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A 10000-word essay is a standard graduate-level college assignment. Its structure will depend on the discipline and institution. Moreover, a paper of 10000 to 10000+ words is not necessarily an essay. A student might be assigned a research paper of such a length. The possible research fields might be psychology, marketing, economics, etc.

African American Female College Students’ Barriers

This paper reviews the existing literature in support of the research study. The literature reviewed discussed the barriers and success strategies for African American Women to obtain higher education. Also, a discussion of the Critical Race, Social Learning, and Feminist theories was included that formed the understanding of African American...

China External Environment and Its Effects

Executive Summary This dissertation aimed to examine the topic “The external environment in China and its effect on foreign beverage companies: A case Study of Pepsi and Coca Cola”. The literature review of this dissertation concern with theoretical aspects of Environmental Effect on the Strategic Choice, Chinese Policy towards the...

Media for Social Change: Producers, Viewers, Content

Introduction Statement of Research Issue This research investigates media for social change may be used to create an environment where people can engage in the public realm, mediate disagreements, and encourage civil debate. For an informative analysis, I have included my personal view on media power and discussed communication as...

New Product Development: Vitamin Enriched Soft Drink

Executive summary “Soft drinks are enormously popular beverages consisting primarily of carbonated water, sugar and flavoring” (Council of American Food Technology Association, 2010). The industry has been among the most vibrant and profitable for a long time but has now come under great criticism for its products’ health effects (The...

Abusive Leadership Effects on Employee Performance

Introduction The present literature review includes analysis and assessment of pertinent sources within the field of leadership. The goal of this literature review is twofold: The first goal is to examine the nature of abuse in the workplace, as it is necessary for a broader introspection into the specific problem...

How Long Is a 10000 Word Essay?

Depending on the line spacing, a text of 10000 words takes 20 to 40 pages. All the most common citation styles imply that an essay is double-spaced and written in 12-point Times New Roman. This is about 250 words per page. You might want to use a different font, but a double-spaced 10000-word essay will anyway take about 40 pages.

How Many Paragraphs Is 10000 Words?

A 10000-word essay contains 67 to 100 paragraphs on average. The length of a typical academic paragraph is about 100 words. You should include at least four sentences in your paragraph.

What a 10000-Word Essay Looks Like

A 10000-word paper is a very extensive piece of writing that needs to be carefully planned and prepared. You might need to write a research paper, a term paper, or an academic article of such a length. Depending on the genre of the paper, it might include an abstract, introduction, literature review, methods, results, discussion, and conclusion. The exact list of elements will depend on the paper’s genre.

How Long Does a 10000-Word Essay Take?

It will take you about 200 to 400 minutes to type 10000 words on your keyboard, depending on your typing speed. However, if you also need to perform research, make a reference list, add in-text citations, and graphic materials, you’ll need more time – not less than 33 hours for 10000 words.

How Long Should an Introduction Be for a 10000 Word Essay?

An average introduction length of a 10000-word essay should be 1500 words. The exact requirements will be given by your professor.

Effect of Mobile Assisted Language Learning

Abstract The use of Mobile Assisted Language Learning (MALL) is becoming common in several schools within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The review of the literature revealed that this technology-based learning has registered impressive success in other countries, especially in the developed nations. The researcher aims to examine the effect...

Improving Gas Turbine Performance By Adding Cooling System (Fogging System) In Air Intake

Introduction Turbine performance utilities require performance enhancements due to the rapid and unforgiving increase in energy demands calling upon engineers to design and develop energy efficient techniques to optimize power output for energy producing utilities. Among the most reliable technologies for enhancing gas turbine performance in hot and humid climates...

The Alcohol Abuse Treatment Among the Elderly

Executive Summary This paper primarily delves into the issue of alcohol abuse among the elderly, its potential short and long-term implications, understanding the origin of the problem as well as what are the current methods that are being utilized to resolve the issue. Based on the information that has been...

The Relationship Between Asthma and Smoking

Introduction Health studies have often highlighted a relationship between asthma and smoking (Lee, Forey, & Coombs, 2012). Indeed, some researchers claim that most people who have asthma and smoke, at the same time are in double jeopardy because, as if tobacco smoke is not bad enough, their asthmatic condition could...

Globalization Effect on Developing Countries’ Business

Introduction Background of Study Globalization is the phenomenon through which countries across the globe are connecting through financial trade, political issues, transportation and operations. It is mostly termed as economic globalization since the economy of a particular country carries out trading activities in order to become a part of the...

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  • Relationship

Involuntary Resettlement in Urban Transportation

EIA in Public Transportation Developments in public transportation projects such as mass rapid transit as it is in the Dhaka Urban Transport Network Development Project have played an important role in the country’s economy. Many cities, when faced with the threat of ever-increasing traffic-generated pollution and congestion, tend to adopt...

The Impact of Brexit on the Startup Companies

State-of-the-art of the UK startup market Recent historical market trends for startups in the UK In spite of the ongoing global financial turmoil and economic challenges faced by Europe, for years, the business environment of the United Kingdom remained not only stable but also positive, forward-looking and open for business....

Involuntary Resettlement in Urban Transportation Projects

ESIA in Public Transportation Developments in public transportation projects such as rapid mass transit as it is in the Dhaka Urban Transport Network Development Project have played an important role in the country’s economy. Many cities, when faced with a threat of ever-increasing traffic-generated pollution and congestion, tend to adopt...

Integration and Synthesis of Relevant Ethical Theory and Conceptual Principles in Health Care

Introduction Throughout history, people have been using their reasoning to determine what is right or wrong in different circumstances and in justifying why it is so. This criterion is the basic foundation of normative ethics. In most cases, health care professionals encounter highly complex issues while dealing with their patients...

The Benefits of Outsourcing Operations: ADPC and Teraji Case

Abstract The Abu Dhabi Ports Company is currently experiencing an upsurge in maritime traffic. The development exerts pressure on its core functions and affects the efficacy of non-core functions like procurement. The overall performance of the organisation depends on the collective improvement of the company’s operations. In the current paper,...

Hobby Store Business Plan of Market Growth

Executive Summary Achieving a sustained market growth is a major challenge that requires understanding of various factors that affect a firm’s operation. In this business plan, the focus was on a hobby store that seeks to achieve growth beyond the current market. The report discusses how this firm should prepare...

Metaphysical Secrets of Manifesting Money Abundance

The aim of this research study is to explain the metaphysical secretes of manifesting money. Three research objectives guide this paper. They are focused on investigating the relationship between people’s ability to attract money and the law of attraction, to find out the role of spirituality in explaining people’s ability...

Safety Considerations of a Commercial Airport

Abstract The September 11 attacks in the US brought mixed fortunes to the safety of the aviation industry because over the years, the world has witnessed increased aggression by terrorists and other criminals in launching airport attacks. Even though terrorism is a big threat to the safety of commercial airports,...

Biotensegrity Model in Organizational Culture

Introduction In the last century, organizations have faced unique challenges that stem from experiencing unique changes in their internal and external environments (Williams 2002, 4). Some of the most notable changes include global economic uncertainties, changes in consumer tastes and preferences, and technological changes (among other issues) (Williams 2002, 6)....

Jane Austen’s Novels: Pastiches’ Analysis

Pastiche of Jane Austen’s Novels The Use of Pastiche in Jane Austen’s Novels Jane Austen is regarded as one of the best English novelists of all time. In fact, some critics have compared her to Shakespeare, and her six novels have inspired and formed the basis of various contemporary works...

  • Construction

Anxiety Management in Adult Women by Family Nurse Practitioner

Introduction Anxiety disorder has become one of the most common health conditions not only in the United States but also in many other countries around the world. According to Remes, Brayne, Linde, and Lafortune (2016), “Anxiety disorders, defined by excess worry, hyper-arousal, and fear that is counterproductive and debilitating, are...

Computer Fraud and Corporate Identity Theft

Abstract Corporate identity thefts involving unauthorized drawing of vital client information is currently on the rise as the most prevalent type of computer crimes. Processing of large volume of personal data, without proper security protection mechanisms make organizational information base vulnerable to malicious attacks by both external and internal agents....

Organisational Behaviour Impact: Hong Kong Airlines Limited

Introduction Background information Organisational behaviour has become one of the most important areas of research as scholars seek to find its relevance in improving the performance of organisations. Several scholars have defined organisational behaviour in various ways. Singh (2010, p. 78) defines organisational behaviour as “The study of human behaviour...

Alternative Investments as Segment in Asset Allocation

Abstract In the present day rapidly changing market environments, it has become critically important for investors to take a deliberate approach for capturing opportunities to enhance returns and at the same time to manage their portfolio volatility efficiently. While prudent investing calls for taking calculated risks a disciplined asset allocation...

Cultural Events in Hong Kong: The Involvement of the Government

Abstract A cultural and art event or festival celebrates societies related to a specific place or people. Hong Kong is considered a unique cultural position; it combines the traditional culture of China and the West simultaneously. Due to its colonial history, Hong Kong people appear to be simultaneously influenced by...

Automation of Accounting Systems: Employability of Welsh Graduates

Abstract This paper confirmed the high organizational transformability of accounting, but it did not prove the real problem of replacing human labor. The key emphasis of the study, unequivocally reflecting its brief essence, was recognizing the idea of a change in the role of the accountant over the past decades....

The Treatment of Alcohol Abuse of the Elderly

Executive Summary This paper primarily delves into the issue of alcohol abuse among the elderly, its potential short and long term implications, understanding the origin of the problem as well as what are the current methods that are being utilised in order to resolve the issue. Based on the information...

Single Afro-Americans Parenting Their Adolescents

Introduction Background of the Problem Parenting adolescents is a challenging task in modern American society. The problem is compounded when one is forced to raise such teenagers as a single mother. According to Elliott, Powell, and Brenton (2015), recent statistics show that about half of the African American children are...

The Role of Risk Management in Reducing Loss Prevention

Definition of the Problem Introduction Risk management (RM) has been defined as the process of scheduling, classifying, directing, and managing organizational conduct in order to curtail the detrimental effects of fortuitous losses at reasonable costs on the organization. Risk avoidance involves eliminating all losses associated with a particular activity, loss...

Sufism: Islam’s Contribution to Metaphysics

Introduction Sufism exists in many forms and includes several different practices and followers, including some of the better known Sufi masters such as Ibn al Arabi, and perhaps the best known of all Sufis, the poet Rumi. In its simplest and most generalized essence, the Sufi religion represents one of...

  • Communication

Teaching Detective Stories to ESL Students

Introduction Reading exercises are unanimously believed to be one of the most important tasks required in ESL classes. It enhances the vocabulary power of the students as well as improves the ability to write and enhances general language competence. Teaching literature to ESL students has been a topic of debate...

Ergonomics and Its Effects at Kenya Plant

Abstract Ergonomics is a consideration of several factors within a manufacturing plant, i.e. the environment, the work station, the task, the tool, and the organization itself which bears the culture. This dissertation focused on ergonomics intervention and quality implementation at Kemya chemical manufacturing plant. This company has been in the...

Adapted Product Development: “Contactless Payment” Case

Background The rapid progress in the development of new technologies over the last three decades such as the Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) payment technology, which is used in banking and other industries have dynamically shifted to the digitalised systems. For example, in the last few years, Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) payment technology...

The Fire Services System of the Building

Introduction Buildings are places where people permanently reside for one reason or another. Most structures have been in use for many years and provide general facilities for people to live and work. During this long period, structures are exposed to several natural and artificial hazards that can cause minor or...

Single Mothers and Sons Relationships

Abstract The purpose of the abstract is to provide a concise and accurate synopsis of key elements of your dissertation. Include the following information (suggested length: 400 words or less): Research topic summary (1-5 sentences) Provide a concise summary of your dissertation research topic. Explain the rationale for your study...

Heat Transfer Rates in a Hot Jet: Experiment

Abstract The experiment is aimed at determining the heat transfer rates in a hot jet. The reasons for the hot jet to have different heat rates in different areas will be determined. The experiment has shown that, due to convection issues caused by impingement, heat conduction did not occur properly....

Rape Laws in the US, the UK, and Pakistan

Abstract Rape constitutes the act of having sexual intercourse, against a person’s will. Majority of the experts in this field suggest that rape is because of an aggressive lust to dominate the victim, as opposed to the desire to achieve sexual fulfilment. They format rape to be an act of...

Electronic Banking Services in a Qatar Bank

Introduction Research Background Fast growth of information technology and concurrently that of the banking services has triggered a great competition in the market. Electronic banking has been effective in transforming the lives of consumers and changing their expectations (Havasi et al, 2013). The evolution of e- banking relates closely to...

Corporate Social Responsibility in Thai Listed Companies

Abstract The correlational study made use of a quantitative research design to evaluate the perceptions of employees towards CSR programs in Thailand. A descriptive survey approach was utilized in this particular research. The study had been informed by several intricate factors; key among them the fact that ethical concern and...

Development in Aircraft Landing Technology

Aim There have been many developments in the field of aviation ever since the introduction of aircrafts. Different techniques and aids are constantly being improved for the execution of safe and smooth landings so as to complete this trickiest phase of a flight with less difficulty and more perfection. The...

  • Outsourcing
  • African American

Entrepreneurial Action: King Wai Group

Introduction It is important to note that modular construction (MC) or modular integrated construction (MIC) is a novel and promising method of hastening the construction process by making it more effective and efficient. The theoretical context of the research project is primarily focused on the supply chain and transportation aspects...

Advantages and Disadvantages of Parts Manufacturer Approval

Executive Summary Airlines conduct periodical MROs (maintenance, repair and overhaul) to upgrade the reliability and airworthiness of their aircraft. Parts have to be changed to provide safety and reliability to aircrafts. Parts coming from original manufacturers, the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), have become so expensive that they accumulate a big...

Strategies to Improve Waste Management in Qatar Restaurants

Introduction The research on food waste management in Qatar restaurants requires a decent methodology to achieve its objectives. The study is comprehensive and aims at acquiring data from various sources, both primary and secondary. The problem of waste management is a risk to the environment and to the infrastructure. Therefore,...

Sustainable Development in the Hospitality Industry

Introduction The Green Movement The concept of going green is based on the process of altering approaches towards the consumption and utilization of resources to ensure a more environmentally friendly method of using and consuming resources (Boss, 2010). The basis behind this is the assumption that since the Earth is...

Anne Bradstreet’s Contemplations

In literary scholarship, Anne Bradstreet’s poetry is usually discussed from two perspectives: the Puritan views in her poems and the feminist views, as it is represented in the author’s works. Thus, the uniqueness of scholars’ discussions is in their suggestions that Bradstreet can be viewed as both a Puritan and...

AI Prediction of Telecom Churners and Using AI Recommender System

Introduction Today telecom industry is having ferocious competition where telecom service providers are trying to satisfy the customers. Despite various methods to attract and retain customers, customer churn remains a major challenge. In a more simplistic term, churn rate is the percentage of total customers who no longer use the...

Modernization of Air Transport in Tanzania

Abstract This study was aimed at investigating the concept of air transport equipment modernization for Tanzania People’s Defense Forces challenges and the road map. The study was guided by three research questions and specific objectives namely; to investigate the challenges in modernization of air transport equipment in TPDF. The second...

European Low-Cost Airlines Market Entry Strategies in Asia

Executive Summary The Asian aviation market, albeit challenging, holds most of the potential for growth in the global aviation market. Comparatively, European airlines have been struggling to make a profit, even as they wade through the challenges of operating in a fragmented market and overcome the challenges brought by high...

Leadership, Management Style and Organizational Performance

Abstract The focus on globalization and multiculturalism has emphasised the importance of understanding Organizational productivity and team effectiveness. However, Organizational productivity and team effectiveness largely depend on the effectiveness of leadership styles and their effect on Organizational success. Leadership styles are however subject to different personal, Organizational, and cultural factors...

Innovative Ideas in Strategic Change Management

Executive Summary This research has been conducted as analytical analysis of Pret a Manger, the company that is going to prove the importance of changes that could contradict the visions of the company, and British Airways, the company that introduces a powerful example of how an organisation should implement changes...

  • Substance Abuse
  • Alcohol Abuse
  • Social Media
  • Waste Disposal
  • Leadership Development
  • Management Styles

The Lego Serious Play Methodology

Introduction The Lego serious play methodology is a problem solving and insight building approach or strategy whose aim is to enhance creative thinking among all participants in organizations (Gauntlett, 2007.p.131).Through the methodology, organizations are able to have the employees and shareholders think and express or speak their true feelings without...

The Management Styles in the UK Restaurant Sector

Introduction This part of the paper will discuss the research background, research problem, research hypothesis and the objectives. Besides, the section explores the significance and limitations of the study. In addition, this paper presents the research timeline. Research background Over the years, the UK restaurant sector has evolved in terms...

The Impact of Human Asset Retrenchment on Job Satisfaction

Abstract This mixed-methods study conducted a survey and a follow-up focus group with employees of the Uganda Public Service in order to ascertain the impact of asset retrenchment on job satisfaction. The Uganda Public Service has made a number of organizational moves, especially in recent years, to make non-productive and/or...

Construction Waste Management

Abstract Managing construction waste is often a difficult process because its poor implementation could lead to unintended consequences for contractors, clients, and the public. This is why the evidence presented in this paper demonstrates that the failure to look for effective waste minimisation strategies is unsustainable. Therefore, effective elimination and...

The “Made in China 2025” Economic Blueprint

Introduction Background to the Study There is a consensus among economists and academicians that a new wave of economic revolution is happening as countries position themselves to exploit opportunities created by rapid technological advancements in business (Brunet-Thornton & Martinez, 2018; Lardy, 2019). Countries with advanced economies, such as the United...

Managing Project Value: Value Engineering and Value Management

Abstract Value engineering and value management as significant features of capital projects are two project management techniques that identified as critical in optimizing project value for the target cost. Research has shown that value management and value engineering thrive on hard and soft system thinking paradigms, with value engineering mainly...

HRM Strategy: Agency Carers’ in London

Abstract In organizations operating in the Agency care industry in London, their employees are allocated jobs in homes of individuals to ensure the clients live conformably within their local communities. To retain the clientele, the capacity of the services delivered by these employees to satisfy the clients is essential. This...

Fair Trade: Ethics in the UK Garment Industry

Introduction A report on the sweatshops of the UK apparel companies operating their (or vendor’s) plants in Asia reported in 1998, “workers in Bangladesh are forced to work 13-hour shifts, with no time off, for as little as 60 pence a day” (BBC News, 13 November 1998). Almost a decade...

China Sustainable Cities Program and Risk Analysis

Introduction Background of the Study China is the world’s most populous country. The country is rated the second largest in the world by land area. The country also has the fastest growing economy in the world, having overtaken other major world economies except for the United States. The population growth...

Employee Participation in Business Process Reengineering

Abstract In a highly competitive business scenario, it has become imperative for the organizations to review the business systems and processes continually and implement changes to meet the market expectations. Business Process Reengineering (BPR) is one of the management techniques for bringing radical design and transformation of strategic organizational systems...

  • Metaphysics

Translating Emirati Proverbs: Problems and Solutions

Abstract Proverbs are one of the most interesting fields of study when it comes to examining languages because of the characteristics they hold when it comes to their musical quality and aesthetic sounds they create in each language. This paper focuses on different Emirati proverbs and the assortment of techniques...

Young Adult Consumers’ Motivations Understanding

Introduction Background information The results of the previous studies have revealed the growing trends in increased interests to dine away from homes. The increase in these interests translates to the diverse nature of today’s generation. Food and beverage outlets in most cases are frequented by young and sophisticated individuals. In...

Artificial Intelligence in Supply Chain Management

Introduction Background Industry 4.0, which refers to the fourth industrial revolution and also known as 4ILR, is a digital transformation in the field of manufacturing, production, and processing that emphasizes the need for the use of artificial intelligence (AI) when making decisions and undertaking specific actions. Information has become a...

Social Commerce in China

Executive Summary The presented paper is devoted to the in-depth investigation of social commerce and the way it evolves and functions in China. The choice of the issue is stipulated by the high speed of the development of social commerce and its successful transformation from e-commerce firms. The choice of...

The Competitiveness of Saudi Pharmaceutical Industry

Introduction Preface The pharmaceutical industry is a complex, potent, and greatly globalized industry. It allocates the majority of its resources to the process of drug discovery, manufacturing, marketing, and logistics (Halliday et al. 1997). It needs high research and development (R&D) expenditures and extensive regulation of its products compared with...

