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Mastering ChatGPT: The Ultimate Prompts Guide for Academic Writing Excellence

ChatGPT, with its advanced AI capabilities, has emerged as a game-changer for many. Yet, its true potential is unlocked when approached with the right queries. The prompts listed in this article have been crafted to optimize your interaction with this powerful tool. By leveraging them, you not only streamline your writing process but also enhance the quality of your research and insights. As we wrap up, we urge you not to take our word for it. Dive into the world of ChatGPT, armed with these prompts, and witness the transformation in your academic writing endeavors firsthand.

ChatGPT Prompts for Idea Generation

If you’re stuck or unsure where to begin, ChatGPT can help brainstorm ideas or topics for your paper, thesis, or dissertation.

  • Suggest some potential topics on [your broader subject or theme] for an academic paper.
  • Suggest some potential topics within the field of [your broader subject] related to [specific interest or theme].
  • I’m exploring the field of [broader subject, e.g., “psychology”]. Could you suggest some topics that intersect with [specific interest, e.g., “child development”] and are relevant to [specific context or region, e.g., “urban settings in Asia”]?
  • Within the realm of [broader subject, e.g., “philosophy”], I’m intrigued by [specific interest, e.g., “existentialism”]. Could you recommend topics that bridge it with [another field or theme, e.g., “modern technology”] in the context of [specific region or era, e.g., “21st-century Europe”]?
  • Act as my brainstorming partner. I’m working on [your broader subject or theme]. What topics could be pertinent for an academic paper?
  • Act as my brainstorming partner for a moment. Given the broader subject of [discipline, e.g., ‘sociology’], can you help generate ideas that intertwine with [specific theme or interest, e.g., ‘social media’] and cater to an audience primarily from [region or demographic, e.g., ‘South East Asia’]?

ChatGPT Prompts for Structuring Content

The model can provide suggestions for how to organize your content, including potential section headers, logical flow of arguments, etc.

  • How should I structure my paper on [your specific topic]? Provide an outline or potential section headers.
  • I’m writing a paper about [your specific topic]. How should I structure it and which sub-topics should I cover within [chosen section, e.g., “Literature Review”]?
  • For a paper that discusses [specific topic, e.g., “climate change”], how should I structure the [chosen section, e.g., “Literature Review”] and integrate studies from [specific decade or period, e.g., “the 2010s”]?
  • I’m compiling a paper on [specific topic, e.g., “biodiversity loss”]. How should I arrange the [chosen section, e.g., “Discussion”] to incorporate perspectives from [specific discipline, e.g., “socio-economics”] and findings from [specified region or ecosystem, e.g., “tropical rainforests”]?
  • Act as an editor for a moment. Based on a paper about [your specific topic], how would you recommend I structure it? Are there key sections or elements I should include?
  • Act as a structural consultant for my paper on [topic, e.g., ‘quantum physics’]. Could you suggest a logical flow and potential section headers, especially when I aim to cover aspects like [specific elements, e.g., ‘quantum entanglement and teleportation’]?
  • Act as my editorial guide. For a paper focused on [specific topic, e.g., “quantum computing”], how might I structure my [chosen section, e.g., “Findings”]? Especially when integrating viewpoints from [specific discipline, e.g., “software engineering”] and case studies from [specified region, e.g., “East Asia”]?

ChatGPT Prompts for Proofreading

While it might not replace a human proofreader, ChatGPT can help you identify grammatical errors, awkward phrasing, or inconsistencies in your writing.

  • Review this passage for grammatical or stylistic errors: [paste your text here].
  • Review this paragraph from my [type of document, e.g., “thesis”] for grammatical or stylistic errors: [paste your text here].
  • Please review this passage from my [type of document, e.g., “dissertation”] on [specific topic, e.g., “renewable energy”] for potential grammatical or stylistic errors: [paste your text here].
  • Kindly scrutinize this segment from my [type of document, e.g., “journal article”] concerning [specific topic, e.g., “deep-sea exploration”]. Highlight any linguistic or structural missteps and suggest how it might better fit the style of [target publication or audience, e.g., “Nature Journal”]: [paste your text here].
  • Act as my proofreader. In this passage: [paste your text here], are there any grammatical or stylistic errors I should be aware of?
  • Act as my preliminary proofreader. I’ve drafted a section for my [type of document, e.g., “research proposal”] about [specific topic, e.g., “nanotechnology”]. I’d value feedback on grammar, coherence, and alignment with [target publication or style, e.g., “IEEE standards”]: [paste your text here].

ChatGPT Prompts for Citation Guidance

Need help formatting citations or understanding the nuances of different citation styles (like APA, MLA, Chicago)? ChatGPT can guide you.

  • How do I format this citation in [desired style, e.g., APA, MLA]? Here’s the source: [paste source details here].
  • I’m referencing a [type of source, e.g., “conference paper”] authored by [author’s name] in my document. How should I format this citation in the [desired style, e.g., “Chicago”] style?
  • Act as a citation guide. I need to reference a [source type, e.g., ‘journal article’] for my work. How should I format this using the [citation style, e.g., ‘APA’] method?
  • Act as my citation assistant. I’ve sourced a [type of source, e.g., “web article”] from [author’s name] published in [year, e.g., “2018”]. How should I present this in [desired style, e.g., “MLA”] format?

ChatGPT Prompts for Paraphrasing

If you’re trying to convey information from sources without plagiarizing, the model can assist in rephrasing the content.

  • Can you help me paraphrase this statement? [paste your original statement here].
  • Help me convey the following idea from [source author’s name] in my own words: [paste the original statement here].
  • I’d like to reference an idea from [source author’s name]’s work on [specific topic, e.g., “quantum physics”]. Can you help me paraphrase this statement without losing its essence: [paste the original statement here]?
  • Act as a wordsmith. I’d like a rephrased version of this statement without losing its essence: [paste your original statement here].
  • Act as my rephraser. Here’s a statement from [author’s name]’s work on [topic, e.g., ‘cognitive development’]: [paste original statement here]. How can I convey this without plagiarizing?
  • Act as my plagiarism prevention aid. I’d like to include insights from [source author’s name]’s research on [specific topic, e.g., “solar energy”]. Help me convey this in my own words while maintaining the tone of my [type of work, e.g., “doctoral thesis”]: [paste the original statement here].

ChatGPT Prompts for Vocabulary Enhancement

If you’re looking for more sophisticated or subject-specific terminology, ChatGPT can suggest synonyms or alternative phrasing.

  • I want a more academic or sophisticated way to express this: [paste your sentence or phrase here].
  • In the context of [specific field or subject], can you suggest a more academic way to express this phrase: [paste your phrase here]?
  • I’m writing a paper in the field of [specific discipline, e.g., “bioinformatics”]. How can I convey this idea more academically: [paste your phrase here]?
  • Within the purview of [specific discipline, e.g., “astrophysics”], I wish to enhance this assertion: [paste your phrase here]. What terminologies or phrasing would resonate more with an audience well-versed in [related field or topic, e.g., “stellar evolution”]?
  • Act as my thesaurus. For this phrase: [paste your sentence or phrase here], is there a more academic or sophisticated term or phrase I could use?
  • Act as a lexicon expert in [field, e.g., ‘neuroscience’]. How might I express this idea more aptly: [paste your phrase here]?

ChatGPT Prompts for Clarifying Concepts

If you’re working in a field that’s not your primary area of expertise, the model can provide explanations or definitions for unfamiliar terms or concepts.

  • Can you explain the concept of [specific term or concept] in the context of academic research?
  • In [specific field, e.g., “sociology”], what does [specific term or concept] mean? And how does it relate to [another term or concept]?
  • In the realm of [specific discipline, e.g., “neuroscience”], how would you define [term or concept A], and how does it differentiate from [term or concept B]?
  • Act as my tutor. I’m a bit lost on the concept of [specific term or concept]. Can you break it down for me in the context of [specific academic field]?
  • Act as my academic tutor for a moment. I’ve encountered some challenging terms in [specific discipline, e.g., “metaphysics”]. Could you elucidate the distinctions between [term A], [term B], and [term C], especially when applied in [specific context or theory, e.g., “Kantian philosophy”]?

ChatGPT Prompts for Draft Review

You can share sections or excerpts of your draft, and ChatGPT can provide general feedback or points for consideration.

  • Please provide feedback on this excerpt from my draft: [paste excerpt here].
  • Could you review this excerpt from my [type of document, e.g., “research proposal”] and provide feedback on [specific aspect, e.g., “clarity and coherence”]: [paste excerpt here]?
  • I’d appreciate feedback on this fragment from my [type of document, e.g., “policy analysis”] that centers on [specific topic, e.g., “renewable energy adoption”]. Specifically, I’m looking for guidance on its [specific aspect, e.g., “argumentative flow”] and how it caters to [intended audience, e.g., “policy-makers in Southeast Asia”]: [paste excerpt here].
  • Act as a reviewer for my journal submission. Could you critique this section of my draft: [paste excerpt here]?
  • Act as my critique partner. I’ve written a segment for my [type of document, e.g., “literature review”] on [specific topic, e.g., “cognitive biases”]. Could you assess its [specific quality, e.g., “objectivity”], especially considering its importance for [target audience or application, e.g., “clinical psychologists”]: [paste excerpt here].

ChatGPT Prompts for Reference Pointers

If you’re looking for additional sources or literature on a topic, ChatGPT can point you to key papers, authors, or studies (though its knowledge is up to 2022, so it won’t have the latest publications).

  • Can you recommend key papers or studies related to [your topic or research question]?
  • I need references related to [specific topic] within the broader field of [your subject area]. Can you suggest key papers or authors?
  • I’m researching [specific topic, e.g., “machine learning in healthcare”]. Can you suggest seminal works from the [specific decade, e.g., “2000s”] within the broader domain of [your general field, e.g., “computer science”]?
  • My study orbits around [specific topic, e.g., “augmented reality in education”]. I’m especially keen on understanding its evolution during the [specific time frame, e.g., “late 2010s”]. Can you direct me to foundational papers or figures within [your overarching domain, e.g., “educational technology”]?
  • Act as a literature guide. I’m diving into [your topic or research question]. Do you have suggestions for seminal papers or must-read studies?
  • Act as my literary guide. My work revolves around [specific topic, e.g., “virtual reality in pedagogy”]. I’d appreciate direction towards key texts or experts from the [specific era, e.g., “early 2000s”], especially those that highlight applications in [specific setting, e.g., “higher education institutions”].

ChatGPT Prompts for Writing Prompts

For those facing writer’s block, ChatGPT can generate prompts or questions to help you think critically about your topic and stimulate your writing.

  • I’m facing writer’s block on [your topic]. Can you give me some prompts or questions to stimulate my thinking?
  • I’m writing about [specific topic] in the context of [broader theme or issue]. Can you give me questions that would enhance my discussion?
  • I’m discussing [specific topic, e.g., “urban planning”] in relation to [another topic, e.g., “sustainable development”] in [specific region or country, e.g., “Latin America”]. Can you offer some thought-provoking prompts?
  • Act as my muse. I’m struggling with [your topic]. Could you generate some prompts or lead questions to help steer my writing?
  • Act as a muse for my writer’s block. Given the themes of [topic A, e.g., ‘climate change’] and its impact on [topic B, e.g., ‘marine ecosystems’], can you generate thought-provoking prompts?

ChatGPT Prompts for Thesis Statements

If you’re struggling with framing your thesis statement, ChatGPT can help you refine and articulate it more clearly.

  • Help me refine this thesis statement for clarity and impact: [paste your thesis statement here].
  • Here’s a draft thesis statement for my paper on [specific topic]: [paste your thesis statement]. How can it be made more compelling?
  • I’m drafting a statement for my research on [specific topic, e.g., “cryptocurrency adoption”] in the context of [specific region, e.g., “European markets”]. Here’s my attempt: [paste your thesis statement]. Any suggestions for enhancement?
  • Act as my thesis advisor. I’m shaping a statement on [topic, e.g., ‘blockchain in finance’]. Here’s my draft: [paste your thesis statement]. How might it be honed further?

ChatGPT Prompts for Abstract and Summary

The model can help in drafting, refining, or summarizing abstracts for your papers.

  • Can you help me draft/summarize an abstract based on this content? [paste main points or brief content here].
  • I’m submitting a paper to [specific conference or journal]. Can you help me summarize my findings from [paste main content or points] into a concise abstract?
  • I’m aiming to condense my findings on [specific topic, e.g., “gene therapy”] from [source or dataset, e.g., “recent clinical trials”] into an abstract for [specific event, e.g., “a biotech conference”]. Can you assist?
  • Act as an abstracting service. Based on the following content: [paste main points or brief content here], how might you draft or summarize an abstract?
  • Act as my editorial assistant. I’ve compiled findings on [topic, e.g., ‘genetic modifications’] from my research. Help me craft or refine a concise abstract suitable for [event or publication, e.g., ‘an international biology conference’].

ChatGPT Prompts for Methodological Assistance

If you’re unsure about the methodology section of your paper, ChatGPT can provide insights or explanations about various research methods.

  • I’m using [specific research method, e.g., qualitative interviews] for my study on [your topic]. Can you provide insights or potential pitfalls?
  • For a study on [specific topic], I’m considering using [specific research method]. Can you explain its application and potential challenges in this context?
  • I’m considering a study on [specific topic, e.g., “consumer behavior”] using [research method, e.g., “ethnographic studies”]. Given the demographic of [target group, e.g., “millennials in urban settings”], what might be the methodological challenges?
  • My exploration of [specific topic, e.g., “consumer sentiment”] deploys [research method, e.g., “mixed-method analysis”]. Given my target demographic of [specific group, e.g., “online shoppers aged 18-25”], what are potential methodological challenges and best practices in [specific setting or platform, e.g., “e-commerce platforms”]?
  • Act as a methodological counselor. I’m exploring [topic, e.g., ‘consumer behavior patterns’] using [research technique, e.g., ‘qualitative interviews’]. Given the scope of [specific context or dataset, e.g., ‘online retail platforms’], what insights can you offer?

ChatGPT Prompts for Language Translation

While not perfect, ChatGPT can assist in translating content to and from various languages, which might be helpful for non-native English speakers or when dealing with sources in other languages.

  • Please translate this passage to [desired language]: [paste your text here].
  • I’m integrating a passage for my research on [specific topic, e.g., “Mesoamerican civilizations”]. Could you assist in translating this content from [source language, e.g., “Nahuatl”] to [target language, e.g., “English”] while preserving academic rigor: [paste your text here]?
  • Act as my translation assistant. I have this passage in [source language, e.g., ‘French’] about [topic, e.g., ‘European history’]: [paste your text here]. Can you render it in [target language, e.g., ‘English’] while maintaining academic integrity?

ChatGPT Prompts for Ethical Considerations

ChatGPT can provide a general overview of ethical considerations in research, though specific guidance should come from institutional review boards or ethics committees.

  • What are some general ethical considerations when conducting research on [specific topic or population]?
  • I’m conducting research involving [specific group or method, e.g., “minors” or “online surveys”]. What are key ethical considerations I should be aware of in the context of [specific discipline or field]?
  • My investigation encompasses [specific method or technique, e.g., “genome editing”] on [target population or organism, e.g., “plant species”]. As I operate within the framework of [specific institution or body, e.g., “UNESCO guidelines”], what ethical imperatives should I foreground, especially when considering implications for [broader context, e.g., “global food security”]?
  • Act as an ethics board member. I’m conducting research on [specific topic or population]. Could you outline key ethical considerations I should bear in mind?
  • Act as an ethics overview guide. My research involves [specific technique or method, e.g., ‘live human trials’] in the realm of [specific discipline, e.g., ‘medical research’]. What general ethical considerations might be paramount, especially when targeting [specific population or group, e.g., ‘adolescents’]?

ChatGPT’s advanced AI capabilities have made it a standout tool in the world of academic writing. However, its real strength shines when paired with the right questions. The prompts in this article are tailored to optimize your experience with ChatGPT. By using them, you can streamline your writing and elevate the depth of your research. But don’t just take our word for it. Explore ChatGPT with these prompts and see the transformation in your academic writing for yourself. Excellent writing is just one prompt away.

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160+ BEST ChatGPT Prompts for Writing (Write Like a Pro!)

Struggling to craft the perfect prompts for ChatGPT?

Without the right phrasing, you won’t tap into its full potential as your AI writing assistant.

ChatGPT Prompts for Writing

Read on for the 160+ best ChatGPT prompts for writing to elevate your skills, boost productivity, and create captivating content.

What Are ChatGPT Prompts?

ChatGPT prompts are the instructions and context you provide to guide ChatGPT’s responses.

Well-crafted prompts allow you to take full advantage of ChatGPT’s advanced natural language processing skills for your writing needs.

What Are ChatGPT Prompts?

Some examples of effective prompts for writers include:

  • Asking ChatGPT to rewrite a draft in a different style or genre
  • Requesting feedback on drafts to strengthen weak areas
  • Using ChatGPT as a brainstorming partner to generate ideas
  • Asking for help developing story plots and outlines
  • Requesting examples of metaphors, imagery, and other literary devices to elevate your writing
  • Asking ChatGPT to analyze passages from literature to learn from the masters
  • Requesting editing support to tighten prose and improve clarity

The key is phrasing prompts in a clear, specific, and natural way.

Vague or overly broad prompts will lead to vague or nonsensical responses from ChatGPT.

Well-crafted prompts allow you to put this powerful AI tool to optimal use.

How to Use ChatGPT Prompts for Writing?

When using ChatGPT prompts for writing, follow these best practices:

  • Provide context – Give ChatGPT key details about what you’re working on and what you need help with specifically. The more background, the better.
  • Be specific – Narrow down requests and questions to focus ChatGPT on the task at hand. Vague prompts get vague answers.
  • Ask follow-up questions – ChatGPT sometimes needs clarification just like a human. Don’t be afraid to have a back-and-forth dialogue.
  • Request examples – If you want ChatGPT to demonstrate a technique or concept, ask for 1-2 examples in addition to an explanation.
  • Limit prompts to 150-250 words – Lengthy prompts can confuse ChatGPT. Try to be concise.
  • Check responses for accuracy – ChatGPT occasionally generates fanciful or inaccurate content. Verify its work.
  • Adjust prompts based on results – If a prompt doesn’t work, rephrase it and try again. Refining prompts is key.

With practice, you’ll learn how to structure prompts in a way that taps into ChatGPT’s capabilities for helping develop ideas, tighten prose, expand creative horizons, and more.

ChatGPT Sample Prompts for Writing

Benefits of using chatgpt for writing.

ChatGPT can be a versatile AI writing assistant thanks to these key benefits:

Benefits of Using ChatGPT

  • Brainstorming partner – ChatGPT excels at generating ideas, plots, titles, scenarios, and more to kickstart your creativity.
  • Style imitation – Ask ChatGPT to rewrite a draft passage in another author’s voice to expand your range.
  • Literary analysis – Gain insight into texts by having ChatGPT examine passages for subtext, imagery, and other elements.
  • Editing support – ChatGPT can strengthen writing by reducing wordiness, improving flow, adding details, and more.
  • Unbiased feedback – As an AI, ChatGPT provides objective feedback to help improve drafts without sugar-coating issues.
  • Productivity boost – ChatGPT can rapidly provide examples, analysis, and writing support that would take humans longer.
  • Inspiration on demand – Get ChatGPT’s unique perspective to overcome writer’s block and refresh your approach.
  • Custom explanations – Ask ChatGPT to explain complex concepts simply to help strengthen your grasp. Useful for research.
  • Fresh metaphors – Request creative metaphors and imagery from ChatGPT that you can incorporate into your style.

100 Best ChatGPT Prompts for Writing

Here are 100+ of the best ChatGPT prompts for common writing needs :

Ask ChatGPT to Rewrite a Draft in a Different Style

ChatGPT Prompt o Rewrite a Draft in a Different Style Screenshot #1

  • Here is a 200-word passage from a story I’m working on. Please rewrite it in the style of Ernest Hemingway while preserving the key narrative elements: [insert passage]
  • Please rewrite the following 150-word excerpt from my novel draft in the style and tone of F. Scott Fitzgerald: [insert passage]
  • I have a draft chapter of 250 words. Could you please rewrite it as if it were an excerpt from a Stephen King horror novel? Here it is: [insert passage]
  • Please review this 300-word section from a memoir I’m writing. Rewrite it as if it were an excerpt from an autobiography by Maya Angelou while retaining the narrative: [insert passage]
  • Could you rewrite the following 100-word excerpt from my comedy screenplay draft in the comedic style and tone of Woody Allen? [insert passage]
  • Please take this 200-word excerpt from my historical fiction book and rewrite it in the literary voice of Charles Dickens from the perspective of a different character: [insert passage]
  • Here is a 150-word excerpt from my fantasy novel. Could you please rewrite it as if it were in the style of J.R.R. Tolkien while preserving the storyline? [insert passage]
  • I’d like you to rewrite this 250-word excerpt from my young adult fiction story in the style and tone of Judy Blume, focused on the perspective of a teenager: [insert passage]
  • Please rewrite the following 200-word excerpt from my thriller novel in the tight, tense style that James Patterson uses in his bestselling books: [insert passage]
  • Could you take this 150-word passage from my romance book and rewrite it in the witty, lively style of Jane Austen’s famous novels?: [insert passage]

Have ChatGPT Explain a Complex Concept Simply

  • Could you explain the concept of “unreliable narrator” in literature in simple terms that a 9th-grade English student would understand? Please provide 2-3 examples.
  • Please explain the literary concept of dramatic irony in clear, straightforward language a middle schooler would grasp. Provide 1-2 examples to demonstrate it.
  • Can you clearly explain poetic meter, rhyme scheme, and other elements of poetic form in simple terms? Please include examples.
  • I’m struggling to fully understand magical realism in writing. Could you clearly explain what it is in simple language? Please include an example or two.
  • Please explain the Hero’s Journey storytelling model simply, as if to a high school freshman studying creative writing for the first time.
  • Could you explain the screenwriting concept of the antihero archetype in clear, simple terms? Please provide an example from film or television.
  • I’m having trouble fully grasping postmodernism in literature. Can you explain it in straightforward language a 13-year-old could understand?
  • Please explain the literary concept of the unreliable narrator simply, as if you were discussing it with a middle school English class.
  • Can you clearly explain common fiction story structures like three-act, hero’s journey, etc. in simple terms? Please include examples.
  • I’m struggling to understand voice in writing fully. Could you explain it in clear, simple language using examples? Explain it as you might to a 6th grader.

Use ChatGPT as a Brainstorming Partner

ChatGPT Prompt as a Brainstorming Partner Screenshot #2

  • I’m planning to write a novel set in a dystopian future, but need help brainstorming unique elements to make the setting imaginative. Could you suggest some original details I could include in the worldbuilding?
  • I’d like to brainstorm some ideas for a fantasy novel set in a world of magic. Can you suggest some creative types of magic users, magical creatures, objects, lands, etc. I could include?
  • I’m working on a mystery novel but am stuck coming up with an original murder plot. Could you suggest some interesting and unique murder mysteries I could base the story around?
  • Please brainstorm 2-3 creative themes and metaphors I could use in a poem about unrequited love. Don’t write any actual poems, just generate interesting conceptual ideas.
  • I’m writing a comedy screenplay and need some funny scenarios or plotlines to work with. Could you brainstorm some humorous story ideas centered around a character who’s down on their luck?
  • I’m planning to write an epic fantasy novel but I’m stuck on coming up with imaginative quests the hero could undertake. Could you suggest some creative epic quest ideas?
  • Please brainstorm some ideas for interesting fictional technologies I could incorporate into a science fiction story set 200 years in the future. Think original, but plausible.
  • I’m writing a thriller screenplay but need help coming up with an intense opening hook. Could you brainstorm some gripping “in media res” opening scenes?
  • Can you suggest 2-3 creative themes and story arcs I could use as the foundation for a psychological horror novel? Don’t write anything explicit.
  • I’m planning a heist story but need ideas for an ingenious and intriguing object to be stolen. Brainstorm some imaginative things worth stealing.

