions when available.

We wrote three short sample texts to test their ability to improve text that was long-winded , grammatically incorrect , or disjointed . We ran these texts through all the different tools and assessed the fluency and accuracy of the output. We also took the user-friendliness of the tools into consideration.

The results show that the premium versions of QuillBot and Wordtune are the best tools out there, each excelling in different ways. If you’re looking for a free tool, QuillBot and Paraphrase Tool are the strongest options.

Table of contents

1. quillbot (premium), 2. wordtune (premium), 3. quillbot (free), 4. paraphrase tool (free), 5. paraphrase tool (premium), 6. wordtune (free), 7. rephrase (free), 8. (free), 9. rephrase (premium), 10. (premium), 11. spinbot, 12. pre post seo (free), 13. pre post seo (premium), honorable mention: grammarly, research methodology, frequently asked questions.


  • Great for shortening long-winded text
  • Reliable, accurate, grammatically correct output
  • Interactive synonym finder
  • Seven modes with noticeably different results
  • $19.95 per month (3-day money-back guarantee)
  • No paragraph rewrite mode
  • Does little to improve disjointed text

The premium version of QuillBot was one of the strongest paraphrasers we tested. Its “Shorten” mode was the best option for making long-winded text more concise. Unlike all other tools, it could consistently distinguish between unnecessary verbiage and essential details, often reducing the text’s length by more than 50% without compromising meaning.

With the grammatically incorrect text, QuillBot was quite consistent in its ability to remove glaring grammatical errors. But with this and the disjointed text, its ability to resolve sentence fragments was limited, since it seems to lack the ability to combine sentences—it only looks at each sentence individually. This problem was shared by most of the other tools we tested.

QuillBot’s interface is simple and usable, allowing you to choose from seven paraphrasing modes and manually adjust the number of synonyms. Paraphrasing is quick, and changes are clearly highlighted. You can also click on individual words to see more synonyms, with detailed information about how each should be used, making it flexible and informative.

To the QuillBot website

Try Quillbot now


  • Paragraph rewrite mode is unique and helpful
  • Does well with both disjointed and ungrammatical text
  • 10 options for each paraphrase
  • $24.99 per month
  • “Shorten” mode not great
  • Interface can be slightly buggy

Wordtune’s premium version was overall the most useful tool we tested. It provided a selection of 10 rewrites for each text. Not all of these were great, but there were generally a few good options in each case.

Where Wordtune stood out was in its whole-paragraph paraphrasing mode, which was able to combine sentences in an intelligent way, thus improving our disjointed and grammatically incorrect texts significantly. Unfortunately, the “Shorten” mode did little to actually shorten long-winded text, mostly functioning quite similarly to the standard rewrite mode.

We found the look of the site fairly clean and appreciated that it offers 10 different suggestions for each sentence. But we did find the interface somewhat awkward at times, and it was occasionally unable to generate suggestions in certain modes or would only generate one suggestion, suggesting some imperfections in the technology.

Try Wordtune


  • Free, quick, and easy to use
  • No “Shorten” mode in the free version

We found QuillBot’s free version almost as reliable as the premium option. Its changes were generally logical and fluent, staying true to the meaning of the original text while improving flow. And, like the premium version, it resolved grammatical errors well.

That said, its ability to cut down long-winded text was restricted, since the “Shorten” mode is a premium feature. The two free modes, “Standard” and “Fluency,” performed well for other purposes but did little to deal with long-windedness.

The other main differences are a word limit of 125 words per paraphrase and the fact that the highest setting for synonyms can’t be selected. Besides those changes, we found the interface just as usable in the free version as in the premium one.

Try the QuillBot paraphraser


  • “Summary” mode is very good
  • Handles all kinds of texts well (in “Summary” mode)
  • Other modes are very inaccurately labeled
  • Some modes add irrelevant content
  • Changes not marked in the text

Paraphrase Tool offered a large selection of different modes to paraphrase our text, some of them very useful. The most useful mode by far (for all of our texts) was “Summary,” which did a decent job of shortening the long-winded text and was able to combine sentences in the disjointed and grammatically confused texts, creating a much smoother read.

We found that other modes were not very accurately labeled: The “Shorten” mode often produced a longer text than “Standard” when the long-winded text was used. “Grammar” mode appeared to just produce very long-winded and repetitive text, while “Smooth” mode added a lot of text that was not based on anything in the original.

We appreciated the clean, minimalistic design of the site, but we did find it unhelpful that the changes made are not marked in any way in the output text. You’re also required to buy a subscription after a certain number of inputs, which isn’t clear when you start. In general, this is a strong paraphraser in “Summary” mode but a very unreliable one in other modes.

Try Paraphrase Tool


  • “Summary” mode is very good (but also available for free)
  • No limit on inputs
  • $7.99 per month (3-day free trial)
  • Extra modes are not worth the cost, often ridiculous

Paraphrase Tool’s premium version allows you unlimited paraphrases and unlocks 11 additional modes: “Academic,” “Confident,” “Simple,” “Smart,” “Clear,” “Thoughtful,” “Elaborate,” “Creative,” “Formal,” “Cohesive,” and “Emphatic.”

However, we found that these modes weren’t very useful or very accurately labeled. The “Summary” mode, already available in the free version, remained the best choice for all of our texts. Other modes like “Emphatic” inserted a lot of irrelevant text that had nothing to do with the original, generally making the text much longer and largely incoherent.

Because of this, the only real reason to pay for this tool is to remove the limit on inputs. But if you’re willing to pay, there are better options available. As the only part we can give a solid recommendation to, “Summary” mode, is available for free, we don’t recommend paying.


Wordtune’s free version lacks the option to paraphrase whole paragraphs, the feature that really stood out to us, so it doesn’t score as well as the premium version.

Without this feature, Wordtune did perform decently at making sense of the grammatically incorrect text, although it didn’t make it all that fluent. But like other tools that work on a sentence-by-sentence basis, it did a poor job of improving disjointed text. The “Shorten” mode performed similarly to the premium version—not terribly, but not all that well.

We found it unfortunate that it limits users to 10 sentence rewrites per day in the free version and that rewrites can only be done on one sentence at a time. As with the premium version, we did like the overall look of the site. But if you’re looking for a free tool, QuillBot or Paraphrase Tool are better options.


  • Paraphrases are reasonably fluent
  • Some changes distort meaning
  • Full of ads
  • Slow and inconvenient to use

Rephrase did a moderately good job paraphrasing our texts. Its changes were generally more advanced than simply swapping out some words for synonyms, and they tended to mostly retain the original meaning (although with some differences such as changing “we” to “I”).

It tended to resolve obvious grammatical problems effectively, although it couldn’t make the text completely smooth. It performed similarly to other tools with disjointed text, failing to combine sentences. It managed to cut down the long-winded text more than most and divide one sentence into two to improve readability, but some of its changes distorted the meaning.

In terms of usability, we found that the paraphrase sometimes loaded quite slowly, and the requirement to complete a captcha for repeated inputs was annoying. The site was also full of flashy ads that were quite distracting and seemed to slow down the page.

Try Rephrase


  • Ensures basic grammatical correctness
  • Quite basic rewrites
  • Some highly inaccurate synonyms and bugs with output
  • Very slow and buggy’s rewrites were fairly basic. While it made some small changes to sentence structure, it mainly just swapped individual words out for synonyms, which were often highly inaccurate (e.g., changing “could” to “bottle”). It could not deal with long-winded text well, since it lacked a “Shorten” mode and tended to make the text even longer.

Its changes to the grammatically muddled text did usually ensure basic correctness, but not much fluency. Like the other tools, it was unable to do much to improve the flow of the disjointed text, since it wouldn’t combine sentences or add transition words. Occasionally, we saw errors like the insertion of sentence fragments without initial capitalization.

In terms of usability, we found it unfortunate that the paraphrased text loaded extremely slowly (and sometimes just failed to load). We appreciated the ability to click on individual words to see synonyms, but as noted, a lot of these synonyms were just wrong. Overall, the interface was poor.



  • $20 per month
  • New modes add little
  • Still full of ads
  • Still slow and inconvenient to use

The premium version of Rephrase adds three extra modes, “Creative,” “Smart,” and “Formal.” We noticed little difference between these modes and the free ones, and we don’t see them as worth paying for.

In terms of usability, we found it annoying that you’re still required to complete a captcha for each paraphrase, even after paying for the tool, and that the same flashy ads still appear in the premium version. You get remarkably little for your money with the premium version of Rephrase.


  • Doesn’t actually remove ads
  • Very slow, buggy, and confusing interface
  • No real advantages over free version

This tool’s premium version did not really add anything of value. The main selling point, the “Creative” and “Smarter” modes, performed very similarly to the free “Fluency” mode, with no real advantages. The slow loading times were also no better in the premium version.

Other pros included a word limit increase to 1,500 words—not very helpful when the tool only paraphrases on a sentence-by-sentence basis anyway. The premium version is also supposed to remove ads, but in practice we still saw ads when using this version, so it’s not clear what is meant by this.

We don’t find this tool a very good option to begin with, and we certainly don’t find the premium version to be worth the cost.


  • Interface looks quite nice
  • Doesn’t really paraphrase, just swaps words for synonyms
  • Creates a lot of inaccuracies
  • Doesn’t correct grammatical errors
  • Doesn’t highlight changes
  • “Advanced Paraphrase” just redirects to QuillBot

We found SpinBot’s functionality to be extremely basic and produce a lot of errors. It did not do any real paraphrasing (changing the sentence structure) but simply swapped out a few words for synonyms, often highly inappropriate ones.

Because of this very basic approach, it failed to correct any of the grammatical errors in grammatically incorrect text. It also could not do anything useful for either the long-winded or the disjointed text, since it made no changes to structure whatsoever.

In terms of interface, the site has a nice enough look, but it doesn’t highlight the changes it has made in any way. Its “Advanced Paraphrase” button just redirects to QuillBot. Basic paraphrasing is fairly quick, but—as mentioned above—not very good.

Try SpinBot’s paraphrasing tool


  • Very basic paraphrasing
  • Creates lots of grammatical errors
  • Poorly designed interface
  • Many features buggy or broken
  • Slow to use

Pre Post SEO offered a few modes for paraphrasing: “Simple,” which just swaps out a few words for (usually inaccurate) synonyms, producing very poor text; “Advanced,” which makes slightly more extensive changes but produces a lot of errors; or “Fluency,” which does the same with fewer (but still some) errors.

None of these modes were very effective at improving any of our three texts. “Fluency” mode was at least able to resolve some grammatical errors, but its changes tended to make all of the texts less, not more, readable.

The interface of the site was very poor. Besides inserting errors into your text, the page is full of flashy ads and often freezes, forcing you to refresh the page. It’s necessary to complete a captcha for each input. Changes are highlighted in the text, and you’re supposed to be able to click on them for alternative synonyms, but this feature often breaks too.

Try Pre Post SEO’s paraphrasing tool


  • $19 per month
  • No worthwhile improvements over free version
  • Creates lots of errors
  • Poor interface

The premium version of Pre Post SEO claims to feature a higher word limit of 2,500 words, but we found that we could already input more words than that in the free version. Testing suggests that different word limits apply to different modes, but this is not clearly explained, making it confusing.

The other main points are the removal of ads and captchas and the addition of a “Creative” paraphrasing mode. We found that this mode produced very similar results to “Fluency” mode and certainly wasn’t a feature worth paying $19 a month for. We don’t recommend paying for this tool.

Despite coming up frequently in the search results for paraphrasing tools, Grammarly doesn’t have a dedicated paraphrasing tool. Rather, one of the perks of a Premium membership is that it will sometimes suggest rewording phrases or sentences for clarity purposes. But there’s no way to paraphrase a specific sentence on demand.

If you have a Grammarly Premium membership, you can make use of this feature. But the lack of a standalone paraphrasing tool excluded Grammarly from our analysis and makes it an inappropriate choice if you’re looking for a paraphraser specifically.

Try Grammarly

To compare the capabilities of the different paraphrasing tools, we tested them all using the same texts and applying the same criteria to assess the output.

Testing texts

Three short testing texts were used to test the tools’ ability to deal with different kinds of writing. The three texts all expressed the same information in different ways to explore three different problems: long-windedness, grammatical incoherence, and disjointedness.