The Impact of Online Shopping Applications

Abstract Online shopping becomes increasingly important for modern businesses, and there is a lack of research on the topic, which is why the present dissertation is dedicated to an analysis of the relationships between online shopping applications and impulse buying. To investigate the two phenomena, a mixed-methods study was designed....

Examination of Logistics Employed by Dell Computers Ltd

Abstract The dissertation is aimed at examining different logistics employed by the Dell from time to time. In this regard the paper looks at the role and importance of logistics for the companies and also studies the trends of logistics in the business community. The study is conducted by employing...

The Impact of Corruption on International Trade

Introduction International trade stimulates the development of the world economy. It also contributes to expanding global employment, providing countries with a greater variety of goods, and raising living standards. The challenge that international trade poses are the inability of countries to produce the goods and services that their people need....

Locating Landfills for Waste Management in Northern Ghana

Abstract Geographical Information Systems (GIS) is an emerging tool for effective waste management as well as an efficient method for sitting landfills and other dumpsites. Due to the global shortage of land for solid waste disposal especially near the major towns and cities, landfilling areas must be well selected to...

Leadership Style and Performance in UK Restaurants

Executive Summary There are different leadership styles within the UK restaurant sector. Among the predominant leadership styles within this sector are democratic leadership style, autocratic leadership style, laissez faire leadership style, and participatory leadership style. The research paper will explore these leadership behaviour orientations within the restaurant sector in the...

  • Business Planning
  • Performance Management
  • Economic Growth
  • Accountancy
  • Crisis Management

Human Rights Advocates vs. Terrorism Victims

Abstract Recently the issue of terrorism has raised major security concerns throughout the world. This concern has increased the need to have effective counter terrorism measures in place. However, the fight against terrorism has led to controversy and friction between the measures taken by the state counter terrorism committee to...

Aviation, Wildlife Trafficking and Collecting Data

Introduction: Wildlife conservation is one of the major concerns of the modern age regarding the critical deterioration of the environment and climate change. For this reason, much attention is given to protecting animals in their natural habitat. Thus, illicit wildlife trafficking remains a serious problem impacting the outcomes of conservation activities...

Debt Burden and Sustainable Economic Growth in Nigeria

Abstract This paper examines the relationship effects of debt burden on sustainable economic growth using Nigeria as a case study. The country-specific investigation aims to demonstrate how countries’ debt management practices may influence their ability to utilize this resource to spur economic growth. The current analysis of Nigeria’s public debt...

Energy Demand and Political Will to Alternatives

Executive Summary The world population is growing exponentially. Due to this growth, world energy demand is also increasing. It is becoming harder to satisfy this demand. Today crude oil tops the list of energy sources. Crude oil reserves are reducing at a fast pace. Energy consumption demand is increasing and...

Ethical Trade in the UK Garment Industry

Introduction A report on the sweatshops of the UK apparel companies operating their (or vendor’s) plants in Asia reported in 1998, “workers in Bangladesh are forced to work 13 hour shifts, with no time off, for as little as 60 pence a day” (BBC News, 13 November 1998). Almost a...

Binge Drinking in the United Kingdom

Abstract It is prudent to accept that the role of intoxication in the society has considerably shifted and as such the attitudes towards alcohol consumption and its role with respect to the changing landscape of leisure, work and pleasure. From the eras of carnivalesque excess, to the acceptance of an...

Tesla Motors Company and Its Marketing Communications

This essay sample focuses on Tesla communication strategy. Here, you’ll find Tesla’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, and issues as well as other useful information. Learn more about Tesla internal communication strategy with our sample! Tesla Communication Strategy Essay Introduction Founded in 2003, Tesla Motors is an American automobile manufacturing company....

Economic Reality of the Oil Supply Dwindling

Abstract The main purpose of this dissertation is to research on economic reality of living with a dwindling supply of oil. In order to do so, the first chapter will discuss the background of the problem like dwindling supply of oil, rationale of the research, the objective of the dissertation...

Conflict Resolutions in Northern Ireland and Cyprus

Executive Summary In the current study, the author evaluated conflict management with respect to the available options for its resolution. From the onset, mediation is outlined as the preferred option in resolving conflicts and other forms of disagreements in the society. To this end, a historical perspective of this alternative...

The Impact of Remote Leadership on the Global Business Organization

Introduction Due to their scale and work in several countries at once, international business organizations must comply with many standards and laws than local companies. With the organization’s growth, the scope of its responsibility increases; with the growth of income, opportunities increase, generating free resources. These resources are usually invested...

  • Advertising
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Validity of the Marketing Mix Model

Abstract The research report is based on judging whether or not the Marketing Mix is a valid option used in companies for marketing purposes or not. The detailed study takes reference from multiple sources which include credible authors’ research papers and one to one interview. The marketing mix model has...

Rating System for Infrastructure Projects in Nigeria

Abstract Undertaking infrastructure development projects and especially the construction of buildings in Nigeria lack sustainable green rating systems has resulted into construction practises that have caused many environmental problems. Lacking the green building rating systems has contributed to the ineptitude of construction managers and other professionals working in the construction...

Positive Leadership Styles for Organisational Performance

Abstract The focus on globalization and multiculturalism has led to the importance of understanding organizational productivity and team effectiveness. This paper focuses on the UAE business context by evaluating and comparing leadership styles in the UAE and their effect on the competitiveness of the country. Mainly, this paper evaluates the...

Investor’s Role in Creating Culture of Excellence

Abstract This study shows that at the present, the U.A.E construction industry is severely lacking in terms of proper employer-employee engagement in that the higher-ups within the company neglected to implement any form of IIP standardization or talent management practices that did not involve members of the upper management team....

Cathay Pacific Airlines’ Customer Relationship Management

Executive Summary The aim of this paper is to investigate the impact of customer relationship management in the airline industry and its contribution to the success of the business with a case study of Cathay Pacific Airlines. In order to explore this topic area, the introduction of this paper focuses...

Basic Components of Living Systems

Cell Theory Cells are the basic unit of life that makes up every living organism. Cells were discovered by an English scientist known as Robert Hooke; he observed the structure of a thinly sliced cork under the light microscope which he invented (Khan Academy, 2015). He observed in the dead...

P&G and Unilever Open Innovation Case Study

Abstract Open innovation is considered to be an idea which companies can follow to bring together both internal and external ideas and generate ways of bringing new and better changes in the organizations by accessing internal and external path while enhancing their existing technologies. The main concept following open innovation...

Digital Marketing Strategies in Hotel Chains

Introduction Hotels have a variety of guests and they specialize in offering services and amenities to multiple market segments such as individual, group and corporate customers, with an aim to meet the service expectations of their guests. A hotel derives its biggest competitive advantage from the reputation of its brand,...

Quality and Customer Loyalty in the Service Sector

Introduction “The service industry, commonly known as tertiary sector of industry by economists, involves the provision of services to businesses as well as final consumers” (Terill and Arthur, 2000). Schneider and Susan (2004) continues to expound on this by explaining that such include accounting, trademanship (like mechanic or plumber services),...

Generali Group’s Governance in 8 Masterclasses

Masterclass 1: Building and Learning an Effective Governance, Risk, and Compliance Preamble Generali Group is an insurance company that just like other financial services organisations is subject to a large body of legislation and regulation. Given that past scandals associated with noncompliance and excessive risk taking have resulted in an...

The Resurgence of Tourism Business in Croatia

Introduction Background Croatia is an exciting tourist destination in Europe. In the past, Lonely Planet has named the country among the top tourist destinations in the world (IBP, Inc., 2015). National Geographic Adventure Magazine has given the same ranking for the country in its 2006 report of the best holiday...

Online Marketing: Malta Heritage Visitor Attractions

Abstract This study has aimed to scrutinize the emergence and progress of the roles of online marketing for Heritage Visitor Attractions in Malta by coordinating with the national economy, local market trends, and ICT skills of the human resource by taking into account customer’s motivation to the new technology. With...

Kio Technical Support Company: Business Plan

Executive Summary Starting up a new business requires a detailed understanding of the market and the forces that will affect a firm’s operations. Kio Technical Support is a new firm that is planning to start operating in the city of London. This firm will have offices in Serbia where most...

Cultural Events’ Role in Tourist’s Decision-Making

Abstract Tourism is as innate to the human nature as breathing. Ever since we were distinguished from apes in the evolutionary cycle, men have been discovering new lands and places. The desire to travel and explore new places has led to the rise and fall of societies over time. Most...

Stakeholder Management in Construction Projects

Abstract The paper discusses the stakeholders’ management as a whole with a point of view on cost and scope of construction projects. The introduction and literature review identify the stakeholders and divide them into internal and external stakeholders. Further the internal stakeholders are divided into promoters, contractors and other actors...

Employees’ Satisfaction in Saudi Arabia

Abstract This topic of study is concerned with deducing the role of performance and rewards in influencing the organisational performance and overall job fulfilment among employees in Saudi Research and Publishing Company. Using a quantitative approach, the study delves into understanding the various aspects of motivation in relation to overall...

Customers’ Views on Service Dimensions

Executive Summary Two important factors for understanding how to improve the success of service-oriented businesses are customer satisfaction and service quality. This analogy is true for telecommunication firms because their success depends on their service quality. Therefore, to quantify their success, they need to measure their service quality. However, service...

Innocent Smoothies Brand: Marketing Communication

Our sample paper on Innocent drinks marketing strategy explores Innocent market share, business model, positioning, campaigns, and other aspects. Learn more about Innocent marketing strategy with the help of our sample! Executive Summary Innocent Company sells its fruit smoothies at one point five million (1.5M) rate yearly and has conquered...

Adolescent Obesity and Parental Education Study

Introduction to the Project Obesity is a serious public health concern in the United States that puts millions of children and adolescents at risk of having poor health. Despite the intentions to control and prevent this condition among the chosen population, its prevalence remains high, and certain improvements are expected...

How to Use Project Management Techniques to Improve the Supply Chain Process

Siemens-Energy is one of the leading technology companies in the world. One of the areas of specialization for the firm is industrial gas turbine manufacturing. According to Sadler (2020), Siemens has emerged as one of the preferred brands in the industrial gas sector. The company has two major production plants...

  • College Students

Leadership Theories in the Healthcare Industry

Introduction The question of leadership effectiveness has stormed the behavioral sciences for a long time. There has been extensive research on the effectiveness of leadership style and of theories in different areas of work such as business, nursing, education, military, and politics. The leadership in each case has been adjudged...

Motivational Factors on Kazakhstan’s Top Managers

Abstract Motivating top managers and its effectiveness has been center of discussion in researches conducted in past and they have provided in-depth analysis of how to improve top managers’ motivation through utilizing their human resource systems. The importance of analyzing the value of human capital, specially the top management, cannot...

Perception of the Service Quality for Airline Passengers

Acknowledgment Firstly, I would like to thank and dedicate this project to my husband and kids for their patience, love, and continuous support to me during the dissertation phases. Also, I would like to thank Mr. Mark Burridge and Mrs. Helen Goworek for putting me on the right track and...

High-Risk Substance Use in Kenyan Students

Abstract This dissertation focuses on high-risk prevalence among Kenyan high school, college, and university students. International organizations and numerous researchers indicate that this problem is universal and especially acute for developing nations. Consequently, scientific evidence reveals that Kenya suffers from the situation, meaning that a study is needed to investigate...

Call Center Performance in the Telecommunications Industry

Executive Summary Business process Outsourcing is a growing phenomenon in the global telecommunications sector. Many firms are embracing the process because of the cost and quality advantages associated with it. However, not all firms realise the expected benefits of outsourcing. Some companies have suffered from poor quality services, while others...

Executives’ Compensation Levels: Social Network Analysis

Abstract The present research investigates the impact of networks and connectedness on the CEO compensation, CEO appointments, CEO labour market outcomes, and CEO termination. In addition, this research establishes the connections between the CEO and the hiring board and compares it to the general connectedness of the CEO. The study...

Automotive International Marketing in Turkey

Abstract The article reveals the author’s experiences as a channel through which the grounded theory approach can be utilised in presenting qualitative research. The detailed description of the methods used in collecting, interpretation and analysis of data are fully given. The study is about international marketing and focuses on appropriate...

Cultural Issues and Their Solutions in Project Management

Abstract Due to the ongoing globalisation of business, international expansion of different companies and the emergence of culturally diverse environments, project managers face challenges that have not existed before. Some of these issues can have a significant adverse effect on the performance of the team, and so they should be...

Marketing for Sports Brands Using Mobile Advertising

Abstract The growing intensiveness of market competition creates a new marketing challenge for sports brands. The leaders of the global sportswear market seek new ways to conquer the hearts and minds of the new and existing customers. The emergence of new media forms provides unique marketing opportunities. Mobile advertising has...

The Aviation Industry: Emerging Threats

Abstract The proposed project is devoted to the comprehensive analysis of threats that affect the work of the aviation industry. The relevance and topicality of the selected issue come from the strategically important role of civil aviation in modern society and the critical need to create the safe framework by...

  • Social Responsibility
  • International Relations

Call Standard in EFL Instructions in Saudi Arabian Education

Introduction In the given paper, the issues concerning the way students and teachers in Saudi Arabia access, use and treat the CALL standard in EFL instructions concerning the preparatory year program at the University of Tabuk are going to be considered and the existing approaches are going to be evaluated....

Demand and Supply of Healthcare Workforce in Oman

Abstract There has been continued indication of the shortages of physicians and nurses in hospitals across Oman and this is often seen in the media on regular basis. As a consequence, there has also been increased debate on the policy circles among scholars, stakeholders and researchers. Most of these debates...

Leadership Development in Government Sector

Introduction Leadership is critical for ensuring good governance either in private or in the government sector. In the present circumstances, the government organizations are over managed; nevertheless, they are poorly led. In today’s ever-changing world, leadership issues are getting more and more prominence in managing government departments and organizations. Enhancing...

Dubai Civil Aviation Authority Commercial Drone Initiative and Obstacles

Executive Summary The implementation of aviation drones is one of major goals pursued by the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority. However, the implementation of aviation drones faces a number of challenges which must be solved first. The drone aviation industry is a multi-disciplinary and borrows concepts initially conceptualized for military operations....

Saudi Arabian Corporate Finance Law Against Fraud

Abstract Attention towards the reduction of financial crime, corruption, and fraud in Saudi Arabian financial institutions has advanced significantly in recent years; as a priority, several legally acceptable mechanisms have been instituted to bring about more realist financial transactions. The effectiveness of these mechanisms, however, raises concern. This is because...

Primary Healthcare Practitioners and Electronic Health Record

Introduction to the Project Several studies have shown the benefits of the use of Electronic Health Records (EHR) for patients’ safety, as well as their ability to improve efficiency in primary care settings (Porterfield, Engelbert, & Coustasse, 2014). Regardless of the positive effects of the implementation of EHR in primary...

Social Media in Crisis Management of Restaurants

Introduction Background of the Study The world is increasingly getting competitive due to various dynamics in the business world. In this competitive environment, crisis is a factor that a firm may not precisely predict, and neither can it be overly prevented. Crisis management is one of the most challenging tasks...

Women in Mississippi Undergoing Hysterectomies: Law Case

Abstract Despite reported cases of women undergoing hysterectomy without being sufficiently informed, only three states have enacted informed consent laws aimed at providing more information concerning any alternative treatments. In addition, there exists a deficiency in the study of hysterectomy, which would be required to inform changes in related policies...

Integration and Alignment of the Current HR Strategy

Introduction Background Information The Abu Dhabi government established the Masdar Institute as an independent and non-profit research-driven graduate university in 2007. The entity is dedicated to the provision of higher education and research in advanced energy and sustainable technologies. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), through partnership initiatives, plays an...

Problem Solving for Performance Enhancement

Abstract The research was carried out to determine the relationship between problem solving and performance enhancement with particular regard to routine, rational and creative problem solving approaches. The research was carried out by making use of the survey questionnaire as the primary data collection technique and peer-reviewed publications for secondary...

  • Financial Crisis
  • Globalization

Training and Development in Business Management

Abstract Training and development are imperative aspects of organizational performance. This is because the environment in which most businesses function presently is constantly changing and is full of challenges. Most organizations have proved that training and development are crucial for an organization to meet the increasing customer demand, and face...

Personalized Medicine: Applying Bench Research for Bedside Utility

Introduction Human health outcomes are often products of the interplay between several biological and environmental factors. Based on this relationship, scientists have often strived to learn a lot of information surrounding the physiological, anatomical and biological issues underpinning human health outcomes with mixed outcomes (Blau, Brown, Mahanta, & Amir, 2016)....

PDVSA Company and the Influence of Political Decisions

Abstract Since the early twentieth century, Venezuela’s future has been associated with its oil industry and the country’s relation with this resource has been rather uncertain because it has been consistently contributing to socio economic development as well as economic stagnation and declining standards. However, oil has also contributed in...

Management Consultancy Practices for Small and Medium Business

Abstract This paper will discuss management consultancy practices and will explore the benefits that SMEs will obtain from adopting management consultancy practices. Moreover, it will review various definitions of SMEs and compares management consultancy practices employed in Sri-Lankan SMEs and UAE. There are two types of research methodology employed in...

Construction Industry Disputes in the UAE

Acknowledgments I wish to thank my supervisor…………..for his encouragement and useful suggestions thought out my project. I also wish to thank various construction industry professionals and insiders who graciously shared their experiences and opinions with me on this study. Finally, I wish to acknowledge the support of my colleagues and...

PZ Nigeria Plc’s Packaging in Product Marketing

Abstract Over the last decade, the global market has greatly diversified due to the fast changing systems of consumerism and globalization. Owing to this fact, companies have found themselves at the receiving end as they try to re-organize themselves to fit in the highly competitive marketplace. This report provides an...

Implications of the U. S. Endorsement of Jerusalem on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Abstract The conflict between Israel and Palestine may be regarded as one of the most challenging and long-lasting multidimensional conflicts of the 21st century which resolution is currently unreachable. Since 1948, Israel and Palestine are involved into deadly confrontations, even if of the two-state approach is in the heart of...

Organizational Performance: Motivation and Its Impacts

Introduction This chapter contains the background of motivation and its impacts on the organizational performance. It also provides the summary definitions and base theory, the background of the host organization, the rationale for the research area, the research objectives and investigations hypothesis. It concludes with the outlined methodology and the...

African-American Mothers’ and Their Sons Relationship

Pill packaging and increasing medication adherence in sickle cell patients.

Introduction to the Project The problem of sickle cell disease (SCD) has been developing at an exponentially high rate, causing multiple fatal outcomes in patients, as well as making them vulnerable to numerous infectious diseases (Badawy et al., 2017). The issue must be addressed as a global concern that affects...

  • Developing Countries
  • Human Rights
  • Telecommunications
  • Corporation

Carbon Tax Role in Enhancing Environmental Sustainability

Executive Summary Individuals and organisations should engage in activities that are viewed to promote environmental sustainability. The reason behind this is to ensure their survival, as well as that of their future generations. Increasing levels of greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere has mainly been attributed to industrial processes in...

Transformational Leadership in Pakistan’s Banking Sector

Introduction The field of leadership is one area of academic research that has evolved and fundamentally shifted its paradigm. The understanding of effective leadership has progressed from the orthodox transactional epoch point of trait, behavioral and contingency theories towards the existing leadership paradigms of charismatic and transformational leadership. This report...

The Impact of Retrenchment on Uganda Employees Satisfaction

Risk perception in british and saudi arabia cultures.

Introduction Overview One of the most peculiar aspects of post-industrial living is the fact that, during the course of few recent decades, the pace of technological progress in the field of informational technologies, had attained a clearly defined exponential momentum. In its turn, this created objective preconditions for the growing...

Industry 4.0 and Its Supply Chain Management

Summary The industrial landscape of the 21st century is changing under the influence of various contemporary factors. Historically, humanity’s approach to most of its activities across different sectors has aligned with the development of societal, economic, and technological aspects. Today, the third component has taken a leading position, as progress...

Starbucks Company’s Brand in Bangladesh Market

Abstract The study was carried out to develop an understanding of the intricacies and utility of brand effectiveness. Starbucks’ expansion in Bangladesh was chosen as the scenario for which the effectiveness of brand effectiveness was tested. Primary data was collected through the survey questionnaire while secondary data was collected through...

Social Media and Its Role Now and in the Future

Executive Summary This document focused on the role of social media, now and in future. To achieve this goal, it focused on a number of issues that surround social media. The world has experienced a lot of creations and innovations as a result of the works of man. This includes...

Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation’s Communication

Introduction The present communication plan is intended for use by the Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation. In view of the proposed nuclear power plant to be constructed in the Western Region of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, a comprehensive analysis of the context, stakeholders and communication strategies available has been undertaken....

The Role of Responsible Leadership in NGOs in Frames of Sustainable Development

Introduction and Statement of the Problem State of the Art Summary The global community is becoming increasingly concerned about the environmental changes together with social and economic problems. UNEP (2020) identified 2019 as the year when the past harms to nature have caught up with the present, and humanity had...

Information Technology Outsourcing for UK Retailers

Introduction Introduction and background information For the past years, retailers in the world have undergone tremendous transformation because of the market forces that direct them to adapt new business environments evolving now and then. The most influential force to the retailers is the growing competition among retailers as well as...

  • Information Technology
  • Environment
  • Product Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Tourist Attractions

Motivation and Performance in UAE Construction Industry

Abstracts As the construction industry grows along with the economy, UAE construction companies are striving to succeed amidst steep competition to deliver projects by the required cost, meet deadlines, and provide high-quality work. The sector requires a motivated and robust workforce, effective and resilient project teams with flexible and supportive...

Diversification of the Family Business

Foreword Analysis of family businesses, as well as research into issues that may not only be unique to the family business concept such as diversification, succession and corporate governance, to name a few is not a new practice, but rather a well established practice from both, an academic as well...

Risk Management During Financial Crisis in the US

Abstract Banks and other financial institutions forming part of the financial system contribute greatly to the development of any economy. Business and industrial enterprises look for increased financial support from these institutions, since they can develop and introduce innovative financial products and services. Because of the nature of products and...

Investigating the Nexus Between Human Trafficking and National Security

Executive Summary This research paper investigates the nexus between human trafficking and national security from an economics perspective. The main research variables investigated in the inquiry relate to the global sociopolitical issues, economic interests underpinning the trade, and health factors affecting national security. The secondary research method was used to...

The Influence of Mathematics Methods Courses

Abstract A mixed methods research study was conducted to explore the impact of mathematics methods courses and content pedagogy courses on pre-service Early Childhood and Special Educators’ self-efficacy and beliefs. The purpose was to examine the possible factors responsible for the pre-service teachers’ beliefs, and to determine the levels of...

Big Data in Aircraft: Types, Amount, Transmission

This thesis explores the trends, status of big data in airlines and its implications in aviation investment. The paper highlights areas of interest based on these submissions, which include technologies, used cases, applications, products, suppliers, research and development. Within these areas of interest, the researcher categorises point objectives for the...

Energy Consumption in Wireless Body Area Networks

Introduction Significance of the Study One of the most influential and large impact factors in wireless body area networks is the efficiency of energy consumption. This essay seeks to present an extensive study of energy consumption technologies in WBANs. This is achieved through, concerted focus on power-efficient models and battery-driven...

The Channel Islands Handbook

Introduction Background and Scope The Channel Islands government is committed to ensuring that lawbreakers, such as money launderers and terrorists, cannot legalise the profits of crime via the Channel Islands or use its fund and business industries. The Handbook is a report on the criteria of mitigating terrorist funding and...

A Perfusion Based 3D Cancer Model for Micro Tumor Formation

Abstract The study of the development of anti-cancer drugs and preclinical toxicity tests has until today encountered a major problem identified as lack of a reliable in vitro-tumor model able to mimic in vivo conditions. These models provide a clear basis for understanding tumor-development processes and assists in the selection...

Single African American Mothers’ Relationships With Sons

Abstract To investigate the experiences of single African American mothers and their relationships with their adolescent sons, I employed a generic qualitative design in the study. My purpose was to address a gap in the literature by providing a deeper understanding of single African American women’s experiences as mothers of...

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10000 Word Essay Examples + Topics for a 10000 Word Paper

Have you ever wondered what it takes to write a 10000-word essay? Even the thought of crafting a paper of that length can be daunting, but with the right approach, you can handle it.

If you convert 10000 words to pages, you’ll get approximately 36 double-spaced or 18 single-spaced pages. This word count is common for thesis and dissertation assignments in college.

Devote at least ten days to working on a 10000-word paper. You’ll need enough time to find, study, and organize your sources, plan the structure, write the article, and proofread it. Below, you’ll find writing tips, 10000-word essay examples, and excellent topic ideas. And if you need more inspiration for your assignments, check out our free essay samples !

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🔝 Best 10,000 Word Thesis Topics

  • Cybersecurity threats in the airline industry.
  • The influence of urban design on public health.
  • Factors affecting consumer adoption of electric vehicles.
  • The effects of 5G technology on smart cities.
  • The use of artificial intelligence in personalized marketing.
  • How do cryptocurrencies affect traditional financial systems?
  • The role of data analytics in personalized healthcare.
  • The influence of cybersecurity breaches on consumer trust and brand reputation.
  • The impact of cultural exchange programs on intercultural competence.
  • The effectiveness of green building technologies in reducing carbon footprints.
  • How do social media affect political polarization?
  • Is virtual reality effective in pain management?
  • The effectiveness of machine learning in predicting stock market trends.
  • The impact of virtual reality on enhancing learning experience.
  • The effects of employee wellness programs on workplace productivity.

🎓 10000 Word Dissertation Examples

  • How Do Brand Names Affect Customer Decision-Making Process in Selecting Fast Food Restaurants in London? Conversely, a brand will encounter negative customer based brand equity if the consumer’s reaction to the brand’s marketing is unfavourable, or if the consumer has a negative reaction to the brand category in this case, […]
  • Cross-Docking Adoption: Challenges and Improvement of the Distribution Center in the Retail Industry Whether the changes in the structure and culture of the company are communicated to the suppliers; Do the suppliers in turn communicate the changes in their organizations to the company?
  • To What Extent Do FDI Reduce the Exploitation of China’s Workers? Background of the Study In recent time there has been an increase in the number and frequency of complaints concerning the poor treatment of workers in most industries in China over the past few decades […]
  • Factors Affecting Youth’s Behaviors Towards Purchasing a Smartphone Objectives Understand the background of the smartphone industry Analyze the smartphone market trends and the role played by the youths in this marekts Understand reasons why youths buy smartphones through a survey on 100 people […]
  • E-Recruitment Implementation in Saudi Arabia It also contains the summary definitions and base theory, the background of the host organization, the rationale for the research area, the research objectives, and the research hypothesis.
  • Subject-Verb Agreement Errors in Saudi EFL Students’ Writing For instance, since it is based on contrasting the source language and the foreign language that students are learning, the method fails to recognize the importance of the first language in the process of foreign […]
  • The Importance of Graphic Design Related to Internet Communication However, to establish the strength of the argument in relation to the importance of online communication, it is crucial to discuss on the definition of graphic design, the functions of graphic design, the functions of […]
  • Economics of Russia and Ukraine Variables The independent variable in this study was the use of Russia of its inherent oil and gas resources as well as investments and its economy ties to the CIS as a form of energy/investment […]
  • Internationalization Process in China The restrictions in China on companies to have control over them and the liberal nature of the governments in Western countries are compared and the paternalistic nature of the administration and its interference in the […]
  • Renewable Energy Policies in Thailand Craddock defines renewable energy policies as “Regulations or incentives that are created to encourage the use of renewable energy, and the main purpose of these policies is to increase the production of renewable energy”.
  • Factors Affecting the Decisions of Students to Join International Universities in Dubai Scopes of the study The University allowed sufficient word limit to organise the paper or bring a proper outcomes from this research; The author has selected an exclusive research project, which gives the chance to […]
  • What Impact Do Fishing Quota Regulations Have on the Fishing Industry of South Africa? Scopes of the study The author of this study has unlimited scopes besides the limitations to conduct research, for instance The researcher has opportunity to examine both negative and positive side of the fishing quota […]
  • Strategic Reorganization of an Incoming Call Centre Aim It is the final aim of this research to provide a report to guide management in the acquisition, installation and deployment of new useful tools in the call centre which will greatly enhance the […]
  • Liquefied Natural Gas Role in Catering the Energy Demands Immediately, after the discovery of LNG in the North Sea of UK, import of LNG was ceased by UK and however due to recent fall in the reserves of gas, which compelled the UK to […]
  • The Impact of Brand Loyalty on New Product Launches The marketing team will have to devise a problem statement that defines the unmet needs of the market in the given product category and the advantages that will accrue to consumers, emotionally and physically, by […]

💡 Topics for Argumentative Essay 10000 Words

  • The multi-dimensional impacts of climate change on vulnerable coastal communities.
  • The effect of restorative justice practices on reducing recidivism rates.
  • To what extent does social media impact political participation?
  • The relationship between income inequality and social unrest.
  • In what ways does gender inequality in the workplace affect professional opportunities?
  • Are there long-term effects of childhood trauma on mental health in adulthood?
  • The socio-economic factors contributing to food insecurity and malnutrition in urban areas.
  • How does media portrayal of marginalized communities contribute to discrimination?
  • The ethical implications of data privacy and surveillance in the era of big data.
  • The impact of cultural appropriation on the preservation of indigenous cultures.
  • Should genetically modified organisms be embraced as a solution to global hunger?
  • What is the role of international institutions in addressing global economic inequality?
  • The challenges and opportunities of integrating renewable energy sources.
  • Ethical implications of using AI-powered surveillance technologies in public spaces.
  • The role of cultural factors in shaping consumer behavior and marketing strategies.
  • How does media representation of gender and sexuality influence societal attitudes?
  • The influence of globalization on indigenous cultures and traditional knowledge systems.
  • Should euthanasia be legalized as an option for end-of-life care?
  • Should corporal punishment be banned in schools as a disciplinary measure?
  • The debate over the use of performance-enhancing drugs in professional sports.

🪧 10000 Word Essay on Politics: Best Samples

  • The Cold War and the Balance of Power Theory The end of the Cold War and the fall of the Communist Block have led to a complete change in the balance of power in the international arena.
  • Modernizing the Tanzania People’s Defense Forces Therefore, research on the challenges faced by the TPDF’s Airforce Wing will help the stakeholders take significant step in improving the sector’s capability.
  • The United Arab Emirates Border Security Issues On evaluating the awareness of residents of the United Arab Emirates about the importance and protection of border control and homeland security it is found that the residents of the country are aware of the […]
  • Office Politics in a Multi-Cultural Setting ‘Office politics’ is a common term used to describe the daily struggle of employees to get power and authority within the workplace.
  • UK Post-Brexit Challenges and Opportunities The purpose of such blocs, historically, has been the establishment of trade standards, elimination of border restrictions, introduction of common quality, transportation, and inspection regulations, freedom of movement of goods and services, and the adoption […]
  • The Proliferation of Small Arms and Light Weapons in West Africa In this study, the focus was to determine the impact of the proliferation of small arms and light weapons in West Africa on regional security.
  • The US Patriot Act and Privacy Rights It was revealed that under the PATRIOT Act, a vast programme of domestic surveillance was being conducted by the government; the NSA was shown to have recorded and stored the phone calls and emails of […]
  • Health Politics, Power, Populism, and Health According to Ronald Labonte and Ted Schrecker, the importance given to health care is influenced by the lifestyle of the people: “contemporary globalization, and in particular contemporary cities, with reference to a “space of flows” […]
  • Oxfam Crisis and the Need to Change NGO Policies and Procedures in the UK In this connection, it is of paramount importance to study the case of Oxfam Great Britain crisis in order to identify the key premises of the incident and elaborate on the ways to eliminate such […]
  • Agricultural Policies in the EU vs. the US It is the position of this paper concerning the European Union, and the United States, particularly in the light of the political implications on policymaking in the Agricultural Sectors, that both the EU’s Common Agricultural […]
  • Syrian Civil War Threating Turkey’s National Security The paper explored all the possible causes of the ongoing Syrian civil crisis, with the historical perspective from the mayhem between Syria and Turkey being significantly imperative.
  • The Implementation Deficit in the Niger Delta The aim is to analyze Deficits of oil-related regulations in the Niger Delta and the existing gaps in the current literature on the emerging socio-environmental deprivations of the region in the context of oil exploitation.
  • Libya: Economic and Political Aspects In most of the cases, mining of minerals and extraction of oil often limit the ability of the locals to conduct other meaningful economic activities such as farming.
  • Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia The foremost aspect of these definitions is the fact that they stress out the insurgency’s actual goal as such that is being primarily concerned with the insurgents’ intention to take over the political power, “Insurgency […]
  • The Application of Soft Power in Qatar The end goals of the country would be to: Increase the amount of foreign direct investments into the country in order to improve its range of local industries Develop better relations within the region as […]
  • Ministry of Defence in the UK: The Army 2020 Programme The paper examines the different ways in which the workforce is most effective, how the army currently operates in the UK and how the changes envisaged through the Army 2020 Programme are going to impact […]

Writing a 10000-word essay may seem overwhelming, but with a well-structured outline, it is a manageable task. In this section, we’ll discuss what a 10000-word paper looks like and what parts it includes.

This image shows the 10000 word essay structure.

What Does 10000 Words Look Like?

Obviously, you cannot write a 10000-word paragraph: it would be too challenging to read. Therefore, you should carefully structure your essay to ensure it’s logical and clear. Here’s a 10000-word essay outline you can follow:

  • Introduction. It usually contains 800-1000 words.
  • Main Body. Since the main body is long, it is divided into sections, each with its subheading. For example, a 10000-word dissertation usually includes chapters such as literature review, methodology, results, and discussion.
  • Conclusion. It has the same size as an introduction — 800-1000 words.

The paper may also include an abstract and a table of contents before the introduction. If you need help structuring your essay, try our free outline generator .

10000 Word Essay Introduction

The introduction of a 10000-word text should typically be 800-1000 words long. It includes an overview of the topic, the research question or thesis statement, and an explanation of the issue’s significance. In addition, it should present a brief outline of the main body chapters.

You can use our research introduction generator to write a compelling opening paragraph. If you need help with specific parts of the introduction, try our hook generator and thesis statement tool .

10000 Word Essay Conclusion

The conclusion of a 10000-word article ranges from 800 to 1000 words, just like the introduction. In this final section, you should summarize the key points discussed throughout the paper and restate the thesis statement. Additionally, the conclusion should address any remaining questions or provide suggestions for further research.

We recommend you try our closing sentence generator to help you end your essay strong.

How Many References in a 10000 Word Dissertation?

A 10000-word paper generally requires around 45 to 50 references . However, the specific number of sources can vary based on the complexity of the topic. In some instances, such as interdisciplinary topics, the reference count may exceed 100. It’s always good to consult your professor regarding the specific reference requirements.

To save you time formatting such a large number of references, check out our free online citation generator .

How to Paraphrase 10000 Words

Writing a 10000-words essay requires a significant amount of paraphrasing. For example, you need to summarize and paraphrase the information from various sources in the literature review. Similarly, in the conclusion, paraphrasing helps to restate the main arguments and findings concisely.

You can always use our paraphrasing tool to reword any text in a few simple clicks for free.

How to Summarize 10000 Words

When writing a 10000 words essay, summarizing becomes essential in several instances. For example, when you support your arguments with evidence, you might need to sum up the information you cite. In the conclusion of your essay, summarize the main points you have presented throughout the paper.

We recommend using our free online summarizing tool to simplify this process.

📝 10,000 Word Essay: Culture & Society Examples

  • Preserving and Promoting Traditional Cuisine The importance of nutrition is enhanced and the primary approach is to understand the importance of traditional food for the health of the indigenous people.
  • Gender Identity in “Room of One’s Own” and “Orlando” The transgression from one style to the other, and through the process of breaking the convention Virginia Woolf, in her essay A Room of One’s Own and parodic novel Orlando: An Autobiography, reinstates for her […]
  • The Effects of Teaching English as a First Language on Arab Young Students on Moral and Values In addition to this, the interaction between the Arabs and the people of the rest of the world has given them an opportunity to know the different cultures of the world and that broadens their […]
  • Indigenization of Australian Libraries Australian libraries have, in some ways, contributed to the misrepresentation and underserving of the Indigenous community, which has overarchingly perpetuated levels of distrust towards information systems.
  • Black Actors in the UK in the Edwardian Era This situation was supported by various reports which appeared in the mass media supporting the ‘underexposed’ state of black British actors, the drain of talented black actors from Britain to America, lack of black stars […]
  • Tourists’ Attitude to Technology in China’s Heritage Tourism This Dissertation critically illustrates the perceptions and attitudes of tourists to the ICT implication in the practice of heritage tourism in China, the response of the tourism industry, and the factors affecting the motivation and […]
  • Music Festivals and Chinese Students’ Attendance Music festivals are sources of entertainment and pleasure, and they provide opportunities for actuality and being in the right place. The prime objective of most of the festivals is to fulfil the specific needs of […]
  • Gender Wage Differentials in Public and Private Sectors The main difference between the two is the fact that in the public sector, the employees work for the government in that they are paid salaries from the government while in the private sector, the […]
  • Media People Building the “Bridge” Across the Globe The cultural interactions within the European continent are just a shadow of the level of intercultural exchanges going on in the world today.
  • Education and Career of Norwegian-Pakistani Women The number of female immigrants in the country is slightly higher than that of their male counterparts-close to 205,000 compared to 195,000.
  • Improving Schools’ Contribution to American Society Given the importance accorded to education by the U.S.government, there will continue to be a need to provide public-school students with the level of education required by federal mandates such as the No Child Left […]
  • Impact of Free News on Print Media and Readers’ Preferences The young tend to be more interested in moving news or continual news that has three dimensions; the notion has created a negative perception to print news media The main question that triggers in the […]
  • Polygamy in America: Between Society, Law, and Gender After the publication of the book, Smith received another revelation from John the Baptist who ordained him with the task of restoring the “true” church.[22] Many scholars perceive the book of Mormons to be the […]

🪖 Army Responsibility 10000 Word Essay Topics

  • The military’s role in upholding national security and protecting citizens’ rights.
  • Accountability and transparency in military operations.
  • The ethical implications of using military force in international conflicts in Syria.
  • The impact of military leadership on the responsibility of soldiers.
  • How does the military promote international peace and security?
  • The responsibility of military personnel in maintaining discipline and order.
  • Military culture’s impact on personal responsibility and accountability.
  • The role of the military in upholding national security in the United States.
  • The impact of military service on family dynamics and relationships.
  • The role of the military in responding to humanitarian crises in Indonesia .
  • The ethical considerations of military decision-making and responsibility.
  • The role of the military in promoting social justice and equality.
  • The responsibility of military leaders in promoting diversity and inclusivity.
  • The impact of military deployments on soldiers’ mental health.
  • The responsibility of military personnel in preventing corruption and misconduct.

