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At Maastricht University, a PhD degree is not just a study but a serious research project that adds new knowledge to a given field. There are three ways to become a PhD candidate at UM, which are outlined below. As a PhD candidate, you’ll spend most of your time conducting original research and writing a dissertation.

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Opening the black box of victim-offender mediation

PhD thesis written by Jiska Jonas Victim-offender mediation (VOM) in criminal cases is a growing judicial practice in Europe and abroad. In VOM victim and offender have a conversation in presence of a trained mediator. This process can help victims to recover and offenders to take responsibility...


Private partnerships in early modern Antwerp

PhD thesis written by Patrick Naaktgeboren This dissertation investigates private partnerships in seventeenth- and eighteenth-century Antwerp (1621–1791) from both a legal historical and a socioeconomic perspective. Whereas the legal-historical part deals with the interaction between Antwerp...


Artificial intelligence, criminal liability, new technologies and law

PhD thesis written by Alice Giannini The idea of criminal behavior of artificial intelligence (AI) systems is nothing new. In fact, science fiction has been dealing for decades with evil robots rebelling against humans and taking control, or with machines that go crazy and act unpredictably. Yet, it...


Effective Cross-Border Pension Information in the Face of Multi-Level Legal Systems A cross-disciplinary research into the cross-border taxation of pensions

PhD thesis written by Sander Paul Martijn Kramer A growing number of mobile individuals, who take advantage of their European freedoms of movement, face a lack of comprehensive pension information. This obstacle can hinder those who need pension information the most in making well-informed retirement...

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Rethinking Environmental Salvage and Salvage Law:Towards an Efficient Mechanism for Environmental Emergency Response in Maritime Accidents?

PhD thesis written by Haiyang Yu Professional marine salvors who have the emergency response capacity to maritime casualties traditionally are rewarded on a ‘No Cure-No Pay' basis under the maritime law of salvage. However, in cases involving potentially significant environmental damage, such as...

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Illegal waste management activity in the process of bunker fuel production: a criminological case study of corporate environmental crime and its enforcement

PhD thesis written by Giulia Giardi This book draws on never-before used data on both crimes and enforcement to shed light on this murky world. Whether you are professionally or privately engaged in contrasting corporate crime or environmental harm, this book can enhance your perspective and toolset...

Adriana Caballero Perez

Voting Matters: An Analysis of the Use of Electoral-Assistive Devices through the Lens of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

PhD thesis written by Adriana Caballero Pérez This study adopts an evidence-based approach and a mixed research design to explore the de facto realization of the right to vote by persons with disabilities, or the ‘opportunity’ to enjoy this right on an equal basis with others.

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Compensation and prevention for damage resulting from offshore drilling in China

PhD thesis written by Minzhen Jiang. Based on a law and economics approach, observations are made on the efficiency of the legal regime to evaluate if the existing rules are in line with economic starting points. Following the limitations of the Chinese legal system as specified, the study ends with...


Welcome dr. Francesco Zappatore as a visiting researcher

After completing his Ph.D. on 31 March 2022, defending his dissertation on the theme of punitive damages from a comparative perspective at the University of Foggia Law School that was written under the guidance of his mentor, Professor Francesco Astone, he soon had the opportunity to start a post...


Welcome Maria Breskaya - our new external PhD student

Maria Breskaya recently joined M-EPLI as an external PhD student. Maria will carry out research on smart contracts and their relationship to the traditional legal notion of contract. The research is supervised by Professor Jan Smits and dr. Caroline Cauffman.


Beyond Bilateralism: a theory of state responsibility for breaches of non-bilateral obligations

PhD thesis written by Sally Thin. Thus far we lacked a theory of state responsibility for the breach of non-bilateral obligations: what such responsibility is, how it operates, and what it means for international law.


Highly Mobile Workers and the Coordination of Social Security in the EU – Opening and Closing Pandora’s Box

PhD thesis written by Eva van Ooij. With many forms of flexible work, it seems more important than ever to map out mobility-related issues that highly mobile workers may encounter and to explore possible routes towards more legal certainty regarding their social security protection. That is, exactly...


A pragmatic approach to the link to origin: EU PDOs and PGIs for registration, innovation and trade in origin products

PhD thesis written by Maurizio Crupi. In view of the ongoing EU GI reform, this research formulates policy recommendations on how to draw a clear distinction between PDOs and PGIs. The aim is to increase the clarity and understandability of the EU quality schemes for agricultural and non...

Emma Moulds

The Patchwork in the Sky

PhD thesis written by Emma Moulds. This research critically examines how the eight largest global markets regulate airlines from the three different perspectives of trade and market access, investment and airline alliances.

