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  • Published August 31, 2018
  • Last Updated January 22, 2023

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This article features the top 15 Online Ph.D. Programs in Human Resources.

An online Ph.D. in human resources is ideal for professionals in the field. On-campus doctoral degree programs require a significant time commitment. And in many cases, candidates need to relocate. However, an online Ph.D. is much more flexible. These programs are still quite rigorous. However, they allow busy working professionals to schedule their human resource studies around prior commitments. 

Human resources is a growing field, and those in HR management can expect to make an average of $126,230 annually. However, management and leadership positions require high-level training. And that’s where an online doctorate comes in. 

In this post, we’ve ranked 15 of the best online PhD programs in human resources. You will note that these programs are affordable. And they offer the same academic experience you would get on campus. Most take three to five years to complete. 

We’ve highlighted a range of online degrees. Some are entirely asynchronous and allow for maximum flexibility. Other programs are more structured and require a few campus visits each year. And a few are hybrid programs combining online and on-campus instruction. 

If you’re considering pursuing an online Ph.D. program in human resources, check out this list. 

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Top 10 Online PhD Programs in Human Resources

Online Ph.D. Human Resources Methodology

To identify the top 15 online Ph.D. human resources programs, we started with a search on NCES College Navigator. From there, we created a list of colleges offering online doctoral programs in human resources.

From our list, we created a rating system (seen below) to select the best Ph.D. in human resources online programs. Where there were ties, we favored the doctoral programs with the lower graduate tuition rate. Please note that the tuition rates listed are based on in-state costs per academic year. The costs for non-residents or for online doctorate degree students may differ.

Student-to-Faculty Ratio

  • 15:1 or less= 3 Points
  • Greater than 15:1= 1 Point

Average Graduate Tuition Rate

  • Less than $15,000 per year= 5 Points
  • Between $15,000 and $20,000 per year= 3 Point
  • More than $20,000 per year= 1 Point

Overall Graduation Rate

  • Greater than 80%= 3 Point
  • 80% or Less= 1 Point

Below are 15 schools that offer the best Phd in human resources online

Summary of Top 15 Ph.D. Human Resource Online Programs:

Ranking the top online ph.d. programs in human resources , #15 – regent university – virginia beach, virginia .

Regent University: Ph.D. Human Resource Management

Online Doctorate in Human Resources:

Ph.d. in organizational leadership-human resource development .

Average Graduate Tuition Rate: $15,590 

Accreditation: Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges 

Doctorate in Human Resources Score:  5

Regent University offers an online Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership. There are five concentrations. This allows students to personalize the program to meet their goals and interests. They include: 

  • Ecclesial Leadership
  • Entrepreneurial Leadership
  • Human Resource Development
  • Individualized Studies
  • Organizational Leadership

This human resources program requires 60 credit hours of graduate studies. This degree prepares students to influence their organizations as teachers, scholars, and leaders. They will learn to analyze the impact of cultural, political, and religious trends. And they will become influential human resource managers in the human resources field. This is a research-based terminal degree that is taught from a Christian worldview. Some of the core courses include: 

  • Organizational Theory & Design 
  • Organizational Behavior 
  • Design of Adult Learning Communities 
  • Ethical Human Resource Development 
  • Trends in Organizational Leadership Research 

After completing all coursework successfully, students of this Regent University online Phd will have comprehensive exams. They will then begin work on their dissertations. 

#14 – Sullivan University – Louisville, Kentucky 

Sullivan University: Ph.D. Human Resource Management

Ph.D. in Management – Human Resource Leadership 

Average Graduate Tuition Rate: $15,840 

Doctorate in Human Resources Score:  7

Sullivan University features an innovative online PhD in Management Program. And students can further customize the program with a Human Resource Leadership concentration. It is ideal for students planning to work in human resources departments or as human resource managers.

Sullivan uses a scholar-practitioner model. This prepares students to become both leaders and scholars in their organizations. No GRE or GMAT is required for admission. And it can be completed on a full-time or part-time basis, allowing for maximum flexibility. Students will take core management courses plus human-resource-related courses. Some of these may include: 

  • Workforce Analytics and Technology 
  • Organizations and External Environments 
  • Proposal Development
  • Human Capital Management 
  • Human Capital Effectiveness

This PhD in hr management online program is excellent for students who are currently working. And it is also ideal for those with too many commitments to attend a Ph.D. program in person. There are no residencies or on-campus visits required. So it can be completed from anywhere with an internet connection. It is also one of the few doctoral human resource programs that can be completed full or part-time. 

Sullivan features a professional and dedicated faculty that mentors students throughout the human resources program. The school has the lowest student to faculty ratio on our list. And candidates will work with peers from all over the world on research projects. 

#13 – Capella University – Minneapolis, Minnesota 

Capella University: Ph.D. Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management Specialization-PhD in Business Management 

Average Graduate Tuition Rate: $14,784 

Accreditation: Higher Learning Commission 

Capella University offers an online PhD in Business Management. Students can further customize this program with a concentration in Human Resource Management. This Ph.D. in human resource management online program focuses on the practical applications of HR. Students will learn about emerging trends and new technology from diverse perspectives. And the rigorous curriculum will teach candidates to become effective human resources managers.

This top PhD in human resources features a flexible course load. This allows students to take between one and three courses each quarter. Some of the courses in this 90-credit program include: 

  • Foundations of Human Resource Theory and Practice 
  • Creating Adaptive, Innovative Workplaces 
  • Attracting and Retaining Talent 
  • Human Resource Practices for Developing Talent 

Students will complete core coursework, electives, exams, and a dissertation. There is no need to go to the Minneapolis campus. Instead, the required residencies can be completed virtually. The program is also ACBSP-accredited. Some of the skills candidates will learn in this program include: 

  • Hiring the best staff 
  • Staying current with HR trends 
  • Evaluating HR practices 
  • Using research-backed strategies in the workplace

Capella uses a GuidedPath format for this program. This format allows students to interact with their peers and faculty. There is a set schedule, and students are required to meet the deadlines. This makes it an ideal program for those who need a structured format. Online students benefit from the same rigorous curriculum as their on-campus counterparts. And they earn the same human resource management degree.

#12 – Bellevue University – Bellevue, Nebraska 

Bellevue University: Ph.D. Human Resource Management

Ph.D. in Human Capital Management 

For more information: Bellevue University  

Average Graduation Tuition Rate: $10,980 

Bellevue University features an online PhD in Human Capital Management. This executive-level program is focused on the latest knowledge in the hr management field. Students will need to complete 51 credit hours to meet the major requirements. And the HR coursework at Bellevue University is divided into easy-to-follow modules.

Students in this human capital management Bellevue program learn the skills to treat employees as valuable assets. This unique approach provides them with a deeper understanding of organizational dynamics. Additionally, candidates at Bellevue University develop strong research and analytical skills. And they collaborate with other PhD human capital management students and faculty throughout the program. This allows them to network with human resource professionals all over the country. Some of the courses in this human resource management online program include: 

  • Human Learning and Decision Making
  • Economics of Human Capital Valuation Issues
  • Research in Organizations
  • Qualitative Methods
  • Performance Management
  • Strategic Human Capital Management
  • Assessing Human Capital Effectiveness

This top online human resource management degree program also requires a dissertation and a comprehensive exam. The dissertation involves an extensive research project around human capital management. Students will address and solve a real-world HR program in an organization.

#11 – Colorado State University – Fort Collins, Colorado 

Colorado State University: Ph.D. Human Resource Management

Ph.D. in Education and Human Resource Studies 

For more information: Colorado State University  

Average Graduate Tuition Rate: $10,834 

This top HR online PhD from Colorado State University is focused on organizational performance and change. This is a hybrid human resource management degree program designed for working human resource professionals. Students will complete some work online. However, the program also requires candidates to meet biweekly on Saturday mornings. This takes place at the Colorado State University Denver campus.

Faculty are all industry experts with extensive research experience in the hr management field. And they specialize in areas like: 

  • Socialization and onboarding 
  • Constructivist inquiry 
  • Workplace learning systems 
  • Leadership scenario planning 
  • Political, social, and relational aspects of the workplace 

The curriculum features a blend of coursework. And it is designed to focus on research skills and applied expertise. Students take two courses each semester and move through the program as a cohort. This allows them to develop professional relationships with colleagues in the hr management field. Some of the courses in the online doctorate degree program include: 

  • Theory and Practice of Change 
  • Organizational Learning, Performance, Change
  • Scenario Planning in Organizations
  • Social, Cultural, and Political Foundations of the Workplace 

Candidates in this program will work on growth-oriented practical activities. This allows them to walk away with knowledge they can immediately apply to their work. This highly selective program is open to only a few applicants each year.

#10– Old Dominion University – Norfolk, Virginia 

Old Dominion University: Ph.D. Human Resource Management

Ph.D. Occupational and Technical Studies Concentration, Human Resources Training Emphasis 

Average Graduate Tuition Rate: $10,207 

ODU offers one of the top online PhD in Human Resources programs. This degree has an occupation and technical studies concentration with an HR training emphasis. And it is designed to prepare students for government, industry, and business leadership positions. Through this program, students will develop skills aligned with the following: 

  • The Association for Talent Development Standards 
  • The International Society for Performance Improvement Standards 

Candidates will need to complete a minimum of 60 credit hours. There are two residencies that require students to be on the Norfolk campus. These are each two weeks long and take place during the summer. Other than these two experiences, no additional campus visits are required. Students will complete core research, HR, and elective courses. They will also need to complete a dissertation. Some of the online courses include for this human resource management degree include:

  • Principles and Practices of Human Performance 
  • Human Performance Assessment 
  • Trends and Issues of Economic and Workforce Development 
  • Instructional Systems Design 
  • Research Design and Analysis 

Some courses meet at specific times online. However, students can complete much of the coursework on their own schedule. All students have an expert faculty mentor to guide them throughout the program. And they also have access to many online resources. This includes tutoring, the library, a writing center, career coaching, and more. 