📊 10000 Words Examples of Analytical Essays

  • Strategic Analysis of In this report are analyzed external and internal environment of to assess the firm’s competitive position in the online retail industry to develop a strategic plan.
  • Caterpillar Company Strategic Analysis The company initially started as Caterpillar Tractor 1925 in the State of California. The company is based in the state of California.
  • Management Consulting: Sainsbury Company in China As soon as the market for entering is identified, it is necessary to conduct a market analysis and understand the peculiarities of market growth, customers’ needs, forecasted demand, possible barriers, and even the role of […]
  • An Analysis of the Strategic Planning and Development of MTR Corporation The dissertation evaluates the strategies of MTR Corporation to increase its profits under the global recessionary economy and to do so the study would examine the external and internal environment of the company, organisational structure […]
  • Why Oil-Rich Countries Are Still Under-Developed It is clear that it is not the presence of oil that is the criteria for development. According to a report by the newspaper ‘Independent’ many African nations with a healthy GDP is not using […]
  • Dentistry: Aesthetics Zone and Smile In addition, the shape of the gingiva, the buccal passageway and the structure of the lips determine the overall appearance of the aesthetic zone.
  • The Concept of Cyber Warfare In the international arena, laws have been enacted, such as the Geneva Convention, to ensure that sovereignty of a country is respected.
  • Photography: Is It Possible to Recapture the Past? The problem of photography is twofold: the problem of representation, and the presumption of reality that the photographic images elicits in the viewer the pervasive belief that a photograph depicts a referent, a real “how […]
  • Immunology and Virology of HIV Infection The HIV attacks the body in the form of mRNA, which attacks the nucleus of the T cells and immediately replicates its DNA using the material in the host cells.
  • Is Taobao Company’s Globalization Possible? This aspect can be reinforced by the explanation of Ashling the journal article ‘Internet companies invest in china’ as the growth of usage of the internet and e-commerce has been on the decline in […]
  • Nepal’s Waste Management Alternatives For this reason, the group embarked on a research and a number of discussions with EWB to come up with the best design to address the problem of waste management in the area.
  • How Internet Communication Helps Graphic Designers to Spread Their Art Works to the World While most of the contemporary graphic designers are thankful for the contribution that internet communication has made in the graphic design industry, others mostly the ‘old school’ designers abhor the internet due to the problems […]
  • Opera Hansel and Gretel Although the folktales differ based on the kinds of food that the ogres eat and the food that the ogre uses to trap the children, the fact is that in all the folk tales food […]
  • Electronic Medical Records: One Size Does Not Fit All Further examination of the issue reveals that the problem with EMRs is that the various software designs currently in use, despite the various certifications attributed to them, have yet to reach a point of adaptiveness […]
  • Organization Theory and Behavior Pertaining to the assignment process, a proper assignment process should comprise steps aimed at the understanding of project priority, development of linkages between the strengths of each of the project managers and project demands, and […]
  • WFB Kamloops Processes and Operations The Lead Generation is beneficial for both, the buyer and seller as it make it easy for the customer to get the information about the relative product or service they are offered and for the […]

✒️ Topics for Persuasive Essay with 10000 Words

  • The importance of implementing stricter gun control laws for public safety.
  • Does comprehensive sex education promote healthy relationships and reduce teenage pregnancy?
  • The benefits of implementing renewable energy sources to combat climate change.
  • Universal healthcare coverage is necessary for equal access to medical services.
  • Should there be stricter laws and penalties to combat cybercrime?
  • The benefits of a four-day workweek for work-life balance and productivity.
  • Should critical thinking skills be taught in schools to foster independent and analytical thinking?
  • The benefits of mandatory vaccinations to prevent the spread of infectious diseases.
  • The importance of stricter animal cruelty laws to ensure the ethical treatment of animals.
  • Does investing in early childhood education foster cognitive and social development?
  • A need for stronger environmental regulations to protect natural ecosystems.
  • The government should increase funding and support for mental health services.
  • The importance of financial literacy classes in schools.
  • Can stricter texting and driving laws reduce distracted driving?
  • The benefits of comprehensive immigration policies for economic growth and innovation.

📌 10000 Word Essay: Answers to the Most Pressing Questions

📌 10000 word essay is how long.

How long is a 10000-word essay? It will typically be 40 pages double-spaced or 20 pages single-spaced. The exact number of pages a 10000 words essay takes will depend on the citation style you use, the number of your footnotes (if you have any), and the length of your bibliography section.

📌 How Many Paragraphs Are in a 10000 Word Essay?

How much is 10000 words in paragraphs? A typical academic paragraph contains 100 to 150 words. So, a 10000-word essay will consist of 67-70 paragraphs.

📌 10000 Words Is How Many Sentences?

How many sentences is a 10000-word essay? A typical sentence in academic writing consists of 15-20 words. So, 10000 words are not less than 500-503 sentences.

📌 How to Write a 10000-Word Paper Outline?

A 10000-word paper requires a very thorough approach to researching, outlining, and writing. You’ll rarely need to write an essay of such a length. 10000-word volume is more suitable for a term paper, research paper, or scholarly article. Apart from the introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion, you can be required to include other parts like an abstract, literature review, methodology, results, and discussion. The details will depend on the exact requirements.

📌 How Fast Can You Write a 10000 Word Essay?

How long does it take to write a 10000-word essay? It will take you 3-7 hours to type 10000 words on your keyboard (the total time will depend on your typing speed). Writing an academic paper will take more time because you’ll have to research, make an outline, write, format, and edit your text. It would be best if you planned to spend around 33 and a half hours for a 10000-word paper.

📌 How to Reduce Word Count in a 10000-Word Essay?

The easiest way to do that is to get rid of the less important arguments you consider in your 10000-word essay. Rank your arguments and eliminate those weaker. Another idea is to edit your paper in order to make sentences shorter. For instance, you can remove some of the adverbs.

  • Chicago (A-D)
  • Chicago (N-B)

IvyPanda. (2023, November 23). 10000 Word Essay Examples + Topics for a 10000 Word Paper.

"10000 Word Essay Examples + Topics for a 10000 Word Paper." IvyPanda , 23 Nov. 2023,

IvyPanda . (2023) '10000 Word Essay Examples + Topics for a 10000 Word Paper'. 23 November.

IvyPanda . 2023. "10000 Word Essay Examples + Topics for a 10000 Word Paper." November 23, 2023.

1. IvyPanda . "10000 Word Essay Examples + Topics for a 10000 Word Paper." November 23, 2023.


IvyPanda . "10000 Word Essay Examples + Topics for a 10000 Word Paper." November 23, 2023.

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Here Are the Best 10000 Word Essay Examples

Essays can sometimes be very difficult to write. It depends upon the topic of an essay. Sometimes, the topic can require a student to do a lot of reading before he/she can write anything on it.

With limited time for writing, many students cannot do the background research required to create a convincing paper. It naturally comes to a student’s mind to look for a good essay sample online. Some students even look for essays as long as having 10000 words in them.

But when a reader goes online to search for a good essay example, he/she faces some limitations. On the one hand, websites only publish a limited sample for free online reading. To read the complete essay, a student needs to pay some money.

On the other hand, a reader may find a full sample of a personal essay but with very poor writing quality. In other cases, the quality of writing is good, but the essay is plagiarized. Since the ideas or content has been taken from somewhere else, a student cannot find any creative or unique content therein.

We bring the best essays with 10000 words in each of them so that you can read them for free. We have all kinds of good argumentation essays on our website. You can find a sample of a personal argumentation essay or a narrative essay containing 10000 words. On our website, you find top-class writing for free online reading. Read our example essay on a topic of your choice, and use the model for creating your own best essay.

10000 Word Essay Topics Covered on Our Website

Do you think that the topic of your paper is too unique to be found online? Think again, because we have all sorts of topics covered on our website. Take a look at a few of the topics you’ll find a personal essay on. We give you our word that each paper sample we have is unique and contains the best argumentation ideas:

  • Online education is as good as school
  • Writing essays makes students creative.
  • How to write a paper with 10000 words?
  • The dangers of social media activity of children.
  • Education is every student’s fundamental right.

Are You Wondering - How Long Is a 10000 Word Essay?

A paper having 10000 words in it seems too long to write, right? Writing can take a lot of time. Many students are excellent writers, but just the idea of writing such a long essay scares them. Hence, they procrastinate and, in the end, find them left with too little time to create a paper.

Let’s begin by telling you how long is a paper sample with 10000 words in it. Since we consider one page to be equivalent to 250 words, writing an essay that long can take you 40 pages. That is almost as long a piece of writing as a book. It is generally hard to find such a paper online for free reading. If you start writing such a paper word after word, it can be a tiring process. So it is best to start the drafting process as early as possible.

If you don’t know how to write such a paper, follow our 10000 word essay examples. If you find a topic similar to your question in our list of topics, read the paper for creating an outline. Remember, every word is important when you are creating the best paper, so you must use nice vocabulary throughout it.

Our 10000 word essay examples are perfect examples of papers with every word chosen carefully and placed in the right context. Follow our ideas as an example and polish your skills as an essayist. Always outline your assignment first. It gets easy to use every word properly so that you create a convincing personal paper.

How Many Pages Is a 10000 Word Essay? Is It Always 40?

Not necessarily. The length of a page may vary from one school to another. Some schools consider 250 words enough for a page, while others suggest having 275 words on every page. You should check with your school to learn the word requirements. Every example of a paper that we have written either has 250 words or 275 words in it. Since the purpose of our papers is to serve as an example, we have covered both criteria in them.

How to Write a 10000 Word Essay? I Need an Example

We can understand if you are looking for an example. You might never have written a paper this long ever before. Let us tell you the process it takes to write a convincing argumentation sample of 10000 words.

Step-By-Step Process of Producing an Assignment of 10000 Words

Read the steps below and follow them as such. Use them as an example of the process of drafting an assignment. None of the steps is any less important, so don’t miss out anything:

  • First of all, think deeply about what kind of topic would raise the interest of a reader.
  • Then write an outline for your essay. You can follow our outlines as an example.
  • Find out relevant material to brainstorm and note down the important
  • Schools are very particular about strong examples, so find relevant supporting ideas.
  • Use the particular structure devised by your teacher for the paper.
  • Make sure that the paper is written in the active voice.
  • Develop the paper, connecting one example to another.
  • Try to use a word that best fits a situation or context in the paper.
  • Doing a paper of 10000 words can be tiring, so go for breaks in between.
  • Proofread the paper well for possible mistakes of grammar and punctuation.

Read Our Sample Papers with 10000 Words Each to Have an Idea

Are you wondering - what does a 10000 word essay look like? Every paper on our website is a free sample for online reading. We have a huge database where every student can find the best example for his/her particular argumentation topic. You can read without registration,

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Free 10000 Words Essay Examples

A paper of 10000 words is not always an essay. Assignments of such a length are typical for graduate-level studies. The structure of a 10000 words essay will largely depend on the institution, the discipline, and your professor’s requirements. The possible topics might be: cyberbullying among middle-school students, the role of international organizations in global governance, etc.

You will need to conduct an in-depth analysis in order to write a 10000-word essay. The keys to success are: meaningful research, a correctly formulated thesis, a well-thought-out structure, and an extensive bibliography list. Check free 10000-word essay examples on this page to get inspired!

The African American Women Stereotyping in Media

Abstract In the research conducted over the past decades, much attention has been drawn to the effect media discourse has on the audience. As far as ethnic minorities are concerned, such effect has been closely associated with using stereotypical tropes for portraying minority communities either due to ignorance or for...

Separation of Powers in Kuwaiti Criminal Justice System

Abstract Discussions of the separation of powers tend to be related to the administrative state. By contrast, this research addresses the question of separating powers within the criminal justice system of Kuwait, examining the function of this division and the structures that are designed to protect the rights of citizens....

The Effect of Technology on Aviation Security

Abstract The study examined the adoption and implementation of technology in the aviation industry and how this affects security in the industry. The purpose of this research is informed by the threats that the aviation industry continues to experience since the 1960s, when over 130 hijackings were recorded, especially for...

Gender Inequality in Higher Education

Abstract The problem of gender inequality has been a persistent and unresolved issue in social and professional life in the United States of America and globally. The implications of the problem for higher education proved to be omnipresent, including women’s underrepresentation in leadership positions, gender-based discrimination cases, sexual harassment, inequality-oriented...

10000-Word Essay FAQ

A 10000 words essay would typically be about 40 pages long, assuming it is double-spaced and written with a standard font (Arial or Times New Roman) in 12-point size. If the text is single-spaced, it will be twice shorter. Other factors that influence the 10000-word essay length are formatting and paragraph structure.

How many paragraphs are there in a 10000 words essay? A paper of such a length would contain 100 to 101 paragraphs. This works for an academic writing assignment because a typical paragraph there is about 100 words long.

It usually takes 3 hours 20 minutes to 5 hours and a half to type a text of this length on your keyboard at an average speed. However, if you are assigned a 10000 words essay, it is going to take much more time, as you will need to conduct research, study the sources, and plan your paper. Writing a solid essay of 10000 words will take about 33 hours and a half.

At a rough estimate, 10000 words would take up about 1000 to 1005 lines. However, the exact number of lines in your 10000-word essay depends on a number of factors such as the spacing, the font size, and the margins.

Cyber-Security Threats to Educational Institutions

Abstract The government of Saudi Arabia has made a significant investment in improving the infrastructure in the education sector in the recent past. It has directly supported the digitization of learning in both public and private schools. These institutions have redefined their operations in line with the emerging technology trends....

Flipped Learning in Chemistry Education

Introduction The introduction of computers and the internet has had enormous changes in many aspects of life including the education systems of the world (Engin & Donanci 2016; Foldnes 2016). Through improved technology, many elements of the education and learning systems have developed to allow for improved delivery of knowledge...

Gender Roles in Hollywood Cinema

Introduction Cinema can be regarded as the technology of gender construction and regulation of social relations. It means that movies can instil, correct, and impose particular attitudes, values, models and norms of behaviour. However, at the same time, cinema reflects the dominant social and cultural trends that take place within...

Adolescent Behavior and Childhood Indiscipline

Abstract Lack of discipline among children often results in adolescent delinquency. The research was aimed at discussing the issues revolving around disciplining and making recommendations on how to deal with them. By achieving this objective, disciplining methods used can be more effective hereby translating in fewer cases of adolescent delinquency....

Corporate Social Responsibility in Middle East Football Clubs

Abstract The primary point of this study was to investigate on corporate social responsibility in the Middle East football clubs. This study utilized the deductive methodology of exploration, whereby the hypothesis and the theories were planned in advance before the writing began. Likewise, quantitative examination system was utilized to test...

Building a Cycling Olympic Champion in the UAE

Abstract The ubiquitous need to develop a cycling culture and an Olympic champion underpinned the need to investigate the strategies to use to achieve the research objectives. The study investigated the approaches used to spread the culture among students form different schools including universities in the UAE. The study focused...

Motivating English Learners via Social Media Websites

Abstract This research paper delves primarily into the possible use of social media as means of teaching EFL students in Saudi Arabia. With the growing usage of social media platforms within the country, its usage has become ubiquitous among many students. As a result, this creates the potential opportunity for...

MSc Security and Risk Management

Abstract The present work considers access to firearms and peculiarities can f national and local legislation as possible facilitators of firearm-related homicide rates on the example of two cities, Seattle and Vancouver. The initial supposition guiding the work is that the rates in Seattle, USA are much higher than those...

Environmental Impacts of Heathrow Airport: Demand Towards a Strategic Sustainable Transport

Introduction Background Airport expansion projects pose a challenge on the capacity to realize sustainable environmental protection (Federal Aviation Administration, 2006). Sustainability of environmental protection should be geared towards improving quality of air, waste management, reduction of total suspended particles with regard to PM10 and PM25 that impact negatively on fauna...

Comparison Between Laser Scanner and Total Station

Introduction The archeological, architectural and environmental surveying fields have continued to experience a lot of changes with the ever-developing technology. The latest entrant in technological advancement as far as these fields are concerned is the Laser Scanner (Curles 2000). This gadget is said to have taken the world by storm...

Teachers’ Sense of Self-Efficacy

Introduction Background According to the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (2000), “teachers must help every student develop conceptual and procedural understandings of number, operations, geometry, measurement, statistics, probability, functions, and algebra and the connections among ideas… and to develop the self-confidence and interest to do so” (p. 21). Besides,...

Concepts of Green Supply Chain Management

Introduction It is an established fact that products come from raw materials extracted from the environment. The extraction of the material requires a rigorous technological process, sometimes with the use of chemicals and other complicated methods to separate the core element from the raw material that may finally produce a...

The Prospect and Constraint of Ecotourism in Malaysia

Introduction The modern awareness with global climate change and environmental protection has shifted the tourism industry to align with the ecotourism conceptual framework while the economist identified it as a most strapping toll for community based sustainable development for the lees developed or developing countries. The major limitation of the...

Operation Sea Lion: The German Invasion Plan of Britain

Introduction and Background On June 14, 1940 speaking in the House of Commons the then British Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill announced that “The Battle of France is over, I expect that the Battle of Britain is about to begin”. (1). This statement of Sir Winston Churchill was a virtual...

Seismic Activity and Its Effect on the Built Environment

Abstract The history of earthquakes is as old as the earth itself. It is a phenomenon that has occurred in different places of the earth and the results have been the deformation of the earth, destruction of buildings, and the loss of human lives. The reason for the occurrence of...

Construction Methods in Earthquake Susceptible Regions

Introduction Over the course of many centuries, there have been numerous instances of natural earthquakes causing great catastrophes to human beings and destroying infrastructure, which has proved to be very costly (Booth 1994). According to Booth (1994, p. 45), the combined monetary value of the damage caused cannot be easily...

Reducing Youth Antisocial Behaviour in Britain

Problem Statement Introduction This dissertation critically illustrates the perceptions of the ‘Youth Antisocial behavior’, connecting with the victims’ response and the factors touching the citizens’ motivation and exploration within the existing exercise of the legislative programs that have emerged, and been experienced in the jurisdiction of England and Wales, through...

Earthquake Engineering Considerations and Methods

Abstract Historically, earthquakes have caused immense human and property loss. Besides the valuable human lives lost, earthquakes have caused monetary losses rising to billions of dollars. In the wake of these disasters, engineers have tried to design and construct earthquake-resistant buildings. These buildings adopt new technologies and processes in detecting...

Students Selecting Private Tertiary Education in Singapore

Abstract Education is Singapore has a vibrancy that has seen the establishment of many tertiary institutions. Apart from the three autonomous universities, viz Nanyang Technological University, National University of Singapore and the Singapore Management University, there is a contingent of internationally affiliated and nationally established private Universities that offer comprehensive...

Petrol and Diesel Engines: History and Development

Abstract This is a study report on the historical development of petrol and diesel engines. As the development of these engines is closely related to the automobile industry, the paper tries to correlate the developments in automobile industry with that of the Internal Compression engines. The developments in the various...

Knowledge Management and Its Role in Education

Literature Review Today, knowledge is no longer just another resource in a list that includes labor, capital, and land (Drucker 1994). It has become the resource of knowledge workers. Sharing is the sole method for creation of knowledge. In the new era of knowledge economy, traditional organizations, such as educational...

Terrorism Effects on Tourism in the United Kingdom

Executive Summary This report seeks to throw light on the present scenario regarding the impact of terrorism on tourist traffic in the United Kingdom. It is seen that blatant and unprovoked acts of terrorism has reached alarming proportions throughout the world and has detrimentally affected the economies of both developed...

How Politics, Economics, Law and Technology Affected India’s Development

The coming of the Aryans led to a new civilization in India. The basic unit of the social structure was the family. The joint family system was prevalent. Houses in this age were built of wood or reed. Women were treated as being equal to men. They took part in...

Sukuk in Kuwait and the Comparison Between Sukuk and Conventional Bonds

Problem Statement Introduction Ernst & Young conducted research considering the estimation of the Islamic financial institutions and explored that the rising demand of Sukuk has already reached US$ 300 billion and would jump up to US$ 900 billion by 2017; moreover, although the product is conflicting with Sharia law, due...

Adolescent Substance Abuse in a Frontier Community

Abstract Recent national data point to the fact that substance abuse among adolescents did not change significantly over the past decades despite the volume of prevention and intervention programs. Frontier communities have specific socioeconomic and cultural characteristics which put frontiers adolescents at high risk for substance abuse. This work aims...

Event Management: Hosting Mega-Events

Executive Summary The purpose of this study is to consider the various aspects of hosting mega-events and how it underpins the economies of the locations in which major and mega-events and international sports events are held. Event Management has gained immense popularity, since it connotes urbanization regeneration, tourist trade, investments,...

Spatial Decision Support System in Abu Dhabi, UAE

Introduction Problem Statement Sustainable development within urban areas has become a great challenge for various governments. The Abu Dhabi Emirate is the capital of United Arab Emirates (UAE) and is one of the fastest developing cities in the region. There is a boom in the infrastructural sector and the city’s...

The Extent of Comprehension With Respect to Digital Citizenship

Abstract This study aimed at exploring the extent of comprehension and knowledge of digital citizenship among Saudi Arabia teachers. A mixed methods research design was chosen for this study in order to identify the scope and perceptions of digital citizenship awareness among Saudi Arabia teachers based on Ribble’s characterization of...

The Communication Systems

Introduction Digital communication systems are undoubtedly the most commonly used nowadays. They are irreplaceable practically in every sphere of human life: studying, work, entertainment. This is due to several factors, which include: their accessibility; simplicity in use; their mobility. In general digital communication deals with transmission of a digital bit...

Liability of Internet Service Provider

Introduction The first chapter of this dissertation will consider the justification of the study, formulate research questions and discuss the objectives and background of the problem, for instance, controversial issues, different type of violation of the copyright act, loopholes of the entire system, liabilities of the internet service providers to...

Differential Population Growth Rates and the Impact on National and Strategic Security

Abstract An in-depth study and analysis of the causal relationships found in the study of migration phenomena in the context of demographic security are central to this thesis. To be more specific, the paper examined the migration states of the United States, Russia, Germany, France, and the Middle Eastern regions...

