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35 Best Portfolio Websites to See Before Creating Your Own

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Creating a portfolio website can be challenging and rewarding. The elements of design, coding, and content creation required to create one can be overwhelming, deterring many from building their own portfolio sites.

You don’t have to hire a web designer or learn coding to build an online portfolio website. Many website builders like Squarespace and Wix help you build the best portfolio sites at an affordable price without any need for coding or design experience.

This article explores the 35 best portfolio websites that spark your creativity and provide you with inspiration to create your website.

Let’s get started.

1. Christina Vanessa

Made with Wix

1. Christina Vanessa - Portfolio Website Example

Christina’s portfolio website employs a minimalist web design with neutral colors dominating the website. The center stage of this great portfolio website is a captivating video that communicates the essential elements of her overall portfolio. 

I love how the CTA button on the homepage is a soft-peach color with a hover effect. On the other pages, it's carbon gray.

A header is absent from the homepage because the hero video is full-width. However, it's present on the other web pages and displays only two elements. The Explore page features multiple gallery options for all her products and services.

2. David Milan

2. David Milan - Portfolio Website Example

David Milan is a skilled illustrator, animator, graphic designer, and all-around visual entertainer. This webpage features organizations of great repute such as Entertainment Weekly and The Washington Post. 

The journey down his one-page portfolio website is memorable. I love how the first attention grabber on his website is the black header that loops his name, written (on its own) with thick white ink. 

David Milan’s website footer is a distinct ripe-lemon color that displays his contact details in black fonts.

3. John Green

Made with Squarespace

3. John Green - Portfolio Website Example

John Green is a New York Times best-selling author. I love how he only displays textual content on the right side of the page. The left side of the page is hinged with a curious blue background, and the web section is written in yellow-green letters. 

On his homepage and bio, you'll find a very confident photo of John hinged to the left side. It gives his site viewers and potential customers a calm and domestic feeling as they navigate the site. His webpage also has an FAQ section.

4. By Experience

4. By Experience - Portfolio Website Example

By Experience is a serious contender for the most professional website on this list. The cobalt-blue background gives potential clients a sense of safety. 

This portfolio site opens with a looping presentation of who they are, what they do, and what to do with the information. 

To replace the navigation bar, By Experience uses icons that stick to the right side of the homepage . By Experience use social media icons that link to its LinkedIn and Twitter accounts.

5. Erica Lauren

5. Erica Lauren - Portfolio Website Example

Eric Lauren is a plus-size model with a background in business and music. The first thing viewers see is a slideshow of her modeling pictures and an interstitial gate that says “enter.” This element is relevant in capturing the viewer's attention and encouraging user engagement. 

Her website background is white, but when the user clicks a CTA button, the color turns black. The contrast in the background and the click feedback colors shows an artistic view.

6. Thai Pham

6. Thai Pham - Portfolio Website Example

Thai Pham is a photographer and a visual artist. Her website uses a general black-on-white theme . 

You will see a visually appealing photo on her landing page, compelling you to scroll down for more. I love her clever use of the parallax scrolling effect to reveal her other captivating photography projects.

She uses a sticky navigation bar featuring five elements, one of which is an editorial showcasing all the reputable magazines that featured her work.

7. Hom Sweet Hom

7. Hom Sweet Hom - Portfolio Website Example

Lauren Hom’s website has an exciting web design pattern , similar to a children’s book. The dark peach CTA buttons sit comfortably on the lily-white background and confirm the homely narrative of the website. 

You will quickly see how she underlines texts that she intends for users to remember with an orange-colored pen. Some of them are links to other pages of the website or other websites entirely.

8. Lena Steinkühler

8. Lena Steinkühler - Portfolio Website Example

Lena’s website opens her portfolio webpage with the word “HELLO” in big and bold fonts. She employs a slow slideshow on the landing page to showcase her best and most colorful design works. 

If you’d like to navigate the designs quicker, Lena conveniently places sunny-yellow arrows to the left and right to make the navigation process interactive.

Lena uses a single-page design layout with three sections, ‘start, work, and about'. The brevity of the entire website is what sells Lena’s effectiveness and professionalism.

9. Steeven Salvat

9. Steeven Salvat - Portfolio Website Example

On Steeven Salvat’s landing page, there are no elements beyond this screenshot that you see. However, the auto-scrolling slideshow on the static landing page does a great deal to describe most of what Steeven’s art is about. 

You can immediately tell Steeven’s love for animals and ancient mechanics from his drawing choices.

The image of the sculpted lion head at the bottom right is a link to his Instagram page where you’ll find unlimited projects of art. Wherever you go on the website, the image sticks to that point.

10. T Sakhi

10. T Sakhi - Portfolio Website Example

T Sakhi opens with a slideshow of high-quality images . As you scroll down the portfolio page, the contrast of the colorful and vibrant images with the website's black background gives site visitors an artistic experience. 

Are you searching for design inspiration? This portfolio website is a good place to start. T Sakhi displays modern design ideas and video elements on every webpage to communicate the ephemeral emotions the Sakhi sisters evoke with their art.

11. Anna McNaught

11. Anna McNaught - Portfolio Website Example

Anna McNaught is a Photoshop artist, photographer, and designer. You will notice that the neon effect that she uses on her website name is one of the features that give the page its futuristic aura.

I like how she is quick to show the logos of the companies that have used her images in the past for social proof. Anna allows you to save all the dreamy and imaginative images on her website with a simple drag-and-drop feature.

12. Brit Cochran

12. Brit Cochran - Portfolio Website Example

Brit Cochran, who owns a makeup and design studio operates a static landing page that displays high-quality images from certain sections of her portfolio. 

She has a five-section portfolio. The images on her homepage are a continuous slideshow of five images. You can see the section that each image belongs to at the bottom left of the page. 

This portfolio website has superior micro-interactive elements that allow for nearly mindless user navigation. The command to change through slideshow images almost follows the cursor around.

13. Studio Bilge Nur Saltik

13. Studio Bilge Nur Saltik - Portfolio Website Example

Studio Bilge Nur Saltik’s web design portfolio employs customizable layouts you can easily create on your website. 

This portfolio site welcomes you with a white-smokey-coloured pop-up that invites prospective clients to subscribe to the mailing list. Bilge kindly presents her art designs on the website using customizable themes.

While the widgets of her socials stick to the right side of the landing page, the header does not. This design style is understandable because there are limited features on the page and the exploration only begins as you click through links.

14. Rafael Varona

14. Rafael Varona - Portfolio Website Example

Rafael Varona uses his website as a channel for his social media accounts. On his sticky header, what you’ll mostly see are links to his socials (Instagram, Facebook, and Behance, which) showcase a bulk of his online portfolio.

In his hero section, you'll see that he syncs a number of his creative jobs into one interesting looping illustration . 

This exciting web design allows for responsive templates on mobile phones . With mobile, you’ll only see a fraction of the illustration, while a hamburger icon replaces the components of the header.

15. Lisa Maltby

15. Lisa Maltby - Portfolio Website Example

Lisa Maltby is an illustrator, graphic designer, and art director who loves nature. She uses a white background for her website so that all the colors of her portfolio examples pop.

I like how Lisa's portfolio displays the logos of companies she has worked for in carousel form and handcrafted prints for sale on the Shop page. 

Interested visitors can purchase by adding items to the cart whose icon is away from the other header components at the top right.

16. Alex McDaris

16. Alex McDaris - Portfolio Website Example

Alex McDaris is a designer and art director who owns a design studio. Any time the cursor comes in contact with the GIF images, it shows a header that illustrates the purpose of the title. 

You can't help but notice the background colors, high-quality images, and the way she uses color text to create a visually striking and colorful effect.

17. Kristina Smolyar

17. Kristina Smolyar - Portfolio Website Example

Kristina Smolyar is a model, influencer, and UGC creator, she tells this with white-colored fonts superimposed on her hero video. Her attractive logo stands out from the frame of this video at the top left of the portfolio website. Also worthy of note is that her website has no header.

Her one-page portfolio website employs modern techniques like parallax scrolling and displays her photos such that you can drag and drop them externally. She features logos of reputable clients as social proof for other prospective clients. 

18. Janet Echelman

18. Janet Echelman - Portfolio Website Example

Janet Echelman is a sculptor, popularly known for her use of unlikely materials and computational software. 

Her website background is a pale shade of gray . She intentionally displays her artwork and other visual elements in a fanciful card-like fashion.

Janet has a lot of press and her web page allows her to display all the newspaper pages and magazine covers she appears on.

19. Jordyn Brenner

19. Jordyn Brenner - Portfolio Website Example

Jordyn is a creative director at Amazon Studios. On her portfolio page, the cover prints you see, whiten up and reveal the movie or TV show title as you place your cursor over them. You can also drag and drop the cover prints , but they will copy as a link, not an image.

She places her Contact CTA centrally at the footer, with the same black and thin fonts of the header components, clearly visible on the white background. 

20. Joao Verissimo

Made with Webflow

20. Joao Verissimo - Portfolio Website Example

Joao Verissimo is a motion and interaction designer. On Joao’s webpage, some components animate when the cursor hovers over them to give it a trendy outlook.

The primary colors of his portfolio website are black, turmeric, and white. You can’t miss out on the hamburger icon on the top right and his compact logo on the top left that sticks to the screen. Joao expertly uses GIF promotional videos of his best works on his portfolio site.

21. Diplo Studio

21. Diplo Studio - Portfolio Website Example

Diplo is a French-based branding and product designer. His website uses the hover effect in such a way that clickable elements light up with everglade rays when they come in contact with the cursor.

With Diplo’s website, you see that you can have more than one frame on your hero page. Diplo has four short videos playing simultaneously on the four frames of his landing page. 

Most of the CTA’s on the website are not the conventional brick buttons, they are usually plainly exposed. 

22. Antoine Rabeau Daudelin

Made with Pixpa

22. Antoine Rabeau Daudelin - Portfolio Website Example

Antoine Rabeau Daudelin is a humanist photographer who is very passionate about his work. His homepage is a full-frame slideshow of his most intriguing photos . 

The arrows on the bottom and to the side of the images are elements of a micro-interactive webpage .

Antoine opts for a plain white background to display his portfolio online. His website is simple with a modern intricate approach. I like how you can click any portfolio image and view it in full screen.

23. Naomi Ann Clarke

23. Naomi Ann Clarke - Portfolio Website Example

Naomi Ann Clarke is a freelance illustrator and designer focused on creating bright and bold illustrations. She makes her website name stand out with the color blending of dark pink and dark sky blue. 

Dark sky blue is the default color of the CTA buttons and header components. They turn dark pink as they come in contact with the cursor. The colors are good choices as they sit nicely on the pale gray background of the website.

24. Marcus Guider

24. Marcus Guider - Portfolio Website Example

Marcus is a film and media photographer. He characterizes his website with minimal fonts, small-sized picture frames, and lots of white spaces. You can tell that this is one of the portfolio website examples with a minimalist design.

I particularly like how he arranges his portfolio in groups of three . Every three pictures represent a project (movie or commercial) that he has shot.

When you click over any of the three frames in a group, you're taken to a different page where you’ll see other pictures for that project.

25. Majestyk Apps

25. Majestyk Apps - Portfolio Website Example

Majestyk Apps helps create exciting digital experiences for brand users, thus their website cannot be any less so. 

The double strokes on the top right beside the conventional header components reveal elements of both the header and the footer against a white backdrop. I love how this portfolio site features brick-red CTA buttons that toggle as you hover the cursor over them.

Majestyk’s website shows the logos of big brands that they've worked with along with the creative work process involved with some brands' design portfolios. Free portfolio resources are available.

