6 New Grad Nurse Cover Letter Examples + How To Write

sample cover letter for graduate nurse program

Finding your first nursing position after graduation can be a daunting task. Knowing what steps to take to find your dream job will help propel you toward your goal of gainful employment as an RN. Once you have prepared an excellent resume, be aware that you have one final action to take in the application process; that of a persuasive cover letter. You may be unclear about how to write an exceptional cover letter and wonder what are some excellent examples of new grad cover letters? Using a professionally prepared cover letter as a guide is a great way to learn how to compose a top-notch document. Read the following article “6 best new grad nurse cover letter examples + how to write” for recommendations that will help you get started on your best ever nursing cover letter without stress.

What Exactly Is A New Grad Nurse Cover Letter?

How is a new grad nurse cover letter different from an experienced nurse cover letter, 4 reasons why an excellent cover letter makes a difference to new grad nurses, 1. nurses are professional-, 2. leads to an interview-, 3. expands on resume-, 4. you may be up against experienced nurses-, what are some excellent examples of new grad nurse cover letters, example #1: cover letter of diane joyner, what makes this an excellent new grad registered nurse cover letter:, example #2: cover letter of jan bock, example #3: cover letter of joan zimmerman, example #4: cover letter of lizzie arndt, what makes this an excellent new grad registered nurse cover letter: new grad nurse cover letter examples, example #5: cover letter of lynn horton, example #6: cover letter of paul linney, how to write an excellent new grad rn cover letter, 1. heading-.

• Your Name and Contact Information • The date • The recipient's name and address

2. Opening Paragraph-

• Your professional credentials (RN or BSN) • Which specific job you are applying for • A few brief points about why you are a great fit • Why you want to work for this particular institution or position

3. Background-

4. qualifications-.

• Specific clinical experience • Other job or volunteer transferable experience • " Soft skills " such as communication, leadership, group experience, compassion, and problem-solving

5. Closing Paragraph and Sign-Off-

6. don't just reiterate your resume-, 7. outshine with your willingness to learn-, 8. detail why you want the job-, 9. showcase your exceptional side-, 10. fashion the letter to the exact position-, 11. show your passion-.

• Adaptability • Ease with technology • Willing to accept change • Eager and positive attitude • Fresh perspective

12. Proof Read-

7 common mistakes to avoid when writing your new grad nurse cover letter, 1. too general-, 2. improper format-, 3. too wordy-, 4. duplicate resume-, 5. not selling yourself to the job-, 6. too informal-, 7. spelling and grammar errors-, 3 consequences of a poorly written new grad rn cover letter, 1. you may not be granted an interview-, 2. you may misrepresent yourself-, 3. compensation and opportunities may be compromised-, my final thoughts, frequently asked questions answered by our expert, 1. what is the difference between new grad nurse cover letter and new grad nurse cv, 2. is a cover letter necessary for a new grad nurse, 3. can i use the same cover letter for all new grad nurse positions i'm applying for, 4. how many cover letters do i need when applying for new grad nurse job positions, 5. can my new grad nurse cover letter expire, 6. my new grad nurse job applications says a cover letter is optional, should i still submit one, 7. do cover letters for new grad nurses have to be long, 8. as a new grad nurse, when should i write my cover letter, 9. what should be included in a new grad nursing cover letter.

• Heading • Salutation • Opening paragraph of who you are and your intentions for which specific job • Background paragraph, where you highlight your education and clinical experience • Qualification paragraph, which is used to “sell” the employer on your qualities and abilities as a nurse • Closing paragraph and sign-off

10. What Should Not Be Included In A New Grad Nursing Cover Letter?

11. how much time does it take to write a cover letter for a new grad nurse, 12. can i ask someone else to write my new grad nurse cover letter, 13. is it a good idea to use ready templates to write my new grad nurse cover letter, 14. are there any online apps or tools that make writing a good cover letter for a new grad nurse easy.

sample cover letter for graduate nurse program

How to Write a Nursing Cover Letter

Keith Carlson, BSN, RN, NC-BC

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  • How to Write a Cover Letter
  • Mistakes to Avoid
  • Cover Letter Tips
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Nursing Cover Letter Template

Sample nursing cover letter, are you ready to earn your online nursing degree.

Man typing cover letter on a laptop

A nursing cover letter is still crucial in the job application process. It’s often the first impression a potential employer will have of you. A cover letter is a chance to tell your story and call attention to aspects of your resume you want a reviewer to notice.

It’s also a chance to explain to an employer why you want to work for them, what you know about them, and why you’re an ideal candidate. A strong cover letter can tip the balance in your favor, helping you stand out from the competition and land an interview.

In the following guide, we walk you through writing a strong nursing cover letter, mistakes to avoid, and real-world tips that will keep you focused. Check out our downloadable nursing cover letter template and a sample letter to get started. Once you master the process, you’ll be writing winning cover letters in no time.

4 Steps to Write Your Nursing Cover Letter

Writing a cover letter can feel overwhelming for many nurses, especially because it’s difficult to know what to say, how much to reiterate what’s on your resume , and what information to include or not. A cover letter is an opportunity to explain aspects of your professional or personal history that a resume can’t always get across. Your passion and interests come through, along with your ability to communicate clearly. Review the following steps to write a stand-out cover letter. Feel free to use our sample letter and downloadable template. The cover letter is a significant part of convincing employers that they absolutely need to meet you!

Create a Header with Your Contact Information

Introduce yourself and note the position you’re applying for in the opening paragraph, highlight your skills and the reasons you want to work for this employer, write a closing paragraph and restate your interest, 7 mistakes to avoid in your nursing cover letter.

  • Submitting Spelling and Grammar Errors: Nursing requires excellent documentation and attention to detail. Grammatical errors are unprofessional, and they can paint a picture of someone who doesn’t value attention to detail. Many resume reviewers will likely pass on a candidate whose resume and/or cover letter contain errors.
  • Copying Your Resume: Your nursing cover letter can highlight aspects of your resume , but it shouldn’t be a verbatim copy. Find creative ways to underscore your key characteristics, skills, or experiences without repetition.
  • Using Incorrect or Inconsistent Format: It’s best practice for your cover letter and resume to match in terms of design, font, and format. This creates a branded, visually cohesive application package.
  • Forgetting to Tie Your Qualifications to the Position: Your cover letter should be targeted and specific, addressing the position you’re applying for and its qualifications, skills, and responsibilities. If you don’t tie your qualifications to the job in question, that makes a weak case for you getting an interview.
  • Failing to Address the Letter to a Specific Person or Department: Many postings fail to provide the name of an individual or a department to address in your letter. If they provide this information, use it. If they don’t, you can use the generic “Hiring Manager” or “Hiring Committee”.
  • Starting Every Paragraph with “I”: Be creative in finding different ways to begin each paragraph (see our sample letter for examples). If two paragraphs begin with “I”, that’s OK, but no more than that.

Tips from Nurses on Writing Your Nursing Cover Letter

Research potential employers, explain relevant skills that meet the position’s qualifications, include your soft skills, highlight your best qualities, demonstrate your passion, showcase your ability and willingness to learn, check for errors, frequently asked questions about nursing cover letters, what should a nurse cover letter include.

A nurse cover letter should include a header with your name, credentials, and contact information, plus the receiver’s contact information. The body of the letter should specifically address the position you’re applying for, and how you can fulfill the characteristics, credentials, skills, knowledge, and expertise required.

What should a nurse cover letter not include?