The first text states the information in a very long-winded way, using a lot of inflated language and needlessly repeating itself. We wanted to test whether the tools could paraphrase this text into something more concise while retaining the essential information.

Due to the fact that participants displayed a tendency to have a negative reaction to the intervention, we have reached the conclusion that the intervention was not a success. As a result of the fact that the intervention was less successful in comparison to comparable interventions available at the present time, we are of the opinion that more research is needed in order to ascertain whether or not the intervention has potential for wider use, due to this low success rate.

The second text communicates the information in a confusing, grammatically incorrect way that makes it quite difficult to follow. We wanted to see if the tools were able to make sense of it and express the intended meaning more coherently.

Due to participant’s tended to have negative reaction to the intervention. This why we conclude that they were not a success. Because similar interventions was better by comparison, this concludes that more research needs before knowing if the intervention is good for general using.

The third text conveys the information in a disjointed way, without appropriate use of transition words to make the text flow nicely and with one sentence fragment. We wanted to see if the tools could produce a more fluent, readable version.

Participants had overall negative reactions to it. We think the intervention wasn’t successful. There should be more research done. That way it can be seen if the intervention can be used more widely. Or if it is not appropriate.

Assessment criteria

To assess the quality of each tool’s output, we asked several questions:

  • Is it accurate ? Does it reflect the intended meaning of the original text, or does it add or remove content that changes the message?
  • Is it fluent ? Does it read clearly and flow smoothly, or does it seem stilted and unnatural?
  • Is it correct ? Does it eliminate grammatical errors or introduce new ones?
  • Is it significantly different ? Does it properly paraphrase by changing the sentence structure or merely swap out a few words for synonyms?

We ran all the texts through each tool repeatedly, trying out different modes if they were available and otherwise just assessing how the output varied between attempts—did it sometimes make mistakes? What was the best text it could produce?

To evaluate usability, we looked at the following factors:

  • How quick, easy, and flexible the tool was to use
  • Whether it clearly showed which parts of the text had been changed
  • Barriers such as requiring a sign-up, a word or character limit, or a limit on the number of paraphrases
  • In the case of premium versions, whether the additional features were worth the price

A grammar checker is a tool designed to automatically check your text for spelling errors, grammatical issues, punctuation mistakes , and problems with sentence structure . You can check out our analysis of the best free grammar checkers to learn more or try the Scribbr Grammar Checker .

A paraphrasing tool edits your text more actively, changing things whether they were grammatically incorrect or not. It can paraphrase your sentences to make them more concise and readable or for other purposes. You can check out our analysis of the best paraphrasing tools to learn more.

Some tools available online combine both functions. Others, such as QuillBot , have separate grammar checker and paraphrasing tools. Be aware of what exactly the tool you’re using does to avoid introducing unwanted changes.

To paraphrase effectively, don’t just take the original sentence and swap out some of the words for synonyms. Instead, try:

  • Reformulating the sentence (e.g., change active to passive , or start from a different point)
  • Combining information from multiple sentences into one
  • Leaving out information from the original that isn’t relevant to your point
  • Using synonyms where they don’t distort the meaning

The main point is to ensure you don’t just copy the structure of the original text, but instead reformulate the idea in your own words.

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Koen Driessen

Koen Driessen

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The 8 Best Online Paraphrasing Tools You Need to Know About

Whether you're looking to shorten work to meet a word count or you can't quite get the wording right, these eight online paraphrasing tools will help.

A paraphrasing tool can be useful to different kinds of people, from students to professional writers to those simply creating content. If you’re used to writing content, you’ll know that meeting a word count or getting your phrasing spot on isn't always easy.

Paraphrasing tools are useful because they can give your work a new voice, so you can solve that missing piece. Here, we'll look at the eight best online paraphrasing tools that you can use for your writing.

1. QuillBot

QuillBot's paraphrasing feature on website page

If you're looking for one of the best paraphrasing tools, look no further. As one of the popularly used paraphrasing tools, there’s no denying that QuillBot is an effective tool. QuillBot is a quality tool that makes use of advanced AI to rewrite content.

Whether you aim to polish your grammar, enhance the creativity in your writing, or adjust the tone of your writing, QuillBot will amend your work while sticking to your preferred writing style. With this tool, there’s no need to switch between multiple tabs to paraphrase your work.

QuillBot also works as a Chrome extension that you can use on Google Docs. QuillBot’s free account includes a 125-word limit in the paraphraser, and a 1,200-word limit in its summarizer, while the premium account lets you paraphrase an unlimited number of words, up to 6,000 words in the summarizer, and tons of other benefits.

2. Plagiarism Detector

Plagiarism Detector's paraphrasing feature

This is a good tool to use to help you create 100 percent authentic content. While this is essentially a plagiarism detection tool, it also has a grammar checking tool and a paraphrasing tool, making it easier to work on your projects using one platform.

Plagiarism Detector's paraphrasing tool is free to use, as long as you have a minimum of 50 words and a maximum of 2,000 words.

You can also choose from premium plans that cost between $20 to $90 per month, depending on how many words and pages you want to paraphrase. Depending on the premium plan you choose, you can also share your membership with other users.

3. Paraphrase Online

Paraphrase Online website page

Paraphrase Online is a simple tool to use to rephrase your content. The simple interface of this tool makes it easy for you to work faster and more effectively.

You simply need to type in or paste the sentences you want to change, click on paraphrase, and the tool does the work for you.

Paraphrase Online is free to use and requires no sign-up. While this tool is effective at paraphrasing sentences, it’s best to go over the work to ensure it has readability for your audience.

4. Duplichecker

If you’re looking for another multipurpose tool that checks plagiarism and paraphrases your work, Duplichecker does just that. Duplichecker is a free-to-use paragraphing tool, and you don't even need to register. All you have to do is go on the website, type in or paste your text and allow Duplichecker to transform your work.

With this tool, you can upload files and paraphrase up to 1,000 words. If you need to work with a bigger limit, you can get a customized pricing plan suitable for your writing goals, no matter how big or small they are. The tool also includes other relevant features such as spell check and grammar check.

Duplichecker highlights the differences made in your work, making it easier for you to see where changes were made. Additionally, this tool provides additional suggestions to choose from as you review your work.

5. CleverSpinner

CleverSpinner website page

If you’re looking for a tool to help you create unique content that is enjoyable and readable to your audience, look no further. CleverSpinner can paraphrase your content on a word and sentence level.

Some paraphrasing websites don’t have the best tools to avoid using the wrong synonyms. Because CleverSpinner uses artificial intelligence, it understands the meaning of words and can choose appropriate synonyms. This way, you don’t have to spend too much time correcting your work.

CleverSpinner is not only readable, but it also rewrites content in a way that avoids plagiarism. You can access a free trial for three days. Then, If you’re satisfied with the free trial, you can pay $9.90 per month to gain full access.

6. Spin Rewriter

This is yet another advanced tool to paraphrase your content. You can completely change the structure of your text by using Spin Rewriter.

If you're into using AI writing tools , you'll love this one. Spin Rewriter uses AI to help you rewrite words, sentences, and paragraphs. Using AI, Spin Rewriter will analyze your content, so it can fully grasp the meaning of your text. With this tool, all the heavy lifting is handled for you, which reduces your workload.

Despite using high-tech features, this tool is surprisingly easy to use. Spin Rewriter goes for $77 per year, or for a once-off, lifetime payment of $497, but you can first try it out by accessing a free trial for five days.

7. Wordtune

Wordtune paraphrasing tool

Wordtune is a paraphrasing tool that understands human language. Wordtune doesn’t merely paraphrase your sentences, it gives you a few options to choose from. That way, you’re bound to find an option that suits your writing style. Wordtune works hand in hand with Chrome as an extension, allowing you to rephrase your sentences as you type.

Wordtune offers a free plan, which is limited to 10 rewrites per day, three AI rewrites, and three summaries. You can opt for a premium plan for $9.99 per month, which gives you unlimited rewrites. The premium plan includes unique features such as, choosing between casual and formal tones for your text, shortening and expanding the length of your text, paragraph rewrites, and receiving premium support from the Wordtune team.

8. website page is a simple paraphrasing tool that lets you easily generate quality, unique content. This tool is most suitable when you're looking to change words and rephrase sentences. Whether you want to summarize your text or rewrite it completely, can help you. is free to use if you're paraphrasing up to 500 words. If you want to increase your word limit, you can subscribe to the premium package for $20 a month, and if you're a student, you'll only pay $7.

Make Sure You’re Not Plagiarizing

There has been much debate around whether paraphrasing tools should be allowed or not. The fact is, paraphrasing sites and tools are used by many people simply because they are effective and help with your writing.

While these tools are all useful, you need to be 100 percent sure that you’re not plagiarizing any content. Luckily, there are free tools available that are dedicated to making sure your work is original.

Free AI Paraphrasing Tool

Transform your existing text with the power of our free AI paraphrasing tool. Enhance SEO by improving clarity, coherence, and keyword integration without any plagiarism.


1. Select the style and desired length of the output from the drop-down menus.

2. Enter your existing text.

3. Click the "Paraphrase" button.

4. Paste the paraphrased copy into your document.

💡Pro Tip: Maximize your content's impact with our Free AI Writing tools - perfect for creating engaging, SEO-friendly content that resonates with your audience!

What is a Paraphrasing Tool?

A paraphrasing tool is a cutting-edge software designed to reconstruct your text while maintaining its original essence. Powered by intricate algorithms and machine learning capabilities, it breathes new life into your content.

Transforms existing content into fresh, superior-quality material. The tool assists in avoiding plagiarism & enhancing content uniqueness, significantly reducing the time and effort spent on content creation.

Benefits of Using Free Paraphrasing Tool

1. Avoid plagiarism by paraphrasing sections of your content in your own words.

2. Improve readability by simplifying your writing and making it easier to read.

3. Enhance the content quality by correcting errors, improving sentence structure, and making it more engaging.

The Technology Behind Quattr's Paraphrasing Tool

Quattr's paraphrasing tool utilizes the sophisticated language models that fuel ChatGPT. It allows our tool to provide unparalleled accuracy, fluency, and creativity in paraphrasing.

It makes your content engaging and SEO-friendly, adding richness and freshness to your writing.

Features of a Paraphraser

Unparalleled plagiarism-free content.

Experience 100% originality with our rephrasing tool, a beacon of novelty ensuring fully plagiarism-free content every time it is employed.

Uncompromising Free & Secure Services

Enjoy peace of mind with our free paraphraser tool, committed to secure operations & safeguarding your valuable data during all rewriting activities.

Precise & Dependable Text

Rely on our rephrasing tool for accurate reinterpretations, maintaining the original context and essence while transforming the wording to make your content unique.

Types of Paraphrasing Style

Switch effortlessly between different styles like regular, formal, informal, paragraph, and bullet points with our tool to suit your purpose and audience.

Flexible Length Adjuster

Seize control over your content length with our innovative length adjuster function, allowing for seamless rephrasing while keeping your content concise, precise, and engaging.

Every feature of our tool is designed to enhance user experience, making the writing process simpler and more enjoyable. Feel the human touch in every rewritten piece and capture your audience's attention the way you desire.

When Should You Use a Paraphrasing Tool?

1. Improve the quality, clarity, and conciseness of your writing.

2. Make your content more engaging and readable for your audience.

3. Improve the SEO of your content by making it more unique and relevant to search engine queries.

4. Avoid plagiarism by rewriting text in a new and original way.

5. Translate text from one language to another while preserving the meaning and conversational style.

6. Create multiple versions of your content with different styles, and lengths.

7. Save time and effort when creating new content.

How to Make the Most of the Paraphrasing Tool?

Discover what resonates best with your audience by experimenting with diverse writing styles. Tailor content length to perfection, ensuring your message hits the mark. Instead of reinventing the wheel, use our tool to effortlessly generate fresh versions of existing content that captivates your readers.

Our free paraphrasing text tool is just one piece of your content creation toolkit. Combine its potential with our other AI tools, encompassing keyword research, writing optimization, and more.

Paraphrasing & More With Content AI!