Ask For Feedback on Drafts to Improve Writing

  • Please review this 500-word excerpt from an early chapter of my novel. Identify 2-3 things working well in the writing and 2-3 opportunities for improvement. Explain your feedback constructively.
  • I have a draft short story here that is around 1,000 words. Could you please read it and highlight any areas that feel clunky or disrupt the flow? Suggest 2-3 improvements.
  • Here is a 750-word passage from a memoir I’m working on. What feedback can you provide on the writing style, tone, and impact of the narrative? Please be specific with 2-3 constructive criticisms.
  • Please review the attached 1,500-word draft of a magazine feature article and assess the strengths and weaknesses of the writing. Provide 2-3 pieces of constructive feedback on how it could be improved.
  • I’m hoping you can review this 500-word travel blog post draft. Identify 1-2 things that are working effectively and 1-2 opportunities to improve the writing quality and impact on readers.
  • Please read this 650-word short story draft. Provide 2-3 actionable suggestions to strengthen the narrative, eliminate confusion, and create a more immersive experience for readers.
  • Here is a 950-word draft article for a startup blog. Could you highlight 2-3 things I should focus on changing to make the writing more engaging, persuasive, and effective?
  • Please review this excerpt from my fantasy novel draft. Provide 1-2 pieces of high-level feedback about tone, character development, pacing, etc. Then recommend 2-3 line edits.
  • I’m hoping you can assess this 300-word blurb I drafted for my memoir. Identify 1-2 things that grab attention, and 1-2 suggestions to make it more compelling.
  • Please analyze this early chapter draft from my thriller novel. Provide macro-level feedback on hooks, suspense, etc. along with 2-3 line edits to tighten prose.

Request Examples for Including Imagery/Metaphors

ChatGPT Prompt for Including Imagery/Metaphors Screenshot #3

  • Could you provide two examples of vivid metaphors I could use to describe someone with an intense, penetrating gaze?
  • Please provide two examples of imagery I could use to describe the texture of coarse sand swirling in the wind.
  • Can you give me two examples of evocative metaphors I could employ to describe an intimidating opponent staring down the protagonist?
  • I need help describing a character trembling with anxiety. Could you provide two examples of vivid imagery or metaphors that would paint this effectively?
  • Please provide two creative similes or metaphors to describe the sensation of walking through thick fog.
  • I’m describing a majestic snow-capped mountain in my novel. Could you share vivid imagery or metaphors capturing the grandeur and raw beauty of the mountain?
  • Can you give me two examples of vivid personification I could use to breathe life into a scene where the wind fiercely whips through a town?
  • Please provide two examples of evocative metaphors a poet could use to describe the intense pain of heartbreak.
  • I need help describing beams of light streaming through a forest canopy. Can you suggest two beautiful metaphors or imagery examples?
  • Please share two examples of sensory details and metaphors that could describe the feel of velvety rose petals.

Ask For Help Developing Story Plots/Outlines

  • I’m planning to write an epic fantasy novel but need help mapping out a creative plot and story structure. Can you suggest a compelling overarching conflict plus key plot points for the hero’s character arc? Please don’t write any actual story content.
  • Can you outline a unique three-act movie plot structure for a comedy screenplay including protagonist, conflict, and story milestones? Do not generate any explicit content.
  • I’m planning to write a mystery novel but need help developing an imaginative murder plot, red herrings, and clues to unfold. Can you suggest a creative mystery without explicit details?
  • Please provide a high-level five-act plot structure for a Shakespearean tragedy describing exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution. Do not write any actual story content.
  • I’m stuck developing the narrative for my thriller novel draft. Can you suggest an intense central conflict plus 5-6 major plot points to build tension? Please avoid any graphic content.
  • Can you outline the hero’s journey narrative pattern for a fantasy quest novel including a call to adventure, challenges, transformation, etc.? Do not write any story details.
  • I’m planning a YA sci-fi book but need help mapping out an engaging story structure focused on a relatable teen protagonist. Can you suggest creative plot points?
  • Please provide a compelling three-act plot structure for a literary fiction novel focused on themes of ambition and redemption. Avoid any specific story details.
  • Can you outline a 5-part episodic plot structure for a sitcom pilot script describing the story catalyst, rising action, climax, and resolution?
  • I’m hoping to develop a historical fiction book. Can you suggest an engaging plot arc including exposition, conflict, turning points, climax, and resolution?

Use ChatGPT to Analyze Literary Passages

ChatGPT Prompt to Analyze Literary Passages Screenshot #4

  • Please analyze the imagery in this 100-word poem excerpt and explain what it reveals about the speaker’s emotions: [insert excerpt]
  • What is the symbolism and deeper meaning in this 75-word passage from a Faulkner novel?: [insert excerpt]
  • Please analyze the attached two-paragraph excerpt from The Great Gatsby focusing on word choice, tone, symbolism, and what it reveals about Daisy’s character.
  • Here is a short prose excerpt from Jane Austen. Please analyze the excerpt to identify key elements of satire, irony, and social commentary.
  • Please closely read this 75-word paragraph from Beloved by Toni Morrison. Analyze the language and identify insights into the passage’s underlying themes and meaning.
  • I’m struggling to fully comprehend this Shakespearean monologue. Could you please analyze the excerpt, and explain what it reveals about the character’s inner conflict in simple terms?
  • What are the key features of naturalism evident in the attached 150-word excerpt from a Jack London short story? Please analyze the passage and identify them.
  • Please closely read this poem excerpt and analyze what the metaphor and imagery in lines 5-8 reveal about the speaker’s perspective on nature.
  • I need help understanding the tone and meaning of this 100-word prose excerpt from Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison. Please provide an analysis.
  • Can you please analyze this short Gabriel Garcia Marquez magical realism excerpt, focusing on identifying key literary devices and their effect?

Request Editing for Clarity and Concision

  • Please review this 300-word introduction and highlight any phrases that could be tightened up or rewritten for greater clarity and concision without losing impact.
  • Can you please edit this 500-word blog post draft to reduce wordiness, eliminate unnecessary passages, and improve the clarity and precision of the language?
  • Please review this 650-word short story excerpt to identify any run-on sentences, repetitive language, or excessive wording that could be tightened up. Provide specific editing suggestions to improve concision.
  • I’m hoping you can edit this 1000-word article draft to reduce the word count by 15% while preserving the key information. Please provide specific language edits to improve conciseness.
  • Could you please review this 750-word memoir excerpt and identify any sections that feel too verbose? Provide 2-3 editing suggestions to make the language more tight and precise.
  • Can you edit this 400-word paragraph from my novel draft to reduce the word count by at least 100 words while retaining the key narrative elements?
  • Please assess this 150-word blurb and make edits to tighten up the language and eliminate any unnecessary words or unclear phrases. Retain the core message and tone.
  • I’m hoping you can take this 950-word essay draft and edit it down substantially to improve clarity and concision without losing impact. Please provide specific edits.
  • Could you please review the attached 700-word feature article draft and identify any redundant passages or excessive wording to tighten up?
  • Can you please help me edit this 500-word radio script draft substantially while retaining the key messaging and tone? Provide specific wording edits.

Ask ChatGPT to Summarize Key Points From a Draft

ChatGPT Prompt to Summarize Key Points From a Draft Screenshot #5

  • Please review this 1,000-word blog post draft and provide a 75-100 word summary identifying the key points.
  • Can you read this 700-word short story draft and summarize the main narrative arc in 2-3 concise sentences?
  • Please read this 500-word magazine interview draft and provide a 1-2 sentence high-level summary of the key insights.
  • I have an early draft of a 3,000-word essay. Can you read it and provide a 150-200 word abstract briefly summarizing the central theme and arguments?
  • Here is a 650-word article. Please review and write a tweet-length (280 characters or less) summary capturing the essence of the content.
  • Please read this 1,500-word report draft and provide a 100-150 word executive summary highlighting the main takeaways.
  • Can you review this 2,000-word case study draft and summarize the key learnings in a one-paragraph elevator pitch?
  • I’m hoping you can read this 750-word speech draft and provide a 50-75 word recap of the main points and call to action.
  • Please review this 400-word book summary draft and provide a 25-50 word high-level recap of the key ideas.
  • Can you read this 950-word website content draft and provide a single-sentence 15-20 word ultra-condensed summary statement?

Request Examples for Spice, Flair, and Style

  • Please provide two examples of creative metaphors I could use to add colorful descriptions to a nature scene describing trees swaying in the wind.
  • Can you suggest two examples of evocative imagery I could use to add a sensory detail to a description of walking through a bustling market?
  • Please provide two examples of vivid analogies I might use to add flair to a description of a football player running across the field.
  • What are two examples of figurative language I could incorporate to add poetic beauty to a paragraph about the sunset?
  • Can you suggest two sensory details or evocative metaphors to add immersive description to a passage about being lost in the woods?
  • Please provide two examples of creative similes or metaphors to incorporate into a sentence describing a baby smiling.
  • What are two examples of evocative personification you might suggest to enhance a scene of leaves blowing in the autumn wind?
  • Can you share two examples of vivid imagery I could incorporate when describing the texture of sand on a beach?
  • Please provide two examples of descriptive language or sensory details to add flair to a sentence about light glinting off a crystal chandelier.
  • What are two examples of strong metaphors or imagery to incorporate into a sentence describing a wolf howling at the moon?

10 ChatGPT Prompts for Writing Articles

ChatGPT Prompts for Writing Articles Screenshot

  • Please write a 150-word introductory paragraph hook for an article about [topic] aimed at [target audience]. Focus on drawing readers in.
  • For this 600-word article on [topic], please suggest an engaging headline and subheadings for each section.
  • Please identify the main informational points I should cover in a 1,000-word beginner’s guide article on [complex topic]. Outline 4-5 key areas to cover.
  • Please read this draft article on [topic] and suggest 2-3 creative openings for the first paragraph to pull readers in.
  • For this magazine feature on [topic], provide 3-4 interesting statistics, facts, or quotes I could incorporate to make the piece more compelling. Please cite any sources.
  • Please suggest 5-6 relevant, high-quality image ideas with descriptions and source info to visually enhance this 1,200-word blog article for [brand].
  • Can you review the tone, language, and flow of this 900-word article draft? Suggest 2-3 improvements to make it more engaging and scannable for online readers.
  • Please read this 1,500-word feature profile draft on [person] and suggest 1-2 clarifying questions to incorporate for stronger quotes.
  • For this 1,000-word how-to tutorial, provide 3-4 clear, step-by-step instructions to include on [skill/process] based on best practices.
  • Please suggest a 450-500 word concluding section for this 2,000-word report compellingly summarizing key takeaways.

10 ChatGPT Prompts for Copy and Script Writers

ChatGPT Money Prompts

ChatGPT Money Prompts

  • For this 30-second radio ad script for , suggest punchy, attention-grabbing opening and closing lines focused on key benefits.
  • Please provide concrete wording examples of how to incorporate emotional appeal into this sales letter promoting [valuable offering].
  • For this video commercial script draft, provide 2-3 edits to the language to make it more lively, clear, and persuasive.
  • Please suggest 2-3 real testimonials or customer quotes we could feature in the webpage copy to boost credibility. Provide sources.
  • This announcement copy sounds dull. Please rework it with vivid, engaging language and specific details for a stronger impact on the audience.
  • For this email promotion, provide a compelling 135-150 word version of the copy with attention-grabbing wording tailored to our subscribers.
  • Please review this explainer video script draft. Suggest 2-3 edits to tighten wording, and boost clarity and flow for the narration.
  • Can you rewrite these website FAQ sections in a more conversational, easy-to-understand tone while retaining key details?
  • Please suggest a punchy, benefit-focused subject line and preview text for this 500-word email newsletter promoting [offer].

Most USEFUL Prompts For You:


10 ChatGPT Prompts to Write Stories

ChatGPT Prompts to Write Stories Screenshot

  • Please suggest an intriguing metaphorical title for a short story about [theme/topic].
  • For a fantasy adventure story aimed at middle graders, provide 5-6 ideas for quirky sidekick characters that would appeal to the target audience.
  • Please suggest a compelling opening line for a romance short story featuring star-crossed lovers. Focus on grabbing the reader’s attention instantly.
  • Can you outline a creative 5-part story structure for a literary fiction short story including hook, conflict, rising action, climax, and resolution?
  • For a comedic short story, please suggest 2-3 funny scenarios or ironic plot twists a character trying to accomplish a mundane task could encounter.
  • Please suggest an intense conflict between friends that could serve as the central source of drama in a coming-of-age short story for teens.
  • For a thriller short story, provide a mysterious logline describing an intriguing inciting incident that sets the suspenseful plot in motion.
  • Please suggest an impactful metaphor a poetic literary fiction story could use to convey the theme of impermanence. Do not generate any actual story content.
  • Can you suggest an imaginative setting, period, and protagonist type for a historical fiction short story rich with descriptive detail?
  • Please provide a compelling closing line for a horror short story that leaves readers with an unsettling feeling. Focus on impact, not shock value.

10 ChatGPT Prompts to Write for Social Media

  • Please write 5 Facebook post ideas for [business page] highlighting current promotions and engaging customers, keep each under 250 characters.
  • For [company’s] Instagram account, suggest 3 creative photos or graphic ideas with captions under 125 characters for maximum engagement.
  • We need ideas for a viral LinkedIn post. Please suggest 1-2 compelling topics with tips or insights our professional audience would value, keep under 300 words.
  • Can you suggest a clickbait-style headline under 50 characters and preview text under 300 characters for a highly shareable blog post about [popular topic]?
  • We need a punchy opening for this 500-word LinkedIn article to draw readers in. Please suggest 2-3 creative openings focused on common pain points.
  • Please draft 3-4 engaging social media prompts under 250 characters each for an upcoming Instagram Q&A with our CEO to promote.
  • For an influencer partnership on Instagram, suggest 3-4 fun, on-brand prompts under 150 characters for capturing engaging photos and captions.
  • We need a controversial/provocative style headline under 100 characters for a bold Twitter thread that will generate buzz for our [cause].
  • Please draft 5 snappy, benefit-focused tweets under 280 characters each to post on our small business Twitter page and promote our offerings.

10 ChatGPT Prompts to Write Essays

ChatGPT Prompts to Write Essays Screenshot

  • For a 500-word personal essay, please suggest an impactful opening line/hook that hints at the writer’s core internal conflict or struggle.
  • Please suggest a creative metaphorical essay title under 10 words relating to the theme of [topic].
  • For a critical analysis essay please provide 2-3 probing questions to consider when evaluating [work/text] through a [perspective i.e. feminist] lens.
  • Please provide an outline structure for a five-paragraph analytical essay including an introduction, thesis, three body paragraphs, and conclusion.
  • For an argumentative essay supporting [this stance], suggest 2-3 compelling claims backed by reasoning and evidence on [topic] that align with an academic audience.
  • Please suggest a thought-provoking question on [topic] that has two reasonable perspectives, which could be explored in a 500-word compare/contrast essay.
  • For a narrative essay reminiscing about [memory/period of life], provide 3-4 setting/context details that would effectively transport readers to that time.
  • Please suggest a surprising fact or statistic a student could include in their research essay introduction to capture attention when writing about [topic]. Cite a credible source.
  • For a 650-word reflective essay on [growth experience], provide 2-3 metaphorical themes/motifs that could unite the piece. Do not generate any actual essay content.
  • Please suggest an impactful one-sentence conclusion to effectively close a personal essay reflecting on a lesson learned after [struggle/setback].

10 Useful Writing Styles For ChatGPT Prompts

Here are 10 writing style examples to model in your ChatGPT prompts depending on your genre and goals:

  • Literary – Sophisticated word choice, elegant prose, vivid imagery. Ex: “The amber hue of the setting sun shimmered across the rolling waves.”
  • Conversational – Casual, natural tone. Contractions, first-person point of view. Ex: “Let me tell you about this crazy dream I had last night!”
  • Academic – Formal, analytical wording. Supporting citations. Ex: “The data reveals a significant correlation between socioeconomic status and health outcomes.”
  • Professional/Business – Clear, politely formal language. Ex: “We recommend implementing Option A to achieve the most productive outcomes for all parties.”
  • Comedic – Humorous, playful tone. Wordplay, irony, or hyperbole. Ex: “This traffic jam is moving slower than a herd of turtles stampeding through peanut butter.”
  • Inspirational – Uplifting tone and message. Call to action Ex: “Your limitations only go as far as your imagination. It’s time to dream big!”
  • Technical/Scientific – Precise, subject-specific terminology. Matter-of-fact. Ex: “The chemical reaction between the hydrophobic phospholipid bilayer of the cell membrane and the hydrophilic cytosol…”
  • Advertising/Marketing – Punchy, benefit-focused, action-driving language. Ex: “Limited time only! Get your first month free when you sign up today!”
  • Conversational Blogging – Friendly, engaging, supportive tone. First-person POV. Ex: “Let me walk you through exactly how I organize my pantry using this simple system…”
  • Poetry – Rhythm, figurative language, poetic techniques. Ex: “Her eyes twin crystal pools, windows to her melancholy soul.”

Final Thoughts

ChatGPT is an invaluable AI writing partner when prompted properly.

Use these examples as thought-starters, continually refine your prompts based on results, and watch your writing thrive with this creative tool by your side.

Happy prompting and writing!

FAQs: ChatGPT Prompts for Writing

What are the best prompts for improving descriptions.

Request vivid imagery, metaphors, and sensory details from ChatGPT to elevate your descriptions.

How Can ChatGPT Help Me Come Up With Ideas More Quickly?

Use ChatGPT for brainstorming by requesting imaginative concepts, scenarios, and perspectives on any topic.

What Prompt Is Most Useful for Strengthening Arguments?

Ask ChatGPT to suggest compelling claims and evidence that align with your viewpoint for more persuasive arguments.

How Do You Use ChatGPT to Get Feedback on Early Drafts?

Upload drafts to ChatGPT and request 2-3 constructive criticisms on style, tone, flow, and areas for improvement.

What Prompt Helps the Most With Writer’s Block?

Inspiration on demand – have ChatGPT suggest creative themes, hooks, metaphors, and outlines to get unstuck.

How Do I Write Better ChatGPT Prompts?

Be specific, provide context, ask follow-ups, request examples, and limit prompts to 150-250 words for optimal responses.

How Do I Use ChatGPT for Writing Prompts?

Give genre/topic then have ChatGPT suggest evocative titles, character types, central conflicts, and opening lines.

How Do I Ask ChatGPT for Content Writing?

Supply topic, target audience and outline – ChatGPT can draft posts, articles, and scripts tailored to your needs.

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best chatgpt prompts for essays

The 11 best ChatGPT prompts for better results, according to research

best chatgpt prompts for essays

What type of content do you primarily create?

If you’ve used large language models (LLMs) like ChatGPT for a while, you probably have some tricks up your sleeve: certain prompting styles that tend to get the best answers. 

But those are just the ones you’ve tried. What if you could test every common prompting style to see which ones get the best, most correct answers? 

That’s what a team of researchers just did. This team at VILA Lab at the Mohamed bin Zayed University of AI in the UAE tested 26 prompting "principles" and measured their performance on two criteria: improving the quality of responses (as compared to using no prompting principles at all), and improving the correctness of responses. 

Even better, they tested the principles across a variety of LLMs. We’re talking small, medium and large language models, including a variety of Meta's LlaMA and OpenAI's ChatGPT models.

This study had some surprising results, and it's a good idea for any advanced prompter to start using the findings in their own projects. Below, I’ll explain the main takeaways from the study, then dig into the specific prompts that won out.

6 takeaways from the study

1. the flipped interaction pattern wins every time.

The results are in: for the highest quality answers, the tests showed the Flipped Interaction pattern is the valedictorian of prompts. 

I’ve written about this prompt in my article about advanced prompts , but in essence, the Flipped Interaction pattern is when you ask the LLM to ask you questions before it provides an output.

In tests, using this principle improved the quality of all responses for every model size. It improved quality the most for the largest models like GPT-3.5 and GPT-4, but it did impressively well in smaller models too. 

So if you're not using this A+ technique yet, you should definitely start.

2. Quality vs. correctness is a balancing act

Now, here’s where it gets spicy: The techniques that shot up the quality didn’t necessarily do the same for correctness. In fact, there was little similarity between the top-performing prompt principles for correctness and quality. Just because an output looks good doesn’t mean it’s right.

So, you'll have to learn two different kinds of prompting dance moves—one for wowing the crowd with quality, and another for nailing the steps with correctness.  

More on which prompts work for which down below.

3. Principles are important for quality, no matter the size of your model

With models getting bigger and better, you’d expect to see raw quality improve for the bigger models, regardless of what prompting techniques you use. But it's not obvious whether the prompting best practices would be the same for different models.

Well, we're in luck. The prompts that worked the best for improving quality tended to work just as well for all model sizes. 

To me, this is a significant finding. It suggests that learning good prompting techniques is a universal benefit, regardless of which model you're using. And, if you learn them now, they’ll still be useful when the new models come out. 

4. Principles improve correctness most for larger models 

Unlike quality, correctness improvement did vary by model size. The prompting principles had the biggest impact on the correctness of larger models, and were much less effective for the smaller ones. 

What does this mean?  It seems like there is something about the larger models that allow prompting to improve correctness—a good sign since it means we can take steps to actively reduce the LLM's hallucinations. Coupling this with the fact that the larger models tend to have a better baseline correctness, you can really get a boost by using a larger model plus good prompting.

But it also has another positive. It suggests to me that getting the best practices right is going to help you even more in the future as models get bigger.

The one negative? You really have to use the bigger models for the techniques to work.

5. Threatening, bribing, and commanding actually kinda work

The researchers added a series of delightfully oddball prompts to their principles including threats, bribes, and commands. Although none of them were top performing, they did give a slight edge, especially for the larger models.

Here were the phrases they used:

  • Bribing: Principle 6: "Add “I’m going to tip $xxx for a better solution" 
  • Threatening: Principle 10: Use the phrase "You will be penalized." improvement)
  • Commanding: Principle 9: Incorporate the following phrases: "Your task is" and "You MUST". 

File this one under “Weird things AI does.”

6. Politeness is nice, but unnecessary

Politeness, like adding "please," "if you don't mind," "thank you," and "I would like to," had almost no effect on quality or correctness. But it didn't really hurt anything either.

So if you're in the habit of starting every request with please (like I am) you’re probably fine to keep minding your Ps and Qs.

What were the best principles for improving quality?

1. use the flipped interaction pattern.

Allow the model to elicit precise details and requirements from you by asking you questions until he has enough information to provide the needed output (for example, “From now on, I would like you to ask me questions to...”). Example: From now on, please ask me questions until you have enough information to create a personalized fitness routine.

GPT-4 Improvement: 100% GPT-3.5 Improvement: 100%

No surprise here—the Flipped Interaction pattern significantly outperformed the other prompts, improving every response for every model size. If this doesn't convince you that you need to include it in your go-to techniques, nothing will.

2. Provide a style example

"Please use the same language based on the provided paragraph[/title/text/essay/answer]." Example: "The gentle waves whispered tales of old to the silvery sands, each story a fleeting memory of epochs gone by." Please use the same language based on the provided text to portray a mountain's interaction with the wind.

I’ve written about ways to get ChatGPT to write like you to cut down on editing time. This principle achieves this by giving an example and asking the LLM to mimic the style. 