Your cover letter does not need to include phrases like, “My references are available upon request”; “Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns”; or “I can be contacted via email at _____________or via phone at _____________.” These are all givens, and if your contact information is in your header, there’s no need to say it again.

What’s the difference between a new grad nurse cover letter and an experienced nurse cover letter?

A new grad nurse cover letter can’t demonstrate the level of skill, expertise, and knowledge as a seasoned nurse. New grads haven’t accumulated years of nursing experience, but they have their academic and clinical performance, enthusiasm, passion, and related healthcare experience to share, whether paid or volunteer. When employers advertise new grad positions, they understand that new grad resumes and letters can’t reflect the resumes of experienced nurses.

Are nursing cover letters necessary?

In these days of online applications, a cover letter may be optional, meaning that applicants can upload a cover letter if they choose to. For some applications, a cover letter will be required. Consider this: if a cover letter is optional, why not go the extra mile and write a strong one? If your resume and experience are comparable to another candidate’s, your cover letter could give you the edge. After all, a resume can’t by nature express much personality, but a cover letter can. So, make a strong impression with a well-crafted letter, whether it’s required or not.

Download our cover letter template (DOCX, 14KB)

Name and Credentials

Town, State | Phone | Email

Personalized LinkedIn profile URL (optional)

Dept and/or contact person Facility or organization Street Town, State, Zip

Dear ________________:

Paragraph 1: Begin by stating the position for which you are applying. Say something about the organization to demonstrate that you’ve done your homework and understand what they’re all about, and that this letter is not at all “cookie-cutter” in nature.

Paragraph 2: Share select highlights of your career, expertise, experience, skills, or personal characteristics that are directly applicable to this position and/or this employer. You can emphasize something from your resume that you want them to make note of, as long as you don’t use exactly the same language as your resume, which is redundant.

Paragraph 3: This is a good place to highlight some of your “soft skills” (e.g., communication, emotional intelligence, relational intelligence, patient education, compassion, empathy, etc).

Paragraph 4: Here you can call attention to your computer skills, EMR experience, etc., as well as any other tech skills worth mentioning.

Closing paragraph: Tie the letter together, reiterate your interest, and express your enthusiastic desire to have the opportunity to meet to discuss your experience and the position further.

Sincerely, Your name and credentials

Miguel Schwartzkoffnian, BSN, RN

Annabelle, HA | 000-000-1000 | [email protected]


April 3, 2023

Department of Nursing Recruitment University of Tabula Rasa Medical Center 301 Rasa Drive Glen Tabularea, MOO 22222

Dear Nursing Recruitment Department:

As a caring and dedicated summa cum laude graduate of Adelphi University’s BSN program, please accept my enthusiastic interest in the Registered Nurse – Respiratory/Intermediate Care position posted on your website. I am both personally and professionally aligned with the values that are a very clear aspect of your organization’s mission. From your “Power of Caring” funding of your expanded Outpatient Care Center to your “Next Generation” initiative, I can clearly see the forward-thinking philosophy underlying UTRMC and its reputation as an innovative facility and community member.

During my education, I thrived in clinical practice where I received positive preceptor feedback following each rotation. I am highly coachable, and as you can see from my resume, I bring more than six years’ related healthcare experience as both an EMT and CNA. I am already well-versed in code blue response, Foley catheter insertion and care, venipuncture, ECG interpretation, and non-complex wound care. Comfortable in new settings, I am not afraid to ask questions to enhance my learning and improve the quality of care I deliver to patients and their families. I thrive in multidisciplinary environments, and I use my highly-developed communication skills and emotional and relational intelligence to foster a sense of camaraderie and collaboration among my colleagues, and nurse-patient relationships built on trust.

As a digital native and quick learner, I am highly competent using the Epic and Cerner EMRs and Microsoft Office Suite, and I have full confidence in my natural curiosity and powers of critical thinking in relation to learning new technologies and digital interfaces.

I have a great deal to contribute as a member of the UTRMC community of clinicians. I look forward to discussing the intersection of my skills and experience with the needs of your inspiring organization that embraces its role beyond the actual facility and into the surrounding community it serves.

Sincerely, Miguel Schwartzkoffnian, BSN, RN

Page last reviewed on February 24, 2023

Whether you’re looking to get your pre-licensure degree or taking the next step in your career, the education you need could be more affordable than you think. Find the right nursing program for you.

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The Nerdy Nurse

How To Write a Cover Letter: New Grad Nurse Tips

In this guide, you’ll learn what to include in your cover letter and how to write it. You’ll also have access to example cover letters and templates.

You made it through nursing school and passed the NCLEX. Now you are trying to get a job. You’ll have to brush up on your interview skills and network like crazy. Another key part of landing a job as a new nurse grad is writing a killer cover letter.

Don’t freak out in anxiety as you stare at a blank screen. In this guide, you’ll find everything you need to know – what to include, how to write it, and I’ll even share some of my favorite templates.

How To Write a Cover Letter: New Grad Nurse Tips

What Is A Cover Letter?

Before we get into all the specifics, let’s look a little closer at cover letters.

A cover letter is your first impression to really explain why you are a good fit for this new job. A well-written one can move your resume from the bottom to the top of the pile and score you an interview.

A resume is all about you. It’s a list of all your experience and credentials.

A cover letter is all about them. It explains in a direct way why they should hire you and how you will benefit their team.

What To Put In A Cover Letter

When you write your cover letter, you need to include your contact information and explain why you are a good fit for their team.

Here’s a checklist of everything you need to include.

  • Your name, address, and date
  • Hiring manager’s name
  • Company’s name and address
  • Proper cover letter salutation (Dear Ms. Jones)
  • Opening Statement in paragraph 1
  • Describe your skills and experience and what you can do for them (paragraph 2 and 3)
  • Showcase your achievements in the closing statement (paragraph 3 or 4)
  • Complimentary Close with Your Signature (Sincerely)

Cover Letter Tips – How To Make Yours Stand Out

Writing a stellar cover letter will grab the attention of the hiring team and snag you that coveted interview. Avoid writing a dull letter that will cause them to just overlook your resume.

These tips will help you write a cover letter that makes them want to bring you in for an interview.

Create A Tailored Letter For Each Position You Apply To

Hiring managers can sniff out copy/paste templates. You might be applying to 5 or 6 different jobs at once, but don’t let your cover letter say that.

This is tough when you are a new grad nurse and every job you apply to is pretty similar. You can reuse the same letter, but make enough changes that it feels and reads like you are writing directly to them.

Research The Company/Hospital

This leads to my next tip: do your research. In your cover letter, write about how you are a good fit for their hospital/team and explain why.

In the body of the cover letter, share things like, “Community hospital has a holistic focus on health-care which I demonstrated when I volunteered at the women’s birthing center.” Show them that you care enough to know how to fit into their culture.

Don’t Echo Your Resume

The worst thing you can do is write, “as I said in my resume” and then rehash your skills and experience. They have your resume, they don’t need to read it twice.

Instead, you should expand on it and share more about yourself in a personable way.

“What my experience on my resume demonstrates is my internal motivation and drive to learn new skills quickly so I can help everyone around me.”

You can reference things that are on your resume, but use the cover letter as a way to explain why it’s so important for this new job.

Use A Clean Design

I can’t explain how important this tip is. Nurse managers are busy people, reading way too many cover letters every day. Keep your cover letter’s design clear and legible.

If you use a design or handwriting font that is difficult to read, it has little chance of even being read.

Use A Powerful Opening Sentence

Your opening sentence should grab their attention and pull them into wanting to read more. Need some ideas of powerful opening statements? This guide is fantastic.

