Silk pajamas, spanking and questions about STDs: Stormy Daniels details sexual encounter with Trump

Adult film actor Stormy Daniels took the witness stand at Donald Trump 's New York criminal trial Tuesday, testifying under oath about the sexual encounter she says she had with him in 2006 and the $130,000 deal for her silence that was struck during the closing days of the 2016 presidential campaign.

In a remarkable day of testimony with the former president sitting roughly 10 feet away from her, Daniels recounted the tryst in detail. She also talked about Trump's supposed efforts to get her on his TV show and her decision to come forward with her story, as well as the payoff and the fallout from doing so.

Courtroom sketch of Stormy Daniels testifies on the witness stand as Judge Juan Merchan looks on with a photo of Donald Trump and Daniels from their first meeting is displayed on a monitor

During cross-examination, which at times became heated, Daniels tangled with one of Trump’s attorneys, Susan Necheles, who accused her of making up a series of false claims to "extort" Trump, then a presidential candidate.

Trump’s lawyers also argued that some of Daniels’ account of the 2006 encounter “was unduly and inappropriately prejudicial.” They then requested a mistrial.

Trump lawyer Todd Blanche told the judge that Daniels’ unfair claims included her testimony that Trump didn’t use a condom and that she thinks she “blacked out” for a part of it.

“There’s no way to unring the bell, in our view,” Blanche said during a dramatic exchange with prosecutors.

Judge Juan Merchan shot down the mistrial motion but acknowledged that "there were things that would have been better left unsaid,” adding that he would strike some of Daniels' testimony from the record.

Court isn’t in session Wednesday. Cross-examination of Daniels will resume Thursday morning.

Trump is headed to Florida on Tuesday evening, with plans to spend Wednesday at Mar-a-Lago, campaign national press secretary Karoline Leavitt said.

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Daniels testified that she first met Trump at a celebrity golf tournament in Lake Tahoe, Nevada, in July 2006. Describing their first meeting as a "very brief encounter" on a golf course, Daniels said she was 27 and remembered Trump being as old as her father — around 60.

The jury — which appeared focused intently on Daniels and her testimony — was shown a picture of them together from that trip.

Daniels said that they later ran into each other at the club and that a man she later learned was Trump's bodyguard told her Trump wanted to have dinner with her. She said she replied, "No, with an expletive in front."

She did, however, get the bodyguard's number, and she said that later that day her publicist convinced her she should accept the invitation, telling her: “It’ll make a great story. He’s a business guy. Like, what could possibly go wrong?”

She said she went up to Trump's penthouse hotel suite and was told they'd be going to dinner at one of the restaurants downstairs. When she entered the room, which she described as "three times the size of my apartment," he was wearing "silk or satin" pajamas, she said. She said she quipped, “Does Hugh Hefner know you stole his pajamas?” and asked him to change, which he did.

They then sat at a dining table in the suite, where, she said, Trump asked her numerous questions about her adult film writing and directing. He then asked her about sexually transmitted diseases, and she said she was tested constantly and "I've never had a bad test."

She said that she grew frustrated with him because he kept cutting off her answers and that when he pulled out a magazine with him on the cover, she said, "Someone should spank you with that." She said she then rolled it up and "swatted" him with it. While jurors mostly appeared poker-faced through her testimony, one began rubbing her face and appeared to be holding back laughter.

After that, she said, Trump was "much more polite" and suggested she should come on his TV show, "The Apprentice." Daniels testified that "he said, 'You remind me of my daughter,'" and that appearing on the show would demonstrate she shouldn't be underestimated.

In all, they chatted for about two hours, Daniels said. She said that she went to the bathroom and that when she walked out, Trump was lying on the bed "in boxer shorts and T-shirt." She said she was "startled, like a jump scare. Wasn’t expecting someone to be there, especially minus a lot of clothing.”

She said Trump told her, "I thought you were serious about what you wanted." She said she felt "there was an imbalance of power, for sure. He was bigger and blocking the way, but I was not threatened either verbally or physically.” Asked in court whether she ended up having sex with him on the bed, she said, "Yes."

She described the sex as brief and said Trump told her “it was great. Let’s get together again, honey bunch.” She said he hadn’t used a condom and hadn't expressed any concern about his wife’s finding out what had happened. She said he also didn’t give her his phone number.

Trump's bodyguard reached out to her the next day to invite her to meet Trump at a bar in her hotel, she said. When she got there, she said, he was with then-Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. Trump left about 10 minutes later but continued to call her well after the encounter, she said, "with an update — or a non-update if he didn’t have one — for ‘Apprentice.’”

"He always called me honey bunch," she said.

She said they saw each other again in January 2007, when he invited her to the launch of his Trump vodka brand. While she was there, she said, he introduced her to his friend "Karen," who she later learned was Karen McDougal , a former Playboy model who said she was having a monthslong affair with Trump during that period. Former National Enquirer publisher David Pecker testified earlier in the trial that he paid McDougal $150,000 to keep her quiet about the claim during the 2016 presidential campaign. Trump has denied both Daniels' and McDougal's claims.

Daniels said Trump also invited her to Trump Tower around that time and assured her, "I'm still working on the ‘Apprentice’ thing."

She said they last saw each other in the summer of 2007, when he invited her to see him at a bungalow he was staying at in Los Angeles. She said that he "kept trying to make sexual advances" but that she shot him down. "I told him I was on my period," she said. He said he later called her and told her he hadn't been able to get her on his show.

Payments made to Daniels by Trump's then-lawyer Michael Cohen at the end of the 2016 campaign are at the heart of the case, the first criminal trial of a former president. Cohen paid Daniels $130,000 in return for her keeping quiet about her claims of a sexual encounter with Trump.

Daniels said Tuesday that Gina Rodriguez, her manager, spoke to her about going public with her story for money in 2015 after Trump announced he was running for president. Rodriguez didn’t have much success shopping the story until after the release in October 2016 of the "Access Hollywood" tape, in which Trump was recorded in 2005 bragging that he could grope women without their consent.

She said that Rodriguez then told her that Trump and Cohen were "interested in paying" for the story and that she agreed, because it meant the story — which her husband didn’t know about — wouldn’t become public. "I didn't care about the amounts. It was just, 'Get it done,'" she said.

Prosecutors say Trump reimbursed Cohen the money in payments that were falsely described as legal expenses. They have charged him with 34 counts of falsifying business records. Trump has pleaded not guilty.

Daniels' deal with Cohen was revealed in a January 2018 story in The Wall Street Journal. Asked about the impact the story had on her life, Daniels said, "Chaos."

“My husband asking questions, my friends asking questions,” she said, with people showing up on her front lawn.

She said that Cohen started to talk about her allegations publicly but that she couldn’t because of the NDA and the $1 million penalty it included if she violated it. She said she later hired lawyer Michael Avenatti "so that I could stand up for myself."

He helped her get out of the NDA but also filed an unsuccessful defamation suit against Trump on her behalf and against her wishes, she said. Daniels lost the case and was ordered to pay Trump's legal fees . She eventually fired Avenatti, who was convicted of several crimes, including stealing from Daniels .

Daniels had vowed on Twitter, now X, never to pay the legal fees, which she acknowledged on cross-examination totaled over $660,000.

"You said, 'I will go to jail before I pay a penny'?" Necheles asked Daniels. "Correct," she responded.

Daniels also acknowledged that she hates Trump and has called him mean names online, including having referred to him as an "orange turd," but she said Trump, who has repeatedly referred to her as "horseface," made fun of her first.

Necheles also pressed Daniels about earlier accounts of her story. Daniels testified she agreed to do an interview with In Touch magazine in 2011 after it told her it was writing about the alleged encounter with Trump. Daniels said that it had agreed to pay her $15,000 for the interview but that the deal was scrapped after Cohen got the story killed. She said she was threatened weeks later by a man in a Las Vegas parking lot who told her to "leave Trump alone."

Necheles repeatedly suggested the parking lot incident was made up, which Daniels disputed. Daniels said that she was frightened by the encounter and that she stayed quiet until Trump declared his candidacy for president, at which point she gave her manager the green light to shop her story around.

“You weren’t really scared, were you?” Necheles said.

“I was terrified, but the ballgame changed,” Daniels replied, implying that by telling her story when Trump was a candidate, she felt she could ensure her safety.

“You were looking to extort money from President Trump, right?” Necheles said.

“False,” Daniels replied.

Stormy Daniels exits the courthouse

Before Daniels first took the stand, Merchan told prosecutors she could testify that she and Trump had sexual relations but that she should leave details out. Once she was on the stand, Daniels often elaborated on her claims without being asked, and Merchan repeatedly told her just to answer the questions that were posed to her.

When Blanche made his mistrial motion, Merchan also faulted the lawyers for not having spoken up during her testimony, saying he was surprised there weren't more objections.

"I think that I signaled to you and to the prosecution that we were going into way too much detail,” Merchan said.

Trump, whom Merchan has fined for repeatedly violating a gag order by attacking Daniels and Cohen, took to his social media platform before Tuesday's court proceedings to complain he had "just recently been told who the witness is today."

“This is unprecedented, no time for lawyers to prepare. No Judge has ever run a trial in such a biased and partisan way,” he wrote in a post that was taken down a short time later.

The Truth Social post went up shortly before The Associated Press first reported that Daniels was expected to testify. It's unclear when Trump and his lawyers were told she'd be testifying — prosecutors have typically not been telling them who would take the stand until the day before, citing Trump's record of witness commentary.

That Daniels would testify wasn’t a surprise, however. Trump’s legal team had argued unsuccessfully that she should be barred from taking the stand, a request Merchan rejected before the trial started. Cohen is also expected to testify.

Before Daniels, prosecutors called a longtime publishing executive to authenticate and read excerpts from some of Trump’s books.

Sally Franklin, an executive at Penguin Random House, read one from "Trump: Think Like a Billionaire" that talked about how closely Trump tracks his money — which prosecutors are likely to use to show he was well aware of what he was paying Cohen back for.

"I always sign my checks so I know where my money is going,” he said in the excerpt.

sample resume for cashier without experience

Adam Reiss is a reporter and producer for NBC and MSNBC.

sample resume for cashier without experience

Gary Grumbach produces and reports for NBC News, based in Washington, D.C.

sample resume for cashier without experience

Jillian Frankel is a 2024 NBC News campaign embed.

sample resume for cashier without experience

Dareh Gregorian is a politics reporter for NBC News.

sample resume for cashier without experience

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sample resume for cashier without experience

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11 Cashier Resume Examples That Work in 2024

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Writing Your Cashier Resume

As the face of a business and the last employee a customer sees before exiting, your role’s importance shouldn’t be minimized—this job done right can set the tone of a business’s internal environment and affect its overall success.

As a cashier, you’re organized, accountable, and have stellar people skills.

You shouldn’t also have to be great at  writing resumes  or making a cover letter to demonstrate that to a potential employer.

Nothing is worse than staring at a blank screen when building a resume from scratch or  updating your resume .

Hey, don’t sweat it though. We’ve got you covered! Our cashier resume samples are proven to work in 2024 , so they’re a great place to start.

Cashier Resume Sample

or download as PDF

cashier resume example with 4 years of experience

Why this resume works

  • Have you worked with people before? Then that’s highly relevant to a role as a cashier! Most experience can be made applicable.
  • Additionally, when you can boast 10+ years of experience, you can consider including a  resume summary  to showcase your career and specializations.
  • Did you exceed sales targets? By how much?
  • Did you have great customer satisfaction scores? Mention them in numeric detail!

Customer Service Cashier Resume

Customer service cashier resume example with 5 years of experience

  • You’re essentially wooing the prospective employer with an indication of your potential and that you’re not just an average candidate but a proven expert capable of delivering desired results. Everlyn’s “Best Sales Associate” recognition at Best Buy serves as a great example here.

Gas Station Cashier Resume

Gas station cashier resume example with 4 years of experience

  • These two positions share common responsibilities and proficiencies, including customer service, handling money, processing transactions, inventory management, and sales, all of which could benefit your new role.

Cashier Customer Service Resume

cashier customer service resume example with 5 years of experience

  • If you’re undergoing a career change, you should include a resume objective.
  • If you can tailor your objective to the job you’re applying for, then go ahead and include it.
  • Great ways to customize your objective is to pepper it with relevant keywords from the employer’s  job description  and also mention that target business by name.
  • Successful cashiers need to have a commitment to customer service. Try to include how you’ve demonstrated strong customer skills in your previous roles. These can be interactions you’ve had on the phone, in person, or even over the internet.

Retail Cashier Resume

retail cashier resume example with 6 years of experience

  • This is a great way to include metrics on your retail cashier resume organically. Including your performance against these targets in your previous roles shows that you know the metrics that matter to retail managers.
  • For example, saying that you “collaborated with 12 counselors” working as a camp counselor displays that you’re talented at working with others, and know how to communicate well. It’s a knockout punch if “collaboration” or “communication” were also mentioned as keywords in the job description.

Lead Cashier Resume

lead cashier resume example with 11 years of experience

  • When you’re applying for most jobs in the service industry, employers will appreciate some personality. Stylize your  resume template  with a bold color choice like hot pink or turquoise, as it demonstrates confidence and a light-heartedness that can be refreshing for hiring managers (and customers, too)!
  • One of the best  resume tips  is to throw some knowledge around by using numbers on your resume. When you’re discussing the percent reduction in overhead expenses or the increase you’ve contributed to average customer purchase size, hiring managers will be left wondering if you’re free to start the same day.

Beginner Cashier Resume

Beginner cashier resume example

  • Volunteering to sell tickets for a fundraiser can serve as an excellent example of your ability to count money accurately and honestly—two important attributes in any cashier cover letter or resume.

Fast Food Cashier Resume

Fast food cashier resume example with 3 years of experience

  • Quantify your prior workloads on your fast food cashier resume to exemplify your ability to keep up at the register.

Grocery Store Cashier Resume

grocery store cashier resume example with 4 years of experience

  • For example, if the cashier position you’re applying to mentions that they want someone detail-oriented, then be sure to include that as one of the skills on your resume, so long as it genuinely describes you!
  • The education section should take up minimal space on your grocery store cashier resume , especially as you gain more experience in your career. Why? Your work history tells the employer more about your recent, practical accomplishments and gives a glimpse of the value you can add to their business now.

Restaurant Cashier Resume

restaurant cashier resume example with 5 years of experience

  • When you’re applying for a more specialized role like a restaurant cashier position, your title should match the job title to which you’re applying. So if the position you’re applying to is “restaurant cashier,” that should be the title on your resume.
  • Try to include bullet points with these topics on your restaurant cashier resume. If you find yourself muddling through these details, let our  free resume examples  light your way!

Food Cashier Resume

food cashier resume example with 1 years of experience

  • If your resume looks so small that you’re thinking about upping the font size to 30-point, please stop. When the font is too large, it will be obvious that you had trouble filling the page. The key here is subtlety. 
  • Try including a  resume objective , which both fills in some empty space and gives hiring managers a better sense of who you are.

Related resume guides

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  • Customer Service

Laptop screen with ongoing video call with three people about job role

Although there are different resume formats and templates, they all have certain components in common. Your cashier resume must be readable, logical, consistent, and complete. The best resumes include the following  resume formatting  elements:

  • Reverse-chronological format, functional format, or combination/hybrid format
  • Contact info and header
  • ATS and readability

sample resume for cashier without experience

Reverse-chronological format, functional format, and combination/hybrid format

Now is the perfect time to level up your career. If you’re looking for a new job, there are several popular resume formats in 2024. You can use different formats to structure your resume content, including chronological, reverse-chronological, functional, combination, and hybrid. No matter the style you choose, a great resume will showcase your skills beyond a mere list of daily job duties.