Already love our free AI paraphrasing tool? With Content AI, you can do more than just rewrite texts. With a user-friendly interface, you'll say goodbye to writer's block by seamlessly generating engaging, SEO-optimized content.

Our platform offers features like keyword planning, competitor insights, and content optimization tools. You don’t just rewrite texts; you outperform your competition. Elevate your content generation game with Content AI and watch your SERP rankings climb effortlessly.

Paraphrase & Create Unique Copy With Content AI

Create & optimize your pages at scale with unique, plagiarism-free content

Start your 2-week free trial of Content AI to write, optimize & rank with ease & speed. Use all free AI tools with each other efficiently. Get started now - no credit card required!

Free Paraphrasing Tool FAQs

Is paraphrasing good for seo.

Paraphrasing your content makes it more relevant to your target keywords & audience and improves the overall quality of your writing. It can lead to higher search engine rankings and more traffic to your website.

What is the difference between paraphrasing and spinning?

Paraphrasing involves a detailed alteration of a text's structure, vocabulary, and overall composition, a method often deemed legitimate and valuable. Contrarily, spinning is typically utilized for black-hat SEO practices. It merely substitutes words and phrases with their synonymic counterparts, thus creating a distinct contrast between the two techniques.

Is the copy generated plagiarism-free?

The paraphrased text is plagiarism-free. Our AI model is designed to create unique content each time you hit the "paraphrase" button. We use a variety of techniques to ensure that the content is original.

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Best Paraphrasing Tool: Online & Free

Looking for the best paraphrasing tool online for free? Try our professional paraphrase generator that can quickly reword any text. Note that below you can also find the reviews of top rephrasers available online: QuillBot paraphrasing tool, Chimpwriter, and some others.

Here at IvyPanda , we have a solution for you that will save a lot of time and help you avoid plagiarism when gathering information from various sources.

⚙️ Top 12 Best Paraphrasing Tools Online Free

⭐ best paraphrasing tool: the benefits.

  • ☝️ All You Need to Know About Plagiarism
  • 📝 How to Avoid All Types of Plagiarism: Examples

The best way to avoid plagiarism in your writing is to paraphrase the text. Even five words in a row can constitute plagiarism. To help you prevent accusation in stealing someone’s ideas, we gathered twelve online paraphrasing tools, tested them, and ranked.

Check the IvyPanda ranking and detailed descriptions for each tool below and choose the best software for your needs!

1. QuillBot Paraphrasing Tool

IvyPanda’s #1 award goes to QuillBot’s online paraphrasing tool. The app is ad-free and has many features that can be useful for students, bloggers, and professional writers. For example, you can choose one of nine paraphrasing modes: Standard, Fluency, Formal, Academic, Simple, Creative, Expand, Shorten, and Custom. The first two modes are available for all users. QuillBot supports text import from clipboard and DOC, DOCX, TXT, and PDF files. The results can be copied to a clipboard or exported to DOCX format.

You can paraphrase up to 125 words for free. With a premium plan, you can rephrase an unlimited number of words. The paid version also allows you to use additional features, such as all rewriting modes and the Paraphraser History. The premium subscription plan is $8.33/month (billed yearly) or $19.95/month (billed monthly).

2. Jasper AI

Jasper AI is an AI-based writing tool for paraphrasing, summarizing, and plagiarism checking. It uses an advanced GPT-4 language model to produce unique content.

To paraphrase a text using Jasper AI, paste your text into the field and tell the bot in plain language what you need it to do. If you don’t like the result, you can ask the tool to rewrite your content again. You can also choose your desired tone of voice, which makes it a suitable tool for marketers and bloggers.

Although Jasper AI doesn’t offer a free plan, it provides its users with a 7-day free trial. Premium plans start from $39/month and give you access to AI writing in 30+ languages, 50+ templates, browser extensions, and many more.

3. Writesonic

Writesonic is another AI-powered tool for paraphrasing. It is available in 24+ languages, including Japanese, Chinese, and many European languages. Apart from the paraphrasing software, Writesonic offers many other writing tools, like grammar checker, AI content detector, and plagiarism checker.

You can use Writesonic for free, but you need to register first. The free plan is limited to 10,000 words per month. It is quite a generous amount for students, while marketers and bloggers may choose to go premium to extend this limit. Premium plans start from $19 per month.

WordAi is a feature-rich AI paraphrasing tool. It uses advanced language models to generate content indistinguishable from human writing.

One prominent feature of this tool is that it can produce up to 1,000 rewrites of an original piece of content. So, you’ll definitely get an option that will suit you. Another feature is that you can choose how creative your paraphrase should be, thus gaining full control of the content creation.

One main drawback we found is that WordAi doesn’t offer a free plan. Premium starts from $17 per month and allows you to paraphrase 50,000 words per month. Another drawback is that WordAi supports only the English language.

5. Hypotenuse AI

Hypotenuse AI is an online rewriting tool that produces accurate and creative texts quickly. It has a tone selection feature that allows you to choose whether your paraphrase should sound authoritative, conversational, humorous, or otherwise.

The tool has 5 main functions: Improve, Simplify, Shorten, Expand, and Rephrase. Therefore, it covers virtually all use cases in which you might want to paraphrase. Moreover, Hypotenuse AI supports over 30 languages, which makes it suitable for content creators across the globe.

The main drawback is that Hypotenuse AI doesn’t offer a free plan. Yet, you can try any premium option for free for 7 days. Premium plans start from $29/month.

Copy AI is an AI-powered writing tool that can paraphrase content in a few seconds. Just paste your text, click the button, and check the result. You can use this tool for free, but the free plan is limited to 2,000 words per month.

Copy AI supports over 95 languages, which makes it a good option for content creators working with diverse audiences. It also offers 90+ prompt templates to facilitate the work with the tool.

One drawback we’ve discovered is that Copy AI can sometimes repeat the original content it was meant to paraphrase. So, we recommend you carefully check the result before using it in your papers to avoid plagiarism.

7. Wordtune

Wordtune is one more AI writing tool used for rewriting. Although it can translate texts from several languages into English, its paraphrasing feature works only with English.

You can use Wordtune without charge, but the free plan allows you to rewrite only 10 texts of up to 280 characters per day. Moreover, you don’t have to register to use the free version. If you wish to extend the limit and get access to advanced features, like text recommendations for clarity and fluency, you have to go premium. Paid plans start from $24.99/month.

Rytr is another paraphrasing tool based on an AI language model. It supports over 30 languages and can write texts in more than 20 tones of voice, including appreciative, formal, and inspirational. It also has a built-in plagiarism checker, so it’s convenient to check paraphrased content for plagiarism.

The tool offers a free plan, which allows you to paraphrase up to 10,000 characters per month. This is about 1,500-2,500 words, which can be enough for students but insufficient for writers who need to paraphrase a lot. Premium plans start at $9/month, and Rytr offers 2 months for free if you subscribe to a premium annual plan.

9. PrePostSEO Paraphrasing Tool

The Paraphrasing Tool by PrePostSEO is another good option for quick rephrasing. This website would come in handy for students, writers, and SEO experts. To get a paraphrased text, you can either copy and paste the article or upload a DOC, DOCX, PPT, or TXT file.

The tool works with 18 languages, including French, German, Turkish, and Japanese. It also has a Chrome extension and mobile apps for Android and iOS. Moreover, you may edit the output before saving it.

One drawback we found is ads. However, you can use ad-blocking software to avoid unwanted advertisements. Another drawback is that the free plan is limited to paraphrasing 500 words at a time. Yet, you can expand it to 2,500 words per submission with a premium plan, which is $19/month.

10. ChimpRewriter

ChimpRewriter is ad-free, paid rephrasing software. The tool uses smart cross-checking and artificial intelligence to make your paraphrased text readable for real people. ChimpRewriter works with multiple languages and can easily rewrite any text.

To use it, you need to register and download a free version with a 14-day trial period, after which you can upgrade to the Pro version. The Pro version costs $15/month or $99/year.

11. Dupli Checker

The next tool in our ranking is Dupli Checker. It has limitations of 2,000 words for input text, which can be extended to 25,000 words with a premium plan. Dupli Checker supports file import. The app also allows users to check the result for grammar errors and plagiarism before exporting it to a DOCX file.

The website is free and has plenty of other useful tools for students, bloggers, and SEO experts. The main drawback of Dupli Checker is the abundance of ads.

12. Paraphrase-Online

The last tool in our paraphrasing tool ranking is Paraphrase-Online. The best part of this website is that it’s free, simple, and fast. It also provides a file import option, allowing you to upload .doc, .docx, .pdf, and .txt files.

The website works pretty fast and doesn’t require solving CAPTCHA or registration. However, the app contains some ads, so don’t forget to activate an ad-blocker.

☝️ Paraphrasing as the Best Tool against Plagiarism

As you know, plagiarism is a form of academic dishonesty. You can’t take someone’s ideas and pass them off as your own.

Plagiarism can have severe consequences. If you run a website or a blog and copy and paste articles from other sources without changes, search engines will lower your website’s score. This means that you will have fewer visitors and, as a result, fewer earnings (if you run an online store, provide services, or monetize your website in other ways).

In the business world, plagiarism can also have negative consequences. Copyright violations, for example, can result in million-dollar lawsuits, or in a loss of trust among customers, etc.

Below, you will find the most common types of plagiarism. Familiarize yourself so you can avoid them.

8 Types of Plagiarism

These are eight types of plagiarism that are often seen in academic writing:

  • Cloning or identical copying. This occurs when someone copies another’s text word for word and claims it as their own.
  • Mixture. This type of plagiarism occurs when you gather information from different sources and put it together, claiming it as your own paper.
  • Copy-Paste. This type of plagiarism is seen in papers where the author has copied and pasted significant parts of their paper from one source without changes.
  • Misleading attribution. This occurs when someone uses a citation without giving credit to a primary source.
  • Self-plagiarism. This happens when you decide to reuse your old papers without proper citation and credits. Yes, you have to cite your own writing if you use it again!
  • Mosaic. Mosaic plagiarism involves copying information from a range of sources and compiling it without citations.
  • when you use citations that lead to non-existing sources;
  • when you use a secondary source, but refer to the primary source;
  • when you change information from a primary source, so it gives a false impression to the reader.
  • Paraphrasing plagiarism. This kind of plagiarism occurs when someone changes only certain phrases in an original text without proper citation.

Plagiarism can be intentional, if the author knowingly passes someone else’s work off as their own, or unintentional, if it occurs because the writer has neglected to include citations or abide by paraphrasing rules.

Regardless of its type, plagiarism has serious consequences. A student who is caught plagiarizing can be expelled from college or university.

📝 Anti-plagiarism Tools & Techniques

Avoiding plagiarism is easy. Keep reading to find out more:

Quoting and Quotes

A quote is a copy of an original source that is properly credited. Depending on the formatting style, there are different style rules.

Here are three of the most popular formatting style requirements:

The first thing that you need to determine when quoting in APA is the length of the quote. If it is less than 40 words, you need to add a phrase that contains the author’s name and the publication date in parentheses:

Darwin (1857) stated, “A scientific man ought to have no wishes, no affections, - a mere heart of stone.”

If you don’t name the author before the quote, you must put their name, publication date and page number (if applicable) in parenthesis after the quote:

He said, “A scientific man ought to have no wishes, no affections, - a mere heart of stone” (Darwin, 1857).

If the quote exceeds 40 words, the quote must be placed in a separate block within the text and put in quotation marks.

Rules for quoting in MLA are similar to APA. If the quote is fewer than four lines, you must denote it with double quotation marks. You should provide information about the author and page number in your in-text citation and provide complete information on the reference page.

If you want to use a quote in the Chicago style, you must use footnotes and endnotes to provide information about the source. A superscript number should be placed after the quote:

Darwin stated that “A scientific man ought to have no wishes, no affections, - a mere heart of stone”. 1

If you’re going to quote 100 words, or more than five lines of a text, you need to write it as a separate block without quotation marks.


Another way to avoid plagiarism in your writing is to paraphrase the source. When paraphrasing, you must avoid copying more than two words in a row. In other cases, you should use quotation marks.

Check out how to paraphrase in APA, MLA, and Chicago styles below:

When you paraphrase in APA, you must provide the author’s last name and the date of publication in your paper. It is not necessary to include the page number in the citation.