Pull them in with something like, “As someone who is passionate about technology in health care, I am drawn to Community Hospital’s forward-thinking approach and would love to be considered as the newest nurse on your team.”

Share Stories But Keep It Brief

One of the best things you can do to your cover letter is to read through it after you write and cut out any unnecessary words. Being concise will keep the hiring manager’s attention and encourage them to read the entire thing.

The best way to do this is to use one strong adjective instead of stuffing sentences with 5 wordy ones.

For example, “My strong work ethic motivated me to never miss a day of clinicals.” That’s powerful. However, “I have a strong work ethic and internal motivation that propelled me to always attend clinicals with a positive and hardworking attitude, never missing a single day.”

They both say the same thing, but the first sentence is easier (and quicker) to read.

Keep It Chronological

Next, when you describe your experience and skills, share your stories in chronological order. This will avoid confusion and make your letter easier to read.

Start out with describing any skills you learned first, then build on those throughout the letter, finishing with your most recent experiences.

Use Active Voice Not Passive

Your cover letter should always be in the active voice. This gives it more strength and shows them that you are taking ownership of your actions.

Active voice sentences have subject + verb in that order. Passive voice have something being acted on it.

Here are some examples to clear up the confusion.

  • I created a new system that improved efficiency. – Active voice, “I created.”
  • The system that was created by me, improved efficiency. – Passive voice. “was created.”

End The Cover Letter Strong

Focus on the summary paragraph at the end of your cover letter. Make it strong so it sells your attributes and compels them to call you for an interview.

Close with your desire to hear back from them and remind them why you are qualified. Glassdoor has 5 solid examples you can take and personalized.

Cover Letter Examples and Template

Now that you know how to write your cover letter I’ll share some of the best examples and templates.

Yale School of Nursing has a helpful example. It explains what to say in each paragraph and how to design the cover letter too.

George Washington University also has an excellent document explaining how to write a cover letter and an example cover letter. I really like this one because it has tips, examples, and even lets you read a strong cover letter example.

Resume Genius is filled with templates. You can even use their cover letter builder if you don’t have time to design/format it yourself.

More Nursing Job Tips

Congrats on making it through nursing school ! As you keep looking for a new job, here are some more tips.

  • New Grads: Prep for Show Time!
  • Best Nursing Specialty For a New Grad
  • What are the Highest-Paid Nurses?
  • Nurse Resume Template – Fresh RN

About The Author

Brittney wilson, bsn, rn, related posts.

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Graduate Nurse Cover Letter Examples

A great graduate nurse cover letter can help you stand out from the competition when applying for a job. Be sure to tailor your letter to the specific requirements listed in the job description, and highlight your most relevant or exceptional qualifications. The following graduate nurse cover letter example can give you some ideas on how to write your own letter.

Graduate Nurse Cover Letter Example

or download as PDF

Cover Letter Example (Text)

Jenna Burik

(603) 546-6574

[email protected]

Dear Ms. Lazarus,

I am writing to express my interest in the Graduate Nurse position at Mayo Clinic, as advertised on your careers page. With a solid foundation of five years of nursing experience at Kaiser Permanente, I am eager to bring my clinical skills and compassionate care to your esteemed institution.

During my tenure at Kaiser Permanente, I had the opportunity to work in various departments, including medical-surgical, emergency, and intensive care units, which have equipped me with a robust set of skills and the ability to adapt to different nursing environments. My experience has honed my proficiency in delivering patient-centered care, collaborating with multidisciplinary teams, and maintaining high standards of safety and quality.

I am particularly drawn to the Mayo Clinic because of its reputation for excellence in patient care, its commitment to research and education, and its culture of teamwork. I am confident that my background and dedication to nursing make me a suitable candidate to join your team. I am excited about the opportunity to contribute to the Mayo Clinic's mission and to further develop my professional skills under the guidance of the renowned staff.

Thank you for considering my application. I am looking forward to the possibility of discussing how my experience and skills align with the needs of your nursing team. I am committed to providing exceptional care to patients and am eager to embrace the challenges and opportunities at Mayo Clinic.

Warm regards,

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  • Graduate Research Assistant
  • Graduate Assistant
  • Nurse Case Manager
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How to Write a Nursing Cover Letter That Stands Out + Examples

  • Do You Need One?
  • What to Include
  • 6 Common Mistakes
  • Cover Letter Template
  • Cover Letter Example
  • Don't Forget It!

How to write a nursing cover letter

You're not alone if you think writing a nursing cover letter is intimidating. However, a great cover letter may be the difference between landing the job or having your application ignored. 

Keep reading for expert advice regarding the importance and benefits of writing a nursing cover letter and common mistakes to avoid, and some examples you can use!

Do You Need Nursing Cover Letters?  

The cover letter is your chance to highlight your past experience and let the hiring manager know why you believe you're the best fit for the role. The hiring manager will quickly notice you are motivated and enthusiastic about the job prospect. 

It's also your first chance to show your articulation and communication skills. A well-crafted cover letter makes an impression that instantly sets you apart from other applicants. 

Benefits of Writing a Nursing Cover Letter

Most candidates don't take the time to create a cover letter. In the world of online applications, attaching one is usually optional and feels like extra work. So many applicants fill out the bare minimum and move on to the next job posting. 

Stand out from the competition - Write a killer cover letter. 

Why you should take the time to create your cover letter

  • Increase chances your application is reviewed
  • Highlight your accomplishments, skills, and qualifications
  • Showcase your personality and communication skills
  • Make a great first impression
  • Show your interest in the position/company

Your resume is important, but the cover letter sets the tone for your entire application. Check out our Ultimate Guide to Nursing Resumes to learn more about current resume etiquette and trends.

Writing a nursing resume can feel overwhelming. It’s no easy task! Nowadays, nursing resumes must be able to pass through resume reading software before it even reaches a recruiter. That’s why we’ve put together THREE nurse resume templates to cater to your unique professional needs and employment situation.

sample cover letter for graduate nurse program

By clicking download, you agree to receive email newsletters and special offers from Nurse.org. You may unsubscribe at any time by using the unsubscribe link, found at the bottom of every email.

Your request has been received. Thanks!

sample cover letter for graduate nurse program

What to Include in Your Nursing Cover Letter

Did you learn how to write business letters in school? Have you forgotten everything about how to format them? You’re not alone - we’ve got your back here at Nurse.org. 

Let's go through the basic format of a nursing cover letter that can be used at any stage of your professional development, including entry-level and specialty changes. 

The header is simple; it’s just contact information for both you and the hiring organization. The basic format is:

Phone Number

Email Address

Street Address  

  • City, ST, Zip Code

Hiring Manager (Use name if possible)

  • Healthcare Organization 

The best advice here is to find out the hiring manager's name so you can personalize the greeting. 

How to find out the name of a hiring manager:

  • If you have a connection in the organization, ask who will review your application. 
  • Review the company website or LinkedIn to find the manager or director for the position. 
  • Call the Human resources department. This can be hit or miss, but it's worth a shot if you haven't found the right person. 

Generic greetings should be your last resort. If you've tried and still can't find the name, "Dear Hiring Manager" or "Dear Nursing Recruitment Team" will work. You'll wow them with the rest of your letter. 

Paragraph #1: Opening

In the opening paragraph, identify the position you're applying for and briefly state why you're a good fit. HR and hiring managers often look at resumes for several positions, so this is a chance to remind them that you are applying for X opportunity. It signals the hiring manager to read the rest of your letter and resume with that position in mind. 

