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  1. PhD versus Doctorate degree

  2. School experiences of autistic girls diagnosed in adolescence

  3. Professional Doctorate in Educational & Child Psychology

  4. UCL

  5. Capturing the educational experiences of deaf learners in mainstream secondary school

  6. Pupil's experiences of fixed term exclusion, reintegration and peer relationships


  1. UConn's Ph.D. in Educational Psychology

    UConn's Office of the Bursar maintains up-to-date costs for graduate students. The Ph.D. in Educational Psychology is considered a Program with Tuition and Mandatory Fees. Please visit the Bursar Office's website for details. The total Cost of Attendance (COA) includes direct educational costs (i.e., tuition, fees, housing, and food) and ...

  2. Educational Psychology Ph.D. Programs Guide

    Doctoral degrees available in educational psychology include Ph.D., Ed.D., and Psy.D. programs. Ph.D. programs focus on research, while Ed.D. and Psy.D. degrees emphasize the research application to professional practice in education or psychology. College professors and researchers must typically possess a Ph.D.

  3. Educational Psychology Ph.D.

    The orientation of the doctoral program in Educational Psychology at Penn State is toward the preparation of college or university teachers, researchers in educational research units, program evaluators or specialists in educational development settings such as state boards of education. Students interested in working as a clinician in a public ...

  4. PhD in Educational Psychology

    Marrs McLean Science Building - 3rd Floor. (254) 710-3112. Apply Now Contact Educational Psychology Make a Gift Contact School of Education. The Doctor of Philosophy program in Educational Psychology develops researchers and scholars for higher education and applied fields of psychology. Students are admitted into one of four specializations*:

  5. Compare Educational Psychology PhD Programs

    Common Courses for an Online Doctorate in Educational Psychology. Lifespan Development: Students explore developmental milestones that occur in the prenatal, childhood, adolescent, adult, and late-adult stages of life. They examine the impact of genetic and environmental factors on human development, as well as strategies and interventions used to promote and sustain healthy developmental ...

  6. PhD Educational Psychology

    Students and faculty in educational psychology are an active and engaged intellectual community. Your graduate school experience is enhanced by the registered graduate student organization (RGSO), which organizes student orientations and social gatherings. This group provides you with faculty support, peer mentorship, and opportunities to ...

  7. School Psychology PhD

    The program can be completed in 5.2 years (enter in September of Year 1, graduate in October of Year 5 as internships end on either June 30 or August 31 and the next graduation date is early October) if students begin a program of research early in the program and complete the doctoral certification requirements (research methods examination ...

  8. PhD in Educational Psychology

    Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Educational Psychology. The PhD in educational psychology emphasizes the practical application of learning and development theories to the study of human behavior. Students majoring in educational psychology pursue an empirically based interdisciplinary program of study. The primary objective of the program is to ...

  9. Educational Psychology & Research Methodology Doctoral Program

    Application Instructions for the Educational Psychology and Research Methodology PhD program from the Office of Graduate Studies: In addition to a submitted application (and any applicable application fees paid), all completed materials must be submitted by the application deadline in order for an application to be considered complete and forwarded on to faculty and the Purdue Graduate School ...

  10. Best Educational Psychology Programs

    Here are the Best Educational Psychology Programs. University of Wisconsin--Madison. University of Michigan--Ann Arbor. Stanford University. Michigan State University. University of Maryland ...

  11. School psychology PhD

    Doctoral-level school psychologists: work in schools, universities (as faculty), mental health agencies, research centers and think tanks, clinical settings, state departments of education, and independent practices. ... Visit the educational psychology PhD course catalog for full course listings and descriptions. More information on program ...

  12. UCL Doctorate in Educational Psychology and Child Psychology (DECPsy)

    The programme seeks to integrate at all levels the three key elements of academic knowledge, research ability and professional practice. In particular, as a doctoral research degree programme and in line with UCL's 'Connected Curriculum', research permeates all aspects.. Academic knowledge in educational psychology at UCL is developed primarily via Problem Based Learning (PBL), an ...