26. Nicole Xu

26. Nicole Xu - Portfolio Website Example

Nicole is an illustrator from Shanghai, now based in Portland, Oregon. You will observe that the header elements are on the left side of the webpage while the website owner's name and contact are on the right. On most free portfolio websites, it is usually the other way around.

Also worth mentioning is that when you scroll down to the end of the homepage, you will not see a footer. Nicole ensures that she e xhausts the page with her u nique and vibrant paintings .

27. Rou Marcellus

27. Rou Marcellus - Portfolio Website Example

Rou Marcellus is a pro in the photography business with a BFA in commercial photography from Savannah College of Art and Design. 

Her images have a minimalist aesthetic as does the web design of her portfolio website. She centralizes her website name and header and all her web colors are neutral and albescent , while the CTA buttons are black .

Rou dedicates her homepage to frames of her high-pixel images and uses another page to classify them according to the emotions they evoke.

28. Emma Da Silva

28. Emma Da Silva - Portfolio Website Example

Emma Da Silva is a young and talented photojournalist. On her website, what will pop first is the cursive style with which the website name is written. You can’t help but notice how the brand name and other features of the header are at the top center.

Her excellent portfolio website proves that you don't need multiple pages to showcase your talent and expertise regarding your work and impress potential clients.

29. Demas Rusli

29. Demas Rusli - Portfolio Website Example

On Demas Rusli's portfolio website, the box to subscribe to his mailing list is not a pop-up, nor is it found at the foot of the page, as it appears on other portfolio websites. Here, it takes center stage superimposed on the beautiful hero images set in an auto-scrolling slideshow.

One of his header components is a link to video tutorials where he teaches the skills required to achieve elite photography and editing.

30. Myghail

30. Myghail - Portfolio Website Example

Myghail is the portfolio website of Mihailo Vucenic who has comfortably settled with graphic design as a lifetime career path. His hero image is a multi-colored silhouette that contrasts well with the black background of the website.

You can see Myghail’s h eader at the center of the page displaying three menu buttons. One leads to three frankly unique online stores that use attractive marketing tools to enhance customer experience.

31. Cindy Sung

31. Cindy Sung - Portfolio Website Example

Cindy Sung is a talented New York-based photographer. On her landing page, there is a wholesome outdoor image of Cindy in greyscale. The CTA buttons that she uses very frequently are a very light shade of brown. 

She makes sure to use beautiful images for the cover photos of the different portfolio sections labeled on the homepage. Her testimonials show the pictures of the clients besides their reviews. 

32. Melyssa Griffin

Made with Teachable

32. Melyssa Griffin - Portfolio Website Example

Melyssa Griffin teaches entrepreneurs how to navigate the daunting world of creative marketing. She uses a long and continuous homepage for unlimited storage of her rich portfolio.

I love how Melyssa invites users who are yet to create a free account for her courses, on a free trial period with her quiz pop-up. She uses CTA buttons with varying colors to make the web page more on edge.

Her website has a personal touch that accommodates enough pictures and videos of smiling and dancing to make visitors comfortable.

33. Chris Collado

33. Chris Collado - Portfolio Website Example

Chris Collado is a seasoned photographer, graphic designer, and filmmaker. He is good with his craft and the portrait of the blue-eyed lady on his homepage does well to exemplify that. 

The other images on the homepage are tightly knit together, leaving no white background space in view.

Chris opts for a non-sticky header so as not to obstruct any details of the full-frame images on his homepage. Along with his fancy logo , the header contains several components, one of which he uses to sell prints.

34. Ling K - Portfolio Website Example

Ling K is a group of creative professionals and graphic designers. This website's color theme is brown, white, and mustard yellow . I love the choice of colors that produce a beautiful and stylish appearance. 

You will find a search function on Ling K’s website that helps visitors easily find the information they need quickly. 

35. Nathalie Jankie

Made with Weebly

35. Nathalie Jankie - Portfolio Website Example

Nathalie Jankie is a game/level designer at Remedy Entertainment. While Nathalie’s sticky header has only two components, her homepage is loaded with her bio and experienced portfolio.

Given Nathalie’s coding knowledge, she integrates tracking codes on her website to measure the user's bounce rate. This insight into user behavior will help her improve website performance. You will find Nathalie’s downloadable resume on the website.

Best Online Portfolio Website Examples FAQs

An online portfolio is a digital showcase of your work, skills, and achievements displayed on a website to exhibit your expertise and attract potential clients or employers.

The best portfolio website builders are Squarespace and Wix. These website builders come with attractive templates that are a vital aid to help you create your one-of-a-kind portfolio website. 

A portfolio site is worth it because it enhances your professional image, boosts visibility, establishes credibility, and opens doors for networking. When your potential clients want to check your credibility, the internet is the first place they’ll go, and you have to be there waiting for them with a worthy portfolio site.

A great portfolio website has an appealing design, clear navigation, high-quality content, consistency, responsive layout, engaging user experience, a compelling ‘About Me' page, easy contact access, fast loading times, interactive elements, testimonials, and regular updates to showcase growth.

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35+ Inspiring Personal Portfolio Websites in 2024

I just love digging around portfolio websites for design inspiration. You can learn so much about the personality of a designer from the way a portfolio looks, and the interactions therein.

A portfolio site is also a great playground because it gives you the creative freedom you can’t always express with a normal client project.

Here, we have a roundup of personal portfolio websites that can impart a dose of instant inspiration. Explore new ideas, design trends, and themes that you can take and use in your own projects.

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1. Olga Geletina

portfolio websites

With an interesting grid layout that’s sleek and easy to follow, Olga Geletina makes it easy to dive into this portfolio website. What’s really nice about it is that the portfolio doesn’t contain a lot of super visual elements because of the nature of the work and this design works with that in a way that’s elegant and delightful.

2. Brice Clain

portfolio websites

Sometimes the schtick of a design that matches the work can be too much, but the 1s and 0s feel of this portfolio are outside the norm. With bright color and a touch of code style, this is an approachable option that shows you exactly what this web developer does. It’s more visual than you might expect and easy to navigate.

3. Patriarche Creative

portfolio websites

The big letter and scrolling text on this portfolio website are interesting and attention-getting. The background image helps you understand there’s a creative element to the portfolio. The dark background with bright white text is crisp and easy to read, too.

4. Cade Martin

portfolio websites

With beautiful and interesting imagery and a well-designed “book” as part of the portfolio, Cade Martin nails it. The website has all the interactive features you’d want online with plenty of extras for those that enjoy a print-minded experience. His artwork is allowed to speak for itself without the rest of the portfolio website getting in the way of the visuals.

5. Suze LaGasa

portfolio websites

With a lot of white space between elements, each item in Suze LaGasa’s portfolio is allowed to have room to be seen. Subtle animation for each element on the scroll keeps you moving through the elements and the interesting right-side navigation provides a creative boost for a portfolio site.

6. Anastasia Shcherbina


Anastasia Shcherbina is an artist and graphic designer based in South Carolina. Her illustration, branding, and typography work is beautifully showcased across different categories, which provides an engaging experience. She has included her pictures on her About page, which makes it genuine, and approachable and conveys her unique story! Check out her portfolio website built with Pixpa .

7. Brian Holden

portfolio websites

This portfolio site uses a similar home page concept as above but with a little more color and animation that’s always “on.” The button takes you to a more traditional, card-style portfolio page that’s clean and simple. The interactive typeface option that Brian Holden used for his name here is exceptionally nice.

8. Stefano De Rosa

portfolio websites

This portfolio looks rather simple on its face, but interactive features really bring it to life and showcase the ability of the designer. Color choices bring Stefano De Rosa’s portfolio to life as well with a simple palette that’s not commonly seen. The most fun feature might be the pointer icon; it’s a solid green circle until you get to a click-element and then it pops into a fun feathered circle of the same color.

9. Elena Saharova

portfolio websites

It’s hard to beat a bold, in-your-face portfolio design. That’s just what you get with the bright yellow and black design for Elena Saharova’s work. You can’t help but look and all of the important links – from social media to blogging to design work – is all right on the homepage.

10. David William Baum

portfolio websites

Showing a large number of projects can be a challenge on portfolio websites. You want to show a lot of work, but also create a focal point for website visitors. David William Baum does this exceptionally well with his portfolio thanks to smaller thumbnails that explode into larger images with hover states. Each project clicks to open with an elegant animation and beautiful formatting as well.

11. Diana Toloza

portfolio websites

Nice space and cool liquid effects are the main highlights of Diana Toloza’s website design. When you have amazing imagery, this minimal style is the way to go. It highlights the work in the portfolio with a simple design that helps individual pieces shine. Further, she places each new piece almost on a “page” of its own in the scroll, so you can really focus on individual works.

12. Denis Abdullun

portfolio websites

A clean portfolio design can be the best option sometimes. There’s not a lot to think about with it comes to Denis Abdullin’s portfolio, but you can see and find everything you need to know right away. It’s a highly effective design.

13. Ilya Kulbachny

portfolio websites

The portfolio of Ilya Kulbachny will push your creative limits with effects on typography and animation. It works well with his role as a creative director, showing off some of that artistic flair. The effects are different, but eye-catching and make you want to keep moving through the design for more.

14. Matt Reyer

portfolio websites

Matt Reyer’s portfolio uses a split-screen design (a great trend for this style of a website) with plenty of little interactive surprises. His work is streamlined into an easy-to-digest format with just the right amount of information.

The best feature? As you scroll the geo shapes on his head in the photo spin in time with the movement.

15. Fabian Irsara

portfolio websites

This is how you use a headshot for a website portfolio. The photo is just moody enough to draw you in and the simple animation with what Fabian Irsara does and his interests catch your attention. The simple nature of the design gives the content plenty of room.

One of the best features is that the big words describe how the site was made. And the voice of the words is quite nice.

16. Erik Bernacchi

portfolio websites

Erik Bernacchi goes with a bold, retro design for his portfolio. But it’s highly interactive and begs to be clicked. And you should. Despite the retro feel of the portfolio, his projects are modern and engaging.

17. Tavano Vincent

portfolio websites

There’s something about interactive surprises that I adore in website design, especially when it comes to personal portfolios. Tavano Vincent uses a simple homepage design … at first glance. But hover over any text element for a more immersive experience.

This is a great way to handle a single-scroll homepage with plenty of elements to keep you moving deeper into the portfolio.

18. Bryan James

portfolio websites

Bryan James nailed it with his portfolio. You can’t stop looking. It’s a combination of projects compiled into a video that gives you an idea of his scope of work. There’s also a great video bio.

This portfolio almost has a documentary style to it and it’s phenomenal.

19. Robin Mastromarino

portfolio websites

Beautiful artwork and liquid animation make this portfolio by Robin Mastromarino highly engaging. The side-to-side scroll is intuitive, and each screen has an image that’s captivating.

The nice animated effects continue on the about page where her work moves past in the background.

20. David Eperozzi

portfolio websites

David Eperozzzi uses huge text to draw users into his portfolio. (This is a trending design technique as well.) The interesting thing here is that you have to click through to see projects. No work is featured “out front.”

The site is done well enough that most users will be enticed to do so.

21. Mathieu Levesque

portfolio websites

Mathieu Levesque’s photography portfolio has a nice, clean design that could be applied to other types of portfolios as well. Each image has room to read well with blocks of varying sizes. The minimal background and elements bring it all together so the eye knows where to go.

22. Raoul Gaillard

portfolio websites

Raoul Gaillard uses gradients, geo shapes, and animation to draw you into his portfolio. The combination of trendy design elements lets you know the content in the portfolio is fresh.