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#9 – Indiana Wesleyan University – Marion, Indiana 

Indiana Wesleyan University: Ph.D. Human Resource Management

Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership

For more information: Indiana Wesleyan University 

Average Graduation Tuition Rate: $9,715 

Indiana Wesleyan University offers an excellent online PhD degree in Organizational Leadership. This hybrid program is delivered through a blend of onsite and online classes. IWU is a Christian university providing a Christ-centered doctoral program. And it is based on the latest research and best practices in the field. Students can earn their degrees in just 40 months. And all candidates move through the program as a cohort. 

Online PhD students complete three week-long summer institutes in person. During this time, they will attend workshops and events. And they will have plenty of networking opportunities with other human resources managers. Some of the core courses for this popular human resources online PhD program include: 

  • Organization Theory and Design 
  • Change, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship 
  • Organizational and Adult Learning 
  • Advanced Research Design 
  • Global Perspectives on Leadership 
  • Ethics and Leadership 

This program offers a combination of synchronous and asynchronous sessions. As a result, it is highly flexible. It emphasizes leadership through a multicultural and global lens. And it is specifically focused on integrity, inclusion, and international perspectives. The program is ideal for candidates who want to develop their skills for work in human resources departments, leadership, consulting, and more.

At under $10,000 per academic year, IWU offers one of the best online doctorate programs for affordability. The school has regional accreditation through the Higher Learning Commission.

#8 – University of Southern Mississippi – Hattiesburg, Mississippi 

University of Southern Mississippi: Ph.D. Human Resource Management

Doctor of Philosophy in Human Capital Development 

Average Graduate Tuition Rate: $9,094 

The University of Southern Mississippi offers a hybrid Ph.D. in Human Capital Development. This internationally-recognized program combines on-campus learning with online instruction. So students will need to live near the campus to be eligible. Faculty are all experts in the field. And they bring their experience into the classroom. As a result, candidates gain a broad understanding of topics such as: 

  • Workforce Development 
  • Performance Improvement 
  • Human Capital Analytics 
  • Organizational Culture 
  • Change Leadership 
  • Strategic Planning 

To complete the program, students must complete a minimum of 54 hours of graduate study. This includes core, elective, and research courses. Additionally, all candidates are required to complete a comprehensive examination and research dissertation. Some of the courses in this hybrid program may include: 

  • Research in Human Capital Development 
  • Change Leadership in Human Capital Development 
  • Emerging Technologies for Human Capital Development 

The partially online PhD program is offered through the USM School of Leadership. At just over $9,000 per academic year, it’s one of the best online doctorate programs for affordability. Additionally, financial assistance is available. For example, the university has over 900 assistantships available for graduate students. Assistants receive full tuition waivers and stipends. Federal financial aid, scholarships, and grants are also available for this doctoral program. 

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#7 – Bowling Green State University – Bowling Green, Ohio

Bowling Green State University: Ph.D. Human Resource Management

Ph.D. in Technology Management-Human Resource Development and Training 

Average Graduate Tuition Rate: $8,017 

BGSU offers a high-quality education with it’s online PhD in Technology Management. This program features several concentrations, including one in Human Resource Development and Training. This online degree is delivered in cooperation with five other nationally-accredited universities. And it is designed to teach leadership skills to today’s technical HR professionals.

Students in this program will be equipped for high level roles as training and development managers. The curriculum is rigorous, and the program requires 66 credit hours for completion. Some of the courses include: 

  • Internet Research Methods 
  • Legal and Ethical Dimensions of HRD Practitioners 
  • Management and Coordination of Training and Development 
  • Improving Human Performance in Organizations 
  • Evaluation of Human Resource Development Programs 

Candidates will also complete nine credit hours of professional studies. These can be independent study courses or electives. Or they may be projects or internships that relate to their specialization. Students will work with their instructors to design the coursework. Internships can also be designed to provide doctoral students with practical experience.

This program is unique, with students participating from all over the country. And it is ideal for students who want to earn a Ph.D. but cannot relocate due to prior commitments. Additionally, at just over $8,000 per academic year, it is one of the best online doctorate programs in terms of affordability.

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#6 – University of Arkansas – Fayetteville, Arkansas 

University of Arkansas: Ph.D. Human Resource Management

EdD in Human Resource and Workforce Development Education 

Average Graduate Tuition Rate: $7,875 

UARK offers an EdD in Human Resource and Workforce Development Education. The university has provided this top online HR doctorate degree for over seven years. As a result, the curriculum has evolved to meet current HR trends. In addition, students can complete the program 100 percent online. And there are no on-campus residency requirements. This makes it an excellent choice for busy working HR professionals and training and development specialists.

New students are admitted each fall, spring, and summer semester. Students must complete at least 96 total semester hours of graduate studies. Some of the courses in this online program include: 

  • Qualitative Research Design and Analysis 
  • Quantitative Research Design and Analysis 
  • Project and Program Evaluation 
  • History and Foundations of Human Resources
  • Organization Development 
  • Human Resource Training & Development 
  • Entrepreneurial Development 

Exceptionally promising new students to the doctoral program may qualify for financial assistance. This includes tuition waivers, assistantships, and fellowships. Additionally, some students may be eligible for a stipend. However, this is one of the most affordable human resources doctoral programs online.

Although the program is remote, it requires a significant time commitment. The university allows candidates seven years to complete the doctoral degree. An exam and dissertation are required. Additionally, students must take the GRE to be considered for admission to this workforce development education program.

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#5 – Liberty University – Lynchburg, Virginia 

Liberty University: Human Resources Online

Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) in Human Resources 

For more information: Liberty University

Average Graduate Tuition Rate: $7,847 

Accreditation: Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, Commission on Colleges 

The HR Business Administration program at Liberty University is a fully remote. And it takes just three-and-a-half years to complete. HR courses are delivered in a convenient online format with optional intensives. And because the coursework is asynchronous, you can complete the human resources degree at your own pace. For flexibility, Liberty University has one of the best online HR management doctoral programs on our list. 

Students in the Liberty University program gain practical, real-world knowledge. And this knowledge is designed to carry over from the classroom to the workplace. As a result, candidates will learn to solve complex HR problems in their organizations. Some of the featured HR business administration courses may include: 

  • Workforce Planning
  • Employment Compensation Management 
  • Human Resource Development 
  • Strategic Thinking for Decision-Making 

This rigorous and challenging online doctorate human resources degree program sets candidates apart and prepares them for advanced roles in human resources departments. As with most business schools, students will gain specialized knowledge in leadership, finance, accounting, and many other areas. Graduates of this HR business administration program have found satisfying careers as: 

  • Recruitment Specialists 
  • Development Specialists 
  • Compensation and Benefits Managers 
  • Human Resources Directors

Professors keep students engaged through hands-on case studies and experiential exercises. All these experiences are designed to prepare students for high-level leadership positions. Liberty University is a leader in providing high-quality education online. As a result, the school has many support resources to help HR business administration students succeed. Liberty also offers a master’s degree in HR.

#4 – University of Texas at Tyler – Tyler, Texas 

University of Texas at Tyler: Human Resources Online

Ph.D. in Human Resource Development 

Average Graduate Tuition Rate: $6,264 

The University of Texas at Tyler features a hybrid Ph.D. in Human Resource Development. This program requires students to come to campus just five times each semester. And candidates can earn their doctoral human resources degree in only two-and-a-half years of study. Faculty includes Dr. Jerry Gilley, the author of the first textbook on HR development principles. 

Students will work alongside expert professors on a range of research projects in HR. It is offered through the Soules College of Business, one of the best business schools in the country. To be considered, applicants need a master’s degree in HR or a related field. Additionally, they should have a 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale on previous master’s degree coursework. Some of the online coursework includes: 

  • Talent Management and Development 
  • Proposal Development 
  • Foundations of Qualitative Research 
  • Leadership Theory and Practice 
  • Advanced Theoretical Foundations of HRD 
  • Advanced Quantitative Research in HRD 

An exam is required after completing all coursework. Then, students will work on a dissertation of original research. Candidates have five years to complete the program after admission. Transfer coursework is not accepted.

At just over $6,000 per academic year, UT Tyler offers one of the best online doctorate programs for affordability. Financial support for this human resources management online program is available. This includes scholarships, grants, loans, and Federal financial aid. Additionally, students may apply for various fellowships and assistantships. 

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#3 – Johnson & Wales University – Providence, Rhode Island 

Johnson & Wales University: Human Resources Online

Doctor of Business Administration – Organization Development 

For more information: Johnson & Wales University

Average Graduate Tuition Rate: $14,706 

Accreditation: New England Commission of Higher Education Doctorate in Doctorate in Human Resources Doctorate in Human Resources Score:  9

Johnson & Wales offers a DBA with a concentration in Organizational Development. This is a fully remote program with no on-campus residencies. Online students will work with a small group of cohorts, generally under 18 participants. And they will have the opportunity to collaborate on various projects with faculty and other human resources professionals. The curriculum teaches students to solve complex business challenges. And it gives them the practical skills to become innovators within the human resources field. 

Online students work on one eight-week course at a time. And most courses in the human resources management online program are asynchronous. This means there are no set class times. Instead, students can complete their studies on their own schedule. This flexibility is excellent for those who are currently working. Some of the courses in this business administration HR management program include: 

  • Innovation and Change 
  • Organizational Strategy and Design 
  • Leading and Managing Large-Scale Transformation 
  • Contemporary Leadership Issues 
  • Research Design 
  • Executive Decision-Making 

The entire HR business administration program can be completed in three years. Students will also need to complete a dissertation and oral defense. However, Johnson & Wales has a unique lock-step dissertation process. This model guides students methodically through the dissertation. 

The student to faculty ratio at the school is an impressive 15:1. And all faculty at Johnson & Wales hold terminal degrees in their fields. And students will develop relationships with faculty mentors. These instructors will guide them throughout the HR business administration program. Additionally, they will develop a network of HR professionals and colleagues. And this will assist them long after they have completed the program. The college also offers a master’s degree in human resource management.