Paragraph #2: Background & Qualifications

Your qualifications paragraph is the most important one in your cover letter. Briefly summarize your background, skills, and traits that make you the perfect candidate for the position in about 2-3. Use keywords from the posted job description that complement your skill set. You can also use bullet points to make this paragraph stand out.

Note for new grads: All of your background experience is valuable. Suppose you don't have healthcare-specific work experience. In that case, you can highlight customer service skills, eagerness to learn new processes, and highlights from nursing school clinical experiences. 

Notes for nurses transitioning to new specialties: Give a brief career synopsis and highlight the skills you think will best transfer to the new specialty. Emphasize strengths that align with the job position posting. 

Paragraph #3: Compliment the Organization

Your final paragraph shows you're serious about the position. Research the organization and state why you want to join their team. You can find great information and keywords to use on the job post or their website.

Closing the Nursing Cover Letter

Your closing sentence is brief and invites further conversation. Restate your contact information and Invite the hiring manager to discuss the role further. Then, add in a final closure and your signature. Congratulations,  your letter is complete!

The closure should be respectful and professional. Examples include

  • Respectfully
  • Sincerely yours
  • Yours truly
  • With warm regards
  • Best regards

How to List Your Nursing Credentials

It’s easy to get confused about how to list your nursing credentials. The correct way to sign your name with credentials is:

[Name], [Highest level of education completed], [License type], [Certifications]

Jane completed an associate degree and is a Registered Nurse without other certifications (yet). Her signature is Jane Doe, ADN, RN

If Jane goes on to complete her BSN and Pediatric certification, her signature changes to: Jane Doe, BSN, RN, CPN

We’ve got templates below to help you get started, but first let’s review some common mistakes you should avoid. 

6 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Writing Your Nursing Cover Letter   

Writing a great nursing cover letter may seem daunting, but the process does get easier with practice. Here are a few common nursing cover letter mistakes and pitfalls to avoid.

1. Leaving Grammatical Errors and Typos

Most programs have some spell and grammar check capabilities, but don't rely on them alone. Websites such as grammarly.com offer free proofreading and grammar review. Make sure to review that all names are correctly spelled.

2. Using a Generic Greeting

Do your research to find the hiring manager’s name. If you can’t find it, open the letter with “Dear Hiring Manager.” Avoid “To whom it may concern” at all costs. 

3. Forgetting to add Keywords

Read the job description carefully. Find keywords that relate to your experience and use them throughout the cover letter. 

4. Not Following Instructions

Follow any specific requirements listed in the job description or application website. If the listing says to upload your cover letter as a PDF, save your document as a PDF before submitting it. 

This is your first test to see if you pay attention to detail and follow directions. Don't fail before you even get started!!

5. Using the Same Cover Letter for Different Jobs

Each position and organization are unique; don’t repeatedly use the same letter. However, you also don't need to start from scratch each time! 

Save your cover letters as you write them so they’re available to edit next time. Highlight different skills if needed. Make it personal to the new position by including keywords from the job listing.

6. Forgetting to Proofread and Edit

Notice how #1 and #6 are almost identical? It’s on purpose - proofreading is the most critical aspect of writing. Here are some tips to help you make sure your cover letter is perfect:

Read your letter out loud. Does it make sense? Do any of the sentences sound strange when you read them out loud? 

Walk away . Putting a bit of time between writing and finalizing your edits can make a world of difference in the final draft.

Enlist a friend. Ask a  trusted friend, career advisor, or faculty member to read the letter before you hit send. 

Nursing Cover Letter Template

Here’s everything your nursing cover letter should include.

City, State, Zip Code

Healthcare Organization Name

Telephone Number

Email address

Dear (Mr. Mrs. Ms.) ________,

Dear Nursing Recruitment Team,

Opening: 2-3 sentences that express your excitement. Name the exact position you are applying for and the organization. Briefly state why you are the best fit. 

Background & Qualifications: 2-4 sentences to highlight your applicable certifications, achievements and strengths. You may use bullet format to draw attention to this section.

Compliment the Organization: 2-3 sentences to show you’ve researched the organization and position. Highlight organizational values that align with yours.

Closing sentence: Thank the hiring manager for taking time to review your application. Invite them to contact you to arrange an interview. 

With warm regards, 

Your Name, (credentials)

Example Nursing Cover Letter

(718) 555–0100

[email protected]

123 Main Street; 

City, ST 12345

August 01, 2023

Hailey Johnson

Human Resources

Mercy Healthcare

123 Broadway Ave;  City, ST 12300

Dear Ms. Hailey Johnson,

I am excited to apply for the Registered Nurse residency program at Mercy Healthcare. I recently graduated with my Bachelor of Science in Nursing and believe the skills and knowledge gained during nursing school will be highly valuable to your team.

I received excellent clinical reviews throughout nursing school and graduated with honors. I have excellent time-management skills and look forward to further developing hands-on skills through clinical practice. My ability to coordinate tasks and collaborate with others allows me to provide excellent patient care. 

Mercy Healthcare is well-known for patient-centered care and shared governance. I look forward to making a difference in patients’ lives through compassion, dedication, and excellent nursing care. 

Thank you for considering my application. I can be reached at (718) 555–0100 or [email protected] to arrange an interview and further discuss my qualifications.

Ava Smith, BSN, RN

Don't Forget Your Cover Letter!

Always, always, always attach a cover letter to your job applications. These templates should help you get started. Attaching a cover letter immediately sets you apart from the candidates who do not take the time to write or attach one. Highlight your strengths and show the hiring manager that you’re serious about the position. Then start prepping your answers to  common interview questions for when you get that call.

Joleen Sams

Joleen Sams is a certified Family Nurse Practitioner based in the Kansas City metro area. During her 10-year RN career, Joleen worked in NICU, inpatient pediatrics, and regulatory compliance. Since graduating with her MSN-FNP in 2019, she has worked in urgent care and nursing administration. Connect with Joleen on LinkedIn or see more of her writing on her website.

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Graduate Nurse Cover Letter Example (Free Guide)

Create an graduate nurse cover letter that lands you the interview with our free examples and writing tips. use and customize our template and land an interview today..

Graduate Nurse Cover Letter Example

Are you a recent nursing graduate looking for your first job in the field? Writing a standout cover letter can be the first step to success. Our guide provides essential tips, tricks, and advice to help you craft a winning cover letter and secure your dream job. With our help, you'll be well on your way to a career in healthcare.

We will cover:

  • How to write a cover letter, no matter your industry or job title.
  • What to put on a cover letter to stand out.
  • The top skills employers from every industry want to see.
  • How to build a cover letter fast with our professional Cover Letter Builder .
  • What a cover letter template is, and why you should use it.

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Graduate nurse cover letter sample.

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Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing to apply for the graduate nursing position at your healthcare facility. I am confident that my qualifications, experience, and enthusiasm will make me an ideal candidate for the job.

I recently graduated from ABC University with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. During my studies, I was a student member of the American Nurses Association and I am now a fully licensed nurse. I am also certified in Basic Life Support and CPR.

I have worked in a variety of healthcare settings, including long-term care, acute care, and home health. I am a strong advocate for evidence-based practice and I continuously strive to provide the best care possible to my patients. I am a compassionate and dedicated healthcare professional with excellent organizational and interpersonal skills.

I am highly motivated to join your team and I am confident that I will be an asset to your organization. I am eager to utilize my skills and knowledge to help your facility provide quality care and patient satisfaction. I am available for an interview at your convenience and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Sincerely, [Your name]

Why Do you Need a Graduate Nurse Cover Letter?