That can be a key element in portfolio design. You don’t want a portfolio to look dated or stale.

23. Marcus Eriksson

portfolio websites

Marcus Eriksson uses clean lines, an interesting grid, and a minimal style to show off his projects. The coolest part of this website might be the directional cues of the images throughout. They keep carrying you through the design with excellent placements.

24. Allison Bratnick

portfolio websites

A busy grid can be a risky portfolio concept unless you want to show the depth and breadth of work. That’s what Allison Bratnick does here with a portfolio that shows a lot of different projects.

Thanks to neat and clean imagery, the masonry grid-style portfolio works well.

25. Andrew Couldwell

portfolio websites

This funky portfolio seems to break so many design rules, but I can’t stop looking at it. The style shows attention to detail and a style that’s both fun and experimental.

And if the funky home screen is a little much, projects fall into a simple grid below.

26. Jeff Angell

portfolio websites

Jeff Angell uses a peek-a-boo-style portfolio with nifty animation and effects. It’s a fun and interesting way to show just one or two projects.

portfolio websites

A great photo and interesting typography are the eye-catching elements of this art director’s portfolio. The classic combination never gets old when it comes to great portfolio design.

28. Chris Tammar

portfolio websites

Chris Tammar uses a clean grid with symmetrical projects to show his work. The grid and projects are easy to see and understand, making this a great choice for showing portfolio projects that are less interactive.

29. Camille Pawlak

portfolio websites

The click/scroll animation on Camille Pawlak’s portfolio website is outstanding. You just want to keep clicking and scrolling to see it in action.

The color choices and simplicity of the background and typography styles also contribute to the overall effectiveness of the design.

30. Steven Hanley

portfolio websites

Steven Hanley’s portfolio is super simple. And then it flips from a calming color palette to a bold bright option. That makes you think he can work on varying styles of projects, thanks to the change in his own portfolio design.

31. Meng He

portfolio websites

Every scroll “locks” to a screen and a new project in Meng He’s portfolio. The technique gives plenty of focus to the work and is a great option for a design showcase.

32. Elizabeth O’Meara

portfolio websites

Elizabeth O’Meara has a split-screen design that shows variety in packaging design. The simple homepage is a good intro to her projects.

33. Justine Wargnier

portfolio websites

Justine Wargnier’s portfolio opens in a minimal style that tells you who she is with a call to learn more. Each project page is equally simple with an image, description, and link for more.

The streamlined design is easy to look at and dive into with just the right amount of information for each project.

34. Bethany Heck

portfolio websites

From brands you know in an instant to some that may be new, this list of projects and clients is pretty impressive, and the perfect way to lead off a portfolio website. Bethany Heck’s portfolio combines a brutalist style that shows a mass in work that you can click through to see.

The ombre/gradient-style test color treatment is pretty nifty, too.

35. Damian Kujawa

portfolio websites

From interactive elements to the cool pop-over nav, everything about this photo portfolio is sleek and elegant with interactive design flair. Damian Kujawa’s site is easy to navigate – even with a left-to-right scroll – and features each image in a way that communicates stellar photography as well as brand work. Click on each project for even more.

36. Felipe Krust

portfolio websites

With a harsh brutalist style, the portfolio of Felipe Krust will make you stop and look. With bold color choices, movement, and an almost “anything goes” style, the portfolio is highly visual and interesting. The best part might be the Instagram-story-style video on the homepage that keeps changing.

37. Michael Tilley

portfolio websites

Michael Tilley uses a simple video to showcase his work and projects for The Blackboard Artist. The hand lettering artist is pretty well-known for boards and murals in London and the video portfolio highlights things people might have seen before when they come to this portfolio site.


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16 Best Portfolio Websites for Photography, Art & Design in 2024

A portfolio website is a great way to showcase your graphic design, art or photography. Here are 16 of the best paid and free online portfolios in 2023.

Learn | Photography Guides | By Ana Mireles

Shotkit may earn a commission on affiliate links. Learn more.

This is a guide to the best portfolio websites for displaying your graphic design, web design, art or photography creations.

A portfolio website is the easiest way of showcasing your creative work to potential clients.

After all, creating an online portfolio of all your best work is much quicker than building a physical photo book or portfolio.

Portfolio websites allow you to reach more people in more places at no additional cost – as long as your contact details are displayed, your next creative job could be just around the corner!

Pixpa Portfolio Website

All-in-one platform lets you build a professional website effortlessly without touching a line of code.

The best portfolio websites should feature attractive templates, customizable layouts, a simple drag-and-drop website builder, blogging tools and ideally SEO tools too.

Some creative professionals prefer a single-page website style portfolio, while others benefit from multiple pages – there are plenty of free options available for you to start making a portfolio today .

Let’s take a closer look first at our recommendations.

Table of Contents

Best Online Portfolio Websites (FREE)

The best portfolio websites listed below allow you to create and manage a free account for your photography or design portfolio.

Most free portfolio websites can upgrade to a paid membership that gives you additional features, capability, or an ad-free version.

They are a great way to start a portfolio website while you grow your business enough to start investing.

1. Adobe Portfolio

best portfolio websites

All Creative Cloud subscriptions include Adobe Portfolio. So, if you already use an Adobe app for your graphic design process or your photography projects, you can have a free portfolio website.

You can choose between creating a landing page or a portfolio site with multiple pages. The platform is very easy to use, and you can customise your own photography website by adding blocks of images, text, contact forms, etc.

There’s a Behance and Lightroom integration, so you can easily import your projects and keep your portfolio updated. You also have access to Adobe Fonts.

You can protect single pages or the entire website with a password, and you can create up to five different websites optimised for any device. You’ll be assigned a personal myportfolio.com domain name, but you can also buy a custom domain and connect it with your portfolio page.

best portfolio websites

Behance is a platform created by Adobe where you can display your work and connect with other creators. It’s completely free to use, and – unlike Adobe Portfolio – you don’t need to have an Adobe membership.

Behance is one of the best portfolio websites to meet potential clients and find creative jobs. That’s because you can navigate Behance’s job list and apply using your profile and portfolio.

On Behance, you can only build a one-page portfolio website, but you can upload unlimited projects to it. It also works like a social media network where you can follow your favourite authors, create mood boards, and appreciate other portfolio websites.

best portfolio websites

Dribble is not meant to be your online portfolio. It’s more like a showcase platform that needs to work in combination with your portfolio website – let me explain.

Dribble is a community of creatives (you can be a graphic designer, web designer, UX designer, creative director, art director, a design studio, etc.).

Each one shows small screenshots of their own work to attract prospective clients who will then visit their design portfolios to have an in-depth look at what they can do.

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best portfolio websites

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Your Answers

You can open an account for free whenever you want – but only to browse. If you want to display your own work, you need to be invited by other designers. It’s worth the effort, though, because Google, Facebook, Apple, Shopify, Dropbox, and other big companies are among the potential customers.

4. WordPress

best portfolio websites

Wordpress.com gives you the chance to build a portfolio website for free with a limited capacity of 1GB and a wordpress.com domain name. If you want to connect with your own domain name or need a bigger capacity, you can upgrade to a paid version.

You can use the built-in website builder to make a design portfolio without coding knowledge – just using blocks to add texts, photos, forms, etc.

The free plan has limited features, but you can easily create a great portfolio website. Then, you can upgrade once you’re ready to add any of the multiple plug-ins, such as an online store.

best portfolio websites

Wix has three types of plans for you to build a portfolio website: the free plan, the website plans, and the business and e-commerce plans.

Wix has tons of customizable themes and templates that you can use regardless of the type of plan, so you can create a beautiful graphic design portfolio or one for your photos for free. Of course, it does have limitations – otherwise, why would you upgrade.

Some of the most significant limitations are the 500MB maximum storage, it doesn’t allow for online payments, it doesn’t support video, it doesn’t have Google Analytics, and it has Wix ads on every page and favicon. You also have to use it with a wixsite.com domain.

The interface is very easy to use, and you can create as many websites as you want. It’s also optimized for mobile devices.

6. Pixieset

best portfolio websites

Mostly catered for photographers (although all creators are welcome), Pixieset offers you the possibility to make a free portfolio website.

With the free account, you have up to 3GB storage, unlimited galleries, and the possibility to sell your work by paying a 15% commission.

Similar to ShootProof , Pixieset allows you to customize the template that better represents your brand identity using the website builder. As you grow, you can upgrade for more storage space, client-proof galleries, sales without commissions, and other features.

7. Coroflot

best portfolio websites

Coroflot is a platform for designers to find job opportunities and promote their work. Here, you can create a designer portfolio, find inspiration, browse the job list, and even explore design salaries worldwide.

To join the Coroflot community, you need to send an application with some personal information and samples of your work.

If you’re a freelance graphic designer, Coroflot could be a great place to find other graphic designers to collaborate with or even to find your next job – just be sure to keep your design portfolio updated with the latest trends.

best portfolio websites

Crevado is a free, easy-to-use portfolio site. You can upload your content and arrange it with simply a drag-and-drop method.

It has a minimal design, and you can get the site up and running in no time. If you’re not looking to upgrade to other management tools or e-commerce and you simply want your work online for free – Crevado is an excellent option.

Best Online Portfolio Websites (PAID)

If you’re willing to invest a little money into your own portfolio, the following paid options allow for more customisation and handy features.

Note that the best portfolio websites below also have paid plans if you wish to upgrade.

best portfolio websites

Pixpa has one of the most affordable plans for a paid portfolio website – and it has a 50% discount for students and educators.

Depending on your plan, you can create a portfolio, build an online store, add a blog, enable client galleries for proofing and sharing, and create an e-commerce store to sell photo prints and downloads.

It allows for more than 50 third-party integrations such as Paypal, Instagram, Google Maps, Booking Bug, Issuu, and Tawkto.

You can choose the template you like most and start customizing it immediately – or with the more expensive plans, you can have a Pixpa expert set up your website for free.

2. Squarespace

best portfolio websites

Squarespace is one of the best portfolio websites where you can showcase your work, build your brand with marketing tools, and sell your products or services.

Whether you’re a photographer, a graphic designer , or a visual artist, you can use Squarespace to manage your business.

To build your portfolio, you can choose the template, font, and color palette that better fits your design style. Also, you can set up a store to sell prints and artworks – you can even offer in-person pickups for your local clients.

As for your graphic design and photography services, you can offer online bookings and send reminders.

Last but not least, grow your audience by offering coupons, running email campaigns, using SEO tools to drive traffic to your site, etc.

Squarespace offers four different plans with monthly or yearly payments and a free trial period.

3. CarbonMade

best portfolio websites

CarbonMade starts by asking you about your line of work -this way, it can offer you website designs specifically for your profession. You can later customize the template using blocks that work with drag-and-drop.

The platform supports images, 4k video, before-and-after visuals, audios, pdf files, etc. You can change the website navigation with one click and use a color picker and gradient for a more creative outlook.

There are three plans, and you get unlimited storage for photos and video, even on the most basic. Also, in all three, you have Insights and Analytics included to keep track of the site visitors.

4. PhotoShelter

best portfolio websites

PhotoShelter is a platform to manage your digital assets, collaborate, and create a portfolio. You can use it as a freelancer (marketed for photographers but useful for any visual creator) or as a brand/organization.

As a photography freelancer , you can set up your website using any of the nine templates, build an online shop partnering with different printing labs, and create galleries and deliver high-resolution files to your clients.

As a creative team, you can access your media from multiple devices and on the go, tag images using AI, share photos and content with integrated accounts, get custom recommendations to organize your media library and more.