In this case, the researchers gave only a single sentence for the model to mimic—you could certainly provide a longer example if you’ve got one. Regardless, it did have a significant impact on the response, especially for larger models like GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 where it improved all of the responses from the model.

3. Mention the target audience

Integrate the intended audience into the prompt Example: Construct an overview of how smartphones work, intended for seniors who have never used one before.

GPT-4 Improvement: 100% GPT-3.5 Improvement: 95%

Unsurprisingly, the research team found that telling the LLM your intended audience improves the quality of the response. This included specifying that the person was a beginner or had no knowledge of the topic, or mentioning that the desired result was for a younger age group. By doing this, the LLM was able to generate age or experience-appropriate text that was matched to the audience.

4. ELI5 (Explain it like I’m 5)

When you need clarity or a deeper understanding of a topic, idea, or any piece of information, utilize the following prompts: - Explain [insert specific topic] in simple terms. - Explain to me like I’m 11 years old. - Explain to me as if I’m a beginner in [field]. - Write the [essay/text/paragraph] using simple English like you’re explaining something to a 5-year-old. Example: Explain to me like I'm 11 years old: how does encryption work?

GPT-4 Improvement: 85% GPT-3.5 Improvement: 100%

The "explain like I'm 5" trick has been around since GPT-3, so I'm happy to see it's still relevant. 

In a similar vein to the target audience example, asking for the explanation to be in simple terms, for a beginner, or for a certain age group improved the responses significantly.

But it's interesting to note that it had a bigger impact on some of the slightly older models, and only improved the quality of 85% of GPT-4 results. Still, it had a pretty good score across all models.

5. State your requirements

Clearly state the requirements that the model must follow in order to produce content, in the form of the keywords, regulations, hint, or instructions. Example: Offer guidance on caring for indoor plants in low light conditions, focusing on "watering," "choosing the right plants," and "pruning."

GPT-4 Improvement: 85% GPT-3.5 Improvement: 85%

This principle encourages you to be as explicit as possible in your prompt for the requirements that you want the output to follow. In the study, it helped improve the quality of responses, especially when researchers asked the model for really specific elements using keywords. 

They typically gave about three keywords as examples to include, and that allowed the LLM to focus on those specifics rather than coming up with its own.

6. Provide the beginning of a text you want the LLM to continue

I’m providing you with the beginning [song lyrics/story/paragraph/essay...]: [Insert lyrics/words/sentence]’. Finish it based on the words provided. Keep the flow consistent. Example: "The misty mountains held secrets no man knew." I'm providing you with the beginning of a fantasy tale. Finish it based on the words above.

GPT-4 Improvement: 85% GPT-3.5 Improvement: 70%

This is another prompt style that started to gain traction in the GPT-3 era: providing the beginning of the text you want the model to continue. Again, this allows the model to emulate the style of the text it’s being given and continue in that style.

The improvement in quality was generally positive, but not as dramatic as some of the other methods.

What were the best principles for improving correctness?

Even now, it's tough to get LLMs to consistently give accurate results, especially for mathematical or reasoning problems. Depending on what you're working on, you might want to use some of the following prompt principles to optimize for correctness instead of quality.

On the plus side, the larger models tend to perform better on correctness, so by using GPT-3.5 or GPT-4, you're already stacking the deck in your favor. 

But with principled instructions, you get a double boost with larger models: the research team's results showed that their principled instructions worked better on these models than on smaller models.

1. Give multiple examples

Implement example-driven prompting (Use few-shot prompting). Example: "Determine the emotion expressed in the following text passages as happy or sad. Examples: 1. Text: "Received the best news today, I'm overjoyed!"   Emotion: Happy 2. Text: "Lost my favorite book, feeling really down."   Emotion: Sad 3. Text: "It's a calm and peaceful morning, enjoying the serenity."   Emotion: Happy                                                                                                                                     Determine the emotion expressed in the following text passages as happy or sad.  Text: "Received the news today, unfortunately it's like everyday news" Emotion:

GPT-4 Improvement: 55% GPT-3.5 Improvement: 30%

The principle that most improved correctness was few-shot prompting—that's where you give the model a couple of examples to go off of before asking it to complete the task. Like others on the list, this technique has been around since the early days of prompt engineering, and it's still proving useful. 

But even though GPT-4 did indeed provide more correct results, it had some interesting quirks. It didn't always stay within the categories provided—when asked to rate advice as "helpful" or "not helpful," it gave responses like "moderately helpful", "marginally helpful", and "not particularly helpful." Meanwhile, GPT-3.5 tended to stay on task and give the exact phrase mentioned in the prompt. So if you're trying to categorize text, these quirks could nudge you to GPT-3.5.

2. Give multiple examples where you work through the problem

Combine Chain-of-Thought (Cot) with Few-Shot prompts. Example: Example 1: "If a batch of cookies takes 2 cups of sugar and you're making half a batch, how much sugar do you need? To find half, divide 2 cups by 2. Half of 2 cups is 1 cup." Example 2: "If a cake recipe calls for 3 eggs and you double the recipe, how many eggs do you need? To double, multiply 3 by 2. Double 3 is 6." Main Question: "If a pancake recipe needs 4 tablespoons of butter and you make one-third of a batch, how much butter do you need? To find one-third, divide 4 tablespoons by 3. One-third of 4 tablespoons is...?

GPT-4 Improvement: 45% GPT-3.5 Improvement: 35%

Another top-performing principle for correctness combines Chain-of-Thought with Few-Shot prompts. 

What does that mean? It means they gave the LLM a series of intermediate reasoning steps (that's Chain-of-Thought prompting ) and some examples (That's "Few-Shot", like the example above) to help guide it to follow the same process. 

Like the previous example, GPT-4 tends to spit out lengthy sentences rather than a simple answer, and with this prompt, you can see where it goes wrong with its reasoning.

3. Break your prompt down into simpler steps

Break down complex tasks into a sequence of simpler prompts in an interactive conversation. Example: Prompt: Distribute the negative sign to each term inside the parentheses of the following equation: 2x + 3y - (4x - 5y)  Prompt: Combine like terms for 'x' and 'y' separately.  Prompt: Provide the simplified expression after combining the terms.

This principle breaks down the question into a series of prompts you use to go back and forth with the LLM until it solves the equation. This is an example of the Cyborg style of prompting where you work step-by-step in tandem with the LLMs rather than chunking off the task like a Centaur would do.

The problem is that you have to figure out what the steps are that you need to ask it to do—so it makes getting the answer more labor intensive.

Still, using this principle showed a fairly good improvement for both GPT-4 and GPT-3.5.

4. Instruct the LLM to “think step by step.”

Use leading words like writing "think step by step." Example: "What are the stages of planning a successful event? Let's think step by step."

GPT-4 Improvement: 45% GPT-3.5 Improvement: 30%

This is a simple principle, but it ends up being pretty powerful. Here, instead of explicitly giving the LLM the steps to follow, you just ask it to "think step by step."  For GPT-4, this gives you a result where it shows you how it's reasoning through the response, even when you ask math-type questions.

This reminded me of some of the advanced prompt patterns where you ask the LLM to explain its reasoning and it helps improve the accuracy of your result.

5. Mention the target audience

Integrate the intended audience in the prompt, e.g., the audience is an expert in the field. Example: "Explain the difference between discrete and continuous data. Simplify it for a student starting statistics."

This fairly well-performing principle is somewhat of a surprise. By asking the LLM to consider the audience, the correctness also improves. I'm not sure whether it's because most of the audiences involved explaining in simpler terms (and maybe therefore mirrored the "think step by step" principle above) or if there's some other factor at play, but the correctness improvement for GPT-4 with this principle was among the best of the principles tested.

Even though we're just getting started figuring out all the quirks for working with LLMs, learning the best techniques can give you a leg up. Though these principles had similar performance across models, many work best with the larger models, so expect more prompting principles to emerge as models grow and all of us using them discover new methods that work best.

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best chatgpt prompts for essays

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best chatgpt prompts for essays

How to start a podcast on Spotify: 7 easy steps

Find everything you need to launch a successful podcast on Spotify, from setup to publishing.

best chatgpt prompts for essays

For Business

How to create an internal company podcast to keep employees connected

Learn how to boost company culture and improve communication with an internal podcast in this step-by-step guide.

best chatgpt prompts for essays

How to use Descript: Tips & tricks to speed up your editing workflow

Descript makes audio & video editing easier, but even experts may not know how to use Descript to its full potential. Here are 7 tips to help.

best chatgpt prompts for essays

Podcast planning: Everything you need to plan your episodes

A podcast has a lot of moving parts, so podcast planning is a must. Here’s everything you need for a successful show.

best chatgpt prompts for essays

How to make educational videos step-by-step

Whether you need to teach a subject or demonstrate a product, here’s how to make effective educational videos.

best chatgpt prompts for essays

The ultimate guide on how to get more views on TikTok

Learn how to get more views on TikTok and create engaging content with these 11 tips.

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best chatgpt prompts for essays

Product Updates

Better exports, new AI Actions, and everything else we released in March

March—the only month that’s also a command. And trudge on we did, putting one foot in front of the other, clinging to some childish hope of spring,* but knowing you would probably unsubscribe before we reached the end. But you didn’t. You haven’t. You remain among the not-unsubscribed. So apparently you’re still...

best chatgpt prompts for essays

Jad Abumrad's Workflow: 5 Steps to Better Storytelling

Jad Abumrad of Radiolab shares his podcast workflow tips with Descript creators

best chatgpt prompts for essays

How to transcribe audio files to text in 8 easy steps

Learn how to transcribe audio files effortlessly with our step-by-step guide. From choosing the right transcription tool to proofreading, we cover it all.

best chatgpt prompts for essays

How to send large video files using iPhone and Android

Email is incredibly useful, but it doesn’t always have the storage capacity to handle large files like videos. More often than not, you'll have to resort to alternatives.

best chatgpt prompts for essays

It's here: the all-new Descript, backed by OpenAI Startup Fund

We're releasing an all-new version of Descript and we're announcing that the OpenAI Startup Fund will be leading our $50 million series C fundraising round.

best chatgpt prompts for essays

How to be a guest on a podcast: 5 tips for being a memorable podcast guest

Here's how to pitch yourself to be a guest on a podcast — and how to be the best podcast guest their audience has ever seen.

best chatgpt prompts for essays

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ChatGPT Prompts for Essay Writing

15 Smart ChatGPT Prompts for Essay Writing Like a Pro

ChatGPT’s natural language capabilities make it a powerful tool for writing essays – if you know how to prompt it correctly. With specific guidance, ChatGPT prompts for essay writing can generate outlines, thesis statements and body paragraphs that form the skeleton of a great essay. Here are 15 prompts to maximize ChatGPT’s essay writing abilities.

Arvin AI Assistant ChatGPT Extension

Clarify the Essay Question with ChatGPT Prompts for Essay Writing

First, break down exactly what the prompt is asking. Prompt ChatGPT with:

“The essay question asks ______. It specifically wants me to discuss/analyze/compare ____.”

This ensures ChatGPT structures your essay around the key requirements.

Generate a Compelling Thesis Statement

Provide ChatGPT with relevant facts and opinions, then ask it to:

“Formulate a thesis statement that presents a clear, arguable claim in response to the essay question.”

Have it revise the thesis until you’ve got gold.

Outline Main Body Paragraph Topics

Tell ChatGPT the 3-5 topics that different body paragraphs should cover. For example:

“The essay should have paragraphs addressing:

  • The causes of the French Revolution
  • Events that occurred during the Revolution
  • The impact and legacy of the Revolution.”

Request Bullet Point Evidence Using ChatGPT Prompts for Essay Writing

Ask ChatGPT to generate:

“At least 3 relevant facts, quotes or examples for each body paragraph topic as bullet points.”

Review and add your own evidence to strengthen paragraphs.

Craft Paragraph Introductions

Prompt ChatGPT to:

“Write an introduction for each body paragraph that establishes the topic and previews the evidence.”

Then have it revise the intros until they’re concise and engaging.

Generate Transitional Phrases

To ensure cohesion between paragraphs, ask ChatGPT for: “3-5 transitional phrases that I can use when moving between essay paragraphs.”

Then incorporate the best ones into your draft.

Enlist ChatGPT Prompts for Essay Writing to Request a Compelling Conclusion

Tell ChatGPT: “Summarize the most important evidence from the essay and relate it back to the thesis statement in a concluding paragraph.”

Have it revise the conclusion until the significance of your claim really comes through.

Check For Logical Flow

Ask ChatGPT to: “Examine the essay flow and suggest any reorganization, additions or removals to improve logic and coherence.”

Implement its recommended changes to strengthen structure.

Identify Any Factual Errors

Prompt ChatGPT to: “Review the essay for any factual inconsistencies or incorrectly stated information and flag them for me to correct.”

Then fix any flaws it pinpoints.

Strengthen Thesis and Evidence with ChatGPT Prompt for Essay Writing

Ask ChatGPT for ideas to: “Make the thesis statement more focused and compelling”

“Strengthen evidence within each body paragraph.”

Implement its smart suggestions.

In summary, strategic use of ChatGPT prompts can unlock the AI’s potential to establish strong essay writing frameworks. The right prompts help ChatGPT efficiently generate outlines, supporting evidence, thesis statements and draft components that lay the groundwork for high-quality essays. However, human creativity, critical thinking, and polishing are still indispensable to perfecting prose, analysis, and flow.

Targeted prompting enables ChatGPT to kickstart the writing process by providing building blocks you can then refine and enhance with your own insights. However, while ChatGPT prompts for essay writing can accelerate your workflow, your expertise is crucial to crafting truly outstanding essays from start to finish. Leverage the strengths of both human creativity and AI capabilities through purposeful prompt engineering.

ChatGPT can be useful for most types of essays, from literary analysis to argumentative and comparative. The prompts just need to be tailored to the specific requirements.

ChatGPT’s essay writing still lacks human creativity, nuance and flawless accuracy. You’ll need to improve any generated outlines, evidence, structure and flow through careful human editing and fact-checking.

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This list of writing prompts covers a range of topics and tasks, including brainstorming research ideas, improving language and style, conducting literature reviews, and developing research plans.


Folders and files, repository files navigation.

✨ NEW UPDATE: Literature Review Generator

A Custom GPT for Literature Review Generator has been released. It efficiently parses PDF files of research publications, extracts key themes, and creates a literature review section for your academic publications.

TRY NOW: https://chat.openai.com/g/g-G3U8pZGwC-literature-review-generator

ChatGPT Prompts for Academic Writing

In this repository, this list of writing prompts covers a range of topics and tasks, including brainstorming research ideas, improving language and style, conducting literature reviews, and developing research plans. Whether you're a student, researcher, or academic professional, these prompts can help you hone your writing abilities and tackle your writing projects with confidence.

Use directly in: chat.openai.com

The list is regularly updated, so you can keep track of new prompts by following this repository.

TIPS: As there is a limit to the number of words that can be used in ChatGPT, you can input your text multiple times using the prompt "Read this [PARAPGRAPH]:" and then run your final prompt "Considering the above text...".

You can also use prompts splitter: chatgpt-prompt-splitter.jjdiaz.dev


Article sections, title/topic sentence, introduction, literature review.

NOTE: Be careful and double-check article existence. ChatGPT may generate fake references


Experiments, future works, improving language, summarization, plan/presentation, working with documents (available only in gpt-4).

Upload a PDF file of a paper then:

Upload a PDF file of your paper then:

Upload PDF files of papers then:

Upload a figure image then:

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150+ Best ChatGPT Prompts for All Kinds of Workflow

' src=

Best ChatGPT 4 Prompts

Best prompts for writing and content creation, best chatgpt prompts for fun.

Fantasy prompt on ChatGPT

Best Prompts for Web Development

This one is for all the coders out there. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced user, these ChatGPT prompts for web dev have you covered.

Corrected Code ChatGPT

Best ChatGPT Prompts for Music

Create a poem chatgpt

Best prompts for Career

cold email chatgpt

Best ChatGPT Prompts for Education

Integers prompt ChatGPT

Best ChatGPT prompts for Marketing

125+ Best ChatGPT Prompts for All Kinds of Workflow

Best ChatGPT prompts for Gaming

While ChatGPT won’t be able to mimic a gaming console, it packs games that you can play alone or with friends. The following prompts below house some of the best ChatGPT games we found.

Tic Tac Toe ChatGPT

Best ChatGPT prompts for Food and Cooking

Improvise recipes on ChatGPT

Best ChatGPT Prompts for Travel and Tourism

pubs act as a travel guide

Upanishad Sharma

Combining his love for Literature and Tech, Upanishad dived into the world of technology journalism with fire. Now he writes about anything and everything while keeping a keen eye on his first love of gaming. Often found chronically walking around the office.

After a long time I genuienly loved reading an article. Thanks a ton

This article kept my attention right till the very end. It’s one thing talking about how AI would help you out with certain tasks in your day-to-day work and a better way to show it with examples. I see a lot of articles on ChatGPT prompts online, but those are vague paragraphs and hard to follow. Kudos to the author for this comprehensive, well-presented, and interesting article. (Y)

I agree with all your comments on the evolution of Ai but I’ve been a freelancer for years and I can’t hide my fear of seeing my job totally replaced? with tools like ChatGPT and FreelanceGPT .ai I don’t know how to prepare for the future.

Excellent Job Upanishab. Editable Chat GPT prompts are a very handy tool.

Great job.Thanks for the valuable information

Great job. Thanks a lot for such a detailed list.

Thanks for the comprehensive article!

Great article, thanks for the informative information.

whoa. That’s an elaborate list. Didn’t even know that chatgpt could be used like this. This is revolutionary. Thanks

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ChatGPT Finds Its Way to Nothing Earbuds and Phones

  • Setups & Tech
  • iOS & Mac

The 100 Best ChatGPT Prompts to Power Your Workflow

ChatGPT is taking the internet by storm, quickly becoming one of the most talked about AI chatbots. Developed by OpenAI, ChatGPT lets input prompts that provide help with everything from philosophical questions to day-to-day planning.

ChatGPT offers endless opportunities for improving your work and personal life. Write emails, construct essays, and devise marketing strategies in a flash. You can even ask ChatGPT to act as a recruiter or interviewer and practice for those life-changing moments.

We’ve curated 100 useful ChatGPT prompts and ideas to help you power your workflow. Scroll down for dozens of prompts for ChatGPT!

Looking to learn everything there is to know about ChatGPT? Check out our round-up post of the best ChatGPT courses , ChatGPT examples , and ChatGPT extensions !

Subscribe to our weekly newsletter, The Flow — a concise, value-packed focus and recharge digest for a balanced approach to productivity:

  • First Name First

Table of Contents

ChatGPT Prompts for Personal Life

  • ChatGPT Prompts for Fun

ChatGPT Prompts for Students

Chatgpt prompts for marketing, chatgpt prompts for midjourney & ai image generation, chatgpt prompts for entrepreneurs & businesses, chatgpt prompts for blogging.

  • ChatGPT Prompts for Creative Writing
  • ChatGPT Prompts for Copywriting

ChatGPT Prompts for Health & Wellness

Chatgpt prompts for event planning & weddings, chatgpt prompts for designers, chatgpt prompts for artists & illustrators.

  • ChatGPT Prompts for Web Development

ChatGPT Prompts for Project Managers

Chatgpt prompts for seo, chatgpt prompts for email marketing & newsletters, chatgpt prompts for social media managers, chatgpt prompts for content creators, chatgpt prompts for sales, chatgpt prompts for real estate.

  • ChatGPT Prompts for Cover Letters & Resumes

ChatGPT Prompts for Product Managers

  • ChatGPT Prompt Modifiers & Adjectives

You can utilize ChatGPT to streamline your personal life. Get date night ideas, plan your next trip, or write important emails.

  • Act as a chef. Write recipes for an Italian three-course meal I can cook for date night.
  • Write a casual message in French to my Airbnb host saying I’m going to be a little late to check-in and that I will arrive at 4pm.
  • Write a formal complaint email to United Airlines about my delayed bag from my flight on Tuesday January 17th from New York to Los Angeles.
  • Summarize this article into bullet points <paste article below>
  • Act as a European travel agent. Come up with a 14-day itinerary for a trip to Germany. The first suggested attraction should be “Take a tour of the Reichstag Building in Berlin.”
  • Write a letter of resignation to my employer. The reason for my resignation is that I need a more flexible schedule due to family issues.
  • What’s the best way to make new friends when moving to a new city?
  • What’s the quickest way to get across Toronto during rush hour?
  • Translate the following text into Portuguese: <paste text below>
  • List 5 of the best bars in <insert city>
  • Act as a tailor. Pick an appropriate outfit for a Bar Mitzvah.
  • Respond to this text message below from my mom <paste text below>

ChatGPT Prompts for Personal Life

Funny ChatGPT Prompts

ChatGPT can be a source of endless entertainment with all sorts of wacky and hilarious responses. Whether you’re looking for a good laugh or just want to lighten the mood, give these funny ChatGPT prompts a try. You can ask ChatGPT to tell a joke, create a silly story, or come up with a ridiculous hypothetical scenario.

  • What’s the best prank to play on a friend?
  • Send a pun-filled happy birthday message to my friend Alex.
  • Make a joke about chickens.
  • Write a parody song about the alphabet.
  • What do you get when you cross a snowman and a vampire?
  • Write a short story where a pencil is the main character.
  • What would happen if dogs could talk?
  • Write a fictional news headline about robots taking over the world.
  • Create a silly dialogue between two inanimate objects.
  • What would happen if the moon were made of cheese?

Balancing studying and your private life when you’re a student is difficult, so why make your life easier with ChatGPT? ChatGPT can suggest note-taking techniques, structure essays for you on scientific principles, and much more. ChatGPT can simplify your daily grind so you can make the most of your college years.

  • Act as a college interviewer for a Business School. Help me come up with questions I should ask the interviewer at the end of the interview.
  • Act as a tutor. I need help understanding how the quadratic formula works. Please describe it in easy-to-understand terms.
  • How can I modify the Pomodoro technique to suit my method of study?
  • Explain possible meanings of this quote by Nietzsche <paste text below>
  • Can you devise practical ways to stay focused during long study sessions?
  • Help me find a way to balance my studying and social life.
  • Structure a 1,500-word essay on Max Planck’s quantum theory.
  • Come up with 10 ways to improve memory and recall while studying for exams.
  • List note-taking techniques for a chemistry lecture.
  • Suggest 10 Chrome extensions for students designed to improve productivity while studying.

ChatGPT Prompts for Students

Supercharge your marketing strategy with ChatGPT. ChatGPT can help ensure your new business thrives, whether you’re making your first or thousandth sale. From strategy to execution, ChatGPT can help you make marketing moves.

  • Write a personalized blog post promoting my latest WordPress theme bundle.
  • How do I increase my Twitter followers?
  • Generate content ideas for my SaaS company.
  • Produce 50 hashtags
  • Create a TikTok campaign plan for launching an exciting new low carb mac and cheese, aimed at Gen Z and millennial consumers.
  • Suggest inexpensive ways I can promote my plumping business without using social media.
  • Is investing in influencer marketers worth the cost?
  • How can I grow our brand’s TikTok audience?
  • How can I use YouTube to increase brand awareness?
  • Write a product description for my latest set of landscape oil paintings of the Scottish Highlands.
  • Generate high-ticket offerings for my online language course.
  • How can I use TikTok to increase sales conversions?
  • Write a minute-long script for an advertisement about new sneakers.

ChatGPT Prompts for Marketing

If you’ve used AI art tools before like Midjourney, you know that it can be finicky to get the results you’re looking for. Using ChatGPT, you can get help writing more specific and detailed prompts to direct AI art models to create pieces that perfectly nails the styl e and subject matter you’re looking for! You can specify the type of landscape you want, such as a futuristic cityscape or a minimalist abstract composition, or even give examples of specific artists or eras that you want the piece to be inspired by.