(Darwin, 1857)

In MLA, you need to include the page number after the author’s last name. You should avoid using a comma between them. You should also paraphrase, but not misconstrue the author’s meaning.

(Darwin 191)

Similar to quotes, when you paraphrase in Chicago style, you should use a superscript number after the in-text citation:

Darwin stated that scientists should be stone-like and avoid desires or feelings. 1

Now you know how to avoid plagiarism and how to paraphrase your texts in only a few seconds. Check out the tools listed above and boost your content writing skills. You should also check out our Text Summarizer , Plagiarism Checker , and Random Word Generator .

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This page gathers only the best online paraphrasing tools that will help you to avoid plagiarism in your writing. Here you will find the answers to the frequently asked questions about rewording generators. Also, on the page are available the list of most common types of plagiarism and tips on how to avoid it.


7 Best Paraphrasing Tools & Software (Free & Paid)

Are you hunting for the best paraphrasing tools to rephrase your existing content?

If yes, then your search will end here. Because, we are going to talk about 5 best paraphrasing software in the blog.

What Are The Best Paraphrasing Tools?

  • Spin Rewriter
  • The Best Spinner
  • Spinner Chief
  • Chimp Rewriter

Quick Comparison Between the Best Paraphrasing Tools

Without any further delay, let’s take a deep dive into the list of best paraphrasing tools & software.

1. Spin Rewriter – Best Paraphrasing Tool

Spin Rewriter is one of the popular paraphrasing tools in the industry. It was developed by Aaron Sustar in 2011 and since then, they are constantly adding new features and improve the proficiency of the software. Lately, they have released its 11th version of the Spin Rewriter.

This paraphrasing software makes use of cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) and ENL Semantic Spinning technology to extract the meaning of the text before rephrasing them.

Spin Rewriter - Best Paraphrasing Tools

  • It is web-based tool for paraphrasing that supports all the spintax styles.
  • It lets you generate thousands of rephrased versions of the original article at one go.
  • To save your precious time, they provides you the option of bulk spinning. With this option, you can paraphrased multiple articles at once.
  • Moreover, they also offers you such as side by side comparison, stock photo integration, detailed video tutorials, and get started guide.

Spin Rewriter Pricing Plans

Spin Rewriter comes up with the three paid plan which are monthly, yearly, and lifetime. You can start with 5 days free trial and check the working of the software. Moreover, you can ask for a refund within 30 days in case you don’t find it useful.

  • Monthly Plan – $47/mo
  • Yearly  Plan – $77/y
  • Lifetime Plan – $497 one-time fee

2. QuillBot – Free Paraphrasing Tool

QuillBot is the best free paraphrasing tool which is founded by three computer science students in 2017. In a very short span, it became popular among students, scholars, and SEO professionals. It is a very simple and easy-to-use software, all you need to do is just copy & paste your text or simply upload the document file, select the quill-mode, and click on the “Paraphrase” button to start rephrasing the content.


  • There are seven quill-modes offered by QuillBot that are Standard, Fluency, Creative, Creative+, Formal, Expand, and Shorten to paraphrase your content. You can choose modes as per your requirements.
  • In addition to the paraphrasing tool, it also provides Summarizer and Grammar Checker tool under one roof.
  • QuillBot can be integrated with your Google Doc so that you don’t need to switch windows while paraphrasing.
  • Moreover, it has a Freeze word option which lets you protect words from paraphrasing.

QuillBot Pricing Plans

  • Free Plan – QuillBot is the only paraphrasing tool in the list that has a free plan. However, it comes with some limitation but still, it is worth for the beginners or basic paraphrasing.
  • Monthly – $14.95/month
  • Semi-Annual – $59.95 every six month or ($9.99/month)
  • Annual – $79.95 every six month or ($6.67/month)

3. The Best Spinner – Best Paraphrasing Software

The Best Spinner is a downloadable paraphrasing tool that is fully compatible with MAC, Tablets, and PC and supports 14 languages. As of 2021, The Best Spinner have 92,721 customers from all over the globe, who are using TBS4 to rephrase the content.

The Best Spinner - Best Paraphrasing Tools

  • This paraphrasing software has one amazing feature that lets you create an audio or MP3 file from any article using advanced text-to-speech technology.
  • Whether you need to rephrase one article or hundred articles at a time, TBS4 will do it for you with a few clicks.
  • It allows you to publish paraphrased article directly to your WordPress blog within from The Best Spinner.
  • With the software, it is possible to rephrase the full-sentence and paragraph. Also, it allows unlimited nested spinning.

The Best Spinner Pricing Plan

The Best Spinner doesn’t offer you a free trial or any free plan. However, to compensate for it, they provide a 30-day money-back guarantee to their users if they are not happy with the software after purchasing it.

All the premium plans has same features

  • Basic –  $67/year
  • Standard  – $127/year
  • Pro  – $247/year

4. WordAi – Paid Tool for Paraphrasing

Another one in the list of best paraphrasing tools is WordAi. This is a web-based tool that uses artificial intelligence to create unique and meaningful content while keeping the meaning intact. Moreover, they released its 4th version and the team behind WordAi claims that it is 149.8 times faster than its previous version.

  • This paraphrasing software support multiple languages such as English, French, Spanish, and Italian.
  • With the Bulk Spinning feature, you can paraphrase up to thousands of articles in a few clicks.
  • It can not only rephrase words or sentences but also capable to rephrase the entire paragraph and smartly restructure unordered lists.
  • Moreover, you can connect the article forge and perfect tense account with the WordAi.

WordAi Pricing Plans

Get started with 3-day free trial to learn about the WordAi functionality before upgrading your plan.

  • Monthly Turing Plan – $49.95/month
  • Turing Yearly Plan – $347/year

Note: If you want to paraphrase more than 3 million words in a month then, you need to contact the WordAi team to get the bulk API pricing quote. Also, they mentioned that they would charge $2 per 10,000 words.

5. Spinner Chief – AI Based Paraphrasing Tool

Spinner Chief is the only paraphrasing tool available in the market that offers both desktop and web-based versions of the software to their user. One of the interesting facts about the software is that it lets its users to use both versions of the software at one purchase.

Spinner Chief 6

  • It has a cloud-based thesaurus which is created by Spinner Chief real users. Also, its cloud thesaurus supports 20+ languages including Italian, Swedish, Portuguese (Both Portugal and Brazil), Dutch, German, Indonesian, French Greek, and Spanish.
  • There is an option to create custom spin rules for paragraph and sentence paraphrasing.
  • Basic spinning is possible with Spinner Chief, with it, you can paraphrase all the articles in any selected directory and create readable and 100% unique articles at the push of a button.
  • Content Bomb is an amazing feature that can scrape content, images & videos and generate a new article that you can submit to the WordPress blog or save it in any custom format.

Spinner Chief Pricing Plans

  • Free  – Its free is great option for basic paraphrasing.
  • Elite –  $175 one time fee
  • Ultimate Version –  $271 one time fee / $92 per year
  • Team Version –  $547 one time fee/ $244 Per Year

6. Paraphraser  –AI Based Paraphrasing tool is another free paraphrasing tool that uses AI technology to rephrase sentences at their best. It offers four different modes of rephrasing sentences. One of the most impressive features of this paraphrasing tool is the option to instantly change the word (that is being paraphrased) with its synonym.

  • It supports English, Indonesian, Spanish, French, Dutch, and many other languages.
  • Files can be uploaded through devices, Dropbox, or OneDrive.
  • This paraphrasing software uses advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to preserve the meaning while removing all plagiarism
  • It offers to add on tools for your text like Plagiarism Checker, Text Summarizer
  • It allows you to exclude specific words from being paraphrased

7. Chimp Rewriter – Downloadable Tool for Paraphrasing

Chimp Rewriter is another desktop-based tool for paraphrasing backed by artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) technology. Due to these technologies, it understands and analyze the concept before rephrasing the content.

Chimp Rewriter

  • Chimp Rewriter automatically inserts images and videos from the multiple resources in a few clicks.
  • It can be integrated with third-party SEO tools including WP Robot, RankWyz, Ultimate Demon, SEO Content Machine, GSA Search Engine Ranker, Kontent Machine, etc.
  • It uses many advanced tools such as N-spin, anchor text spin, random ordering and anchoring, list reordering, bulk directory rewriters, list reordering to make your content unique and meaningful.
  • Moreover, it allows you to publish paraphrased articles to hundreds of your websites with a single click.

Chimp Rewriter Pricing Plans

Chimp Rewriter comes up with the 14-day free trial so you can try the software at your end before switching to the paid plan. Moreover, they provide a 60-day money-back guarantee option to their users.

  • Monthly Plan  – $15/month
  • Yearly Plan  – $99/month

If you are planning to purchase it API plans or team license then, you need to refer this link.

I hope this blog helped you to find the best paraphrasing tools to rephrase your assignments, articles, and essay. Above mentioned, all the Paraphrasing software are best and affordable. Also, they provide you free plan/free trial, so you can check them out at your end as well and pick the best one that fits your budget.

If you liked the blog, please share it on your share social media platforms.

Did I forgot to mention any other best online paraphrasing tool? Please let me know in the comment section below. We’d love to hear from you.

FAQs related to Online Paraphrasing Tools

A paraphrasing tool is an online application or software that rephrases your text in a different way while preserving the actual meaning of the original text. The paraphrasing tool uses AI (artificial intelligence) to understand the meaning of the text, how words are connected in the text and then restructure your sentence, replace the words with their synonyms, and generate the new text, without losing the actual meaning of the text.

Spin Rewriter and QuillBot are some of the best paraphrasing tools out there. Both tools come with a very affordable price and lifetime plans. Moreover, you can also try these tools at your end, as Spin Rewriter offers a free trial and QuillBot has a free plan.

I would say Spin Rewriter and QuillBot are the best websites for Paraphrasing. If you are looking for a free paraphrasing tool, then QuillBot could be the best option for you.

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  • QuillBot Alternatives

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Download offline paraphrasing tool

Most people looking for Offline paraphrasing tool downloaded:



Paraphrase® is a powerful phrase template manager that groups text of unlimited length (phrases ...

Dr Essay Article Rewriter

Dr Essay Article Rewriter

Dr Essay Article Rewriter is a program that allows you to automatically or manually find synonyms and rewrite your articles and essays.

Quillbot is a free artificial intelligence based paraphrasing tool that helps paraphrase your text without words ...

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Paraphrasing Tool

Enhance text clarity and understanding using an AI-driven paraphrasing tool. Perfect for students and professionals, this tool rewrites, edits, and adjusts tone for improved comprehension.

Rephrase sentences, paragraphs, essays, and articles effortlessly with our powerful paraphraser. Prevent plagiarism in blogs, research papers, and more using cutting-edge technology

It works effectively to rewrite the content in a way that removes plagiarism , maintains readability, and makes the content considerably more appealing.

Leverage any of its four paraphrasing modes to rewrite the content as required. It enables you to rewrite the content using the standard, fluency, creative, or smarter paraphrasing modes, each of which resonates with a distinct writing style.

Using groundbreaking AI technology , our paraphrasing tool lets you rewrite the content with the utmost accuracy. It neither changes the context nor compromises the content quality. No matter which type of content you are working on, you can run it through our paraphrasing tool and perfect it by all means.

The users including writers, bloggers, researchers, students, and any layperson can get the best out of our online plagiarism remover for free. It facilitates quick paraphrasing of 500 words in one attempt.


Use to rewrite your content in original and improved wording that stands out from the rest. Change the choice of words and the way words are combined to construct sentences, achieving uniqueness and creativity in writing. Rewrite your content to ensure that it is free from potential writing errors and perfectly crafted to meet the target audience's needs.

Remove the Plagiarism

Eliminate duplicate phrases, clauses, and sentences to make the content unique

Improve Content Quality

Correct grammar, punctuation, spelling, and diction errors to enhance the readability score

Modify Writing Style

Modify the choice of words to change the tone and rewrite the content in different writing styles, the best sentence rephraser, thoroughly analyzes the given content to understand the context and then rewrite it with an intention to:

User-friendly Interface

Anyone can easily find, access, and use this tool to paraphrase the content from a beginner to an expert.