Russia, Georgia, and Australia: Investigation of Police Corruption and Reform

Abstract The paper discusses challenges in modern Russia associated with the corruption in police. An attempt is made to analyse the police reform initiated by former Russian president Dmitry Medvedev in 2011, compare it with police reforms in Georgia and Australia, and estimate the reform effectiveness supported by recent data,...

The Impact of Using Technology in Qatari Organization

Abstract Qatar is one of the fastest developing economies in the Middle East and North Africa region. In this study, the primary goal of the researcher was to investigate and discuss the impact of using technology, especially in the communication sector, on local Qatari organizations. The study relied on both...

High School Teachers’ Perceptions Concerning Technology Integration Into the Curriculum

Introduction Students are able to relate better with technology driven lessons rather than through traditional methods of teaching. This is evidenced by studies such as those by Lih-Juan (2007) that compared the traditional method of education with that of technology driven lessons. It was shown that computer programs and gadgets,...

Unconventional Warfare and Senior Military Officers

Executive Summary The United States Armed Forces has the primary mandate of ensuring that the country is safe from any form of external attack. For a long time, the potential threat that it had to prepare to fight was hostile nations such as the Soviet Union/Russia, Iran, North Korea, and...

Ethical Issues of Corporate Sponsorships

Introduction to the study In today’s world, museums play a very important role than it used to play before. Museums not only act as a key tourist attraction, but they also act as a site where people exercise their leisure activities. When consumers visit museums, they normally spend a certain...

An API Development in The Project “Mapira”

Abstract The Project “Mapira” is based on an API development and ease of access to the geographical stats. This project is aimed at providing the users with a way of accessing features of Mapira through an API channel. Mapira is therefore the name of the website or simply the project....

Investigation Into the Delays in Major Infrastructure Projects

Abstract In a large infrastructure construction project, chances of coordination failures are numerous because of the large number of stakeholders and project participants involved. Several other factors including peculiar site conditions and nature of construction activities add to events that might cause coordination failures. Project management cannot ignore the impact...

Concrete Incorporating Waste Material Thermal Performance

Abstract An investigation into the thermal performance of waste aggregate concretes was conducted to answer the research question about the thermal behavior of waste aggregate concretes. Typically, the use of waste aggregate concrete has experienced a rise in the construction industry in the recent past. A detailed investigation of the...

Motivation of Student Teachers in China and the UK

Abstract The aim of this research study is to analyse similarities and differences of factors affecting the motivation of student teachers in China and the United Kingdom (UK). The investigation is guided by three objectives. They focus on finding out extrinsic and intrinsic factors influencing the motivation of student teachers...

Employee Commitment and Job Attitude

Abstract The main aim of this research study is to analyze the moderation effect of service quality on the relationship between employee commitment and job attitude of performance for the elderly in the tourism industry. In line with this, the specific objectives were: to determine the effects of biographical factors...

Underage Drinking in the United States: Has Progress Been Made?

Abstract It is to be noted that in the year 2010, about 4,700 deaths occurred due to underage drinking. Although underage drinking is prohibited in the US, it is a known fact that about eleven percent of the total alcohol consumption is being consumed by adolescents. According to the recent...

Political Settlement in Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict

Introduction The Nagorno-Karabakh conflict is a protracted conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan. The conflict started in the late 1980s and took a dramatic turn in the 1990s when both parties battled each other for the disputed region.1 So far, the war has evolved into an armed conflict characterized by ethnic...

Demolition or Refurbishment of Old Domestic Buildings

Introduction The debate on the refurbishment or demolition of old buildings with the underlying need to boost environmental, social, and economic viabilities is a debate that has raged on in many countries over the centuries. According to ODPM (2003) report, UK policies have been reflected in the demolitions of insanitary...

Greece’s and UK’s Risk Escape System Comparison

Abstract The transfer of risk is a concept that has many theories attached to it. It has to be understood from its practical significance. It is in the risk establishment that the different parties get to understand their duties in the contract and the repercussions of not adhering to the...

Cognitive Radio Spectrum Sensing and Selection

Abstract The energy detection of unknown signals going through fading channels is an important aspect of communication technology. There are various methods that have been proposed in order to provide approximations to these parameters. Studies have been done by Urkowitz and Kostylev on how to effectively measure the energy content...

Ethical Issues of Sponsorships for Museums

Abstract The general objective of this study was to determine the ethical issues of sponsorships for museums. In line with the general objective, the study examined the following specific objectives: to determine the effectiveness of business ethics on sponsorships of museums, to determine the level of integrity in the management...

Abu Dhabi’s Brand as a Tourists’ Destination

Introduction Destination branding is one of the most critical strategies of obtaining a competitive edge against other places that compete for the same market segment especially in tourism. In essence, the destinations can be a country, region or a city among others. The concept is viewed as a way of...

Native American Women’s Parenting off Reservations

Abstract Parenting is a noble task, but one that comes with a number of challenges. Every parent often wants the best for his or her child, but not all of them are able to do this. In this study, the primary aim of the researcher is to investigate and report...

Homeland Security and Border Control in the UAE

Abstract Homeland security and efficient border control measures are highly significant for the United Arab Emirates. Rapid economic development increased threats to the country’s borders and homeland security. The condition of regional tension in the Middle East and increased militancy movement in the region has made the borders of the...

Delay in Design Architectural Process

Introduction UAE is one of the pioneers in improving economies in the Middle East, and the centre for its improvement relies on the real estate business as a vital segment. It is thought of one of the biggest areas in the UAE economy; the legislature is using billions of dollars...

Leadership Effectiveness for Marginalized Civil Organizations in Liberia

Abstract This research will explore impacts of leadership effectiveness in strengthening influence of marginalized civil groups and subsets of civil society on the political process in Liberia. Lack of inputs of marginalized civil groups and local communities to make public decisions on budgeting and allocation of resources for development programs...

Personality Properties of White-Collar Criminals

Abstract Over the past three decades, cases of fraud and white-collar crimes have been increasing exponentially in the 21st century. Fraud and white-collar crime is a complex issue in society because its occurrence is dependent on many factors such as organizational structure, organization culture, and personality traits. One of the...

Women in Mississippi Undergoing Hysterectomies

Introduction The study focuses on women who have undergone a hysterectomy in Mississippi without comprehensive informed consent law. While hysterectomy is one of the most complicated procedures that may result in serious damages to the reproductive systems as well as fatalities, most states, including Mississippi, have not instituted a comprehensive...

The Therapeutic Relationship and its Links to Emotional Intelligence

Introduction According to therapists Picard, Vyzas, and Healey (2001), emotional intelligence (EI) is a fairly new construct in the psychiatric and social literatures. It was not until the early 1990s that researchers, including Salovey and Mayer (1990), Goleman (1995a), Bar-On (1997), and Cooper and Sawaf (1997), de-emphasized the traditional, narrow...

The Conflict in Syria: The ‘Responsibility to Protect’ Doctrine

The ‘Responsibility to Protect’ (R2P) doctrine is declared by the United Nations Security Council as a new approach to prevent the atrocity crimes globally and to protect the civilians’ rights. The doctrine was developed in the 2000s in response to the humanitarian crises of the 1990s in Rwanda and Kosovo....

Long-Term Trends of Commodity Prices From 1900 to 2011

Abstract This dissertation aims to check the long-term movements of primary commodity price indexes. The data used in this project is the updated version of the index introduced by Grilli and Yang (1988). This new version covers the period from 1900 to 2011 including four kinds of price with two...

Business Rescue Under the Companies Act No.71 of 2008

Executive Summary This empirical study on business rescue would provide insight on how the Companies Act no.71 of 2008 would contribute the leading South African companies to overcome the recessional impact. The paper has organised the case study of ARM, a leading South African company, which seriously evidenced the recessional...

Sustainable Building Materials and Technologies in the Construction and Building Industry

Abstract Sustainable building materials and technologies, which are used in the construction and building industry provide solutions for addressing the problems of discharging waste products and materials into the environment. The process of converting raw materials into finished products, including the conversion of raw materials to cement and concrete consumes...

Computer Programs in Architecture

Introduction Computer architecture is a model used to explain how hardware and software are interconnected to form a system. It explains the structure of the system and how given elements are related to each other. It is noted that this form of architecture can be viewed as the process of...

Improving the IT Security Infrastructure

Research Outline Introduction, Objectives, and Methodology This chapter introduces the main topic – information technology infrastructure, including various subjects in design, architecture, security and many other topics on information systems, knowledge management, globalization, and other related topics. It is the job of managers to make IT infrastructure of an organization...

Security Defenses Against DDoS Attacks

Introduction In the recent past, a rise in the use of the internet by both primary and secondary users has experienced a rise in different forms of attacks. These attacks range from worms and viruses to thefts of personal information. In addition to that, new and emerging forms of attacks...

Oil From Shale: Potential, Problems & Development

Abstract In answer to the quest for a sustainable and secure supply of combustible liquid hydrocarbon fuels and gases, the development and recovery of oil from oil shale provides a fundamental answer to the need for meeting current energy demands for use in industry and other areas demanding fuels oils....

Performance of Public Construction Projects in Abuja, Nigeria

Abstract Research into the facts behind the failure of public construction projects in Abuja Nigeria to meet time and budgetary allocations strongly pointed to the failure of local, internationalcontractors, and the government to incorporate a performance evaluation mechanism to evaluate the performance of the awarded projects during the implementation phase....

Contributions of Public and Private School to US People

Introduction When something is made a priority, it is by definition supposed to get better. The American public schools continue to struggle through hardships to deliver high-quality educational services to an increasingly diverse group of students despite the nation’s public schools being made a high priority by the nation’s policymakers...

Comparative Study of Ecological Developments From a Domestic to an Urban Level Projects

Introduction General Analysis Research about Ecological Issues Human society is inconsistent in interaction with its environs through the daily activities it engages in. In the process, there is a distortion in the naturalness of the environment where these interactions occur. The bracing of the environment, preservation of its organs, ensuring...

Online Banking Relationship in Saudi Arabia

Abstract Internet banking offers a kind of self-service technology that is fast assuming an important full-fledged allotment medium for utilization of banking products and banking services, especially in developed countries. Since the internet was introduced to the bank industry in Saudi Arabia in the 1980’s banks in the kingdom have...

Faculty Mentoring Program for Student Persistence

Abstract This study is investigating the effects of a faculty mentoring program on student performance and retention with regard to the first time undergraduates of Fall 2009 of the Prince George’s Community College, an African-American college primarily. The aim is to probe the extent of retention in the years prior...

The Role of Corporate Governance in Determining the Fair Price of Shares in the Saudi Stock Market

Introduction The current proposal has been conceived mainly to write a dissertation on the role of corporate governance in determining the fair price of shares in the Saudi stock market. In more detail, the proposed research will inquire about the nature of the Saudi stock market, examine the factors that...

Problems Experienced to Control Crime in Nigeria

Introduction Nigeria is a beautiful country with varied landscapes. It is such a huge country that the climate varies greatly from one place to another. Rich in biodiversity and tropical vegetations, it is really a tempting place for many tourists to visit. But the crime status is so concerning in...

Design and Development of Greener Vehicle Ventilation System

Abstract The issue of global warming and associated risks has been the cause for much debate in recent years. Despite the grave danger posed by this looming climatic disaster many countries are hard pressed to increase pressure within their borders in relation to suggested regulatory legislation. The issue of compliance...

Intelligence Community Current Position

Introduction Following Sun Tzu’s famous dictum, we are introduced to a practical means of implementing it. It sounds much like fourth generation warfare or even like hybrid warfare: Be wherever the enemy does not expect you to be, do whatever the enemy does not think you will do and portray...

Public Administration Associated With City Funding

Outline This paper examines the ramifications of public administration, especially in the context of its pecuniary and fiscal aspects. Public administration associated with city funding involves several complex matters because of the heterogeneous character of the urban areas. City budgeting includes means of allocation of all the resources particularly in...

International Relationship: United States and Iran

Introduction International relationships are critical in the development of various economies. This arises from the fact that countries depend on each other for various reasons. Growth in the rate of globalization is culminating in an increment in the rate at which countries are becoming integrated. This means that national boundaries...

Impact Analysis of Green Computing in Advertising Company

Abstract Plummeting on IT energy costs, lengthening the life of the hardware, and decreasing carbon emissions are but a few of the factors contributing to green computing in diverse institutions and commercial organizations. It is popular public knowledge that global warming is a most important problem which all and sundry...

The Concept of Reinforced Embankment on Soft Foundation

Abstract Geosynthetic reinforcements on foundations and other soft soil masses is a cost-effective engineering method that substitutes conventional methods which are prohibitively expensive for embankment constructions. Geosynthetics improve engineering materials confining properties of soft soils to withstand pressures due to the earth. Different forces with varying magnitude and effects on...

Biometric Security as a High Security System

Abstract In the present age of globalisation, close proximity of different nationalities often raises security issues in all countries. To combat the situation almost all countries have now resorted to biometrics security to identify and ward off the elements that can harm the security of the nation and its socio-industrial...

Fatigue on Pilots in Aviation Industry

Outline This paper is going to take a look at fatigue as an issue that affects pilots in the aviation industry. The following factors will be discussed in this proposal The definition of fatigue. The causes of fatigue on pilots. The effects of fatigue on pilots’ performance in the industry....

Social Media Impact on Administrative Decision-Making and Public Participation in Dubai

Abstract Social media has become critical in interaction for both public discourses as well as targeted discussions. The nature of social media allows the sender of a message not only to send out the information they want their target audience to know, but also to monitor and evaluate the number...

Elements of a Green City: Case Study of Masdar City

Abstract This study focuses on the use of green energy technologies in today’s cities. The benefits of green energy will be studied in depth and an understanding of how green energy is produced will be acquired. The study will carry out a case study oon Masdar city, a planned city...

Role of Social Media in Improving the Responsiveness of the Government of Dubai

Multi-factor authentication for social networking website.

Introduction Social networking is not a new notion. Even before the advent of the internet, social networks existed in the form of, for example, a university, a club, etc. Social networking means at least three or more individuals meeting up and exchanging information. This was based on the understanding that...

A Critical Evaluation of Cities as Centers for Career Opportunities

Abstract This cross-sectional study made use of a quantitative research design to comprehensively evaluate what the United States of America has to offer for future management assistant in terms of existing career opportunities and possibilities for advancement in three major cities, namely New York City, Los Angeles, and Philadelphia. The...

Comparison of Microbiological Water Quality Standards for Swimming Beaches

Abstract Water quality is a contentious issue in Hong Kong. Hong Kong island is densely populated and heavily commercialized. The water use and the need to flush waste water or sewage from the populated areas of the population cause the pollution of the local waters, the same water that is...

Using Facebook as a Reliable Means of Attracting Youths to Politics

Abstract After sweeping over America, Canada and other developed nations, social networking sites are making inroads into the African community. Many African countries have adopted this form of virtual socialization, and Nigeria is such one country. These sites include Twitter, MySpace, and Hi5 among others. However, Facebook seems to have...

Humanitarian Intervention Between Theory and Application

Introduction Humanitarian intervention can be described as a new principle in international legal system but it is an ancient phenomenon. It has now become a part of the positive international law and being employed as a mechanism to prevent use of force towards gullible mankind around the world. The humanitarian...

Electronic Data Interchange in Shipping: Legal Issues

Introduction Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) involves the conduct of business transactions by exchanging the documents in electronic formats using web-based applications or Internet. EDI covers a wide range of transactions including placing purchase orders, offering price quotations, customer order confirmations, order status enquiries, shipping and the associated transactions such as...

ICTY: The Training of Staff and Selection in the Recruitment Process Staff

Abstract ICTY – International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia investigates crimes committed by the former military rulers of Yugoslavia. The crimes investigated are crimes against humanity, ethnic cleansing and murder on a large scale. Experienced investigators who are recruited from the police forces of different countries conduct investigations and...

Family Violence Carrying Over ‘Intergenerationally’

Introduction Statement of The Problem Having read through several research articles and other materials this researcher has discovered that witnessing violence in the family leads to several psychological problems in later life and adulthood. A pattern is seen whereby children who grow up in abusive homes turn out to be...

Trade and Human Migration: The Impact of Regional Integration

Introduction to the Study Introduction An examination of the current literature surrounding CEMAC (the Economic and Monetary Community of Central Africa) reveals that few studies have attempted to examine the impact of regional integration on trade and human migration on a local level among the Central African states. The importance...

The Central African States: The Impact of Regional Integration on Trade and Human Migration

Introduction An examination of the current literature surrounding CEMAC (the Economic and Monetary Community of Central Africa) reveals that few studies have attempted to examine the impact of regional integration on trade and human migration on a local level among the Central African states. The importance of accomplishing such a...

Predicting Reservoir Performance of a Natural Gas Reservoir

Abstract Natural resources are a gift of God to mankind. Natural resources play a pivotal role in the success of any nation. Gas and oil reservoirs are different and this report deals with numerous approaches in order to Predict Reservoir Performance of a Natural Gas Reservoir. There are a number...

Implementation of E-Government in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Abstract The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has advanced its position from the 80th rank in the year 2005 to 70th rank in the year 2008 in the matter of e-government readiness as assessed by the United Nations. However, the implementation of e-government initiatives by the country was not an easy...

Role of Knowledge Management in E-Government

Abstract Advancement of information and communication technology has enhanced the use of functionalities of the tools like internet, email and mobile phones which in turn has proved to be the best media for greater level of interaction of citizens and businesses with the local and central governments. This has also...

The Relationship of Determinants of Risk Governance in the Government of Dubai

Abstract The government of Dubai has been heavily focusing on the public sector and investing in the infrastructural development of mega-projects to support and increase the economic growth of the nation and have reliable alternatives to the gas and oil sector. These mega-projects may include the construction of major buildings,...

Dubai Electricity and Water Authority: Case Study

Introduction In the current competitive and knowledge-driven business environment, organizations are keen on finding ways to edge out their rivals in the market (Tidd 2017). The sustainability of any organization is currently defined by its ability to be unique in its product offering, understand the changing needs of the target...

Adult Learning in Web-Based ESL Acquisition Programs

Abstract Adult Learning In Web-Based ESL Acquisition Programs find the approach a significant success. Typically, that is because the web-based applications such as Odysseyware, the wiki application, and a range of other applications provide an environment and features that support different modes to teach the adults students in ESL acquisition...

Improving the Responsiveness of the Government of Dubai

Background Technology continues to shape everyday life by redefining how people share ideas, critique and implement them. This is particularly true in public governance because social media is a new reality that leaders have become accustomed to as more people are demanding higher levels of accountability and transparency in the...

What are the six different essay lengths?

10000 word assignment

This is the second of three chapters about Essays . To complete this reader, read each chapter carefully and then unlock and complete our materials to check your understanding.   

– Discuss why essays might vary in length

– Outline the six major lengths of academic essay

– Provide defining features for each essay length

Chapter 1: What is an academic essay?

Chapter 2: What are the six different essay lengths?

Chapter 3: What are the seven different types of academic essay?

Before you begin reading...

  • video and audio texts
  • knowledge checks and quizzes
  • skills practices, tasks and assignments

The length of essay you’re assigned will likely depend on where you are exactly in your academic course. Generally, assignments at the start of a bachelor’s degree will be shorter than those required in a student’s final years, just like master’s  and doctoral-level essays will continue to increase in both length and difficulty.

1. The One-Paragraph Essay

Generally about 150 to 250 words in length, the one-paragraph essay may be assigned by academic tutors simply in order to practise the basic concepts of paragraph writing, or it may also be used for specific purposes such as to practise summarising an article that’s been read in class or to write an extended definition of a concept. Additionally, one-paragraph essays may also be used as a diagnostic to quickly determine the level of a student’s writing. Unlike other essay lengths, for the one-paragraph essay, you’ll need to include at least some introductory, body and conclusive elements within the same paragraph.    

2. The Three-Paragraph Essay

Usually around 500 words in length, the three-paragraph essay is generally used to introduce students to the concept that all essays should maintain an introduction , body section and conclusion if the writer wishes to produce cohesive and a logical writing. The introduction and conclusion will be the first and last paragraphs and tend to be a little shorter in length, while the central body paragraph will contain the essay’s content or argument. A simple table explaining the balance of content in a three-paragraph essay has been provided below:

About Essay Types 2.1 Three Paragraph Essay

3. The Five-Paragraph Essay

Around 1,000 words in length, the five-paragraph essay is generally set by tutors who are content that their students understand the introduction-body-conclusion essay  structure and wish to allow more freedom to expand the ideas and arguments presented by the writer in the body section of the essay. This length of essay still only dedicates one paragraph to the introduction and conclusion , but allows three paragraphs to be dedicated to the exploration of the theme in the essay’s body. At this length, certain essay types such as cause and effect essays or compare and contrast essays may now be utilised. The following is a simple diagram of the balance of paragraph lengths in a five-paragraph essay.