Whether you want to store, organize or showcase your portfolio online, PhotoShelter has a plan for you.

best portfolio websites

Using a minimalist web design, you can create a website that organizes your work into projects which can later be organize into portfolios.

Fabrik’s smart designs adapt according to your content, leaving your work always at center stage. You can also toggle your galleries from private to public easily – or you can use password protection.

Quickly change the layout of your work to have it neatly displayed and change the look of your overall portfolio without starting over.

There are three pricing plans depending on how much storage you need and how many projects/portfolios you want to upload. You have a 14-day free trial period.

best portfolio websites

Like any other portfolio website, Smugmug has different plans depending on the features, storage space, etc. You can choose your plan according to your budget or select your must-have features, and Smugmug will propose the plan that better fits your needs.

Even the most basic plan offers unlimited high-resolution storage, privacy and image protection controls, a personalized website for your portfolio, and 24/7 support.

You can then add the use 0f drag and drop templates, personalized domain names, sales and fulfilment tools, client management features, and marketing instruments.

In other words, you can use SmugMug for something as basic as creating a portfolio up to running your entire business with it.

You can start with the basic plan and gradually upgrade as your business grow. You can use the 14-day free trial to see if this is the best portfolio website for you.

Read more: ShootProof vs SmugMug: Online galleries compared

7. Semplice

best portfolio websites

Right from the landing page, you can browse websites created with Semplice to see what you can make with it. You can even filter them by country and creative profession.

Semplice allows for complete customization of the website, so forget about limiting templates. It supports photo and video files, full-screen images, interactive image and text grids, and custom animations.

You can also integrate your Instagram feed, your Dribble shots, a MailChimp module, and many other blocks to make your portfolio exactly as you want it. If you know how to code, you can add your own to ‘hack’ your site.

It also has Semplice V6, allowing you to create a blog and publish a magazine, a photo journal , or a news section together with your portfolio.

Semplice doesn’t have a subscription-based program – it’s a single purchase for a lifetime license. You can choose from three options according to your needs, but you can grow from the first two plans into the third ‘Business’ one if your studio grows.

best portfolio websites

Format offers you the tools to build your website using Online Portfolio and run your business using Workflow. You can subscribe to just one of these solutions or get the bundle.

You can browse the templates by profession or by type of gallery. You can then design your website, set up a marketplace to sell prints, upload your images to the cloud, etc.

Otherwise, you can hire a Format expert to build your photography or graphic design portfolio – but this option is only available for Pro Plus members.

Final Words

As you can see, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get your work out for the world to see when getting a portfolio online is this simple.

Whether you opt for one of the free portfolio websites we recommend here or prefer to pay for a premium online portfolio service with more features, getting your work in front of an Internet audience is the most important step!

These are just our top picks for building a portfolio website. If you have a favourite one that didn’t make the list, please share it with us in the comments.


Check out these 8 essential tools to help you succeed as a professional photographer.

Includes limited-time discounts.

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Ana Mireles is a Mexican researcher that specializes in photography and communications for the arts and culture sector.

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A black and white advertisement with a couple of black and white objects.

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Unlock the EXACT blueprint to capture breathtaking iPhone photos!

24 Best Portfolio Websites of 2024

Gurpreet Singh - Author

Let us take a look at our picks for the best portfolio websites of 2024. These 24 best portfolio websites are full of stellar web design lessons that can help you level up your portfolio website and make it stand out!

There has never been a better time than now to create an online portfolio website. With easy-to-use and affordable portfolio website builders, designing, building and managing your professional portfolio website is now fairly simple and uncomplicated. But what makes an online portfolio website stand out from the crowd? Is it just the visual elements or is there more to making a website unique, distinctive and impactful? 

What do the best portfolio websites in 2024 look like? Let us try to figure it out!

At its most fundamental, a website is a collection of web pages that serve a singular purpose. From business websites to online portfolios, e-commerce websites to personal websites and from blog websites to resume websites, all websites are made for a purpose. The good ones, however, manage to go beyond just being useful or purposeful.

In this article we take a look at what makes the greatest websites stand out in 2024. We will also take a moment to appreciate and learn from the top 24 best websites built on Pixpa and understand what makes these websites impactful and unique.

Here are the top 24 best portfolio website examples for your inspiration

1. di'nasia berry - model.

Di’Nasia Berry is a dancer and a model based in Atlanta, Georgia. She perfectly uses her Pixpa-powered model portfolio website to showcase her interest in fashion modeling. She fiddles with colored and black & white photos of herself on the homepage. These are large enough in the grid layout to make for easy navigation and browse the best photos of a fashion artist. A simple menu section at the top gives easy access to her entire portfolio. It is a must-visit for all aspiring models looking to make a splash in the industry.

Di'Nasia Berry's Model portfolio website

2. Marco H - Designer

Marco is on a mission to make the internet a better place for everyone. He is a jack-of-all-trades guy specializing as a content curator, system engineer, UI/UX designer, web designer, network engineer, solution architect, and community helper. He uses a grid layout to introduce himself in bold letters with a photo of himself. With a few scrolls and not having to go to different menu sections, you can glimpse his expertise and the projects he has worked on. An excellent example of how to showcase yourself when you are an expert in multiple areas.

Marco H Black Themed Designer portfolio

3. Ajax Rowshan - Photographer/Videographer

Ajax Rowshan is a professional photographer based out of Dubai, UAE. The brilliance and stunning nature of this portfolio is palpable. The homepage uses a large, high-quality photo of a sedan in the background showing that it's one area Ajax specializes in. Right below it, we can find the list of clients such as McLaren and Porsche. The portfolio is just awe-inspiring, with a gallery of some fantastic work on photography, videography, color grading, etc.

Ajax Rowshan Portfolio website with Car images

4. Sebron Snyder - Professional Photographer

Sebron is a professional photographer based in Dallas, Texas. The photography portfolio website has a lovely clean template with a menu on the left and a grid layout on the right for the gallery. The menu offers easy navigation with different styles of work and the list of clients on display. The gallery is incredibly eye-catching, with a gallery of high-quality photos being projected. Photographers can get ample inspiration from this Pixpa-powered photography portfolio website.

Sebron Snyder photography Portfolio with Grid Layout

What makes Pixpa ideal for portfolio sites?

Pixpa excels as a user-friendly platform designed for creatives. With its sleek templates and easy client interaction tools, it’s perfect for showcasing work. Plus, its e-commerce features let photographers and designers sell their creations directly. Simple, effective, and multifunctional.

5. Aida Rakhimova - Fashion Photographer

Aida Rakhimova is a fashion and portrait photographer based in Rome, Italy. Her fashion photography portfolio showcases a beautiful template for a homepage with a neat menu section on top, a short bio, and a large image of Aida at the center. The pathway to her Instagram page is also included with the bio for easy access to her work style. It leverages Pixpa’s customizable gallery layout, replete with photos of models with unique fashion sense. If you want to make a mark in fashion photography, check out this portfolio.

Aida Rakhimova's fashion portfolio with stills

6. Fernando Saiz - Fashion Photographer

Fernando Saiz is a fashion and portrait photographer. The homepage of his portfolio leverages Pixpa’s customizable gallery layout to showcase a collection of photos in a grid format. The collection boasts of an unconventional approach to photography, and a series of strange yet striking photos are on display that catch a visitor's attention. Anyone interested in making a career in the fashion industry through photography skills, this is a great portfolio to look at.

Fernando Saiz's Fashion Photography Portfolio

7. Elena Klimkin - Lifestyle Photographer

Elena Klimkin is a lifestyle photographer and content creator based in Zurich, Switzerland. The homepage keeps it simple with relevant menus on top followed by quick about info and work samples. The portfolio includes the exact category of photography that the visual artist is interested in, such as lifestyle photography, travel photography, brand promotions, etc. The portfolio is especially noticeable for its close-up shots. Do check this out if lifestyle photography is your thing.

Elena Klimkin's Lifestyle Photography portfolio

8. Samantha Plasencia - sportswear designer

Samantha Plasencia is a sportswear designer. The portfolio website’s homepage is clean, with important browsing stations in the menu section and a sizeable sporty-looking image covering the entire screen. The gallery includes a collection of Samantha’s best work in the grid format. The portfolio also makes use of an online store provided by Pixpa. It is an excellent example of a portfolio you should look at to build one for yourself and start selling in minutes.

Samantha Plasencia Sportswear photography portfolio

9. Rou Marcellus - Fashion Photographer

Rou Marcellus is a fashion photographer and student based in Atlanta, Georgia in the United States. Rou’s website finds its place on our list because of the vivid yet understated colour blocking effect he achieves on his landing page by using his portfolio gallery. The landing page makes an immediate impact and the strong composition and visuals that characterize Rou’s photography shine through in his website design as well.

Rou Marcellus - Fashion Photographer Portfolio Website

10. Andrew Hendrix - Photography

Andrew Hendrix’s website is on our list of best websites for 2024 because of its adaptable and responsive design that works just as well on desktop as on mobile. The landing page is divided into four sections that can be easily scrolled through to reach the different parts of Andrew’s website. He also includes a more traditional menu in the header of his website for more information and further navigation. We love to see responsive, mobile-friendly sites and website owners who are mindful of this!

Andrew Hendrix - Photography website

11. Mihailo Vucenic - Graphic Designer

Mihailo Vucenic’s design portfolio website uses a dark background and vivid neon tones as highlights. This is highly effective in creating a strong impact on the viewer right as they load the landing page. Scrolling down, you can read Mihailo’s story and what led him down the artistic career path that he has chosen. The brilliant combination of an impactful colour palette, minimalism, and compelling content copy takes Mihailo Vucenic’s portfolio to the next level.

Mihailo Vucenic - Graphic Designer Portfolio Website

12. JOIO - Life Coach

SJ Treharne at JOIO Life Coaching helps people find meaning, purpose and renewed confidence in their lives. Do check out her stunning personal business website. JOIO’s website is a good example of why the best websites tend to use grid patterns and layouts . Grids might seem old fashioned and restricting but they can be used to provide structure to your website and provide a clean, sleek and professional look.

JOIO - Life Coach Portfolio Website

13. Tze Soh - Sustainable & Innovative Residential Architecture

Tze Soh is an Australian architect and what we love about his business website is that it gets straight to the point. The architecture website is designed with a very clear vision which helps it look clean, organized, curated and professional. The landing page gives you all the information you need about the architecture firm, its values, and the kinds of projects that it specializes in.

Alpha Studio63 - Sustainable & Innovative Residential Architecture Portfolio Website

14. Emma Da Silva - Documentary Photographer

Emma Da Silva is a documentary photographer based in Paris. Black backgrounds are a particularly effective way of making photographs pop and this is very evident in the landing page of Emma’s website. The landing page uses a photo carousel on a black background which serves to catch the viewer’s eye while also showcasing her work.

Emma Da Silva - Documentary Photographer Portfolio

15. Cindy Sung - Fashion, Portrait, Lifestyle Photography

Cindy Sung’s website is testament to the fact that monotone can work wonders when it comes to web design. Black and white does not have to be boring or mundane. Cindy has taken a simple black and white photograph as the background image for her landing page and it works wonderfully. It draws attention to the center of the page and a carousel of photos that showcases her work. As you scroll down, you get a subtle but effective transition to colors. Cindy’s website is one of our favourites in this list of best 2024 websites.

Cindy Sung - Fashion, Portrait, Lifestyle Photography Website

16. Antoine Rabeau Daudelin - Photographer, Artist

Like several other best websites on this list, Antoine Rabeau Daudelin’s website uses striking imagery to showcase his work as full-width banners. Easy navigability, thoughtful content copy and minimalist design aesthetics are some of the other reasons why we believe Antoine’s online portfolio deserves a spot among this list.