Natalia de Lima Figueiredo

Local content requirements in WTO law: between free trade and the right to development

PhD thesis written by Natália de Lima Figueiredo. In the international arena, there is a strong rhetoric against a type of industrial policy measure called local content requirements (LCRs). They are often characterised, especially by developed countries, as protectionist measures. 


The concept of necessity in WTO Law: lessons from and for the other fields of international law

PhD thesis written by Senai W. Andemariam . This research investigates whether coherence can be maintained in the concept of necessity across different fields of international law.


Transparent enforcement access to information related to the monitoring of EU environmental law

PhD thesis written by Mathias Nikolaus Müller. This study examines to what extent the right to access environmental information - which is enshrined in the Aarhus Convention, the Environmental Information Directive, and national law - can be used by the public to access information related to...


Outlaw motorcycle gangs in the Meuse Rhine Euregion

PhD thesis written by Kim Geurtjens. This book deals with the history of OMCGs and the responses in each country, the authorities involved in the response, and contemporary problems in the Meuse Rhine Euregion.


Game clones and copyright infringement: a comparative study of judicial practices in the US, Japan and China

PhD thesis written by Xiao Wang. The thesis explored whether a video game will constitute copyright infringement if something in that game (such as display on the screen, software, game mechanics, and so on) is similar to an earlier game. 

van everdingen

De dubbele woonplaats in het socialezekerheidsrecht

PhD thesis written by Marjolein van Everdingen.  This dissertation deals with the application of residence related rules to persons with a dual residence. It describes the role of residence in Dutch social security law in general and the phenomenon of dual residence in particular.


Blaming the Addicted Brain

PhD thesis written by Anna Goldberg. In this thesis, an overview of the different ways of conceptualising addiction is provided, before applying this knowledge onto both the legal framework of Dutch criminal law, and to more universal legal concepts. 


La Mise En Oeuvre Du Droit Applicable Aux Changements Climatiques: Le Cas Du Benin

PhD thesis written by Amidou Yekini. This study on the law of climate change – illustrated by the case of Benin, a developing country exposed to the harmful effects of climate change – aims to highlight the effectiveness of climate law in this country. 


Legitimate by nature?

PhD thesis written by Claire Boost. This research aims to examine the measures taken by the ICTR to promote its legitimacy. Legitimacy examines the factors that incentivise a community or society to consent to the legitimacy of an individual, group or institution. 


Reviewing the Information Paradigm

PhD thesis written by Madalena Narciso. EU consumer law imposes many duties to inform on professional parties. To comply with these duties, traders provide consumers with substantial amounts of information to be read before the conclusion of a contract. However, consumers do not frequently read this...


National parliaments in the European Union

PhD thesis written by Sofie Wolf. A legal comparison between the Dutch and the German parliament in EU affairs. The purpose of this dissertation is to compare the activities of the Dutch and German parliament in EU affairs. 

law_prashant sabharwal - Phd thesis

Conflict or Concord?

PhD thesis written by Prashant Sabharwal. The Jurisprudential Response of the National Constitutional Courts of Germany, France and the United Kingdom to the Primacy Doctrine of the Court of Justice of the European Union from 2005 to 2015 – and the Lessons to be Learnt.


The implementation of the international climate regime in West Africa: case of Togo, Niger, Burkina Faso

PhD thesis written by Akouvi Okpè Abalo. Considered to be the most affected, fragile and vulnerable to climate change, poor West African states are at the heart of the international climate regime. They are thus subject to a series of conventional obligations whose implementation is highlighted in...


Protecting societal interests in corporate takeovers

PhD thesis written by Huizi Ai The thesis found that under the current regulatory framework of takeovers in the U.K., Germany and China, public laws (competition law and FDI screening laws) recognize and protect certain public interest considerations in takeovers, of which the national security...


De videoreconstructie in het strafproces: van verbeelding naar juridische werkelijkheid

PhD thesis written by Jan Willem van Manen The central question in The Video Reconstruction in Criminal Proceedings is what contribution the video reconstruction makes to finding the truth in the criminal procedure and how this contribution can be optimised.


Considering the native land of witnesses: cultural influences on memory reports

PhD thesis written by Nkansah Anakwah The research shows witnesses with sub-Saharan African background are less elaborative in their eyewitness accounts than witnesses socialised in Western European cultures. Findings are discussed with respect to culturally determined reporting norms of the witness...


International responsibility and attribution of conduct: an analysis of case law on human rights and humanitarian law

PhD thesis written by Remy Jorritsma This thesis analyses the standard and function of attribution rules in the case law of human rights courts, quasi-judicial human rights bodies, and international criminal courts with jurisdiction over violations of humanitarian law.


Financial Instruments and their Proportionality and Consistency under EU Law

PhD thesis written by Maximilian Vollmer This thesis investigated whether the European Commission designs financial instruments and applies their legal framework in accordance with the principles of proportionality and consistency under European Union (EU) law.