Improved Functionality

This tool uses advanced AI algorithms to ensure that the content is paraphrased without errors and delays.

Error-Free Results

This paraphrasing tool skillfully rewrites the content as it works effectively in terms of accuracy and efficiency.

Multiple Rewriting Modes

Four different rewriting modes are available, which lets you change the tone and style of the writing without changing the context.

Multi Languages Support

There are 15 different languages available, any of which you can choose to rewrite the content as required.

Safety and Privacy

The content is paraphrased with absolute precision and automatically removed from the tool's database upon reloading.

Free Unlimited Access

Users worldwide can access and use this paraphrasing tool without any premium fee and limit.

Optimize the Content

Maintain readability, uniqueness, and creativity in content to make it search-engine-friendly.

How paraphrase online can enhance your writing?

Whoever creates content is well aware of the fact that uniqueness has great importance in writing. This is because duplicate content is not accepted anywhere. Even if a few phrases or sentences are similar to previously published content, it is considered plagiarism. To paraphrase online, you can easily remove plagiarism from the content.

Must be unique words

The content must be created using unique words, whether for the web or any academic assignment. Anyhow, it isn’t easy to write unique content. It is error-prone and time-consuming.

Readability and creativity

Take into account some more essential factors in writing: readability and creativity. The words you choose and how you combine them must be easy-to-read and creative enough to hook and engage the readers. Unfortunately, there can be various writing errors, such as misused and misspelled words in your writing. These writing issues can ruin your content quality, leaving no chance for a high ranking or score.

Unique and appealing

The students, researchers, and content writers can use an online paraphrasing tool to rewrite any content and make it 100% unique and appealing. The online rephrase tool uses advanced “artificial intelligence” algorithms to rewrite a piece of content to make it free from plagiarism and writing errors.

Multiple rewriting modes

For instance, you can use our word paraphraser then. It will take only a second to provide you with a unique and improved version of your content. There are multiple rewriting modes available, any of which you can leverage to change your content's writing style and make it much more captivating for the target audience.

How does our free paraphrasing tool work?

Our free online rephrasing tool is based on artificial intelligence algorithms that help in attaining uniqueness in less time with accuracy. is considered as an AI-based free rewording tool that makes content unique by replacing the words with synonyms while keeping the content quality high. Editpad contributed to the development of this great paraphrasing tool.

Who can provide excellent services ?

There are so many online paraphrase companies that offer help with many writing types of assignments and a host of others that it can be hard to know which to choose. documents, texts, articles - when it comes to paraphrase this, you need a professional such as we have that offers to refresh the given paper using a vast amount of experience in their fields of expertise.

Software and inexperienced writers will paraphrase text and swap individual terms for their synonyms. Not only is that likely to still be seen content piracy as the structure and order of wordings as are still the same but it will often not maintain the original meaning and will often use phrases that are out of context and will make the text meaningless as best.

Why should you consider ?

This paraphrasing tool provides various reasons and features by which we can easily differentiate this tool from any other online rephrase tool.

The reasons why you need to choose this sentence rephraser are listed below.

How to use Paraphrase Tool?

To use best paraphrasing tool follow the 4 simple steps given below:

  • You can choose from 15 different languages: en id da de es fr it pl pt ro sv vi cs ru th ja ko
  • Paste/write it into the text box or upload file in txt, doc, and docx format
  • Modes `Regular`, `Formal`, `Creative`, and `Academic` to modify concerning.
  • Click "Start Paraphrasing" button to rephrase and get an error-free, unique version of the content

How to create a PEEL Paragraph Writing Strategy?

What are the best examples of paraphrasing, how the future of writing depend on ai, 4 ways to make your blog more successful.

Free Paraphrasing Tool

Try our other writing services

Text Summariser

Avoid plagiarism in your paraphrased text

People are in love with our paraphrasing tool.

Paraphrasing tool trustpilot 01

What's a paraphrasing tool?

This AI-powered paraphraser lets you rewrite text in your own words. Use it to  paraphrase articles, essays, and other pieces of text. You can also use it to rephrase sentences and find synonyms for individual words. And the best part? It’s all 100% free!

What's paraphrasing

What's paraphrasing?

Paraphrasing involves expressing someone else’s ideas or thoughts in your own words while maintaining the original meaning. Paraphrasing tools can help you quickly reword text by replacing certain words with synonyms or restructuring sentences. They can also make your text more concise, clear, and suitable for a specific audience. Paraphrasing is an essential skill in academic writing and professional communication.

why use this paraphrasing tool

Why use this paraphrasing tool?

  • Save time: Gone are the days when you had to reword sentences yourself; now you can rewrite a text or a complete text with one click.
  •  Improve your writing: Your writing will always be clear and easy to understand. Automatically ensure consistent language throughout. 
  • Preserve original meaning: Paraphrase without fear of losing the point of your text.
  • No annoying ads: We care about the user experience, so we don’t run any ads.
  • Accurate: Reliable and grammatically correct paraphrasing.
  • No sign-up required: We don’t need your data for you to use our paraphrasing tool.
  • Super simple to use: A simple interface even your grandma could use.
  • It’s 100% free: No hidden costs, just unlimited use of a free paraphrasing tool.

Features of the paraphrasing tool

rephrase sentences

Rephrase individual sentences

With the Scribbr Paraphrasing Tool, you can easily reformulate individual sentences.

  • Write varied headlines
  • Rephrase the subject line of an email
  • Create unique image captions

Paraphrase a whole text

Paraphrase a whole text

Our paraphraser can also help with longer passages (up to 125 words per input). Upload your document or copy your text into the input field.

With one click, you can reformulate the entire text.

find synonyms

Find synonyms with ease

Simply click on any word to open the interactive thesaurus.

  • Choose from a list of suggested synonyms
  • Find the synonym with the most appropriate meaning
  • Replace the word with a single click

Paraphrase in two ways

Paraphrase in two ways

  • Standard: Offers a compromise between modifying and preserving the meaning of the original text
  • Fluency: Improves language and corrects grammatical mistakes.

Upload any document-to the paraphrase tool

Upload different types of documents

Upload any Microsoft Word document, Google Doc, or PDF into the paraphrasing tool.


Download or copy your results

After you’re done, you can easily download or copy your text to use somewhere else.

Powered by AI

Powered by AI

The paraphrasing tool uses natural language processing to rewrite any text you give it. This way, you can paraphrase any text within seconds.

How does this paraphrasing tool work?

1. put your text into the paraphraser, 2. select your method of paraphrasing, 3. select the quantity of synonyms you want, 4. edit your text where needed, who can use this paraphrasing tool.


Paraphrasing tools can help students to understand texts and improve the quality of their writing. 


Create original lesson plans, presentations, or other educational materials.



Explain complex concepts or ideas to a wider audience. 



Quickly and easily rephrase text to avoid repetitive language.



By using a paraphrasing tool, you can quickly and easily rework existing content to create something new and unique.


Bloggers can rewrite existing content to make it their own.


Writers who need to rewrite content, such as adapting an article for a different context or writing content for a different audience.


A paraphrasing tool lets you quickly rewrite your original content for each medium, ensuring you reach the right audience on each platform.

The all-purpose paraphrasing tool

The Scribbr Paraphrasing Tool is the perfect assistant in a variety of contexts.



Writer’s block? Use our paraphraser to get some inspiration.

professional written communication

Professional communication

Produce creative headings for your blog posts or PowerPoint slides.

academic writing paraphrasing

Academic writing

Paraphrase sources smoothly in your thesis or research paper.

social media paraphrasing

Social media

Craft memorable captions and content for your social media posts.

Paraphrase text online, for free

The Scribbr Paraphrasing Tool lets you rewrite as many sentences as you want—for free.

Write with 100% confidence 👉

Ask our team.

Want to contact us directly? No problem. We are always here for you.

Support team - Nina

Frequently asked questions

The act of putting someone else’s ideas or words into your own words is called paraphrasing, rephrasing, or rewording. Even though they are often used interchangeably, the terms can mean slightly different things:

Paraphrasing   is restating someone else’s ideas or words in your own words while retaining their meaning. Paraphrasing changes sentence structure, word choice, and sentence length to convey the same meaning.

Rephrasing   may involve more substantial changes to the original text, including changing the order of sentences or the overall structure of the text.

Rewording   is changing individual words in a text without changing its meaning or structure, often using synonyms.

It can. One of the two methods of paraphrasing is called “Fluency.” This will improve the language and fix grammatical errors in the text you’re paraphrasing.

Paraphrasing and using a paraphrasing tool aren’t cheating. It’s a great tool for saving time and coming up with new ways to express yourself in writing.  However, always be sure to credit your sources.  Avoid plagiarism.  

If you don’t properly reference text paraphrased from another source, you’re plagiarising. If you use someone else’s text and paraphrase it, you need to credit the original source. You can do that by using citations. There are different styles, like APA, MLA, Harvard, and Chicago. Find more information about referencing sources  here.

Paraphrasing   without crediting the original author   is a   form of plagiarism , because you’re presenting someone else’s ideas as if they were your own.

However, paraphrasing is not plagiarism if you correctly referencing the source . This means including an   in-text citation   and a full reference, formatted according to your required   citation style.

As well as citing, make sure that any paraphrased text is completely rewritten in your own words.

Plagiarism   means using someone else’s words or ideas and passing them off as your own.   Paraphrasing   means putting someone else’s ideas in your own words.

So when does paraphrasing count as plagiarism?

  • Paraphrasing   is   plagiarism if you don’t properly credit the original author.
  • Paraphrasing   is   plagiarism if your text is too close to the original wording (even if you cite the source). If you directly copy a sentence or phrase, you should   quote   it instead.
  • Paraphrasing  is not   plagiarism if you put the author’s ideas completely in your own words   and   properly referencing the source .
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8 Best Paraphrasing Tools to Avoid Plagiarism (Free & Online)

' src=

When you are writing content on the internet either for your blog , your business website or for academic purposes, delivering unique and plagiarism-free content is important.

Copying and pasting content from another online source without a reference can get you in legal trouble. You can also get your blog or website blacklisted from Google which can cripple your SEO ranking.

No matter how well you try to write original content, there is a slight chance that you may have accidentally mirrored content from another person's work in your article at one point or the other.

How do you ensure that your website content is unique and original? Using a plagiarism tool can help you spot plagiarized content, but you still need to change the content to make it unique.

Paraphrasing can be hard when you have a lot of words or sentences to change. However, you can use paraphrasing tools to avoid plagiarism and save you the stress and time of having to do it on your own.

There are so many paraphrasing tools in the market. Comparing them all can take forever to accomplish.

In this article, you will learn about 8 of the best paraphrasing tools (free and online).

Let's get started.

1. Grammarly

Best paraphrasing writing tool in the market.

Grammarly is the Best Paraphrasing Writing Tool in the Market

Grammarly is one of the best writing tools in the market. It offers you way more than paraphrasing capabilities.

With properly integrated tools that complement each other, Grammarly serves as a one-stop writing tool helping you with your spelling, grammar, punctuation, word choice, formality, fluency, and even tone adjustment, among a whole lot of other capabilities.

With its free version, you enjoy accurate writing assistance limited to spelling, grammar, punctuation, and single sentence paraphrasing.

Grammarly's premium version offers you access to more features. With the premium version, all your sentences are reviewed by the tool, you identify more spelling and grammar issues, and also receive tips to improve your writing style including feedback or context behind your mistakes.

The paraphrasing tool offers integrations with Google Chrome, Google Docs, and a multitude of websites. You can also download its keyboard app for mobile phones to help you check your spelling and grammar mistakes while working on your phone.

Grammarly Premium Plan

Grammarly comes with three different plans: free, premium, and business . The free plan offers basic writing features while the premium plan offers more comprehensive and advanced features.

The business plan offers additional support, account management capabilities, and analytics, among other features. With the business plan, you can set style guides for your team.

2. Paraphraser

Best paraphrasing tool with multi-language support.

Paraphraser is the Best Paraphrasing Tool with Multi Language Support

Paraphrase is a free, AI-powered, and easy-to-use online paraphrasing tool based on NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) that offers you numerous features and options for your writing needs.