#2 – University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign – Champaign, Illinois 

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign: Human Resources Online

EdD in Education Policy, Organization, and Leadership with a concentration in HR Development 

Average Graduation Tuition Rate: $14,635 

Doctorate in Human Resources Score:  9

The University of Illinois College of Education features an online EdD program. This program offers a unique concentration in HR Development. The program is designed to improve individual learning and workplace development in organizations. This top online doctorate in HR management includes courses like: 

  • Principles in Human Resource Education
  • Instructional and Training System Design
  • Learning Technologies
  • Organization Development
  • Advanced Theories in Human Resource Development

Students in this program will receive a offers a high-quality education from one of the most popular colleges in the country. They will learn to design, implement, and evaluate HR programs. And they will learn to become innovative training and development managers. This online doctorate degree is ideal for those who want to pursue an academic career in employee relations. But graduates of this online education program have also found employment in health care, financial services, and more.

#1 – Northcentral University – San Diego, California 

Northcentral University: Human Resources Online

Doctor of Philosophy in Human Resource Management 

Average Graduation Tuition Rate: $10,260 

Our top choice for a PhD in Human Resources online is Northcentral University. This program is designed for individuals seeking leadership positions or work in academia. And it is one of the most flexible doctoral programs to make our list. Students can earn their degrees from anywhere in the world. There are no group assignments, scheduled lectures, or semester start dates. Faculty have all earned their doctorate degrees. And they are eager to share their knowledge and experience with their students. As a result, candidates receive one-on-one mentoring. Some of the courses include: 

  • Labor Relations
  • Human Resources Management in the 21st Century
  • Organizational Behavior in Human Resources Management
  • Legal Issues in Human Resources Management
  • Strategic Human Resource Management
  • Compensation Management

The program requires 60 credit hours and takes an average of 49 months to complete. However, some students finish in as little as 38 months. In addition, the school offers six full-tuition scholarships to incoming Ph.D. students. Federal financial aid, loans, grants, and other scholarships are also available for this online learning program.

This is a research-based degree human resources program. And it prepares students to contribute their knowledge to the HR field. The unique one-on-one learning model ensures that all students get personalized attention. Northcentral further supports its online students with a wealth of virtual resources.

The school also offers a master’s degree in human resource management.

Online Doctorate in Human Resources

The work of HR may constitute the most varied “to-do list” among all occupations. It includes a wide range of administrative tasks such as benefits and payroll. But it also involves interacting with personnel, development, and training. 

There has been strong global competition and technological advancements in the field. As a result, organizations have made allowances for inevitable changes. This planning is the backbone of human resources management. And it forms the basis for modern HR management doctoral degree programs.

Online vs. On-Campus Doctorate

Online learning provides a flexible option for professionals in the field. These programs offer the same courses of study and are taught with the same rigor. As a result, they lead to the same professional opportunities after graduation. PhD human resources online programs are ideal for students who have family or other obligations. And they are more hassle-free in regard to commuting or scheduling.

What Courses Will I Take for an Online HR Ph.D. Program?

Prospective students pursuing a Ph.D. in HR management can expect to take a range of courses. Generally, these will be online human resource courses that teach the following objectives: 

  • Global Conceptions of Leadership
  • Leadership and Individual Development
  • Application of Research Methods
  • Organizational and Adult Learning
  • Team Building

The Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) is the top professional organization in the field. And it lists these disciplines within the industry:

  • Health, Safety, and Security of Employees
  • Employee Relations
  • Rewards, Compensations, and Benefits
  • Organizational Development

These topics will likely be covered in online doctorate in human resources programs. Additionally, some colleges and universities offer an array of concentrations. As a result, prospective online students can choose an online learning program that most closely aligns with their goals.

What Is an Accelerated Online Human Resources Ph.D. Degree Program?

An accelerated online Ph.D. program uses shorter teaching sessions. For example, instead of the traditional 16 weeks, students take online education courses in seven, eight, or ten-week increments. If you take extra credits each semester, you can earn your degree faster. Accelerated programs are ideal if your goal is to earn your Ph.D. quickly. However, additional stress accompanies such accelerated programs. So you should consider your strengths and weaknesses before enrolling in an accelerated online phd program.

Can I Still Work While Pursuing My Ph.D. in Human Resources Online?

For many students, undertaking a Ph.D. in human resources is a full-time job. However, sometimes necessity requires that you continue working while earning your Ph.D. in HR management. Ideally, you will find employment in the field. This way, you will see the day-to-day applications of your studies. The workload of traditional vs. online Ph.D. programs is the same. A good rule of thumb is to plan on spending around 40 hours a week studying for your degree. This guideline can help you determine if it will still be feasible to work while pursuing an online education.

What Are the Graduation Requirements for an Online Ph.D. in HR?

Generally, the doctorate degree requirements are between 58 and 66 credit hours. And there is typically a minimum of 20 courses. You must also pass a comprehensive examination and produce your dissertation to earn your degree in HR management.

This concludes our ranking of the best online phd programs human resources


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Human Resource Management Doctor of Philosophy in Business Management

Capella’s online PhD in Business Management, Human Resource Management equips you with skills to develop winning teams and empower people to do their best work. This program builds on a curriculum of ethics, research, and practice in the human resource field – including a focus on diverse perspectives, new technologies, and emerging trends in the workplace. Our rigorous coursework will help you fuse theory and practice to form a basis for your own research and become an expert in global workforce issues.


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  • This degree requires at least 90 program credits
  • You’ll need to complete 11 core courses, four specialization courses, one elective course, three virtual residencies, one comprehensive exam and one dissertation

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What you'll learn

This specialization prepares you to lead high-performance teams in diverse business settings. You’ll learn practical solutions to workplace challenges, evaluate new technology trends, and develop a systematic approach to problem-solving in the field.

On successful completion of this program, you should be able to:

  • Synthesize multidisciplinary theories that inform and shape theory and practice to attract, develop, and retain a global work force
  • Synthesize emerging trends and technological influences to advance the theory and practice of global Human Resource Management
  • Evaluate diverse demographic and cultural perspectives to advance the body of knowledge and practice in global human resource management
  • Exhibit proficiency in academic research, writing, and critical thinking skills
  • Evaluate ethical theories and frameworks that guide human resources practices in the 21st century
  • Integrate research and practices into the development of adaptive and innovative global workplace environments

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Tuition and learning format

How much does the phd in business management cost.

The total cost of your degree will depend on academic performance, transfer credits, scholarships and other factors. See GuidedPath cost information below.

A structured learning format with an active peer community and faculty guidance. We’ll set the schedule, you meet the deadlines.

  • Based on the quarter system; 1-2 courses per 10-week quarter
  • 1 semester credit = 1.5 quarter credits
  • Weekly assignments and courseroom discussions
  • Pay for what you take, price varies by courseload or term

$985 per credit,  $5,000  quarterly tuition max, 75 coursework credits, 12 max transfer credits

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Tuition breakdown

Program phases.

$985 Per quarter credit

75 coursework credits; dissertation is additional

Per quarter credit

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Per quarter

Resource kit fee

$175 Per quarter

Coursework phase only; includes eBooks, textbooks, interactive media, software, course packs, articles, test kits, and other instructional materials

Application fee

$50 One-time fee

One-time fee

Tuition and program length are unique to you

Your total tuition and program length depend on a variety of factors:

  • The program specialization you choose
  • Scholarships and finances
  • Prior coursework
  • Transfer credits
  • Employer and/or military benefits
  • Number of quarters spent working on dissertation
  • Complexity of your dissertation
  • Academic performance
  • School/work/life balance
  • Unexpected life events

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The cost scenarios below are examples based on general program pricing and 2023–24 Capella tuition rates, and assume the average number of transfer credits a student brings into the program. Pacing information is current as of January 1, 2023. These rates are the same nationwide and may change depending on factors affecting program length and price. You are responsible for paying your own travel costs related to residencies, including plane, hotel, and food expenses.

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GRE and GMAT are not required for admission.

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In addition to the above admission requirements, you will need to submit these materials:

  • Minimum score on acceptable test for proof of English proficiency
  • Transcript evaluation

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Related job titles to explore*

  • Adjunct or part-time human resource management faculty
  • Full-time human resource management faculty
  • Dean or associate dean of business program
  • Human resource director
  • Director/vice president, human resources
  • Director/vice president talent acquisition
  • Director/vice president labor relations
  • Director/vice president EEO and/or diversity
  • Director/vice president compensation and benefits
  • Director/vice president human resource development
  • Chief human resource officer (CHRO)
  • Senior human resource manager

Employment settings to explore

  • Land-based or online college or university
  • Community college
  • Consulting firm
  • Corporation
  • Nonprofit organization
  • Manufacturing
  • Health care organization
  • Insurance firm
  • Small business
  • Government—local, state, federal

*These are examples intended to serve as a general guide. Some positions may prefer or even require previous experience, licensure, certifications, and/or other designations along with a degree. Because many factors determine what position an individual may attain, Capella cannot guarantee that a graduate will secure any specific job title, a promotion, salary increase, or other career outcome. We encourage you to research requirements for your job target and career goals.

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Top 20 PhD Human Resources Management Programs Online 2024

Find your perfect school.

In this article, we profile the top 20 online PhD in HR management degree programs.

The United States Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that employment for human resources managers will grow nine percent over the next several years. This is a slight increase over the average of all other occupations (7 percent). As new companies form and businesses and organizations expand, the need for human resources managers will increase. To accommodate demand to fill these roles, colleges and universities now offer PhD in HR management programs online via distance education technology.

Featured Programs

Top 20 online phd in human resource management degree programs methodology.

We conducted a program evaluation of approximately 55 colleges and universities listed by the National Center for Educational Statistics (NCES) College Navigator. These were schools that offered at least one PhD in HR management online or degree programs in a closely related discipline such as organizational leadership or HR development. We narrowed our original pool of human resources programs by applying the following criteria: regional or national accreditation, online or hybrid degree completion pathways, and school rankings with a major publication like U.S. News and World Report. We then listed the PhD programs and schools according to raw affordability.

Below is our list of the top 20 PhD in human resources programs in management online.

#20 – The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

Online phd in organizational leadership, chicago, illinois.

The Chicago School of Professional Psychology - logo

Though not an online PhD program in HR management, Chicago School of Professional Psychology offers a PhD in organizational management with human resources applicable concentrations via distance education. Focus areas for the prospective graduate student include human diversity and ethics, interpersonal dynamics, organizational interventions, strategic change management, and team-building. The doctorate in human resources online is fully online and takes three years to complete. Admission requirements include three or more years of work experience and a 500-750-word essay. Other requirements include a statement of research and official transcripts. U.S. News recognizes the institution among top ranked schools and PhD programs. This coupled with affordable tuition earns the Chicago School of Professional Psychology a spot on our list. Moreover, federal grants and loans may be available to eligible students.