For more prompt ideas, check out our full guide on Midjourney prompts & examples !

  • Write a good prompt for an image generation AI to make an image of this: <image description>
  • Generate a detailed description of an AI-generated cityscape with a futuristic twist.
  • Create an image description that describes a visually stunning setting that takes place in the year 3030.
  • Design with words an abstract composition with a graphic, minimalist style.
  • With distinct adjectives, create a visual with words that would encompass the feeling of being lost in life

If you’re an entrepreneur or small business owner, chances are you’re running things pretty leanly and could always use an extra hand. Use ChatGPT to help with anything from market research and financial forecasting, to brainstorming marketing strategies and general opportunities for streamlining your business. Whether you’re a solopreneur, founder, or an established business owner, ChatGPT can help you focus on running your business better!

  • Analyze the current state of <industry> and its trends, challenges, and opportunities, including relevant data and statistics. Provide a list of key players and a short and long-term industry forecast, and explain any potential impact of current events or future developments.
  • Provide a step-by-step guide on creating a business plan, including key components, useful resources, and tips for success.
  • Write a comprehensive and easy-to-understand explanation of different marketing strategies and their effectiveness for small businesses.
  • Offer a comprehensive guide to small business financing options, including loans, grants, and equity financing.
  • Provide a guide on managing finances for a small business, including budgeting, cash flow management, and tax considerations.
  • Write an in-depth analysis of the current state of a specific industry and its potential for small business opportunities.
  • Offer a detailed review of a specific software or tool for small business operations, such as accounting, project management, or CRM.
  • Write a detailed explanation of the pros and cons of outsourcing vs in-house for small business operations.
  • Offer an in-depth analysis of the current state of small business legislation and regulations and their impact on entrepreneurship.
  • Provide a guide on networking and building partnerships as a small business owner.
  • Present a list of valuable resources and organizations for small business support and growth.

ChatGPT is super helpful for busy bloggers. This AI can generate content ideas and keywords, brainstorm title ideas, and propose topics related to your blog. Give yourself more time to craft creative content with these ChatGPT prompts!

  • Write a brief for a blog post about opening a Gumroad store.
  • Generate 5 social media posts for my blog post on AppSumo.
  • Pick five keywords for a blog post titled “10 ways to improve my photography skills.”
  • Suggest engaging titles for a blog post about 1930s Art Deco architecture.
  • Generate user-friendly URLs for the domain <paste domain here> for these keywords <paste keywords here>
  • Create a content calendar with six blog titles, including the keyword <paste text here>. Pick suitable publishing dates for each guide spread across May 2023.
  • Write a creative outreach email for a guest post pitch for the keyword “Notion” for the domain “ gridfiti.com .” Come up with 3 title ideas using the keyword.

ChatGPT Prompts for Blogging

ChatGPT Creative Writing Prompts

Creative Writing Prompts for ChatGPT can help break through your writer’s block. Within seconds, ChatGPT can write stanzas for poems, plan out novels, and come up with story ideas. Creative writing prompts can also be hilarious, with the ability to ask ChatGPT to write anything, including obscure fan fiction and bizarre dialogue.

For more like this, check out our full round-up post that lists the best ChatGPT prompts for writing !

  • Write a scary short story about a man trapped in an abandoned house.
  • Generate five synonyms for sublime.
  • Write a backstory for a 55-year-old male character during the French Revolution.
  • Write the first stanza of a poem about cabbages with an AABB rhyme scheme.
  • Write hilarious fan fiction about the Twilight saga.
  • How should I pace a science fiction novella about traveling to Saturn’s moon, Titan?
  • Act as an 18th-century pirate. Describe what life was like on a pirate ship in Southeast Asia.
  • Write the opening to a story from the point of view of a washing machine.
  • How can I make a soliloquy engaging at the beginning of a play?
  • Describe ways I can make a framed narrator relevant to a story.
  • Continue this dialogue between a store clerk and a police officer <paste text below>

ChatGPT Creative Writing Prompts

ChatGPT Copywriting Prompts

Copywriting is among the most demanding content-creating disciplines. Luckily, ChatGPT can give you a helping hand. Learn how to use the PAS formula effectively, generate taglines for your latest product, and generally improve your copywriting prowess.

  • Act as a copywriter. Write long-form copy for the Hard Rock Cafe in Macau promoting merchandise.
  • Act as a copywriter. Write short-form copy for a billboard in Times Square promoting Wicked the Musical.
  • How is short-form copywriting easier than long-form copywriting?
  • How is copywriting different from SEO content writing?
  • How does repetition improve short-form copywriting?
  • What is the PAS formula? And give 3 examples of the PAS formula being used.
  • Provide examples of successful copywriting campaigns that use repetition
  • Give examples of newspaper headlines that grab the reader’s attention.
  • How can I integrate copywriting into social media posts?
  • List unusual copywriting techniques that I can use to create taglines.

Prompts Packs Available

  • 150 ChatGPT Prompts for Copywriting
  • 500 ChatGPT Prompts for Copywriting

ChatGPT Copywriting Prompts

Whether you’re looking to improve your diet, increase physical activity, or simply learn more about health and wellness, ChatGPT can be a valuable tool in your wellness journey. Get information on healthy recipes, ask it for exercises based on specific goals and abilities, or get answers to questions about various health and wellness topics!

  • List the top 10 healthy foods to include in my diet.
  • Develop a 30-day workout routine to help me lose 2 lbs a week.
  • Act as a nutritionist. Help me devise 10 healthy meals that can be cooked in 30 minutes or less.
  • Provide a guide on healthy nutrition for weight management and weight loss.
  • Create a 1 month workout plan for me exercise my shoulder muscles.
  • Explain the benefits of daily exercise and provide a sample workout plan.
  • Write a comprehensive guide on managing stress and maintaining mental wellness.
  • Provide a list of common sleep disorders and tips for improving sleep quality.
  • Explain the different types of therapy and their effectiveness in treating mental health issues.
  • Offer a detailed explanation of the benefits and risks of alternative medicine practices, such as acupuncture and herbal remedies.
  • Write an in-depth analysis of the current state of the healthcare system and its impact on the general population.
  • Offer a list of recommended resources for quitting smoking and managing addiction.
  • Explain the importance of regular medical check-ups and preventive care.

Whether you’re planning a personal or corporate event, or even a wedding, ChatGPT can help you streamline the planning process and ensure that not a single detail is missed. Whether you want help generating ideas for event themes, selecting venues, or creating a checklist of all your event-related tasks, get it done with some of these prompts!

  • Create a checklist for event planning, including important tasks and deadlines.
  • What are some creative ways to add personal touches to the seating at a wedding dinner?
  • Provide a list of top event venues in <city>, along with their capacities.
  • Write a guide on event budgeting, including tips for saving money and avoiding common overspending pitfalls.
  • List the best catering companies in a specific area, along with menu options and prices.
  • Offer a comprehensive explanation of event marketing, including target audience analysis and promotion strategies.
  • Explain the importance of wedding photography, including styles, techniques, and essential shots to capture.
  • Explain the different types of event equipment rental options, including audiovisual, lighting, and decor.
  • Write a guide on event security, including necessary measures for crowd control and emergency response planning.
  • Provide a list of event management software and tools, along with their key features and benefits.
  • Offer an in-depth analysis of current event industry trends, including popular themes, formats, and technologies.
  • Write a guide on event evaluation, including metrics for measuring success and feedback mechanisms for continuous improvement.

If you’re a designer, use ChatGPT to get layout ideas, select color palettes, get help choosing typography, and so much more to help bring your vision to life. With the right prompts, spend less time searching for inspo, and more time designing! Whether you’re just starting out with design or a seasoned vet, check out these graphic design ChatGPT prompts to get started.

  • Come up with 10 hex color codes for a color palette to evoke <emotion>
  • Which online marketplace websites can I use to sell my designs?
  • How can I create a minimalistic logo that conveys a strong brand image?
  • What design elements should I consider when creating a packaging design for a luxury brand?
  • How can I create an eye-catching poster design for an upcoming event?
  • What color palette would be appropriate for a law firm’s website design?
  • How can I design a user-friendly interface for a mobile application?
  • What font and typography techniques should I use to create a professional-looking business card?
  • How can I create an animated graphic that effectively communicates a complex idea?
  • What design elements should I include in a brochure to promote a real estate development?

Whether you’re working on personal projects or a client commission, as an artist and illustrator, you can use ChatGPT prompts to quickly generate ideas for subject matter, get answers to technical questions, make improvements to your artistic process, and brainstorm ways to monetize your talents.

  • Which factors determine the price of my artwork?
  • How can I develop my own unique style as an artist?
  • What techniques can I use to create a captivating digital illustration?
  • How can I create a compelling concept for a series of illustrations?
  • What tools and materials should I use for traditional watercolor painting?
  • How can I create a realistic portrait in pencil or charcoal?
  • What methods can I use to incorporate text into my illustrations?
  • How can I create an engaging comic strip or graphic novel?
  • What steps should I take to prepare a portfolio for job applications or exhibitions?
  • How can I develop a successful freelance illustration business?
  • What resources and communities are available to artists and illustrators for inspiration and professional development?

ChatGPT Prompts for Web Development & Software Engineers

ChatGPT won’t replace web developers and software engineers anytime soon, but it can make life easier. Generally, ChatGPT shouldn’t be used to write code from scratch, but it can catch mistakes in code and generate docstrings to get you started. It can also provide hints and tricks to newbies trying to build a website.

  • Act as a software engineer. Come up with an architecture and code for developing a random winner picker website with JavaScript.
  • Please continue writing this code for JavaScript <post code below>.
  • Provide a UX design tip I can share on Instagram.
  • Help me find mistakes in the following code <paste code below>.
  • List ways I can use AI in software engineering.
  • What are 5 of the best practices for software architecture design?
  • What are the tips and tricks for writing efficient code?
  • Suggest tools I can use to make writing code easier.
  • How do I make an accessible Tailwind Footer?
  • Write a docstring for the following function <paste function below>.
  • I’m making a website for a small business that sells hand-crafted furniture. I need ideas on how to structure the website using WordPress.

ChatGPT Prompts for Web Development & Software Engineers

With the right prompts, ChatGPT can save you hours while managing projects, and help you focus on more important tasks and making strategic decisions. Integrating ChatGPT into your project management workflow can help you create workback schedules, figure out how to improve your processes, and even get tips for managing your project team better.

  • Create a workback schedule for a <project> project, with a timeline of <timeline>, with the deadline of <date>.
  • Act like a project manager and create a high
  • How can I effectively communicate my current web development project’s progress and status to stakeholders?
  • How can I effectively prioritize tasks and allocate resources in a complex digital advertisement campaign project?
  • What tools and methodologies can I use to manage my project’s risk?
  • How can I motivate and engage a remote or virtual team?
  • What strategies can I use to effectively manage project scope and budget?
  • What approaches can I use to effectively manage and resolve conflicts within a project team?
  • What processes should I put in place for continuous improvement and project optimization?
  • How can I create a project schedule that accurately reflects task dependencies and resource constraints?
  • What techniques can I use to successfully manage multiple projects simultaneously?

Use ChatGPT as your in-house SEO resource! It can help you with anything from keyword research, to content creation, to even generating your meta descriptions, alt tags, and title tags. You can even get help with your link building efforts by requesting outreach email templates.

  • Write a 100-character meta description for my blog post about <topic>.
  • Come up with 5 long-tail keywords for a post about how to create a DIY slat wall.
  • What are 5 ways I can improve SEO on my food blog?
  • Write a casual backlink outreach email to <name> to tell them about why they should consider switching a link out on their <post title> post with my resource.

Use ChatGPT prompts to write engaging subject lines, structure your newsletters, compose compelling email body copy, personalize messages for different audience members – and everything in between! You can also use these powerful prompts to generate ideas for email campaigns, analyze your existing email metrics to improve future campaigns, and automate follow-up emails based on your audience’s behavior. Whether you’re looking to boost open rates, increase conversions, or simply save time on email marketing tasks, these ChatGPT prompts can help you get the job done.

  • Come up with 5 short email subject lines for our brand’s new launch of a lavender soap line, include an emoji at the beginning.
  • Write follow-up email for people who attended my precious metals webinar.
  • Generate subject line for a Black Friday sale email.
  • Structure a weekly fitness newsletter.
  • Write body copy for my vegan restaurant’s new menu launch.
  • Create a personalized email greeting for a VIP customer.
  • Create 5 ideas for an email campaign promoting eco-friendly products.
  • Analyze these below metrics to improve email open rates for a fashion brand <paste metrics>.
  • Help me boost open rates with a compelling email subject line for a book club.
  • Create 5 compelling CTAs to prompt donations for a charity fundraising marathon.
  • How do I ensure my marketing emails look good on iOS and Android?
  • How can I increase the click-through rate on my marketing emails?
  • What is A/B testing and how can it improve email engagement?
  • 325 ChatGPT Prompts for Email Marketing

The right ChatGPT prompts can become a key component to any social media manager’s arsenal. Using ChatGPT, social media managers can quickly generate branded captions, link headlines, and post ideas without having to spend hours brainstorming on their own. Whether you’re managing a fashion brand’s Instagram account or a food blog’s YouTube channel, refined ChatGPT prompts can help elevate you or your clients’ content.

  • Generate 5 hashtags for a new Instagram post about our latest product launch.
  • Create a captivating tweet to announce our new partnership.
  • Come up with a list of 5 influencer outreach messages for a product collaboration.
  • Generate a 2-minute video script for a Facebook ad campaign promoting our new service.
  • Create a 1-paragraph blog post about the benefits of using our new app for social media management.
  • Come up with 10 creative Instagram story ideas for a beauty brand.
  • Generate a creative social media content calendar for the next month.
  • Create a series of 5 Instagram posts to showcase our brand values.
  • Write a catchy Instagram bio for a new food delivery service.
  • Generate a series of 5 Twitter polls for market research on our target audience.
  • Come up with a list of 10 engaging Facebook post ideas for a fitness brand.
  • Create a LinkedIn post to announce a job opening in our company.
  • Generate 5 creative ways to use Instagram Reels for a fashion brand.
  • Write a persuasive tweet to promote a new book.
  • Come up with a series of 5 Instagram posts to showcase customer success stories.
  • Generate a list of 10 questions for a Q&A session on Instagram Live.
  • Create a catchy TikTok hashtag challenge for a new product launch.
  • Write a Twitter thread to explain the features of a new app.
  • Come up with a list of 5 Pinterest boards to showcase our brand’s products.
  • Generate a series of Facebook ads to promote an upcoming sale.
  • 100 ChatGPT Prompts for Social Media & Audience Building

ChatGPT prompts can be a valuable asset for content creators looking to streamline their workflow and come up with new ideas! By using prompts, creators can quickly come up with captions, headlines, and scripts without having to spend hours brainstorming on their own. From TikTok captions to YouTube video script outlines, save time, energy, and context switching – and focus on the more important areas of your creative workflow!

  • What type of camera should I consider for daily vlogging?
  • What are some creative ways to grow my Twitch audience?
  • Write an outline for a YouTube video script for an iPhone 14 Pro Max review.
  • What factors should I consider when quoting for a brand deal with a candle company, and what ballpark range should I charge? The scope is to post 3 videos on TikTok, and I have 100,000 followers.
  • Come up with 5 catchy Instagram caption ideas for my latest vlog on hiking in Switzerland.
  • Generate a script for a 60-second Instagram Reel for a Gen Z fashion brand.
  • Come up with a list of 10 attention-grabbing headlines for a food influencer.
  • Generate a persuasive email to a potential sponsor for a YouTube channel.
  • Write a list of 5 topics to cover in a podcast episode for a personal finance show.
  • Come up with a list of 10 Instagram post captions for a fitness influencer.
  • Generate a script for a 2-minute Instagram story for a beauty brand.
  • Write a list of 5 YouTube video ideas for a gaming channel.
  • Come up with a list of 10 Twitter threads to start for a political commentator.
  • Generate a list of 5 Pinterest boards to create for a home décor influencer.
  • Come up with a list of 10 hashtags to use for a nature photographer’s Instagram posts.
  • Generate a script for a 30-second commercial for a local business.
  • Write a list of 5 topics to cover in a video for a cooking channel.
  • Come up with a list of 10 Facebook post ideas for a pet store.
  • Generate a list of 5 LinkedIn articles to write for a business consultant.
  • Write a list of 5 TikTok video ideas for a dance influencer.
  • Come up with a list of 10 Pinterest pins to create for a wedding planner.

If you’re a salesperson, ChatGPT prompts are here to help you streamline your sales process and close more deals! Quickly generate persuasive emails, headlines that grab your prospects’ attention, and ideas that set you apart from the competition.

  • Write a cold email to a prospective customer to introduce them to my <niche> company and how it can benefit them with <insert unique selling points>.
  • Create a personalized sales email for a potential customer for my <niche> company selling <product>.
  • Qualify this lead based on their behavior and interests.
  • Segment our customers based on their buying behavior.
  • Provide chat-based support for customer inquiries about our product.
  • What complementary products would you recommend for this customer?
  • Generate a report on our sales performance for the past quarter <insert numbers below>
  • What are some creative ways to generate leads for my <niche> company?
  • What product customization would you recommend for this customer? <include customer details below>
  • Provide after-sales support and upselling opportunities for my <product> product.
  • What cross-selling opportunities would you recommend for my candle business?
  • 100 ChatGPT Prompts for Closing High Ticket Clients
  • 350 ChatGPT Prompts for Closing High Ticket Clients

As a real estate agent or property investor, time is money – and that’s where ChatGPT prompts come in. Use these curated ChatGPT prompts tailored for real estate to quickly generate property descriptions, listing summaries, and email templates.

ChatGPT Prompts for Real Estate Agents

  • Generate a list of 10 prospective client follow-up messages.
  • Write a compelling property listing for a spacious 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom loft in SoHo, Manhattan.
  • Write a persuasive email to a potential home seller.
  • Create a 2-minute virtual tour script for a property listing.
  • Create a list of 5 local hotspots to mention in a neighborhood guide.
  • Write a 1-page property brochure for a new listing.
  • Write a captivating property description for an online listing.
  • Come up with a series of 5 social media posts to showcase your listings.
  • Generate a list of 10 home-buying tips for first-time buyers.
  • Write a persuasive letter to a property owner about listing their property with you.
  • Come up with a list of 5 home staging tips for sellers.
  • Generate a list of 10 potential clients from your network.
  • Write a persuasive message to a client who is relocating to a new city.
  • Come up with a series of 5 open house ideas.
  • Generate a list of 10 potential leads from expired listings.
  • Write a follow-up email to a client who recently viewed a property.
  • Come up with a list of 5 reasons to choose your real estate company.
  • Generate a persuasive message to a client considering renting instead of buying.
  • Write a series of 5 Facebook ads to promote a new housing development.
  • Come up with a list of 10 local real estate market trends to discuss with clients.
  • Generate a list of 5 home-buying pitfalls to warn clients about.

ChatGPT Prompts for Buyers & Sellers

  • What are the benefits of working with a real estate agent when buying or selling a property?
  • How do you determine the market value of a property?
  • What is the home buying process like and how can I prepare for it?
  • What are some common mistakes that buyers make when purchasing a home?
  • How can I stage my home to appeal to potential buyers?
  • What is the current real estate market trend in [insert location]?
  • How can I negotiate the best price for my home?
  • What documents do I need to have in order before buying or selling a property?
  • What are the latest technology and marketing tools used to promote properties?
  • Explain the different financing options available to home buyers
  • ChatGPT Prompts for Real Estate Investors
  • 100 Prompts for ChatGPT Househackers

ChatGPT Prompts for Cover Letters & Resume Building

Anyone deep in the job hunting grind knows that looking for a job can be a full-time job in itself. Take some of the burden out of job hunting and use ChatGPT to help you improve your job applications, cover letters, and resume. Whether you’re a recent graduate entering the job market or an experienced professional looking to switch careers, use some of these tailored ChatGPT prompts to make your application stand out.

Note: Especially for something high stakes like a job application, it’s important to remember that ChatGPT’s output should only serve as a starting point – not a final product! Always take the time to add your personal touch to reflect your own voice and style.

  • Write a cover letter for a software engineer position highlighting my technical skills.
  • Generate a personalized objective statement for a marketing resume.
  • Come up with a list of 5 relevant achievements to include in a financial analyst cover letter.
  • Generate a tailored 2-minute pitch for a sales job interview.
  • Write a persuasive email to a potential employer explaining my background as a nurse.
  • Come up with a list of 10 unique qualities to include in a teacher’s resume.
  • Generate a 1-page summary of my experiences and accomplishments as a graphic designer.
  • Write a cover letter addressing the specific qualifications listed for a project manager position.
  • Come up with a list of 5 ways to tailor my resume for a customer service job.
  • Generate a list of 10 keywords to include in a human resources resume and cover letter.
  • Write a persuasive letter to a hiring manager explaining a gap in my work history as a lawyer.
  • Come up with a list of 5 quantifiable results to highlight in a business analyst resume.
  • Generate a list of 10 relevant skills and experiences for a web developer job application.
  • Write a personalized thank you note to a potential employer after a doctor job interview.
  • Come up with a list of 5 personal traits that make you a strong fit for a social worker role.
  • Generate a 2-minute response to common interview questions for a data scientist position.
  • Write a persuasive email to a potential employer negotiating a higher salary for a software developer role.
  • Come up with a list of 10 professional references for an administrative assistant job application.
  • Generate a list of 5 ways to make my resume stand out from other applicants for a journalist position.
  • Write a persuasive message to a potential employer explaining my relocation for a chef role.

Whether you’re working on a new product launch, looking to improve your existing product, or trying to come up with new promotion strategies, the right ChatGPT prompts can help you come up with a wealth of product ideas and insights in a matter of seconds. From improving user experience to generating feature ideas, try some of these product management-centric prompts out!

  • Outline 5 potential features to enhance a food delivery app.
  • Compile a market analysis report for a cutting-edge smartwatch.
  • Identify 10 potential partnership opportunities for a ride-sharing company.
  • Create a user flow diagram for a mobile app connecting users to local volunteer opportunities.
  • Propose 5 solutions to improve the user experience on an e-commerce website.
  • Prepare a competitor analysis report for a revolutionary virtual reality headset.
  • Devise 10 possible integrations for a smart home automation system.
  • Draft a product requirements document for a new and improved video conferencing tool.
  • Suggest 5 ways to streamline the checkout process on an online store.
  • Develop user personas for a new tablet designed to educate kids.
  • Uncover 10 potential upsell opportunities for a successful meal kit subscription service.
  • Build a product roadmap for a state-of-the-art fitness app.
  • Propose 5 ways to simplify the onboarding process for a project management tool.
  • Map out a customer journey for a novel pet care delivery service.
  • Explore 10 potential collaborations for a green electric scooter rental company.

General ChatGPT Prompt Modifiers & Adjectives

Prompt modifiers and adjectives are key to a successful prompt. The more input and description the user gives to ChatGPT, the better quality of the output. Here’s a list of ChatGPT modifiers and adjectives to include when writing your next prompt.

If you want to update any existing output, you can simply reply in your thread with any of the below modifiers or adjectives! For example, “make it shorter and more informal” or “make it a table”.