Unsure which format is best for a cashier? Here’s more about the various resume formats to help you decide.

Resume formats for a cashier

  • Reverse-chronological resume format: This format is the most popular choice for cashier resumes in 2024. You will begin with your most recent and relevant position and continue to list your experience in reverse-chronological order.
  • Functional resume format: If you’re a recent graduate or have minimal professional experience, the functional resume format might interest you. A functional resume works for interns, volunteers, or if you have large gaps in your work history. With limited experience, you can show off your skill knowledge instead of official practice in your chosen field.
  • Combination/hybrid resume format: With a combination/hybrid resume, you get the best of both worlds. Depending on your professional background, education, and achievements, the sections can be moved around to keep your most impressive accomplishments at the top.

So, what’s the best format for a cashier? It’s helpful to think about the stage of your career. If you have vast work experience, a reverse-chronological resume is most beneficial. However, if you’re fresh out of college, using a functional resume to showcase your education first could make sense. Meanwhile, gaining work or internship experience as you continue your education may lend itself to a combination format.

As a cashier, you likely perform many customer service duties, in addition to cash handling and conversation around product knowledge. There are, however, some careers where one format is preferred over the others. Because of the skills required to excel as a cashier, this profession is one of them.

Consequently, your most recent and relevant work experience must be visible for employers to see quickly. A reverse-chronological resume structure will prioritize the most recent information to help employers readily spot your value. The key is to place the bulk of what the hiring managers are looking for where it’s easiest for them to read.

sample resume for cashier without experience

Contact info and header for a cashier

Once you select the format for your cashier resume, it’s time to get started with your header and contact information. At the top of the page, you should include the following pertinent information:

  • Job title (of the position for which you’re applying)
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • City and state 

You can also include your LinkedIn profile or GitHub, but this information is optional. 

Because employers will see your header first, pay special attention to font, font size, color, and page alignment. The font size you use for your name should be larger than text throughout the body of your resume and section headers, but not so large that it takes up the bulk of the page. When you add the right details, you get something simple yet striking: 

Contact header on cashier resume

More creative and artistic positions have a bit more leeway regarding font style, but it’s recommended to go for something classic for a cashier position. Arial or Times New Roman are both good choices. If unsure about these details, take a look at some of our  resume examples , and use our convenient  resume builder  to get started.

sample resume for cashier without experience

Applicant tracking systems (ATS)

If you haven’t searched for a job for a while or are new to the game, you may not know about Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). ATS are search engines that approximately 90 percent of employers use to find the most qualified candidates for open positions.

Think of ATS like any other search engine. When a recruiter types in what they’re looking for in an employee, their search results will consist of resumes based upon what information resumes contain. Whether or not your cashier resume is on that list depends on including the right words when  writing your resume .

Keywords optimize your resume’s content to appear in the employer’s search results. For example, a cashier’s job description will probably mention customer service and payment processing. If your resume neglects to include that information throughout, it’s doubtful it will appear in the employer’s search results.

Your best bet at getting the most accurate keywords for ATS is from the job description itself. For example, if the job description mentions time-management skills as a requirement, be sure to showcase that as one of your skills (as long as that is an honest assessment).

Before you submit your resume to any position, check its content against the job description to see if you can snag a few keywords. Tailoring your resume’s keywords in this way will work to boost your chances of getting an interview.

sample resume for cashier without experience

Resume readability

Readability is a valuable part of resume writing. Be sure your cashier resume is well-structured and consistent. If one bullet has a period at its end, be sure the other bullets do as well. 

Remember the following to increase readability of your cashier resume

  • Margins : Margins should never be less than half an inch. The ideal margin is one inch on all sides.
  • Fonts : Any font you use should be easy to read. If your resume font isn’t clear, both the ATS and hiring manager may find it too difficult to read.
  • Font sizes : The font must be large enough to read, which makes anything between 10-14 points acceptable.
  • Header names : Use capitalization, and don’t get overly creative in determining how to label your headers as you don’t want to trick or confuse ATS software. 
  • Skills : Optimize your resume with keywords, which are your soft skills and hard skills. Only include relevant information about your skills. Eliminate any filler if you want to provide prospective employers with a concise and effective resume.
  • Logical order : Sticking to the reverse-chronological format will allow you to make an ATS-friendly resume. Start with your name and contact information before detailing your work experience, education, and skills.
  • One page : The ideal length for any cashier resume is one page.

If you feel stuck or uneasy about this portion, we created our free  resume-building tool  with you in mind. Our user-friendly and easy-to-use tool automatically customizes your resume for you, including pre-set page margins and adjustable font size.

How to Write Your Cashier Resume

Job seeker stands with hands in air, questioning how to fill out job materials

Resume writing  is probably not on your bucket list. However, it doesn’t have to be a painful process. Using our tips and our  free resume maker  to craft your resume will help you easily create a winning resume with the following components:

  • Resume objective/summary
  • Work experience 
  • Top cashier skills 
  • Education and certifications
  • Projects, interests, and hobbies
  • A tailored-to-the-job resume
  • Editing and proofreading

sample resume for cashier without experience

Should you write an objective or summary for your cashier resume?

The first thing hiring managers are likely to read after your name is your objective statement or professional summary. Your level of experience will determine which of the two you should include or if you should leave them out altogether.

Let’s take a look at which works best for your cashier resume. Here are some examples of how to write an objective and professional summary and also what not to do.

Cashier objective

An  objective statement  works well if you’re transitioning to a new career as a cashier or completing your education. Solid objective statements include a quick brief about who you are and what you hope to achieve by applying.  Stay away  from these objective statements, which are vague and, frankly, unprofessional:

  • “I want a job as a cashier because I’m good with people. I check out customers every day and work hard to make them happy with their purchases. You should hire me because I’m a good cashier.”
  • “To get a new job with more pay. Looking for a better schedule to work around school and child care. I’m a people person and get along well with everyone.”

Your objective statement should notate your skills, education, and experience while mentioning what you’re looking for in a clear, polite, and concise manner. As you can see, neither of the two previous examples achieves that goal. Instead, try this:

  • “Meticulous, reliable psychology student with 2+ years of cashier experience. Highly focused on building rapport and relationships. Seeking a full-time cashier position with Trader Joe’s to utilize my fine-tuned customer service and people management skills.”
  • “Organized and industrious high school graduate with relevant experience in concessions and volunteer capacities that ensured customer care. Eager for an opportunity to promote T4 Boba’s growth through considerate customer service and attention to detail.”

Cashier summary

If you have years of cashier experience, you may choose to include a professional summary that entails a quick overview of your expertise. When crafting your professional summary, summarize the most relevant information with subtle persuasion. Try to avoid writing a summary like the following examples:

  • “Cashier for 10 years at Stan’s Grocery Store. Counted down the drawer at the end of each shift. Took money from customers. Helped customers find products. Resolved customer complaints and issued refunds.”
  • “I’m a cashier at Frank’s Grocery Store, where I help customers pay for their purchases. Looking for a better job with more hours to pay for college courses.”

Instead of detailing a list of your duties, a professional summary should highlight what you’ve achieved and how it relates to the position you’re seeking. The following are much better examples of how to summarize your professional experience: 

  • “Highly motivated cashier with an associate’s degree in general studies and 10+ years experience providing customers world-class service as noted by 20+ personal mentions on Google Reviews. Organized, reliable, and committed to solving problems to maximize customer satisfaction. Looking for an opportunity to apply my advanced skills with a trendy, upbeat business like Lush.”
  • “Productive, resourceful cashier with 12 years of experience ensuring customers have positive experiences. Focused on customizing solutions while remaining calm throughout complex situations. Committed to serving clientele, coworkers, and Nordstrom Rack’s company standards with ethical, honest work, and communication.”

While an objective or summary can enhance your resume, it’s best to exclude it if it’s vague. Remember, you’ll want to update this section to customize it for each job to which you apply. If you’d rather not take the time to tailor it to each position, you’re better off leaving this section out. 

sample resume for cashier without experience

Cashier work experience

Listing your professional experience is the most important part of your resume. This is where you will list your relevant experience in reverse-chronological order, starting from the most recent job. Although it may be tempting to list every position you’ve ever held, it’s not necessary. Not only will you spend excess time completing this section, but a hiring manager is not likely to be interested in the babysitting position you had when you were a teenager.

Ideally, you should include no more than four positions to maintain the limit of one page and have your most relevant jobs. You can concisely explain career gaps without taking up unnecessary space. For example, you can state that you took time off work to focus on your education. It’s also suggested not to report work experience over a decade prior.

sample resume for cashier without experience

Writing your cashier experience bullet points

Sentence structure for bullet points doesn’t have to be complicated. Avoid using personal pronouns and maintain past tense when discussing previous positions. For a current job, it’s acceptable to write it in the past tense, but you can also keep it in the present tense. Punctuation is important, but periods are not mandatory in bullet points. However, if you do include periods for one bullet point, be sure to include them for all. No matter what, consistency is essential.

When crafting your bullet points, it’s important to do more than provide hiring managers with a list of your daily job duties. The following bullet points are prime examples of what  not  to do:

  • Helped customers find products.
  • Stocked beverages in the cooler by the cash register.
  • Provided customer service.

Go beyond listing your responsibilities to demonstrate achievements and successes. Instead, work to show how you impacted your workplace. These examples should serve as a starting point for you: 

  • Processed 65+ customer transactions per day, resulting in a 100% customer satisfaction score for secret shopping surveys.
  • Performed thorough floor safety checks hourly, ensuring a clean store and clear aisles for customer safety following OSHA regulatory compliance.
  • Collaborated with the store manager to create process improvements for checkout, reducing customer wait time by 3 minutes on average. 

sample resume for cashier without experience

Quantify your impact as a cashier

You may have noticed that some of the previous bullet points included numbers to help quantify your impact. Numbers help show your capacity as an employee as well as the result. Aim to have at least one quantifiable result for every two bullet points listed. You can quantify your impact by incorporating numbers like this:

  • Worked closely with 5 teammates on completing monthly inventory counts accurately and before the deadline. 
  • Reduced shrink by 25% by reporting suspected theft and unusual activity to the security team. 
  • Assisted 3 department managers in replacing stock for end-caps to finish the task 2 days ahead of schedule.
  • Created cash counting procedures to decrease process time, leading to 100% personal accuracy throughout tenure.
  • Inspected merchandise for damage at check-out, resulting in 15% fewer returns in the shoe department.

sample resume for cashier without experience

Top cashier skills to include

Hard skills are learned after gaining experience or education; they’re directly related to your position. On the other hand, soft skills are more difficult to measure and are often transferable across careers. 

Your  resume skills section   doesn’t have to be a mystery. You’ll want to add a few applicable skills to your resume from the job description for ATS purposes. Think about the skills you possess, and look at job description ads for inspiration. 

Soft skills for a cashier may include:

  • Time Management
  • Problem-solving
  • Analysis 
  • People Management

Specific to a cashier, these hard skills will likely be necessary for the job:

  • Cash Management
  • Payment Processing
  • Product Codes

sample resume for cashier without experience

Education and certifications required of a cashier

Although most cashier positions do not require college, it’s important to complete your education section with the most recent information concerning your position. If you have a college degree, listing your high school education is unnecessary. If you’ve completed any certifications, are currently a student, or have completed any college courses, be sure to list them in reverse-chronological order as well.

sample resume for cashier without experience

When should you add projects, interests, or hobbies to your cashier resume?

Projects, interests, and hobbies are not necessary for your cashier resume, particularly if you have sufficient experience, skills, and education. However, if you’ve been taking time away from your career for a while or need to fill up some space, you can include this information. Additionally, if you are a high school student, have been on an extended vacation, or if you’ve been volunteering for the past few years, adding relevant projects, interests, and hobbies can’t hurt and may even benefit you. Just be prepared to discuss how your projects, interests, or hobbies demonstrate your ability as a cashier in an interview. 

You can list projects under its “Projects” section, adding descriptive bullet points as you would with a job.  Resume hobbies and interests  aren’t quite as structured, and those can be listed briefly in a sidebar. Curious employers may be intrigued, so be ready to talk about applicable hobbies or interests in an interview. For example:

Projects and interests section on cashier resume

Tailor your cashier resume to each job

As you apply for various cashier positions, keep in mind that each job, though similar in many ways, will also be different. While one job needs you to cash out customers at a restaurant, another job may require cashier experience in a department store, a veterinary office, or even at the local gym. Rather than apply blindly to many places, carefully read each job description ad to tailor your cashier resume to that specific position. 

Be sure to customize your resume for each position throughout your professional summary, objective, and skills. When in doubt, check the job description for those keywords we keep talking about.

sample resume for cashier without experience

Edit and proofread your cashier resume

The final part of resume writing is to edit and proofread accordingly. Although this part should be easy, it is most overlooked. Check for grammar, spelling, punctuation, and consistency throughout, using our  free resume checker  for support. 

sample resume for cashier without experience

Go Get the Job

Our team of resume professionals wants you to succeed in your career as a cashier. Resume writing is only one part of the journey.

A quick recap for formatting and writing your cashier resume

  • A winning  resume format
  • Your header and contact information
  • Keywords for ATS
  • Objective or professional summary
  • Work experience
  • Hard and soft skills
  • Projects,  hobbies, or resume-related interests
  • Editing and proofreading 

Although  resume writing  can be frustrating, our  resume builder  can help make it easier. That way, you can focus on what matters most; landing your new job as a cashier.

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Cashier Resume Example & Writing Guide [For 2024]

Background Image

You’re a cashier. 

You’re a friendly individual who assists customers with both their shopping and their product concerns.

But now you’re the one with a concern – your new resume!

You may be wondering how to write a cashier resume that ends in a conveyer belt full of interviews?

Well, just follow this step-by-step guide.

  • An example of a finished cashier resume that works
  • How to create a cashier resume that’ll fill up your interview diary
  • How to make a cashier resume stand out [with top tips & tricks]

Before we get into the details, check the cashier resume example at the top, created with our very own resume builder .

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How to Format a Cashier Resume

Before the hiring manager can be served, you need to prepare the cash register .

Okay, enough of the puns, what do we mean by this?

Well, before you start writing, you need to prepare a format.

The most common cashier resume format  is known as “ reverse-chronological ”, and it’s one that we always recommend.

Essentially, this format puts your most recent and notable achievements up-top, which allows the hiring manager to immediately see the benefits in hiring you. We recommend all cashiers start with this format.

reverse chronological resume format

The following two resume formats can also be used:

  • Functional Resume – If you’re confident in your cashier skills, but haven’t worked at a checkout, this resume format is recommended for you. You see, format focuses on the skills you have, not your experience. 
  • Combination Resume – Ever worked as a cashier, where you were able to perfect your skills? Then a combination format will work. The format combines both “Functional” and “Reverse-Chronological” formats.

Use a Cashier Resume Template

Already started your resume?

There’s a good chance that you’re using a Word document.

Although it’s an excellent tool for simple documents, Word is far from the best choice for resumes that look professional.

You see, Word isn’t the best for holding structure.

In fact, one small change can cause the whole document to fall apart!

To remove the headache and hours of frustration, use a cashier resume template. Any of the following resume templates can be tailored for the cashier position.

What to Include in a Cashier Resume

The main sections in a cashier resume are:

  • Work Experience
  • Contact Information

To really impress the hiring manager, you can also add these optional sections:

  • Volunteer Experience
  • Personal Projects

Interests & Hobbies

So those are the sections you need, but what do you write for each of them? 

Let’s find out!

Want to learn more about each of the different sections? View our guide on What to Put on a Resume .

How to Correctly Display your Contact Information

Accuracy is important when cashing-up at the end of your shift.

And your contact section is no different.