About Essay Types 2.2 Five Paragraph Essay

4. The Extended Essay

The extended essay is the most common type of essay that’s assigned during a bachelor’s or master’s degree , and it may be of any length – although it’s unusual for such essays to be above 5,000 words. The most common lengths for an extended essay are 1,500, 3,000 and 5,000 words, with a word count allowance of plus or minus 10%. Such essay types will most certainly require research and referencing skills , and may also begin to follow more complex structures such as are found in dissertations and theses rather than simply following the introduction-body-conclusion structure of shorter essays.

5. The Dissertation

Generally assigned as the final project for both bachelor’s   and master’s degree , the typical length of an academic dissertation is 10,000 or 15,000 words. Unlike shorter essay types , dissertations have more complex structures and are almost always based around primary research (original research that the writer has conducted themselves). The following table demonstrates some of the key parts of a dissertation as well as the rough word count  percentages for each section:

About Essay Types 2.3 The Dissertation

6. The Thesis

Finally, the thesis is the longest academic essay type and the one that’s reserved for doctorate students studying PhDs. Generally between 40,000 and 60,000 words in length, the doctorate thesis may contain all the elements of a dissertation but in much more detail and with more careful investigation. Such essays  are almost certainly original and are based on primary research , with a larger focus on the accuracy of the literature review , data collection and data analysis . Many students will never encounter this essay type. 

Once you can recognise which essay length you’ve been assigned, the next question covered in Chapter 3 is about determining the type of essay you have to write. This is because each essay type will require particular styles, structures, foci and language.

To reference this reader:

Academic Marker (2022) Essays . Available at: (Accessed: Date Month Year).

  • Harvard Writing Center
  • Leeds University Library
  • Purdue Online Writing Lab


Once you’ve completed all three chapters about essays , you might also wish to download our beginner, intermediate and advanced worksheets to test your progress or print for your students. These professional PDF worksheets can be easily accessed for only a few Academic Marks .

Our essays academic reader (including all four chapters about this topic) can be accessed here at the click of a button.

Gain unlimited access to our essays  beginner worksheet, with activities and answer keys designed to check a basic understanding of this reader’s chapters.

To check a confident understanding of this reader’s chapters, click on the button below to download our  essays   intermediate worksheet with activities and answer keys.

Our essays  advanced worksheet with activities and answer keys has been created to check a sophisticated understanding of this reader’s chapters. 

To save yourself 5 Marks , click on the button below to gain unlimited access to all of our essays chapters and worksheets. The All-in-1 Pack includes every chapter in this reader, as well as our beginner, intermediate and advanced worksheets in one handy PDF.

Click on the button below to gain unlimited access to our essays  teacher’s PowerPoint, which should include everything you’d need to successfully introduce this topic.

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Assignment length requirements are usually given in terms of numbers of words.

Unless the lecturer tells you that these limits are strict, it is normally acceptable to be 10% above or below this word limit (so, for example, a 2000 word assignment should be between 1800 and 2200 words). If the assignment uses the words “up to” (as in “up to 2500 words”) that usually means that you cannot go above the limit.

Use the tool below to calculate the acceptable range for an assignment (based on +/- 10%).

Unless the lecturer tells you otherwise, the word limit does not include ‘administrative’ sections of the assignment: the cover or title page, table of contents, table of figures, reference list, list of works cited, bibliography, or any appendices.

The word limit that you are given reflects the level of detail required . This means that if your assignment is too long, you're either taking too many words to explain your point or giving too many / too detailed examples. If your assignment is too short, either there is more to the answer than you have written or the assignment has not gone into enough detail about the answer.

  • Don't try to remove single words from your assignment. It is unlikely to reduce the assignment's length significantly, but it may confuse your argument . Instead, aim to remove or condense whole sections of your assignment.
  • You should not include something just because it is a fact, or just because it is included in your course materials. Include something only if it is relevant to your argument.
  • Be direct. State your point rather than writing many paragraphs to ‘lead up’ to it.
  • Go back to the question . Which sections relate to the point and which are secondary?
  • Go back to the plan . Which paragraphs fit in the overall structure? Which paragraphs overlap and can be combined?
  • Remove sections where you
  • Over-explain your point
  • Over-specify your point
  • Repeat yourself
  • Write off-topic or ramble
  • Remove multiple examples where one or two are sufficient.
  • Remove hedging language that adds little to the argument (e.g., it would seem that, it is possible that).

If you are often over the word count you should look at your writing style. See writing concisely for more.

Explain your argument fully

  • Make sure every argument in your head and in your plan is on the page.
  • Would a general (i.e., non-specialist) reader understand your point? Have someone else read over your assignment and ask you questions about it. What do they think is missing?
  • Are there gaps in your argument?
  • Does each point logically follow the last one, or do you jump over important points?

Look for the ‘hidden’ answer

  • What theories do you think the marker expects?
  • How does this relate to the materials from lectures and study guides? Use the course information in your answer to the assignment question.
  • Are there complications or contradictions in the argument or in your research? Explain them and explore them.

Flesh it out

  • Define any special terminology you've used that a general reader would not be familiar with.
  • Illustrate with more examples and/or quotations.
  • Contextualise and explain the quotations you use. How do they relate to your argument?

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How to write my essay of 10000-words? Many students who have received such an assignment puzzle over this question. A 10000-word essay is a comprehensive research piece requiring a lot of effort and time. Composing such a huge paper (roughly 40 pages) is no cakewalk.

But keep calm. If you can write 1000 words, you'll be able to write 10000 words as well. To help you with this task, presents the directory with free paper examples you can use to your advantage. Each 10000-word essay sample from our library is based on information from reliable sources and is well-structured, so it can be a perfect outline for your own piece. All sample 10000-word essays are provided by expert writers who have vast experience in academic writing.

Furthermore, offers you an opportunity to get your 10000-word academic paper completed with minimum effort. Our competent writers will help you write your essay from scratch within the required period and at a reasonable price.

Free LNG Leakage Within Building-Development Of Concentration Of Leaked Dissertation Example

Fire safety engineering

Concept Paper Dissertation Samples

The Role of the Teacher in Fostering a Positive Impact through Warm Demanding versus the Academic Performance of Students in Public School Setting: A Correlational Study

Graduate Faculty of the School of Education Requirements for the Degree of

Introduction 3

Statement of the Problem 5 Purpose of the Study 7 Research Questions 8 Hypotheses 9 Definition of Key Terms 10 Brief Review of the Literature 11 Summary 19 Research Method 21 Operational Definition of Variables 9 Measurement 10 Summary 19

References 12

A Descriptive Phenomenological Approach To Understanding ‘warm Demanding’: Evidence From Public School Teachers Dissertations Example

Concept Paper

Chapter 1: Introduction 1

Statement of the Problem 2 Purpose of the Study 4 Research Questions 4 Coding and Theoretical Framework 5 Definition of Key Terms 7 Chapter 2: Literature Review 8 Summary 12

References 14

Don't waste your time searching for a sample.

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The Overall Global Competitiveness Index 2011-2012 Rankings Are #1 Switzerland Essay Sample

Good essay about combating criminal narcotics activity along the southern border.

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Dissertation Help UK : Online Dissertation Help

Dissertation Word Count Breakdown

February 24, 2020

Dr Jana Martiskova

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Table of Contents

Dissertation Word Count and Breakdown– How To Follow The Assigned Word Limit Easily?

Underwriting or overwriting; are two of the most common errors that students make while composing their dissertations..

That is why it is important to know from the beginning how much the dissertation word count of each of the chapters should be. After you have the details of the word count of each of the sections, you can then design your schedule accordingly.

The dissertation word limit is allotted by the university where you study and the Master’s Dissertation word count may vary from the undergraduate dissertation word count or the Ph.D. dissertation word count.

Mostly the dissertation word length is between 10,000 words to 15,000 words but some may even go up to the level of 30,000 words.

dissertation word count breakdown

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But despite the total dissertation word count allotted, the main problem begins when students have to break down that word ratio into the headings of the dissertation . Here they make the common error of writing more words for a section that can be explained in less count and less count for a section that deserves more words.

So what is the solution to that problem?

Well, there are many online dissertation word count breakdown calculator websites available that can help you in that aspect. One advantage that they have is that they give an option to select degree level and word count is given accordingly.

However, a disadvantage that they serve is that not all of those calculators may be accurate.

So what to do now?

Navigating the complexity of dissertation word count.

If you’re wrestling with the intricacies of managing your dissertation word count, you’re not alone. Online tools and calculators, such as our dissertation word count breakdown calculator, aim to simplify this process. However, the accuracy of these tools can vary, underscoring the importance of choosing a reliable platform.

Choosing Accuracy for Your Dissertation Word Count

When exploring solutions for your dissertation word count, it’s essential to prioritize accuracy. Our online calculator stands out by allowing you to select your degree level, offering a tailored and more precise estimation of your word count.

Understanding the Dissertation Word Count Breakdown

For a more detailed breakdown based on a 10,000-word limit, let’s delve deeper into the word count allocation for each section of your dissertation:

Introduction (10% – 1000 words):

The introduction lays the groundwork for your dissertation, addressing the ‘whys’ behind your research. Dedicate 10% of your word count, equivalent to 1000 words, to this crucial section.

Literature Review (25% – 2500 words):

Analyzing past issues, the literature review is a substantial component, constituting 25% of your total word count, translating to 2500 words.

Methodology (15-20% – 1500 to 2000 words):

Answering the ‘how’ of your research, the methodology section encompasses 15-20% of your word count, ranging from 1500 to 2000 words.

Data Presentation (15% – 1500 words):

Presenting collected data, this section occupies 15% of your word count, totaling 1500 words.

Discussion, Analysis, And Data Interpretation (15-20% – 1500 to 2000 words):

Offering insights into your findings, this segment covers 15-20% of your word count, spanning from 1500 to 2000 words.

Summary, Conclusion, And Recommendations (15% – 1500 words):

Concluding your dissertation, this final section constitutes 15% of your entire dissertation or 1500 words.

Strategizing Your Dissertation Word Count

By adhering to the prescribed word count percentages for each section, you can efficiently manage your dissertation. This structured approach ensures that you allocate the appropriate word count to each vital component, facilitating a well-organized and coherent dissertation.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

If you’re ready to streamline your dissertation word count management, consider using our dissertation word count breakdown calculator. For personalized assistance, feel free to reach out to our expert team . We’re here to help you navigate the challenges of dissertation writing and ensure your success. Don’t let the word count complexities hold you back—empower your dissertation journey today!

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Paid Topic Mini Proposal (500 Words)


You will get the topics first and then the mini proposal which includes:

  • An explanation why we choose this topic.
  • 2-3 research questions.
  • Key literature resources identification.
  • Suitable methodology including raw sample size and data collection method
  • View a Sample of Service

Note: After submitting your order please must check your email [inbox/spam] folders for order confirmation and login details. If the email goes in spam please mark not as spam to avoid any communication gap between us.

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10000 word assignment

The Structure and Breakdown of 10000 Words Dissertation

The structure and the breakdown of the dissertation is the primary aspect that students are looking for when they begin writing their dissertation. If you've got a clear understanding of the word count for every chapter of dissertations, it can help make the dissertation writing process effortless. This article outlines expert writers from AHECounselling have given full guidelines on the structure and structure of a 10,000-word dissertation.

The structure and breakdown of the word count is just as crucial to for a dissertation as the layout or plan of a structure because it gives you the basis for the writing of dissertation. It is a fact the structure of a dissertation may differ due to the fact that the word count of dissertations can differ from one subject to another or even from one university to another. If you're required to write a dissertation your supervisor will give you the dissertation template or writing request. In this writing prompt for dissertations you will find a full description of the dissertation's structure will be included.

10,000 Words Dissertation Structure with Sections

Introduction how long is an introduction in a dissertation of 10000-words.

The initial part of the dissertation is referred to as the introduction. The introduction chapter in dissertations is composed of 10percent of your total dissertation. If you intend create a dissertation that is 10,000 words, the introduction chapter of a dissertation ought to be composed of 1000 pages. In the 1000 words, you must establish your research subject, outline your research objectives and to outline the goals of your dissertation, and outline the dissertation's structure.

Research methodology What should the length of an approach be in the form of a dissertation that is 10000 words?

The chapter on research methodology of a dissertation comprises 15percent of entire dissertation. For a dissertation of 10,000 words the chapter on research methodology of a dissertation ought to be composed in 1500 words. In the 1500-words, you need to outline the general structure and style for the dissertation. You must also give complete details to analyse the data , and also present a full understanding of the analysis of the research methodology. Additionally, you can get professional assistance in writing an Dissertation methodology chapter that is tailored to your requirements by our professional writers.

Literature review What should the length of the literature review take in a 10000-word dissertation?

The literature review section of a dissertation comprises thirty percent of entire dissertation. If you write a dissertation of 10,000 words and the length of the literature review chapter in the dissertation is 3000 words. In the 3000 words, you'll have to fill in the gaps in the literature, adopt a methodological approach to the topic, offer potential solutions to the remaining questions, and enhance the existing knowledge pertinent to the dissertation topic with the aid of new information.

Results/Findings: How many words should the findings and findings be in a dissertation of 1000 words?

The chapter on findings or results of a dissertation comprises five percent of the total dissertation. In a dissertation of 10,000 words the findings or the sections on results of dissertations is comprised of 500 words. In the 500 words, it's essential for the student to write a thorough review of the outcomes of their dissertation.

Conversation: What amount of sentences should the conversation have in an presentation?

The conversation or examination portion of a paper is 30 percent of the presentation. Similar to the  writing survey, the conversation or investigation section of your exposition should contain 3000 words. In these words, you will need to provide an outline of all the consequences of your results that relate to the main topic of your paper.

Recommendations and Ends How long is the best time to make a decision in a ten thousand word expository?

The suggestions and ends part of an exposition makes up 10percent of an thesis. In a paper of 10,000 words the proposal and the end section of an exposition will comprise 1000 words. In the 1000 words, you will need to summarize the main points that you want to discuss in your thesis. The final section of your thesis will give you a clear understanding of the central argument in the argument.

References: How many references are needed for 10000 words of a dissertation?

Students must back their work with authentic sources in order to avoid plagiarism. There is usually no limit set on the number of references required by institutions since it is contingent on the amount of literature available on a particular topic. However, you must not skip any research study, research paper or other study in your field. You should verify your research and use the most current sources to support your theory and to justify the importance and importance of your research subject. Additionally, you will require books, journals research papers, and articles that have been published before to write your review of the literature.

10000 word assignment

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Research Paper Topics For Medical

Top 5 Resources for Writing Excellent Academic Assignmentsb

Top 5 Resources for Writing Excellent Academic Assignments

How to Write a Literature Review for Academic Purposes

How to Write a Literature Review for Academic Purposes

10000 word assignment

Tips for Writing a killer introduction to your assignment

How To Write A Compelling Conclusion For Your University Assignment

How To Write A Compelling Conclusion For Your University Assignment

Social Science, research ideas

Research Papers Topics For Social Science

Best 150 New Research Paper Ideas For Students

Best 150 New Research Paper Ideas For Students

7 Best Plagiarism Checkers for Students And Teachers in 2024

7 Best Plagiarism Checkers for Students And Teachers in 2024

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Guide to Write How Many Paragraphs In A 10,000 Words Essay

Guide to Write How Many Paragraphs In A 10,000 Words Essay?

Many people are often troubled with the question of how many paragraphs there should be in an essay of 10,000 words. We all grew up learning that an essay has a minimum of three paragraphs. Many people believe a minimum is five paragraphs. But it is not fixed until it’s been instructed to write so. We will take you through a proper guide to understand it better about the paragraphs.

How long should the paragraph of an essay be?

An essay has three significant parts. The first one is the introduction, the next is the body text, and the final part is the conclusion. Your reader will be able to know a complete story from the introduction to the final part.

If we explain it for a five-paragraph essay, then the body text is prolonged to three paragraphs. However, it’s not limited, and it’s acceptable to write more or fewer paragraphs in this section.

Are you still thinking about how many paragraphs? Let’s give you some examples.

In academics, essay paragraphs are lengthy as compared to an online blog post. In a paragraph, there are around 100 words to 200. This makes it easier to understand how many paragraphs are 1000 words. It will consist of five to ten paragraphs.

What are the key points of an essay?

There are ways through which it can be known what the correct way to write is and how many paragraphs are needed to cover the topic. A paragraph needs to have all the concepts that support or discuss a single idea. When an essay is planned, you can do research and highlight the main elements required in its text. However, there is various information that needs to be discovers in every area.

Let’s suppose the essay topic is on childhood growth and revelation to technology, you will need to have a proper in-depth look into the influence of technology’s physical, psychological, and cognitive development on the kids. While researching, you can know there are various contrasting points of perception. Researchers have recognized various effects of tech use on children.

We can assume five psychological effects have been discovers. It means you have to write five paragraphs, which might be 3 pages or 4 pages if you need to present a knowledgeable essay.

If you have set a short word limit like a 500-word essay, then it means you cannot write an in-depth essay; in this case, a paragraph for each main topic will be enough.

Does it matter how many paragraphs are in an essay?

An essay is assessed on the details provides in it and not on the number of paragraphs presents. In earlier academic life, we all have been taught to present a structure of our essay and a guideline to follow for each part. The paragraphs do matter in an essay. The marks could be divides 50% for content and 50% for the structure.

What is the importance of following the rules?

A properly structured paragraph with details in sub-topics makes your written work easier to read and understand. The structure helps to make it presentable. It requires careful planning, including how much more or less you need to write and how many paragraphs are requires in your essay.

To make it easier for all the students to know the answer to the question “ How do you write an A+ essay?” we are providing a list of important points below.

  • Research the topic and make quotes.
  • Turn your concepts into a topic.
  • Make your topic transform into a thesis statement.
  • Develop an essay map
  • Utilize formulas for body paragraphs
  • Edit and proof-read

Many students still don’t know . Can an essay have 2 body paragraphs? An essay has three paragraphs which one paragraph is dedicating to the introduction, body text, and conclusion. In a five-paragraph essay , there are three paragraphs according to the books. Still, it is okay to write a 2 body paragraph or more than 3 body paragraphs in reality. Since the concept of paragraphs is more than clear, often students have questions about the following questions,

How many pages are 2,000 words, and How many pages are 3,000 words?

We do understand that it could be quite confusing to keep all of this in mind. However, a 2000-word essay would be easily writing into 4 pages, and a 3000-word essay would be completes on 6 pages. This is ideal but not limits. One can write more or less.

How long does it take to write a 1500-word essay?

For a 1500-word essay, one can easily complete it in five hours.

More In-depth details about how many paragraphs and pages there are,

This is for those students who want to follow the thumb rule; we have given below some of the best estimates on the number of paragraphs required according to lengths. You can use the following details for a general reference, but these numbers are for general ideas. Conversion of body paragraphs is provided to give an idea. It is crucial to know about it if you are writing the essay yourself however if you are outsourcing through Essay writing services , then their professionals would know the exact length of the paragraphs.

Essay Word to Paragraphs Conversions

How many paragraphs are 200 words.

3 paragraphs.

How many paragraphs are 250 words?

How many paragraphs are 500 words.

3 to 4 paragraphs.

How many paragraphs are 700 words?

4 to 5 paragraphs.

How many paragraphs is 750 words?

5 to 6 paragraphs.

How many paragraphs are 1000 words?

6 to 7 paragraphs.

How many paragraphs are 1500 words?

7 to 8 paragraphs.

How many paragraphs is 1200 words?

8 to 9 paragraphs.

How many paragraphs are 2000 words?

13 to 14 paragraphs.

How long is a 10000-word essay?

66 to 67 paragraphs.

How many paragraphs make a page?

2 to 3 paragraphs make a page.

How many paragraphs are 2 pages double-spaces?

There are 4 to 6 paragraphs in a two-page paper or six and twelve in a five-page essay.

How many pages are 10,000 words?

10,000 words are equal to 20-single spaced A4 pages or 40 double-spaced A4 pages.

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10000 word assignment

The most important reason for getting assignment help is lack of time. Since it's impossible to cover all project by their deadlines, it's clear why students need professional writing. However, the help provided is in good faith, and solely to assist students in their academic pursuit.