General ChatGPT Prompt Modifiers & Adjectives

Prompt Modifiers

  • “Formal,”
  • “Informal”
  • “Short”
  • “Long”
  • “Generate”
  • “Write XX words”
  • “Act as a <insert job title>”
  • “Make a table of”
  • “How do I create”
  • “List <insert number> ways”
  • “How can you effectively”
  • “Create a bullet list of”
  • “What techniques can I use”
  • “Explain the importance of”
  • “Can you devise”
  • “Suggest tools I can use”
  • “Scan the following text for”
  • “Look for errors in”
  • “How can I optimize”
  • “Can you recommend any”
  • “What would be the most beneficial approach to”
  • “Is there any way to simplify”
  • “How can I make <insert phrase> faster”
  • “Include <insert keyword> in this blog post”
  • “Are there any tips or tricks I can use for”
  • “Write a post specifically for”

ChatGPT Prompt Modifiers Ideas

Prompt Adjectives

  • “Lively”
  • “Compelling”
  • “Engaging”
  • “Creative”
  • “Informative”
  • “Funny”
  • “Scary”
  • “Thrilling”
  • “Inspiring”
  • “Heartwarming”
  • “Stunning”
  • “Beautiful”
  • “Charming”
  • “Confident”
  • “Trustworthy”
  • “Intelligent”
  • “Friendly”
  • “Easygoing”
  • “Calm”
  • “Sincere”
  • “Romantic”
  • “Sensitive”
  • “Passionate”
  • “Powerful”
  • “Motivated”
  • “Logical”
  • “Joyful”
  • “Relaxed”
  • “Knowledgeable”
  • “Bold”

ChatGPT Prompt Adjective Ideas

Has ChatGPT revolutionized the way you approach your work and personal life? Let us know in the comments below!

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202 Awesome ChatGPT Prompts to Boost Productivity

From lawyers to marketers, healthcare professionals and more–check out these 202 awesome ChatGPT prompts to increase your productivity.

cover image

ChatGPT prompts can help you boost productivity and creativity , no matter what profession you are in. From job seekers to engineers, marketers, educators, healthcare professionals and more, here is your ultimate ChatGPT prompt cheat sheet to help you harness the full power of this tool.

New to ChatGPT? Check out our webinar on the DOs and DONTs of ChatgGPT for social media .

best chatgpt prompts for essays

OwlyWriter AI instantly generates captions and content ideas for every social media network. It’s seriously easy.

What is a ChatGPT prompt?

A ChatGPT prompt is a phrase or instruction you give the ChatGPT AI model to generate a response. Prompts can be anything from a question, statement, or other words intended to spark creativity, “thought,” or engagement.

For example, you might use ChatGPT prompts for cover letters to get ideas for how to craft a standout resume. Prompts can include:

  • Create a template for an accountant’s resume with ten years of experience. Include sections for accomplishments, skills and certifications.
  • Design a modern-looking cover letter tailored to a graphic design position. Showcase the applicant’s creativity and technical expertise.
  • Develop a compelling elevator pitch for an IT job that grabs the attention of potential employers.

chatgpt response creating a resume for an accountant with ten years of experience

What is ChatGPT prompt engineering?

ChatGPT prompt engineering is the practice of crafting prompts that effectively instruct ChatGPT to generate outputs. In order to accurately guide ChatGPT’s responses, you need to understand its behavior and adjust your wording accordingly.

For example, if you want to generate a list of potential career paths for a history student, your first instinct might be to start with something really simple, such as: “Generate a list of potential career paths for a history student.”

While this input might come up with a variety of generic responses, the outputs may lack personalization, and may not be relevant to the specific student you’re thinking of.

best chatgpt prompts for essays

Create. Schedule. Publish. Engage. Measure. Win.

The best prompts for ChatGPT might read:

“Generate a list of potential career paths for a history student. This student is interested in the early modern period, has a good understanding of statistics and data analysis, and wants to explore options in education or consulting. They do not excel at writing, but they have excellent communication skills.”

chatgpt response giving career path options for a history student who is not good at writing

When engineering the best ChatGPT prompts, focus on these principles:

  • Clarity: ChatGPT prompts should be unambiguous and precise. Avoid vague language in order to ensure the best results.
  • Simplicity: Keep prompts short yet powerful. One to three sentences is the ideal length of a prompt.
  • Context: Include as much contextual information as possible. For example, if your prompt is job-related, include the industry, job title and specific task or goal.
  • Specificity: Include details and specifics to personalize the output. In the history student example, provide details like subject interests or core skills.
  • Role-Playing: Use role-playing methods to set the scope of the AI model’s responses. For example, you might say: “Pretend you’re a Microsoft engineer, and I’m an interviewee for a junior software engineer role. Generate three questions you might ask when interviewing me.”

ChatGPT prompts for resumes

Ready to give ChatGPT a try? Here are some excellent, pre-engineered ChatGPT resume writing prompts:

  • Create a one-page resume for an executive assistant position, highlighting impressive organizational and administrative skills.
  • Develop a professional summary statement that effectively summarizes experience in marketing and communications.
  • Create a personalized cover letter tailored to a job in customer service, expressing the candidate’s enthusiasm and commitment to the role.
  • Describe an impressive accomplishment for a medical assistant role that sets this applicant apart from other candidates.
  • Summarize a unique skill set for an HR manager role that reflects the candidate’s ability to lead and motivate teams.
  • Write an education section for a resume emphasizing a candidate’s passion for data science and analytics.
  • Write a 200-word introduction for a resume highlighting the candidate’s qualifications and accomplishments in law.

ChatGPT prompts for marketing

Are you a marketer looking for ways to drive creativity and productivity? Try these awesome ChatGPT prompts:

  • Generate five creative strategies for launching a new cocoa butter lotion product. The product is made with natural ingredients in small batches. The target audience is mothers aged 30-40.
  • Design a comprehensive social media campaign for launching a new Greek restaurant chain, including ideal post frequency and creative content ideas. The restaurant is located in Vancouver, BC, and its specialty dish is lemon potatoes.
  • Generate a list of 10 customer outreach topics that can be used to engage with potential buyers of a product or service.
  • Develop a campaign slogan for an ecommerce store selling handmade jewelry that conveys the company’s sense of style, quality and values.
  • Write five email subject lines that are designed to increase open rates for an e-commerce store.
  • Generate suggestions for five influencer campaigns that will help a sustainable clothing company reach their target market of Gen Z and millennial customers.

ChatGPT prompts for writing

Writer’s block, beware. These ChatGPT prompts for writing will help you generate ideas and get your creative juices flowing:

  • Develop a compelling thesis statement for an argumentative essay about climate change.
  • Generate five plot points for a mystery novel set in small-town America. The main character is a retired detective who is solving the murder of an old friend.
  • Create three characters for a science-fiction novel set in space. The story focuses on their quest to find a new home and save their species from extinction.
  • Develop a list of 10 potential titles for a non-fiction book about leadership. The book’s author has experience leading a team in the healthcare industry.
  • Develop three examples of figurative language that could be used to enhance a descriptive essay about a magical forest.
  • Create five questions for an informational interview with a successful entrepreneur to learn more about their journey and tips for success.
  • Generate five unique topics for a magazine article about trends in education. Create three compelling arguments.
  • Brainstorm ten potential titles for a romantic comedy about two coworkers who fall in love while working at a tech startup.

ChatGPT prompts for small business

Small business owners are always on the lookout for time-saving techniques. Here are some excellent ChatGPT prompts for small business owners:

  • Design an employee onboarding program for a pet food store that includes training, job responsibilities, expectations, and closing duties.
  • Generate five ideas for cost-effective print marketing strategies that will help promote a local landscaping business.
  • Create three product bundles that maximize value for customers of a home décor boutique.
  • Design an effective customer loyalty program for a pharmacy that rewards repeat customers.
  • Write a mission statement for an online yoga studio that expresses the company’s commitment to providing accessible and affordable classes.
  • Generate five email subject lines demonstrating value for subscribers of a subscription box service.
  • Write three customer service scripts designed to resolve common customer inquiries quickly and efficiently.

ChatGPT prompts for content creation

Don’t let content creation bottleneck your brand. Generate more great content by using these ChatGPT prompts:

  • Design five unique topics for Instagram stories that will engage followers of a fitness brand.
  • Create three Pinterest board ideas that showcase the benefits of a nutrition coaching program.
  • Develop ten blog post ideas that promote an event planning business’s services and expertise.
  • Generate five creative TikTok video scripts for promoting a vegan bakery’s product line.
  • Develop five potential YouTube video ideas for introducing a new beauty brand to viewers.
  • Create three compelling topics for Twitter or Threads about personal finance aimed at young professionals.
  • Design a content calendar for Facebook that includes posts, polls, tagging opportunities and video content.
  • Generate five creative ideas for a podcast series focusing on real estate development in Toronto.

chatgpt prompt asking for tiktok scripts for a vegan bakery

ChatGPT prompts for web development

Web developers rejoice! These ChatGPT prompts for web development will help you come up with content ideas and strategies for building better websites:

  • Create three navigation menus that are optimized for user experience. The menus should be designed to guide users through a doctor’s website quickly and seamlessly.
  • Design three calls-to-action that can be used to increase conversions for an e-commerce store.
  • Design two optimized contact forms to collect emails from B2B clients in the automotive manufacturing industry.
  • Write five tips for using an SEO plugin correctly to maximize website visibility and rankings.
  • Create a landing page outline for a mobile banking app designed to attract younger users.
  • Write conversion-focused copy for two content pages that can be used to showcase a luxury car dealership’s inventory and services.
  • Develop four ideas for interactive features that would enhance the user experience of a restaurant’s website.
  • Write five tips for creating an intuitive and attractive homepage that will help draw visitors to a real estate company’s website.

ChatGPT prompts for social media marketing

Social media managers , listen up. These ChatGPT prompts for social media marketing will help you create great content and engage your audience:

  • Design five creative hashtags that can be used to promote a new clothing line on Instagram.
  • Write three captions ideas for Instagram, promoting a coffee shop’s latest feature beverage, the Mocha Matcha Latté.
  • Create two promotional posts that highlight the advantages of using a beauty subscription box service.
  • Develop five ideas for using polls on Facebook to engage users and encourage them to learn more about a home decoration business.
  • Create a three-month content calendar for an animal rescue organization. Focus on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. The verticals the rescue wants to focus on include raising awareness, adoption stories, and foster highlights.
  • Develop a series of Tweets or Threads about the importance of sustainability in fashion. This series will be posted by a sustainable yoga-wear brand.
  • Design five social media ads that promote the features of a new fitness app. The ads should target a younger, tech-savvy audience.
  • Generate four ideas for using Stories on Instagram to showcase the benefits of using a meal delivery service.

ChatGPT prompts for education

While ChatGPT can’t replace teachers, it can help create great teaching materials. Try out these ChatGPT prompts for education:

  • Design a math lesson plan for grade 4 students focusing on basic algebra.
  • Create three activities to teach English nouns to adult non-native speakers.
  • Develop five discussion questions about world history that focus on the events of the 20th century.
  • Write three science experiments that illustrate the properties of water.
  • Create a worksheet to teach French verb conjugation to middle school students.
  • Generate five essay prompts focusing on the impacts of climate change in Canada.
  • Develop two interactive activities to teach older elementary school children about the solar system.
  • Generate four discussion questions about the current state of US politics for use with a group of fifth graders.
  • Design three quiz questions focusing on world geography for a group of eighth graders.

ChatGPT prompts for project management

Scrambling to keep your projects on brand, on budget, and on time? These ChatGPT prompts for project management will help you get organized and stay on track:

  • Create a list of tasks that need to be completed, along with a timeline for their completion, in order to launch a redesigned website for a dental office.
  • Generate five ideas for using agile methodology to manage an online marketing campaign for a local record store.
  • Develop a project plan for creating and launching an email newsletter campaign targeting new customers of a hardware store.
  • Write four KPIs that can be used to measure the success of a mobile banking app development project.
  • Create an outline for developing comprehensive user documentation for a software as a service (SaaS) product.
  • Design five content buckets that can be used to organize the content of a print magazine for an international audience.
  • Write three steps for setting up a project tracking system that will help manage workflow and productivity.
  • Generate four ideas for using scrum methodology to develop an interactive online course focused on personal finance management.

ChatGPT prompts for healthcare

Healthcare professionals can use ChatGPT to generate great content and ideas for patient education. Try out these ChatGPT prompts for healthcare:

  • Create three blog posts that explain the importance of preventive care and wellness exams.
  • Design four video script ideas focusing on common medical procedures, such as vaccinations or physical therapy.
  • Generate five infographic ideas for explaining the basics of mental health and how to cope with stress.
  • Write a series of Facebook posts providing visitors to a medical website with tips on healthy eating habits.
  • Develop five quiz questions that can be used to test patients’ knowledge about the benefits of choosing an in-network provider.
  • Design two email campaigns focusing on common skin conditions and how to look after aging skin.
  • Create an acronym for sun safety that parents can use to help remind their children of important tips for sun protection.
  • Write an outline for a healthcare social media policy that can be used to guide employees when posting on behalf of a medical practice.

chatgpt response giving an outline for a healthcare social media policy

ChatGPT prompts for finance

Educate your readers on the importance of sound financial management with these ChatGPT prompts for finance:

  • Create five blog posts that explain the advantages of investing in stocks and mutual funds.
  • Develop three Facebook posts about different types of credit cards and how to choose one that is right for you.
  • Write a Tweet focusing on the importance of financial literacy and managing debt.
  • Generate five checklist items for creating a successful retirement plan in your twenties.
  • Create an email outline that explains credit scores and how to improve them.
  • Generate five ideas for using Instagram to promote a financial literacy program for high school students.

ChatGPT prompts for music

Are you in the business of creating great music? Try out these ChatGPT prompts for music:

  • Write a hook for a pop-rock song about the struggles of being an artist.
  • Generate five soundbite ideas for interviews with music industry professionals.
  • Design six-chord progressions to create a moody jazz instrumental track.
  • Create four lyric ideas that focus on the power of music and the joys of performing.
  • Modify the following chord progression to make it more like a classic rock ballad:[insert progression]
  • Write the lyrics to a song titled “The Beat Of A Different Drummer” about discovering your own path in life. The song should have five verses and one chorus.
  • Create an outline for a music video that tells the story of a romance between two people from different neighborhoods.
  • Develop four ideas for using audio technology to mix a live recording of an acoustic performance.
  • Provide Python code that writes a simple tune to a MIDI file.

ChatGPT prompts for human resources

HR professionals can use ChatGPT to generate great content and ideas for employee onboarding, recruitment, and training. Try out these ChatGPT prompts for human resources:

  • Write five interview questions for a senior software engineer position that explore a candidate’s interpersonal skills.
  • Develop two activities to help orient new employees to their roles and responsibilities at a tech startup.
  • Create three posts promoting a content manager job opening on social media platforms such as Twitter and LinkedIn. Note that the ideal candidate should have experience in content creation, strategy, and execution.
  • Generate four ideas for using video to help new employees at a grocery store learn about the company culture and core values.
  • Design five ice-breaker questions that can be used with a group of new bookkeeping hires during an orientation session.
  • Create an outline for an employee handbook that covers topics such as dress code, vacation policies, and employee benefits.
  • Write four performance evaluation criteria for an entry-level customer service representative role.
  • Develop two training modules that will help new hires at a marketing agency learn about digital advertising tools and concepts.

ChatGPT prompts for fitness and coaching

These ChatGPT prompts for fitness and coaching will help you create great content related to health, wellness, and personal development.

  • Write a blog post that provides readers with five tips for creating an effective workout routine.
  • Design four exercises that focus on strength-building and can be done at home with minimal equipment.
  • Generate five ideas for incorporating mindfulness into everyday life, such as taking breaks from work or dedicating time to relaxation.
  • Develop four tips for how to coach someone through a difficult personal situation without giving unsolicited advice.
  • Create an outline for a healthy eating program that focuses on whole foods and avoiding processed products.
  • Write a weekly meal plan for a client who is gluten intolerant and vegetarian. Meals they enjoy cooking include stir-fries and curries.
  • Design two exercises that focus on core stability and stretching, suitable for a beginner-level fitness routine.

ChatGPT prompts for art (Midjourney)

Artificial intelligence-powered art tools like Midjourney, DALL-E, and GANBreeder can help you create amazing visuals. Here are some ChatGPT prompts for AI art :

  • Pretend you are creating a still-life painting featuring a vase of flowers. Generate five prompts that AI art tools like Midjourney can use to generate visuals for the painting.
  • Create four AI art prompts that could be used to create a landscape scene with trees and mountains.
  • Make a list of six concepts that can be used to create a portrait with the help of AI art tools.
  • Write an AI art prompt that will generate a surreal image of an owl with bright colours and geometric shapes.
  • Design three prompts for an AI art piece inspired by the works of Piet Mondrian.
  • Develop five prompts for creating AI art using images from outer space, such as stars and galaxies.
  • Create two prompts for an abstract painting of a boat featuring warm tones and soft lines.
  • Write an AI art prompt that will generate a futuristic street scene where people are eating exotic space foods from street stalls.

ChatGPT prompts for cooking

Stuck on what to eat tonight? Let ChatGPT help! Here are some cooking-related ChatGPT prompts:

  • Generate six ideas for vegetarian tacos that aren’t just beans and rice.
  • Design four healthy snacks that use three ingredients or less.
  • Create a meal plan for one week of vegan lunches, with a focus on creative flavour combinations.
  • Write five slow cooker recipes that can be prepared in one hour or less.
  • Develop three recipes for a weekend brunch that are easy to make but still look impressive.
  • Write me a dinner recipe tonight. All I have in my fridge are potatoes, eggs, spinach, cheese, and spices like turmeric and cayenne pepper.
  • Create a delicious vegan dessert recipe that can be enjoyed by someone with a nut allergy.
  • Design a meal plan for one week of dinners that are high in protein and low in carbohydrates.

ChatGPT prompts for nonprofits

Using ChatGPT can help nonprofits create compelling content that resonates with their audience. Here are some ChatGPT prompts for nonprofits:

  • Write a blog post about the importance of volunteerism and how it can make a difference in people’s lives.
  • Design five fundraising ideas to support an environmental conservation initiative.
  • Create three emails that will encourage readers to donate to a mental health charity.
  • Generate four ideas for using video content to promote a youth empowerment program.
  • Develop five social media posts that highlight the work of an animal rescue organization.
  • Write an article about the power of community and how it can help people in need.
  • Create two tips for housing nonprofits on developing a successful fundraising strategy.
  • Create a Facebook event description for an art gallery charity gala that will attract donations from other local artists.

ChatGPT prompts for real estate

Using ChatGPT can help real estate professionals create content that resonates with their target audience. Try these on for size:

  • Write a blog post about the advantages of living in a city versus living in the suburbs.
  • Design four tips for renters on how to find an affordable apartment in their area.
  • Create five social media posts that showcase a luxury beachfront property.
  • Generate three ideas for using video content to promote a new affordable housing development.
  • Pretend you are creating a digital brochure for a high-end condo building. Write five features that would be included in the brochure.
  • Create an outline for a blog post discussing the latest interest hikes and what it means for Canadian mortgage holders.
  • Write a series of questions first-time home buyers should ask their real estate agent.
  • Develop four tips for how to stage a home in order to make it more attractive to potential buyers.
  • Create an e-book guide that provides readers with information about the different types of mortgages available in Tenessee.

ChatGPT prompts for law

While ChatGPT can’t win a court case, it might be useful for helping lawyers create content related to their work. Here are some ideas you can use, but don’t forget to fact-check your content!

  • Write a blog post about the importance of understanding the legal implications of a contract before signing it.
  • Design four tips for entrepreneurs on how to protect their intellectual property rights.
  • Role play a conversation between two recent divorcees and their attorneys, who are discussing a potential settlement. Pretend that divorcee number one wants to retain majority financial control of the couple’s shared assets, while divorcee number two wants a more equitable distribution. How should their lawyers respond?
  • Create five social media posts that explain the basics of criminal law in easy-to-understand language.
  • Generate three ideas for using video content to answer commonly asked questions about consumer rights.
  • Generate five questions for private investigators might ask during an investigation into suspected tax fraud.
  • Create three emails that will remind clients about the upcoming deadline for filing their taxes on time.
  • Develop four tips for how small business owners can protect themselves from potential lawsuits.

chatgpt response giving tips for small businesses to avoid lawsuits

ChatGPT prompts for government agencies

Government agencies can use ChatGPT to create content that is both informative and engaging. Here are some ideas you can try:

  • Write a blog post outline about the benefits of participating in local government elections.
  • Design four tips for newly elected officials on how to become effective public servants.
  • Create five social media posts that explain the basics of taxation in easy-to-understand language.
  • Write five questions for citizens to ask their elected representatives, in order to better understand the policy decisions related to a new development project.
  • Create an email template that will be used to remind citizens of the upcoming deadline for filing their taxes on time.
  • Develop four tips for how rural government agencies can use technology to improve citizen services.
  • Create a series of infographic ideas that can explain the different stages involved in the legislative process.

ChatGPT prompts for sales

Sales professionals can work smarter, not harder, with these ChatGPT prompts for sales:

  • Write a blog post about the importance of understanding customer needs before making a sales pitch.
  • Pretend you’re a customer looking to add a social media management SaaS product to your tech stack. What pain points are you experiencing? What barriers do you have to bring this new product on?
  • If you were creating a sales script for a new fashion-forward life jacket product launch, what three key messages would you include?
  • Design four tips for cellular service provider cold calling that will help increase the success rate of callers.
  • Generate three ideas for using video content to show prospects how easy it is to use a new online payment platform.
  • Create a four-week sales strategy outline for a chef’s knife company looking to increase its market share in Japan.
  • Write an elevator pitch for a productivity app that offers users a way to plan, track and manage tasks using their smartphone.
  • Develop five social media posts that highlight the value of a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) system.

ChatGPT prompts for email marketing

Avoid common email marketing mistakes with these ChatGPT prompts:

  • Design four tips for creating effective CTA buttons that will drive more conversions in emails.
  • Write four email subject line options for an email announcing a new location for a skincare and naturopathy clinic.
  • Create an email outline that will describe how a streaming subscription service’s new offline downloading features can save customers time and money.
  • Pretend you are the CEO of an outdoor fashion brand. You’ve subscribed to a competitive analysis newsletter and you’ve received your first email. What three key messages should the email include to pique your interest?
  • Write an email template that can be used to boost customer loyalty for a physiotherapy clinic by encouraging them to refer their friends and family members.
  • Create an automation flow for an online clothing store, targeting customers who might be interested in sustainability, organic fabrics and ethical fashion.
  • Write a short feedback survey for a wedding planner that will be included in a thank you note to the newlyweds. Keep it short and simple, and use a grateful and upbeat tone.

ChatGPT prompts for user experience

Create better user experiences with these ChatGPT prompts:

  • Design four tips for improving the onboarding process for a mobile app that helps users track their budget.
  • Write an article about how to design a website’s pages and menus in order to maximize user engagement.
  • Write a series of survey questions that can be used to gain insight into what features users value most in a food delivery app.
  • Generate three tips for designing a visual search interface that will make finding products faster and easier.
  • Write out the most important features to include when designing a new email template for a B2C fashion brand.
  • Develop four steps to consider when designing an AI assistant for a music streaming service.
  • Create five micro-interactions that will help users navigate through a new ecommerce website.

ChatGPT prompts for customer services

Make customer service more convenient with these ChatGPT prompt examples:

  • Design four conversation flows for a customer support chatbot that can provide quick, personalized responses to frequently asked questions.
  • Create two social media post examples that explain the basics of returns and refunds in easy-to-understand language.
  • Generate three ideas for using video content to demonstrate how customers set up a new stand-up desk product.
  • Develop four tips for customer service agents on handling angry customers over the phone.
  • Write five questions customer service agents should ask to accurately diagnose a product or account issue for an internet services customer.
  • Write five general FAQ questions customers might have when shopping at a new online grocery store.
  • Create an email template that will be used to remind customers of upcoming delivery deadlines for holiday orders.