The section may seem easy to complete, but one mistake can result in an impressed recruiter who can’t contact you!

The contact information section must include:

  • Title – Align this to the role you’re applying for, so “Cashier”
  • Phone Number – Check this number carefully 
  • Email Address – Use a professional email address ([email protected]), not a funny one from your youth ([email protected]).
  • Location - City/Country.
  • Optional - relevant social medias.
  • Vanessa Small - Cashier. 101-358-6095. [email protected]
  • Vanessa Small - Cashier Queen. 101-358-6095. [email protected]

job search masterclass

How to Write a Cashier Resume Summary or Objective

Establishments are always on the lookout for more cashiers.

However, this fact only leads to an increase in job applicants. 

In fact, recruiters typically spend just a few seconds on each resume, due to the sheer volume of resumes they receive. 

Yes, that’s correct!

Fortunately, there’s a way to make the recruiter treat your resume differently from the rest.

Just use a resume summary or objective .

As a cashier, you know that a friendly first impression is important. Similarly, both resume summaries and objectives can be thought of in the same way. They are short introductions that are positioned at the top of your resume.

They are both opening paragraphs, so what is the difference between a summary and an objective?

A cashier resume summary is a 2-4 sentence summary of your most notable experiences and achievements.

  • Experienced cashier with more than four years of experience assisting customers in the check-out process. Awarded “Employee of the Year” in both 2018 and 2019. Seeking a cashier role at XYZ RETAIL, where my service skills and friendly personality can be leveraged to achieve the highest quality of service at your establishment. 

A cashier resume objective is a 2-4 sentence paragraph of your goals and aspirations.

  • Enthusiastic and friendly waitress at a busy restaurant with 2 years of experience at keeping guests satisfied. Multiple “Employee of the Month” award winner. Seeking to leverage interpersonal skills to become a cashier at XYZ RETAIL. 

So, should a cashier use a summary or an objective?

Generally, those who have experience working as a cashier should choose a resume summary. An objective is ideal if you have the necessary skills, but haven’t worked as a cashier before. 

How to Make Your Cashier Work Experience Stand Out

Employers love nothing more than a cashier who has “been there and got the t-shirt.”

As such, your work experience section is the best chance to impress.

Here’s how to structure your work experience section:

  • Position name
  • Company Name
  • Responsibilities & Achievements

Supermarket XYZ

06/2017 – 04/2021

  • Achieved highest up-sell rates in both 2018 (1.9%) and 2019 (2.6%)
  • Operated a checkout lane for 10+ hour shifts
  • Kept checkout procedures quick and accurate 

As you can see, the above example focuses on the applicant’s best achievements . This allows the recruiter to see the benefits to hiring this applicant.

Instead of saying:

“Up-sold items”

“Achieved highest up-sell rates in both 2018 (1.9%) and 2019 (2.6%)”

The second statement shows that not only do you take your job seriously, but you add measurable value to the company.

Retail establishments need employees that can be trusted. So it’s a smart idea to show that you’re a hardworking applicant who can cope with long shifts.

What if You Don’t Have Any Relevant Cashier Experience?

Maybe you’re still at university, and looking for your first job?

Or maybe, you have experience with serving customers, but never behind a cash register?

Whatever the situation, the hiring manager needs someone they can trust. 

With that said, just because you’ve never worked as a cashier, doesn’t mean you lack the relevant skills and experiences to be a cashier!

You just need to show that you have the skills and that you’re keen to learn.

For example, if you’ve worked as a waitress in a coffee shop, you can talk about any crossover skills and experiences. Just like a cashier, you would need to be able to deal with customers and have a positive attitude. 

Use Action Words to Make Your Cashier Resume POP!

A recruiter has a similar job to a cashier.

Except, instead of facing never-ending streams of shopping, they face pile after pile of resumes.

One of the best ways to do this is to use power words :

How to Correctly List your Education

Now, you don’t need a degree to become a cashier.

But that doesn’t mean you should skip this section.

In fact, all you need to do is enter your education history in the follow format:

  • Degree Type & Major
  • University Name
  • Years Studied
  • GPA, Honours, Courses, and anything else you might want to add

High School Diploma

Westlake High School, Texas

Graduated 2017

Still concerned? Let’s answer some most frequent questions that we get:

What if I haven’t finished my current education yet?

  • No problem. Just mention your education to date.

Should I include my high school education?

  • It’s recommended only to include your highest form of education. If that’s your high school diploma, then list it.

What do I put first, my education or experience?

  • For a cashier role, your experiences always come first 

Need more advice? Check out our guide on how to list education on a resume .

Top 12 Skills for a Cashier Resume

Whether you’re a master up-seller or able to operate POS systems at warp speed, the hiring manager will want to know.

This is the place to boast about your skill-set.

But is there anything specific that the hiring managers want to see?

Well, yes. 

You can look at the job ad to identify which specific skills the company is looking for.

Here are some of the most common cashier skills:

Hard Skills for Cashiers:

  • Computer Skills
  • Mathematical Skills
  • Product Knowledge
  • Point of Sale (POS) Systems
  • Loss prevention techniques

Soft Skills for Cashiers:

  • Personable and friendly
  • Endurance (long hours)
  • Sales skills
  • Team player
  • Memory and recall
  • Conflict resolution
  • Don’t get too confident with the soft skills. You see, the recruiter will likely ask for examples of when you have displayed the skill listed. As such, only include skills that you actually posses.

Here’s a more comprehensive list of 100+ must-have skills this year .

What Else Can You Include?

Each of the main resume sections should be complete and ready to be bagged.

But don’t close your cash register just yet. 

Your resume needs to stand out!

The following sections are optional, but they could play significant role in whether you get an interview or not.

Awards & Certifications

Have you ever won an employee of the month award?

Have you improved your knowledge and skills with any third-party courses, like those on coursera?

Whatever the award or recognition, sing it loudly in your resume!

Applying to a Korean Food Shop?

Then being fluent in Korean is a good way to shortcut your resume to the top of the pile.

Whether it’s required that you speak a certain language or not, the ability to speak multiple languages is impressive – and no one can argue with that!

Rank the languages by proficiency:

  • Intermediate

Now, you may be wondering, “how is my love of golf related to my work as a cashier?”

Well, it allows the recruiter to find out WHO you are. 

So, if you want to show your personal side, make sure to list your personal interests and hobbies. 

Here are some hobbies & interests you may want to mention.

Include a Cover Letter with Your Resume

Want to leave your competition in the dust?

You can do this with a convincing cover letter .

You see, a resume displays the important information.

But nothing speaks to a recruiter like a cover letter that gets personal.

Do it correctly, and you’ll become the recruiter’s favorite applicant.

Here’s a winning structure:

cover letter structure

Your cover letter should include the following sections:

Personal Contact Information

Include your full name, profession, phone number, email, and address

Hiring Manager’s Contact Information

Include their full name, position, location, email

Opening Paragraph

Grab the reader’s attention with a powerful opening paragraph. Concisely mention…

  • The position you’re applying for
  • A summary of your experiences and best achievement to date

Once you’ve got their attention, you can delve further into the following specifics:

  • Why you chose this specific establishment
  • What you know about the establishment’s culture
  • How your skills will be beneficial to the establishment
  • If there are any similar establishments you have worked in before

Closing Paragraph

Avoid ending the conversation abruptly, you should:

  • Conclude the main points of your letter
  • Thank the hiring manager for their time and the opportunity
  • End with a call to action. This is a great way to take the conversation further. A simple “At your earliest opportunity, I’d love to discuss more about how I can be a valuable member of staff at XYZ” will work.

Formal Salutations

Although the cover letter should have a personal touch, the letter should end in a professional manner. A simple “Kind regards” or “Sincerely” will work a charm.

For extra advice and inspiration, read our step-by-step guide on how to write a cover letter .

Key Takeaways

Because if you followed the above steps, you’re about to secure an interview!

Let’s total up what we’ve learned today:

  • Choose the best format in regards to your specific situation. We recommend the reverse-chronological format, and then following the best practices on the layout.
  • Hook the recruiter with a brief resume summary or objective
  • Highlight your most relevant and notable work experiences, rather than your bar duties
  • Match your resume with a convincing cover letter to stand out

Suggested Reading:

  • How to Optimize your LinkedIn Profile to Complement Your Resume
  • 10+ Situational Interview Questions & Answers [Complete List]
  • How to Write Your First Job Resume [For 2024]

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Cashier Resume: Example and Tips

Elizabeth Muenzen, CPRW

  • 30% higher chance of getting a job
  • 42% higher response rate from recruiters

Our customers have been hired at: * Foot Note

Retail cashiers handle transactions with customers, while providing them with fair, friendly and courteous service. Cashiers need to be detail-oriented, meticulous and possess good math skills. Other traits this role requires include honesty and a strong work ethic.

To make your cashier resume stand out, use our resume examples and tips for presenting your qualifications.

Get inspiration from  800+ resume samples  and explore our  40+ resume templates  to find the best one for you.

More Resume examples for the next step in your retail career

  • Store Manager Resume
  • Retail Assistant Manager Resume
  • Sales Associate Resume
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Cashier example (text version)


Address : City, State, Zip Code Phone : 000-000-0000 E-Mail : [email protected]


Versatile Cashier with exemplary cash register system skills and EDUCATION proven commitment to store cleanliness and safety. Determined to lead and promote high levels of customer service and engagement High School Diploma efforts.


Cashier Team Lead , 07/2018 to Current

Company Name, City, State

  • Quickly and accurately counted drawers at start and end of each shift.
  • Maintained current knowledge of store promotions and highlighted sales to customers.
  • Processed POS transactions, including checks, cash and credit purchases or refunds.
  • Maintained supply levels in counter and customer areas to meet typical demands.
  • Learned every menu preparation and numerous off-label drinks to meet all customer needs.
  • Constantly expanded personal knowledge of coffee styles and varieties.
  • Reconciled cash drawer at start and end of each shift, accounting for errors and resolving discrepancies.
  • Consistently met upsell goals by highlighting target merchandise with strategic promotional approaches.
  • Helped customers complete purchases, locate items and join reward programs to promote loyalty, satisfaction and sales numbers.

See why My Perfect Resume is a 5-star resume builder

Action words for a stand-out cashier resume.

Use action words and numbers to make your descriptions compelling.

Here’s a short list of effective action words for a cashier resume:

  • Collaborate

Need the perfect resume for a cashier job now? Our Resume Builder has all the tools you need to create a professional resume in minutes! We’ll help you fill in your template. Then you can make edits on the fly, download your finished resume, save it in multiple file formats and send it to your target employer. It’s that easy! 

Top skills for a cashier resume

Review the cashier job description closely and match the required skills to yours. 

As a cashier, your skills might include the following:

  • Interpersonal skills
  • Collaboration
  • Verbal communication
  • Flexibility
  • Multitasking
  • Customer service
  • Friendliness
  • Time management
  • Problem-solving
  • Conflict resolution
  • Reliability
  • Trustworthiness

Certifications for a cashier resume

There are several certifications that cashiers can obtain to demonstrate their knowledge and skills in cash handling, customer service and other relevant areas. Here are a few examples:

  • National Retail Federation (NRF) Customer Service Certification
  • Cashier Certification Program

While certifications are not always required for cashier positions, obtaining a relevant certification can demonstrate a commitment to professional development and may make a candidate more competitive in the job market.

Pair your resume with a matching cover letter

Cashier resume faq, 1. what are the skills you should emphasize for this specific job, 2. how long should my resume be.

Stick to a single-page resume which includes only relevant details. Use concise bullet points, with action verbs that effectively communicate your achievements, rather than overlong phrases. Also make sure your resume is cleanly laid out for easy scanning by hiring managers, with enough spacing to make it easy on the eyes.

3. How should you incorporate keywords into your resume?

Employers often use application tracking systems (ATS) to scan for job-specific keywords, phrases, skills and qualifications, rejecting resumes that don’t include them. The best way to get the right keywords into your resume is to  review the job description and determine what skills are most relevant to the employer. You can also go through the company website to pick out information from their mission statement and “about us” sections. Include these keywords in your summary, skills and work history sections, showing your abilities and achievements in these areas.

4. Should you include references in your resume?

References should not be a part of your resume. Instead of using limited space on references, list your top skills and work-related achievements. If your potential employer/recruiter wants to get information about your previous work, they will request it separately.

5. How should you craft your resume if you’re looking to take the next step forward in your career?

  • Showcase your proficiency in all responsibilities related to the job, such as maintaining a clean checkout counter, handling equipment and answering customer queries.
  • Hit the goals and targets your employer has set for you, and also mention any recognition you’ve received for your work, such as Employee of the Month.
  • Expand your duties to other areas, such as preparing balance sheets, matching cash registers to sales, placing orders with suppliers and managing purchase receipts. The more you can prove you can handle different tasks, the better a chance of moving up to a higher-level position.

Do’s and Don’ts for Your Resume

  • DO include soft skills A cashier needs to effectively interact with customers and also take up customer queries, so include intangible skills like empathy and positivity. Other non-technical skills like flexibility and communication skills also underline your ability to work well in a retail environment.
  • DO quantify your past work When highlighting your achievements, the best way to showcase your worth is to use data and figures. Do not just write “fast checkout and payment processing;” mention “reduced customer wait time by 20% through efficient order processing at checkout counter.” Other examples of quantified achievements include “Maintained an accurate cash drawer of over $1,500 per shift” and “effectively communicated daily promotional schemes to over 50 customers on a daily basis.”
  • DO include strong action verbs Beginning sentences with strong action verbs makes you look more confident and competent in employers’ eyes. Phrases like “accurately processed” and “effectively resolved” are good choices to start your sentences rather than overused buzzwords like “assisted” and “maintained.” Keep in mind that including powerful action verbs does not mean using complex words that are incomprehensible without a dictionary.
  • DON’T use a single resume for different jobs Different employers will prioritize different skills, so customize your resume for every job you apply to. Match your skills and experiences to the requirements of the job description. For example, a cashier job at a large department store might emphasize keeping track of various promotions and handling customer membership cards, while a cashier job at an electronics store might require specialized equipment knowledge and the ability to cross-sell products at the counter.
  • DON’T write long objective statements A lengthy opening resume objective that states your career goals is a thing of the past on resumes. Instead, keep your sentences concise, and do away with first-person pronouns, e.g., “Efficient cashier experienced with bagging, boxing and wrapping merchandise” instead of “I am an efficient cashier in charge of packing and wrapping customer orders.”
  • DON’T forget to proofread A cashier needs to be meticulous, accurate and detail-oriented, and mistakes on your resume will give the opposite impression. Thoroughly check your resume for typing, spelling and grammatical mistakes. Make use of a spell-checker and ask a friend/colleague to vet your document, as a fresh pair of eyes can often spot unnoticed mistakes. Take this opportunity to review all the information in your document, and make sure it contains relevant keywords that match what the job requires.

Top 4 Characteristics of a Best-in-Class Cashier Resume

A summary statement is a recap of your professional background, cashier skills and work experience up to this point. Keep your summary short and concise. Describe who you are in terms of your top relevant skills and abilities, such as attention to detail, dependability and strong work ethic (e.g., “Dependable cashier with experience in retail”). Mention your best work-related achievement (e.g., “Handled transactions accurately for restaurant serving 400+ customers per day”). You can also include personality traits such as “friendly disposition” and “accurate arithmetic skills” to give the employer a better sense of your approach to work.

List your top abilities and qualifications in quick, easy-to-read bullets. You should also consider breaking your skills into separate categories, such as: •Technical skills: or knowledge that can be acquired through training, such as “arithmetic skills” and proficiency with Point of Sale (POS) equipment such as debit/credit card machines and barcode systems. • Soft skills: These are skills that cannot be quantified but are crucial to the job, such as “dependability” and “attention to detail.” • Industry-specific skills: In the retail sector, you can mention “customer service” as well as specific product knowledge or familiarity with inventory tracking.

