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Asking analytical questions, introductions, what do introductions across the disciplines have in common, anatomy of a body paragraph, transitions, tips for organizing your essay, counterargument, conclusions.


Embark on your essay writing journey with our comprehensive guide, rich in diverse essay examples. This guide is crafted to assist students, educators, and writing enthusiasts in mastering the art of essay composition. From structure to style, it covers all facets of essay writing, supplemented with illustrative essay examples for clear understanding. Whether for academic, professional, or personal purposes, this guide is an invaluable resource for anyone looking to enhance their essay writing skills with precision and creativity.

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Most of us are probably familiar about what essays are. I would also have to assume that most of us have already  written essays  one even when we were younger. We were either tasked by our teacher to write one as a part of an examination or as a take-home project to be presented in the next session. Some consider essay writing a burden while others see it as an opportunity to express their thoughts and opinions. Because through writing, you get to write about things that you want others to know about and share a reflection through reflective essay . Your imagination becomes boundless and your ideas are limitless.

Short Essay Example

Short Essay

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College Essay

College Essay

Essay For Students

Essay For Students

Free Biography Essay Outline Format Template

Free Biography Essay Outline Format Template

  • Apple Pages

Free Essay Writing Plan Template

Free Essay Writing Plan Template

  • Google Docs

Size: 24 KB

Free Essay Plan Mind Map Template

Free Essay Plan Mind Map Template

  • Google Slides
  • Apple Keynote

Size: 59 KB

Free Simple Essay Plan Template

Free Simple Essay Plan Template

Size: 20 KB

Sample Illustration

Sample Illustration

Size: 34 KB

Reflective Essay

Reflective Essay

Autobiography Example

Autobiography Example

Size: 65 KB

Sample Descriptive

Sample Descriptive

Size: 18 KB

What Is the Format of an Essay?

Essays, whichever type they come in, have a similar format. This serves as a guide for a writer to express his/her thoughts and ideas in a structured manner.

  • Introduction. This is the opening part of the essay . It provides a brief overview and a preface of what the topic is all about. It is usually short but has to be interesting.
  • Body. This is where the writer places his/her arguments and supporting statements for the topic. It can contain two to three paragraphs or depending on the length and scope of the subject.
  • Conclusion. The summary writing of the whole essay is contained in the conclusion. It is a short recap of the main point presented in the essay.

How to Structure an Essay

To structure an essay, you need to simply follow the above format. Every essay, whether it be an informative essay or an analysis essay , has to contain the essential elements common among all essays. By following this format, the writer will have a guide to follow throughout the entire writing course.

It is a difficult process in essay writing when you do not have a structure to follow. You will have throw all of your ideas from here and there with no direction at all. Your paragraphs do not connect each other’s meaning as well as the entire thought of your essay could be incomprehensible.

Free Argumentative

Free Argumentative

Size: 76 KB

Observation Essay

Observation Essay

Free Response Sample

Free Response Sample

Size: 30 KB

Narrative Essay

Narrative Essay

Size: 209 KB

Free Service Example

Free Service Example

Size: 36 KB

Free Personal

Free Personal

Size: 26 KB

Analytical Essay

Analytical Essay

Size: 14 KB

Different Kinds of Essay

Writing an essay is a crucial part in academe life. You need to know how to write an effective essay as it is a common basis for a student’s grade. It is given as a common school assignment and a critical part in an examination set. To write an impressive short essay , especially during an examination, you need to be able to hit the question and provide a straightforward answer while at the same time observing the right structure of an essay.

Writing an essay could be difficult especially if you do not know the different kinds of essays which for sure, your teacher will be obliging you to write.

The easiest way to determine the type of an essay is to understand the writer’s point of view. Ask yourself what is the writer trying to tell and that by itself should provide a definite answer as to what type of essay it is. But to provide you a more comprehensible answer, here are the most common kinds of essay.

  • Descriptive essay. A descriptive essay is aimed at portraying a picture through the use of words. The writer describes in great details a character, a place or a certain scenario which is directed at calling up the reader’s emotions.
  • Reflective essay. In a reflective essay , the writer stirs the emotions of the readers by sharing a specific experience in life which is rather more important to him/her and which has a special place in his heart. It narrates a story and tells of the lessons and life-changing realizations drawn out from that experience.
  • Expository essay. While a reflective essay deals on the emotions of the writer, an expository essay presents facts and verifiable data which presents a fair and unbiased analysis of a topic.
  • Persuasive essay. The goal of persuasive essay is to present ideas and thoughts to readers and to convince them to believe or accept these. The writer aims at demonstrating his/her statements in a logical manner while at the same time appealing to the judgment of the readers.