Antoine Rabeau Daudelin - Photographer, Artist portfolio website

17. Escapist Motif- Functional Art

Escapist Motif is a Singapore based online store that seeks to bring together functionality and creativity through their art. Their store sells ‘ functional art ’ consisting mainly of custom, hand-binded books and notebooks. The seamless integration of utility and design that Escapist Motif tries to embody in their art is also visible in their website. The website is designed in a minimalist fashion and even though it is primarily an e-commerce site, it tries to showcase the artistry and craftsmanship behind the products as well. This functional artistry is what makes Escapist Motif one of the best websites in the e-commerce category in our opinion.

Escapist Motif- Functional Art Portfolio Website

18. Tricia Reinking - Photographer, Food Stylist

Tricia Reinking is a food stylist and photographer based in Florida, United States. What we like about Tricia’s website is that it is very functional but does not sacrifice any design aesthetics. It is a portfolio website and therefore it centers Tricia’s food photography work. The landing page consists of a sleek and modern-looking photo gallery that encourages visitors to explore and gives a good introduction to her work immediately. Like all other portfolio's on this list, it is also a user-friendly and easily navigable website.

Tricia Reinking - Photographer, Food Stylist Portfolio Website

19.  Chris Collado - Photographer

Chris Collado’s website is on our list of best photography websites of 2024. Chris’s landing page uses a column of images from his portfolio that also doubles up as a menu leading to different categories within his portfolio. This is an ingenious way of making the landing page multipurpose. Well organized grid layouts, intuitive navigation etc are some of the other factors that make Chris’s online portfolio stand out and earn his site a place in the best portfolio of 2024.

Chris Collado - Photographer Portfolio Website

20.  Jeremy Bianco - Portrait Artist

If we have learned anything by now it's that monochromatic color palettes are a winning feature for a lot of the best portfolios in 2024. Fine art portrait painter Jeremy Bianco’s artist portfolio website is no different. The monochromatic color theme sets the mood for the website’s landing and also matches his black and white portrait paintings that are displayed on the landing page itself. Apart from being a portfolio, Jeremy’s website also includes a store where he sells prints of his work.

Jeremy Bianco - Portrait Artist Website

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What makes a portfolio website stand out in 2024?

Attention to detail, an impactful landing page.

  • Best user experience practices
  • Feature-rich and aesthetic website design

Minimalism is a key feature of modern web design and for good reason. A less is more approach allows you to concentrate on the most important visual and functional elements of your website. Minimalist websites do not have to be bland or boring. In fact, it takes a great deal of creativity, imagination and good design sensibility to make minimalism work.

When done right, minimalism can give your website a clarity of vision and purpose that is the key to creating a meaningful user experience. Apart from visual aesthetics, minimalist websites are also easier to navigate and faster loading. Therefore, avoiding fuss and clutter can not only do wonders for the aesthetics of your website but also add to its functionality. Here are 10 expert tips on aesthetic pictures , using the right techniques and examples.

Our article on the 30 best minimalist websites takes a deeper look at why minimalism is the secret behind most best portfolios!

It's the little things that matter. Attention to detail is an important component of all design, especially web design. Small touches can play a big role in enhancing user experience. Even something as little as choosing the right font size and consistency in terms of layout and design can play a big role in improving the UX of your website and improving bounce rates.

Conversely, a lack of consistency, neglecting to include seemingly inconsequential but important pages like an About Us page or a Contact Us page can have a negative impact on your website’s user experience and cause your bounce rates to go up. A detail-oriented design philosophy can go a long way in helping you build the best website that can both retain user attention and help your website stand out from the crowd.

Take a look at our article on the principles of design to understand how the little things come together to create focused, deliberate and impactful visual experiences. If you are looking for inspiration and ideas to start building a website from scratch, here is a step-by-step guide on how to design a website and make it perfect!

User Experience Practices

What all the websites have in common is a stunning landing page. The landing page or the homepage of your website is the first page that any site visitor will see when they first land on your site. This is your chance to make an impact and make sure that you create lasting impressions.

First impressions can often be the make or break factor when it comes to websites. Keep in mind that a portion of people who land on your website will simply close the page and move on. This is called bouncing and if you want to reduce the bounce rates on your website then you need to make sure your landing page can grab a person’s attention and hook them from the very start.

A short, attention-grabbing landing page copy, your personal branding and an impactful hero image are excellent website design ideas to make sure your landing page creates the effect you are looking for.

User experience or UX is the way in which users interact with and therefore experience a website or platform. Think about going into a restaurant for dinner. While the main purpose of your visit is the food, your experience of going to the restaurant isn’t determined by the taste of the food alone.

The ambience of the restaurant, the decor, the location, the cleanliness and hygiene affect your experience of the restaurant as does the service and the behaviour of the staff and other patrons. Similarly, when a user lands on your website, their experience will be governed by the overall design of your website and whether it has been designed in a way to maximize ease of use, efficiency, navigability, visual aesthetics and more. Good user experience practices also involve trying to make your website inclusive and accessible.

Offering translations and multiple language versions of your website, using easy to read fonts and color palettes etc. are good user experience practices that all the best portfolio websites should use in 2024.

We have an article on the best UX designer portfolios if you want to take a look at how experts design user experience for websites and other digital platforms and the factors they take into consideration while doing so!

Feature rich + aesthetic website design

If you want to create the best website in 2024 then you need to marry together function with visuals. It is great to have a functional website and it is wonderful to have a visually stunning website but bringing these two things together is what makes a website truly stand out.

When you are looking to create a website that is both feature-rich and attractive, it is important to understand that your website will be only as good as the tools you use to build it. If you need extensive features, functionality and utility alongside stunning designs and attractive templates, then you need to look for a tool that gives you exactly that.

Pixpa is an all-in-one, DIY website builder platform that can help you create stunning, professional and feature-rich websites effortlessly and without touching a single line of code. Pixpa comes with a wide range of pixel-perfect, mobile-friendly and responsive templates that can be fully customized to your liking using the intuitive visual editor and a drag and drop page builder. You can also use custom CSS and HTML code to personalize your website and add extra features using a plethora of third party integrations.

Pixpa offers a complete solution to website building including full-featured e-commerce tools and online store builder, multiple gallery options, portfolio building tools, a comprehensive client proofing platform, blogging tools, SEO and marketing tools and more.

Pixpa can help you build a website that not only stands out but also allows you to share, sell and promote your work, and manage your entire web presence, all from one single platform. And if you are still not fully convinced, here are 25 top reasons why you should try Pixpa as your website builder of choice in 2024!

These were our top picks for the popular websites of 2024! Clean minimalist design, a focus on good user experience and text-light websites are clearly some of the top web design trends that we are seeing here and we definitely can’t complain. If this has got you wondering about what the design trends in 2024 are going to look like then worry not because we have something just for you. Our article on the top upcoming web design trends  is going to be right up your alley. You might also want to check out this detailed article on the best graphic design softwares  to help you create your own stunning graphics for your website.

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How to make your own website.

It is incredibly easy to create your own website using Pixpa, an all-in-one, DIY website builder. Once you have signed up for a 15-day free trial, you can start building your very own professional website effortlessly and without touching a single line of code. It all starts with picking a template of your choice from Pixpa’s extensive range of mobile-friendly, professional, and responsive templates. From there you can customize your templates to match your needs and requirements and add any features and plugins you like. Pixpa makes website building easy, affordable, and accessible.

How much does it cost to build an entire website?

You can start building your very own website for free by signing up for a full-featured 15-day free trial with Pixpa. After you have test driven the platform and its features, you can opt to continue building and eventually publish your website for as little as $3/month by subscribing to Pixpa’s Light plan. You can also opt for Expert plan at $10/month or the Business plan at $16/month and get access to exclusive services including a free one-time website set-up service where you can get a Pixpa expert to set up your website for you, just the way you want! You can also check out this article for more detailed information on how much a website costs to build!

What website builder do photographers use?

Pixpa is favored by photographers all over the world because of its exclusive, photographer-friendly templates and features like e-commerce galleries and a full-featured client-proofing platform. Pixpa provides the perfect all-in-one platform for photographers to share, sell and deliver their work online and manage their photography business all in one place.

How do I sell my photos on my website?

Pixpa websites allow the perfect solution for users looking to sell their photographs through their website. You can sell your photos either through Pixpa’s e-commerce galleries which merge e-commerce features into your online portfolio itself or through a traditional online store. Pixpa also allows you to sell your photos as prints or digital downloads. You can choose to auto-fulfil print orders through WHCC or Fotomoto or self-fulfil through a custom lab of your choice.

What is the best DIY website builder?

Pixpa’s easy-to-use platform is the perfect DIY website builder which is suitable for beginners and advanced users alike. You can create a feature-rich professional website in minutes and without any advanced technical knowledge or coding skills. Pixpa’s intuitive visual editor and drag-and-drop page builder make website building a breeze. If you are a more technically skilled user looking for slightly more advanced tools, Pixpa also allows you to use custom CSS and HTML code for advanced customization.


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20+ Best Portfolio Website Examples of 2024

20+ Best Portfolio Website Examples of 2024

A good portfolio website will help highlight your best features even if you have minimal experience. It’s sort of an online business card or CV that will help you find partnerships, show off your work, and even land your first job.

In this article, you will find examples of a good online portfolio for you draw inspiration from, as well as tips on how to make one for yourself.

If you need a portfolio website, can use our FREE AI website builder right now – Weblium .

What is the common purpose of all portfolio websites?

Whether you are a student or an experienced marketer, your digital portfolio is there to market yourself and the work you do. For that, you need just the essentials:

  • Strong bio — some interesting and fun facts about you;
  • Recent works — prospects need to know what they’re working with, your style, your abilities;
  • Easy navigation — it shouldn’t be hard to find the information visitors are looking for;
  • Creative mindset — people click through tons of generic websites all the time, make them pause.

And don’t forget that personal portfolio websites should be mobile responsive. More than half of Internet users like to browse from their mobile devices, so make sure that they can navigate your portfolio without a glitch.

Taha Khan portfolio example

best portfolio websites

website: https://taharkhan.com/

Taha Khan’s website is concise, as there’s not much info aside from his bio, resume, and a few samples of work. What really showcases his wit, is his resume. He uses hashtags and made-up words to describe his work, and you can’t help but crack up at the humor.

Diogo Correia: students portfolio example

best portfolio websites

website: https://diogotc.com/

Diogo chose to present his portfolio design in the form of a roadmap — a brief history of his achievements. It’s a fun form of a resume that would definitely help with the job search.

Clarissa Rodriguez teacher portfolio example

best portfolio websites

website: http://sherocksatcollege.com/

Clarissa is a teacher whose goal is to help college students succeed. What’s great about Clarissa’s website is that it has testimonials. They are the best advertising for educational services.

Nasos Papadopoulos

best portfolio websites

website: http://www.metalearn.net/

Nasos is a teacher and creator of courses on how to learn on your own. His website is well-structured and inviting. It features the courses as well as a series of podcasts Nasos hosts with different professionals.

Anna Ellenberg

best portfolio websites

website: http://annaellenberger.com/

Anna, a graphic designer, and illustrator knows that minimalism doesn’t have to be all monochromatic — deep, bright colors work well, too. Here, you can also find what kind of employment she is looking for so that brands and recruiters know what to expect.

best portfolio websites

Charlie Waite

best portfolio websites

website: http://www.charliewaite.me/

With a digital portfolio, it’s important to show your personality since it is just you behind the site and not a whole company of people. Introducing who and what you right away is one way of doing that, like in this example, Charlie is a “Designer. Thinker. Husband & Father.”