Work history

Highlight your accomplishments on the job rather than just listing your experiences. Be concise and focus on the value you added while employed at a particular company. An entry such as “Accurately processed customer transactions and maintained cash drawer” makes more impact than “I have experience handling orders and processing orders for customers while maintaining the cash drawer.”

List your highest formal education, including degree name, college name, location and year of completion. You can also mention proficiency in arithmetic and computer skills through any training/certifications you may have. Mentioning your fluency in different languages can be beneficial for jobs in international companies.

Cover letter examples for the next step in your retail career

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  • Parking Lot Associate Cover Letter
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  • Store Manager Cover Letter

CV examples for the next step in your retail career

  • Commercial Store Manager CV

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25 Cashier Resume Objective Examples No Experience

What is a resume objective.

A resume objective for an entry-level cashier position is a detailed, yet concise statement about who you are, and what you bring to the company. Clearly identifying your aspirations, and highlighting your skills is very important here.

Importance of an Entry Level Cashier Resume Objective

Writing a superb resume objective at the entry-level is imperative to your professional success because a hiring manager may make assumptions about your skills from the first line that they read. Since you cannot write much about your experience at the entry-level, it is important to concentrate on what skills you bring to the table.

Combining your knowledge of cashiering work, and abilities in actually performing the task is what your resume objective should primarily include.

Here are the top 25 entry-level cashier resume objectives that you can take ideas from:

Top 25 Entry Level Cashier Resume Objective Examples

1. Recent high school graduate, with a deep interest in working as a Cashier at Billy’s Retail. Hoping to expand upon my existing cashiering knowledge, while providing the benefit of this expansion to the company.

2. Dedicated and resourceful individual, with knowledge of operating, and balancing POS systems, hoping to acquire the first job at Connor Groceries. Hoping to maximize customers’ experience through the delivery of excellent cashiering services.

3. Motivated individual, seeking a position as a Cashier at Miller’s, hoping to provide the benefit of cashiering know-how acquired during a short internship. Able to work on popular POS systems, with respect to cash balancing, and payment processing, aiming to help the company handle its cash points in a professional manner.

4. Obtain a Cashier position at Walmart, hoping to provide the benefit of a temporary retail position to help with cashiering services at the store. Strong communication, and interpersonal abilities, with a solid grasp on customer services, aimed at helping the company retain its business.

5. To secure employment at Follet, which offers a consistently positive atmosphere to learn, implement cashiering prowess. Hoping to work as a Cashier, targeted at the betterment of the organization, through excellent customer services.

6. Recent graduate, with some exposure to customer services in a retail environment. Looking for a Cashier position at Harris Teeter, which enables the use of customer service skills, and POS handling to support the growth of the customer base.

7. Desire to work as a Cashier at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Encouraged to dedicatedly provide POS management and drawer balancing services. Hoping to further develop payment processing abilities, as well as supporting the company to meet its goals and objectives.

8. To attain a Cashier position at JC Penny, where I can fully utilize my training in cash management services, to ensure the company’s growth, and help it meet its customer services, and cash management goals.

9. A position as a Cashier at Delta Retail, anticipating utilizing proven skills in contributing to the organization’s profitable sales growth, through delivering company checkout experience strategies.

10. Cashier, with a solid interest in working at Maverick Inc., hoping to promote line management and checkout standards, helping the company meets its set goals for customer service perfection.

11. Highly enthusiastic individual, with a solid interest in working as a Cashier at Meet & Co. Leveraging inherent skills in providing prompt, efficient, and courteous customer services, to help the company meet its progressive sales and customer service roles.

12. To offer my skills to Traders Axe in a Cashier position. Aiming to enhance cashiering and customer service skills, as well as oping to provide the benefit of cash handling, and drawer balancing abilities.

13. To secure a position rooted in customer services, where my knowledge of cashiering services can be taken positive advantage of. Hoping to work at 7/11, leveraging the knowledge of operating, and balancing POS systems, and handheld cashiering devices.

14. Seeking a rewarding Cashier position at 8th Avenue, where I can analyze and improve my customer services, and POS system handling skills, while providing the company with excellence in services, measured through customer feedback.

15. Hardworking high school graduate, seeking a Cashier position at Seven Eleven, that will encourage the use of skills in managing high-end customer contact, at the POS level. Anticipating contribution of learned on the job skills to improve sales, and customer service standards.

16. Responsible individual, with a solid interest in working as a Cashier at Wok Designs. Hoping to work for an organization that possesses the power to enhance my professional skills set for mutual growth.

17. Looking at new Cashier opportunities, with a target to help Mart One achieve its customer retention goals. Hoping to offer basic knowhow of working on POS systems, with the aim of contributing to the overall success of the company.

18. Energetic, customer-focused individual, seeking a position as a Cashier at Bin Matte Center, where a basic knowledge of cash handling and customer services can be built upon, and utilized to contribute to the successful and profitable operations of the company.

19. To acquire a challenging Cashier career at Jacob’s Retail, utilizing the opportunity to offer proven and developing cash management, and instrument processing skills with the company.

20. Competent business graduate, with a deep interest in working as a Cashier at Fourth Avenue. Academic track record of keeping at the forefront of all customer service activities, with some exposure to working in a real-time retail environment. Aiming to provide the company with solid cashiering services, aiming to meet set goals.

21. Looking at new opportunities to leverage inbuilt retail management skills in a Cashierrole at Craven Mathew’s, hoping to have an immediate impact on customer retention, through the provision of well-placed cashiering services.

22. To offer my cashiering skills to Greta’s Retail Store, grasping the power to enhance professional skills set, while contributing to the vision and mission of the store.

23. To develop my career as a Cashier while working at Mid-city Store, seeking to enhance customer services at the checkout, aimed at quality assurance, and revenue growth.

24. Perusing position as a Cashier at Windows and Panes to support and grow customer loyalty, through the implementation of well-placed cash and credit processing services.

25. Committed individual, with a strong interest in working as a Cashier at Billboard International. My aim is to make a significant contribution to the overall goals of the company, working diligently, and in a service-oriented manner.

Making your resume objectives goal-oriented is most important, which is what all these examples show. What you are hoping to accomplish for yourself, as well as for the organization is important to include. It is vital to remember that a solid resume objective will open many doors to employment opportunities.

  • Cashier Cover Letter No Experience
  • Bank Cashier Cover Letter No Experience
  • Truck Driver Resume Objective Examples
  • Insurance Agent Resume Objective Examples
  • English (UK)
  • Português (BR)
  • Resume Examples

How to Make a Resume With No Experience (+Examples)

Yes—it is possible to write a great resume with no experience. And this guide will use resume examples for first jobs to show you how. Buy the ticket and take the ride.

Roma Kończak, CPRW

Applying for the first job ever can feel overwhelming. All these rules you’ve got to follow, and all these ads that ask for miracles from entry-level applicants. When each requires experience, how can you demonstrate it if you haven’t had a proper job before?

Hey, don’t worry—your resume with no experience is bound to succeed as long as you follow my guide.

In this article, you’ll find:

  • A resume example with no experience better than most.
  • How to make a resume with no experience for your first job.
  • What to put in a resume for first jobs, so it’s full of relevant info instead of blank spaces.
  • How to write a resume with no experience so good that you’ll get immediate phone calls.

Save hours of work and get a job-winning resume like this. Try our resume builder with 20+ resume templates and create your resume now.

Create your resume now

resume with no experience example

What users say about ResumeLab:

I had an interview yesterday and the first thing they said on the phone was: “Wow! I love your resume.” Patrick I love the variety of templates. Good job guys, keep up the good work! Dylan  My previous resume was really weak and I used to spend hours adjusting it in Word. Now, I can introduce any changes within minutes. Absolutely wonderful! George

Want some other first-time resume without experience? See our guides:

  • College Student Resume
  • Graduate School Resume
  • High School Graduate Resume
  • High School Resume
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  • Resume for College Application
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Haven't found what you're looking for? Check all our resume examples for over 280 applications.

Sample Resume With No Experience

Avery Waters

High-School Graduate

(123) 456-7890

[email protected]

Personable high-school graduate with a passion for the beauty industry seeking a retail assistant position. Knowledgeable about leading makeup brands and a keen tester of new cosmetic products. Eager to educate customers at Lovely Organic about the product selection, plant-based ingredients, and benefits of organic skincare. Gained cashier experience while volunteering at a bake sale in 2021. Runs an Instagram account dedicated to cosmetology since 2019.

High School Diploma

Salem High School, Salem, MA

September 2018–June 2022

Academic Accomplishments:

  • Participated in the Massachusetts State Science Exhibition in 2021 with a demonstration focused on harmful substances in everyday cosmetics.
  • Selected as the sole participant in the 2022 U.S. National Chemistry Olympiad.
  • President of the Applied Chemistry Club in 2021–2022.

Personal Projects

Makeup Artist

June 2019–Present

  • Applied makeup for 20+ customers for a variety of events, including birthdays, prom, and weddings.
  • Designed wedding makeup for the bride, bridesmaids, and mothers of the bride and groom that matched the color palette of wedding decorations.
  • Educated clients about proper makeup application, skincare, and makeup brush selection.

Volunteer Experience

Salvation Army, Salem, MA

August 2020–Present

  • Performed cashier duties at a holiday bake sale in December 2021.
  • Helped sort donated items to select goods for the thrift store displays.
  • Positive attitude
  • Verbal communication
  • Time management
  • Interpersonal skills
  • English—Native
  • Spanish—Intermediate
  • French—Intermediate
  • Testing new cosmetic products and recording product reviews as stories for Instagram and TikTok accounts.
  • Learning about cosmetology and plant-based cosmetic ingredients from books and independent blogs.

Enjoyed this first-job resume sample? Continue reading to learn how to write a resume with no experience similar to the one above. 

And because you’ll be making your resume for your first job, you can click these links to read about certain steps of the process, with examples.

  • Use the Best Format for a Resume With No Experience
  • Start by Adding a Resume Header
  • Choose Between a Career Objective or a Summary
  • Supercharge Your Education With Achievements and Extracurriculars
  • Mention Relevant Experience in a First-Job Resume
  • Highlight Skills in a Resume With No Experience
  • Add Even More Value With Extra Sections  

Let me guide you through each point now:

1. Use the Best Format for a Resume With No Experience

You might’ve heard about various resume formats . Which one should you choose for your resume with no experience? 

Go with the reverse-chronological resume . It’s preferred by recruiters and easily adjustable for any candidate, no matter their level of experience. It's also what career experts like me suggest most of the time.

Then, keep in mind these rules:

  • Make a professional resume layout that’s scannable, or browse through free resume templates to find the one you like most.
  • Select a good resume font , such as Times New Roman, Calibri, or Georgia, and set the font size to 11–12 pts for the contents and 13–14 pts for the headings.
  • Set resume margins to 1 inch on all sides to maintain the balance between the text and white space.
  • Create a resume outline with the sections you’re going to use. They are resume profile, education, experience, skills, and a few extra sections like languages or volunteer work.
  • Limit the length of your resume to just one page—there’s no need to go beyond that in a resume with no experience.
  • Save your resume in a DOC or PDF : first, check if the job ad mentions the preferred format. If not, go with a PDF, as this format best preserves the formatting the way you want.

If formatting documents in Word or Google Docs is not your strong suit, go with pre-made resume templates instead. You can easily find them online, or you can save some time and try our collection of Word resume templates or Google Docs resume templates to see if they match your taste.

2. Start by Adding a Resume Header to Your Resume With No Experience

The hiring manager’s gaze will first land at the top of your resume. That’s the place where your resume header must appear. It’s not only a space to put your name in—it’s also the best section to display your contact information on a resume with no experience.

Here’s what you should put in a resume header:

  • Your full name and desired job title or your major
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Professional social media links

What does the term professional social media mean, exactly? From my experience, LinkedIn is your best choice, as it’s a network designed specifically for business purposes. But if you run an Instagram or Facebook account related to your profession, that’s a good option, too. For example, if you’re an aspiring graphic designer, an Instagram page showcasing your work is perfect.

Expert Hint: Make sure your email address sounds serious. An unprofessional email address is one of the most popular mistakes made on resumes when applying for jobs. Consider creating a new account for work, and keep it separate from your personal email.

3. Choose Between a Career Objective or a Summary For Your No Experience Resume

A good resume starts with a powerful profile. In a resume with no experience, the introduction must immediately convince the reader that you have serious worth. How? By highlighting your qualifications for the job.

Two types of resume profiles work best:

  • Resume summary , which highlights professional achievements and experience
  • Resume objective , which highlights skills and knowledge and specifies what the candidate can do for the employer

So, which one of these two is the best choice for you? 

Go with a resume objective . This type of profile focuses on what you can achieve while working in your position. Use it to mention relevant skills and knowledge to help you succeed professionally. You might also say a few words about your relevant experience from part-time jobs, volunteer work, or university.

If you prefer to write a resume summary , it’s also possible, even for a candidate with no experience. A classic resume summary highlights professional achievements . And they don’t have to be work-related. You can name achievements from internships, extracurricular activities, academic activities, volunteer work, or anything else that connects well to your desired job.

You’ll see examples of resume objectives and summaries in a minute. But first:

Here’s a job-winning formula for a good resume profile :

  • Start with a personality trait that says you’re a great employee, such as “dedicated,” “goal-oriented,” “personable,” etc.
  • Follow with the desired job title, field of study, or education level , e.g., “third-year BBA student” or “personal assistant.”
  • Mention your professional knowledge and relevant skills . You can do it this way: “...specializing in microbiology”, “proficient in Java and Python,” or “...with strong interpersonal and communication skills”.
  • Specify how you can help the company achieve its goals . Try something like that: “Eager to utilize knowledge about English literature and use mentoring skills to support learners and improve their academic performance while working as a tutor at Sunshine Quality Education.”
  • Recall any relevant experience —it can be a professional, academic, freelance, volunteer, or even extracurricular, as long as it matches the position you want. For example: “Developed interpersonal and organizational skills while volunteering at the student community center in 2022–2023.”

Now, enough theory. I'll show you some examples:

Resume Example With No Work Experience: Objective

This example includes all the elements I’ve mentioned: the candidate’s knowledge, the goal they want to achieve for the business, useful skills, and relevant experience. It also expresses their keen interest in the job.

Hard-working student looking for a cashier job. I hope to gain customer service experience while working at Blue Fan Groceries. I’m a friendly person, and I easily get along with everyone.

The candidate above could be a good fit for the job, but they don’t know how to express it. Statements like “I’m friendly” don’t sound professional. Also, the employer doesn’t care much about what the applicants want to gain from the job—they want to know what the business will gain.

Now, let’s move on to an example of a resume summary:

Summary for a Resume With No Experience (Example)

Detail-oriented software engineering student specializing in machine learning. Eager to join CodApply as a junior data analyst and use my knowledge of Python to assist with developing computer vision models. Completed a 3-month data engineering internship in 2022. Created a fake news detection application in Python as part of my bachelor’s thesis project.

This fresher resume summary includes all the important elements: relevant knowledge and skills, a specific goal, and relevant achievement. Even though this person has no work experience, their knowledge and academic background make them a valuable candidate.

Expert hint: Remember that you don’t have to write your resume profile immediately. In fact, it’s better to complete the other sections of your resume and then combine the best bits into your resume objective or summary!

4. Supercharge Your Education With Achievements and Extracurriculars

A resume with no experience should boast about education. Even though not all well-paid jobs require a college degree , getting one still matters, and it’s one of the easiest steps to improve career outlooks. Ergo, your education section must mention much more than just the name of the school you attended.