  • A graduate nurse cover letter is a great way to showcase your enthusiasm and passion for nursing.
  • It can help to demonstrate your nursing skills and knowledge that you have obtained during your education.
  • It can also highlight any experience you have gained while completing your clinical placements or volunteering.
  • Having a well-written cover letter can help you stand out from the competition and increase your chances of getting an interview.
  • In addition, a cover letter helps to create a professional impression on the hiring manager and gives you an opportunity to explain why you are the best candidate for the job.

A Few Important Rules To Keep In Mind

  • Keep your cover letter concise and to the point - one page is usually enough to get your message across.
  • Include the job title and contact information for the person who will receive your letter at the top.
  • Provide an introduction that clearly states why you are writing the letter and how you heard about the open position.
  • Outline your qualifications for the job, including relevant education, experience, and certifications.
  • Highlight your interpersonal skills and any other relevant qualities that make you a great candidate.
  • Explain why you are interested in the job and the organization.
  • Close the letter with a call to action that encourages the reader to contact you.
  • Proofread your cover letter thoroughly before sending it.

What's The Best Structure For Graduate Nurse Cover Letters?

After creating an impressive Graduate Nurse resume , the next step is crafting a compelling cover letter to accompany your job applications. It's essential to remember that your cover letter should maintain a formal tone and follow a recommended structure. But what exactly does this structure entail, and what key elements should be included in a Graduate Nurse cover letter? Let's explore the guidelines and components that will make your cover letter stand out.

Key Components For Graduate Nurse Cover Letters:

  • Your contact information, including the date of writing
  • The recipient's details, such as the company's name and the name of the addressee
  • A professional greeting or salutation, like "Dear Mr. Levi,"
  • An attention-grabbing opening statement to captivate the reader's interest
  • A concise paragraph explaining why you are an excellent fit for the role
  • Another paragraph highlighting why the position aligns with your career goals and aspirations
  • A closing statement that reinforces your enthusiasm and suitability for the role
  • A complimentary closing, such as "Regards" or "Sincerely," followed by your name
  • An optional postscript (P.S.) to add a brief, impactful note or mention any additional relevant information.

Cover Letter Header

A header in a cover letter should typically include the following information:

  • Your Full Name: Begin with your first and last name, written in a clear and legible format.
  • Contact Information: Include your phone number, email address, and optionally, your mailing address. Providing multiple methods of contact ensures that the hiring manager can reach you easily.
  • Date: Add the date on which you are writing the cover letter. This helps establish the timeline of your application.

It's important to place the header at the top of the cover letter, aligning it to the left or center of the page. This ensures that the reader can quickly identify your contact details and know when the cover letter was written.

Cover Letter Greeting / Salutation

A greeting in a cover letter should contain the following elements:

  • Personalized Salutation: Address the hiring manager or the specific recipient of the cover letter by their name. If the name is not mentioned in the job posting or you are unsure about the recipient's name, it's acceptable to use a general salutation such as "Dear Hiring Manager" or "Dear [Company Name] Recruiting Team."
  • Professional Tone: Maintain a formal and respectful tone throughout the greeting. Avoid using overly casual language or informal expressions.
  • Correct Spelling and Title: Double-check the spelling of the recipient's name and ensure that you use the appropriate title (e.g., Mr., Ms., Dr., or Professor) if applicable. This shows attention to detail and professionalism.

For example, a suitable greeting could be "Dear Ms. Johnson," or "Dear Hiring Manager," depending on the information available. It's important to tailor the greeting to the specific recipient to create a personalized and professional tone for your cover letter.

Cover Letter Introduction

An introduction for a cover letter should capture the reader's attention and provide a brief overview of your background and interest in the position. Here's how an effective introduction should look:

  • Opening Statement: Start with a strong opening sentence that immediately grabs the reader's attention. Consider mentioning your enthusiasm for the job opportunity or any specific aspect of the company or organization that sparked your interest.
  • Brief Introduction: Provide a concise introduction of yourself and mention the specific position you are applying for. Include any relevant background information, such as your current role, educational background, or notable achievements that are directly related to the position.
  • Connection to the Company: Demonstrate your knowledge of the company or organization and establish a connection between your skills and experiences with their mission, values, or industry. Showcasing your understanding and alignment with their goals helps to emphasize your fit for the role.
  • Engaging Hook: Consider including a compelling sentence or two that highlights your unique selling points or key qualifications that make you stand out from other candidates. This can be a specific accomplishment, a relevant skill, or an experience that demonstrates your value as a potential employee.
  • Transition to the Body: Conclude the introduction by smoothly transitioning to the main body of the cover letter, where you will provide more detailed information about your qualifications, experiences, and how they align with the requirements of the position.

By following these guidelines, your cover letter introduction will make a strong first impression and set the stage for the rest of your application.

Cover Letter Body

As a recent graduate nurse, I am eager to join a team of passionate healthcare professionals and contribute to improving patient outcomes. I am confident that my clinical skills, educational background, and dedication to patient care will make me an asset to your team.

During my clinical rotations, I developed expertise in patient assessment, diagnosis, and treatment planning. My strong communication skills have enabled me to effectively collaborate with multi-disciplinary teams, and I quickly develop rapport with my patients. I have a keen eye for detail and strive to provide evidence-based care to all patients.

I have a strong knowledge base in nursing practice, as evidenced by my recent graduation from University Name , where I obtained a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree . Additionally, I have experience in a variety of healthcare settings, including hospital, clinic, and long-term care . During my clinical rotations, I gained valuable insights into providing quality care, and I am eager to apply this knowledge in a professional environment.

I am eager to utilize my clinical skills, educational background, and commitment to patient care to provide the best possible care to your patients. My enthusiasm for nursing and my commitment to the profession make me a great candidate for the role. I look forward to talking with you further about how I can contribute to your team.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Complimentary Close

The conclusion and signature of a cover letter provide a final opportunity to leave a positive impression and invite further action. Here's how the conclusion and signature of a cover letter should look:

  • Summary of Interest: In the conclusion paragraph, summarize your interest in the position and reiterate your enthusiasm for the opportunity to contribute to the organization or school. Emphasize the value you can bring to the role and briefly mention your key qualifications or unique selling points.
  • Appreciation and Gratitude: Express appreciation for the reader's time and consideration in reviewing your application. Thank them for the opportunity to be considered for the position and acknowledge any additional materials or documents you have included, such as references or a portfolio.
  • Call to Action: Conclude the cover letter with a clear call to action. Indicate your availability for an interview or express your interest in discussing the opportunity further. Encourage the reader to contact you to schedule a meeting or provide any additional information they may require.
  • Complimentary Closing: Choose a professional and appropriate complimentary closing to end your cover letter, such as "Sincerely," "Best Regards," or "Thank you." Ensure the closing reflects the overall tone and formality of the letter.
  • Signature: Below the complimentary closing, leave space for your handwritten signature. Sign your name in ink using a legible and professional style. If you are submitting a digital or typed cover letter, you can simply type your full name.
  • Typed Name: Beneath your signature, type your full name in a clear and readable font. This allows for easy identification and ensures clarity in case the handwritten signature is not clear.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Writing a Graduate Nurse Cover Letter

When crafting a cover letter, it's essential to present yourself in the best possible light to potential employers. However, there are common mistakes that can hinder your chances of making a strong impression. By being aware of these pitfalls and avoiding them, you can ensure that your cover letter effectively highlights your qualifications and stands out from the competition. In this article, we will explore some of the most common mistakes to avoid when writing a cover letter, providing you with valuable insights and practical tips to help you create a compelling and impactful introduction that captures the attention of hiring managers. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting your career journey, understanding these mistakes will greatly enhance your chances of success in the job application process. So, let's dive in and discover how to steer clear of these common missteps and create a standout cover letter that gets you noticed by potential employers.

