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  1. A Review of Data Protection Regulations and the Right to Privacy: the

    across borders through our screens. Along with the rise of cyber warfare and terrorism, unwanted. surveillance, and collecting people's personal data without proper data protection regulation, the. right to privacy is at risk. In a 2021 Data Breach Investigation Report (DBIR) by Verizon, one of the largest.

  2. PDF The Role of Data Protection and Cybersecurity Regulations in Artificial

    thesis research is to understand the legal and policy framework positioning of data protection and the cybersecurity of the data in the supply chain of AI, and precisely the big data consisted of personal data in jurisdictions of the EU, the US and China to understand how it could impact

  3. Browsing LAW PhD Theses by Subject "Data protection -- Law and

    Title: Location data and human mobility : an evaluation of a dissonance that frames data protection and privacy rights  Author(s): ANDREW, Jonathan Date: 2018 Citation: Florence : European University Institute, 2018 Type: Thesis Series/Number: EUI; LAW; PhD Thesis Abstract: With citizens' movements mediated by many technologies that aid our navigation the potential for omnipresent ...

  4. PDF Data Protection in the Age of Big Data

    This thesis addresses the question of how data protection law should respond to the challenges arising from the ever-increasing prevalence of big data. The investigation is conducted with the case study of online behavioural advertising (OBA) and within the EU data protection legal framework,

  5. PDF Two sides of data protection

    Master's thesis Subject: Faculty of Law Author(s): Miska Lundén Title: Two sides of data protection: Examining the complex and political nature to the personal data transfers between the European Union and the United States Supervisor(s): Ekaterina Markovich Number of pages: 54 pages Date: 03.05.2022 This thesis investigates the complexity and the political aspects of the data protection.

  6. PDF Data protection in thesis

    Learn about data protection principles, legislation and practices for thesis research at Tampere University. Find out the roles of the supervisor, the data controller and the data subject, and the templates for privacy notice.

  7. Right to Data Privacy in the Digital Era

    thesis of the previous academic year that is published online as part of the GC publications. The selected seven GC master theses cover a range ... 1 The term 'right to data privacy' is preferred to 'right to data protection' in this study. However, the terms are used interchangeably in various works and laws so the term 'data ...

  8. PDF To Protect Lives or Personal Data?

    This thesis examines how the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other European privacy regimes respond to the challenges of digitalization and coronavirus crisis. It argues that the GDPR is flexible and capable of protecting data privacy and public health interests in the digital era.

  9. Data protection in the age of Big Data: legal challenges and responses

    This thesis addresses the question of how data protection law should respond to the challenges arising from the ever-increasing prevalence of big data. The investigation is conducted with the case study of online behavioural advertising (OBA) and within the EU data protection legal framework, especially the General Data Protection Regulation ...

  10. Data portability as a new means of data protection? Examining the right

    This thesis primarily examines the legitimacy, coherence and added value of the right to data portability in the EU data protection regime. In recognition of its wide-ranging implications, it also explores how the GDPR right interacts with many other areas of law and 'interfaces' with user-centric technologies devised to better protect our ...

  11. PDF Personal Data Protection on The Internet of Things

    16 Directive 2002/58/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 12 July 2002 concerning the processing of personal data and the protection of privacy in the electronic communications. sector, (Directive on privacy and electronic communications), OJ L 201, 31.7.2002.

  12. Informational self-determination in context: privacy and data

    This thesis focuses on the problem of widespread and sophisticated data collection and processing by private commercial entities, and the threat these practices pose to individual rights and freedoms. This work is directly concerned with European data protection law, and the fundamental rights to privacy and data protection.

  13. Conceptualising the right to data protection in an era of Big Data

    This commentary examines the parameters and values of the European right to data protection, a stand-alone fundamental right declared in the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the EU. It also analyses the challenges of implementing this right in an era of ubiquitous veillance and Big Data.

  14. PDF Personal data and the concept of consent under the EU General Data

    This thesis analyzes the challenges of applying the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to data processed in and from vehicles. It examines the concepts of personal data, sensitive data and consent, and the legal framework and actors involved.

  15. Data Protection without Data Protectionism

    Upon the conclusion of the dissertation, he first worked as a lawyer for data protection and digitalization on a legislative project at the Swiss Federal Office for Customs and Border Security. Currently, he works as a lawyer for the Data Protection Commissioner of the Canton Zurich.

  16. PDF Interaction Between Freedom of Expression and Data Protection

    This thesis will explore the interaction between data protection and freedom of expression as two very significant human rights in the functioning of democratic societies today and attempt to provide insight into ways in which these two rights can co-exist. ... Data protection rules entail ...

  17. (PDF) Privacy and Data Protection

    Abstract. Against the background of the centrality of data for contemporary economies, the chapter contributes to a better understanding and contextualization of data protection and its interfaces ...

  18. PDF Legal and Regulatory Issues of Privacy and Data Protection in e

    Data Protection Directive (95/46/EC) 175 5.3.2. Directive on e-Commerce 2000/31/EC 8 June 2000 (ECD) 176 . 5.3.3. European Union's Data Protection Act of 2018 178 ... blessing to have her as a supervisor for my Ph.D. thesis. I would like to express special gratitude towards my supervisor for her valuable guidance and support in completing my ...

  19. Shodhganga@INFLIBNET: Data Protection in India A Comparative Study

    Earlier data protection concerns was limited to BPOs only, but now, data is collected, altered, indexed, stored, processed, shared, and utilized at various fields in India which has been discussed in the paper. For a dearth of a specialized and an all-inclusive data protection law in India, huge issues and instances of data theft has risen ...

  20. Dissertations / Theses: 'Data protection'

    This thesis questions this static approach of the European Commission to the data protection regime and argues that the increasing pressure on privacy due to the development of privacy destroying technologies and the growing use of and demand for personal information by public and private sectors, requires quick legal answer and constant change ...

  21. Data Protection and Competition Law Enforcement in the ...

    This contribution argues that a coherent and consistent interpretation of data protection and competition law is both possible and adequate. To illustrate this need, the ongoing abuse-of-dominance investigation by the French Autorité de la Concurrence against Apple is analysed. Representatives of the online advertising industry lodged a complaint against the introduction of Apple's "App ...

  22. PDF Data Protection and Right to Privacy.

    Investigating the Contested Notion of "Personal Data" PhD thesis in information and communication sciences Defended on July 2nd, 2020 in Compiègne. Committee: ... Data Protection and Freedom of Information, from the French National Commission on Informatics and Liberty, and the Center for High Studies of the Ministry of Interior. ...

  23. Data Protection

    Data Protection. Data Protection Notice (GDPR) At University College Cork, we treat your privacy seriously. Any personal data which you provide to the University will be treated with the highest standards of security and confidentiality, in accordance with Irish and European Data Protection legislation. This notice sets out details of the ...