Here’s how to make a strong education section in your first-job resume:

  • List your highest degree first. If you haven’t graduated from college or university yet, mention your current credits and add your secondary education, too, in reverse-chronological order.
  • Include the school name and years of study.
  • Add your GPA if it’s above 3.5.
  • Note the most relevant coursework to the job you’re after.
  • Show off academic achievements such as scholarships, awards, and honors.
  • Throw in extracurricular activities, such as membership in student organizations, participation in conferences, organizing charity events, sports competitions, and any other activities that can prove relevant to the job you want. Doing more than just studying while at school can be really beneficial. Your time at college can not only get you a degree but also provide a chance to start networking as a student .

Once clear, check the sample no-experience resume below:

Resume Example for the First Job: Education

Pretty impressive for a high-school student, right?

Brooklyn High School, New York City, NY

Graduated in 2021

Joined the track and field team

That second candidate didn’t list any info that could help win a recruiter over.

In order to make the education section of your resume worth reading, add details showing achievements and actions on your part. A good way to do that is to use active verbs in your resume , such as “organized,” “demonstrated,” “completed,” etc. Give it a try—you’ll see an immediate difference in how your resume presents itself.

5. Mention Relevant Experience in a First-Job Resume

OK, I told you about relevant academic achievements and coursework, so now let’s talk about experience relevant to the job. What does that mean ?

It means that even if you have no work experience , you can list experiences that helped you develop key skills and qualifications for the job you want.

Here are the types of experiences you can talk about in your no-experience resume:

  • Internships: If you’ve completed one, mention what you’ve learned and what you excelled at.
  • Freelancing: Doing odd jobs in the neighborhood, like mowing lawns, babysitting, and delivering groceries for the elderly, can teach you a thing or two about being dependable and organized.
  • Personal projects: For example, if you want a job at a restaurant, having a blog where you post regular restaurant reviews and share recipes can be a thing worth mentioning.
  • Volunteering experience : It not only shows that you care about others but also allows you to prove your professionalism. Helping in a pet shelter, supporting a community organization, participating in fundraisers, and doing other volunteer activities can teach you skills to transfer between careers.

Check the sample below to put the theory into practice:

Resume Example for the First Job: Relevant Experience

This candidate knows how to show they’re not green behind the ears. They started each statement with power words for a resume to make a good impression, and the candidate provided specific information about their skill set.

Freelance Work

  • Designing business cards
  • Creating website graphics
  • Retouching photos for the school basketball team

The candidate above might be quite skillful. The problem is—they don’t know how to show it. Listing experiences that way isn’t convincing and doesn’t show if you’re successful in any of the tasks.

When describing your experience, use resume keywords that match the job advertisement. They are individual words and phrases that both hiring managers and automated scans look out for. They signal that your qualifications match the job requirements. For example, if the job ad says: “Looking for a people person with strong interpersonal skills,” your resume needs to include interpersonal and people skills. 

Using keywords in a resume with no experience will help you create an ATS-friendly resume that will pass through ATS screening systems and has a better chance of getting noticed.

The ResumeLab builder is more than looks. Get specific content to boost your chances of getting the job. Add job descriptions, bullet points, and skills. Easy. Improve your resume in our resume builder now .


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6. Highlight Skills in a Resume With No Experience

“It’s true that I don’t have work experience. But that doesn’t mean I can’t do anything!”

You’re right. But you must convince the hiring manager that this is true. And the best way to do it in a resume with no experience is by stuffing it with relevant skills. After all, you’ve learned a thing or two throughout your life, and if you’re a university student or graduate, you also picked up some expert knowledge.

But how to put it all together on a resume? Let me tell you. Start by making a spreadsheet with two columns: soft skills and hard skills.

  • Soft skills are personality traits that help you interact with others and approach different situations effectively. They’re often called people or interpersonal skills. While at school, there’s a good chance you developed such soft skills as teamwork, communication, time management, or problem-solving.
  • Hard skills refer to job-specific knowledge and abilities needed to complete specific tasks. You can gain them through education, courses, or on-the-job training. For example, if you studied software engineering, you gained hard skills such as programming, software testing, and data structures.

So, in your spreadsheet, fill the soft and hard skills columns with relevant skills you’ve mastered. It’s OK if the soft skill list is longer than the other. Why? Because soft skills are also transferable, meaning that they apply to a variety of professions.

When your list is ready, take a look at the job advertisement. The job requirements specify what kind of skills and knowledge are expected from you. Compare them with your lists of skills, and pick only the ones that match. 

The skills picked for a resume should appear in different sections. You should sprinkle them in your resume profile, education, and when describing relevant experiences. For example, if the job ad calls for someone who excels in time management, mention how you completed all assignments within deadlines and handled a hectic schedule at college. But also remember to make a separate skill list for your resume.

How to make a skill list for a no-experience resume:

  • Make a list of all the skills you’ve got, including hard and soft skills.
  • Read the job advertisement carefully and note the key requirements.
  • Select 6–10 skills matching the job requirements from your list.

Check the list below to see the most popular skills for a resume with no experience:

List of Skills for a First-Job Resume

  • Time management skills
  • Organizational skills
  • Creative thinking
  • Critical thinking
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Effective communication
  • Presentation skills
  • Teamwork skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Computer skills

The list above can inspire you for the skill section of your first-job resume. But don’t copy-paste it onto your application! The point of the skill list in a resume is to show the most relevant skills for the job, so you have to be selective.

Here’s a job ad for a retail assistant position:

Seeking a part-time retail assistant to perform store functions, including greeting customers, taking orders over the phone, and entering them into a Word document in a timely manner. Must be good at communication and teamwork and have a friendly attitude. 

And below, you can see a matching skill list for a resume:

Sample Resume With No Experience: Skills

This candidate was applying for a retail job, and their skills match this type of work perfectly.

Leadership, IT skills, marketing, Excel

In the example above, the candidate wrote whatever came to their mind. Even if they really possess those skills, it’s not likely that they match what was outlined in the job advertisement.

7. Add Even More Value to Your No Experience Resume

You’ve done a lot of work, but it’s not the end yet. There’s still more information you can add to a resume with no experience to make it more effective. Additional sections are great for highlighting achievements, qualifications, and skills that you haven’t mentioned before. 

Choose from the following resume sections:

  • Certifications and licenses : Doing certification courses is a great way to gain new skills and later prove your knowledge to recruiters. You can find lots of online courses, and many are free of charge!
  • Language skills: Learning a language not only broadens your horizons and makes international travel easier, but it can also bring more work opportunities. Many overseas companies prefer hiring candidates who can communicate in several languages.
  • Hobbies and interests : Your personal interests can show that you’re truly passionate about your desired profession. For example, if you want to apply for an entry-level graphic designer job, mention your interest in visual arts.
  • Memberships and associations: Want a job at your local library? Why not say being a member of a book club? Being an active member of any association can help you develop organizational and leadership skills as well as create a valuable network of like-minded people.

Have a look at my examples below:

Additional Sections Examples on a No-Experience Resume

Don’t be afraid to describe your activities in more detail, just like the candidate above. It’ll help recruiters to see how they match your desired position.

  • Languages: English, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese
  • Certification: Project Management certificate
  • Interests: Basketball, coding, travel

That’s not how professionals write a no-experience resume. You must provide specific information. For example, when you mention your language skills on a resume, add information about your proficiency level. And when listing certifications, mention the organization that awarded them and when.

Expert Hint: After completing your resume, take a well-deserved break and start writing a cover letter. Yes—you can write a professional cover letter with no experience , and it can really boost your chances of landing a job.

Double your impact with a matching resume and cover letter combo. Use our cover letter generator and make your application documents pop out.


create your cover letter now

Want to try a different look? There's 21 more. A single click will give your document a total makeover. Pick a cover letter template here .

Here’s how to make a resume with no experience: 

  • Use the no-experience resume template that you saw up top. It can help to stop the “can’t get a job without experience” cycle.
  • Focus on relevant life experiences and accomplishments. Put them in your objective, education, and additional resume sections.
  • Add the skills they need, not the ones you have. They’re your best keywords, and you can easily find them in the online job ad.
  • Include a cover letter. Give evidence you’re a good fit despite a lack of work experience.

Got questions on how to write a resume with no work experience? Maybe you don’t know where to start writing your resume for the first job? Leave a comment. I’ll be happy to reply!

About ResumeLab’s Editorial Process

At ResumeLab, quality is at the crux of our values, supporting our commitment to delivering top-notch career resources. The editorial team of career experts carefully reviews every article in accordance with editorial guidelines , ensuring the high quality and reliability of our content. We actively conduct original research, shedding light on the job market's intricacies and earning recognition from numerous influential news outlets . Our dedication to delivering expert career advice attracts millions of readers to our blog each year.

Roma Kończak, CPRW

Roma Kończak is a career expert and a Certified Professional Résumé Writer with a background in education and humanities. She’s passionate about personal development and helping others advance in their careers. She writes guides that simplify complex HR terminology based on thorough research and factual information.

no experience template simple

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Do you have a top-notch cashier resume?

[ Click here to directly go to the complete cashier resume sample. ]

...that will get you shortlisted for the cashier job that you have always wanted?

If you don’t, then it looks like you’re doing it all wrong.

But don’t worry; we have a plan for you.

Landing a job today is unbelievably difficult and the competition is high. You don’t stand a chance of a shortlist without an impeccable resume that will make you so attractive a candidate that everyone will want you on board.

Your task here is to make a job-winning resume and through this blog, we will teach you how to do it.

Here’s a summary of our Cashier Resume 2022 Blog:

  • Do not write "CV or Resume" as your profile header
  • Use the reverse chronological order across all sections in your cashier resume
  • Do not use paragraphs in your resume for cashier jobs. Use one-liner points to enhance the readability of your resume for cashier jobs
  • Write your resume summary or objective at the end. This should not exceed 5 lines and should ideally be written within 3 lines

By the end of this blog, you will be able to write the perfect resume for cashier jobs and you will learn:

  • What to write in your cashier resume and how to write it
  • Which points to emphasize in your resume for cashier jobs
  • How to add job-winning, ATS-targeted cashier resume key skills
  • How to make your resume for cashier jobs more objective
  • How to write your cashier resume in the correct format

. . . . All so you can write a perfect resume for cashier jobs!!

In the meanwhile, feel free to use Hiration's Online Resume Builder to curate a perfect cashier resume that brews excellence.

Our Online Resume Builder has the ideal cashier resume template that you can personalize according to your needs.

All you have to do is fill in the details! It doesn’t get any easier.

So make use of Hiration’s Online Resume Builder today!

In this blog, we will be discussing the below mentioned topics:

Cashier Job Description Resume

[ Back to Table of Content ] What are the duties and responsibilities of a cashier? What do you put in a cashier job description resume? These are the questions that we will address here before we teach you how to write an ideal resume for cashier jobs.

We all know that a cashier’s job is not an easy one. After all, they are responsible for handling the finances of the store or organization that they work with.

Mentioned below is a list of the main duties and responsibilities of a cashier:

  • Assist customers in the in-store check-out process
  • Balancing of cash drawers
  • Maintaining records of transactions
  • Interacting with customers
  • Resolving customer queries and disputes

You will be responsible for the above tasks if you become a cashier.

Cashier Resume Sample

[ Back to Table of Content ] Before we start, here’s a cashier resume example of how you should write a perfect resume for cashier jobs.

Take a look at the cashier resume sample below!

  • Facilitated the balancing of cash drawers worth $5000+ at the end of each shift
  • Operated POS cash register and efficiently handled 100+ transactions on a daily basis
  • Administered the opening & closing of registers and maintained records of transactions
  • Implemented new customer service strategies leading to 20% increase in customer satisfaction
  • Ensured customer education of 300+ customers weekly by educating them of the latest offers & promotions
  • Settled billing problems for 50+ customers daily and resolved customer queries & disputes
  • Conducted cashier audits and generated reports of receipts on a weekly basis
  • Top 5 percentile of the class

Cashier Salary Analysis: How much money do cashiers make?

[ Back to Table of Content ] You probably want to be a cashier and you probably know how much money you can potentially make as a cashier.

But if you don’t, here’s something interesting to chew on.

According to the information given on various websites, cashiers make an average of the below mentioned figures:

  • Glassdoor : $18.9k – 27.9k per year
  • Payscale : $7.61 - $12.2 per hour
  • Ziprecruiter : $1.38k – 2.42k per week

What is a Cashier Resume & why do you need it?

[ Back to Table of Content ] Just like you necessarily need a passport to travel anywhere abroad, you necessarily need a cashier resume to get shortlisted for the cashier job that you want.

But any ABC cashier resume will not do this for you.

These days, companies are using the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) as a filtering mechanism to shortlist candidates. This means that you need an ATS-targeted cashier resume to land the cashier job of your dreams.

Your resume should be designed to suit the ATS system and in this blog, we will teach you all about it.

In the meanwhile, if you have a pre-written cashier resume that you want us to review, you can use Hiration’s Resume Review Service.

Cashier Resume Sections

[ Back to Table of Content ] To perfect your resume for cashier jobs, it is important that you compose the following sections in your cashier resume:

  • Personal Information
  • Profile Title
  • Summary/Objective
  • Professional Experience
  • Certifications
  • Additional Information

To read a highly detailed blog on resume sections, read Hiration's 2022 Guide to sections in a resume .

Write your cashier resume without any dilly dally with Hiration’s Online Resume Builder.

How to write a Cashier Resume

[ Back to Table of Content ] Writing a perfect cashier resume demands that you follow the rules of resume writing.

In practice, resume experts have come up with 3 main stages for writing a resume for cashier jobs. We have mentioned them below:

  • First Stage of Resume Writing: Master Cashier Resume
  • Second Stage of Resume Writing: First Draft of your Cashier Resume
  • Third Stage of Resume Writing: Final Draft of your Cashier Resume

Master Cashier Resume

The master resume stage is the first stage in the tedious process of resume writing.

It is called the master resume stage because it is here that all your work-related information is stored for reference.

What you should do is compile all your relevant and not-so-relevant work-related information in one place. This sees to it that your resume has all the data it needs to perfectly curate your cashier resume.

This stage of resume writing eliminates the need to explicitly look for information.

This enables you to easily extract meaningful information that will help you with your job application in the present and the future.

First Draft of your Cashier Resume

In the second stage of writing your resume for cashier jobs, you have to make the first draft of your resume.

In the first draft stage of resume making, you need to compose the following sections:

  • Personal information
  • Profile title
  • Client/Brand names
  • Work experience
  • Certification
  • Awards & recognition
  • Additional information

Final Draft of your Cashier Resume

In the third and final stage of crafting your resume for cashier jobs, you have to conclude your resume by filling the following sections:

  • Compose the key skills section : Conclude your cashier resume by filling this section. All you have to do is identify your core skills and list them down in the key skills section of your resume for cashier jobs.
  • Compose the summary or objective section : The resume summary or objective needs to be composed at the end after you have completed the rest of your resume. Write a cashier resume summary if you have worked for over 3 years. If you have worked for less than 3 years, write a cashier resume objective.

How to write your Cashier Resume: Conclusion

When you get to the tedious task of writing your resume, follow the 3 stages that we have discussed in explicit detail above.

By doing this, you are following the right pattern and rhythm, which further sees to it that your cashier resume is written professionally.

You can also make use of Hiration's Online Resume Builder. It has a well-stocked library of cashier resume sample and cashier resume examples that you can learn from.

Moreover, our templates have ready-to-use content which you can personalize to suit your needs and preferences according to your target job listing.

This makes Hiration’s Online Resume Builder one of the easiest tools to work with!