Free Comparative Example

Free Comparative Example

Size: 32 KB

Dialogue Essay

Dialogue Essay

Free Economics Sample

Free Economics Sample

Size: 722 KB

Free Expository

Free Expository

Size: 22 KB

Exploratory Example

Exploratory Example

Importance of Essay

Essay writing is commonly practiced is schools. Students have to write essays depending on the teacher’s instructions or their desired style in writing.

Since there are different types of analysis essays , students can be creative and choose any style they want for as long as they can express their thoughts and of course, as long it as it is appropriate to what their teachers ask them to do.

However, essays have a very good importance not just to get good grades but also in expressing one’s emotions. An essay could be a channel for a student to workout his/her creative imagination and put it into writing.

Purpose of an Essay

We have all been through the struggles of having to think seriously of what to write about a topic that our teachers wanted us to write. I understand because I myself was at one time pressured because my classmates were all enthusiastic to write while I was sitting blank unsure of what I was supposed to do.

However, I realized that writing an content winning essay made me a better person. I was able to put into writing my thoughts which I have always kept in myself afraid of being laughed at. The purpose of an essay is to convey those emotions through words which we cannot do through actions.

Informative Essay

Informative Essay

Free Leadership

Free Leadership

Size: 530 KB

Marketing Example

Marketing Example

Nursing Essay

Nursing Essay

Size: 176 KB

Free Persuasive Sample

Free Persuasive Sample1

Process Essay Example

Process Essay Example

Size: 77 KB

Scholarship Essay

Scholarship Essay1

Guidelines for Essay Writing

Although we have to admit that writing an essay is not an easy task, being able to finish one is such a rewarding experience especially if it is an assignment you have to pass the next day. There is no perfect solution on how to write an effective essay .

However, there are certain guideline which you can use in order for you to make that outstanding essay.

  • Choose your topic. Deciding what essay to write starts with choosing the right topic. Don’t just write something that everybody is interested to write about. Rather, pick a topic that you are most excited to write about so it would be easier for you to express your thoughts.
  • Create a mind map . A mind map is a sketch of form or an essay outline used to organize information. This is best in order for you to logically express your thoughts and to present it in a coherent manner. Write your ideas in a draft paper and choose which ones to come first and which ones to use as your supporting arguments.
  • Compose yourself. Having the right disposition is important in writing an essay. You need to have focus so that while you are writing, you are not distracted by outside thoughts which could ruin your momentum.

Our exploration of essay examples offers invaluable insights for effective essay writing. This guide has provided practical strategies and illustrative examples, empowering writers to craft compelling essays with confidence. Whether for academic achievement or personal expression, these tools and techniques are essential in navigating the diverse landscape of essay writing, ensuring your work is not only well-structured but also engaging and impactful.


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Write an Essay on the benefits of reading for personal development.

Create an Essay exploring the impact of climate change on global weather patterns.

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O/L English Essays Pdfs – O/L Exam English Essay Topics

Model english essays for o/l students.

O/L English Essays PDF and  O/L Exam English model Essay topics for students

O/L English Essays PDF and  O/L Exam English model Essay topics for students

english essays pdf download

Download O/L English Essays PDF and  O/L Exam English model Essay topics for students. We have Uploaded several pdf files that include Model essays and previous O/L exam essays for practice.

Previous O/L exam English essays PDF

Download Preview Download Preview

Model O/L exam English essays topics

Study both previous and Model O/L English essays topics. Get ready for exams.

  • An Essay on Corona Virus/ Covid 19
  • Essay on Environmental pollution
  • Let’s keep the public properties without harming them
  • .Write an article to a newspaper on “The advantage and disadvantages of internet
  • The pros and cons of online education
  • Value of reading
  • Facing Challenges
  • Increasing Road Accidents
  • Mobile phone is a useful evil

Grade 06 Sinhala Medium Term Test Papers – Past Papers WiKi

2007 o/l ict past paper | tamil medium.

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Pastpapers WIKI

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2007 O/L ICT Past Paper | Tamil Medium

this is the best free website to do my o/l examination works successfull.thank you very much…🙏🏻🙏🏻

english essays pdf download

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english essays pdf download

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