Online PhD Programs in Psychology

Graduate Tuition/Fees : $22,554

#19 – University of Illinois

Online edd in hr development, champaign, illinois.

University of Illinois - logo

A public university founded in 1867, the University of Illinois offers an EdD program similar to PhD in HR management online programs. Successful completion of the online education degree earns an EdD in Diversity and Equity in Education with an emphasis in HR development. The program may be completed fully online and requires 64 credit hours. Courses for the online doctorate in human resources include diversity in the workplace, educational statistics and research methods, ethnographic methods in education, historical and social barriers, learning technologies, and organizational and workforce development education. A thesis and dissertation must also be completed for HR development programs. U.S. News ranks University of Illinois #46 in best national universities. Also, the online graduate education programs rank #16 out of more than 1,200 surveyed programs.

Grad Tuition/Online Cost : $14,635

#18 – Northcentral University

Online phd in hrm, san diego, california.

Northcentral University -logo

One of the top online human resource PhD programs for working professionals can be completed 100% online. Northcentral University’s online doctorate degree explores human resources leadership, workforce development education, and interrelationships within an organization. A total of 20 courses that span 45 months make earning a doctoral degree via online education convenient and rigorous. The accelerated pace is ideal for working students, and classes are taught by distinguished faculty members. Online coursework offers complete flexibility and encourage critical thinking. Students enrolled in the program benefit from no scheduled times, no group assignments, and weekly course start dates. U.S. News recognizes Northcentral University among the top unranked national universities. Also, several online graduate programs have earned top 200 and top 300 rankings out of more than 1,200 programs surveyed by U.S. News.

Graduate Tuition/Fees : $16,881

#17 – Sullivan University

Online doctoral degree in management – human resources leadership, louisville, kentucky.

Sullivan University - logo

Sullivan University offers an affordable online doctorate degree in HR management. Admission to the PhD program requires no GRE or GMAT testing. The school is considered a teaching university, though research is required for online programs. Curriculum is broken into different cores, including the management core, research core, and concentration area. A total of 16 hours is required for primary concentration, which includes HR leadership. Near the end of the human resources online program, a comprehensive exam is offered, and credits awarded on a pass-fail basis. A minimum of twelve credits are awarded for dissertation research conducted by prospective training and development managers. U.S. News ranks Sullivan University among the pool of top regional universities in the South.

Grad Tuition/Online Cost : $15,840

#16 – California Baptist University

Riverside, california.

California Baptist University - logo

Though not an online doctorate in management for human resources, California Baptist University offers an online DBA with courses applicable to the HRM field. The 50-unit program offers an eight-week online course format and follows a cohort model. This model allows students to progress together through coursework and the dissertation process. Courses run eight weeks in length, and residency participation may be required. Some of the courses that appeal to individuals interested in human resources online include ethics in organization and management, succession planning, foundations of organization and management, and topics in human capital and management. U.S. News ranks CBU #32 in best regional universities in the West and #20 in best value schools. Also, the online graduate business programs rank #86 out of more than 1,200 surveyed programs.

Graduate Tuition/Fees : $13,590

#15 – Regent University

Virginia beach, virginia.

Regent University - logo

Regent University is one of the few colleges or universities to offer online Ph.D. in human resources programs for working professionals. The PhD in organizational leadership offers an emphasis in human resource development designed to prepare students to join the leadership ranks in human resources. This ACBSP-accredited PhD consists of 60 credits, two four-day residencies, and can be completed entirely online. Online human resource classes encourage critical thinking skills and include advanced analysis, autonomous learning and human resource development, design of adult learning communities, organizational learning, and ethical human resource development. Applicants to human resource development programs must hold a master’s degree from a regionally accredited institution. U.S. News ranks Regent #201 in best national universities.

Grad Tuition/Online Cost : $15,590

#14 – Johnson & Wales University

Online dba in org. development, providence, rhode island.

Johnson & Wales University -logo

Johnson & Wales University offers a DBA that is ideal for those seeking online human resources PhD programs. The online DBA offers a concentration in organizational development focusing on advancing employee and organizational performance. Flexible online classes run eight weeks in length and are taught by business professors. Students focus on one course at a time and are able to finish the program in three years. To graduate, human resources online students must complete all coursework, achieve a minimum GPA of 3.0, and complete dissertation requirements. U.S. News ranks Johnson & Wales #74 in best regional universities in the North.

Graduate Tuition/Fees : $14,706

#13 – Atlantic International University

Online phd hrm, honolulu, hawaii.

Atlantic International University - logo

Atlantic International University’s online PhD HR management boasts flexibility and affordability. This fully online PhD program helps students consult, lead, and teach in the field of human resources within a global business environment. Courses include adult learning and motivation, cross-cultural management, diversity in the workplace, strategic management, leadership and communication, managing and organizing people, and theories of leadership. At the culmination of online learning, each PhD candidate completes, or is encouraged to complete, a doctoral dissertation. AIU is accredited by the Accrediting Service for International Schools, Colleges, and Universities (ASIC). AIU offers one of the most affordable web-based programs on our list, and federal financial aid may be available.

Grad Tuition/Online Cost : $13,000

#12 – Wayland Baptist University

Online doctor of management (dmgt), plainview, texas.

Wayland Baptist University -logo

One of the best online doctorate in HRM programs on our list is the online doctor of management program (DMGT) at Wayland Baptist University, a non profit university located in Plainview, Texas.. This totally online degree consists of 60 semester hours of coursework in areas of management theory, organizational behavior, and HR practices and management. The program uses a cohort model where students take courses as they are offered. Courses are available in an online format and often run in 11-week terms. Students engage in coursework for this doctorate in human resources that includes group and team processes, human resource development, HR strategy, strategic management, and theories of employee and labor relations. Admission to the program requires that prospective graduate students submit official GMAT or GRE scores and three professional or academic recommendations. U.S. News ranks Wayland Baptist #96-#127 in best regional universities in the West.

Graduate Tuition/Fees : $13,896

#11 – Colorado State University

Online doctorate in human resources studies, fort collins, colorado.

Colorado State University - logo

Colorado State University’s online human resources PhD program pushes students to become leaders and researchers in the field through coursework and professional experience. The program takes 3.75 years to complete with most classes offered online and is considered one of the best online doctorate options in the field. Students take two courses per semester, and each course meets eight Saturdays per semester at the Denver Learning Center. Some of the required courses include evaluation and assessment in organizational learning, performance, and change (OLPC); foundations of educational research; scenario planning in organizations; systems leadership; and human capital development. Admission requires GRE or GMAT scores and ten to twelve years of advanced experience in a related discipline. In terms of quality education, U.S. News ranks Colorado State University #140 in best national universities and #141 in best value schools.

Graduate Tuition/Fees : $10,834

#10 – Old Dominion University

Online edd in occupational and technical studies – human resources, norfolk, virginia.

Old Dominion University -logo

Old Dominion University’s online PhD in HR management is a sixty-hour EdD program. This fully online program focuses on occupational / technical studies and human resources training. Students complete core courses, advanced topics electives, human resources concentration classes, and research projects. Two 2-week summer intensives are required at the main campus in Norfolk, Virginia. Courses include foundations of distance education, foundations of adult education and training, readings in occupational and technical studies, and trends and issues in training – modeling and simulation. U.S. News ranks Old Dominion University as a top national university and public institution offering a quality education in the field. Also, several online graduate programs have received top 50 and top 75 rankings out of more than 1,200 surveyed programs.

Graduate Tuition/Online Cost : $10,207

#9 – Removed By Editor

#8 – bellevue university, online ph.d. in human capital management, bellevue, nebraska.

Bellevue University - logo

Bellevue University offers an accredited type of online doctorate in human resources degree for HR professionals. The Ph.D. in human capital management online degree equips graduates to be effective leaders in designing human capital development programs. Courses are delivered online and include advance analysis and presentation methods, economics of human derived capital valuation issues, human capital productivity, and research in organizations. An 18-credit dissertation in human resources is also required for the human capital doctorate from Bellevue University. Admission requirements for business schools like this one include a master’s degree from a regionally accredited college or university with a 3.0 GPA or better, five years of professional experience, and statement of interest. There is no GRE or GMAT requirement for this Ph.D. in human capital management. U.S. News ranks Bellevue University among the top regional universities in the Midwest.

Graduate Tuition/Fees : $10,980

#7 – Bowling Green State University

Online phd in technology management, bowling green, ohio.

Bowling Green State University -logo

Another alternative to the online doctorate in human resource management is the technology management degree at Bowling Green State University. Students begin by choosing one of five specializations for HR professionals, including human resources development and training. Eighteen hours of specialization courses in HRD & T are required. These courses are offered fully online and include career development theories and techniques in human resource development (HRD), evaluation of HR development programs, performance management and evaluation of learner performance improvement, legal and ethical dimensions in HRD practitioners, and management and coordination of training and development. To apply, the school requires a master’s degree in a relevant field with a strong GPA of at least 3.5. GRE or GMAT scores are also required. Federal financial aid is available to qualified applicants to business schools like this one. U.S. News ranks Bowling Green #215 in best national universities and #121 in top public schools.

Graduate Tuition/Fees : $8,017

#6 – Liberty University

Online dba in human resources, lynchburg, virginia.

Liberty University - logo

Liberty University’s PhD in HRM online degree program requires 60 credits and takes three years to complete. The online Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) in HR is a 100% online business education program designed to prepare individuals for high leadership roles in HR and business management. Classes are delivered online and include 48 hours of core courses and 12 hours of human resources cognate courses. Transfer credits may be accepted. Some of the courses for the doctorate in human resources include compensation management, contemporary issues in HR management, human capital development, strategic thinking and decision-making, labor relations, and workforce planning and employment. Admission requirements for prospective students include a regionally or nationally accredited master’s degree with a 3.0 or higher GPA. Once admitted, students may qualify for financial aid from the federal government. U.S. News ranks Liberty University #230-#301 in best national universities. The school holds regional accreditation from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges.