Peg Fitzpatrick personal brand portfolio example

best portfolio websites

website: https://pegfitzpatrick.com/

Peg’s website is great at highlighting her achievements, but what’s more interesting is that it is filled with personalized images and branded graphics.

Geraldine DeRuiter

best portfolio websites

website: http://www.everywhereist.com/

Many personal digital portfolios take the form of a blog, especially when it is an author behind the brand. This blog has a nice design and easy navigation but also features the writer’s works as well as her Instagram account — another way of connecting to the person.

Lindsay Ratowsky

best portfolio websites

website: http://www.fiftycoffees.com/

A good clean website is part of the deal but you really ought to think creatively when bringing something out. This writer incorporates storytelling, and it’s not just stories about her job interviews but about the discoveries she makes afterward. It’s a clever way of presenting content.

Aja Frost marketers portfolio example

best portfolio websites

website: http://www.ajafrost.com/

Aja’s website takes us back to one of the most important features of a good content marketer portfolio and that is easy navigation. Additionally, it has a testimonials section which is a valuable tool for advertising your services.

best portfolio websites

website: http://jonmiron.com/

Here’s another example of how the lack of color is a good idea since it doesn’t distract you from the main figure behind the website. As soon as you enter Jon’s portfolio website, you can learn who and what he is straight away.

Stefanie Grieser

best portfolio websites

website: http://stefaniegrieser.com/

Stef is a full-time growth marketer who invites us to her website with kind words and positivity. What’s interesting about her portfolio is the section where she hints on her next project which spikes interest and boosts chances to land a partnership or another project.

best portfolio websites

website: http://junlu.co/

Expressive portfolio of a designer and art director from New York. His aim is creating fashioned, beautiful and luxury websites. This digital business card contains a short description, the list of the clients and examples of designs for most famous brands. This is the portfolio for inspiration and for startups.

Desiree Adaway

best portfolio websites

website: http://desireeadaway.com/

Do you build a holistic inner company culture? Or you are asking questions to yourself to find the outstanding features of your business?

Desiree Adaway has concentrated on the same questions and found not only personal culture but even became familiar with the process of building the culture from scratch. Check this website both for inspiration for your own portfolio and for essential pieces of advice.

John Green portfolio example

best portfolio websites

website: http://www.johngreenbooks.com/

John Green is a new star of a writer’s community. His books are popular among teens and adults. Some of his works were successfully filmed.

Here is his personal website – minimalistic, but at the same time bright and comfortable for users. It even contains a SoundCloud section with Green’s audio reviews. I’ll definitely add this to my bookmarks.

best portfolio websites

website: https://www.tastefullytash.com/

Tastefully Tash is a website of an adventure child and dark chocolate enthusiast, as she calls herself.  This is Tasha’s blog and portfolio and business cards at the same time. Check out her YouTube channel, Instagram account and get in touch easily by subscribing and joining the crew.

best portfolio websites

website: https://steelkiwi.com/

Steel Kiwi is a website of a digital development company. They claim to be one of the best in their niche and they prove it with the examples of their previous projects. This company is almost 10 years in the computing business, their own website has suffered many changes. But what we see today is a good achievement and example of catchy and professional design.

Theis Bothmann

best portfolio websites

website: http://theisbothmann.com/

Theis Bothmann is a photographer from Denmark, Copenhagen. For a photographer, a portfolio is an essential tool. It is crucial to share photos under your own brand name. This particular website contains little info about the person, but the expressive photos create an indelible impression about his talent and skills. Would you like to create your own website similar to this?

Elizabeth Lundin –  students and beginners portfolio example

best portfolio websites

Here is one of the best student portfolio examples showcasing the power of simplicity. Elizabeth cuts it down to the information any prospect might need, like contacts. Yet, it looks cozy and inviting, like the opening phrase “Let’s Tell Your Story”.

Edna Cerrillos designer portfolio example

best portfolio websites

Another prize for one of the best personal portfolio examples goes to UX/UI designer Edna Cerrillos. It’s not common to see links to portfolio samples on images, but it is certainly a nice touch.

Tip: If you are a wannabe designer, but you don’t yet have any job experience, you can fill the portfolio with the works you have done in class.

How to create a digital portfolio

Many beginners and aspiring entrepreneurs are postponing their goals because they think ordering a site from a web studio is the only option.

But when you are just starting out and want to get your name out there or test an idea, a simple website is enough. And you can do it yourself with the tools that the Internet has to offer, such as website builders .

With Weblium DIY you can make a site for free or pay for hosting, and you also get:

  • AI Design Supervisor™ that will help keep your design solid and consistent;
  • A quick loading website thanks to our fast engine ;
  • An Editor to tailor the website to your liking;
  • Over 500 templates and blocks; also you can order  portfolio website templates for free
  • Responsive design that will look good on any type of device;

And, it’s backed up by a professional human webmaster who can make sure that you did a good job on your personal website .

Create a portfolio website

As you can see, making a digital portfolio isn’t hard, just take a minimalist approach and make it fun. Moreover, you don’t even need a huge budget to create an online portfolio . You can do it yourself in the Weblium Editor and create a modern, effective, and responsive digital portfolio.

' src=

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24 Best Creative Portfolio Websites in 2023

Simon Sterne.

For anyone working in a digital creative field, whether design, illustration, animation, video, or a combination of them all, one of the most powerful tools for getting work is a good portfolio site.

A good portfolio can mean the difference between landing a client and not, which makes it one of the most important creative jobs you will ever do. There are different ways to approach it, from simply letting your work speak for itself, to letting rip and showing off your skills.

As important as a portfolio is, working for yourself can be the hardest client you’ll ever have, so we’ve gathered together some outstanding portfolio sites for you to grab inspiration from. We’ve included portfolios from creatives in different fields, and from individuals, small studios, and larger agencies.

Studio Feixen

Studio Feixen’s portfolio is a strong example of how to cram in lots of vibrance, without overwhelming the user. There is a great balance between fun and serious, implying an ideal blend of individual character and high quality work.

Made Thought

Made Thought is a very successful agency with some high profile clients, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need to make the effort with their portfolio. This opens with a slider of selected work, each of which links to a detailed case study. There is a lot of content on this site, but it is very well organized.

Studio Thomas

The website for Studio Thomas appears to be simple but also has a sophistication to it, it feels considered and calm. Navigation is good, contributing to positive UX and there are some nice details, like the randomized mask shape and colors on the landing page.

Raw Materials

Raw Materials are a little unusual in that while there is a link to jump straight to examples of work, they do not put images of work above the fold on this single-page site. In fact, you have to scroll down quite far to get to the work section. The bright colors and large type works well to express the ethos behind their approach.

Gus’s portfolio site opens with an entertaining—if slightly odd—homepage, full of randomized on-scroll animations. The whole site is fun but with a serious and businesslike purpose underneath.

With its borderless grid and crisp images, the home page for this portfolio invites further investigation. More detail on each project is linked to from the corresponding image. This feels like it’s a template, but one that has been used effectively.

Sophie Brittain

Sophie Brittain’s portfolio is very simple and very clean, information is brief and to the point. Case studies offer more detail as you are guided through the design process, ending with a link to the finished product.

Joao Verissimo

The core of Joao Verissimo’s portfolio is a showreel, which given that he is a motion graphics and animation designer, is apt. Colors are kept simple but bold.

Good Habit’s portfolio starts with a rather stark homepage. It is almost entirely black on white, with just a little bit of grey, and features a grid of simple icons representing clients. The only color on the site appears in the showcase section for each brand. This succeeds at making a clear distinction between information about the work, and the work itself.

Bruno Simon

This portfolio is definitely of the showing-off skills variety. You navigate the site by ‘driving’ a little jeep around it. There is the option to click and drag, as a backup if that gets a little frustrating. It’s playful and memorable.

Buzzworthy is a digital studio and its portfolio site shows off its abilities with smooth transitions and lots of animated interactions. Overall, it is bold, and slick and should impress potential clients.

Ana Leovy is an artist and illustrator who displays no images on her homepage. While this might seem like an odd choice it works well by keeping images and text largely separate, allowing the images to stand out. The copy has a personal tone, which is welcoming and engaging.

Merijn Hos , also an illustrator, adopts a very different approach from the previous example. A large grid of thumbnails, each linking to more information, makes up the main body of this site, and the copy for his ‘about’ information is written in the third person.

Julia Dziubina

Previous work is well-presented here in mock-ups, along with details on the designer’s process, and links to more in-depth case studies. Client testimonials also feature prominently. Most importantly as this is a UX/UI designer, the interface is pleasing and intuitive.

Thai Pham’s portfolio site is entirely images. There is no ‘about’ section or personal information beyond contact info and social media links. This is a bold approach, but if you have the quality of work, and enough of it, then why not let it speak for itself?

The portfolio site for digital art director Yul Moreau is a single page, with no menu. You simply scroll through the various presentations of selected work to a skills list, a client list, and some contact links. Simple, but effective.

Mason Wong is a full-stack developer with an obvious interest in interactive sites. For his own site, he has created an immersive experience that shows off his skills as much as it does the selected work being presented.

RoAndCo opens with a well spaced grid of thumbnails, mostly rectangular, but with an occasional oval or elongated octagon to add a bit of extra interest. Larger images further down the page have rollovers offering in-a-nutshell explanations of the project aims, and link to full-page presentations. Everything is beautifully presented on this site and it has a graceful feel to it.

Lena Steinkühler

Following on from a striking hero slider, Lena Steinkühler’s site makes great use of an uneven grid to show teaser images that make you want to click for more. Text is kept to a minimum, even on the presentation pages, but that’s okay because the work on show is so visually appealing.

Locomotive has chosen a brutalist look to present its portfolio. But while the overall look is basic, there are lots of touches, like animated interactions, and image pixelations that create an engaging experience for the visitor.

Malika Favre

Artist and illustrator Malika Favre’s portfolio site is another that uses a grid of thumbnails on the home page. The option on desktop to filter by subject or color is a nice touch, as is the info button on the project pages. Everything about the site is in keeping with the style of her work, from the modernist type to the complementary color backgrounds.

Active Theory

Active Theory has gone for atmosphere, with moody, almost murky, color overlays. Experiments appear alongside client projects, and these combine to create an impression of a highly professional team that likes to push the boundaries of what is possible.

David Milan

David Milan’s work is presented in a simple gallery, with contact information at the bottom of the page. Images all have like and share buttons over them. It’s as straightforward as can be.

Robin Mastromarino

Robin Mastromarino is an interface designer with a clear interest in user interaction. The site has a playful feel, with projects appearing to be on a clickable wheel. When you click on a project to view, you see the header image straighten, but there is no sense of another page loading. It makes for a pleasing experience.

12 Tips for Designing a Great Portfolio Site

In many ways, designing your portfolio site is no different from any other site. You need to identify your target audience, know your client’s objectives, and so on. What is different here is that you are the client, and that can make things both easier and more tricky.

1. Check Out the Competition

Take a look at what other, successful, people in your field are doing for their portfolios. While you shouldn’t get too hung up on someone else’s ideas, it can be helpful to see what generally seems to work in your field. Looking at how others approach their portfolios can show you what is likely to catch a potential client’s attention.

It may also spark an idea for how to not do what everyone else is doing and so stand out from the crowd. Be very careful with this however — it could go badly wrong.

2. Quality Over Quantity

Only showcase your best work, even if that means you don’t have lots to show. Sometimes even good projects don’t work well in portfolios because they don’t have a strong visual element. Consider using these for in-depth case studies instead of displaying them on your home page.