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10000 word assignment


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10000 Word Dissertation Breakdown for New Students -Uniresearchers

Writing a lengthy dissertation can be a bit tricky task because organizing the structure and deciding the word count. It is because of this reason that there are dissertation help in the UK to provide students with correct guidance on how to write a lengthy dissertation. There are many dissertation writing services in the UK. A dissertation is required to be structured in a particular manner and the word count and the type of research topic also plays a key role in the. Of the total word count, 10% of it should be dedicated to writing the introduction part which is the first chapter of the dissertation. Since a base or platform of the entire dissertation is required to be created within this chapter, therefore, 10% of the word count is required to be allotted to this section. Within this section, the research aims and objectives, research questions, the background of the research and the outline of the research are covered. Since each of these aspects are required to be covered in small portions of words therefore, 10% of the word count is justifiable in this section. Thus, in a dissertation of 10000 words, 1000 words are required to be allotted to the introduction chapter.

The next chapter is the literature review which is one of the lengthiest chapters of the dissertation as the theoretical foundation of the dissertation is required to be build in this chapter. Of the total word count the literature review section is required to have a 30% of the total word count. In this chapter the views and the opinions of the different authors and scholars are covered and arguments are presented to understand the different perspective about the subject. Furthermore, the theories and the models related to the research subject are covered in this chapter. Since arguments and counter arguments are required to be given in all the sub headings of the literature review to enhance the overall quality, the high word count is

allotted to this section. Not only this, a sub section of research gap is also required to be covered in the literature review which although does not require majority of the word count but still, clarity of aspects is required to be considered which makes it up to a significant portion of the word count. Thus, 30% of the total word allotment for the literature review section is justifiable. Therefore, in a dissertation of 10000 words 3000-word count allotment to the literature review is apt.

The next chapter of the dissertation is research methodology which is known for providing a blueprint of information about the manner in which the research is intended to be carried out. The different research methods are discussed at a stretch in this chapter. Basically Sounder’s onion model is used in this chapter to understand the manner in which research aspects are bifurcated and the manner in which each of them is required to be selected. Furthermore, the philosophical approach and the data analysis approach is required to be presented in this chapter. Not only this, the manner in which data is to be analysed is discussed along1 with the sampling aspects. Therefore, allotting a total of 15% of the total word count to this chapter is sufficient. Data findings is the next chapter which is headed after the research methodology chapter. In this section, the collected data is simply put down in words and therefore, allotting just 5% of the total word count is sufficient. An in-depth analysis of dissertation findings is required to be provided in this section which does not cover much of word count. Critical thinking and discussion is the next chapter involved which is again the main part of the dissertation and thus a major part of the word count is required to be allotted to this section. A comprehensive overview of the results and their relevance to the dissertation is required to be covered in this dissertation. The findings are required to be discussed in congruence with the themes of the dissertation. Therefore, in a dissertation of 10000, allotting 3000 words to this chapter is justifiable. Conclusion is the last chapter of the dissertation which is required to be about 10% of the total word count. Thus, in this chapter, all the necessary information and findings from the dissertation are required to be summarised and at the same time, some recommendations are also required to be provided. Thus, in a dissertation of total 10000 words, 1000 words are justifiable for the conclusion chapter.

It is necessary to maintain the word count per section throughput the entire document as it helps in preventing from over boarding with the writing and at the same time ensures that nothing is underwritten. A 10000 word dissertation structure is given below-

Structing the dissertation

A dissertation is required to have 5 or 6 chapters. The format consists of-

  • Topic introduction
  • Analysis of existing literature for forming theoretical base
  • Outline of how conclusions were coming upon
  • In-depth analysis of findings and relevance to the field
  • Summary of results that demonstrates the value of study
  • ent id details are given

Acknowledgement – expressing the gratitude to all who contributed in the dissertation Abstract – providing a brief synopsis of work Table of contents – List of chapters along with page numbers are provided. List of figures – the figures used in dissertation along with the page number are mentioned

Introduction – Groundwork of the dissertation is presented

Literature Review – compiling the previous data from the past researches.

Methodology – the overall credibility of the research can be found out on the basis of methodology provided.

Results – the data gathered from the different sources is presented in this chapter. This chapter can be organised in different manner as per the requirements.

Discussion – the significance and application of findings of the research are discussed in this chapter. The findings are analysed and explained how they relate to the hypothesis.

Conclusion – the summary of the dissertation is presented along with the recommendations based on the findings. List of references- an exhaustive reference list of different sources used is given. Appendix – only relevant information that is in context to the information used in the dissertation is included in this section.

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10000 Word Essay Examples

blog author name

Table of Contents

10000 Word Essay On Human Resource Management

The leaders play a significant role in the growth of the organization. They tend to provide guidance and support to the employees as well as make the decisions for the company in association with the various other directors of the organization.  It is being stated by the author Dasgupta, Suar and Singh (2013), that the leaders of the organization are the one who communicates both with the employees as well as the directors or the people belonging to the higher position of management of the organization. However, the approaches of communication which are mainly taken by the employees to communicate are not the same. The aim of the paper is to understand the communicational approaches which must be utilized by the leader in order to communicate. The paper will be focusing on a situation of the need of extending a health care facility in another city in which there is a requirement of the services.   The paper will be highlighting the facts or the information which must be incorporated in the communication by the leader, the communicational approach initiated by the leader in each group, and the challenges which are being faced by the leader from each group. Leaders must seek last-minute assignment help to effectively incorporate essential information, adapt communication approaches, and address distinct challenges within each group for successful outcomes.

It is the role of the leader to present the right information as well as the evidence to both the employees as well as the board of directors about the expansion of the health care facility in another city where is the requirement of the services.   In order to represent the information, the leader must incorporate the very necessity of the health care expansion. This will enable the directors to get convinced easily and approve the expansion of the health care facility. Additionally, it is also important for the leader to present the profits of the expansion of the health care in another city.  On the other hand, it is important for the leader to ensure that he has conducted the external analysis of the new location in which the health care facility can be initiated. This will help in avoiding any form of objections in establishing the organization. Additionally, this will even lead to the smooth running of the organization with a higher rate of profit. Therefore, the leader needs to incorporate such information in the presentation.  Additionally, the leader must even examine the policies of the government and must even provide them in the presentation.  On the other hand, while presenting it to the employees, the leader must ask all the employee to work with greater collaboration and find out details which can be of greater help for the organization.  Additionally,  the leader must ask the employees to give their valuable opinion and suggestions for the reason for expansion so that the right conduction of the expansion of the health care facility in another city can be initiated.

To communicate with the directors of the organization or the management heads of the organization, it is very important for the leader to utilize the manipulative form of communication. Liu (2016), states the fact that the manipulative form of communication can be considered to be one that is scheming and even calculating.  Researches show that manipulative communicators are mainly are the ones who are good at impacting or even controlling others for their own advantages. Through the utilization of the manipulative form of communication, the leader will be able to influence the directors or the management head of the organization.  Through the utilization of the manipulative form of communication, the leader will even be able to have an underlying message when they speak.  Through the utilization of this style of communication, the leader will be able to communicate to the directors and equally convince them for the expansion.  The leader must try to put his points along with the evidence for justification to the directors so that the directors get easily convinced. For the purpose of communicating with the employees, it is important for the leader to conduct the

the assertive form of communication. Hwang and Park (2018), states the fact that assertive communication is one of the best styles of communication which is being utilized for the purpose of dealing and even for the purpose of utilization. Researches show that they are mainly the effective form of communicators who tends to have high esteem.   This is the reason for which they are neither very aggressive and very passive (Niess and Diefenbach, 2016).  Through the use of the assertive style of communication, it is important for the leader to confidently put forward his opinion without pushing the restriction and neither being controlling. Choudhury et al., (2019), states that the people who utilize the assertive form of education are the ones who do not harm other individuals.  Additionally, it is to be noted that it is highly important for the leader to discuss the problem and even be very much straightforward and open.  Additionally, it is important for the leader to expect that suggestions or opinions will be coming from the employees which must be rightly heard by the leader (Swift et al., 2013).  It is very important for the leader to ensure that the employees who are providing their suggestions are not being disrespected.  Additionally, through the help of the assertive form of communication, it is important for the leader to ensure that they are appreciating the other employees of the organization. This will eventually lead to the expansion of more ideas which can further lead to the profit of the organization in itself.

Receive high-quality, original papers, free from AI-generated content.


A leader can face a huge number of challenges while communicating with both the directors as well a the employees of the organization. One of the basic problems which can be faced by the leader in communicating with the management as well as the employees is that of the language barrier (Miehle, Minker, and Ultes, 2018). The difference in language can lead to misinterpretation. This can further lead to a huge amount of problems and issues which can lead to the delay in the expansion of the organization.   One of the main issues which are can be faced by communicating with the directors is that the directors can be very aggressive and may not be convinced with the facts of the leader. Therefore, the leader might face problems in convincing the directors. Additionally, there will be problems regarding the collaboration and coordination among the employees. The lack of collaboration from the employees can lead the leader to face a various number of problems. Additionally, the employees might be disinterest and can not come up with any form of solutions or resolutions by which it is will be difficult for the leader to provide evidence to the directors.

In conclusion, it is to be noted that communication is one of the most effective forms which is mainly utilized in order to provide viewpoints. It can be considered as the medium which is being utilized in order to express one’s own beliefs, notions, values, and ideas. However, the wrong style of communication can invite various problems. It can lead to the wrong representation of the views. Therefore, it is highly important for any individual to understand the different styles of communication and must implement them in accordance with it.  Different situations require different styles of communication. Therefore,  in this context, it is important for the leader to assert the right style of communication with both the employees and the directors of the organization and lead to the expansion of the health care facility in the place where there is the requirement of the service.

Choudhury, P., Wang, D., Carlson, N. A., & Khanna, T. (2019). Machine learning approaches to facial and text analysis: Discovering CEO oral communication styles.  Strategic Management Journal ,  40 (11), 1705-1732.

Dasgupta, S. A., Suar, D., & Singh, S. (2013). Impact of managerial communication styles on employees’ attitudes and behaviours.  Employee relations .

Hwang, J., & Park, S. (2018). An exploratory study of how casino dealer communication styles lead to player satisfaction.  Journal of Travel & Tourism Marketing ,  35 (9), 1246-1260.

Liu, M. (2016). Verbal communication styles and culture. In  Oxford research encyclopedia of communication .

Miehle, J., Minker, W., & Ultes, S. (2018, May). What causes the differences in communication styles? a multicultural study on directness and elaborateness. In  Proceedings of the Eleventh International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC 2018) .

Niess, J., & Diefenbach, S. (2016). Communication styles of interactive tools for self-improvement.  Psychology of Well-being ,  6 (1), 3.

Swift, J. A., Choi, E., Puhl, R. M., & Glazebrook, C. (2013). Talking about obesity with clients: Preferred terms and communication styles of UK pre-registration dieticians, doctors, and nurses.  Patient education and counseling ,  91 (2), 186-191.

Explore Some Greatest Examples Of 10000 Words Essay Paper Topics

How should I format 10000 words essay? Many pupils who have been given a similar task are perplexed by this one. 10000 words paper is a lengthy research paper that takes a lot of time and effort to complete. Writing a paper of length (approximately 40 pages) is no easy task.

A typical graduate-level college project is 10000 words essay. The discipline and organization will have an impact on its structure. Furthermore, a work between 10,000 and 11,000 words long is not always an essay. Such a long study report might be given to a student. The potential research areas might include things like psychology, marketing, and economics.

You should be more constructive when you are working on a 10000 words paper.

If you search for 10000 words essay example, the best option is to seek essay writing help  from writers of essay writing service.

We have experts who can offer you the best ideas on 1000 words essay topics.

Let’s discover some examples 10000 random words essay:  

Barriers faced by female African American college students

External Environment and Its Impacts on China

New Product Development: Media for Social Change: Producers, Viewers, and Content The impact of mobile language learning assistance on employee performance

The Elderly’s Alcohol Abuse Treatment

The Association Between Smoking and Asthma The Impact of Globalization on Developing Nations’ Business Involuntary Relocation in Urban Transportation

Brexit’s Effect on Startup Businesses

Relocation Projects in Urban Transportation Without Consent

The Rewards of Contracting Out Operations: Safety Considerations of a Commercial Airport

 Biotensegrity Model in Organizational Culture: The ADPC and Teraji Case

Most Popular Questions Searched By Students:

Q.1: what is a 10000-word essay.

Ans:  A 10000-word essay is one of the most popular college assignments. It is a standard college level project, and the structure depends on the assignment guideline. As per the term, the essay length should be 10000 words. Unfortunately, many students get confused while writing such lengthy essay papers, and the topic becomes a real headache. Moreover, writing 10000 words on a topic is quite daunting because one needs to do tremendous research to gather enough information. Do you have short on a deadline? Don’t waste your time and get help with’s essay writing service.       

Q.2: How Many Paragraphs Should A 10000-Word Essay Contain?

Ans:  Factually a research paper might be assigned of such length. Considering the number of paragraphs, you should make at least 65 to 110 on average. The number may differ from topic to topic. Make sure you have made a detailed plan before starting the assignment. 

 Q.3: How Long Does It Take To Write A 10000-Word Essay?

Ans:  Writing a 10000-word essay will take about 5 hours if the writer has an average keyboard typing speed, and if it is handwritten, it might take 8 to 9 hours. But the required time depends on the writing skill, in-depth knowledge, a wide range of research work and assembling collected information.

Q.4: How Long Would It Take To Create The First Draft Of A 10000-Word Essay?

Ans:  When it comes to writing the first draft of a 10000-word essay, a professional essay writer can do it within 2 hours. However, if you choose’s essay assignment service, you will get an update regarding writing your first draft within 2 to 2.5 hours.   

 Q.5: If A Professor Says To Write An Essay That Is 10000 Words, Does That Mean I Can Stop At 10000?

Ans:  If your professor says to write an essay that is 10000 words, it means the maximum word count is 10000 words though it can exceed 10100 to 10125 words. But please finish your essay within 10000 words. 

Q.6: Would I Get A Good Grade If I Wrote More Than 10000 Words For A 10000-Word Essay?

Ans:  The answer is NO! if you write more than 10000 words for a 10000-word essay, there is no good chance of getting a good score within the deadline. The professors at the graduate level are strict about the word limit, and If you exceed it, you will surely get serious punishment.     

Q.7: How Difficult Is It To Write A 10000-Word Essay In A Day?

Ans:  It is not difficult to write a 10000 word essay in a day because most essay writers at can complete your 10000-word essay within 24 hours, and we have been providing high quality, informative and lengthy essays to students for the last decade.   

Q.8: How To Write A 10000-Word Essay In One Night?

Ans:  Writing a 10000-word essay in one night can be tiresome for students. 

Wake up early

Make a plan for the essay

Start research work 

Now, assemble all the information 

Make the first draft within 2 hours 

Take a break 

Now, revise and edit 

Q.9: How To Write A Good 10000-Word Essay In Two Weeks?

Ans:  If you have two weeks in your hand to write a good 10000-word essay, then allot time in the following way:

2 hours for topic selection 

Now research for the next two days 

Cite the sources 

Now, make an outline 

Complete your first draft in the next 3 days 

Revise and edit after taking a 1-day break from the essay writing. 

Q.10: Will My Professor Be Impressed If I Write More Than 10000 Words?

Ans:  No, there is no surety that your professor will be impressed if you write more than 10000 words. However, if you write relevant information, then they might be considerate.       

Q.11: How Long Should An Introduction Be For A 10000-Word Essay?

Ans:  When it comes to a 10000-word essay introduction, you should make it within 1000 words. An introduction to an essay like this can take 2 or 3 pages long.  

Q.12:  How Long Should A Conclusion Be For A 10000-Word Essay?

Ans:  A conclusion to a 10000-word essay can take 1 and a half pages long, which means the word count will be 500 to 700 words.  

 Q.13: I Have A 10000-Word Essay Due. What Should I Do?

Ans:  Well, if you have a 10000-word essay due and your deadline is tomorrow, don’t waste your time and avail yourself of the best essay writers at We are always ready to give you the best solutions within 3 hours.  

Alexander Andeerson

Alexander Andeerson

Hi, my name is Alexander Anderson. I am 30, and I am an English writing expert based in Melbourne. I started writing and blogging from a young age, and most of my write-ups are based on real experiences and self-taught. Currently, I write Academic Blogs for Students all across the Globe at In addition to guiding students on their writing projects, I have also written on the topics of modern and contemporary art. If there’s something that I love more than Literature and art, it’s my Hungarian furry bud “Amos”. When I am not working, I am spending time with this greatest blessing in my life. 

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Essay topics

How to revise an essay, essay hooks.

Get original papers written according to your instructions and save time for what matters most.

My Assignments Pro

  • The Structure and Breakdown Of 10,000 Words Dissertation

Do my assignments

  • By myaproadm

When students begin writing a dissertation, one of the first things they look for is a structure and breakdown. If you know exactly how many words each chapter of your dissertation should have, it will be much easier to write it. This post offers a detailed explanation of a 10,000-word dissertation’s structure and breakdown by My Assignments Pro’s qualified writers.

Writing a dissertation relies on the foundation provided by the dissertation’s structure and breakdown of word count just as much as a building does. Even though a dissertation’s format may differ from subject to subject or university to institution, it is a given that it will not be the same. A dissertation template or dissertation writing prompt will be provided when you are asked to write one. 

The Dissertation Structure of 10,000 Words

For years, students have been puzzled by the structure and breakdown of a 10000-word dissertation.

In a 10000-word dissertation, how long should the introduction be?

A dissertation’s introduction is the first substantial section of the document. 10% of a dissertation’s content is found in the first chapter. When writing a 10,000-word dissertation, the first chapter should be no more than 1,000 words. Your study subject, research questions, dissertation objectives, and dissertation format will all need to be stated in these 1000 words or less.

10000-word dissertation: How long should the literature review be?

This chapter makes up 30 percent of the entire dissertation. The literature review chapter of a 10,000-word thesis will be 3000 words long. It is imperative that you use these 3000 words as an opportunity to address the gap in the literature, provide alternative solutions to unanswered questions, and strengthen the current knowledge.

What is the proper length of a methodology section in a 10000-word dissertation?

15% of a dissertation is devoted to the research methodology chapter. The methods chapter of a 10,000-word thesis should be 1500 words long. In approximately 1500 words, you will need to describe the overall organization and style of the dissertation and all the information you need to assess the data and evaluate the research techniques. Our skilled writer can also assist you in writing a Dissertation methodology chapter tailored to your specific needs when your search on Google “ Do my assignments ” .

How many words should a 10000-word dissertation’s findings and outcomes be?

Results or findings are 5% of the entire dissertation length’s. The findings or results part of a 10,000-word dissertation is 500 words long. Students must present a thorough evaluation of their dissertation’s findings in just 500 words.

A dissertation’s discussion section should not exceed a specific word count.

Analyses and discussions make about 30% of a dissertation’s total length. There should be no more than 3000 words in the analysis or discussion section of a dissertation. These 3000 words will be used to outline the consequences of your research findings that are pertinent to your dissertation’s central topic.

If you’re writing a 10000-word dissertation, how long should your conclusion be?

Approximately 10% of a dissertation is devoted to the conclusion and recommendations section of the document. 1000 words are the average length of the conclusion and recommendations section of a 10,000-word thesis. You’ll need to sum up your dissertation’s main themes in these 1000 words. The central argument of a dissertation is made evident in this final chapter of the dissertation.

How many citations are needed for a 10000-word paper?

To avoid plagiarism, students are expected to cite reliable sources in their writing. In most cases, universities do not restrict the number of references included in a paper. To support your study hypothesis, you need to use credible and up-to-date evidence, as well as the most recent references. In addition, you will need to look through academic journals, books, research papers, and articles that have already been published.

If you are still struggling, you should seek the advice of a specialist. There are professionals from every academic discipline available at My Assignments Pro to help you plan your 10,000-word dissertation. We are the best possible answer to your search ‘Do my assignments ’.

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10000 word assignment

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The Complete Guide to Breaking Down a 10000-Word Dissertation

Breaking down a 10000 word dissertation.

Table Of Contents

  • What Are the Elements of a 10,000-Word Dissertation?
  • How to Write a 10,000-Word Dissertation in Just 10 Days?
  • Who Can Help in Writing a 10,000-Word Dissertation?

Breaking Down and Structuring of a 10,000-Word Dissertation

Dissertation writing is a hectic task!

Yes! It indeed is, but no need to worry!