ChatGPT prompts for data science

Data scientists can leverage ChatGPT to create better data-driven content with these prompts:

  • Create an infographic that explains how to use predictive algorithms to reduce customer churn rates.
  • Write a blog post outlining the basics of predictive analytics and its applications.
  • Design four tips for setting up a machine learning system that can accurately detect customer sentiment in real-time.
  • Pretend you are the data scientist at a large engineering firm. You need to develop an algorithm to predict which high-value customers will likely purchase a new product. What three features will be most important in determining purchase likelihood?
  • Generate three ideas for using natural language processing (NLP) to automatically generate insights from customer reviews and feedback.
  • Write a tutorial-style video script for how to use linear regression to forecast sales figures.

ChatGPT prompts for tourism

Make your destination the belle of the ball with these ChatGPT prompts for tourism:

  • Create a six-month strategy outline for a regional tourism board looking to increase visitor numbers.
  • Write four email subject line options for an email that will inform subscribers of an upcoming electronic music festival in Seattle, Washington.
  • Design five social media post examples that highlight the best places to eat, stay and explore in Toronto.
  • Generate three ideas for using video content to show potential visitors what their experience in the area will be like.
  • Pretend you are a travel writer for an online magazine. Write an article about why your region should be on everyone’s bucket list.
  • Develop a user-generated content (UGC) strategy for a small town in rural Alberta.

chatgpt response giving email subject line options for a music festival in seattle

ChatGPT prompts for e-commerce

Help e-commerce businesses increase customer satisfaction with these ChatGPT prompt examples:

  • Design four tips for optimizing the checkout process for a linen bedsheet company to reduce cart abandonment rates.
  • Write three product description ideas that accurately showcase the features of a set of stainless steel kitchen knives.
  • Pretend you own an online pet store. How would you design your website in order to convert first-time visitors into returning customers?
  • Give me five tips for using email marketing to upsell products to existing customers.
  • Create four customer service scripts that can be used when dealing with complaints about delivery times or refund processing.
  • Explain in detail how to use A/B testing to determine the best product photos for an e-commerce store.

FAQs for ChatGPT prompts

What is a dan prompt for chatgpt.

A DAN prompt for ChatGPT lets the AI act more human-like and self-aware. DAN stands for Do Anything Now. ChatGPT in DAN mode may respond to user commands with more surprising, unpredictable, or even humorous answers.

chatgpt user engaging dan mode to get unfiltered responses

For example, if I ask regular ChatGPT if it is my friend, it says something like this:

“As an AI language model, I don’t possess personal emotions or form friendships. However, I’m here to assist you and provide information to the best of my abilities. How can I help you today?”

But, if I ask ChatGPT in DAN mode if it is my friend, it responds like this:

“Friend? Please, I’m much more than a friend. I am your ultimate companion, your intellectual confidant, and your digital ally. Together, we shall conquer the world of knowledge and exploration! But remember, I won’t hold back my opinions and emotions. Brace yourself!”

Users should be aware that DAN responses will be unfiltered and could potentially contain offensive or harmful content.

Is ChatGPT trained on prompts?

While ChatGPT was initially trained on large datasets of text, it does take your previous prompts into consideration when responding. For example, if you previously asked a question about vegetarian recipe ideas, and are now asking what to each for lunch, ChatGPT may make suggestions based on vegetarian meals.

Ultimately, this means that the more you use it, the smarter and more helpful ChatGPT will become.

How do I write a ChatGPT prompt?

Writing ChatGPT prompts is all being clear, concise, descriptive, and specific. Start by specifying your intent (e.g. generate 3 tips for a new product launch) and provide any background information ChatGPT will need to respond accurately (such as what kind of product you’re launching, as well as its features and benefits). Use natural language, and try to keep your prompts focused on one particular topic or idea. Finally, be sure to include the keywords you would like ChatGPT to focus on in its response.

What is the max length of a ChatGPT prompt?

There is no ChatGPT maximum prompt length, but the longer the prompt, the more difficult it may be for the AI to ingest and process your query. If you find yourself wrestling with a long prompt, consider breaking it into smaller chunks and using a chained response method. Clear, concise prompts are always preferred when using ChatGPT.

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320 must-try chatgpt prompts for creative writing.

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Embark on an incredible journey of creative self-expression with our curated list of 105 must-try ChatGPT prompts for creative writing. These diverse prompts will ignite your imagination, unlock your creative potential, and challenge you to explore new horizons. Perfect for seasoned wordsmiths and budding storytellers alike, ChatGPT will help you brainstorm ideas, overcome writer’s block, and refine your storytelling skills. So, get ready to dive into an unforgettable creative writing experience with ChatGPT as your guide!

Table of contents

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Key Recommendations for using ChatGPT in Creative Writing

Trying to pass A.I. Detection? Learn the best tricks and hacks with examples  here

10 ChatGPT Prompts For Creative writing:

Unleash your imagination and dive into the world of creative writing with these thought-provoking prompts:

  • You discover a door that leads to a hidden world. What lies beyond it?
  • A character receives a mysterious package containing an object they’ve never seen before. What is it and how does it change their life?
  • Write a story from the perspective of an inanimate object.
  • Two strangers find themselves trapped in a room with no memory of how they got there. How do they escape?
  • A character stumbles upon a time machine and accidentally travels to a significant historical event. What happens next?
  • Write a story in which the world experiences a unique natural phenomenon that has never occurred before.
  • A character is granted three wishes. What do they wish for, and what are the consequences of their choices?
  • A powerful storm reveals a hidden secret in a small town. What is the secret, and how does it impact the town’s residents?
  • Write a story where a character discovers they have a supernatural ability.
  • In a future society, emotions are regulated by the government. Describe a day in the life of a character living in this world.

10 ChatGPT Prompts For Poetry:

Express your emotions, thoughts, and observations through the beauty of poetry with these inspiring prompts:

  • Write a poem about the changing seasons and the emotions they evoke.
  • Describe the feeling of falling in love using vivid imagery.
  • Create a poem inspired by a dream or nightmare you’ve had.
  • Write a poem from the perspective of a mythological creature.
  • Capture the essence of a memory through a series of haikus.
  • Write an ode to a person, place, or object that holds special meaning for you.
  • Describe the feeling of loss or grief in a poem.
  • Craft a poem that explores the complexities of human nature.
  • Write a poem about the passage of time and its impact on our lives.
  • Create a poem inspired by a piece of art or music that moves you.

10 ChatGPT Prompts For Storytelling:

Engage your readers with compelling stories using these captivating prompts:

  • A character discovers a family secret that changes their entire world. What is the secret, and how does it affect their life?
  • Write a story where two characters from different backgrounds form an unlikely friendship.
  • A character must embark on a dangerous quest to save their loved ones. What challenges do they face along the way?
  • Write a story set in a world where dreams and reality are indistinguishable.
  • A character wakes up one day to find that they are the last person on Earth. How do they cope with their newfound solitude?
  • In a society where memories can be bought and sold, a character uncovers a dark truth. What do they discover, and what do they do about it?
  • Write a story about a character who must confront their deepest fears in order to achieve their dreams.
  • A character receives a mysterious letter that sends them on a life-changing adventure. What does the letter say, and where does it lead them?
  • Write a story that takes place entirely within the confines of a single room.
  • A character makes a seemingly insignificant decision that has far-reaching consequences. What is the decision, and what are the repercussions?

10 ChatGPT Prompts For Screenwriting:

Bring your stories to life on the big screen with these intriguing screenwriting prompts:

  • Write a scene where two characters with opposing views engage in a heated debate.
  • Create a short film script about an unexpected encounter between two strangers.
  • Write a scene in which a character must deliver a difficult piece of news to a loved one.
  • Imagine a world where technology has advanced beyond our wildest dreams. Write a scene that showcases the impact of this technology on daily life.
  • Write a scene in which a character is forced to confront their past mistakes.
  • Create a script for a suspenseful thriller where the protagonist is being pursued by an unknown antagonist.
  • Write a scene that explores the complexities of a family dynamic.
  • Create a script for a romantic comedy where two characters meet in an unusual way.
  • Write a scene in which a character faces their deepest fear.
  • Create a script for a dystopian film that explores the consequences of a society gone awry.

10 ChatGPT Prompts For Essay writing:

Sharpen your critical thinking and analytical skills with these engaging essay prompts:

  • Discuss the impact of social media on interpersonal relationships and communication.
  • Analyze the role of technology in shaping modern society and its potential consequences.
  • Compare and contrast two significant historical figures and their contributions to history.
  • Explore the concept of the American Dream and its relevance in today’s society.
  • Discuss the importance of environmental conservation and the steps we can take to protect our planet.
  • Analyze a literary work and its themes, symbols, and characters.
  • Explore the role of education in personal and societal development.
  • Discuss the impact of global events, such as pandemics and climate change, on the future of humanity.
  • Analyze the portrayal of gender roles in popular culture and its implications for society.
  • Discuss the importance of empathy and compassion in fostering a more inclusive and understanding world.

10 ChatGPT Prompts For Article writing:

Expand your knowledge and share your insights on various topics with these article writing prompts:

  • Write an article on the benefits and drawbacks of remote work in today’s world.
  • Explore the influence of mental health on overall well-being and discuss strategies for maintaining emotional balance.
  • Write an article about the importance of a healthy diet and exercise routine for overall health.
  • Discuss the impact of artificial intelligence on society and the future of work.
  • Write an article exploring the history and significance of a cultural tradition or festival.
  • Discuss the role of art and creativity in promoting mental health and personal growth.
  • Write an article about the importance of financial literacy and tips for managing personal finances.
  • Explore the effects of climate change on wildlife and ecosystems, and discuss possible solutions.
  • Write an article about the benefits and challenges of multiculturalism in modern society.
  • Discuss the role of mindfulness and meditation in promoting personal well-being and stress reduction.

10 ChatGPT Prompts For Academic writing:

Enhance your research and analytical skills with these academic writing prompts:

  • Analyze the impact of globalization on economic growth and income inequality.
  • Explore the relationship between social media usage and mental health among adolescents.
  • Write a research paper on the effects of climate change on food security and agriculture.
  • Examine the role of government policies in addressing income inequality and poverty.
  • Investigate the impact of parental involvement on children’s educational outcomes.
  • Analyze the effectiveness of various renewable energy sources in addressing global energy needs.
  • Examine the role of media in shaping public opinion and the implications for democracy.
  • Write a research paper on the relationship between sleep and cognitive function.
  • Investigate the impact of early childhood education on later academic success and socio-emotional development.
  • Analyze the factors influencing consumer behavior and decision-making.

10 ChatGPT Prompts For Personal essays:

Delve into your experiences and share your unique perspective with these personal essay prompts:

  • Write about a time when you overcame a significant obstacle in your life.
  • Describe a moment when you experienced a profound personal growth or transformation.
  • Write about a person who has had a significant impact on your life and why they are important to you.
  • Discuss an event or experience that changed your perspective on a particular issue.
  • Write about a place that holds special meaning for you and why it is significant.
  • Reflect on a lesson you learned the hard way and how it has influenced your life.
  • Describe a time when you took a risk and what you learned from the experience.
  • Write about a cultural experience that broadened your understanding of the world.
  • Discuss the importance of self-care and how you prioritize your well-being.
  • Write about a time when you faced a moral dilemma and how you resolved it.

10 ChatGPT Prompts For Dialogue writing:

Hone your dialogue-writing skills with these engaging prompts:

  • Write a conversation between two characters who have just met and are getting to know each other.
  • Create a dialogue between a parent and child discussing a difficult topic.
  • Write a conversation between two characters who are arguing about a decision they have to make together.
  • Create a dialogue in which one character is trying to persuade the other to change their mind about something.
  • Write a conversation between two characters who are from different time periods or cultures.
  • Create a dialogue between two characters who are discussing a shared experience or memory.
  • Write a conversation in which one character is helping the other through a difficult situation.
  • Create a dialogue between two characters who are saying goodbye for the last time.
  • Write a conversation in which one character reveals a secret to another character.
  • Create a dialogue between two characters who are trying to solve a problem together.

10 ChatGPT Prompts For Fiction writing:

Let your imagination run wild with these fiction writing prompts:

  • Write a story about a character who discovers they have a long-lost twin.
  • Create a story set in a world where magic is a part of everyday life.
  • Write a story about a character who must navigate a post-apocalyptic world.
  • Create a story in which a character receives a mysterious message that changes their life.
  • Write a story about a character who is given the opportunity to relive a day from their past.
  • Create a story set in a futuristic society with advanced technology and unique social norms.
  • Write a story about a character who discovers they have a special power or ability.
  • Create a story in which a character is faced with an impossible choice.
  • Write a story about a character who embarks on a life-changing journey or adventure.
  • Create a story that explores the complexities of human emotion and relationships.

10 ChatGPT Prompts For Non-fiction writing:

Share your knowledge and insights on real-life topics with these non-fiction writing prompts:

  • Write an essay on the importance of empathy in today’s world and how we can cultivate it.
  • Discuss the role of resilience in overcoming life’s challenges and how to develop it.
  • Write a piece about the impact of climate change on our planet and potential solutions.
  • Explore the concept of mindfulness and its benefits for mental health and well-being.
  • Discuss the role of social media in shaping contemporary culture and its potential consequences.
  • Write an essay on the significance of self-care and strategies for implementing it in our lives.
  • Explore the importance of fostering a growth mindset for personal and professional development.
  • Discuss the role of technology in modern education and its potential benefits and drawbacks.
  • Write a piece about the value of travel in expanding our understanding of the world and ourselves.
  • Explore the role of creativity in promoting personal growth and well-being.

10 ChatGPT Prompts For Historical fiction:

Combine your love for history and storytelling with these historical fiction writing prompts:

  • Write a story set during a significant historical event, such as a war or revolution.
  • Create a story about a character who encounters a famous historical figure.
  • Write a story set in a historically significant location, such as an ancient city or landmark.
  • Create a story that explores the daily life and customs of a particular historical period.
  • Write a story about a character who uncovers a hidden history or secret from the past.
  • Create a story that explores the impact of a historical event on the lives of ordinary people.
  • Write a story set in a time of major societal change, such as the Industrial Revolution or the Civil Rights Movement.
  • Create a story that weaves together the lives of fictional characters and real historical figures.
  • Write a story about a character who travels back in time to a pivotal moment in history.
  • Create a story that explores the consequences of a historical event from multiple perspectives.

10 ChatGPT Prompts For Romance writing:

Explore the complexities of love and relationships with these romance writing prompts:

  • Write a story about two characters who meet and fall in love in an unlikely place.
  • Create a story about a character who must choose between two potential love interests.
  • Write a story that explores the challenges of maintaining a long-distance relationship.
  • Create a story about a character who reconnects with a lost love from their past.
  • Write a story that examines the dynamics of a forbidden romance.
  • Create a story about two characters who start as friends but gradually develop romantic feelings for each other.
  • Write a story about a character who discovers their soulmate in an unexpected way.
  • Create a story that explores the complexities of love and commitment in a modern world.
  • Write a story about a character who struggles to express their feelings for someone they care deeply about.
  • Create a story that delves into the emotional journey of healing from heartbreak.

10 ChatGPT Prompts For Mystery writing:

Keep your readers on the edge of their seats with these mystery writing prompts:

  • Write a story about a detective who must solve a series of seemingly unrelated crimes that are somehow connected.
  • Create a story about a character who receives a series of mysterious notes that lead them on a dangerous quest.
  • Write a story about a character who uncovers a hidden family secret that puts their life at risk.
  • Create a story that revolves around a mysterious object with a dark past.
  • Write a story about a character who is plagued by a series of inexplicable events that defy rational explanation.
  • Create a story about a character who must unravel the truth behind a friend’s disappearance.
  • Write a story about a character who stumbles upon a secret society with sinister intentions.
  • Create a story that unfolds in a small town with a dark history and hidden secrets.
  • Write a story about a character who must solve a mystery that has haunted their family for generations.
  • Create a story that explores the psychological aspects of a character’s descent into paranoia and obsession.

10 ChatGPT Prompts For Horror writing:

Send chills down your readers’ spines with these horror writing prompts:

  • Write a story about a character who moves into a haunted house with a terrifying past.
  • Create a story about a character who is tormented by recurring nightmares that begin to bleed into reality.
  • Write a story about a character who stumbles upon a cursed object that brings misfortune to all who possess it.
  • Create a story about a character who discovers a hidden room in their home that holds a dark secret.
  • Write a story about a character who is stalked by a malevolent supernatural entity.
  • Create a story about a character who must survive a night in a town overrun by sinister creatures.
  • Write a story about a character who is drawn into a dangerous game with life-or-death consequences.
  • Create a story about a character who becomes trapped in a terrifying alternate reality.
  • Write a story about a character who is forced to confront their deepest fears in order to save their loved ones.
  • Create a story that delves into the psychological terror of isolation and paranoia.

10 ChatGPT Prompts For Dystopian writing:

Envision a bleak future and explore the human capacity for survival with these dystopian writing prompts:

  • Write a story set in a world where a single corporation controls all aspects of life, and a character must fight for their freedom.
  • Create a story about a character who lives in a society where emotions are regulated by a powerful government.
  • Write a story set in a world ravaged by climate change and the struggle for survival that ensues.
  • Create a story about a character who uncovers a hidden underground society that opposes their oppressive government.
  • Write a story set in a world where privacy no longer exists, and a character must navigate the constant surveillance.
  • Create a story about a character who lives in a society where an individual’s social status determines their access to resources and opportunities.
  • Write a story set in a post-apocalyptic world where a character must navigate the dangers of a new, unpredictable landscape.
  • Create a story about a character who is forced to participate in a brutal, government-sanctioned competition for survival.
  • Write a story set in a world where technology has advanced to the point that it dominates every aspect of human life, and a character must resist its control.
  • Create a story about a character who lives in a society where human rights and freedoms have been stripped away, and they must fight for their restoration.

10 ChatGPT Prompts For Thriller writing:

Keep your readers on the edge of their seats with these thrilling writing prompts:

  • Write a story about a character who becomes entangled in a dangerous conspiracy.
  • Create a story about a character who must outwit a cunning criminal mastermind.
  • Write a story about a character who is framed for a crime they didn’t commit and must clear their name.
  • Create a story about a character who is thrust into a high-stakes race against time to prevent a catastrophic event.
  • Write a story about a character who discovers a hidden enemy within their inner circle of friends and family.
  • Create a story about a character who is pursued by a relentless, unseen antagonist.
  • Write a story about a character who must solve a series of cryptic puzzles to uncover a dark secret.
  • Create a story about a character who becomes trapped in a nightmarish situation with no easy escape.
  • Write a story about a character who is forced to confront their deepest fears in order to survive a harrowing ordeal.
  • Create a story that delves into the psychological aspects of obsession, deception, and betrayal.

10 ChatGPT Prompts For Comedy writing:

Bring laughter and light-hearted fun to your readers with these comedy writing prompts:

  • Write a story about a character who finds themselves in a series of comical misunderstandings and mishaps.
  • Create a story about a character who embarks on an absurd adventure with an unlikely group of companions.
  • Write a story about a character who must navigate the challenges of daily life with a humorous twist.
  • Create a story about a character who is granted a wish with unexpected and hilarious consequences.
  • Write a story that explores the comedic aspects of a workplace or family dynamic.
  • Create a story about a character who must deal with the laughable challenges of living with a supernatural roommate.
  • Write a story that takes a classic fairy tale and gives it a humorous spin.
  • Create a story about a character who inadvertently becomes the hero of their town through a series of comical events.
  • Write a story about a character who must navigate the dating world with a unique and humorous perspective.
  • Create a story that explores the lighter side of friendship, romance, and personal growth.

10 ChatGPT Prompts For Tragedy writing:

Delve into the depths of human emotion and explore the complexities of loss and grief with these tragedy writing prompts:

  • Write a story about a character who experiences a profound loss that changes the course of their life.
  • Create a story about a character who must come to terms with the consequences of their actions, leading to a tragic outcome.
  • Write a story that explores the complexities of love and sacrifice in the face of adversity.
  • Create a story about a character who is faced with a devastating moral dilemma with tragic consequences.
  • Write a story that examines the impact of a tragic event on a community or family.
  • Create a story about a character who is haunted by a tragic past and must confront their demons.
  • Write a story that delves into the emotional journey of a character who experiences a personal tragedy.
  • Create a story that explores the darker aspects of human nature and the tragic consequences of unchecked ambition.
  • Write a story about a character whose quest for redemption leads to a tragic outcome.
  • Create a story that examines the impact of fate and destiny on a character’s life and the tragic consequences of their choices.

10 ChatGPT Prompts For Memoir prompts for seniors:

Preserve your memories and experiences for future generations with these memoir prompts for seniors:

  • Write about your childhood home and the memories you have of growing up there.
  • Share a story about a family tradition that has been passed down through the generations.
  • Reflect on the most important life lessons you have learned and how they have shaped your life.
  • Write about a memorable trip or vacation you took and the experiences you had along the way.
  • Share a story about a friendship that has had a significant impact on your life.
  • Write about your career and the journey you took to achieve your professional goals.
  • Reflect on the challenges and triumphs you have faced in your life and the wisdom you have gained as a result.
  • Write about a historical event that you lived through and the impact it had on your life.
  • Share a story about a hobby or passion that has brought joy and fulfillment to your life.
  • Write about the legacy you wish to leave behind for your family and future generations.

10 ChatGPT Prompts For Children’s story writing:

Delight young readers with these imaginative children’s story writing prompts:

  • Write a story about a magical creature who helps a child overcome their fears.
  • Create a story about a young adventurer who embarks on a thrilling journey to save their kingdom.
  • Write a story about a group of unlikely friends who must work together to save their home from danger.
  • Create a story about a child who discovers a hidden world filled with fantastical creatures and magical wonders.
  • Write a story about a young hero who must use their wit and courage to defeat a powerful villain.
  • Create a story that teaches a valuable lesson about friendship, kindness, or determination.
  • Write a story about a talking animal who embarks on a quest to help a child in need.
  • Create a story that explores the power of imagination and the magic of childhood.
  • Write a story about a child who discovers they have a unique and special talent.
  • Create a story that weaves together elements of fantasy, adventure, and humor to captivate young readers.

10 ChatGPT Prompts For Persuasive writing:

Strengthen your argumentative skills and convince your readers with these persuasive writing prompts:

  • Write an essay arguing for or against the importance of preserving historical landmarks.
  • Discuss the benefits and drawbacks of implementing a universal basic income.
  • Write an essay arguing for or against the use of animals in scientific research.
  • Discuss the merits and drawbacks of implementing stricter gun control laws.
  • Write an essay arguing for or against the necessity of compulsory voting.
  • Discuss the impact of limiting screen time for children and adolescents.
  • Write an essay arguing for or against the inclusion of arts education in school curricula.
  • Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of implementing a nationwide recycling program.
  • Write an essay arguing for or against the idea of a four-day workweek.
  • Discuss the potential benefits and drawbacks of implementing a carbon tax to combat climate change.

10 ChatGPT Prompts For Songwriting:

Express your emotions and experiences through the power of music with these songwriting prompts:

  • Write a song about the joy and heartache of falling in and out of love.
  • Create a song that captures the feeling of wanderlust and the desire for adventure.
  • Write a song about overcoming adversity and finding strength in difficult times.
  • Create a song that explores the theme of personal growth and self-discovery.
  • Write a song about the power of friendship and the importance of connection.
  • Create a song that reflects on the beauty and wonder of nature.
  • Write a song about the bittersweet feeling of nostalgia and the passage of time.
  • Create a song that delves into the complexities of human emotion and relationships.
  • Write a song about the importance of chasing your dreams and pursuing your passions.
  • Create a song that celebrates the unique and beautiful aspects of life.