Ideal Resume Format for your Cashier Resume

[ Back to Table of Content ] Not many people will tell you this, but writing your cashier resume in the ideal format can elevate your chances of a shortlist while making your resume both ATS-targeted and more presentable than other resumes.

Under the “How to write your cashier resume” section of this blog, we have talked about the rampant use of ATS today.

Your goal is to make an ATS-targeted cashier resume that will win you the job of your dreams. Surprisingly, the format of your resume can make all the difference.

Years of industry research has shown that the ATS prefers the reverse chronological order in resumes. This resume format meets the ATS demand and increases your chance of ranking better than other applicants in the ATS system.

This resume format displays your most recent work experience first followed by the second most recent work experience, and so forth.

Your most recent work experience is the most relevant element in your job application.

By listing the most recent work experience first, this resume format makes your resume more relevant and meaningful. It also ranks higher in the ATS, thus enhancing your chances of a shortlist.

The Reverse Chronological Resume Format has thus proved to be a winner of resume formats. This is the format that you should use for drafting your resume.

Cashier Resume: Professional Experience Section

[ Back to Table of Content ] The professional experience section is the most important element of your cashier resume.

When you start working on your cashier resume, this is the first section that you should compose. It should sufficiently and professionally highlight your cashier resume skills.

This section should objectively and professionally bring out your skills and capabilities in the most attractive manner.

This can be done in three ways. We have mentioned them below:

  • Use the STAR format
  • Write this section in points
  • Use bolding & bucketing to complement these points

We will now be discussing both these points in detail.

But before we do, head over to Hiration's Blog on how to compose the work experience in your resume to curate the perfect professional experience section for your cashier resume.

Here's our cashier resume sample illustrating the ideal professional experience section for your resume:

Professional Experience Section in Cashier Resume

STAR Format

Here's something that no one told you:

The structure of your resume is important. It needs to be done in an ideal format.

There is a unanimous consensus among resume experts that the STAR format is the ideal format for structuring resumes.

The STAR format stands for the following:

S stands for Situation T stands for Task A stands for Action R stands for Result

The STAR format empowers you to articulate your roles and achievements in the most articulate way.

It enables the cause-effect relationship between why you did a given task/assignment and what the result of that task/assignment is.

This is done by quantifying your achievements in the form of figures.

By doing this, you can talk about your achievements in the best way.

Framing Points in your Cashier Resume

Framing points is important.

It is the best approach that anyone can take while writing resumes.

Hiration Pro Tip : Summarize the details of your work experience in the form of points. Do not use paragraphs.

Most people tend to write long paragraphs to get into the details of their roles and responsibilities. This is not ideal.

Writing your resume in the form of paragraphs should be strictly avoided as it makes your resume look bulky and lengthy. It also bores the life out of everyone.

This means that it will most definitely bore the life out of your recruiter too.

Moreover, composing paragraphs take a lot of time without the benefit of returns.

Without exaggeration, it is a waste of your time.

Here are two examples to demonstrate this.

We want you to concentrate on them.

"As part of the work that I was tasked with at Alfalfa Foods, I was in charge of facilitating the balancing of cash drawers worth $5000+ at the end of each shift. I also operated the POS cash register and efficiently handled 100+ transactions daily. Other responsibilities include administering the opening & closing of registers and maintaining records of transactions while implementing new customer service strategies which led to a whopping 20% increase in customer satisfaction. I was also responsible for ensuring customer education of over 300+ customers weekly by educating them on the latest offers & promotions. This resulted in more pro-active brand engagement which pushed up the sales of Alfalfa Foods".
Facilitated the balancing of cash drawers worth $5000+ at the end of each shift Operated POS cash register and efficiently handled 100+ transactions daily Administered the opening & closing of registers and maintained records of transactions Implemented new customer service strategies leading to 20% increase in customer satisfaction Ensured customer education of 300+ customers weekly by educating them of the latest offers & promotions

Framing points: Analysis

Most people today just don’t have the time for anything, unless they are gaining something out of it. The same logic applies to resumes too.

The recruiter is not gaining anything out of your resume. But you are losing a lot if the recruiter does not go through your resume.

If your cashier resume is written in paragraphs, it is likely that the recruiter might not even read the whole thing.

You probably didn’t read example 1 all the way through.

Moreover, both examples are saying the same things. So it doesn’t make sense to write a long paragraph when you can communicate the same thing in one-line points.

For instance, example 2 talks about the same thing as for example 1 with more clarity and objectivity. It is easier to read and comprehend and the recruiter is more likely to read your resume all the way through because it is easier to read.

It is also better articulated than example 1.

So, we advise you to frame points to best articulate the professional experience section of your cashier resume.

Bucketing & Bolding in your Cashier Resume

Bucketing & Bolding is to Framing Points what Rick is to Morty.

They complement each other and should, therefore, be used simultaneously.

Framing points without using bucketing & bolding lose objectivity and effectiveness.

Moreover, bucketing & bolding efficiently highlights your key achievements under each point which the framing points method fails to do alone.

Given below are two examples to prove this.

Facilitated the balancing of cash drawers worth $5000+ at the end of each shift Operated POS cash register and efficiently handled 100+ transactions on a daily basis Administered the opening & closing of registers and maintained records of transactions Implemented new customer service strategies leading to 20% increase in customer satisfaction Ensured customer education of 300+ customers weekly by educating them of the latest offers & promotions
Drawer Balancing & Cash Register Transaction Handling Facilitated the balancing of cash drawers worth $5000+ at the end of each shift Operated POS cash register and efficiently handled 100+ transactions on a daily basis Administered the opening & closing of registers and maintained records of transactions Customer Education & Transaction Implemented new customer service strategies leading to 20% increase in customer satisfaction Ensured customer education of 300+ customers weekly by educating them of the latest offers & promotions

Bucketing & Bolding: Analysis

You can easily draw the following conclusions from example 1 and 2:

  • Both examples are readable
  • Example 2 is more impactful than example 1 in its capacity to hold your attention

By using points, your resume becomes more readable. But when you use bucketing & bolding alongside points, it becomes more impactful.

It also captures the recruiter’s attention and directs it to your key achievements which is the whole point of your resume!

Cashier Resume: Header

[ Back to Table of Content ] There are certain guidelines that you should follow when you draft the resume header of your cashier resume. We have listed these guidelines below:

  • Your resume header features on the top-most part of your resume
  • Your full name is always the de-facto resume header of your cashier resume
  • The header of your cashier resume should be written in the largest font size
  • This should ideally be in the range of 16-20 font size
  • Give a single space between your first name and last name
  • If you have a middle name, follow the format we have given below
  • Dean John Winchester should be written as Dean J. Winchester

In the meanwhile, read Hiration’s 2022 Guide To Writing The Perfect Resume Header to curate a flawless resume header for your cashier resume.

To get your existing resume for cashier jobs professionally reviewed by our in-house team of resume experts, use Hiration’s Resume Review Service.

Sample cashier resumes with resume headers like this are considered the industry standard:

Head Section in Cashier Resume

Cashier Resume: Personal Information

[ Back to Table of Content ] The personal information section is important because it tells the recruiter some very basic but equally useful information about you, such as:

  • Updated mobile number
  • Professional email address

Your updated mobile number is important because it is used by the recruiter to contact you.

If you give the wrong mobile number accidentally, the recruiter will not be able to get in touch with you and you will lose out on a potential employment offer.

The professional email address is just as important. It is the official communication channel that recruiters use to communicate with you. Hence, it needs to not only be correctly written, but it should also reflect professionalism.

For instance, if your name is Lina Smith, the correct way to write your email ID is: [email protected]

Coming to the final point, your current location of residence is equally important as your updated mobile number and professional email address.

It tells the recruiter what your current city of residence is. So if a recruiter is looking to hire suitable candidates, they can directly get in touch with you.

The key elements of your personal information section: your mobile number, email address, and current location should be arranged horizontally under your profile header in the below-mentioned format:

{Personal Mobile number} | {Professional E-mail Address} | {Current Location}

Get a better idea of how this section is written by going through Hiration's 2022 Guide to composing your contact information .

Check out our cashier resume sample below to know what your personal information section should ideally look like.

Personal Information Section in Cashier Resume

Updated Mobile Number

Your updated mobile number should follow a standard format. We have listed these below:

  • Use your country’s ISD code as a prefix before your phone number
  • Put a plus sign (+) before the ISD code
  • Write your updated mobile number after the ISD code
  • Eg: +1 49823 83748

Professional E-mail Address

A lot of us end up writing our professional email ID in the wrong way.

Take a look at the format followed by person 1 and person 2:

Person 1 : [email protected] Person 2 : [email protected]

Person 1 has used a fancy and equally childish email ID while person 2 has used a professional email ID consisting of his name.

Person 2 has written his professional email ID the right way.

Your full name followed by or is the appropriate way of writing an email ID.

The location should follow certain rules and guidelines. We have mentioned them below:

  • Write your location on the rightmost corner of your cashier resume
  • Location means the location of your current city of residence
  • Write your city name followed by state name to correctly write your location
  • Do not write the details of your complete address in your cashier resume
  • Do not write your house address, street name, area location, etc.
  • If you are looking for a job in the same country, write your city name and state name
  • If you are looking for a job in another country, write your city name and country name

Cashier Resume: Profile Title

[ Back to Table of Content ] Mentioned below are some rules regarding profile titles that you should follow:

  • Your profile title is a reflection of your latest job title
  • It tells the recruiter what your functional industry is
  • It is the second-largest text in your resume
  • It should be written in 14-16 font size

Sample cashier resumes with profile title like this are considered ideal:

Profile Title Section in Cashier Resume

Cashier Resume: Education

[ Back to Table of Content ] The education section of your cashier resume is important. We have mentioned below a list of things you should mention in this section:

  • School/university
  • Courses pursued
  • Location of school/university
  • Dates of enrollment and graduation in month and year format

Use the format we have mentioned below to write this section:

{Name of the school/university} | {Location} | {Dates} (in month and year format) {Name of the degree} | {CGPA}

Write the education section with the flair of perfection with Hiration's 2022 Guide on how to list your education in your resume .

Follow the cashier resume sample below to write this section with perfection:

Education Section in Cashier Resume

Cashier Resume: Certifications

[ Back to Table of Content ] The certifications section of your resume for cashier jobs generally consists of the following elements:

  • Certification course name
  • Name of the institute of affiliation
  • Location of the institute of affiliation
  • Enrollment and completion date of the course in month and year format

Arrange these points in your cashier resume in the format we have mentioned below:

{Name of certification} | {Affiliating Institution} | {Location} | {Date} (in month and year format)

Read Hiration's 2022 Guide on listing certifications on a resume to perfect the art of curating the certifications section of your resume for cashiers.

Cashier Resume Key Sections

Cashier resume: key skills.

[ Back to Table of Content ] The key skills section is important to your cashier resume. Its importance lies in its capacity to get you shortlisted.

Most recruiters tend to hire people based on the key skills that they are looking for in a professional. If you have these skills, you are more likely to get hired than someone who doesn’t have these skills.

Hiration Pro Tip : Look for the keywords that the recruiter has mentioned in the job listing that you are interested in. Identify these keywords and replicate them in the key skills section of your resume for a higher chance of shortlist.

Read Hiration's 2022 Guide on what skills to put on a resume to curate this section with the efficiency of a resume expert.

You can also use Hiration’s Online Resume Builder to simplify the process of writing your cashier resume. Our resume builder has an ideal cashier resume template and cashier resume example that you can use for reference.

Here's a cashier resume sample illustrating the ideal key skills section:

skills Section in Cashier Resume

Cashier Resume Summary

[ Back to Table of Content ] Your cashier resume summary is an overview of your professional life at large. It is a conclusion of your achievements and past roles & responsibilities.

The goal of your resume for cashiers is to capitalize on the recruiter’s admiration.

Perfect your cashier resume summary by following the guidelines we have mentioned below:

  • Write your cashier resume summary at the end
  • Pick the highlights of your career from the work experience section of your resume
  • Single out these highlights in your cashier resume summary
  • Use the keywords that the recruiter has used in your target job listing and replicate them in your cashier resume summary
  • Write your resume for cashier jobs in 2-3 lines
  • Write a cashier resume summary if you have a work experience of over 3 years
  • If you have a work experience of fewer than 3 years, write a model resume objective

Learn all about creating impactful resume summaries with Hiration's 2022 Resume Summary Guide now.

To write the perfect model resume summary, follow the model resume example we have attached below:

Summary Section in Cashier Resume

Cashier Resume Objective

[ Back to Table of Content ] If you fall in the following category, you should write a cashier resume objective:

  • You have less than 3 years of work experience
  • You don’t have any professional experience
  • You are a fresh graduate looking for your first job

Just like your cashier resume summary, the goal of your cashier resume objective is to impress the recruiter.

Once you have the recruiter’s attention, your dream job is well within reach.

The hard part here is that you have a tough competition to beat.

You either have no work experience or less than 3 years of work experience and you are competing with people who have many years of professional experience.

They are also running the same rat race.

Who will win this race will depend entirely on who can leave a lasting impressing on the recruiter.

So our advice to you would be this:

Analyze the keywords that the recruiter has used in your target job profile and draw a connection between them and your past experiences: be it an internship or any volunteer work that you may have done.

This will show the recruiter that even though you may not have any professional work experience yet, you have the relevant skills that the company needs.

To read an exhaustive guide on perfecting your cashier resume objective, read Hiration's 2022 Guide on Resume Objectives .

Resume Review & Free Cashier Resume Templates

[ Back to Table of Content ] Hiration’s Resume Review Service is designed to transform your cashier resume into a resume for winners.

Use our resume review service to get your cashier resume professionally reviewed to meet the following parameters:

  • Compliance with industry norms
  • Content Relevance
  • Recruiter Friendliness
  • Design Compatibility
  • Conversion Scope
  • ATS Compliance
  • Global Compatibility
  • Performance Assessment
  • Resume Formatting (font, margins, the order of sections, etc.)

Get the best of the best with Hiration’s Resume Review Service now!

Resume Builder for Cashier Resume

[ Back to Table of Content ] Make the best use of technology and save a lot of your time and effort in building the ideal cashier resume with Hiration’s Online Resume Builder.

Our Online Resume Builder is equipped with over 25+ cashier resume templates and a large number of cashier resume examples that you can use to your liking.

The best part: our resume builder comes with the below-mentioned resources:

  • Option to save unlimited resumes
  • 25+ resume designs
  • Full rich-text editor
  • Unlimited PDF downloads
  • 100+ resume templates
  • 1-click design change
  • A sharable link
  • Live resume editor

So don’t wait too long. Make use of Hiration’s Online Resume Builder now!

Key Takeaways

[ Back to Table of Content ]

  • Write the dates in month and year format in your resume for cashier jobs
  • Write the location in city/state format if you are applying for a job in the same country
  • Use reverse chronology order in your resume for cashier jobs
  • Write the location in city/country format if you are applying for a job in another country
  • Your cashier resume skills should be sufficiently highlighted in the skills section
  • Every point in the work experience section of your cashier resume should be one-line each
  • Begin the points in your work experience section with a power verb
  • Use power verbs in the past tense for past profiles/projects and present continuous tense for present profiles and projects
  • Use bucketing & bolding alongside points to write the professional experience section
  • Write a resume objective if you have less than 3 years of work experience
  • Write a resume summary if you have over 3 years of work experience

You have reached the end of this blog.

If you have read this blog from beginning to end, you will be able to write your resume for cashier jobs efficiently without outside help.

If you have memorized the rules in this blog like the back of your hand, you might even be in a position to significantly enhance your chances of a shortlist.

If you prefer to take help from our in-house team of resume experts, you can use our Online Resume Builder .