Remedies for Human Rights Violations by the European Union

PhD thesis written by Alexis Antoniades.  This thesis concentrates on this relationship between the EU and individual applicants in human rights cases. It critically analyses how the EU may be held accountable for violations of human rights through procedures and remedies available to the individual...


Facilitating cross-border real estate transactions in Europe: An exploration

PhD thesis written by Katja Zimmermann .  The aim of this research is to explore how cross-border real estate transactions in Europe can be facilitated. 


The evolution of sustainable development in public international law

PhD thesis written by Michelle Kristy.  This dissertation explores the implications of the evolution of the concept of sustainable development in public international law for the WTO agreements covering the domestic regulation of trade in goods. 


The impact of Europeanization in Cyprus Contract Law and the spill-over to matters of civil procedure

PhD thesis written by Nicholas Mouttotos . This dissertation analyzes the impact that European Union law has had upon Cyprus law, focusing on the problems that arose after the financial crisis and how EU law can be used as a vehicle for dealing with problems of over-indebtedness. 


General principles as systemic elements of international law

PhD thesis written by Craig Eggett. This study considered the nature of “general principles of law” in the international legal system. While much is known about treaties and customary law, there is a tendency to overlook foundational theoretical questions about general principles in international...


Taxation of passive investment income in tax treaties between developing and developed countries

PhD thesis written by Garfias von Fürstenberg. The aim of this doctoral thesis is to determine whether the criteria / principles which govern the treatment of passive investment income in double taxation conventions (DTCs) between developing and developed countries are effective and appropriate for...

La protection des transports de marchandises par mer en droit ivoirien

PhD thesis written by Yapo Firmin AKA. There is legislation in Ivorian law governing the transport of goods by sea. It deals with the protection of goods and the safety of navigation. However, given the limits it contains, it deserves to be improved.


Judicial activism and restraint in the creation of the International Judicial Function

PhD thesis written by Leonie Ayoub . The thesis attempts to bring coherence to the manner in which international courts and tribunals interpret international law, how they reason out their decisions, and the subsequent effect that this has had upon the institutions themselves.


Facilitating falsification in legal decision-making: problems in practice and potential solutions

PhD thesis written by Enide Maegherman . This thesis researched the role of falsification in legal decision-making. Namely, how judges consider exonerating evidence and alternative scenarios. This was researched in practice through a survey, interviews, and a case study.


Switzerland and the European Union

PhD thesis written by Joel Günthardt. The Implications of the Institutional Framework and the Right of Free Movement for the Mutual Recognition of Professional Qualifications


Towards a comprehensive dispute settlement system in a China-EU bilateral investment treaty

PhD thesis written by Chunlei Zhao. Since 2013, China and the EU have launched the negotiations on a China-EU Bilateral Investment Treaty. 

law_han chang ryung_phd thesis

Informal fund transfer systems: mechanisms, survival and adaptation

PhD thesis written by Han Chang Ryung.


Multinational enterprises, European state aid and transfer pricing

PhD thesis written by Paulina Szotek-Ververken. A Study of the Application of EU State Aid Law to Transfer Pricing and Allocation of Income to Permanent Establishments.

daniel on

Strict liability and the aims of Tort Law

PhD thesis written by Alexandru Daniël On. This PhD thesis contributes to the comparative law and legal-theoretical debates around strict liability.


Ad Valorem Tariffs and Customs Valuation

PhD thesis written by Leonardo Correia Lima Macedo. This dissertation investigates the adoption of ad valorem tariffs in association with the WTO rules on customs valuation for countries’ revenue needs. 

The enforceability of interim measures granted by an emergency arbitrator in international commercial arbitration

PhD thesis written by Junmin Zhang. The emergency arbitrator mechanism makes interim measures possible for parties involved in international commercial arbitration before the constitution of arbitral tribunals under urgent situations. However, with the development of the emergency arbitrator...


De Dashboardsamenleving: van improvisatie tot providere

PhD thesis written by David Bamps. Throughout history there’s been a search for a moral compass, but a definitive one has never been found. That could change. Humans are no longer alone on the playing field but are surrounded by new star players: artificial intelligence and robotics. Herein appear...


Le Principe de la Libre Administration des Collectivités Territoriales en Droit du Bénin et en Droit de la France

PhD thesis written by Abasse Olossoumare. The question raised by this study is to determine, in fact, whether the principle of the free administration of local authorities in general theory of law is a simple legal rule or rather a legal principle.


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  1. Law PhD theses

    Law PhD theses At Maastricht University, a PhD degree is not just a study but a serious research project that adds new knowledge to a given field. There are three ways to become a PhD candidate at UM, which are outlined below.