3. Keep it Current

Put more recent work above older projects as you want to show that you are currently active and getting work. Take out any very old projects, especially if they look dated. You can still mention clients you did work for years ago, but they should not be featured as this will give the impression that you haven’t done much since.

4. Aim for Variety

Try to cover as many of your skills as possible in your choice of showcases. Include different types of project if applicable, and clients from as many fields as possible. (Of course, this doesn’t apply if you are deliberately focused on one field or skill by choice.)

5. Keep it (Mostly) Professional

Putting in some personal projects and experimental work can help round out the picture as they are where you can really let rip with your creativity and your technical skills. But be careful not to put in too much. If more than a third of the projects you display are personal, it will give the impression that you can’t get clients.

6. Show, Don’t Tell

While outlining why you have made certain design decisions can offer insight into how you work, no one wants to read a whole essay on every single piece of work you have ever done. Too much explanation can give the impression that you don't have confidence in the work. Keep explanatory text to a minimum for the most part, but include case studies that dive deep into a few of your projects, illustrating your thought process, research, and development phases. Rotating which projects have case studies will help keep the site feeling fresh.

7. Think of it as Your Guggenheim

As a designer your portfolio isn’t just a vehicle to showcase examples of your work, it’s an example of your work in itself. No matter how impressive your projects are, if your own site is badly designed, with confusing navigation, poor UX or an unappealing UI, a visitor will leave with a negative impression of your work.

8. Sell Yourself

Your site isn’t only about your work, it’s about you. Prospective clients will be looking to get a sense of what you are like to work with, so don’t be afraid to let your personality come across. It’s ok to have fun with your design, and if you are a freelancer it’s ok to use the first person when talking about your work.

9. Brand Identity

You need to create a brand identity for yourself, that is consistent with any other material you have for your business — letterheads on invoices for example, or business cards. As you would for a client, choose type, colors and a logo that reflect who you are and how you wish to be seen.

10. Be Reachable

It sounds obvious, but it’s worth saying: provide clear, easy-to-access contact information. Some portfolio sites have contact forms with dropdowns for subject and details about the proposed project. This might be fine if you are a big, high-profile studio that doesn’t look at work under $50k, but for smaller studios and freelancers, it's better to keep things simple. A contact form is fine, but don’t overcomplicate it.

11. Write a Brief

While we all at some time or another find ourselves railing against the ‘oppression’ of client opinions and longing for total creative freedom, when you are faced with it, it can be a bit scary. If you are used to working to a brief, and then find yourself in the position where you can do whatever you choose, it can be hard to make a decision. So be the client; write yourself a brief. Recreate the process you use with your clients. You might even find yourself refining and improving that process.

12. Get a Second Opinion

Curating your own work requires objectivity, and that can be hard. You may need to be a bit ruthless here. That site you made in college for your roommate to sell their homemade soaps 8 years ago may bring back fond memories, but it’s not likely to land you a project for Aveda. If you are having difficulty choosing work to include, or you aren’t sure you can be objective, ask someone whose opinion you trust to take a look. It doesn’t have to be another designer.

FAQ: Creating A Great Design Portfolio Website

1. what makes a design portfolio “great”.

A great design portfolio not only showcases your best works but also reflects your personality, style, and unique approach to design. It should have a cohesive and intuitive layout, high-quality visuals, and detailed descriptions of your projects, illustrating your thought process and expertise.

2. How many projects should I include in my portfolio?

It's better to focus on quality over quantity. Include a well-curated selection of your best projects that demonstrate a range of skills and experiences. Typically, 8 to 12 projects should suffice to give an insight into your capabilities, with in-depth case studies of 3 to 4 of them.

3. Should I include personal projects in my portfolio?

Absolutely, personal projects can often showcase your style and passion even better than client work. They demonstrate initiative and can highlight your skills and creativity in a more personal and unrestricted manner. But remember, you should include a 2:1 ratio of client projects to personal projects if possible.

4. How often should I update my portfolio?

You should aim to update your portfolio regularly, ideally after the completion of a significant project. Regular updates not only add fresh content but also help in demonstrating your growth and evolving skill set.

5. Should I include a resume?

A stripped-down list of previous employers and clients along with a list of skills is enough for a portfolio site. Consider having a more traditional style resume (or CV if you are aiming at European clients) available as a PDF.

6. Should I include client testimonials and references?

Yes, including testimonials and references can add credibility to your portfolio. They provide social proof of your skills and professionalism, which can be very persuasive to potential clients or employers.

7. Is it necessary to have a blog section on my portfolio site?

While not strictly necessary, a blog section can be a valuable addition. It allows you to share your thoughts on industry trends, showcase your expertise, and can help with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to increase your site's visibility. But keep in mind that if you have a blog, you are committed to keeping it up to date. You will need to post something at least every few weeks. A neglected blog is worse than no blog.

8. How can I make my portfolio site SEO-friendly?

To make your portfolio SEO-friendly, ensure to use relevant keywords in your project descriptions, maintain a mobile-friendly design, and integrate social media platforms. Also, consider having a blog section where you can create content around industry keywords to boost your site's SEO. But remember, you need to keep posting to your blog.

9. How do I handle projects with confidential information in my portfolio?

For projects with confidential information, consider showcasing them in a manner that doesn't breach any non-disclosure agreements. You might create generalized case studies that focus on your role and the skills utilized, without divulging specific details or client information.

Designing your own site is possibly the most important project you will do in terms of advancing your career, and that puts a lot of pressure on to get it right. But, it can also be a lot of fun. So enjoy the process, and if you don’t like the first version, you can always ditch it and do another. In fact, you probably should change it every few years anyway.

Simon Sterne

Simon Sterne is a staff writer at WebdesignerDepot. He’s interested in technology, WordPress, and all things UX. In his spare time he enjoys photography.

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The 17 Best Free Portfolio Websites for Creating an Impressive Digital Portfolio in 2024

Caroline Forsey

Published: April 03, 2024

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Here, we've created a list of the best portfolio websites for designers, freelancers, and photographers to ensure you can showcase your best work in any industry.

Table of Contents

Best Free Portfolio Websites for Freelance Writers

Best Free Portfolio Websites for Designers

Best free portfolio websites for photographers, creating your online portfolio.

best portfolio websites

12 Free Customizable Resume Templates

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What is an online portfolio?

An online portfolio is a digital collection of information about your past work, experiences, qualifications, skills, or accolades you have earned and want to share on the internet. They give legitimacy to your work and provide industry professionals with a better understanding of what you can do.

Examples of your work you could display in an online portfolio include:


Writing samples.

Case studies.


Lesson plans.

What you include in your online portfolio varies depending on your field and expertise. I asked Kaitlin Milliken, a senior program manager who runs HubSpot’s Freelance Network, what she looks for in a portfolio. 

“A strong portfolio showcases your best work — whether that be the most intricate of your artistic creations or the best of your writing work,”  Milliken says.  “If you’ve worked with large companies and well-known brands, that also makes a difference. I know you’re used to working with companies of our size.”  

Milliken also notes that your portfolio should be intuitive, featuring clear navigation and sleek web design. 

“Your portfolio should be easy for me to explore. I’m evaluating your work, so endless scrolling or poor UX pull me away from what you can accomplish,”  Milliken says. 

So, your portfolio hosting system matters. To better help you choose a portfolio builder for your needs, let’s dive into some of our favorite portfolio websites that can help you.

Best Free Portfolio Websites

  • Journo Portfolio
  • Clippings.me
  • Adobe Portfolio
  • Portfoliobox

1. HubSpot CMS Free

HubSpot website builder showing how to use the drag-and-drop experience to add content to a webpage

HubSpot's free website builder lets you easily craft a portfolio with pre-built themes and drag-and-drop functionality. Included in HubSpot's Free Content Hub software are website pages to publish your content and reporting and analytics features. 

What I like: HubSpot's website builder is unbelievably intuitive. Coding knowledge is not a requirement as you can simply drag and drop files into place on your page and leverage free themed templates for your portfolio. Plus, you can use the free forms feature to let visitors to your portfolio contact you for work or more information. 

Build and edit your website without any coding or technical skills

  • Publish your business website faster with a pre-built theme

Leverage custom modules to deliver a great user experience

  • Add a custom domain for free
  • Free marketing features to enhance your site
  • Limited to 30 website pages

Upgrades needed to access features like CTAs and URL mappings

2.  Journo Portfolio

best free portfolio websites for freelance writers, Journo Portfolio

Journo Portfolio offers creatives — including freelance writers — the platform to create sleek and modern digital portfolios. 

Writers can choose from the site’s eight distinct themes and easily showcase their bylines by simply pasting a URL to the platform. Journo Portfolio incorporates the article’s title, publication, date, content, and image. 

Other features include integration with Google Analytics, customizable layouts, search engine optimization, contact forms, and password protection.

You can also blog straight from the platform, which could be helpful if you want to showcase freelance work and your current blog in one place.

What I like:  I like that Journo Portfolio’s platform is intuitive. You don’t need too much tech experience to use it. The platform also has a professional look that would help potential clients take a writer seriously.

Live preview editor

Built-in analytics plus Google Analytics integration

Pre-built themes

Subscribe and contact forms


The free plan limits you to 10 articles max

For unlimited articles, you'll need to pay $5-$10 per month

3.  Muck Rack

 best free portfolio websites for freelance writers, Muck Rack

Muck Rack is a free media database connecting journalists with PR professionals. Many writers and journalists use the site to find networking and pitching opportunities. You can even include topics you don't want to cover, filtering out unfit pitches.

Additionally, Muck Rack creates and maintains your portfolio for true ease of use by automatically compiling articles and social media profiles. Once it's finished, you have the option to customize your bio or choose to spotlight certain pieces.

Muck Rack also offers a news alert system, which enables you to track stories or tweets about a company, brand, or specific story angle. With their news alert system, you can see when other journalists share information or publish stories related to your work, which will help you stay on top of trends.

What I like:  Muck Rack has a unique pitch tool and extensive database that makes it easy for outlets to find freelance writers and vice versa. 

I also like that Muck Rack organizes your articles in one place and lets you know who shares your work with their network.

Ideal for journalists

Auto-updates profile

News alerts system for tracking stories and trends

Allows you to build media lists easily

Some formatting issues when uploading content from Excel

It doesn’t integrate with other reporting and monitoring tools

4.  WordPress

best free portfolio websites for freelance writers, WordPress

WordPress, a  major content management system (CMS) , lets you create a free blog with a separate portfolio page. 

While not explicitly geared towards freelance writers, WordPress offers over 100 free themes to craft a unique blog and showcase your work. WordPress is a good option if you want complete creative control over your portfolio.

You can also use WordPress to showcase your writing and other skills. Suppose you want a page for writing or photography, for instance. In that case, WordPress offers a variety of themes and is flexible enough to enable you to demonstrate various pieces of creative work.

What I like:  WordPress is versatile and highly customizable. I find it easy to use and love how SEO-friendly it is. That way, your portfolio website can appear on the results page when your audience searches for specific terms.

Ideal for bloggers

Can create a portfolio page separate from the blog

100+ free themes available

Comes with SSL certificate and JetPack features for improving website performance

The free plan shows ads 

Limited storage at 3 GB

5. Siter.io

best free portfolio websites for freelance writers, Siter.io

Siter.io is an innovative no-code portfolio builder that allows users to design and publish websites without writing a single line of code. 

Its intuitive interface makes designing directly in the browser, freehand, and using tools you already know. Whether starting your design from scratch or using one of their templates, Siter.io empowers you to create stunning portfolios tailored to your unique vision.

Siter.io works in tandem with  Figma  and has a popular plugin that can transform your designs into ready-to-launch websites in just a few minutes. The platform is incredibly flexible, allowing you to design any kind of portfolio you want without any design limits. 