Graduate Tuition/Fees : $7,847

#5 – University of Arkansas

Online edd in human resource studies and workplace development education, fayetteville, arkansas.

University of Arkansas - logo

One alternative to the doctorate in human resources management online degree, like the one University of Arkansas offers, is the online EdD in human resources. This fully online program prepares doctoral students in fields like organizational psychology, organizational behavior, consulting, and the human resources field. Prospective students must take the GRE exam to be considered for admission to online PhD programs like this one. Also, admission requires a complete application, autobiographical sketch, and resumé. Human resource professionals have up to seven years to complete the online doctoral program. To graduate, individuals must also successfully demonstrate skills developed through a candidacy exam and dissertation based on qualitative research skills. In terms of quality education, U.S. News & World Report ranks University of Arkansas #152 in best national universities and #78 in top public schools.

Graduate Tuition/Fees : $7,875

#4 – University of Southern Mississippi

Online ph.d. human capital development, hattiesburg, mississippi.

University of Southern Mississippi -logo

The University of Southern Mississippi offers a type of online doctorate in human resource management degree known as the Ph.D. in human capital development. Through research and practice, the program prepares students to position themselves as leaders in human capital and organizational strategy and be successful in assessing human capital effectiveness and human capital valuation issues. Classes are delivered mostly online through web-based instruction. Minimal face-to-face meetings or courses may also be required for online students. The human resource leadership coursework you can expect to complete in online PhD programs like this one include advanced workforce analysis, organizational performance, foundations of human capital development, research in human capital development, survey design and administration, strategic human capital management, and workforce development models. U.S. News ranks the school #230-#301 in best national universities. The university holds its regional accreditation from the SACSCOC.

Graduate Tuition/Fees : $9,094

#3 – Indiana State University

Terre haute, indiana.

Indiana State University - logo

Indiana State University is one of our top affordable picks for an online doctorate in human resources, PhD, or related doctoral programs. The PhD in technology management is a 66-credit hour program that offers the option of earning a specialization in a particular area of interest. If HRM is an area you want to pursue, the degree may be personalized to include courses in human resource management or development. Courses are delivered online and include 12 credits in general technology, a minimum of 27 credits in research and dissertation, and a minimum of 18 credits in a technical specialization like HR development, human capital management, or organizational dynamics. Students also take at least nine credits of electives, and a comprehensive examination may be required. U.S. News ranks Indiana State #230-#301 in best national universities.

Graduate Tuition/Fees : $7,776

#2 – The University of Texas

Online phd in hrd, tyler, texas.

The University of Texas - logo

The University of Texas offers an accredited online PhD human resource management degree intended primarily as one of the few executive-based doctoral programs. While the program is not fully online, an executive format is used whereby students only meet five times each semester. The curriculum covers topics in human capital management and business administration. Most classes will be delivered online. To apply to the program, certain requirements must be met. Admission requires unofficial transcripts from all universities from which you earned a degree, three letters of recommendation, a master’s degree in human resource development or closely related field, and satisfactory GMAT scores. Federal financial aid is available to qualified applicants. U.S. News ranks UT-Tyler #81 in best regional universities in the West and #27 in top public schools.

Graduate Tuition/Fees : $6,264

#1 – California Miramar University

California Miramar University - logo

A Doctor of Business Administration or DBA, like the one offered at California Miramar University, may provide an alternative route for individuals seeking online PhD HR management programs. The online DBA program offers an affordable education as well as various business management specializations that incorporate topics in human resources and organizational development. For example, the international business administration specialization offers courses in leadership theory and international HR management. This program is ideal for those interested in both business and HRM as well as human capital management. The program requires the completion of 66 graduate semester credits beyond the master’s degree. Also, degree candidates must conduct research and pass a comprehensive exam prior to approval of the dissertation proposal. California Miramar is the #1 most affordable school to offer an online doctoral program in HR.

Graduate Tuition/Fees : $7,020


Frequently Asked Questions

What can i do with an online phd in hr management.

Human resource management professionals work in a variety of business administration settings and HR departments to ensure the organization and workplace is safe and respectful. In the human resources field, HR managers use their advanced skills to implement policies that provide support, recruit new job candidates, and fill vacant positions. With a Ph.D. in human resource management online, leadership roles in HR are available.

Duties of human resources managers vary based on organizational mission, but most oversee the recruiting process, manage human resources personnel, and conduct interviews when hiring new staff. Human resource managers often work closely with top organization executives to coordinate the work of a team of specialists. They serve as consultants to department heads and other organization managers and advise them on issues specific to human resources. Issues involving sexual harassment and equal employment opportunity are typically handled by the human resource manager.

Other function of human resources management focuses on structuring competitive compensation packages. To remain competitive as an organization and attract qualified candidates, an equally attractive compensation package must be offered. HR managers who complete a doctoral program make recommendations on potential policy changes, benefits modifications, and pay scale structures.

With an online PhD in HR management and human resource training, teaching is also an option. Colleges and universities hire qualified instructors and professors to teach students within the human resources program. Some candidates may qualify for the position of labor relations director, benefits managers, or training and development specialists.

What is the career outlook for individuals with an online doctorate degree in HR management?

The United States Department of Labor – Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports employment of managers in HR is projected to grow nine percent through the year 2026. This is a slightly faster growth rate than the average for all other occupations.

Employment growth depends largely on the expansion of companies and organizations over the next several years. As new companies form and businesses expand their services and operations, more human resource services will be needed to oversee hiring and recruitment, as well as day-to-day administrative HR duties.

Also, human resource managers will be in demand as policy changes occur within organizations. Complex employment laws, equal employment opportunities, and changes to retirement plans and healthcare will impact the need for qualified specialists. Candidates with adequate training and education, such as an online PhD in human resources management, will be sought after to fill leadership roles.

Candidates with a master’s degree or PhD should have the best job prospects, as education is highly valued in this field. Although job opportunities are expected, they will vary among industry. Healthcare, education, and tech companies should present the highest demand for HR personnel. Top level HR positions will face the strongest competition. Qualified candidates will be vying for few available positions, thus adequate education and experience are a must. Career services are available to human resource professionals through the National Human Resources Association (NHRA) as well as other professional associations.

What will I earn with a PhD in human resources online management degree?

The median annual wage for managers in the field, according to the BLS, was $126,230 in 2021. Today, the earnings for an individual with a Ph.D. in human resource management may be slightly higher.

PayScale, a global compensation research organization dedicated to gathering data and calculating average salaries, reports the average salary of an individual with a PhD or doctorate in human resources management earns $81,000 per year. The maximum salary reported for an individual with a doctorate in HRM is $117,000.

Education and years of experience impact compensation. The more educated and the more experience an individual has, the higher the earning potential. PayScale reports an experienced HR manager with employees and ten to twenty years of experience earns an average total compensation of $74,990.

Location also impacts earnings. Managers in large cities and urban locations generally earn more than their peers working in small and rural towns. The difference in pay may be offset by cost of living expenses. For example, San Francisco offers one of the highest earning potentials for HR managers but also has one of the highest cost of living indexes in the country.

How long does it take to earn a PhD in human resource management online?

Plan on taking time to earn the proper education needed to land a top-level HR management job. Candidates need a bachelor’s, master’s, and in some cases a PhD to secure management roles. Due to competition for the highest leadership positions in HR management, a PhD will add value to your resumé.

Earning a doctorate in human resources management online takes time. There are no shortcuts to earning a PhD, but online programs generally offer a work-at-your-own pace environment. Many of the PhD in HR management programs on our list take two to four years to complete on average.

Completion time varies with enrollment. If you plan to enroll in a full-time program, you may shave months off your completion time. A full load of classes means you will not take as long to complete your degree as a person taking few classes each year in a part-time program. However, there are benefits to enrolling part-time. Less class time, more freedom to balance outside obligations, and more time to focus on research adds value to a part-time program. This is something you must consider before enrolling in a PhD in HR management program online.

What are the admission requirements for a PhD in HR management online?

As with all PhD and doctoral programs, qualified individuals with academic promise are considered for admission. Programs vary in terms of requirements for admission, but for doctoral degrees in human resources management online, similar criteria apply.

The majority of programs look for the basics. Does the applicant have the required education for admission? Programs may ask for an earned bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited college or university, while others ask for a master’s degree. Not all programs require an undergraduate or graduate degree in human resources. Programs select candidates from all academic backgrounds. This means an applicant for a PhD in human resource management online program may hold an undergraduate degree in business or related field, not just a degree in human resources.

GRE or GMAT test scores are often required by top ranked programs and highly ranked institutions. If a program asks for GRE scores or other graduate examination scores, an average may be required. Most programs publish the average GRE or GMAT scores of accepted applicants, though not always. Also, some programs may offer a range or give no indication of qualifying test scores. Most programs do review the application as a whole.

Additional requirements vary among programs. Letters of recommendation from individuals at a professional organization who can attest to your academic and research potential, a statement of purpose, writing sample, and official transcripts are among the most common application requirements.

  • Bureau of Labor Statistics: Occupational Outlook Handbook
  • National Center for Education Statistics: College Navigator
  • US News & World Report: Best Colleges

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This concludes our list of the top 20 PhD in human resource management programs online.

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Online Doctorate in Management and Organization

Pursue the pinnacle of your career with a phd in organization and management degree online.

Are you a business professional seeking a terminal degree? Do you want to hone your management skills and become equipped for various leadership and teaching roles? If so, Liberty University’s 100% online Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Organization and Management may be for you! Our doctorate in management and organization provides an in-depth examination of theoretical and practical business concepts. Whether you enjoy teaching at the college level or leading teams of people within companies, our online program can help you prepare for the next step in your career.

Throughout this doctoral program, you can learn how to conduct effective research in the field of organization and management. If you don’t have a business-related master’s degree, you can still apply to this program and gain a firm foundation in business that can help you pursue roles in consulting, executive leadership, and more. With a median salary of $107,680 for top executives in 2020,* you can be confident that our program can help you explore rewarding career opportunities.

Partner with us and learn how to lead with integrity in your organization!

*Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, at Top Executives, 2020 (viewed online July 7, 2021). Cited projections may not reflect local and/or short-term economic or job conditions and do not guarantee actual job growth.

Why Choose Liberty’s Online Organization and Management Doctorate?

As a pioneer in distance education since 1985, Liberty knows what it takes to create online programs that blend accessibility, affordability, and high-quality academics. Our organization and management doctorate is offered 100% online, and most of the courses are only 8 weeks long. With our flexible format, you can earn your management degree online from the comfort of your home while staying invested in your family, job, and community.

At Liberty, you won’t have to sacrifice quality for flexibility. We are accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges ( SACSCOC ). By choosing Liberty, you’re choosing a top-notch education from a university that is committed to excellence. All of our courses are taught by industry experts, so you can pursue your degree with confidence.

While pursuing the PhD program in management and organization, you’ll be able to personalize your degree by selecting a specialization. That way, you can focus your studies on the topics that align with your interests and goals. Whether you are looking to advance your career or explore new job opportunities in business, our online doctorate in management and organization can help you become a Champion for Christ in your field.

Military Tuition Discount We want to help you find the doctoral degree you want — at a price you’ve earned. As a thank-you for your military service, Liberty University offers eligible current and former service members like you or your spouse multiple pathways to earn a doctoral degree for only  $300/credit hour .  Find out  how you can take advantage of this unique opportunity as you work towards your goal of reaching the pinnacle of your profession — for less.

Specializations for the Online Doctorate in Management and Organization

At Liberty, you can customize your doctorate in management and organization by selecting a specialization in the area that interests you the most! That way, you can further hone your skill set and become equipped to pursue your unique career goals. Check out our specialization options below.


Liberty’s online PhD in Organization and Management – Entrepreneurship can help you gain an advanced understanding of how to start and run your own business — all while strengthening your research and leadership skills. You’ll explore startup and exit strategies, small business management, methods for raising capital for business startups, and more.

Potential Career Options

  • Business strategist
  • Executive business leader
  • Private business consultant
  • Risk assessor
  • University professor

View the Degree Completion Plan . View the Graduate Business Course Guides (login required) .

Apply Now     Request Info

Executive Coaching

Liberty’s online PhD in Organization and Management – Executive Coaching can help you learn how to mentor other business professionals so they can develop their leadership skills and lead their organizations to success. You’ll explore coaching theory and practice, theories and research in industrial and organizational psychology, techniques for leveraging data for decision-making, and more.

  • Executive coach
  • Leadership development consultant

Liberty’s online PhD in Organization and Management – Leadership can help enhance your leadership skills as you learn how to manage highly effective teams, foster innovation, and navigate ethical dilemmas in business. You’ll explore topics like leadership theory, ethical leadership, and more.

  • Executive officer
  • Human resources manager
  • Management analyst
  • Training and development manager

What Will You Learn in Our Doctorate in Management Online?

Throughout this online PhD program in organizational management, you’ll have the opportunity to develop research and leadership skills that can help you pursue top-level roles in industry and academia. Your core organization and management courses offer an in-depth look at risk management, human resource management, strategy formulation, and strategic thinking. You can also learn how to lead your company through change — equipping you to make a difference in private, public, and nonprofit organizations.

At Liberty, we’ve designed our online PhD in organizational management to offer you maximum flexibility. In addition to completing core management courses, you’ll be able to select a specialization in a subject that interests you. From entrepreneurship to executive coaching, you can explore the area of study that best matches your career goals.

Additionally, you will complete a sequence of research courses designed to help prepare you for the dissertation process. Our research courses cover a variety of quantitative, qualitative, and applied research methods. The dissertation provides an opportunity for you to contribute your scholarly work to the current base of knowledge in your field. By conducting original research, you can become better equipped to pursue roles in academia or to implement needed changes in your organization.

Featured Courses

  • BMAL 703 – Managing the Contemporary Organization
  • BMAL 704 – Leading Organizational Change
  • BMAL 714 – Risk Management Process and Practice
  • BUSI 770 – Strategy Formulation and Strategic Thinking

Potential Career Opportunities for Graduates of Liberty’s PhD in Organizational Management Program

Highlights of our phd program in management and organization.

  • We are recognized by multiple institutions for our academic quality, affordability, and accessibility . Our commitment to excellence also helped us rank in the top 10% of’s best online schools in America . Earning your online degree from a nonprofit university with this kind of recognition can help set you apart from others in your field.
  • Your success is our success, which is why we are committed to providing quality academics at an affordable tuition rate. While other colleges are increasing their tuition, we have frozen tuition rates for the majority of our undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs for the past 9 years — and counting.
  • Liberty University is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges ( SACSCOC ).
  • You can earn your PhD in Organization and Management degree online in as little as 3 years.
  • Most of our PhD courses are available in an 8-week format.
  • As an online student, you can access a wealth of resources through our top-notch library portal.
  • Even if you don’t have a business-related master’s degree, our PhD in Organization and Management degree online can help prepare you for a career as a manager, business leader, consultant, or academic.

Online PhD Program in Organizational Management Information

  • This program falls under the School of Business .
  • View the Graduate Business Course Guides (login required) .
  • View the PhD in Organization and Management Handbook for additional program information.

Admission Requirements for the Online Organization and Management Doctorate

A regionally or nationally accredited master’s degree with a 3.0 or above GPA is required for admission in good standing. Please visit our  admission requirements page  for more detailed admissions-related information.

All applicants must submit the following:

  • Admission application
  • Application fee*
  • Official college transcripts
  • Proof of English proficiency (for applicants whose native language is other than English)

If you have further questions about admission requirements for this program, please contact [email protected] .

* There is no upfront application fee; however, a deferred $50 application fee will be assessed during Financial Check-In. This fee is waived for qualifying service members, veterans, and military spouses – documentation verifying military status is required.

Transfer Policies

At Liberty, we want to help you make the most of your prior education by allowing you to transfer in previously earned college credit. That’s why you can transfer in up to 50% of your total credits for a master’s or doctoral program!

Some restrictions apply. Please visit our Transfer Policy page for more information.

*Some restrictions may occur for this promotion to apply. This promotion also excludes active faculty and staff, military, Non-Degree Seeking, DGIA, Continuing Education, WSB, and Certificates.

Apply FREE This Week*

Almost there! How may we contact you?

Our Admissions team is ready to answer any additional questions you may have.

By submitting contact information through this form, I agree that Liberty University and its affiliates may call and/or text me about its offerings by any phone number I have provided and may provide in the future, including any wireless number, using automated technology.

Message and data rates may apply. For additional information, text HELP to 49595 or 49596. You may opt-out at any time by sending STOP to 49595 or 49596. Visit for Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.

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Become a Champion for Christ

Estimate your Cost

Cost Per Credit Hour Per Semester for 7 to 15 Credits* Per Semester for 9 to 15 Credits* i Visit the Tuition and Financing page for more information.

Additional program fees may apply. See program page for details.

Disclaimer: This calculator is a tool that provides a rough estimate of the total cost of tuition, and should not be relied upon to determine overall costs, as pricing may vary by program and tuition/fees are subject to change. Estimates are not final or binding, and do not include potential financial aid eligibility.

Your Cost Estimate:

View All Tuition & Fees Go Back

For eligibility requirements for military discounts at the doctoral level, please review the online benefits page .

Request Information

Learn More About Liberty University Online

You will be automatically taken to the application once you submit your request for information

Message and data rates may apply. For additional information, text HELP to 49595 or 49596. You may opt-out at any time by sending STOP to 49595 or 49596. Visit for Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy .

You have to have a lot of self-motivation and self-discipline when you are going to school online, but the amazing thing is at Liberty you do not need to do it by yourself. You really do have resources like someone who is going to school on campus.

– Janae Fleming ’15, B.S. in Education

University of Portsmouth logo

Organisation studies and human resource management postgraduate research degrees

people sitting around a table

Postgraduate research in organisation studies and human resource management

Ready to start your research career? Explore our postgraduate research degrees in Organisation Studies and Human Resource Management

If you're interested in taking your existing knowledge and qualifications in Organisation Studies and Human Resource Management into a postgraduate research degree, Portsmouth is the perfect place to do it.

As a postgraduate researcher with us, you could look at the changing nature of the employer/employee relationship, explore the growing responsibility of organisations to act ethically and sustainably, and uncover novel ways for businesses to effectively and fairly manage their workforces.

You could join our research on gender equality in the public sector and creative industries which is helping inform organisations about barriers to entry and enabling female career progression to address gender imbalance.

In an increasingly global and competitive business world, our research is helping shape the practices, processes and structures of organisations. As a postgraduate research degree student, you'll play your part in transforming our expertise into impact.

Types of research degrees

Find out about our PhD, MPhil, and PhD by Publication opportunities in Organisation Studies and Human Resource Management below, including how to apply, entry requirements and funding your degree. For more detailed information about the application process, visit our  How to Apply  pages.

Organisation Studies and Human Resource Management PhDs and MPhils

Explore our pre-approved funded and self-funded PhD projects in Organisation Studies and Human Resource Management, or submit your own research idea. 

PhD and MPhil projects

Funded projects.

There are currently no funded PhD projects available in this area – for more information on funding your own research project, visit our pages on  funding your research degree .

Self-funded projects


  • CSR-isation in developing countries: Governmentalisation or responsive governance

Submit your own idea

If you already have a research idea, find a supervisor whose research interests match yours by searching our  Find a PhD Supervisor  page. Once you've identified someone suitable, contact them to discuss your idea.

PhD by Publication

A PhD by publication is a postgraduate research degree based on research you've already undertaken and had published (excluding self-publishing) before registering with us.

Eligible research outputs include peer-reviewed academic papers, complete books or chapters in anthologies, and other materials accepted for publication, exhibited or performed. You'll have to submit these materials for examination between 6–12 months after registering with us.

For more information, please visit our  PhD by Publication  page.

Duration, fees and funding 

What do my tuition fees cover.

If you're self-funding your PhD, you'll pay tuition fees to the University to cover course and university costs.