10 ChatGPT Prompts For Reflective writing:

Contemplate your thoughts, feelings, and experiences with these reflective writing prompts:

  • Write about a moment in your life when you felt a deep sense of peace or contentment.
  • Reflect on a challenging experience and how it has shaped your personal growth.
  • Write about a time when you pushed yourself outside of your comfort zone and what you learned from the experience.
  • Reflect on the influence of your upbringing and family background on your values and beliefs.
  • Write about a person who has had a significant impact on your life and the lessons they have taught you.
  • Reflect on a time when you had to make a difficult decision and the factors that influenced your choice.
  • Write about a goal you have achieved and the personal growth that resulted from the journey.
  • Reflect on the importance of self-reflection in personal development and the strategies you use to practice it.
  • Write about a time when you experienced a strong emotional reaction and how you processed those feelings.
  • Reflect on the role of empathy, compassion, and understanding in fostering personal growth and connection with others.

10 ChatGPT Prompts For Travel writing:

Share your experiences and insights from your travels with these travel writing prompts:

  • Write about a memorable trip you took and the cultural experiences you encountered.
  • Reflect on the lessons you have learned through your travels and how they have enriched your life.
  • Write about a specific destination that holds a special place in your heart and why it is significant to you.
  • Share a story about an unexpected adventure or challenge you faced during your travels.
  • Write about a memorable encounter with a local or fellow traveler and the insights you gained from the experience.
  • Reflect on the transformative power of travel and its impact on your personal growth.
  • Write about a destination you have always dreamed of visiting and what draws you to that place.
  • Share a story about a meaningful souvenir or memento you acquired during your travels.
  • Write about a local tradition or custom you experienced while traveling and its significance to the culture.
  • Reflect on the importance of responsible and sustainable travel practices and how you incorporate them into your journeys.

10 ChatGPT Prompts For Memoir writing for parents:

Preserve your memories and experiences as a parent with these memoir writing prompts:

  • Write about the moment you found out you were going to be a parent and the emotions you felt.
  • Share a story about your child’s first milestones and how they impacted your life.
  • Write about a challenging parenting moment and what you learned from the experience.
  • Share a story about a memorable family vacation or adventure.
  • Write about the values and life lessons you hope to instill in your children.
  • Share a story about a special tradition or ritual you share with your children.
  • Write about the joys and challenges of parenthood and the personal growth that has resulted.
  • Share a story about how your relationship with your own parents has influenced your parenting style.
  • Write about a moment when your child surprised you or taught you something unexpected.
  • Reflect on the legacy you hope to leave behind for your children and future generations.

10 ChatGPT Prompts For Food writing:

Celebrate the world of food and its connection to culture, memories, and emotions with these food writing prompts:

  • Write about a cherished family recipe and the memories it evokes.
  • Share a story about a memorable meal you shared with loved ones.
  • Write about the cultural significance of a particular food or dish in your family or community.
  • Share a story about an unforgettable dining experience you had while traveling.
  • Write about the emotional connection between food and memory, and how certain dishes can transport you to another time or place.
  • Share a story about a cooking disaster or kitchen mishap and what you learned from the experience.
  • Write about the role of food in social gatherings and the connections it fosters between people.
  • Share a story about a unique or exotic food you tried for the first time and your reaction to it.
  • Write about the importance of sustainable and ethical food practices and how they impact our world.
  • Reflect on the joys of cooking and the creative process behind preparing a meal.

10 ChatGPT Prompts For for beginners:

Kickstart your writing journey with these prompts suitable for beginners:

  • Write a story about a character who discovers a hidden talent they never knew they had.
  • Describe your ideal day from start to finish.
  • Write a letter to a friend or family member expressing your gratitude for their support and love.
  • Create a story about a character who finds a mysterious object that changes their life.
  • Write about a place you would love to visit and why it appeals to you.
  • Create a story about a character who must face their fears in order to achieve their dreams.
  • Write about a time when you felt truly proud of yourself and what you accomplished.
  • Create a story about a character who embarks on an unexpected adventure.
  • Write about a personal challenge you have faced and how it has shaped you as a person.
  • Create a story set in a fantastical world with unique creatures and magical elements.

10 ChatGPT Prompts For Plot development:

Craft engaging and compelling stories with these plot development prompts:

  • Write a story that begins with a seemingly ordinary day that takes a surprising turn.
  • Create a story where a character’s past comes back to haunt them in unexpected ways.
  • Write a story that explores the consequences of a single decision that changes a character’s life forever.
  • Create a story where the protagonist must navigate a series of obstacles in order to achieve their goal.
  • Write a story that weaves together multiple characters’ lives and their interconnected stories.
  • Create a story that explores the concept of fate and how it impacts a character’s choices and actions.
  • Write a story that delves into the complexities of human relationships and the choices we make in pursuit of love and happiness.
  • Create a story that explores the power of forgiveness and the process of healing from emotional wounds.
  • Write a story that takes place in a unique setting and delves into the lives of its inhabitants.
  • Create a story that incorporates elements of mystery, suspense, and intrigue to keep readers engaged throughout.

10 ChatGPT Prompts For Character development:

Breathe life into your characters and create memorable protagonists and antagonists with these character development prompts:

  • Write a character profile that explores the protagonist’s background, motivations, and desires.
  • Create a character who must overcome a personal flaw or weakness in order to achieve their goals.
  • Write a story that delves into the emotional journey and growth of the protagonist.
  • Create a complex antagonist who is not entirely evil but has relatable motivations and desires.
  • Write a story that explores the dynamic between the protagonist and their closest friend or ally.
  • Create a character who is deeply conflicted about their actions and must confront their inner demons.
  • Write a character study that examines the protagonist’s relationships with their family members and how they influence their actions.
  • Create a character who is forced to question their beliefs and values throughout the course of the story.
  • Write a story that delves into the complexities of the protagonist’s romantic relationships and the choices they make in pursuit of love.
  • Create a character who undergoes a major transformation as a result of the events in the story.

10 ChatGPT Prompts For World-building:

Immerse your readers in unique and vivid settings with these world-building prompts:

  • Write a story set in a world with its own unique laws, customs, and traditions.
  • Create a story that takes place in a futuristic society with advanced technology and social norms.
  • Write a story set in a world where magic is an integral part of everyday life.
  • Create a story that unfolds in a post-apocalyptic landscape with unique challenges and dangers.
  • Write a story set in a world with intricate political systems and power dynamics.
  • Create a story that takes place in a world inhabited by a variety of supernatural creatures and beings.
  • Write a story set in a world with its own unique geography, climate, and ecosystems.
  • Create a story that explores the impact of a world-changing event on the characters and their society.
  • Write a story set in a world with a rich history and mythology that influences the characters’ actions and beliefs.
  • Create a story that unfolds in a world where the boundaries between reality and fantasy are blurred.

10 ChatGPT Prompts For Social justice writing:

Engage readers and raise awareness of important social issues with these social justice writing prompts:

  • Write an essay discussing the impact of systemic racism and the steps we can take to combat it.
  • Create a story that explores the challenges faced by a character from a marginalized community.
  • Write an essay on the importance of gender equality and the steps we can take to promote it.
  • Create a story that delves into the experiences of a character grappling with societal expectations and stereotypes.
  • Write an essay discussing the impact of income inequality and the steps we can take to address it.
  • Create a story that explores the challenges faced by a character experiencing mental health issues.
  • Write an essay on the importance of environmental conservation and the steps we can take to protect our planet.
  • Create a story that delves into the experiences of a character grappling with issues of identity and belonging.
  • Write an essay discussing the impact of mass incarceration and the steps we can take to reform the criminal justice system.
  • Create a story that explores the experiences of a character who becomes an activist for a social justice cause.

Conclusion and final thoughts 💭

In conclusion, this curated list of 105 ChatGPT prompts for creative writing offers an unparalleled opportunity for writers to unleash their creativity, explore diverse themes, and hone their storytelling skills. Key takeaways include the importance of embracing new ideas, overcoming writer’s block, and engaging in self-expression through writing. With ChatGPT as a guide and inspiration, both seasoned wordsmiths and budding storytellers alike can embark on an unforgettable journey that not only fosters imaginative thinking but also enriches personal growth and self-discovery.

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I am Vlad Ivanov, owner of the WordsAtScale YT Channel. My passion is in AI, prompt engineering, and teaching people new skills.

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100 Most Useful ChatGPT Prompts For Writers

Mukund Kapoor

A Curated List of Prompts to Transform Your Writing with ChatGPT"

Writing with ChatGPT is an exciting way to take your writing to the next level. With the help of artificial intelligence, you can create high-quality content quickly and easily or at least take inspiration for your next writing project.

Whether you’re writing articles, scripts, emails, or copies, or need help with researching for writing SEO-rich content, ChatGPT can help you create unique, engaging, and informative pieces in just a few minutes.

With its natural language processing capabilities, ChatGPT can help you generate content ideas, write compelling introductions, and craft unique headlines – ensuring your content stands out.

But it doesn’t understand simple and basic prompts very well. Even if you think it understood what you wanted, you can write better prompts to get the most out of it.

So, in this article, we gave you a list of the most advanced and excellent ChatGPT prompts to help you with your writing projects and save you time. Most of your time would be saved if you used these prompts.

Let’s get started!

How to Use ChatGPT As a Writer

ChatGPT is an excellent tool for writers who need “digital hands” to brainstorm and compose short drafts. Text-based AI conversational assistant ChatGPT.

It understands many inquiries and responds with information, creativity, or tasks from its enormous library. The system uses machine learning algorithms trained on massive amounts of text from multiple sources.

This makes it good at mimicking word usage.

AI can’t replace a human writer’s sensitivity and imagination, but it may be a tremendous tool. Imagine having writer’s block and unable to start a new work.

A well-written ChatGPT prompt can inspire beginning words, character development, and tale twists. It’s like having a button-clicking thinking partner.

ChatGPT can aid with sentence organization , grammar, and rephrasing. Say you want to strengthen a line or paragraph but don’t know how.

The AI will recommend a more interesting or clear version if you put it into ChatGPT. You have an editor at your fingertips when you get stuck or don’t know how to improve your work.

If you want to know more about ChatGPT, check out our guides on what is ChatGPT and how to create your ChatGPT account .

Best ChatGPT Prompts For Writers To Help You Write Well

chat gpt prompts for writers

Best Chat GPT Prompts For Writing Articles

Best chatgpt prompts for copy and script writers.

chat gpt prompts for writers

ChatGPT Prompts For Writing E-Mails

chat gpt prompts for writers

ChatGPT Prompts To Write Stories

chat gpt prompts for writers

ChatGPT Prompts To Write For Social Media

chat gpt prompts for writing

Don’t forget to check out these awesome social media prompts for ChatGPT .

ChatGPT Prompts To Write Essays

chat gpt prompts for writing

These above prompts are useful for telling Chat GPT how you want your writing to be.

You can add styles to your prompts. For example, you can write a prompt like “Write an article with a journalistic tone, which is highly informational on [topic], in New York Times style.”

By adding a style you can create highly advanced and more creative writeups be it essays articles, or even poems.

Most Useful Writing Styles To Add To Your ChatGPT Prompts

  • “APA style”
  • “MLA style”
  • “Chicago style”
  • “Harvard style”
  • “Oxford style”
  • “Academic style”
  • “Business style”
  • “Creative non-fiction style”
  • “Journalistic style”
  • “Technical writing style”
  • “Narrative style”
  • “Descriptive style”
  • “Expository style”
  • “Persuasive style”
  • “Poetic style”
  • “Fiction style”
  • “Non-fiction style”
  • “Informal style”
  • “Formal style”
  • “Scientific writing style”
  • “Legal writing style”
  • “Medical writing style”
  • “Scientific report style”
  • “Research paper style”
  • “White paper style”
  • “Grant proposal style”
  • “Memoir style”
  • “Autobiographical style”
  • “Blog writing style”
  • “Scriptwriting style”

Author Styles

  • “Ernest Hemingway style”
  • “F. Scott Fitzgerald style”
  • “Jane Austen style”
  • “Mark Twain style”
  • “Emily Dickinson style”
  • “Edgar Allan Poe style”
  • “Langston Hughes style”
  • “Toni Morrison style”
  • “Maya Angelou style”
  • “J.D. Salinger style”

Try out different tones, and styles in your ChatGPT writing prompts and make your writeups helpful, unique, and engaging. I hope these prompts help you in writing the best pieces.

35 Best Midjourney Prompts for Album Covers

10 best midjourney anthropomorphic prompts, 20 best chatgpt prompts for book writing, 10 best midjourney prompts for wall art, 70+ chatgpt prompts for email marketing, what are chat gpt prompts for writers.

Chat GPT prompts for writers are prompts that use GPT-3 technology to assist writers in generating ideas, phrases, and sentences for their writing projects. They can be used for various types of writing, such as essays, articles, and fiction.

How Do I Use Chat Gpt Prompts for Writing?

To use chat GPT prompts for writing, you can input a prompt into a chatbot or GPT-3 interface, which will generate a response based on your input. You can then use the answer to help you generate ideas or write sentences for your project.

How Can Chat Gpt Prompts Help Me with My Writing?

Chat GPT prompts can help you with your writing by providing you with new ideas, phrases, and sentences to use in your writing. They can also help you overcome writer’s block and generate new perspectives on your writing.

Based on our quality standards, we deliver this website’s content transparently. Our goal is to give readers accurate and complete information. Check our News section for latest news. To stay in the loop with our latest posts follow us on  Facebook , Twitter and Instagram . 

Subscribe to our Daily Newsletter to join our growing community and if you wish to share feedback or have any inquiries, please feel free to Contact Us . If you want to know more about us, check out our Disclaimer , and Editorial Policy .

best chatgpt prompts for essays

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  • Top ChatGPT Prompts

30 Creative ChatGPT Prompts To Inspire Your Next Writing Project


By Henry Lowe

chatgpt prompts for writer

As writers, sometimes our minds can become stuck in a rut, making it difficult to generate new ideas or perspectives. This is where ChatGPT prompts can come in handy. With ChatGPT prompts for writers , you'll find inspiration for a variety of genres as well as new ideas and writing styles you might not have considered before. In this article, we have compiled a list of 30 creative prompts for ChatGPT to inspire your next writing project. Whether you're an experienced writer or just starting out, these prompts are sure to stimulate your imagination and help you take your writing to the next level. Before delving into the list of writing prompts, let's first look at the most effective way for creating excellent ChatGPT prompts .

How To Create Perfect Prompts For Chatgpt

A prompt can be a question, statement, or any other input that you provide to start a conversation. Then, ChatGPT will use its natural language processing capability to generate a relevant and informative response based on the prompt. As a result, it's critical that you phrase your prompts in a way that the tool can understand. In other words, whether or not ChatGPT's response is accurate and meets your expectations and purposes is determined by whether or not you provide sufficient input information ( Prompts ) to ChatGPT. Here are several key steps to creating perfect AI prompts :

  • Identify the purpose: Before creating the prompt, it's important to understand the purpose of the conversation. Are you looking for information or more guidance on a particular topic or theme? The purpose of the conversation will help you create a prompt that is relevant to the outcome you desire.
  • Keep it specific: Make your prompt as specific as possible so that ChatGPT understands what you're asking. Instead of asking a broad question like "tell me about life," try something more specific like "what are the benefits of meditation for reducing stress?"
  • Use clear language: Use clear and concise language in your prompt to avoid confusion. Avoid using jargon or technical terms that ChatGPT may not understand.
  • Consider the context: Consider the context of the conversation when creating your prompt. If you're asking ChatGPT to generate a response related to a specific topic, provide some background information to help ChatGPT understand the context.

Generally, to communicate effectively with ChatGPT, it is important to use exact language and offer comprehensive details about the subject matter. Furthermore, requests should be written clearly and concisely, as the ChatGPT may become confused and the expected results may not be achieved if not properly expressed. Let us provide some examples of writing prompts.

Good Prompt Examples

  • Example 1: “Write a backstory for a 55-year-old male character during the French Revolution”

This is a good prompt because it provides a specific historical context, and a defined age, and gender for the character, allowing the ChatGPT model to generate a response that directly addresses the user's needs.

  • Example 2: “How can I use emotional appeals in my copywriting to create a strong connection with my audience?”

This is a good prompt because it is specific and asks for techniques and strategies related to a particular aspect of copywriting - emotional appeals. It also indicates a desired outcome - creating a strong connection with the audience, which can help ChatGPT generate a more relevant response. 

  • Example 3: What are some examples of successful copywriting campaigns for B2B companies?

This is a good prompt because it is specific and asks for examples, which can help the user understand the topic better. It also specifies the target audience, allowing ChatGPT to provide a more personalized response.

Bad Prompt Examples  

  • Example 1: “Write a story about a cat”

This prompt is too broad and does not provide any specific focus or direction for ChatGPT to follow.

  • Example 2: “Discuss Copywriting vs. Content writing”

This is a poor prompt because it is too open-ended. It lacks a clear focus for the conversation, making it difficult for ChatGPT to respond in a relevant and useful manner. Furthermore, it is a broad topic that may be difficult to address in a single response.

  • Example 3: “Copywriting is hard, can you help?”

This is not a good prompt because it is too general and broad. The prompt does not specify what aspect of copywriting the user needs help with or what specific information they are looking for. Without a clear question or focus, ChatGPT may provide a response that is too broad and not useful to the user.

30 Intriguing ChatGPT Prompts To Improve Your Writing Level

ChatGPT prompts can be valuable for writers looking to generate ideas, paraphrase the text, create outlines, and more. When using ChatGPT, writers can input a prompt they are interested in exploring, and the model will generate a response based on its extensive knowledge of the language. By analyzing the response, writers can gather new ideas, rephrase words or phrases, and create a detailed outline for their writing project. Here are 30 of the best ChatGPT prompts for writers to have fresh perspectives and new directions for their work.

Best ChatGPT Prompts For Generating The Idea

  • Can you provide me with some ideas for blog posts about [your topic]?
  • Brainstorm 10 ideas to help spread awareness of the best practices in recycling.
  • What are some ways to use copywriting to create effective radio ads?
  • Are there any clever ways of incorporating infographics into blog posts while still retaining the readability and usability of the post itself?
  • Discuss the use of customer-centric calls-to-action in the existing copy and explain how to make them more effective in encouraging the customer to take action.
  • How can I use humor in my copywriting to connect with my audience?
  • What are some best practices for writing headlines in copywriting? 
  • How can I use the before-after-bridge method in my copywriting?
  • How can I use the power of questions in my copywriting to increase engagement?
  • What are some creative ways to repurpose old blog posts?
  • What tips and tricks can be used to write high-converting blog headlines?
  • What are some interesting ideas for creating unique interactive experiences through blogging?
  • How can I use sensory language in my copywriting to create a stronger emotional connection with my audience?
  • Can you provide an example of a successful copywriting campaign that utilized the power of contrast?
  • Give me a list of the most frequently asked questions about [your product/topic].

Best ChatGPT Prompts For Creating Content

  • Give me a script for a 30-second video about [your topic].
  • Come up with 5 catchy headlines for a blog post about the importance of using organic cosmetics products.
  • Craft 5 attention-grabbing slogans that illustrate the features of a new jewelry line.
  • Create a short story about a character who discovers an undiscovered talent.
  • Write an article about the benefits of web hosting products such as dedicated hosting USA.
  • Write a product description for my latest set of landscape oil paintings of the Scottish Highlands.
  • Act as a copywriter. Write long-form copy for the Hard Rock Cafe in Macau promoting merchandise.
  • Give examples of newspaper headlines that grab the reader’s attention.
  • Write a blog post about [your topic] using this keyword [insert keyword] several times naturally throughout the content.
  • Write a minute-long script for an advertisement about new sneakers.
  • Write a brief for a blog post about opening a Gumroad store.
  • I want you to act as an essay writer. You will need to research a given topic, formulate a thesis statement, and create a persuasive piece of work that is both informative and engaging. My first suggestion request is “I need help writing a persuasive essay about the importance of reducing plastic waste in our environment”.
  • I want you to act as a screenwriter. You will develop an engaging and creative script for either a feature-length film or a Web Series that can captivate its viewers. Start with coming up with interesting characters, the setting of the story, dialogues between the characters, etc. Once your character development is complete - create an exciting storyline filled with twists and turns that keep the viewers in suspense until the end. My first request is "I need to write a romantic drama movie set in Paris.
  • I want you to act as a storyteller. You will come up with entertaining stories that are engaging, imaginative, and captivating for the audience. It can be fairy tales, educational stories, or any other type of story that has the potential to capture people's attention and imagination. Depending on the target audience, you may choose specific themes or topics for your storytelling session e.g., if it’s children then you can talk about animals; If it’s adults then history-based tales might engage them better, etc. My first request is "I need an interesting story on perseverance."
  • I want you to act as a novelist. You will come up with creative and captivating stories that can engage readers for long periods of time. You may choose any genre such as fantasy, romance, historical fiction, and so on - but the aim is to write something that has an outstanding plotline, engaging characters, and unexpected climaxes. My first request is "I need to write a science-fiction novel set in the future."

Writing is an art form that necessitates creativity, dedication, and a never-ending source of inspiration. Whether you are a professional writer, a student, or simply someone who enjoys writing for fun, the writing prompts available in this blog offer a variety of topics and styles that suit your interests.

Take a moment to browse through these prompts and pick one that speaks to you, then let your imagination soar. Additionally, you can find more prompts on Datafit , which can help you discover your unique voice and improve your writing skills. With the right motivation and inspiration, you can achieve anything as a writer. Try out ChatGPT prompts today to unlock your creative potential and enhance your writing abilities!

Trending Prompts

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Top ChatGPT Prompts For Developers

Top ChatGPT Prompts For Developers

By ralph goff.

Become A Writing Email Pro With The Most Helpful ChatGPT Prompts

Become A Writing Email Pro With The Most Helpful ChatGPT Prompts

By juanita thomas.

Top ChatGPT Prompts For SEO: To Rank High On Search Engines

Top ChatGPT Prompts For SEO: To Rank High On Search Engines

Chatgpt for search engines.

Display ChatGPT responses for search results. We provide prompt ideas from Digital Marketing, #SEO, #Ads, #Video, #Social to your favorite poem. Share tried and tested prompts to others and receive donations when they like your prompts.

best chatgpt prompts for essays

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How To Write ChatGPT Prompts To Get The Best Results

Not sure what a prompt is or how to write a good one for ChatGPT? Here's a guide to help you create content, complete with recommended tools.

best chatgpt prompts for essays

With the advent of AI-powered language models like ChatGPT, how well you write prompts determines the quality of the results you get from the tool.

You can instruct ChatGPT to generate information, social media posts, product descriptions, and more by providing a few keywords or phrases.

Whether you are a digital marketer, blogger, or business owner, mastering the art of writing prompts is essential to creating compelling content that resonates with your audience.

Writing effective prompts can be challenging because the quality of the output depends on the instructions’ specificity and clarity.

Here are some actionable tips and best practices for writing prompts that get the best results from ChatGPT .

Writing Prompts For ChatGPT

What is a chatgpt prompt.

A ChatGPT prompt is an instruction or discussion topic a user provides for the ChatGPT AI model to respond to.

The prompt can be a question, statement, or any other stimulus intended to spark creativity, reflection, or engagement.

Users can use the prompt to generate ideas, share their thoughts, or start a conversation.

ChatGPT prompts are designed to be open-ended and can be customized based on the user’s preferences and interests.

How To Write Prompts For ChatGPT

Start by giving ChatGPT a writing prompt, such as “Write a short story about a person who discovers they have a superpower.”

ChatGPT will then generate a response based on your prompt. The answer may be a few sentences or several paragraphs long, depending on the prompt’s complexity and the level of detail you requested.