Acting as one of the best word changers and sentence paraphrasers in the market, the paraphrasing tool serves as a sufficient solution for rewriting your essays. It also helps you avoid plagiarism, and generally reword your articles and write-ups.

With Paraphraser, you enjoy human-level paraphrasing which makes your results very readable, sensible, and plagiarism-free. The tool helps you paraphrase sentences and complete articles while accurately maintaining the original meaning of the whole text.

Paraphrase is compatible with any device, including Android & IOS. It is available in French, Spanish, Indonesian, German, and Turkish.

The paraphrasing tool offers different output options. Depending on how you want your result to come out, Paraphraser allows you to set your output to either fluency, standard, or creative.

You have a 1,000 word limit on the number of words you paste in it. The paraphrasing tools paraphrase the words you put and remove duplicate content.

You get to use Paraphraser’s tools for free.

3. IvyPanda

Best paraphrasing tool for setting the level of change you want.

IvyPanda is the Best Paraphrasing Tool for Setting the Level of Change You Want

Ivy Panda is an educational platform and blog that offers you a variety of educational services and tools. It focuses majorly on providing academic essay writing services.

The online platform has a free and easy-to-use paraphrasing tool available for users. To paraphrase, you simply paste your text just like most paraphrasing tools. However, you are limited to 5,500 characters.

You can set the paraphrasing tool to process words with a capital letter. This setting helps the tool avoid replacing important proper nouns and maintains the whole originality and essence of the text.

The ratio of words you wish to replace can also be set. You can set the amount of replaced words to be either 20%, 40%, 60%, 80%, or 100% of the text.

IvyPanda’s paraphrasing tool is available to you for free.

4. QuillBot

Best ad-free paraphrasing tool with multitudes of modes and options.

QuillBot is the Best Ad Free Paraphrasing Tool with Multitudes of Modes and Options

QuillBot is an ad-free online tool that offers you a comprehensive list of writing features useful for students, bloggers, and professional writers.

The paraphrasing tool makes three free paraphrasing modes available to you. These modes determine how your paraphrasing result comes out, they include a standard, fluency, and creative mode.

The first two modes (standard and fluency) are presented to all website visitors without registration while the last requires you to open an account with the platform.

Additionally, the paraphrasing tool presents you with four different premium paraphrasing modes: Formal (for you to appear more professional, Creative+ (an improvement on the free Creative mode), Shorten mode (to keep your text short), and an expand mode (to make your text longer). These modes give you greater options and range.

Without an account, the texts you get to paraphrase are limited to 500 characters. When you register for a free plan, you enjoy paraphrasing texts of up to 700 characters.

QuillBot's premium plan allows you to paraphrase texts of up to 10,000 characters. With the premium plan, you enjoy additional features such as integrations with Google Chrome, Google Docs, and MS Word with a 10,000 characters limit, and a 25,000 Summarizer character limit.

The premium plan also provides you with unlimited freeze words and phrases and allows you to compare modes on the Desktop. QuillBot also supports text import from clipboard as well as the import of .DOC, .DOCX, .TXT, and .PDF files. Results can be copied to the clipboard or exported to DOCX format.

QuillBot Premium Plan

QuillBot’s paraphrasing tool is available to you through two plans: free and premium. With the paid premium plan, you enjoy a 3-day money-back guarantee.


Best paraphrasing tool with google chrome integration and support for up to 14 languages.

PREPOSTSEO is the Best Paraphrasing Tool with Google Chrome Integration and Support for Up to 14 Languages

PREPOSTSEO is another paraphrasing tool that offers you multiple modes for your result. It gives you advanced features to take care of your need to produce plagiarism-free content.

Serving as a great choice for students, writers, and SEO experts, the online paraphrasing tool presents you with multiple AI-powered modes. They include a fluency mode that fixes grammar errors, a standard mode that rewrites sentence structure and makes the text easy to read and a creative mode that completely paraphrases the whole content.

These three modes have a 5,000 character limit. An advanced mode that allows you to directly add your own words is also available to you with no character limit.

To paraphrase your text, you either copy and paste it or upload a DOC, DOCX, PPT, or TXT file to the website. The tool works with 14 different languages. You can upload documents from your Google or Microsoft cloud storage.

PREPOSTSEO offers web extension with Google Chrome. It also offers other tools such as a Plagiarism Checker, Grammar Checker, Word Counter, and Text Summarizer.

Prepostseo is available to you for free.

Best Paraphrasing Tool with Support for Up to 17 Languages

Editpad is the Best Paraphrasing Tool with Support for Up to 17 Languages 

Editpad is an online platform that offers bloggers, freelance writers, students, and researchers a wide variety of writing tools. They include an online notepad, invisible character, text summarizer, plagiarism checker, and small text generator alongside its paraphrasing tool and many more.

The paraphrasing tool is easy to use. You have the option of either pasting your text into the textbox or uploading a file directly from your device. The word limit is placed at 1,000 and the paraphrasing tool is available for use in up to 17 languages.

Editpad serves as a basic paraphrasing tool that offers you multiple language options and complementary tools for your writing needs.

Editpad’s paraphrasing tool is available to you for free.

7. SmallSEOTools

Best paraphrasing tool with complementary tools for seo.

SmallSEOTools is the Best Paraphrasing Tool with Complementary Tools For SEO

SmallSEOTools is a website that presents you with a comprehensive list of tools aimed at improving your SEO . In addition to its paraphrasing tool, the website comes with an improved keyword position tool, an SEO checker, a domain authority checker, and a backlink checker.

For your paraphrasing needs, you are allowed to paste text within a 2,000-word limit into the text box . Another option is to import a file from your Google Drive.

Text from .tex, .txt, .doc, .docx, .odt, .pdf, or .rtf files are allowed to be imported and exported as .DOC, .TXT, .PDF files. The paraphrasing tool offers support for up to 9 different languages .

The paraphrasing tool is available to you for free.

8. Check Plagiarism

Best paraphrasing tools with advanced artificial intelligence (ai) mode.

Check Plagiarism is the Best Paraphrasing Tools with Advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) Mode

Check Plagiarism is a free online paraphrasing tool that provides you with two modes for paraphrasing your text. They include a simple mode without any limits to the number of words and an advanced AI mode for better-looking content with a 500-word limit.

The paraphrasing tool allows you to both paste text or upload a .doc, .docx, .pdf, or .txt file. It comes with complementary tools to perfect your writing and content. These tools include a plagiarism checker, an article rewriter (which also works as a paraphrasing tool), a grammar checker, and a text summarizer. The paraphrasing tool supports up to 13 different languages.

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Anastasia has been a professional blogger and researcher since 2014. She loves to perform in-depth software reviews to help software buyers make informed decisions when choosing project management software, CRM tools, website builders, and everything around growing a startup business.

Anastasia worked in management consulting and tech startups, so she has lots of experience in helping professionals choosing the right business software.

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Microsoft word, chrome extension, google docs, wordtune for ios.

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Wordtune speeds up our entire writing process by 15%. Additionally, it improves the quality of our messages and accurately captures the ‘melody’ of what we want to say in a more fluid language.

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Tomer Ben-Arye

Support Operations Manager

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Wordtune speeds up my writing process by 20% every day, saving me several hours of work. In my experience, Wordtune humanizes my content much better than any other AI tool.

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Daniel Somers

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Wordtune has reduced my email writing time by 30%. It’s a crucial tool for client-facing interactions and has allowed me to write at scale while maintaining the utmost quality.

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Michal Livnat

Success Architect

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The summarizing feature speeds up my research process by 25%, helping me discern which articles will be useful to read in full and which articles are irrelevant. 

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Ariel Sasson

Legal Data Team Leader, Attorney

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Managers from our client-facing teams, such as product and support, reported that 80% of employees that use Wordtune found that it enhanced their communication.

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Ortal Lozowick

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'ZDNET Recommends': What exactly does it mean?

ZDNET's recommendations are based on many hours of testing, research, and comparison shopping. We gather data from the best available sources, including vendor and retailer listings as well as other relevant and independent reviews sites. And we pore over customer reviews to find out what matters to real people who already own and use the products and services we’re assessing.

When you click through from our site to a retailer and buy a product or service, we may earn affiliate commissions. This helps support our work, but does not affect what we cover or how, and it does not affect the price you pay. Neither ZDNET nor the author are compensated for these independent reviews. Indeed, we follow strict guidelines that ensure our editorial content is never influenced by advertisers.

ZDNET's editorial team writes on behalf of you, our reader. Our goal is to deliver the most accurate information and the most knowledgeable advice possible in order to help you make smarter buying decisions on tech gear and a wide array of products and services. Our editors thoroughly review and fact-check every article to ensure that our content meets the highest standards. If we have made an error or published misleading information, we will correct or clarify the article. If you see inaccuracies in our content, please report the mistake via this form .

How to use Copilot Pro to write, edit, and analyze your Word documents


Microsoft's Copilot Pro AI offers a few benefits for $20 per month. But the most helpful one is the AI-powered integration with the different Microsoft 365 apps. For those of you who use Microsoft Word, for instance, Copilot Pro can help you write and revise your text, provide summaries of your documents, and answer questions about any document.

First, you'll need a subscription to either Microsoft 365 Personal or Family . Priced at $70 per year, the Personal edition is geared for one individual signed into as many as five devices. At $100 per year, the Family edition is aimed at up to six people on as many as five devices. The core apps in the suite include Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and OneNote.

Also: Microsoft Copilot vs. Copilot Pro: Is the subscription fee worth it?

Second, you'll need the subscription to Copilot Pro if you don't already have one. To sign up, head to the Copilot Pro website . Click the Get Copilot Pro button. Confirm the subscription and the payment. The next time you use Copilot on the website, in Windows, or with the mobile apps, the Pro version will be in effect.

How to use Copilot Pro in Word

1. open word.

Launch Microsoft Word and open a blank document. Let's say you need help writing a particular type of document and want Copilot to create a draft. 

Also: Microsoft Copilot Pro vs. OpenAI's ChatGPT Plus: Which is worth your $20 a month?

A small "Draft with Copilot" window appears on the screen. If you don't see it, click the tiny "Draft with Copilot icon in the left margin."


2. Submit your request

At the text field in the window, type a description of the text you need and click the "Generate" button.


Submit your request.

3. Review the response and your options

Copilot generates and displays its response. After reading the response, you're presented with a few different options.


Review the response and your options.

4. Keep, regenerate, or remove the draft

If you like the draft, click "Keep it." The draft is then inserted into your document where you can work with it. If you don't like the draft, click the "Regenerate" button, and a new draft is created. 

Also: What is Copilot (formerly Bing Chat)? Here's everything you need to know

If you'd prefer to throw out the entire draft and start from scratch, click the trash can icon.


Keep, regenerate, or remove the draft.

5. Alter the draft

Alternatively, you can try to modify the draft by typing a specific request in the text field, such as "Make it more formal," "Make it shorter," or "Make it more casual."


Alter the draft.

6. Review the different versions

If you opt to regenerate the draft, you can switch between the different versions by clicking the left or right arrow next to the number. You can then choose to keep the draft you prefer.


7. Revise existing text

Copilot will also help you fine-tune existing text. Select the text you want to revise. Click the Copilot icon in the left margin and select "Rewrite with Copilot."


Revise existing text.

8. Review the different versions

Copilot creates a few different versions of the text. Click the arrow keys to view each version.


Review the different versions.

9. Replace or Insert

If you find one you like, click "Replace" to replace the text you selected. 

Also: ChatGPT vs. Microsoft Copilot vs. Gemini: Which is the best AI chatbot?

Click "Insert below" to insert the new draft below the existing words so you can compare the two.


Replace or Insert.

10. Adjust the tone

Click "Regenerate" to ask Copilot to try again. Click the "Adjust Tone" button and select a different tone to generate another draft.


Adjust the tone.

11. Turn text into a table

Sometimes you have text that would look and work better as a table. Copilot can help. Select the text you wish to turn into a table. Click the Copilot icon and select "Visualize as a Table."


Turn text into a table.

12. Respond to the table

In response, click "Keep it" to retain the table. Click "Regenerate" to try again. Click the trash can icon to delete it. Otherwise, type a request in the text field, such as "remove the second row" or "make the last column wider."


Respond to the table.