  • Not researching the specific company and role in depth.
  • Including irrelevant information or exaggerated claims.
  • Not tailoring the cover letter to the particular position.
  • Failing to proofread the letter and check for grammar and spelling mistakes.
  • Using a generic greeting instead of addressing the letter to the hiring manager.
  • Using an overly formal or informal tone.
  • Using jargon or technical language without explanation.
  • Not expressing enthusiasm for the role.
  • Including negative information or complaints.
  • Not following the instructions in the job advertisement.
  • Failing to suggest why the employer should hire you.
  • Not providing your contact details.

Key Takeaways For a Graduate Nurse Cover Letter

  • Highlight your qualifications, such as your nursing education, relevant clinical experience, and any certifications.
  • Include examples of your work that demonstrate your knowledge, skills, and abilities.
  • Outline your commitment to patient care and safety, and your enthusiasm for the profession.
  • Express your desire to contribute to the success of the organization.
  • Demonstrate your ability to work collaboratively with other healthcare professionals.
  • Make sure your letter is free from errors and proofread it carefully.

Create Cover Letter

New Grad Nurse Cover Letter Sample

Putting together a new grad nurse cover letter sample is challenging, especially when you are only about to start your career. It is not enough to craft a winning resume if you want to apply for a new grad nurse position. You need to tailor a perfect cover letter to land an interview and proceed with your job application. Having a step-by-step guide and a good example of a cover letter for an new grad nurse is essential when you’re at the start of your career path.

This article will give you answers to the following questions: 

  • What are the tips on how to write a cover letter?
  • How to use a Proper Cover Letter Formatting?
  • Where to find cover letter new grad nurse example?
  • How to highlight your skills in a cover letter? 

Many nursing school grads can present themself during the job application. But only 10% of them know how to sell themselves and get the desired position. Reach out to the online cover letter writing service, and insights from professional cover letter writers will turn you from a shy job hunter to an employee. You will learn all the specifics of the cover letter writing and get special access to 20+ professional cover letter templates.

Cover Letter for a New Grad Nurse [Example]

It is necessary to showcase all of your accomplishments according to the key requirements of the cover letter format. Check out the cover letter for a new grad nurse example below:

Name and Surname

Address (optional)

Date When the Letter Was Written

Name of the Hiring Manager

Company’s Address

Telephone of the Hiring Manager (optional)

Email of the Hiring Manager

Dear (add the name of the Hiring Manager) ,

I am writing to express my interest in working in the medical institution you posted on ( add the name of the site where you've found the job ad ). My goal as a nurse graduate is to be able to work as an ER nurse, and I would love to be a part of the medical team at this prestigious clinic. My previous medical practice and a big desire to save people in extreme situations drive me to pursue a career in this medical field.

At Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, I had an excellent preparation for ER nursing. Identifying the best way to stabilize patients and minimize their pain was always a challenge. I know how to evaluate and treat patients almost simultaneously, especially when they appear in the emergency room after car accidents. I have proven to be a quick and eager learner, ready to handle whatever comes my way in nursing.

Thank you for reading my cover letter! I am excited about working for San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital because no other medical institution has saved so many lives like yours. 

Best wishes,

Your Name and Surname

Cover Letter Template for a New Grad Nurse

Before you apply to the company after nursing school, you must prepare a pile of the necessary documentation. Hiring managers don’t choose cover letters that aren’t written according to a modern cover letter template. If you are a new grad nurse, don’t forget to format it according to these conditions:

  • Cover letter font: Georgia, Helvetica, Calibri, Trebuchet MS, or another respected font.
  • Cover letter line spacing: 1.15.
  • Margins: 1 inch per edge.

If you need professional resume help, resume writing services near me are a solution! They are in Houston, Chicago, Nyc, Dallas, Seattle, San Diego, Phoenix, Austin, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Charlotte, San Antonio, Columbus, Kansas, Minneapolis, Indianapolis, Philadelphia, Jacksonville, Detroit. We are near you and always ready to give you a hand!

Ultimate Guide on How to Write a Cover Letter for a New Grad Nurse

Did you know that only 10% of all job applicants who submit a cover letter for a new grad nurse manage to land an interview? Young professionals usually can’t handle this task as well as people with experience in the writing business. They can find a cover letter new grad nurse example but never repeat it on the highest level.

Creating a cover letter sample has never been easier. SkillHub professionals helped more than 30,000 people to pursue a new career opportunity. Save your time and ask a pro writer to showcase your key skills in a cover letter, and a rewarding new grad nurse career won’t keep you waiting. With the help of experienced cover letter writers, you can be sure that your cover letter will meet all of the formatting rules.

Why Proper Cover Letter Formatting Matters

Why does neglecting cover letter formatting in a new grad nurse cover letter may ruin your opportunity to get an interview? Because every professional should be aware of the key elements of a cover letter:

  • Date and Company details
  • Closing Paragraph 

Cover Letter Heading 

You need to put a good impression on your hiring manager right from the beginning of your job application. Creating the proper cover letter header is not difficult. Check out the heading of an example cover letter new grad nurse right below. You might have also seen it before while studying in the department of graduate nursing.

Cover Letter Sample for New Grad Nurse [Heading]

Let’s look at a traditional cover letter example to learn the simplest way to format the heading. Normally, it should contain your full name and contact information. Include your email, phone number, home address, and the link to your LinkedIn profile. 

New Grad Nurse Cover Letter

Jane Cunningham 

(415) 202-3711

12 Ponce De Leon Ave

Atlanta, Georgia (GE), 3036

[email protected] 


Date and Company Details

Every hiring manager divides the received number of cover letter for new grad nurse according to date. If your date of submission is earlier than your competitor’s, there are more chances that the company will invite you for an interview.

Other company details include the name of the person you’re writing to and the address. If you don’t know the name of the recruiter, you can skip it in a cover letter sample new grad nurse. But adding the address is obligatory because otherwise, your cover letter can be delivered to the wrong recipient. 

Example of Cover Letter for a New Grad Nurse [Date and Company Details]

Most recent grads don’t find it easy to apply for the desired job and get noticed by employers. They should use career resources and look through example cover letter new grad nurse to put the date and company details according to formatting rules.

June 8, 2022

Emily Havoc

11 Leroy St

Camillus, New York (NY), 13031


Cover Letter Greeting

There are various tried and true ways to write a winning cover letter greeting. 

If you know the recruiter’s name, “Dear [Mr./Ms./Mx.] [Recuiterr’s Surname],” is a quite good option. In case you don’t know the name of the employer, the classic “to whom it may concern” is an acceptable salutation as well.

Cover Letter Example for a New Grad Nurse [Greeting]

Each cover letter greeting should be taken seriously if you want to build a successful career. The more you explore samples like a cover letter example for new grad nurse, the better. Chances that someone will decide to hire you grow if you put the full name of the manager in the cover letter greeting: 

“Dear Emily Havoc!”

What to Include in a New Grad Nurse Cover Letter [Body]

The body of cover letter for an new grad nurse is a part of presenting your key achievements to the hiring manager. Usually, it consists of 2-3 short paragraphs. Try to make them as informative as possible. Don’t make up your accomplishments if nothing comes to your mind. Nurse school grads with no work experience should focus on what contribution they can bring to the company if they land the desired position. 