Additionally, Siter.io offers secure hosting and SSL certification, ensuring your website is always protected.

What I like:  I like how you can collaborate with other creatives to bring your portfolio website to life. This collaboration feature removes confusion and ensures you launch your website on time.

Ideal for creative designers, UI/UX designers, and marketers

Allows an unlimited number of pages, giving you the freedom to create as much content as you want

Offers secure hosting and SSL certification, ensuring your website is always protected

Responsive customer support is always available to help you with any questions or issues you encounter

Fast-loading pages ensure that your website is always performing at its best

You may need to integrate other functionalities like ecommerce or third-party extensions externally

6. Clippings.me

best free portfolio websites for freelance writers, Clippings.me

Clippings.me is a site with a simplified approach to sharing your best articles, collateral, or other marketing materials.

You can upload your PDFs, links, and related multimedia to Clippings.me to create a sharp-looking portfolio arranged into specific categories. You can even use social links on your page so that other professionals can reach you more easily.

In addition to uploading and maintaining your portfolio, you can browse through other freelancers’ pages to network and potentially gain prospective clients or collaborators.

What I like:  Clippings.me doesn’t try to do too much. The site has a simple goal — to showcase a writer’s work. I found that this site accomplishes its goal well. Setting the entire portfolio up takes less than an hour.

Designed intuitively for writers — by writers

Ideal for beginner or experienced writers looking to expand their careers

Offers a journalism directory

Can only feature up to 10 articles under the free plan

7.  Behance

best free portfolio websites for freelance writers, Behance

With millions of UX/UI designers, artists, and photographers on the site, Behance is one of the most widely used online portfolio websites. 

It's also straightforward to use — you can organize your work based on the project, list projects under construction, and ask followers for feedback. Additionally, the site allows you to link your portfolio to your social media accounts.

Behance's massive digital community makes it an excellent option to get your name out there, particularly since recruiters and interviewers peruse the site to find talent. 

However, Behance displays the number of people who have viewed and liked your work, which can be more advantageous — but riskier — than a more straightforward website portfolio.

What I like:  Behance is one of the biggest destinations for anyone looking for a designer. As such, well-positioned designers have an excellent shot at getting noticed. I’ve even browsed this platform to fulfill my graphic design needs! I’ve always been impressed by the talent I encounter.

Ideal for creatives who don't have time to create their standalone portfolio site

Can get feedback from followers

Includes social proof in terms of views and likes on the portfolio site

Limited design and feature options on the free plan

The display of views and likes can be risky if not enough people see or appreciate a project

8.  Adobe Portfolio

best free portfolio websites for freelance writers, Adobe Portfolio

If you already have a Creative Cloud membership, then Adobe Portfolio is an excellent option to create a single-page website or a full gallery of your work. With Adobe Portfolio, you can set up a sleek and customized portfolio in minutes, and each of the platform's themes is automatically optimized for any device.

Additionally, Adobe Portfolio can integrate with Behance and Adobe Lightroom to import your projects for greater visibility.

What I like:  Adobe Portfolio works well with other Adobe tools and software. As many designers are familiar with the tool, they can quickly create unique portfolios. I like how this offering allows you to create a portfolio on a platform users would already be familiar with. 

Option to create a multi- or single-page website

Offers 18 responsive themes

Integrations with Behance and Adobe Lightroom

It is only free if you have a Creative Cloud membership

best free portfolio websites for freelance writers, Fabrik 

Designers use Fabrik to organize their projects without writing a line of code. Even so, you still get creative control over your portfolio by choosing the styles, fonts, and colors best suited for your style.

Fabrik’s themes are intuitive and adaptable to individual project content needs. This flexibility lets you experiment with multiple layouts designed to complement the media formats needed, whether it’s graphic design, fashion, or more. 

With straightforward configurations, the Fabrik portfolio is an easy choice for building and maintaining your portfolio across all devices.

What I like:  I love Fabrik’s user-friendly interface and customizable elements, making it less of a chore to design a portfolio. The platform also provides impressive support to its customers.

Ideal for creative designers of various specialties

Allows an unlimited number of blog posts

Responsive customer support

Have to integrate other functionalities like ecommerce or other third-party extensions externally

10. Crevado

best free portfolio websites for freelance writers, Crevado 

One of the most straightforward free portfolio websites, Crevado lets you use a simple drag-and-drop tool to upload your projects and rearrange them on the screen for true ease of use. 

The site is also automatically optimized for any device, so your portfolio can be viewed on a smartphone, tablet, or desktop.

Crevado also has secure hosting and SSL certification, so your portfolio site remains secure. You can customize your design to suit your preferences without writing any code. Best of all, you can sell your work online thanks to the platform's integrations with PayPal and Fotomoto.

The only downside is that free users can't remove the link to Crevado in their website footer. You'll have to upgrade to a pro account to do so.

What I like:  Aside from providing secure hosting, Crevado allows designers to password-protect their sensitive projects from unwanted attention. I love this extra layer of security and recommend Crevedo if you’re concerned about privacy. In addition, Crevedo is easy to maintain and update.

Drag-and-drop interface

Responsive designs

Secure hosting and SSL certification

PayPal and Fotomoto integrations allow you to sell work

The free plan shows the Crevado link in the website footer

best free portfolio websites for freelance writers, Pixpa 

Pixpa is an all-in-one, DIY website-building platform designed to empower creative professionals, freelance writers, and business owners by helping them build feature-rich, professional websites without touching a single line of code.

Pixpa offers a range of modern, mobile-friendly, and responsive templates that can be fully customized using the easy-to-use visual editor and drag-and-drop page builder. 

Rich features, including blogging tools, built-in SEO and marketing tools, social media integrations, multiple gallery options, and ecommerce functionality, make Pixpa the perfect portfolio-building platform for creative professionals. 

The full-fledged blogging platform powered by an intuitive and versatile What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editor allows you to create, edit, schedule, and publish blog posts all in one place.

What I like:  I love Pixpa’s rich marketing tools that allow you to grow your online presence. That means more people can see your work. You can also use Pixpa to set up an online store to sell your products and services.

Beginner-friendly, no-code website-building platform

Extensive SEO tools allow you to add custom tags and metadata

SSL security on all websites

24x7 customer support through email and live chat

There are no built-in options for purchasing custom domain names

 best free portfolio websites for freelance writers, Dunked

Dunked is a platform built with designers and creatives in mind. With over 100,000 users, this online portfolio builder lets you share your talents on a stylish and simplistic website.

Dunked’s gallery of professionally designed templates is crafted to complement your creativity and focus on your work. Choose the best one for your aesthetic and switch between themes when they suit you.

You can upload images or multimedia from sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr, and SoundCloud, then drag and drop until the website looks exactly how you want.

What I like:  I like Dunked because of its clean design and ease of use. Although simple, the design portfolios still look professional on whatever device they appear.

Ideal for designers and other creative professionals

All templates are fully responsive and retina-display ready

Simple click-and-drag website editing tool to customize your portfolio

HTML and CSS knowledge necessary for more extensive customization

Can’t support case studies or blog posts

13.  Flickr

 best free portfolio websites for freelance writers, Flickr 

Undoubtedly one of the most well-known portfolio sites with billions of photos and millions of members, Flickr is an excellent site to share your work, connect with other photographers, and find inspiration for future projects

Photographers who use Flickr as a portfolio should ensure their photos are set to “Public view” and are arranged into folders or categories.

Some  photographers suggest  creating a more polished portfolio website and then linking to that website from Flickr for more visibility.

What I like:  Flickr is a classic that I’ve used many times to find great images for my projects. Flickr levels the playing field and allows amateur photographers to be discovered, provided they share stunning photographs. 

Ideal for photographers just starting out

It is great to connect with others and find inspiration

Limited to GIF, PNG, and JPEG photo formats

Limited to 1,000 photos on the free plan

14. Portfoliobox

best free portfolio websites for freelance writers, Portfoliobox

Portfoliobox is a website builder specifically designed for photographers, and it's a good option for crafting a professional-looking responsive gallery of your best work.

Portfoliobox offers an ecommerce link that allows you to sell your prints or other artwork directly from the site (without paying any commission). With the free plan, you can create a blog further to attract visitors and potential customers to your site.

Best of all, Portfoliobox doesn't make you use a standard theme — instead, you can integrate any style for any page to cultivate a unique, one-of-a-kind website. With over one million users, it's a good option for professional and novice photographers.

What I like:  Portfoliobox allows photographers to design their portfolios in a manner that brings out the best in their photographs. I love the focus on building client relationships. You can receive feedback, deliver projects, and track your client’s favorites in one place.

Ideal for photographers at any skill level

Can sell prints on this site commission-free

You can use different styles for every page

No drag-and-drop functionality

Limited customization options for ecommerce

best free portfolio websites for freelance writers, Krop

Krop is a creative industry portfolio hosting website used by talented candidates at all experience levels and the globe's most respected creative brands.

With Krop’s software, creatives can spend less time editing and formatting and more on their projects. Curating portfolio albums is done quickly, and the software offers powerful customizations for personal brandings like logos, color palettes, and more.

This site also serves as a job board, helping professionals network with one another across the globe. Users can strategically place themselves in front of respected creative brands and find work at all experience levels, too.

What I like:  You can add as many images as you like to your portfolio without worrying about storage. I hate having to make tough choices about what to feature. With Krop, you won’t need to agonize over which of your favorite projects to cut and which to keep. 

Ideal for creative professionals such as photographers, illustrators, or animators

Password protection for individual albums to share with clients privately

Unlimited storage for multimedia

No HTML or CSS knowledge is necessary

The majority of job postings are limited to the United States

16.  YouPic

best free portfolio websites for freelance writers, YouPic

YouPic's users include famous photographers like Joel Meyerowitz and Julia Fullerton-Batten. This site enables you to craft a free, stunning portfolio to showcase your work. It also lets you buy prints from other photographers or sell your own to earn extra income.

Additionally, the site offers interactive courses to improve your photography skills and a Pinterest-style "Explore" page that lets you check out famous photographs, new artwork, and stories to inspire your gallery. 

And most interesting to note, YouPic allows users to copyright their photos on the blockchain, — making it the first decentralized photography platform. That means YouPic is one of the few platforms that won't take any rights or ownership of your work.

What I like:  While photographers can use YouPic to host their portfolio, the rich array of works displayed on the platform serves as inspiration. I like browsing the different images on YouPic, even if I’m not in the throes of a creative assignment. 

Can copyright photos on blockchain

Doesn't take any rights or ownership of your work

Premium membership is required for YouPic to promote your work

best free portfolio websites for freelance writers, Format 

Format is a portfolio website for photographers looking to create and curate their digital gallery or store. Built with tools to help you build a professional website, it offers solutions for supporting a photography business, plus cloud storage to protect your work.

Format has a suite of templates made to fit any aesthetic. It’s designed to serve particular professional situations best, such as for wedding photography or to showcase your artwork. 

It can also change how viewers navigate your work, from gallery formats to more interactive scrolling or slideshow options.

What I like:  I love the range of offerings on Format. The site has 90+ templates specifically designed to help photographers show their work. You can also collaborate with clients from the platform and grow your online presence, too.

Ideal for professional photographers

Can support high-quality photos

Can integrate online stores with no fees for sales

The interface comes with a learning curve, but users don’t have to worry about code

An online portfolio provides evidence of your work and skills, which can set you apart from other candidates or professionals in your field. Using any of the tools above, you can create a free portfolio in no time. What are you waiting for?

Editor's note: This post was originally published in April 2019 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.

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