13. Summarize a document

Copilot Pro can provide a summary of a document with its key points. To try this, open the document you want to summarize and then click the Copilot icon on the Ribbon. 

Also: The best AI chatbots

The right sidebar displays several prompts you can use to start your question. Click the one for "Summarize this doc."


Summarize a document.

14. Review the summary

View the generated summary in the sidebar. If you like it as is, click the "Copy" button to copy the summary and paste it elsewhere.


Review the summary.

15. Revise the summary

Otherwise, choose one of the suggested questions or ask your own question to revise the summary. For example, you could tell Copilot to make the summary longer, shorter, more formal, or less formal. 

Also: The best AI image generators

You could also ask it to expand on one of the points in the summary or provide more details on a certain point. A specific response is then generated based on your request.


Revise the summary.

16. Ask questions about a document

Next, you can ask specific questions about any of the content in a document. Again, click the Copilot icon to display the sidebar. In the prompt area, type and submit your question. Copilot displays the response in the sidebar. You can then ask follow-up questions as needed.


Ask questions about a document.

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Best Microsoft Office Activator Free Download [2024]

Activating Microsoft Office can be a headache. What you need is a reliable activator that seamlessly installs Microsoft Office, allowing you to get back on track with your work. In this article, we've compiled the best Office activators to help you get started without the time-consuming hassle of activation.

Best Microsoft Office Activator Free Download

Microsoft Office and Windows Activator - KMSPico

What is kmspico.

If you're operating Windows without a license, KMSPico is a valuable tool. This Windows activator enables you to run the OS without purchasing it. Here's a glimpse into how it works:


Genuine Activation: KMSPico, the authentic version, utilizes KMS technology to activate various Windows versions, especially Enterprise editions.

KMS Activation Process: Windows Vista, 7 (Pro and Enterprise), and all editions from Windows 8 onward support KMS activation. This process involves periodic reactivation through a server connection every 180 days.

Local Server Creation: KMSPico creates a local server on your computer to facilitate KMS activation without the need for a corporate environment. This ensures your system remains activated even outside a company network.

Key Management Server (KMS): KMSPico leverages the KMS (Key Management Server) functionality. Microsoft designed this feature for large organizations, allowing them to maintain product validity through a local KMS server.

Volume License Transformation: The tool transforms your "retail" installation into a "Volume licensed" one by altering the product key. This enables KMS activation.

Custom KMS Server: KMSPico switches the default KMS server to one specified by its developers, allowing users to maintain the activation without relying on Microsoft's servers.

While KMSPico provides an effective workaround, it's essential to note that its activation isn't permanent. If the developers take down the KMS server, your KMSPico-activated Microsoft product may lose validity.

Is KMSPico Safe to Use?

KMSPico, often touted as a hacking tool for activating unlicensed Microsoft Windows and Office applications, poses potential threats to your system. Sold under various names and versions, this tool operates as a payload carrier for other threats, utilizing strategies like Trojan Clients, data theft, machine identification, Windows Registry alterations, modification of boot menu settings, and data deletion.

On the flip side, proponents argue that KMSPico provides updates and premium support from Microsoft. Despite being flagged as malware due to its activation process, some believe it operates without issues, while others caution against the risks it poses to system integrity and security.

How to Activate Office and Windows with KMSPico for Free?

So, now that we know what KMSPico is, let's explore where to download this office activator. KMSPico differs from the office activation process using CMD, which is a bit more complex. Keeping the risks in mind, let's examine the steps involved in activating Office using KMSPico:

Step 1: To kick things off, download KMSpico from a trusted source. Be cautious, as some links may lead to incorrect software, wasting time and potentially jeopardizing your system.

Step 2: Disable your antivirus software temporarily, as it may flag KMSpico during installation due to its nature.

Step 3: Once downloaded, locate the KMSpico zip file and extract its contents to a location on your hard drive.

Extraction Process

Note: Users may be prompted to enter a password when extracting files from the zip file. The password is available on the website or within the Office Activator text file within the zip file. In our example, the password is "2016".

Step 4: Find the downloaded KMSpico setup file in the extracted folder and run KMSpico_setup.exe. Follow on-screen instructions for installation.

 Setup screen

Step 5: After installation, open KMSpico from your system. Antivirus warnings may appear as KMSpico modifies system files for activation.

KMSPico Interface

Step 6: In the KMSpico interface, activate your desired Microsoft product like Windows or Office suites.

Step 7: KMSpico will simulate communication with Microsoft servers to activate the product without a genuine key.

Step 8: Upon completion, a notification confirms successful activation. Your Microsoft product is now ready for use.

In the current landscape, KMSPico is often labeled as a virus or malware. The requirement to disable the firewall for its operation raises concerns for many users. The perceived risk is substantial, especially when superior free office suites like WPS Office , offering Microsoft Office file compatibility, are readily available. Personally, the potential drawbacks outweigh the benefits. With conflicting opinions about KMSPico, the uncertainty surrounding its use feels too significant.

Best Free Alternative to Microsoft Office - WPS Office

In the digital market dominated by giants like Microsoft Office, WPS Office comes off as a formidable contender, offering a comprehensive suite of tools coupled with unparalleled versatility and convenience. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a casual user, WPS Office is sure to exceed your expectations and elevate your productivity to new heights.

 WPS Office

WPS Office allows drafting documents with Writer, creating compelling presentations with Presentation, or managing data with Spreadsheet, WPS Office covers all bases. Its versatility extends across operating systems, with full compatibility on Windows, Linux, and Mac platforms, ensuring accessibility for users across diverse environments.

How to Open and Save Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint in WPS Office

Whether you're a Word wizard, an Excel expert, or a PowerPoint pro, WPS Office has you covered. Open, edit, and share all your files without compatibility headaches.

Step 1: Open WPS and click "Files" on the left to explore your documents.

Step 2: From Word documents to Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, and even PDFs, find them all neatly organized within WPS Office.

WPS Office open file

Step 3: The file you selected has been successfully opened and is ready for editing.

Step 4: To commit your changes while maintaining the current file format, select "Save" from the "Menu" menu.

 WPS Office save file

WPS Office offers a level of convenience and efficiency that goes beyond mere simplicity. Its seamless integration with various file formats and cloud storage services enhances productivity by allowing users to access and collaborate on documents from anywhere, at any time. The intuitive design and intuitive workflow streamline tasks, saving valuable time and effort.

Also, WPS Office's AI capabilities add a new dimension to document processing, providing intelligent assistance in tasks such as summarizing documents or extracting relevant information. This combination of user-friendly design, versatile functionality, and advanced AI features makes WPS Office a must-have tool for professionals and students alike, revolutionizing the way we work with documents.

Use Word, Excel, and PPT for FREE, No Ads.

Edit PDF files with the powerful PDF toolkit.

Microsoft-like interface. Easy to learn. 100% Compatibility.

Boost your productivity with WPS's abundant free Word, Excel, PPT, and CV templates.

Q1. How to use Microsoft Office without paying?

Here are two straightforward ways to use Microsoft for free:

For Students, Teachers, or Faculty Members: If you're a student, teacher, or part of the school staff with an active school email, you can use Microsoft Office 365 for free. Visit Microsoft's website for Office 365 Education, enter your school email, and you'll get free access to tools like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Teams, and more.

For Others (One-Month Free Trial): For Others (One-Month Free Trial): If you're not a student or teacher, you can still try the one-month free trial of Microsoft 365. Just sign up for the free version of Office on, but remember, you'll need to provide your credit card details. If you don't cancel before the free trial ends, you'll be billed $100 for a one-year subscription to Microsoft 365 Family. This subscription includes apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more.

Q2. What is the difference between Microsoft Office and Office 365?

Microsoft Office 2021:

One-Time Purchase with Single License: Office 2021 is sold as a one-time purchase, providing a single license that allows you to install and use Microsoft Office apps (like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) on one computer without an expiration date.

No Time Limit:   Once installed, you can use Office 2021 for as long as you like.

No New Updates: You will not get new features or updates. It will stay the same as the version they purchased.

Microsoft 365:

Subscription Service: Microsoft 365 offers the complete range of Microsoft products based on your licensing agreement, and you can choose to pay on a monthly or yearly basis.

Regular Updates: Subscribers get regular updates, security patches, and tech support without extra charges, ensuring that all your applications are always updated with the most recent features.

Flexible Plans: Different plans are available for home, business, and education.

Payment Options: You can select to pay monthly or yearly. The Family plan even lets you share benefits with up to five more people.

Q3. Is WPS Office compatible with Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files?

WPS Office seamlessly supports Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files, ensuring a professional and smooth document experience.

Simple But Professional; WPS Office

Activation can indeed be a tiring and time-consuming task, requiring technical know-how and consuming precious storage space on your system. However, here you'll discover Office activators fully compatible with your system, simplifying the process.Yet, instead of enduring the arduous activation process, which can demand significant storage capacity, consider making the switch to WPS Office. Lightweight and effortless to download, WPS Office offers a comprehensive office suite experience that rivals Microsoft Office. Download WPS Office now and experience the ease of using Office suite today.

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best paraphrasing software free download

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AMD Software: Adrenalin Edition 24.2.1 for HELLDIVERS™ 2 Release Notes

New feature highlights.

  • Skull and Bones™
  • Nightingale

Fixed Issues

  • Improvements to intermittent driver timeout or application crash while playing HELLDIVERS™ 2.
  • Intermittent application crash when first launching Enshrouded or changing Anti-Aliasing settings on Radeon™ 7000 series graphics products.
  • Intermittent driver timeout or application crash may be considered while playing Counterstrike 2 with FSR enabled on some AMD Graphics Products, such as the Radeon™ RX 7900 XTX.
  • Improvements to excessive stutter while playing various games, including Battlefield™ 2042, Destiny 2, Overwatch 2, Monster Hunter: World, PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS and STAR WARS™ Battlefront™ II. 
  • Deathloop may experience extended loading times on some AMD Graphics Products, such as the Radeon™ RX 6900 XT.  
  • Dead Space may experience an application crash after enabling RTAO on some AMD Graphics Products, such as the Radeon™ RX 6800. 
  • Shadows may appear bright, or reflections may be missing while playing Enshrouded on Radeon™ 7000 series graphics products. 
  • HDR settings may intermittently fail to take effect while playing certain games such as Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth.  
  • Graphics API metric may be incorrectly reported as DirectX® 12 for some Vulkan® games. 
  • After a system reboot, Parsec host application may experience a crash on some AMD Graphics Products, such as the Radeon™ RX 7900 XTX.  
  • During Microsoft Teams meetings, the camera may intermittently display looped footage on some AMD Products, such as the AMD Ryzen™ 7 7840U Processor. 
  • Oculus Rift S may display with a green tint on AMD Radeon™ RX 7000 series GPUs.  
  • AFMF may be inaccurately displayed on select hybrid graphics configurations, particularly in systems where one of the devices lacks support for AFMF. AFMF must be supported on the displaying GPU to be activated. 

Known Issues

  • Application crash or driver timeout may be observed while playing Starcraft II™ on Radeon™ RX 7000 series GPUs.
  • Intermittent driver timeout or application crash may be experienced after playing a mission and changing the in-game resolution while playing HELLDIVERS™ 2.
  • World of Warcraft may experience extended initial loading times with DirectX 12 API on some AMD Graphics Products, such as the Radeon™ RX 6800.
  • Shader caching may fail for Windows usernames containing accented characters. [Resolution targeted for 24.3.1]
  • FPS performance metric may incorrectly report values while a game is minimized. [Resolution targeted for 24.3.1] 
  • AMD SmartAccess Video may be incorrectly reported as “Available” on some systems with the Parsec Virtual Display Driver installed. 
  • Performance drop may be observed while using some DirectML workloads in Topaz AI. 
  • Audio and video may intermittently become out of sync while recording using the AV1 codec in AMD Software: Adrenalin Edition. [Resolution targeted for Q2] 

Important Notes

  • For users who previously installed an AMD Software preview driver, running AMD Cleanup Utility is recommended before installing this driver.
  • Some per-game graphics profiles may have incorrectly been set to HYPR-RX Eco after a driver upgrade. Users experiencing this issue may use the Factory Reset option to return all profiles to default.