New Grad Nurse Cover Letter Sample [Body]

Check the body of the new grad nurse cover letter sample below.

“I have the relevant background for the position in your company that corresponds to the requirements stated in your job post. I am not afraid of new challenges and always ready to take more responsibility. At the University of North Carolina, I got my first experience as a surgical assistant registered nurse. I can surely say that I find myself in the OS like a fish in the water.” 

Closing Paragraph for a Cover Letter

A successful example of new grad nurse cover letter will always include a closing paragraph. If the body has to contain information that proves your qualification, the closing line has a communicative goal. Job seekers who show a clear representation of their written communication skills raise their chances of getting hired. Check out the sample of proper closing in the next paragraph.

New Grad Nurse Cover Letter Example [Closing]

It is important to put a call to action in the ending line, so recruiters would know that you’re truly willing to land this interview. Take a look at the new grad nurse cover letter example below: 

“Please feel free to contact me at (415) 202-3711 4 to further discuss my skills. I hope to speak with you soon regarding this amazing job opportunity.

Jane Cunningham” 

You can still get help from a nursing resume writing service to make your resume stand out.

Introduce Your Skills 

For getting more interviews, it is important to highlight both hard and soft skills of yours. If you organize them correctly, you won’t have to bother about the applicant tracking system (ATS) or resume-scanning software that recruiters use widely during the job application. Every cover letter new grad nurse example includes the set of applicant’s skills, usually presented in a bullet point list:

  • basic patient care skills;
  • knowledge to perform and evaluate diagnostic tests;
  • ability to communicate directly with patients, families, and doctors;
  • experience in assisting doctors in medical procedures;
  • knowledge of CPR;

The set of skills may vary depending on the branch of medical practice you’re about to attend. For example, if you want to work in the emergency room, showing the ability to cope with situations of extra difficulty is a must.

Learn More About the Company 

It is important to customize each of your cover letters depending on the company you're going to apply to. Hiring managers should notice that you’re motivated enough to work in their firm. It is also necessary to beat the applicant tracking process and make your cover letter stand out among others. The best way to do it is to insert the relevant to your job description keywords. For instance, in the new grad nurse cover letter, you can use “CPR,” “ICU,” “first-aid certification,” and “patient care.”

If you read all of the paragraphs of this guide and reached this one, congratulations! Now you know how to write a cover letter for a new grad nurse, and you’re ready to get started with your job application. Remember to:

  • keep to the cover letter format and structure;
  • make a proper greeting to the hiring manager; 
  • prove your qualification in the body section;
  • add quantifiable achievements to prove you’re the best new grad nurse hire;
  • end the new grad nurse application letter with a meaningful closing statement.

Writing a cover letter for the first time can be very exhausting and time-consuming. Trust your cover letter to our professional resume writing service and save both your time and nerves. The new grad nurse cover letter samples above will come in handy if you want to craft a cover letter on your own.

sample cover letter for graduate nurse program

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More Cover Letter Examples

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Resume Worded   |  Career Strategy

14 new grad nurse cover letters.

Approved by real hiring managers, these New Grad Nurse cover letters have been proven to get people hired in 2024. A hiring manager explains why.

Hiring Manager for New Grad Nurse Roles

Table of contents

  • New Grad Nurse
  • Pediatric Nurse
  • Registered Nurse - New Grad
  • New Graduate RN
  • Registered Nurse (RN)
  • Alternative introductions for your cover letter
  • New Grad Nurse resume examples

New Grad Nurse Cover Letter Example

Why this cover letter works in 2024, quantifiable achievements.

Using specific numbers and accomplishments makes your experience more tangible and impactful. In this case, the patient satisfaction rating and the number of patients cared for daily demonstrate a high level of competency.

Teamwork and collaboration

Emphasizing teamwork and collaboration shows that you can work well with others and create positive change. The example provided highlights the candidate's ability to work with a team to improve patient experiences.

Alignment with company values

Showing enthusiasm for the company's values and initiatives demonstrates that you are a great fit for the organization. In this example, the candidate expresses excitement about the company's commitment to professional development for nurses.

Personal Connection to Profession

When you highlight a personal story or connection as the foundation of your career choice, it illustrates a deep, intrinsic motivation. Your reference to your grandmother's experiences and how they sparked your love for nursing, combining both science and compassion, makes your passion tangible and relatable. It tells me that your dedication extends beyond the academic and professional realms; it's a personal vocation.

Highlighting successful projects

Describing a project where you made a significant impact, like reducing patient anxiety, is a great way to show initiative and direct results. It showcases your abilities to not only identify problems but also innovate and implement effective solutions.

Showing adaptability in high-pressure environments

By highlighting your experience in a high-volume city hospital, you demonstrate your ability to remain poised in stressful situations. This ability to stay calm under pressure is crucial in a fast-paced environment like Johns Hopkins.

Expressing a desire for continuous learning

Stating your attraction towards their Residency program and its focus on continuous learning shows your eagerness to grow and learn. It suggests you're not just looking for a job, but an environment where you can evolve professionally.

Aligning personal vision with the company's approach

When you mention that you see yourself making a difference through their innovative approach to healthcare, it shows that your vision aligns with theirs. This shows that you've thought about your future with them and are excited by it.

Show your passion for the nursing profession

It's important to let your enthusiasm for nursing and the specific medical center shine through. This shows you're not just looking for any job, but you're interested in this role at this facility because of its values and environment.

Highlight teamwork in nursing experiences

When you mention working alongside an interdisciplinary team, it underscores your ability to collaborate effectively, an essential skill in nursing. It also shows your readiness to engage in complex patient care scenarios.

Demonstrate initiative as a new grad nurse

Taking the lead on creating educational materials not only shows your commitment to patient care but also your ability to identify and address needs within your work environment, a key trait of a proactive new grad nurse.

Connect your skills with the employer’s values

By aligning your foundational nursing skills and passion for ongoing learning with the medical center's emphasis on excellence, you present yourself as a candidate who not only fits but will thrive in their specific setting.

Express eagerness to contribute

Ending on a note of looking forward to discussing your contributions demonstrates confidence in your ability to add value, making you a memorable candidate.

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Connect your New York roots to nursing

Your personal connection to the city and its impact on your career choice adds a relatable touch to your application, making it memorable.

Demonstrate your nursing school success

Highlighting your dedication and ability to perform under pressure during your education shows you have the foundation to thrive in a healthcare setting.

Show leadership beyond clinical skills

Organizing wellness workshops shows you're proactive about contributing to a positive work environment, an appealing trait for a new grad nurse.

Express genuine excitement for the opportunity

Sharing your enthusiasm for joining the healthcare team communicates you're motivated and ready to contribute to their mission.

End with a hopeful note

Thanking the employer for their consideration and looking forward to further discussions is polite and shows you are eager to move forward in the process.

Show your enthusiasm for the new grad nurse role

When you express excitement about applying for the nurse position and recognize the hospital's reputation, it shows you've done your research and are genuinely interested in being part of their team.

Highlight key new grad nurse skills

Mentioning your ability to stay calm under pressure, pay attention to detail, and show compassion illustrates that you possess the critical qualities needed in a nursing role.

Connect your passion with the hospital's values

Your eagerness to join a hospital that values education and growth demonstrates a mutual benefit, showing you're a good fit for each other.

Invite further discussion

By asking to discuss your fit for the role, you're taking a proactive step towards employment, suggesting confidence in your ability to contribute to their team.

Pediatric Nurse Cover Letter Example

Highlighting key skills in action.