Seek premium dissertation writing service!

And Assignment Prime writers will assist you! 

When you are pursuing an undergraduate or post-graduation degree, you might be asked to draft a dissertation of 10,000 words. Hearing the word count itself can drive students crazy or lead to anxiety. If you are also facing a similar situation, you should read this blog crafted by Assignment Prime, a leading dissertation writing service provider.

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Difference between reliability and validity

What Are the Elements of a 10000-Word Dissertation?

The first thing that comes to students’ minds when they discuss a 10,000-word dissertation is, “What are the elements that I should include in it?” So, here are the elements that constitute this dissertation; make sure to not miss any of them in your document 

1. Abstract

The abstract is the summary of your dissertation. It presents the main motive and meaning of this study in a condensed form. This can be as long as one page but not more than that, and this is not counted in the 10,000 word limit of your dissertation.

2. Introduction

Introduction, as you may already know, is the initial section of your dissertation that gives the reader an insight into your dissertation. It includes the topic question, thesis statement, methods used, the approach followed, and the findings resulted in. This contributes to 10% of your word limit, and in a 10,000-word dissertation, you can write this up to 1000 words. 

3. Literature Review

A literature review is another important segment of your dissertation. Here you need to provide information on the previous studies conducted on this topic and the loopholes in them if any. Also, you need to explain how your research can fill the gap between the previous studies and further research. This includes 25% of the total words, which sums up to 2500 in a 10,000-word dissertation.

4. Methodology

When working on a dissertation, you come across various stages where you need to implement different methodologies to find results. So, you can mention them and explain them in detail in this section. So, this section takes up to 20% of the total words, which is around 2000 words.

5. Analysis and Results

When you conduct a study, you surely are to find some results, right? Similarly, when you are working on a dissertation, you do some analysis and results. So, this section is dedicated to your analysis and the results part. Also, this takes up to 3000 words, which is around 30% of your dissertation.

6. Discussion and Conclusion

After you have conducted the study, there is so much that you need to discuss it. And once you are done with it, you need to conclude the whole study. You can include these two sections in your dissertation within a limit of 1500 words, which contribute to 15%.

7. Bibliography

Now the last section is dedicated to the bibliography where you can include the list of sources from where you have collected information for your dissertation writing task. Though this does not contribute to the total word count of your dissertation, it is a very important segment of your work.

These are the elements of a 10,000-word dissertation that you should keep in mind while drafting your document. Let us now look into ‘how to write a dissertation?’

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How to Write a 10000-Word Dissertation in Just 10 Days?

If you are running out of time and just have 10 days left for the submission date, then this section is for you! Here, we have explained how to write a dissertation of 10,000 words in just a span of 10 days. Sounds interesting, right? So, let’s take a look at it:

  • Completing a dissertation of 10,000 words in 10 days is not a joke. It is like writing 1000 words a day.
  • Prepare your mind to work in a manner that you could complete this writing task on time.
  • Read and understand all the requirements for your dissertation so that you do not miss anything in the later stage.
  • Now, it’s time to research and gather all the information you can for your dissertation.
  • Now, prepare an outline of the whole document to know in what order you need to write and where to include which information.
  • Now, it’s time you prepare a plan, keeping in mind the deadline and the information. If possible, schedule it and stick it on a wall where it us easily visible to you.
  • Now, bring your plan to action and make sure to complete the writing part at the earliest.
  • Once you are done, take a small break and get back to the editing and proofreading part to ensure your work is flawless. 

Follow these simple steps, and watch your dream of scoring the best grades in the dissertation come true. If you are unsure about writing it, then focus on the  8 key elements to create a perfect dissertation structure . And, in case of any trouble, you can just contact us, and our Dissertation writers will make sure to help you through it.

Who Can Help Students in Writing a 10000-Word Dissertation?

If you are anxious about your dissertation writing task and wondering who can help you with it, turn to Assignment Prime. Yes! We have the world’s best team of researchers, writers, editors, proofreaders, and quality analysts who will make sure to put their best efforts into your work. This will bring you the best results and you can impress your professor and score the top grade. 

This is not only for a dissertation; you can also count on us for other services, such as essay writing, help with assignment, research paper help, summary writing help, and a lot more. We are a one-stop solution for any academic writing trouble. So, contact us now!

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10000 word assignment

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10000 word assignment

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How To Structure And Break Down A 10000-Word Dissertation?

10000 word dissertation structure

Author : Jess Healy

  • Dissertation

Creating a 10000 word dissertation structure is a complex process for any student. A dissertation comprises sections and information that take up a lot of time and consideration. It is an academic writing piece that requires long and descriptive information to be presented. The presentation of a dissertation needs to be thought out well and in advance. This is so because of the lengthy nature of the writing process. If you make any error in the initial stages of the dissertation, it messes up your whole process.

What goes behind the process of thinking about its structure is something a lot of students struggle with. Do you struggle with planning the structure of a 10000 word dissertation? If so, then this is the right module for you to check out. Keep reading further to learn about how to structure your dissertation. We will also provide you with the quantitative information on the word count. How much weightage does each section require? How are you supposed to divide the 10000 word count into these sections? Without further ado, let us dive into this process.

1000 Words Dissertation

How Should You Structure A 10000 Words Dissertation?

The dissertation consists of different sections, and each section's weightage differs. But before diving into the word count, we should know what contents go into each section. The 10000 word dissertation structure requires careful planning and consideration. It will depend on the kind of subject you have chosen. It is believed that it also differs from one university to another. You should get in touch with your authorities and share your concerns to be mindful of what you are going to write.

The basic structure of the dissertation is:

Abstract (Pre-Introduction)

Table of contents, introduction, literature review, methodology, results (final findings).

The subdivision of each section will reveal that there is more to include in your dissertation. Before doing the dissertation word count breakdown, we will learn to include the information relevant to the section. There should be no confusion regarding the input of each section and how it should be presented. That is first why we will show you what information will be included in each section. Then, we will proceed further with the word count breakdown of your dissertation.

What Content Should Go Into Each Section?

Now, we will dive into the in-depth section analysis of what each section should include. Let us understand the substantial ingredients of your 10000 word dissertation structure. The kind of information you have to put in each section depends on the section's requirements. If you are writing an introduction, what information should it include? What will your methodology look like? Does your dissertation require graphical representations along with the theories?

These are very few of the questions students generally ask when they opt for our dissertation writing services. This has provided us with an edge to understand the confusion of students and their concerns. We know that students struggle with this particular information on what each section should include. Let us spill the beans on what kind of information each section reflects. Be mindful of some contents that your university does not need as per the given guidelines.

The title page of your dissertation with 10000 words should include this information:

  • Title of the dissertation (chosen topic)
  • The name of the author (your or different names in affiliation)
  • The name of your university
  • Date (of the submission)

The abstract of your 10000 word dissertation structure should consist of the following information:

  • Provide a summary of the dissertation's title
  • Write about the question related to your research
  • Include the kind of methodology you will use
  • Mention the findings of the dissertation
  • Talk about the conclusions provided

The table of contents section of your dissertation of 10000 words must:

  • Include all the headings and subheadings with their page numbers

The introduction of your 10k words dissertation includes all the following information:

  • Provide an introduction to the topic
  • Talk about the background of the topic
  • Discuss your thesis statement
  • State the scope of your research
  • Explain the methodology used

The literature review of your dissertation 10000 words structure should include the following:

  • Give the literature review of an already existing literature
  • Share the key insights on the previous literature and research
  • Identify the key theories of your research
  • Talk about the concepts that you included in your literature review
  • Analyse the literature and share the approach you took
  • Disintegrate the literature and highlight any gaps you found

The methodology of the dissertation, which is 10000 words, should include the following:

  • Include any qualitative and quantitative aspects of the research
  • Mention if there were any combination of methods you deployed
  • Include any surveys, interviews, and experiments you did
  • Explain the methodology you chose for the 10000 word dissertation structure

The result section of your dissertation with 10000 words should include the following:

  • Represent your final findings clearly and concisely
  • Use graphical representations to show the results
  • Provide perspectives and interpretations on your findings
  • Create correlations between the interpretations and the question at the beginning

This section of the 10000 words of dissertation should include the following:

Provide an analysis of the final findings and share interpretations

  • Relate the interpretations to the research question
  • Talk about the consequences of your findings
  • Mention if there are any limitations to your interpretation
  • Recommendations for any further research

This section from the dissertation 10000 words structure should include the following:

  • Summarise the information in your dissertation and all that you have written
  • Represent the significance of the information and the research work done
  • Talk about the further scope of the final findings and interpretation
  • Give any recommendations on further research of the dissertation

In this section of the dissertation, which is 10000 words, you should include the following:

  • List all the sources of information cited in the dissertation
  • Follow the specific citation style as per the guidelines

The section of appendices should include the following in your dissertation of 1000 words:

  • Add any other study material to your dissertation, such as questionnaires, etc.

Amount Of Word Count In Each Section

You understand the information you are going to put into your dissertation. If there is still any confusion, take dissertation writing services. Our team of academic experts will guide you through the whole dissertation. They will make sure that you understand the process well. They will allow you to present your dissertation in a professional manner and create an impression. The more you make it presentable, the more your readers will find it engaging. This will make your dissertation up for a full score and improve your overall grades.

You have understood what kind of information you have to put into each section of your dissertation. Look at the table below to learn about the dissertation word count breakdown. The breakdown is provided with the overall percentage of that section. This means that the percentage shows the overall percentage of the total word count of the dissertation.

Remember that this is just an idea of how you should manage the word count in each section. We suggest that you should align your word count in between or near to the mentioned ones. Else, in all other cases, you must follow the guidelines provided by your university.

 The table does not include a Title Page, Table Of Contents, References or Appendices. We have done so because, generally, their word count is not included in the 10000 word dissertation structure. Again, refer to your university's official guidelines.

We Are All Done Here

You are equipped with insights into what kind of structure you have to create for a 10000-word dissertation. We have also given you a detailed breakdown of the 10000 words dissertation's word count. Now, it is time for you to start working on your dissertation!

A bonus tip from us - make sure that you have reviewed your dissertation before submitting it. Proofread and make the necessary corrections to make it look professional and presentable. If you ever need professional assistance, then we have special dissertations proofreader services for you. Good luck!

Our Experts can answer your Assignment questions instantly.

Loved reading this Blog? Share your valuable thoughts in the comment section.

About the Author

10000 word assignment

Jess Healy is a dissertation writing professional who began with guest lectures at the universities in Manchester in 2011. He specialises in several fields such as literature, linguistics, creative writing and semantics. With his passion for learning and reading, he received the “Best Researcher of the Year” award in 2017. He believes in his values and is committed to boosting student success inside and outside the educational institutions. Jess joined My Assignment Services in 2014 and is now leading two of the company’s major projects.


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Date: July 8, 2023

Perfect Structure Of The Dissertation With 10000 Words

Dissertation writing is not a simple task. It is one of the lengthiest processes that can take months of the students while working hard to adjust to the dissertation’s needs. Students have to tackle the unexpected factors throughout the process of writing and researching for the dissertation. Therefore, the students must have a good and complete knowledge of the structure before jumping into the writing details. If you get a complete idea about the structure according to the requirement of the word count, the entire process of dissertation writing will become effective and easy for you.

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How To Organise Your Dissertation Structure?

Understanding the structure can solve many types of problems that you might face without comprehending the dissertation structure effectively. Once you have comprehended each and every requirement of the structure, make sure that you also focus on the requirements of each chapter and its components. Every component of the dissertation is specifically targeted for a certain objective of the research. Therefore, ensure that you know what to write in different components of the chapters so that each chapter and the entire dissertation collectively achieve its objectives and goals significantly.

What Are The Chapters Of The Dissertation?

The complete academic dissertation is based on the 5 chapters. All of these chapters are additionally divided into various components that complete each chapter’s requirements. Students have to make sure that they have understood each and every requirement of the chapter and its components in order to get the best results of the thesis.

Before talking about the chapters and components of the dissertation’s structure, ensure that if your thesis supervisor has provided you with some specific guidelines try to follow the same.

Let’s see the breakdown of these chapters in detail;

Chapter# 1: The Introduction

  • Introduction
  • Background Of The Problem
  • Problem Statement
  • Purpose Of The Study
  • Research Questions
  • Significance Of The Study
  • Definitions
  • Limitations And Assumptions

Chapter# 2: Literature Review

  • Description Of The Research
  • Conceptual Framework
  • Review Of The Research

Chapter# 3: Research Methodology

  • Research Design
  • Hypothesis And Research Questions
  • Sample And Population
  • Data Collection
  • Data Analysis

Chapter# 4: Results And Findings

  • Results And Findings

Chapter# 5:  Summary

  • Summary Of Results And Findings
  • Conclusion Based On Hypothesis And Research Questions
  • Recommendation For Future Research

Mentioned above is a complete structure of the thesis along with its components. You need to understand the requirements and demands of each of its components if you want the desired results for research and writing an academic paper.

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Breakdown Of 10000 Words In The Dissertation

Most students cannot understand the breakdown of words into the sections of the thesis. Every part of the dissertation has its own requirements of word limits which cannot be exceeded at any cost. You need to calculate the exact percentage of the words to be incorporated in every section of the dissertation’s structure. Let’s see how should you break down the words requirement throughout every section of the thesis.

The structure and the dissertation breakdown is the first thing that students need to understand before starting working on the research process. Once you understand the requirements for each chapter, whether it is for the word count limits for incorporating the information into the sections, believe me, the entire process will become significant and easy simultaneously.

Understanding the requirements of every chapter three sets the pace of your presentation based on which you can easily understand what to do and what to avoid throughout the process of research. However, the requirements of the word count limits can vary from college to college and university to university. Therefore, make sure that you comprehend the entire guidelines of the teachers and follow the same for the desired results.

Let’s see the requirements of world limits and detail for each chapter of the dissertation;

The Introduction: (10% Of The Total Word Count Of 10000)

The first and the most important chapter of the dissertation is the introduction. This entire chapter of the dissertation should be 10% of the total word count of 10000 or as per the requirement of your instructor. So if you are writing a dissertation consisting of 10000 words then your introduction chapter should be 1000 that makes 10% of 10,000. It is necessary to provide a brief introduction of the selected topic of your research whilst eating the research questions and research objectives at the same time.

The prime objective of the introduction chapter is to give a good overview to the targeted audience about what is actually you are going to pursue throughout your research and dissertation writing. One of the reasons why the introduction chapter is the most important one is that it allows you to grab the attention of the readers from the very beginning of the document so that they can continue to read the same until the end. Don’t miss this opportunity and produce a well-crafted introduction to attract the readers.

I would strongly recommend you avoid providing extra details in the introduction section as a literature review is a chapter where you have to provide excessive details of the selected topic. You can also get professional help for writing an introduction of a dissertation.

The Literature Review: (30% Of The Total Word Count Of 10000)

The literature review is the most important chapter of the dissertation as it is being regarded as the heart of your dissertation. Your literature review of the dissertation should consist of 30% of the total word count of your dissertation. So according to the percentage, 3000 would be the total word count of your dissertation if you are writing at 10000 words for the entire document.

The main objective of the Literature reviews is to provide complete details on the selected topic so that readers can understand your claims and arguments throughout the writing. Throughout the process of writing a literature review, you have to find and label the gaps in the literature as well. Finding and addressing the gap in the literature would help you to make the most suitable and appropriate methodological approach according to the selected topic. Furthermore, it will help you to find in propose to most appropriate solutions to the research questions and to make a strong position in the literature about the existing knowledge for the selected topic of the dissertation.

Research Methodology: (20% Of The Total Word Count Of 10000)

Research methodology is one of the chapters where you have to define the selected methods of your research. The total word count of your research methodology should be 20% of your overall word count which makes 2000 out of the total 10000 words. Here you have to provide the complete structure and style of the thesis. Furthermore, you also have to analyse the collected data and evaluate the same using the selected research methods.

However, writing the structure of the dissertation is the most difficult one because the implementation of research methodologies can be tough for the students. The best way to cope up with the challenges is to get professional help in order to find the right direction of pursuing your research methodology in the dissertation paper.

Results And Findings: (30% Of The Total Word Count Of 10000)

The results and finding chapter of the dissertation should consist of 30% of the total word count. So, in the case of writing a 10000 words dissertation, your complete results in finding a chapter should be 500 words. Always ensure that you provide the necessary details along with the analysis of your results and findings in this section.

Conclusion: (10% Of The Total Word Count Of 10000)

The conclusion is the final and most significant chapter of your dissertation. It should consist of 10% of the total word count of 10000. So your conclusion would be 1000 words if you are writing a 10000 words dissertation.

Problems You Might Face When Working On A Dissertation

What are the most common issues that should have to faced while working on the dissertation? Well, it is a common problem among the students as writing a dissertation is the most important and most probably the final activity the students have to do before earning their degree. You might not have heard that from anyone that writing a dissertation is an easy task, it is the most daunting thing for the students as it demands a good interest with the best time management skills in order to manage the entire dissertation writing as per the standards.

If you want the best and the desired results of dissertation writing make sure that you are passionate about the selected topic. This is one of the reasons why students are always recommended to select a topic of their interest. What is addition writing is something that requires your attention so that you can easily and effectively answer the questions that are must throughout the process of analysis, research, and writing.

Here are few basic problems that students have to deal with while working on their dissertation;

Inappropriate Hypotheses And Research Questions

Constructing research questions and hypothesis is the most important factor of the dissertation. They act as the main pillars of the dissertation on which the entire work will be based. Normally students get stuck while creating hypotheses and Research questions due to a lack of understanding of the process.

The hypothesis should be based upon the dependent and independent variables that you have selected. The nature of the hypothesis should be the claims that you are providing in your dissertation, and at the end of your thesis if you have to explain whether your hypothesis is accepted or rejected on the basis of logic, facts, figures and overall findings. Similarly, research questions define the approach of your research whether you have conducted a qualitative, quantitative method or mixed-method throughout the process of research. You have to make sure that your answer each of your research questions to give a better understanding to the targeted audience and to make your research more authentic at the same time.

Indefinite Timelines Of Submission

Normally every academic activity has a specific timeline and students have to submit their tasks while staying within the deadlines. Dissertation is one of the activities for which students can get even a whole year to work. One of the basic problems among the students is the issue of procrastination. They think that they have a whole year to work on their dissertation and keeps delaying their work. Students normally end up with a remaining single month or a couple of weeks before submission when they start working on the dissertation.

This may cause a huge problem for the students as it is not something like your daily assignments. Ensure that start working on new dissertation research in writing from the very beginning of the period when it is assigned to you so that you can give a proper time to each and every chapter and section of the dissertation for the desired and top quality results.

A Huge Volume Of Literature

It is difficult for the students to deal with the huge and relevant literature throughout the dissertation. This is why students are provided with an ample amount of time to work on their thesis so that take research on the literature and gather the information to incorporate in the writing of the thesis.

There is a whole chapter of literature review which is the most lengthy and significant part of the dissertation. The literature review consists of at least 40% of the total word count of a dissertation. So, you can get an idea of how much you have to work hard to write a literature review for your thesis. This is why students are recommended to pay proper attention to the research process in order to get the credible and relevant information to be used in the year literature review.

Maintaining The Quality Of Writing

Writing a thesis requires a good grip on some of the basic set of skills and writing is among the most important ones. A thesis requires good writing skills if you want the best and the desired results. Normally dissertation contains more than 10000 words and it is almost impossible to write this huge amount of words without having good writing skills.

The best practice to enhance and polish your writing skill is to work on your daily assignments with interest and hard work. When you practice writing on a daily basis it automatically helps you to develop and polish your writing skills most effectively.

If you need more trending topics about “ Public Health Dissertation ”

Lack Of Focus

As we have already discussed a thesis is entirely different from every other academic assignment that you have to deal with on a daily basis. It demands complete focus throughout the process of research and writing a dissertation.

Students normally lack in this requirement as it is difficult for the students to maintain their focus in a single direction straight away. However, the best practice to maintain your focus throughout the process is to take short breaks when working on a thesis but don’t divert your mind to any other activity when working on the thesis. Still, if you find any difficulty focusing on your tasks, you can also get assignment writing help .

Plagiarism is yet another most basic problem that every other student have to face for each academic activity that is entirely based on writing. It is really difficult for students to stay clear of plagiarism when working on the thesis specifically. It’s because they have to provide certain information from various relevant sources to incorporate the same in the thesis writing. However, students must follow the right procedures if they want to stay away from plagiarism.

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