Go to Hiration resume builder and create a professional resume for yourself. Additionally, reach out to us at [email protected] and you can get 24/7 professional assistance with all your job & career-related queries.

Stay tuned and keep an eye out on Hiration’s Blogs to read more informative profile-specific blogs on resume writing.

sample resume for cashier without experience

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sample resume for cashier without experience


Cashier Resume Examples for 2024

LiveCareer has professionally created cashier resume examples you can personalize with your skills and experience, and use to write your resume.


  • Cashier Resume Summary Examples
  • Cashier Resume Work Experience Examples
  • Cashier Resume Skills Examples
  • Examples of Additional Resume Sections
  • Examples of Resume Formats
  • Don’t Forget Your Cashier Cover Letter
  • Similar Resume Examples

Cashier resume summary examples

Your resume summary sits at the top of your cashier resume and is often the first information a hiring manager reads about you.

Recruiters spend an average of seven seconds viewing your resume . Your professional summary must make a quick but convincing case for why you deserve the job.

A well-crafted resume summary includes two to four sentences highlighting your unique cashier skills and achievements. Consider it a sales pitch that showcases your key qualifications.

By emphasizing your most relevant skills and experience, you demonstrate to potential employers the value you can add if brought on board.

Cashiers with over three years of work experience should use a resume summary .

If you’re a less experienced cashier, fresh out of school or with fewer than three years experience, use an objective statement instead.

Next, we’ll review some cashier professional summary examples — one failing and one passing — to give you some advice on how to perfect yours:

Good example:

“Highly motivated cashier with 3+ years of experience in customer service and retail. Possess strong interpersonal skills and an aptitude for quickly and accurately processing payments. Demonstrated success in providing efficient and courteous service, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.”

Why this example passes:

  • Feature the candidate’s success statistic to grab attention. Numbers detail your results’ significance, e.g., test scores, passing rate and more.
  • Shows career length, 11 years.
  • Mentions employer-desired skills: student motivation and interactive lessons.

Bad example:

“Experienced cashier looking for a new opportunity. Skilled in customer service and handling money. Eager to learn and grow in the role.”

Why this example fails:

  • Doesn’t include any numbers that quantify cashier’s performance.
  • Uses vague descriptions and skills.
  • Doesn’t include years of teaching experience.

The fastest way to write your professional summary

If you want to stand out, you must demonstrate this with an attention-grabbing professional summary. For expert guidance in writing a compelling professional summary, try LiveCareer’s Resume Builder . It’s an automated tool that can help you complete a resume in 15 minutes!

Enter the details about the job title you held. The builder comes preloaded with auto-suggested content written by certified professional resume writers (CPRW).

The builder features professionally written content and resume keywords that you can select!

All you have to do is choose the summary phrases that best frame your experience. It’s like having a professional do it for you!

You’ll find the best resume content suggestions in our Resume Builder, and can even get professional resume-writing help . Get ready for the job search by taking advantage of these resume-writing tools!

Want to check your resume for 30+ issues like typos, word length, customization and formatting? Resume Check catches your mistakes so hiring managers won’t.

The reviews are in!

See what they’re saying about us on trustpilot., cashier resume work experience examples.

The most important part of a cashier’s resume is the work experience section. It’s essential to nail this section to write a good resume. Use resume action verbs to describe your accomplishments and bring them to life. Here are a couple of cashier job descriptions for resumes examples:

Rolling Meadows Middle School I Rolling Meadows, IL I 8/2018-current

  • Processed customer transactions quickly and accurately, ensuring a positive shopping experience.
  • Maintained a high level of customer service, resolving customer complaints promptly.
  • Assisted customers with locating products and answering product-related questions.
  • Demonstrated proficiency in operating cash registers and other point-of-sale systems.
  • Numbers and statistics add detail and quantify the results this cashier delivers: 4% improvement and a class size of 20-25.
  • Good use of strong words and active language.
  • References specialized value cahier provides with “individualized lesson plans.”

Emily Dickinson Elementary I Redmond, WA I 4/2022-present

  • Worked as a cashier at a local store.
  • Assisted customers with their purchases.
  • Handled cash and credit transactions.
  • Counted the register at the end of the day.
  • Lacks numbers or statistics.
  • Describes general tasks, not teaching achievements or career highlights.
  • Uses active verbs, but doesn’t focus on results.

Cashier resume skills examples

Here are 18 sample skills for cashiers:

  • Cash counting machine operations
  • Conflict resolution
  • Cash management
  • Money handling
  • Customer service
  • Inventory control
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Payment processing
  • Inventory management
  • Loss prevention
  • Critical thinking
  • Customer assistance
  • Report preparation
  • POS systems
  • Customer relations
  • Payment collection
  • Records maintenance
  • Order verification

Add a mix of hard skills , soft skills and interpersonal skills throughout your cashier resume. Include them in your professional summary, work experience blurbs and a dedicated skills section .

Examples of additional resume sections

resume must include the five main sections: contact information, professional summary, work experience, skills and the education section . However, you can also add different sections to your cashier resume to show off more achievements.

Here are some examples of optional cashier resume sections that you could add to provide greater detail:

  • Certifications
  • Accomplishments
  • Technical skills
  • Hobbies and interests
  • Volunteer work

Examples of resume formats

The way you organize your resume is called a resume format . There are three resume formats: chronological resume , functional resume and combination resume .



The main difference among them is whether or not they give more visual weight to your work history or to your skills section. The format you should select for your resume is based on your years of work experience as a cashier.

How to choose a resume format

0-3 Years of experience

Functional formats

  • Focus on skills.
  • Best for first-time cashiers who lack work experience.
  • Good for people re-entering workforce.
  • May omit dates in the work history section.


  • Skills listed above work experience.

3-10 Years of experience

Combination formats

  • Balance skills and work history.
  • Ideal for mid-career cashiers.
  • Suitable for career changers and people seeking promotion.
  • Skills next to or above work experience.

10+ Years of experience

Chronological formats

  • Put the most focus on work history.
  • Best for cashiers with a long, steady career.
  • Most popular format.
  • Preferred by recruiters.
  • Work experience listed above skills.

Don’t forget your cashier cover letter

A cover letter works hand-in-hand with your resume to make a stronger case for why you deserve the job.

Great communication skills and customer service skills are necessary for anyone applying to a cashier role. That’s why you’ve got to ensure your cover letter is strong and includes some of these critical skills!

Your cashier cover letter should explain how you heard about the role and why it appeals to you. It should do more than repeat the details of your resume; it should bring them to life with a story.

If you want help in that challenge, check out our Cover Letter Builder ! It’s a fully automated tool that will walk you through the writing process step-by-step and even suggest text you can use!

Otherwise, use our cover letter examples if you’re still brainstorming what to write. They can inspire you!

For design help, check out our cover letter templates library. We’ve got 15+ preformatted cover letter designs you can use for your document!

To create a great document from scratch, see our complete guide on How to Write a Cover Letter . Learn how to write a resume that passes applicant tracking systems (ATS) employers use to scan resumes by accessing our ATS resume templates .

Similar resume examples

Want to see more resume examples for jobs related to cashiers?

Assistant Store Manager

Bookstore Clerk

Cash Handler

Convenience Store Clerk

Counter Attendant

More cashier resume examples

  • Customer Experience Manager
  • Management Trainee
  • Retail Sales Merchandiser
  • Regional Manager Retail
  • Retail Assistant Manager
  • Retail Manage
  • Supervisor Retail
  • Retail Salesperson
  • Rep Retail Sales
  • Target Executive Team Leader
  • Thrift Store Manager
  • Walgreens Service Clerk

Creating a Resume increases your chances of getting a job by 100%.

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  • How to Make a Resume With No Experience: Examples & Tips

How to Make a Resume With No Experience: Examples & Tips

Maciej Duszyński, CPRW

Our customers have been hired by:

Reading job ads can leave you feeling frustrated, especially if you're writing a resume with no experience. It’s like all employers want candidates under 25 years old with 10+ years of experience! How’s that even possible?!

We’ll show you how to make an impressive resume with no job experience. Whether you need a high-school student resume with no work experience or a first-job resume after switching careers—you’ll learn how to build a resume with no experience soon!

This guide will show you:

  • First job resume example better than 9 out of 10 resumes out there.
  • How to make a resume for the first job if you have no work experience. 
  • What to put on a resume with no work experience to show professionalism.
  • Skills for a resume with no work experience & examples of how to highlight them.

Want to save time and have your resume ready in 5 minutes? Try our resume builder. It’s fast and easy to use. Plus, you’ll get ready-made content to add with one click. See 20+ resume templates and create your resume here .

Create your resume now

resume with no experience example

Sample resume made with our builder— See more resume samples here .

No matter where you are with your studies, we have covered it for you:

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  • Entry-Level Resume

Resume with No Experience: Example

A. Peter Medina Marketing Consultant +1-23-456-78900 [email protected] linkedin/in/apmedina

A motivated and personable student pursuing a BA in Media Studies at the University of California Berkeley (GPA 3.89). Eager to join ABC Inc. as Marketing Consultant to help establish quick and long-lasting relationships with customers and assist in developing and implementing marketing materials. Strong theoretical background in consumer behavior, skilled at organizing events and copywriting (incl. 20+ reviews, brochures, and others).

2018—present University of California Berkeley Media Studies GPA: 3.89

Relevant coursework:

  • Consumer Behavior
  • Sociology of Culture
  • Science, Narrative, Image
  • Virtual Communities/Social Media

Extracurricular activities and achievements:

  • Dean’s List all semesters

2018 George Washington High School, Los Angeles, CA High School Diploma GPA 3.90 Combined SAT score: 1450 (Math: 650, Evidence-Based Reading and Writing: 800) Activities:

  • Member of Basketball Team, Grade 10-12

2017— Freelancing & Volunteering Los Angeles, CA

  • Helped local community develop marketing materials to promote a series of garage sales events by designing posters and setting up a Facebook group.
  • Wrote promotional texts and 20+ professional product reviews for a local technology website.
  • Turned a friend into an Apple customer by effectively communicating the advantages of iOS over Android for his purposes.
  • Created a fan site for a musical band, as well as built and managed a team of two regular news and content contributors. The website was mentioned in a Loudwire article.
  • Organized and led games and activities for groups of 10+ school children.
  • Completed a training course on the principles of effective marking on Udemy.
  • Analytical skills
  • Creative thinking
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Oral and written communication
  • Organizational skills
  • Presentation skills
  • Spanish (Advanced)
  • French (Conversational)


  • Marketing 101—Udemy Certification

Hobbies and Interests

  • Coffee culture (Certified Barista)

That's a great resume with no job experience example. Continue reading to find the bulletproof formula for your  resume  with detailed instructions. You'll also get a first job resume sample!

1. Choose the Right Structure  for a Resume With No Experience

You’re about to write a resume with no job experience, which suggests… you haven’t had much experience writing a resume at all. But don’t worry—it’s much easier than you think. You simply need to follow the steps to create each section of your job application.

Here’s what to put on your resume  for the first job:

  • Resume header that includes your contact details .
  • Resume profile , such as a career objective  summarizing your skills.
  • Education , where you add info on the schools you attended as well as your academic performance.
  • Relevant experience section. Paradoxical? Yes. But it may come in handy. You’ll see.
  • Skills section, where you list your key abilities.

Apart from these, your resume will surely benefit from additional information as languages, hobbies, certifications, etc. Anything that you can do that’s relevant to the job you’re pursuing should end up on your resume with no work experience.

Would you like to add something more to your resume? Head straight to our guide: Resume Sections & Categories (with Tips on Order & Titles)

Now let’s move on to actually writing something. 

2. Add Education to a Resume with No Experience

Maybe you’re writing a resume for a high school student with no work experience. Or you’re in college and you’re looking for a part-time job so you can stop asking your parents for money. Or perhaps you're writing a resume for a first job. No matter the case, listing education could be your resume's key strength on a resume with no experience. 

This is what you should include in the education section:

  • Name and location of the school/college/university
  • Years of education
  • Information on your major
  • GPA that’s high enough to put on a resume
  • Relevant coursework
  • Dean’s list
  • Extracurricular projects
  • Honors, such as cum laude on a resume
  • Study abroad programs you participated in

But beware—don’t fall into the trap of listing everything you can. Stick to the things that matter in the context of the job offer. For instance, only list your minor on your resume if it has something to do with the job for which you’re applying. 

Also, if you’re a college student who hasn’t graduated, don’t worry—here’s how to put college on a resume if you haven't graduated yet .

Here’s what the education section on a resume with no experience for a college student can look like: 

Resume with No Experience—Examples of Education Section 

This example shows off high academic results because the job offer states that the role will require absorbing daily training sessions on product knowledge and strategy. Also, the candidate’s field of study is related to the job—that’s why listing relevant coursework makes perfect sense.

Here’s an example of a high school student resume with no work experience:

Sample Resume for High School Students with No Work Experience—Education Section

This teenager doesn’t have work experience, but we can guess they already have some useful skills! 

If you still need more information on how to make the most of the education section on your resume with no experience, read our guide: How to Put Education on a Resume

3. Include Relevant Experience in a First-Job Resume

Recruiters only want one thing: hire the candidate who can do the job better than the rest. And the best way to see what candidates can do? Check what they did in the past!

This is where your relevant experience comes in. Don’t worry: it doesn’t have to be work experience. You can pick up valuable skills in plenty of settings, not just through employment. 

The first step to identifying your relevant experience is to look at the job ad closely. Then, think of what you’ve done while at school, during freelance work, while volunteering, helping out family members, or by pursuing your hobbies, that matches the job requirements.

Here’s how to do add relevant experience to a first-time resume:

  • Read the job advertisement and take note of what exactly the role you’re pursuing involves.
  • Think about all the things you’ve done that are related to the skills and duties the employer put on the job ad.
  • Note those tasks down , for example: “wrote product reviews for a local tech-oriented website.” or “created a website for my favorite band and got mentioned in a Loudwire article.”
  • Match your experience with the right resume keywords .
  • Start each bullet point with a resume action verb such as collaborated, designed, improved.
  • Use numbers to quantify your achievements wherever you can.

These guidelines are pretty clear. But the question is— where did you get your experience?

Here are your options:

Mention Volunteering

This is one of the best ways to gain serious life experience—and volunteer work looks great on a resume  for the first job. There are literally thousands of charities and NGOs you can support, and they all offer different opportunities. For example:

  • Fundraising: many charities need fundraisers to contact various businesses and organizations and look for additional funding. This role helps you improve your communication and negotiation skills. It also helps to set realistic goals and find ways to achieve them.
  • Tutoring: NGOs that support children and teens often need tutors of various subjects. By tutoring others, you can develop your soft skills, learn how to give clear instructions, and provide feedback.
  • Organizing events: organizations often need volunteers to help prepare special events, such as charitable auctions, fundraising festivals, etc. It’s a great opportunity to boost organizational skills, learn about budgeting, and work on project coordination.
  • Manual work: NGOs also need people for basic labor, such as renovating classrooms, setting up a community garden, helping out at a soup kitchen. These experiences might come handy—for example, if you apply for a restaurant job, having kitchen experience at a children’s shelter can make you stand out.

Highlight Internships

Pretty obvious, right? 

Internships provide an opportunity to learn the fundamentals of a job while working alongside professionals. It’s best to start looking for internship positions while at college—the sooner you learn, the better your chances of getting good jobs after graduation.

You can add internship to the work experience section, or make a separate internships section in your resume with no job experience.

When listing your internship experience on a resume , always mention:

  • Name of the position, such as Accounting Intern
  • Company name, location, and duration of the internship
  • Your roles, responsibilities, and achievements

List Extracurricular Activities

Your free time at school or college doesn’t have to be all spent on partying.