Package Contents

AMD Software: Adrenalin Edition 24.2.1 for HELLDIVERS™ 2 Driver Version for Windows® 10 and Windows® 11 (Windows Driver Store Version 31.0.24019.1006).  

The AMD Software: Adrenalin Edition 24.2.1 for HELLDIVERS™ 2 installation package can be downloaded from the following link:

By clicking the Download button, you are confirming that you have read and agreed to be bound by the terms and conditions of the  End User License Agreement  (“EULA”).  If you do not agree to the terms and conditions of these licenses, you do not have a license to any of the AMD software provided by this download.

  • AMD Software: Adrenalin Edition 24.2.1 Driver for Helldivers 2 for Windows® 10 & Windows® 11 64-bit

Installing AMD Software: Adrenalin Edition

For detailed instructions on how to correctly uninstall or install AMD Software: Adrenalin Edition, please refer to the following support resources:

  • How-To Uninstall AMD Software on a Windows® Based System
  • How-To Install AMD Software on a Windows® Based System

NOTE : This driver is not intended for use on AMD Radeon products running in Apple Boot Camp platforms. Users of these platforms should contact their system manufacturer for driver support. When installing AMD Software: Adrenalin Edition 24.2.1 for HELLDIVERS™ 2 for the Windows® operating system, the user must be logged on as Administrator, or have Administrator rights to complete the installation of AMD Software: Adrenalin Edition 24.2.1 for HELLDIVERS™ 2. 

Radeon Product Compatibility

AMD Software: Adrenalin Edition 24.2.1 for HELLDIVERS™ 2 is compatible with the following AMD Radeon products.

Mobility Radeon™ Product Compatibility

AMD Software: Adrenalin Edition 24.2.1 for HELLDIVERS™ 2 is a notebook reference graphics driver with limited support for system vendor specific features. 

​​​​AMD Processors with Radeon Graphics Product Compatibility

Important note for laptop and all-in-one (aio) pcs .

AMD recommends OEM-provided drivers which are customized and validated for their system-specific features and optimizations. If you experience issues using the AMD Software: Adrenalin Edition driver package downloaded from, please install the OEM-provided drivers for full support and compatibility. AMD Software: Adrenalin Edition does not include support for handheld gaming devices.  Users should check with the OEM for device specific drivers.

WHQL Results

Compatible operating systems.

AMD Software: Adrenalin Edition 24.2.1 for HELLDIVERS™ 2 is designed to support the following Microsoft® Windows® platforms. Operating System support may vary depending on your specific AMD Radeon product.

  • Windows 11 version 21H2 and later
  • Windows 10 64-bit version 1809 and later

​​​© 2024 Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.  All Rights Reserved.

The information contained herein is for informational purposes only and is subject to change without notice. while every precaution has been taken in the preparation of this document, it may contain technical inaccuracies, omissions and typographical errors, and amd is under no obligation to update or otherwise correct this information. advanced micro devices, inc. makes no representations or warranties with respect to the accuracy or completeness of the contents of this document and assumes no liability of any kind, including the implied warranties of non-infringement, merchantability or fitness for particular purposes, with respect to the operation or use of amd hardware, software or other products described herein. no license, including implied or arising by estoppel, to any intellectual property rights is granted by this document. this notice does not change the terms and limitations applicable to the purchase or use of amd's products that may be set forth in a separate signed agreement between you and amd., overclocking warning:  amd processors are intended to be operated only within their associated specifications and factory settings.  operating your amd processor outside of official amd specifications or outside of factory settings, including but not limited to the conducting of overclocking (including use of this overclocking software, even if such software has been directly or indirectly provided by amd or otherwise affiliated in any way with amd), may damage your processor and/or lead to other problems, including but not limited to, damage to your system components (including your motherboard and components thereon (e.g. memory)), system instabilities (e.g. data loss and corrupted images), reduction in system performance, shortened processor, system component and/or system life and in extreme cases, total system failure.  amd does not provide support or service for issues or damages related to use of an amd processor outside of official amd specifications or outside of factory settings.  you may also not receive support or service from your board or system manufacturer. please make sure you have saved all important data before using this overclocking software.  damages caused by use of your amd processor outside of official amd specifications or outside of factory settings are not covered under any amd product warranty and may not be covered by your board or system manufacturer’s warranty., the software that has been directly or indirectly provided by amd or an entity otherwise affiliated with amd may disable or alter: (1) software including features and functions in the operating system, drivers and applications, and other system settings; and (2) system services.  when the software is used to disable or alter these items in whole or part, you may experience (a) increased risks that certain security functions do not function thereby exposing your computer system to potential security threats including, without limitation, harm from viruses, worms and other harmful software; (b) performance and interoperability issues that may adversely affect your experience and the stability of your computing system; and (c) other experiences resulting in adverse effects, including, but not limited, to data corruption or loss., amd, the amd arrow logo, amd radeon, amd freesync and combinations thereof are trademarks of advanced micro devices, inc., windows and directx are registered trademarks of microsoft corporation., vulkan and the vulkan logo are registered trademarks of the khronos group inc., other names used herein are for identification purposes only and may be trademarks of their respective companies..


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    English Settings 👔 Formal Writing tone Paraphrase Use cases of Ahrefs' Paraphrasing Tool Academic writing and research Ahrefs' Paraphrasing Tool can be valuable for students, researchers, and academics who need to paraphrase existing texts while maintaining the original meaning.

  7. AI-based Paraphrasing Tool

    Try out the best paraphrasing tool for free and discover how LanguageTool can elevate your writing. Check your text quickly and easily. Grammar, punctuation, style, and spelling. Enhance your writing with LanguageTool's AI-based paraphrasing tool. Discover a smarter way to rewrite and refine your text for improved clarity and uniqueness.

  8. Explore the AI-powered paraphrasing tool by DeepL

    Incorporated into translator: Translate your text into English or German, and click "Improve translation" to explore alternate versions of your translation.No more copy/paste between tools. Easy-to-see changes: When you insert the text to be rewritten, activate "Show changes" to see suggested edits. AI-powered suggestions: By deactivating "Show changes", you can click on any word to see ...

  9. Best Paraphrasing Tool

    1. QuillBot (Premium) 2. Wordtune (Premium) 3. QuillBot (Free) 4. Paraphrase Tool (Free) 5. Paraphrase Tool (Premium) 6. Wordtune (Free) 7. Rephrase (Free) 8. (Free) 9.

  10. 15 Best Paraphrasing Tools Online in 2023 (Free)

    15 Best Paraphrasing Tools. HIX.AI - Best Paraphrasing Tool Overall. QuillBot - Best for Different Modes of Paraphrasing. Paraphrase Online - Best Sentence Rephraser Tool. Plagiarism Detector - Best for Paragraph Rewriting Tool. Duplichecker - Best for Checking Plagiarism of Changed Text. PrePostSeo - Best Paraphraser for SEO Specialists.

  11. The 8 Best Online Paraphrasing Tools You Need to Know About

    Here, we'll look at the eight best online paraphrasing tools that you can use for your writing. 1. QuillBot. If you're looking for one of the best paraphrasing tools, look no further. As one of the popularly used paraphrasing tools, there's no denying that QuillBot is an effective tool.

  12. Quillbot (free) download Windows version

    4.1 on 20 votes License: Freeware Total downloads: 95 Operating system: Windows 10/7/8/11 Latest version: 2.2 Report incorrect info Description You could have downloaded Quillbot 2.2 from our software library for free. Quillbot lies within Education Tools, more precisely Teaching Tools. The actual developer of the free program is QuillBot One.

  13. Quattr Paraphraser

    Select the style and desired length of the output from the drop-down menus. 2. Enter your existing text. 3. Click the "Paraphrase" button. 4. Paste the paraphrased copy into your document. ‍. 💡Pro Tip: Maximize your content's impact with our Free AI Writing tools - perfect for creating engaging, SEO-friendly content that resonates with ...

  14. Best Paraphrasing Tool Online Free + Paraphraser Reviews

    1. QuillBot Paraphrasing Tool IvyPanda's #1 award goes to QuillBot's online paraphrasing tool. The app is ad-free and has many features that can be useful for students, bloggers, and professional writers. For example, you can choose one of nine paraphrasing modes: Standard, Fluency, Formal, Academic, Simple, Creative, Expand, Shorten, and Custom.

  15. 7 Best Paraphrasing Tools & Software (Free & Paid)

    Learn about the features, pricing plans, and pros and cons of 7 best paraphrasing tools and software for rephrasing your existing content. Compare Spin Rewriter, QuillBot, WordAi, Spinner Chief,, Chimp Rewriter, and more.

  16. Download offline paraphrasing tool for free (Windows)

    4.1 on 10 votes Dr Essay Article Rewriter is a program that allows you to automatically or manually find synonyms and rewrite your articles and essays. Quillbot Download 4.2 on 19 votes Quillbot is a free artificial intelligence based paraphrasing tool that helps paraphrase your text without words ... Similar choice

  17. Paraphrasing Tool

    Get Premium in $3 Paraphrase Advertisement Paraphrasing Tool Enhance text clarity and understanding using an AI-driven paraphrasing tool. Perfect for students and professionals, this tool rewrites, edits, and adjusts tone for improved comprehension. Rephrase sentences, paragraphs, essays, and articles effortlessly with our powerful paraphraser.

  18. Free Paraphrasing Tool

    Accurate: Reliable and grammatically correct paraphrasing. No sign-up required: We don't need your data for you to use our paraphrasing tool. Super simple to use: A simple interface even your grandma could use. It's 100% free: No hidden costs, just unlimited use of a free paraphrasing tool.

  19. 8 Best Paraphrasing Tools to Avoid Plagiarism (Free & Online)

    PREPOSTSEO is another paraphrasing tool that offers you multiple modes for your result. It gives you advanced features to take care of your need to produce plagiarism-free content. Serving as a great choice for students, writers, and SEO experts, the online paraphrasing tool presents you with multiple AI-powered modes.

  20. Paraphrasing Tool

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  21. Wordtune: Free AI Writing Assistant

    Wordtune is the AI writing assistant that helps you write high-quality content across emails, blogs, ads, and more. Use it to get results you can trust every time.

  22. Free AI Paragraph Rewriter

    Ahrefs' Paragraph Rewriter can automate the process of rewriting paragraphs for various purposes. Instead of manually rephrasing content, the tool can be integrated into workflows or applications to automatically generate alternative versions of paragraphs. This use case can significantly streamline tasks that involve rewriting content, such ...

  23. 14 BEST Paraphrasing Tools: Free Online Paraphrase Tools 2024

    How Do Sentence Rephrasing Tools Work. Frequently Asked Questions. List of Popular Paraphrasing Tools. Comparison of the Best Paraphrasing Tools. #1) WordAi. #2) #3) Paraphrasing Tool. #4) SmallSEOTools. #5)

  24. How to use Copilot Pro to write, edit, and analyze your Word ...

    Apple Vision Pro review: Fascinating, flawed, and needs to fix 5 things; I've tried the top XR headsets. Here's the one most people should buy; ChatGPT vs. ChatGPT Plus: Is the subscription fee ...

  25. The Best Free Payroll Software 2024: Features & Pricing Compared

    The Best Free Payroll Software Ranked. — Free forever, unlimited employee management software; Payroll4Free — Free, unlimited payroll for up to 10 employees; Excel Payroll — Simple and intuitive free Excel-based payroll app; Roll by ADP — Premium payroll software with the first three months free; eSmart Paycheck — First three months free and a free forever online payroll calculator

  26. Best Microsoft Office Activator Free Download [2024]

    Step 1: To kick things off, download KMSpico from a trusted source. Be cautious, as some links may lead to incorrect software, wasting time and potentially jeopardizing your system. Step 2: Disable your antivirus software temporarily, as it may flag KMSpico during installation due to its nature.

  27. AMD Software: Adrenalin Edition 24.2.1 for HELLDIVERS™ 2 Release Notes

    The AMD Software: Adrenalin Edition 24.2.1 for HELLDIVERS™ 2 installation package can be downloaded from the following link: By clicking the Download button, you are confirming that you have read and agreed to be bound by the terms and conditions of the End User License Agreement ("EULA"). If you do not agree to the terms and conditions ...