Your tuition fees cover:

  • The cost of your postgraduate research programme* at the University as well as charges for registration, tuition, supervision, and examinations
  • Bespoke training, professional development courses, networking, and research support through  The Graduate School
  • Research seminars and workshops (university-wide and faculty-specific)
  • A contribution to funding to attend a conference or development activity in your research field
  • Tailor-made weekly and monthly events, including weekly, themed experienced researcher-led talks and workshops
  • Helping you become part of our thriving research community, including Research and Innovation services where 77% of our research is world leading and internationally excellent in  REF 2021
  • Your graduation ceremony
  • Viva examination and administration costs
  • The  facilities  and equipment you need to complete your studies, such as computer rooms, access to laptops, the  Library , and  laboratories
  • Access to resources including electronic journals, alternative guide to funding, and thousands of hours of educational videos on LinkedIn Learning
  • University support services  including academic, financial, careers and wellbeing support and personal tutors
  • Membership of the Students' Union (giving you the right to vote in elections, join clubs and societies, and get free independent advice)
  • Access to software such as Microsoft Office, SPSS and Adobe Creative Suite (this includes Photoshop, InDesign, and Adobe Premiere Pro)

*Please note that some research programmes may come with additional bench fees.

How long will my research degree take?

  • MPhil:   2 years full-time, 4 years part-time
  • PhD: 3 years full-time, 6 years part-time
  • PhD by Publication: 1 year part-time

How much will my degree cost?

April 2024 fees.

PhD and MPhil

UK, Channel Islands and Isle of Man students 

  • Full-time:   £4,712 per year (may be subject to annual increase)
  • Part-time and part-time distance learning: £2,356 per year (may be subject to annual increase)*

EU students

(including Transition Scholarship )

International students  

  • Full-time: £17,900 (may be subject to annual increase)
  • Part-time and part-time distance learning: £8,950 (may be subject to annual increase)

PhD by Publication 

External candidates: £4,712

Members of staff: £1,850

All fees are subject to annual increase. If you are an EU student starting a programme in 2023/24 please visit this page .

October 2024, February 2025 and April 2025 fees

  • Full-time:   £4,786 per year 
  • Part-time and part-time distance learning: £2,393 per year
  • Full-time:   £4,786 per year

International students

External candidates: £4,786

Members of staff: £1,950

All fees are subject to annual increase. If you are an EU student starting a programme in 2024/25 please visit this page .

Some PhD projects may include additional fees – known as bench fees – for equipment and other consumables, and these will be added to your standard tuition fee. Speak to the supervisory team during your interview about any additional fees you may have to pay. Please note, bench fees are not eligible for discounts and are non-refundable.

Funding support

MPhil full-time and part-time courses are eligible for the  Government Postgraduate Loan  (UK/EU students only).

PhD full-time and part-time courses are eligible for the  Government Doctoral Loan  (UK/EU students only).

For information on other sources of funding, visit our  funding your postgraduate research degree  page.

Entry requirements

The entry requirements for a PhD, or MPhil include an upper second class honours degree or equivalent in a relevant subject, or a master’s degree in an appropriate subject. Equivalent professional experience and/or qualifications may be considered. All applicants are subject to interview.

If English is not your first language, you'll need English language proficiency at a minimum of IELTS band 6.5 with no component score below 6.0.

If you don't meet the English language requirements yet, you can achieve the level you need by successfully completing a  pre-sessional English programme  before you start your course.

Support and facilities

When you join us, you'll be supported by our  Graduate School , alongside your assigned supervisory team, who'll help you get the most from our facilities. The Graduate School will help you become part of our thriving, collaborative research community, and help grow your skills as a researcher through the  Graduate School Development Programme , which offers training, workshops and events.

You'll be able to use open access computer suites across campus. These are great working spaces with high-spec PCs, Macs and printing facilities. You can also use more specialised software and equipment, such as large format printing and audio-visual equipment. Specialist technicians are on hand if you need assistance.

What can a postgraduate research degree do for my career?

Once you complete your postgraduate research degree, you'll be a highly-skilled researcher with the knowledge and skills to make an impact in many different industries.

Your postgraduate research qualification demonstrates to potential employers that you're an intelligent, capable and motivated person, with provable abilities and experience in critical thinking, problem-solving, project management, communication, leadership and creativity.

Apply for a research degree in Operational Research and Logistics by completing our online form.

April (2024 start)

October (2024 start), february (2025 start), current research.

Explore the work we're doing across the 4 areas of expertise within our  Organisation Studies and Human Resource Management  research.

Human resource (HR) management and leadership

We're researching the nature of leadership and management, and the cultures and practices which influence how people are led and work. Explore our human resource management global hr and leadership research.

Meeting between two women and a man

Workplace learning and development

We're developing productive ways of learning-in-action & researching how adults learn best in workplace settings. Explore our workplace learning and development research.

Female and male employee attending an at-work seminar

Employment relations

We're exploring how governments, employers and other agencies influence employment relations. Explore our employment relations research.

Man working with a colleague at a laptop

Business ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

We're conducting research into corporate responsibility, business ethics, and how we can promote a more responsible business culture. Explore our business ethics and corporate social responsibility CSR research.

Female employee wearing rainbow lanyard

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Course type

Qualification, university name, distance learning postgraduate human resources management.

13 degrees at 8 universities in the UK.

Customise your search

Select the start date, qualification, and how you want to study

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Related subjects:

  • Human Resources Management
  • Business Administration
  • Business Development
  • Business Interpersonal Skills
  • Business Modelling and Analysis
  • Business Studies
  • Conflict Management in Business
  • Decision Systems and Theory
  • Disaster Mitigation
  • Enterprises
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Equal Opportunities
  • Financial Services
  • International Banking
  • International Business Studies
  • International Trade
  • Investment Management
  • Management Planning
  • Management Planning and Control Systems
  • Management of Change and Innovation
  • Management, Business and HR
  • Non Profit Organisations: Management
  • Organisation and Methods
  • Personnel Administration
  • Policy and Strategic Planning
  • Project Management in Business and Industry
  • Public Administration
  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Risk Management
  • Specific Management Skills
  • Staff Performance and Development
  • Team Building Skills

left arrow

  • Course title (A-Z)
  • Course title (Z-A)
  • Price: high - low
  • Price: low - high

Human Resource Management MA or PGDip

Oxford brookes university.

Progress your career and enhance your HR professional practice with our Postgraduate Diploma in Human Resource Management and the MA in Read more...

  • 24 months Distance without attendance degree: £9,700 per year (UK)
  • 24 months Part time degree: £9,700 per year (UK)

Sport Performance Analysis MSc (Distance Education)

Middlesex university.

Sports Performance Analysis is an area experiencing massive growth, with virtually every professional club and elite athlete employing or Read more...

  • 12 months Distance without attendance degree: £11,500 per year (UK)

Management PhD, MPhil - Work, Employment, Management and Ogranisations

University of leicester.

The School of Business offers supervision for the degrees of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) - full-time campus based, part-time campus based Read more...

  • 6 years Distance without attendance degree: £3,942 per year (UK)
  • 3 years Full time degree: £4,786 per year (UK)
  • 6 years Part time degree: £2,393 per year (UK)

Global Human Resource Management (Distance learning)MSc

University of portsmouth.

Course Globalisation is creating companies that are more diverse and international than ever before, and with this comes a new set of Read more...

  • 2 years Distance without attendance degree: £4,750 per year (UK)

Human Resource Management - Admission with Credit (12 month fast-track route to the MA)

If you have a postgraduate diploma (Level 7, 120 credits), our MA Human Resource Management allows you to top up your qualification to a Read more...

  • 12 months Distance without attendance degree: £2,750 per year (UK)
  • 12 months Part time degree: £2,750 per year (UK)

Human Resource Management and Training MSc, PGDip, by distance learning

This degree provides an insight into human resource management and training within the context of organisations at a national and Read more...

  • 2 years Distance without attendance degree: £10,900 per year (UK)
  • 2.5 years Distance without attendance degree: £10,900 per year (UK)

Organisation Studies and Human Resource Management PhDs and MPhils (Distance Learning)

If you're interested in taking your existing knowledge and qualifications in Organisation Studies and Human Resource Management into a Read more...

  • 6 years Distance without attendance degree: £2,356 per year (UK)

Professional Development: Performance Analysis MSc

St mary's university, twickenham.

Evaluate athletic performance with our innovative Professional Development in Performance Analysis MSc. Assess sporting talent with our Read more...

  • 1 year Distance with attendance degree: £11,340 per year (UK)
  • 3 years Distance with attendance degree
  • 2 years Distance with attendance degree

Postgraduate Diploma in Human Resource Management

Open university.

This qualification begins by examining the research and theory about the work of HR professionals, helps develop the skills needed to be an Read more...

  • 2 years Distance without attendance degree: £3,550 per year (UK)

Equity and Diversity in Society (MA)

University of wales trinity saint david.

There is recognition that the underlying body of knowledge and theories surrounding equality, equity and diversity, which are directly Read more...

  • 1 year Distance without attendance degree: £7,800 per year (UK)
  • 2 years Distance without attendance degree: £3,900 per year (UK)
  • 1 year Full time degree: £7,800 per year (UK)
  • 2 years Part time degree: £3,900 per year (UK)

Human Resource Management (Top-Up) MA

University of northampton.

Our MA Human Resource Management Top-up degree is specifically designed for those who have completed their Chartered Institute of Read more...

  • 1 year Distance without attendance degree: £7,065 per year (UK)

Postgraduate Certificate in Human Resource Management

The qualification is designed to provide you with specialist skills, knowledge and capabilities in human resource management. You’ll begin Read more...

  • 1 year Distance without attendance degree: £3,550 per year (UK)

MSc in Human Resource Management

In this MSc you’ll learn about the role of the HR professional, the nature of professionalism and approaches to addressing ethical Read more...

  • 3 years Distance without attendance degree: £3,160 per year (UK)

Course type:

  • Distance learning


Related subjects:.