  13. Educational Psychology Ph.D.

    The Educational Psychology Ph.D. program provides students with both the scholarly and applied aspects of the field of educational psychology. The program offers an integrated degree that requires mastery of theory and content knowledge in educational psychology as well as expertise in relevant statistical and multiple methodological research ...

  14. School Psychology (Ph.D.)

    Years 1-3: Ed.S. Coursework. The first three years of the Ph.D. degree follow the course sequence of our Ed.S. degree.The Ed.S. course sequence is organized so that all basic foundation courses are completed the first year, the second year is centered on applied experiences in schools and at the University of Washington, and the third year is a full-time, school-based internship in public schools.

  15. Educational Psychology

    Explore our PhD in Psychology Educational Psychology specialization. This PhD in Psychology specialization focuses on classic educational psychology theory and how to use testing and measurement, with emphasis on adult learners. Automatically waive up to five courses 1 if you have earned a master's degree in a related field, 2 shortening your ...

  16. Best Educational Psychology Programs

    In your graduate educational psychology program, you develop more of a focus on a particular type of learning or learner. You must have a license to practice psychology in any state. If you plan to use your psychology education to become a licensed clinical psychologist, you must earn a doctorate, either a Ph.D. or a Psy.D. A Ph.D. emphasizes ...

  17. PhD in Educational Psychology

    The online PhD in Psychology, Educational Psychology program from Capella University is designed for those who want to solve real-world challenges in education and learning design, develop innovative strategies to enhance learning and shape policy and practice to make a lasting impact. Coursework is focusing on cognition, motivation, learning ...

  18. Doctor of Philosophy

    The Ph.D. in Educational Psychology prepares students to become independent scholars who are able to make significant contributions to knowledge in specialized areas of educational psychology. The Foundations strand within the Ph.D. provides opportunity for specialization in assessment, learning and cognition, program evaluation, research, and learning in school domains is designed to enable ...

  19. Concentration: Educational Psychology

    The Ph.D. in Teacher Education and Learning Sciences: Educational Psychology concentration allows students to examine and evaluate psychological principles in a variety of education settings across the lifespan. Specifically, we focus on psychological principles that encompass: (1) cognition/metacognition; (2) motivation and self-regulation ...

  20. PhD in Education, Educational Psychology

    The Doctor of Philosophy in Education, Emphasis in Educational Psychology program at the University of Missouri-St. Louis delves deeply into these issues by applying psychological science to improve learning processes and promote educational success. The Ph.D. in Education, with an emphasis in Educational Psychology is designed to provide ...

  21. Educational Psychology, PhD

    Educational Psychology, PhD. Educational Psychology, PhD. for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Psychology. Admission Students entering a Ph.D. program without a master's degree must first complete the requirements for a Master of Science (including a master's thesis). The Department offers admission to two terminal on ...

  22. Doctorate in Educational Psychology

    The Doctorate in Educational Psychology programme is situated within the Cardiff University Centre for Human Development (CUCHDS), and trainees will find themselves part of a simulating, active research environment, situated alongside masters and PhD students undertaking cutting edge research with members of the public.. The Doctorate in Educational Psychology programme itself is committed to ...

  23. Doctor of Educational Psychology (DEdPsy)

    The Doctor of Educational Psychology (DEdPsy) is a three year full-time course accredited by the British Psychological Society. Applications for our September 2024 start date will open on 13 September (closing 15 November). The degree serves as the entry qualification for professional practice and employment in educational psychology.

  24. Graduate Studies in Psychology

    Tulane University's Department of Psychology dates from 1911, although courses in psychology were offered as early as 1907. The first Master's Degree in Psychology was awarded at Tulane in 1912. Immediately following World War II, the department established a doctoral program in psychology, awarding the first Ph.D. degree in 1949.

  25. Educational Psychology Lecturer

    Job Summary: UW Madison, Department of Educational Psychology is seeking candidates to teach graduate level courses in school psychology and learning sciences. Courses will provide instruction on cognitive and emotional foundations of behavior and will focus on neuroscience foundational concepts relevant to clinical mental health practice.

  26. Oregon college launches remote program to address shortage of school

    Portland based higher education institution Lewis & Clark will launch a hybrid option within its school psychology program this fall aimed at training rural Oregonians to work as mental health ...