Shocking, I know. But sometimes it’s worth spending your free time on activities that can benefit you in the future. Think of students’ associations you could join. Consider going to conferences. Write articles for a students’ magazine. Join research projects. All these things will look great on a resume with no experience.

Here are some examples of cool things you can do while at school:

  • Set up a Facebook page for memes about your school, and learn the basics of social media marketing in the process.
  • Organize a mock Academy Awards night with students from the Film Club, and learn how to promote events while doing it.
  • Make interviews with local small business owners and get journalistic experience while writing article about succeeding in business.

See? You can gain useful experience at any occasion.

Remember that while describing your experience in a resume, you should use resume keywords. But hold on—do you know what exactly resume keywords are?

Many companies use the ATS (Applicant Tracking System) software to speed up recruitment. ATSs look for keywords on candidates’ resumes to decide if the candidate has relevant experience. Thanks to this initial screening, recruiters have fewer documents to look at.

This type of screening requires you to write an ATS-friendly resume . In other words: If you want to make your experience count, you have to use the wording of the job offer itself.

Here’s what it could look like:

Resume with No Work Experience—Example

Yep, the highlighted phrases include very common keywords. Using this kind of lingo to describe your experiences will help you to get past ATS screening and get noticed by recruiters.

See the difference? This example talks about the same tasks but using different words. It’s far less impressive, isn’t it?

The examples above will work regardless of your education level. You can use the same approach when making a college or high school student resume with no experience.  

If you’re not sure how to describe your experience effectively, read our guide: Make the Best Work Experience Section for a Resume

When making a resume in our builder, drag & drop bullet points, skills, and auto-fill the boring stuff. Spell check? Check . Start building a professional resume template here for free .

A view from the Zety resume generator showing how it fills in the work experience section plus a selection of pre-written resume descriptions suggested for the particular job.

When you’re done, our easy resume builder will score your resume and our resume checker will tell you exactly how to make it better.

4. Pick the Key Skills to Put on a Resume With No Experience

You need to convince the recruiter you have what it takes to be successful in the role you’re pursuing. Since you have little (or no) work experience, you must give your skills as much prominence as possible.

Go through the job offer carefully and make a list of all the skills you see there.

Examples of Skills for a Resume with No Experience

  • Active listening
  • Creative thinking skills
  • Collaboration skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Management skills
  • Marketing skills
  • Microsoft Office skills
  • Oral and written communication skills
  • People skills
  • Personal skills
  • Physical fitness
  • Soft skills
  • Strong work ethics
  • Teamwork skills
  • Time management
  • Transferable skills

Take a good look at the list you end up with, pick the ones that you have and can prove. If you decide to put a skill like leadership on your first-job resume, make sure there’s an achievement or activity that testifies to this. In our sample resume with no experience, the candidate’s organizational skills are reflected in the bullet point that says the candidate organized activities for children, for example. 

examples of skills for a resume with no experience

Don’t be tempted to lie on your resume because if you make it to the interview, all the lies will come out. And once they do, you’ll end up in a very uncomfortable situation.

Last but not least, remember to sprinkle your skills throughout your resume for the first job. Include some in the experience and education sections, as well as in your resume objective. 

Not sure how to make the most of your skills on a resume? Read our guide: 99 Key Skills for a Resume (Best List of Examples for All Jobs)

5. Add Extra Sections to Your First-Job Resume for Maximum Impact

When your first-time resume’s work experience section isn’t great, you must jump on every opportunity to make up for it elsewhere.

If you have language skills to show off, do it by all means. If you want to put certifications on a resume —list them as long as they’re relevant. If your hobbies and interests on a resume prove you’re a cultural fit, don’t hesitate to mention them.

Everything that’s relevant to the job should make its way to your resume—that’s how you can make a resume with no experience stand out. 

Here’s a couple of examples of extra resume sections to give you some ideas:

First Job Resume Example: Additional Sections

6. write a compelling resume objective.

At this point, your resume with no experience has all it needs… except for the beginning.

And no, it’s not a joke. The best moment to write the opening paragraph of your “starter” resume is when everything else is in place.

You need to highlight the best parts of your resume … which is only possible once the entire document is ready. Then, write your resume objective statement . It’s a short introductory paragraph showing who you are and what skills you have that the company could benefit from.

Here is how a good resume would nail it:

  • Read your resume with no experience resume closely and find up to 3 things you’d like to show off.
  • Start with your strong character traits ( motivated , personable ). It’s best to take a look at the job ad to see what the employer needs rather than put random stuff here.
  • Say who you are ( student pursuing a BA in… ) You can mention your academic achievements here (high GPA for instance).
  • Mention the company you’re applying to by name to personalize your first-job resume.
  • Say what you want to do for the company. You can take a look at the job ad to see what tasks are listed.
  • Say what your strengths are. You’re welcome to plug in a couple of your biggest accomplishments here as well.

Once you have more relevant work experience, you’ll be writing a resume summary —a condensed version of your best professional achievements. At this stage, however, an objective will be perfectly fine. 

Here’s what a first-job resume objective can look like:

Sample Resume Objective with No Experience 

The good example follows a simple formula: who you are, what you want, what you can give back to the company. This is all you need to communicate in this section of your resume with no job experience.

The bad example has nothing of the above. It just expresses what the candidate wants, not what they can give to the company or what they want to do. Plus, it’s generic enough to fit any role at any company—and this is how you can quickly tell a poorly-written resume objective from a great one.

Not sure how to write a captivating opening of your resume? Head to our guide on How to Write a Professional Resume Profile—Examples, Statements & Tips

7. Format Your First-Time Resume for Readability

Your resume with no work experience is almost done. The only thing you need to do now is format it properly.

How to format a resume with no experience:

  • Follow the reverse-chronological order (i.e. put the most recent info up top).
  • Add section headings to make your first-job resume easier to navigate.
  • Use professional-looking fonts that are easy on the recruiter’s eyes.
  • Stick to the 11–12pt size range for regular text. Make the headings up to 4pt larger.
  • Set the resume margins to 1-inch all around.
  • Use single line spacing.
  • Save your resume as a PDF file (unless you’re asked for a different file type).

This is it! Your resume with no experience is ready to be sent out to the recruiter.

Want to learn more about resume formats? Read our guide: Resume Formats—Find the Best One for Your Needs

8. Write a Cover Letter to Boost Your Chances

Here’s the thing—About 50% of candidates send a cover letter along with their job application. Since your first-time resume doesn’t exactly abound in professional experience, you can boost your chances of landing an interview by writing a great cover letter.

This is how to write a great cover letter with no work experience:

  • Make sure your cover letter format follows all the formal correspondence formatting rules.
  • Write a captivating cover letter intro that introduces you to the reader and encourages them to read on.
  • Say what skills you have, and they can be of benefit to the company.
  • Explain why you’re a great cultural fit.
  • Always end your cover letter with a call to action.

Also, make sure your cover letter has the right length .


A cover letter shouldn’t repeat the content from your first-job resume. Use it to tell the recruiter about your motivations, fill in the gaps on your resume, and convince them you’re the best candidate hands down.

Here’s a guide that will show you how to write a cover letter in several simple steps: How to Write a Cover Letter in No Time

Plus, a great cover letter that matches your resume will give you an advantage over other candidates. You can write it in our cover letter builder here.  Here's what it may look like:

A set of professional employment documents that match, consisting of a resume and cover letter, produced with the Zety resume creator utilizing the Modern resume template, which has a two-column layout and decorative rectangles in the header and footer sections.

See more cover letter templates and start writing.

Key Takeaway

Now, let’s sum up the tips from this article. Here's how to make a resume with no experience:

how to make a resume with no work experience in 8 steps

  • Structure your document properly. Use the right formatting and elements.
  • Present your relevant experience. Come up with as many examples as possible.
  • Use the right keywords. They can make or break a resume with no experience.
  • Add information on your education. Focus on relevant aspects (e.g. GPA, honors)
  • List your key skills. Focus on those relevant to the position.
  • Add extra resume sections. They will boost your chances.
  • Write a compelling objective. Highlight your selling points.
  • Compose a matching cover letter. Tell the recruiter your story. 

About Zety’s Editorial Process

This article has been reviewed by our editorial team to make sure it follows Zety's editorial guidelines . We’re committed to sharing our expertise and giving you trustworthy career advice tailored to your needs. High-quality content is what brings over 40 million readers to our site every year. But we don't stop there. Our team conducts original research to understand the job market better, and we pride ourselves on being quoted by top universities and prime media outlets from around the world.


  Frequently Asked Questions about Resume with No Work Experience

Should i use resume templates to apply for my first job.

Yes, you should. Recruiters go through thousands of resumes every day, so a professional template is a great way to make your resume stand out from those of other candidates. A sleek resume design will go a long way towards making a good first impression. Wondering what your resume should look like ? Choose one of Zety’s resume templates , designed to help you easily organize your resume format . Meanwhile, if you’re short on inspiration for what to write, have a look at our entry-level resume examples and student resume examples , written by our team. You can tailor this expert-made content to your needs and be ready to apply in no time.

What do I put in the resume summary if I have never worked before?

Even if you are a fresh graduate, you can still create a successful resume profile . While it’s not exactly possible to write a summary for a resume with no experience, what you can do instead is write a resume objective—the profile of choice for fresh grads and career-changers. Write two or three sentences with examples of your accomplishments and academic projects you led, mention your motivation for applying to this particular company, and add some information about your key skills . Finish off with a closing statement that will catch recruiters’ attention and make them want to invite you to a job interview.

Check out these professional resume objective examples to find out more.

How do I list my degree on a resume?

If you’re writing a resume with no experience, your academic history is likely to be your strongest asset. In order to properly list your degree on your resume , take the following steps:

  • Create an education section in your resume .
  • If you have no experience at all, you’ll be skipping the work experience section anyway. If you have a bit of professional experience, though, put the education section before the work experience section. Once you gain experience, your work history will go first.
  • List only the highest level of education you’ve attained. If you need to mention more than one (e.g. because you’re still studying for your degree), list your levels of education in the reverse-chronological order (read more about resume order of jobs and experience ).
  • Add your degree, e.g. BA in Psychology , followed by the name of the institution, e.g. University of Massachusetts .
  • Include your years of attendance, e.g. 2010–2014 . If you’re still studying, specify your expected graduation year.
  • Consider adding extra information about your degree in your resume (e.g. extracurricular activities , Latin honors, relevant coursework , projects, achievements, scholarships, Dean’s list , etc.). Only add your GPA to your resume if it was at least 3.5.
  • Use consistent formatting for every entry.

If you haven’t completed your degree yet, read our guide about writing an undergraduate college student resume and see how to put unfinished college education on a resume .

Which skills should I include in my resume at the beginning of my career?

Having no job experience does not mean you don’t have any skills at all. Focus on the abilities you have acquired so far, be it at the university or during internships—these are your transferable skills. Mention both hard skills and soft skills , alongside any technical skills that you have, like software proficiencies. Have a look at skills examples that you can include in your resume:

  • Cross-functional collaboration skills
  • MS Office skills
  • Quick learning

In order to decide which ones should be put in your resume, go through the job offer carefully and make a list of all the skills you can see there—these are the potential resume keywords to use in your application. Then pick the ones that you think you have and include them in your resume. Tailoring your resume in this way helps to ensure that your application will pass ATS tests and actually reach a recruiter.

You can read more about this in our articles about key skills in a resume and making an ATS-friendly resume .

Do I need a cover letter for my resume if I have no job experience?

Definitely, yes. Even though you don’t have a lot of work experience, a well-written cover letter sets the right tone for your resume and shows that you’ve put in some extra effort in the recruitment process. What do you write in your entry-level cover letter ? Since you don’t have any specific professional achievements, explain how your transferable skills can benefit the employer and demonstrate your motivation to join the company. Do not forget to pick a cover letter template matching your resume, and you’re all set!

If you still don’t know what to write, see our cover letter examples for more inspiration.

What are the best jobs for teens?

If you’re still at school and want to earn some cash, you may want to think about taking a summer or a part-time job. Here are some ideas for jobs suitable for teenagers:

  • Yard worker
  • House cleaner
  • Grocery stocker
  • Restaurant host
  • Escape room attendant
  • Box office ticket seller

Want to know more about this? Read our guide on best jobs for teens and see some resume examples for teens if you don’t know how to start writing your CV.

How do I explain my lack of experience in a job interview?

Attending a job interview when you have no prior job experience can be stressful. Don’t worry, though, as you can discuss things shown below and still nail it:

  • In the absence of relevant job experience , lean on the other jobs or internships that you had up to that point and discuss transferable skills that could be useful in the position you are applying for, e.g. communication skills or teamwork skills .
  • If you have no professional experience whatsoever, focus on the skills gathered in university projects, volunteering experience , or extracurricular activities. Give relevant details about your contribution to the project or team. Describe how your skills helped you excel in an unfamiliar situation.
  • Use behavioral questions (i.e. those dealing with your experience, such as “Describe a time you had to resolve a conflict”) as an opportunity to demonstrate your abilities. Remember to use the STAR method to explain how you navigated difficult situations. Keep in mind that your answers have to be in line with the company's goals and values.
  • For more impact, explain your motivation to join the company and show the recruiters that you’re there for a reason: that you’ve conducted thorough research and made a conscious decision to apply for this particular position.

To better prepare yourself for your first job interview, read about best job interview tips and tricks and top interview questions and answers .

Thanks for reading my guide! Now I’d love to hear from you:

  • What are the biggest challenges of writing a resume with no work experience? 
  • What part do you struggle with the most? 
  • Let me know. Let’s get the discussion started!

Maciej Duszyński, CPRW

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  18. How to Make a Resume With No Experience (With Examples)

    Here's how to write a resume when you have no formal work experience, step-by-step: Build My Resume. Our free-to-use resume builder can make you a resume in as little as 5 minutes. Just pick the template you want, and our software will format everything for you. 1. Choose the best format and style for your resume.

  19. How to Make a Resume With No Experience (+Examples)

    But first: Here's a job-winning formula for a good resume profile: Start with a personality trait that says you're a great employee, such as "dedicated," "goal-oriented," "personable," etc. Follow with the desired job title, field of study, or education level, e.g., "third-year BBA student" or "personal assistant.".

  20. Cashier Resume: The Complete 2022 Guide with 20+ Samples ...

    In practice, resume experts have come up with 3 main stages for writing a resume for cashier jobs. We have mentioned them below: First Stage of Resume Writing: Master Cashier Resume. Second Stage of Resume Writing: First Draft of your Cashier Resume. Third Stage of Resume Writing: Final Draft of your Cashier Resume.

  21. How To Write a Cashier Resume Objective (With 23 Examples)

    Follow these steps to write a compelling resume objective when seeking a cashier position: 1. Read the job description. Look at the job posting to determine what the employer is looking for from candidates. Take note of any skills and experience qualifications mentioned, along with the responsibilities of the job.

  22. Cashier Resume Examples for 2024

    Cashier resume skills examples. Here are 18 sample skills for cashiers: Cash counting machine operations. Conflict resolution. Cash management. Money handling. Customer service. Inventory control. Regulatory compliance.

  23. How to Write a Cashier Cover Letter with No Experience

    How to write an effective cashier cover letter. Here are some steps you can follow when creating your own cashier cover letter: 1. Format your header. The header at the top of your cover letter includes information like your first and last name and contact details. Giving your name at the top of the document makes it clear that the letter ...

  24. How to Make a Resume With No Experience: Examples & Tips

    How to format a resume with no experience: Follow the reverse-chronological order (i.e. put the most recent info up top). Add section headings to make your first-job resume easier to navigate. Use professional-looking fonts that are easy on the recruiter's eyes. Stick to the 11-12pt size range for regular text.