1 Distance Learning PhD Degrees in Human Resource Management in USA for 2024

  • Administration Studies
  • Human Resources
  • Human Resource Management

Distance Learning

Administration Studies (1)

  • Administration (1)
  • Human Resource Management (1)
  • Public Administration (1)
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  • New York (0)
  • Los Angeles (0)
  • Chicago (0)
  • Washington (0)
  • San Francisco (0)
  • United Kingdom (0)
  • Australia (0)
  • Bachelor (0)
  • Certificate (0)
  • Diploma (0)
  • Associate of Applied Science (0)
  • Associate Degree (0)
  • Graduate Certificate (0)
  • Associate of Arts (0)
  • Summer Course (0)
  • Advanced Diploma (0)
  • Graduate Diploma (0)
  • Postgraduate Diploma (0)
  • Foundation Year (0)
  • Postgraduate Certificate (0)
  • A-level (0)
  • Preparatory Program (0)
  • Doctor of Education (0)
  • Advanced Certificate (0)
  • Juris Doctor (0)
  • Undergraduate Pathway (0)
  • Undergraduate Certificate (0)
  • Graduate Pathway (0)
  • 3 years (0)
  • 2 years (0)
  • Full time (1)
  • Part time (1)
  • English (1)
  • Spanish (0)
  • Portuguese (0)
  • Italian (0)
  • On-Campus (0)
  • Distance Learning (1)
  • Blended (0)

Doctorate in Human Resources Management

Atlantic international university.

Atlantic International University

  • Honolulu, USA

Full time, Part time

The Doctor of Human Resource Management (PhD) objective is to help students lead, consult, or teach in the field of human resources within a complex and global business environment.

Popular degree type

Popular education type

Distance Learning PhD Degrees in Human Resource Management

Obtaining a degree in human resource management is useful for those interested in leading and managing employees at a company or organization. This field of study offers students training in conflict management, creating ROIs, labor relations and building work teams, to name a few.

The USA remains the world’s most popular destination for international students. Universities in the US dominate the world rankings and the country also offers a wide variety of exciting study locations. State university systems are partially subsidized by state governments, and may have many campuses spread around the state, with hundreds of thousands of students.

Requirements for the PhD program often involve the student having already obtained a Master’s degree. Additionally, a thesis or dissertation primarily consisting of original academic research must be submitted. In some countries, this work may even need to be defended in front of a panel.

Online learning refers to use of electronic media and information and communication technologies (ICT) in education. With online learning one has the flexibility to access their studies at any time and from anywhere they can log on.


  1. Eligibility For PhD In Human Resource Management

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    phd in human resource management distance learning

  3. Human Resource Management and Training Masters (DistanceLearning

    phd in human resource management distance learning

  4. Advance Distance Learning Courses in Human Resource Management

    phd in human resource management distance learning

  5. Human Resource Management Courses

    phd in human resource management distance learning

  6. Principles of Human Resource Management And Strategies To Maximize The

    phd in human resource management distance learning


  1. Human Resource Management and Training Masters (DistanceLearning)

  2. HRM Lecture #3

  3. IIE Distance studies made achievable at the IIE’s Varsity College

  4. Three Levels of Management

  5. MSc Shipping operations and Management

  6. Part Time PhD| Full Time PhD| Distance Learning PhD| UGC Regulations


  1. The Top 15 Online PhD in Human Resources Programs in the US

    Human Resource Management Specialization-PhD in Business Management Average Graduate Tuition Rate: $14,784 . Accreditation: Higher Learning Commission . Doctorate in Human Resources Score: 7. Capella University offers an online PhD in Business Management. Students can further customize this program with a concentration in Human Resource Management.

  2. Doctor of Philosophy in Human Resource Management

    Program Learning Outcomes. As a graduate of National University's Doctor of Philosophy in Human Resource Management (PhD-HRM) program, you'll be able to: Evaluate human resource theories, concepts, and scholarly research. Recommend best practices in hiring, retaining, supporting, and motivating employees. Determine the impact of employment ...

  3. Best Online Ph.D. In Management Of 2024

    Per-credit tuition rates for the 10 qualifying Ph.D. programs in our guide range from. $450 to $1,575. Over the course of a typical 60-credit Ph.D. program, this translates to between $27,000 and ...

  4. PhD in Human Resource Management

    Human Resource Management. Doctor of Philosophy in Business Management. Capella's online PhD in Business Management, Human Resource Management equips you with skills to develop winning teams and empower people to do their best work. This program builds on a curriculum of ethics, research, and practice in the human resource field - including ...

  5. Best Online Doctorate (PHD) in Human Resources

    Graduates of doctoral human resources programs can become postsecondary teachers in fields like business or management. Professors commonly specialize in teaching human resources as part of a DBA or Ph.D. program. Postsecondary teachers typically require a doctoral education. Median Annual Salary: $84,380.

  6. Human Resource Management

    Program Fee. $175 per quarter. $1,925-$5,600*. Residency Fee. Four Residencies (residency two and residency four may be virtual; additional residencies may be required) $1,420 each (virtual) $1,520 each (in-person: travel, lodging and other expenses are additional) $5,680-$6,080. Estimated Range:

  7. Online PhD programmes in Human Resource Management

    18,325 EUR / year. 2½ years. As one of the first online doctoral programs in industrial and organizational (I-O) psychology, the PhD in Industrial and Organizational Psychology - Human Resource Management program from Walden University allows you to deepen your knowledge of workplace and organizational behavior. Ph.D. / Part-time / Online.

  8. Top 20 PhD Human Resources Management Programs Online 2024

    This is a slight increase over the average of all other occupations (7 percent). As new companies form and businesses and organizations expand, the need for human resources managers will increase. To accommodate demand to fill these roles, colleges and universities now offer PhD in HR management programs online via distance education technology.

  9. Online Doctorate in Management and Organization

    Pursue Top-Level Roles In Industry And Academia With Liberty's 100% Online PhD In Organization And Management. March 25, 2024. ... Learning and career outcomes. ... human resource management ...

  10. 9 Online PhDs in Human Resource Management by universities in United States

    Human Resource Management degrees at universities and colleges in United States - Find 9 studies in Human Resource Management to study abroad. ... Distance learning provides access to learning when the source of information and the learners are separated by time and distance, or both.

  11. 2024 Best Online PhDs in Management

    Annual Tuition: $14,328. Location: Minneapolis (MN) Learn More. Capella University is a private, for-profit institution that offers an online PhD in Business Management requiring at least 90 credit hours. Prospective students can expect to spend three years or more completing this program online.

  12. Earning A Ph.D. In Human Resources: Everything You Need To ...

    Professionals with a doctorate in human resources bring knowledge of management, leadership and best practices in big-picture company culture. Human Resources Manager Job Growth (2021-2031): +7%

  13. Ph.D. in Industrial Relations and Human Resources (IRHR)

    SMLR's PhD program prepares students to pursue jobs in academia, most frequently at top research universities. ... B.A. in Human Resource Management B.A. in Labor Studies and Employment Relations B.S. in Labor and Employment Relations Online B.S. in Labor and ... independent students who are seeking the convenience of distance learning ...

  14. 34 Online PhDs in Management Studies by universities in United States

    If you're interested in studying a Management Studies degree in United States you can view all 34 Online Courses Programmes. You can also read more about Management Studies degrees in general, or about studying in United States. Many universities and colleges in United States offer English-taught Online Courses degrees.

  15. Distance learning PhD Management Business and Hr

    Oxford Brookes University. (4.1) 3 years Distance without attendance degree: £4,712 per year (UK) 4 years Distance without attendance degree: £2,356 per year (UK) 3 years Full time degree: £4,712 per year (UK) 4 years Part time degree: £2,356 per year (UK) Apply now Visit website Request info. View 30 additional courses.

  16. 4 Distance Learning PhD Degrees in Human Resources 2024

    The main requirement for a PhD online through distance learning is to present and discuss a thesis of at least 100 pages for review and evaluation by an academic committee at Selinus University. Companies are made up of people who need security and motivation. Good human resources management guarantees the company efficiency, quality and ...

  17. Doctorate Degrees in Human Resources Management

    University of Kent. (4.1) 3 years Full time degree: £4,712 per year (UK) 3 years Full time degree: £4,712 per year (UK) 5 years Part time degree: £2,356 per year (UK) 5 years Part time degree: £2,356 per year (UK) Apply now Visit website Request info Book event. View 2 additional courses. Compare.

  18. Organisation studies and human resource management postgraduate

    Organisation Studies and Human Resource Management PhDs and MPhils. ... PhD and MPhil. UK, Channel Islands and Isle of Man students . Full-time: £4,712 per year (may be subject to annual increase) Part-time and part-time distance learning: £2,356 per year (may be subject to annual increase)* EU students (including Transition Scholarship)

  19. Distance learning Postgraduate Human Resources Management

    University of Leicester. (4.4) This degree provides an insight into human resource management and training within the context of organisations at a national and Read more... 2 years Distance without attendance degree: £10,900 per year (UK) 2.5 years Distance without attendance degree: £10,900 per year (UK)

  20. Human Resource Management

    Flexible Learning; What You Need to Know; Professional Development. Flexible Learning; Executive Development; Armed Forces; International Students. ... MPhil/PhD Human Resource Management Postgraduate Events Apply Now. Key Information. Full-time. MPhil: 1.5-3 years. PhD: 2-4 years. Part-time. MPhil: 2-4 years. PhD: 3-8 years. Entry Requirements.

  21. 186 Distance Learning Degrees in Human Resource Management 2024

    Human Resources Management is one of three majors offered through AC Online that Business Administration students can select. In the second half of the Business Administration Ontario College Advanced Diploma program, you select a major to specialize in. Prior to selecting a major, you develop a strong foundation in various business skills.

  22. 1 Distance Learning PhD Degrees in Human Resource Management in USA for

    1 Distance Learning PhD Degrees in Human Resource Management in USA for 2024. Doctorate in Human Resources Management ... Online USA; PhD. Full time, Part time. Distance Learning. English. The Doctor of Human Resource Management (PhD) objective is to help students lead, consult, or teach in the field of human resources within a complex and ...

  23. PhD Human Resource Management Salary, Distance Learning, Jobs

    On completion of a PhD Human Resource Management program, students have many job opportunities like Human Resource Manager, HR Executive, HR Director, Personnel Manager, etc. The average salary offered to a degree holder in PhD Human Resource Management is around INR 6,00,000 to INR 11,00,000, but this can be higher on the basis of experience ...