Sharing examples of how you've used your skills in a workplace context helps paint a picture of your capabilities. It's not just about saying you can handle high-stress situations; you've shown that you've been commended for it previously. This indicates that you're not just self-assessing your skills, but others have recognized them too. That's hugely reassuring from a hiring perspective.

Starting initiatives to improve patient care

By sharing how you initiated a program that integrated play therapy into patient care plans, you're showing your ability to think beyond standard practices. It tells us that you strive to enhance patient experience and you're not afraid to take the lead in making that happen.

Expressing passion for the field

Your stated passion for child development and eagerness to join a team that values innovation and compassion shows that you're not just technically skilled, but also emotionally invested in your work. This can be very appealing to potential employers, especially in a caring profession like nursing.

Appreciation for personalized care approach

Recognizing the hospital's use of technology to tailor care to each child’s needs implies you value individualized patient care. This shows you're not just focused on the medical side of things, but also on the emotional well-being of patients.

Showcasing both clinical skills and empathy

By expressing your readiness to contribute both your clinical skills and your ability to connect with children and their families, you're highlighting a well-rounded approach to nursing. This holistic perspective is critical in pediatric healthcare.

Expressing eagerness to contribute

Your stated eagerness to discuss how you can contribute to the team shows your confidence in your abilities and your willingness to make a real impact. It suggests that you're not just looking for any job, but specifically looking to add value to their team.

Connect passion with mission

Expressing eagerness to contribute to the hospital's mission aligns your personal values with the organization's goals, making you a compelling candidate.

Share a personal inspiration story

Revealing the personal reasons behind your career choice in pediatric nursing creates a memorable connection and showcases your emotional investment in the field.

Describe innovative patient care

Detailing your development of a play-based education program for children with diabetes illustrates your ability to think creatively and improve patient outcomes.

Focus on specialty certification

Completing a certification in pediatric advanced life support and participating in research shows your commitment to advancing your expertise in pediatric care.

Emphasize your contribution to the team

Closing your letter with an eagerness to discuss how you can support the team underscores your readiness to make a positive impact on the hospital and its patients.

Registered Nurse - New Grad Cover Letter Example

Illustrate alignment with the healthcare facility's mission.

Showing that you've chosen to apply because of the facility’s commitment to supporting new nurses reveals that you’re not only passionate about your career but also committed to growing within a supportive environment.

Provide examples of your impact

By quantifying the success of your capstone project, you effectively showcase your ability to lead initiatives that improve patient care, which is a compelling attribute of a new grad nurse.

Emphasize your team player mentality

Stating your excitement to join the healthcare team and highlighting your communication skills and resilience under pressure paints a picture of a collaborative and dependable new grad nurse.

Showcase your dedication to nursing excellence

Your eagerness to contribute to the organization’s mission and discuss your qualifications further shows a proactive attitude and a deep-seated commitment to nursing excellence.

Close with professionalism

A professional closing emphasizes your seriousness about the application and respect for the hiring process, leaving a lasting positive impression.

Demonstrate your dedication to patient care

Starting your cover letter with a declaration of passion for patient care and admiration for the hospital's values sets a strong, positive tone for the rest of your application.

Emphasize commitment to quality improvement

Showing interest in evidence-based practice and quality improvement indicates you are forward-thinking and dedicated to the highest standards of patient care.

Express openness to discuss your qualifications

Ending your cover letter with an invitation to discuss your qualifications further shows you are eager and ready to take the next step in the application process.

New Graduate RN Cover Letter Example

Show your new grad rn passion and research.

Talking about your college and why you chose this healthcare facility shows you care not just about the job, but where you work. This makes your application stronger.

Share specific nursing experiences

Detailing a challenging patient experience demonstrates your ability to handle difficult situations, a key skill for new nurses.

Highlight teamwork in nursing

Emphasizing collaboration and quality improvement points out that you are a team player, which is vital in healthcare environments.

Express eagerness for the RN role

Your excitement about contributing to patient care at the facility shows you're not just looking for any job, but a place where you can make a difference.

Close with a professional touch

A respectful sign-off reinforces your professionalism and readiness to discuss your qualifications further, a good practice for new graduates.

Show your passion for nursing right away

Beginning your cover letter with strong enthusiasm for the position shows you are not just looking for any job, but you are dedicated to making a positive impact in healthcare. This approach catches a hiring manager's attention.

Highlight your adaptability and attention to patient needs

Talking about your ability to adjust your communication for each patient proves you are patient-focused and skilled in providing personalized care. It also shows you are observant and sensitive to the diverse needs of patients, which is critical in nursing.

Express interest in ongoing learning and development

Mentioning your excitement for the hospital’s training program demonstrates your eagerness to grow and develop professionally. It tells the hiring manager that you are looking forward to contributing to the team while also valuing your own progression as a new graduate RN.

Invite further discussion proactively

Ending your cover letter by welcoming the opportunity to discuss your qualifications further shows confidence and initiative. It shifts the call to action to the hiring manager, encouraging them to engage with you directly.

Registered Nurse (RN) Cover Letter Example

Show pediatric ward experience.

Sharing your volunteer experience in a pediatric ward shows you have real-world understanding of the environment and a genuine interest in pediatric care.

Highlight clinical precision

Mentioning your high medication administration accuracy rate not only showcases your attention to detail but also your commitment to patient safety.

Emphasize continuous learning

Completing advanced certifications and engaging in nursing research projects demonstrates your dedication to improving your skills and patient care quality.

Express enthusiasm for the team

Stating your excitement to work with a team of skilled healthcare professionals highlights your eagerness to collaborate and contribute to the hospital's success.

Ending your cover letter with an invitation to discuss your fit for the position shows you are proactive and interested in moving forward in the hiring process.

Alternative Introductions

If you're struggling to start your cover letter, here are 6 different variations that have worked for others, along with why they worked. Use them as inspiration for your introductory paragraph.

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sample cover letter for graduate nurse program

Thank you for the checklist! I realized I was making so many mistakes on my resume that I've now fixed. I'm much more confident in my resume now.

sample cover letter for graduate nurse program

Nursing graduate cover letter

This free sample cover letter for a nursing graduate has an accompanying nursing graduate sample resume to help you put together a winning job application.

Kerri Ingleton 3/67 Spring Street Launceston TAS 7000 M: 0422 222 222 E: [email protected]

Phillip Costa Staff Development Coordinator St Joseph's Hospital 123 Example Street Hobart TAS 7000

Dear Mr Costa

Re: Graduate nurse program

Thanks for your advice over the phone earlier this week. As a new graduate nurse from the University of Tasmania, please accept my application for St Joseph Hospital's new graduate program. I am an enthusiastic candidate with all the skills necessary to join this program and contribute to patient care at the hospital.

During my clinical placements at Launceston General Hospital, Springdale Aged Care Home and North-West Regional Hospital, I learned a range of nursing skills on the job, while also developing the ability to think on my feet and problem-solve. I especially enjoyed my rotation on the emergency ward and hope to one day specialise in this area.

I work well as part of a team, communicate well, and have excellent attention to detail. I strive to offer the best customer service to patients and always ensure safe practice on the job. The deputy director of nursing at Launceston General Hospital was especially impressed with my skills on my placement there and offered me a professional reference.

I received excellent grades at university, including the Florence Nightingale Award for my marks in pharmacology. I achieved high marks in all my subjects and have an excellent academic record (see transcript attached).

I'm eager to find out more about the new graduate program and the employment opportunities at St Joseph's Hospital. I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely

[sign here]

Kerri Ingleton

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