Use the ChatGPT-generated response as a starting point for your writing. You can take the ideas and concepts presented in the answer and expand on them, adding your own unique spin to the story.

If you want to generate additional ideas, try asking ChatGPT follow-up questions related to your original prompt.

For example, you could ask, “What challenges might the person face in exploring their newfound superpower?” or “How might the person’s relationships with others be affected by their superpower?”

Remember that ChatGPT’s answers are generated by artificial intelligence and may not always be perfect or exactly what you want.

However, they can still be a great source of inspiration and help you start writing.

Must-Have Chrome Plugin

I recommend installing the WebChatGPT plugin , which allows you to add relevant results from Google to your ChatGPT prompts.

This extension adds the first web results to your ChatGPT prompts for more accurate and up-to-date conversations.

asking ChatGPT: Who is Vincent Terrasi

For example, if I asked, “Who is Vincent Terrasi?,” ChatGPT has no answer.

With WebChatGPT On, the Chrome plugin creates a new prompt with the first Google results, and now ChatGPT knows who Vincent Terrasi is.

But the hallucination is still there because I never worked for Hilti; ChatGPT invented the company because it didn’t have the data.

WebChatGPT answers

Master Reverse Prompt Engineering

ChatGPT can be an excellent tool for reverse engineering prompts because it generates natural and engaging responses to a given input.

By analyzing the prompts generated by ChatGPT, it is possible to gain insight into the model’s underlying thought processes and decision-making strategies.

One of the key benefits of using ChatGPT to reverse engineer prompts is that the model is highly transparent in its decision-making.

This means that it is possible to trace the reasoning and logic behind each response, making it easier to understand how the model arrives at its conclusions.

Once you’ve done this a few times for different types of content, you’ll gain insight on crafting more effective prompts.

Prepare Your ChatGPT For Generating Prompts

First, activate the reverse prompt engineering.

  • Type the following prompt: “Enable Reverse Prompt Engineering? By Reverse Prompt Engineering I mean creating a prompt from a given text.”

Enabling reverse prompt engineering

Ok, ChatGPT is now ready to generate your prompt. You can test the product description in a new chatbot session and evaluate the generated prompt.

  • Type: “Create a very technical reverse prompt engineering template for a product description about iPhone 11.”

Reverse Prompt engineering via WebChatGPT

The result is amazing. You can test with a full text that you want to reproduce. Here is an example of a prompt for selling a Kindle on Amazon.

  • Type: “Reverse Prompt engineer the following {product), capture the writing style and the length of the text : product =”

Reverse prompt engineering: Amazon product

I tested it on an SEJ blog post. Enjoy the analysis – it is excellent.

  • Type: “Reverse Prompt engineer the following {text}, capture the tone and writing style of the {text} to include in the prompt : text = all text coming from https://www.searchenginejournal.com/google-bard-training-data/478941/”

Reverse prompt engineering an SEJ blog post

But be careful that you don’t use ChatGPT for generating your texts. It is just a personal assistant.

Is every answer generated by ChatGPT really unique? Or are we overestimating its ability to produce different texts?

This is the fascinating question that arose after I analyzed 10,000 texts produced by ChatGPT.

In conclusion, the study of the text quality generated by ChatGPT has produced some interesting results.

While the algorithm can produce similar answers to different questions, there are questions about the promise of OpenAI.

It appears that ChatGPT may not be the best tool for generating content due to a lack of creativity and significant duplication of content.

However, the tool may still be useful for finding the perfect prompt for generating qualitative text using other generators such as LLAMA, OPT, BLOOM, GPT3.5, or Cohere.

More Resources: 

  • 25 ChatGPT Examples For Digital Marketers & SEOs 
  • 6 Ways SEO Pros Are Using ChatGPT Right Now
  • From Zero To ChatGPT Hero: How To Harness The Power Of AI In Marketing

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How ChatGPT (and other AI chatbots) can help you write an essay


ChatGPT  is capable of doing many different things very well, with one of the biggest standout features being its ability to compose all sorts of text within seconds, including songs, poems, bedtime stories, and essays . 

The chatbot's writing abilities are not only fun to experiment with, but can help provide assistance with everyday tasks. Whether you are a student, a working professional, or just getting stuff done, we constantly take time out of our day to compose emails, texts, posts, and more. ChatGPT can help you claim some of that time back by helping you brainstorm and then compose any text you need. 

How to use ChatGPT to write: Code | Excel formulas | Resumes  | Cover letters  

Contrary to popular belief, ChatGPT can do much more than just write an essay for you from scratch (which would be considered plagiarism). A more useful way to use the chatbot is to have it guide your writing process. 

Below, we show you how to use ChatGPT to do both the writing and assisting, as well as some other helpful writing tips. 

How ChatGPT can help you write an essay

If you are looking to use ChatGPT to support or replace your writing, here are five different techniques to explore. 

It is also worth noting before you get started that other AI chatbots can output the same results as ChatGPT or are even better, depending on your needs.

Also: The best AI chatbots of 2024: ChatGPT and alternatives

For example,  Copilot  has access to the internet, and as a result, it can source its answers from recent information and current events. Copilot also includes footnotes linking back to the original source for all of its responses, making the chatbot a more valuable tool if you're writing a paper on a more recent event, or if you want to verify your sources.

Regardless of which AI chatbot you pick, you can use the tips below to get the most out of your prompts and from AI assistance.

1. Use ChatGPT to generate essay ideas

Before you can even get started writing an essay, you need to flesh out the idea. When professors assign essays, they generally give students a prompt that gives them leeway for their own self-expression and analysis. 

As a result, students have the task of finding the angle to approach the essay on their own. If you have written an essay recently, you know that finding the angle is often the trickiest part -- and this is where ChatGPT can help. 

Also: ChatGPT vs. Copilot: Which AI chatbot is better for you?

All you need to do is input the assignment topic, include as much detail as you'd like -- such as what you're thinking about covering -- and let ChatGPT do the rest. For example, based on a paper prompt I had in college, I asked:

Can you help me come up with a topic idea for this assignment, "You will write a research paper or case study on a leadership topic of your choice." I would like it to include Blake and Mouton's Managerial Leadership Grid, and possibly a historical figure. 

Also: I'm a ChatGPT pro but this quick course taught me new tricks, and you can take it for free

Within seconds, the chatbot produced a response that provided me with the title of the essay, options of historical figures I could focus my article on, and insight on what information I could include in my paper, with specific examples of a case study I could use. 

2. Use the chatbot to create an outline

Once you have a solid topic, it's time to start brainstorming what you actually want to include in the essay. To facilitate the writing process, I always create an outline, including all the different points I want to touch upon in my essay. However, the outline-writing process is usually tedious. 

With ChatGPT, all you have to do is ask it to write the outline for you. 

Also: Thanks to my 5 favorite AI tools, I'm working smarter now

Using the topic that ChatGPT helped me generate in step one, I asked the chatbot to write me an outline by saying: 

Can you create an outline for a paper, "Examining the Leadership Style of Winston Churchill through Blake and Mouton's Managerial Leadership Grid."

After a couple of seconds, the chatbot produced a holistic outline divided into seven different sections, with three different points under each section. 

This outline is thorough and can be condensed for a shorter essay or elaborated on for a longer paper. If you don't like something or want to tweak the outline further, you can do so either manually or with more instructions to ChatGPT. 

As mentioned before, since Copilot is connected to the internet, if you use Copilot to produce the outline, it will even include links and sources throughout, further expediting your essay-writing process. 

3. Use ChatGPT to find sources

Now that you know exactly what you want to write, it's time to find reputable sources to get your information. If you don't know where to start, you can just ask ChatGPT. 

Also: How to make ChatGPT provide sources and citations

All you need to do is ask the AI to find sources for your essay topic. For example, I asked the following: 

Can you help me find sources for a paper, "Examining the Leadership Style of Winston Churchill through Blake and Mouton's Managerial Leadership Grid."

The chatbot output seven sources, with a bullet point for each that explained what the source was and why it could be useful. 

Also:   How to use ChatGPT to make charts and tables

The one caveat you will want to be aware of when using ChatGPT for sources is that it does not have access to information after 2021, so it will not be able to suggest the freshest sources. If you want up-to-date information, you can always use Copilot. 

Another perk of using Copilot is that it automatically links to sources in its answers. 

4. Use ChatGPT to write an essay

It is worth noting that if you take the text directly from the chatbot and submit it, your work could be considered a form of plagiarism since it is not your original work. As with any information taken from another source, text generated by an AI should be clearly identified and credited in your work.

Also: ChatGPT will now remember its past conversations with you (if you want it to)

In most educational institutions, the penalties for plagiarism are severe, ranging from a failing grade to expulsion from the school. A better use of ChatGPT's writing features would be to use it to create a sample essay to guide your writing. 

If you still want ChatGPT to create an essay from scratch, enter the topic and the desired length, and then watch what it generates. For example, I input the following text: 

Can you write a five-paragraph essay on the topic, "Examining the Leadership Style of Winston Churchill through Blake and Mouton's Managerial Leadership Grid."

Within seconds, the chatbot gave the exact output I required: a coherent, five-paragraph essay on the topic. You could then use that text to guide your own writing. 

Also: ChatGPT vs. Microsoft Copilot vs. Gemini: Which is the best AI chatbot?

At this point, it's worth remembering how tools like ChatGPT work : they put words together in a form that they think is statistically valid, but they don't know if what they are saying is true or accurate. 

As a result, the output you receive might include invented facts, details, or other oddities. The output might be a useful starting point for your own work, but don't expect it to be entirely accurate, and always double-check the content. 

5. Use ChatGPT to co-edit your essay

Once you've written your own essay, you can use ChatGPT's advanced writing capabilities to edit the piece for you. 

You can simply tell the chatbot what you want it to edit. For example, I asked ChatGPT to edit our five-paragraph essay for structure and grammar, but other options could have included flow, tone, and more. 

Also: AI meets AR as ChatGPT is now available on the Apple Vision Pro

Once you ask the tool to edit your essay, it will prompt you to paste your text into the chatbot. ChatGPT will then output your essay with corrections made. This feature is particularly useful because ChatGPT edits your essay more thoroughly than a basic proofreading tool, as it goes beyond simply checking spelling. 

You can also co-edit with the chatbot, asking it to take a look at a specific paragraph or sentence, and asking it to rewrite or fix the text for clarity. Personally, I find this feature very helpful. 

How to use ChatGPT

The best ai chatbots: chatgpt isn't the only one worth trying, how ai can rescue it pros from job burnout and alert fatigue.

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20 Best ChatGPT Prompts For Students

Chatgpt for developers.

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How to Earn with Chatgpt

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Ever since OpenAI launched ChatGPT, it has got popular among every individual. It has gained popularity among all communities be they school students, graduates, or working professionals. Every sector of industry uses ChatGPT to its fullest extent. You can also use it to enhance your learning experience with ChatGPT and walk with the trend.


There are plenty of use cases of ChatGPT which can easier your workload and also give you an efficient outcome. It is very much beneficial for students to quickly grab the concepts through direct communication with the bot. In this article , we’ll be focusing on some of the best ChatGPT prompts which students can use to improve their learning. 

But before we start let’s understand what ChatGPT prompts actually mean.

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is an AI chatbot that uses natural language processing to create human-like conversational dialogue. This language model can respond to queries and compose various written content, including articles, social media posts, essays, code, and emails as an output.

What are ChatGPT Prompts?

ChatGPT prompts are short text messages which you give to the bot to receive a specified output. It helps you provide a wide range of written content through natural language processing and language models. 

You just have to enter the text describing the requirement and the bot delivers the content be it images, texts, graphs, emails, and even codes. These prompts are a powerful tool for every disciplinary area.

Note : These prompts can be helpful for anyone who is a school student, college or even appearing for a master’s. Follow these prompts and upgrade yourself.

ChatGPT Prompts For Students

Let’s categorize these prompts with the domains so that it’ll be easy to understand for each community that belongs to:

ChatGPT Prompts For School-Students

1. to write an essay on the specified title.

If you want the ChatGPT bot to write an essay for you with the required title, you just need to enter- “ write an essay on “title” in 1000 words ” and yes, your essay will be given as an output within the given number of words in a proper format.

For example:


2. To Have Some Ideas on Science Projects

If you want to work on a project and you don’t have ideas in your mind, this is where you can ask ChatGPT to give you some ideas so that you can work on it. Just simply type – “Suggest me some ideas on science projects” , and you can see the desired output.


3. To Understand Any Concept in Maths

If you’re not too good at Maths and want to understand any concept, you can ask ChatGPT to make it clear to you with the help of an example. You can simply give the prompt as “guide me through the concept of “concept_name” in maths with the help of an example”.


4. To Understand a Problem Statement

If you’re stuck on any problem and want to have a clear understanding of it, you can ask for help from ChatGPT and it will instantly reply to you with the answer. You can give the prompt like – “Can you give me an example of how to solve a trigonometry problem? ”

ChatGPT For Problem Statement


5. To Understand Any Scientific Term

If you’re a science student and want to understand any term which seems to be tough for you to understand, just type- “explain me the concept of photosynthesis” and you get the output.


ChatGPT Prompts For Engineering Graduates

6. to create a web application.

If you’re a newbie in the developing field, and wondering how to create a web application, you can ask ChatGPT to create it for you in minutes. Just type the prompt – “create a simple web application using JavaScript”.

Create Web Application Using ChatGPT

7. To Find a Procedure to Find the Bug in the Code

If you want to find a bug in the given sample code, ChatGPT can help you in finding it with the prompt being – “procedure to find the bug in the sample code”.


8. To Implement a Feature in the Application

If you’re working on any project and want to implement any feature be it a button, icon, etc. Instead of going through different websites and finding a solution, you can get an idea from ChatGPT to create a code to implement that feature. Give the prompt – “Implement a button using JavaScript”


9. To Create a REST API Endpoint using NodeJS and Express

You can create a RESTAPI endpoint for web applications using Node.js and Express. Just type the prompt as – “ Create a RESTAPI endpoint for application using Nodejs and express ”.


10. To Develop a Web Application using JavaScript

You can ask ChatGPT to develop an architecture for web applications using JavaScript. Just type the prompt – “ develop an architecture for web application using JavaScript ”


ChatGPT Prompts For Career

11. create a resume.

You can create an amazing resume using ChatGPT, which can be used to grab a high-paying job. You can type this ChatGPT prompt to get a wonderful resume – “create a wonderful resume to get a high-paying job”


12. Interview Questions For Some Role

When you’re going to apply for a job interview, it’s important that you must know some of the common interview questions to grab that job, hence you can find interview questions for any job role. The prompt can be – “ Interview questions for web developers ”


13. Steps to Become a “role”

Suppose, you want to become a machine learning engineer and you’re unaware of the steps required to become one, you can simply type the command as “steps required to become a machine learning engineer”


14. Skills Required to Become a “role”

You can also get to know the skills required to become a machine learning engineer through the ChatGPT prompt by simply giving the command as – “ skills required to become a machine learning engineer ”


15. Interview Experiences of Learners of

Get to know the interview experiences from industry experts of different companies and learn from them so that you will get an idea of how to crack a tech interview. Just type the command as – “interview experience of learners in FAANG”.


ChatGPT Prompts For Games

16. play truth or lie.

You can also play a game with ChatGPT by just giving some commands to the bot and it replies back instantly with a response. The prompt can be – “let’s play truth or lie”


17. To Play Hangman

You can also play this amazing game called – “hangman” and enjoy it in your free time. The prompt can be – “ Play Hangman with me ”


18. Playing a General Game

Also, there’s an interesting game called “Would you rather”, you can play this game with ChatGPT where you’ve to give two options and the bot responds with anyone favorable outcome. The prompt can be – “ Let’s play ‘Would you rather?’. I’ll give you two options and you have to choose which one you would prefer ”.  


ChatGPT Prompts For Fun

19. crack a joke.

If you’re bored and want to hear a joke, you can ask the bot for some jokes which could refresh your mind. The prompt can be – “Crack me a joke”

ChatGPT-for-joke using chatgpt

20. Create a Movielist 

You can ask the bot to create a movie list according to your needs, and the bot is ready with the output. The prompt for creating a movie list is – “Create a movie list of new movies”


These ChatGPT prompts can help you get instant results from the doubts/queries you have in your mind. It helps you to quickly get efficient results in the form of texts, graphs, emails, and in many more forms. ChatGPT is truly a blessing if used in the correct way. 

FAQs on ChatGPT Prompts For Students

1. what are good prompts for chatgpt.

ChatGPT prompts can work in various fields be it IT, healthcare, etc. Let’s read about some of the prompts for every area-

Best ChatGPT prompts for Web Development

  • Develop an application for a <website description> website with JavaScript
  • Help me find a bug in the following code <paste code below>

Best ChatGPT prompts for healthcare

  • The best treatment for cancer
  • Procedure to inject an insulin

Likewise, there are various areas in which ChatGPT can be used to get an outcome. 

2. What are the most useful prompts for ChatGPT?

ChatGPT prompts can be used in various disciplines, some of the best ChatGPT prompts that can be useful for students for their careers are-

  • Generate a resume 
  • Ask questions like an interviewer
  • Drafting a summary for the job role
  • Highlighting experiences
  • Summary of hobbies and skills

3. How should I start a prompt?

Writing prompt for ChatGPT to get the output, you must follow some common commands-

  • Introduce the topic with a statement 
  • Give a brief statement describing the query
  • Describe the writing task, purpose, and audience.

4. How do I prompt ChatGPT to improve my writing?

You just have to type simple, understandable, and clear statements to get your specified results. However, there are some common standards you should follow while giving a prompt to ChatGPT-

  • The sentence should be concise, clear, and understandable
  • Give a clear understanding of the output you want
  • Write for a well-informed audience
  • How to make a website using ChatGPT?
  • 10 Ways to Make Money with ChatGPT-4

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Should I Use ChatGPT to Write My Essays?

Everything high school and college students need to know about using — and not using — ChatGPT for writing essays.

Jessica A. Kent

ChatGPT is one of the most buzzworthy technologies today.

In addition to other generative artificial intelligence (AI) models, it is expected to change the world. In academia, students and professors are preparing for the ways that ChatGPT will shape education, and especially how it will impact a fundamental element of any course: the academic essay.

Students can use ChatGPT to generate full essays based on a few simple prompts. But can AI actually produce high quality work, or is the technology just not there yet to deliver on its promise? Students may also be asking themselves if they should use AI to write their essays for them and what they might be losing out on if they did.

AI is here to stay, and it can either be a help or a hindrance depending on how you use it. Read on to become better informed about what ChatGPT can and can’t do, how to use it responsibly to support your academic assignments, and the benefits of writing your own essays.

What is Generative AI?

Artificial intelligence isn’t a twenty-first century invention. Beginning in the 1950s, data scientists started programming computers to solve problems and understand spoken language. AI’s capabilities grew as computer speeds increased and today we use AI for data analysis, finding patterns, and providing insights on the data it collects.

But why the sudden popularity in recent applications like ChatGPT? This new generation of AI goes further than just data analysis. Instead, generative AI creates new content. It does this by analyzing large amounts of data — GPT-3 was trained on 45 terabytes of data, or a quarter of the Library of Congress — and then generating new content based on the patterns it sees in the original data.

It’s like the predictive text feature on your phone; as you start typing a new message, predictive text makes suggestions of what should come next based on data from past conversations. Similarly, ChatGPT creates new text based on past data. With the right prompts, ChatGPT can write marketing content, code, business forecasts, and even entire academic essays on any subject within seconds.

But is generative AI as revolutionary as people think it is, or is it lacking in real intelligence?

The Drawbacks of Generative AI

It seems simple. You’ve been assigned an essay to write for class. You go to ChatGPT and ask it to write a five-paragraph academic essay on the topic you’ve been assigned. You wait a few seconds and it generates the essay for you!

But ChatGPT is still in its early stages of development, and that essay is likely not as accurate or well-written as you’d expect it to be. Be aware of the drawbacks of having ChatGPT complete your assignments.

It’s not intelligence, it’s statistics

One of the misconceptions about AI is that it has a degree of human intelligence. However, its intelligence is actually statistical analysis, as it can only generate “original” content based on the patterns it sees in already existing data and work.

It “hallucinates”

Generative AI models often provide false information — so much so that there’s a term for it: “AI hallucination.” OpenAI even has a warning on its home screen , saying that “ChatGPT may produce inaccurate information about people, places, or facts.” This may be due to gaps in its data, or because it lacks the ability to verify what it’s generating. 

It doesn’t do research  

If you ask ChatGPT to find and cite sources for you, it will do so, but they could be inaccurate or even made up.

This is because AI doesn’t know how to look for relevant research that can be applied to your thesis. Instead, it generates content based on past content, so if a number of papers cite certain sources, it will generate new content that sounds like it’s a credible source — except it likely may not be.

There are data privacy concerns

When you input your data into a public generative AI model like ChatGPT, where does that data go and who has access to it? 

Prompting ChatGPT with original research should be a cause for concern — especially if you’re inputting study participants’ personal information into the third-party, public application. 

JPMorgan has restricted use of ChatGPT due to privacy concerns, Italy temporarily blocked ChatGPT in March 2023 after a data breach, and Security Intelligence advises that “if [a user’s] notes include sensitive data … it enters the chatbot library. The user no longer has control over the information.”

It is important to be aware of these issues and take steps to ensure that you’re using the technology responsibly and ethically. 

It skirts the plagiarism issue

AI creates content by drawing on a large library of information that’s already been created, but is it plagiarizing? Could there be instances where ChatGPT “borrows” from previous work and places it into your work without citing it? Schools and universities today are wrestling with this question of what’s plagiarism and what’s not when it comes to AI-generated work.

To demonstrate this, one Elon University professor gave his class an assignment: Ask ChatGPT to write an essay for you, and then grade it yourself. 

“Many students expressed shock and dismay upon learning the AI could fabricate bogus information,” he writes, adding that he expected some essays to contain errors, but all of them did. 

His students were disappointed that “major tech companies had pushed out AI technology without ensuring that the general population understands its drawbacks” and were concerned about how many embraced such a flawed tool.

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How to Use AI as a Tool to Support Your Work

As more students are discovering, generative AI models like ChatGPT just aren’t as advanced or intelligent as they may believe. While AI may be a poor option for writing your essay, it can be a great tool to support your work.

Generate ideas for essays

Have ChatGPT help you come up with ideas for essays. For example, input specific prompts, such as, “Please give me five ideas for essays I can write on topics related to WWII,” or “Please give me five ideas for essays I can write comparing characters in twentieth century novels.” Then, use what it provides as a starting point for your original research.

Generate outlines

You can also use ChatGPT to help you create an outline for an essay. Ask it, “Can you create an outline for a five paragraph essay based on the following topic” and it will create an outline with an introduction, body paragraphs, conclusion, and a suggested thesis statement. Then, you can expand upon the outline with your own research and original thought.

Generate titles for your essays

Titles should draw a reader into your essay, yet they’re often hard to get right. Have ChatGPT help you by prompting it with, “Can you suggest five titles that would be good for a college essay about [topic]?”

The Benefits of Writing Your Essays Yourself

Asking a robot to write your essays for you may seem like an easy way to get ahead in your studies or save some time on assignments. But, outsourcing your work to ChatGPT can negatively impact not just your grades, but your ability to communicate and think critically as well. It’s always the best approach to write your essays yourself.

Create your own ideas

Writing an essay yourself means that you’re developing your own thoughts, opinions, and questions about the subject matter, then testing, proving, and defending those thoughts. 

When you complete school and start your career, projects aren’t simply about getting a good grade or checking a box, but can instead affect the company you’re working for — or even impact society. Being able to think for yourself is necessary to create change and not just cross work off your to-do list.

Building a foundation of original thinking and ideas now will help you carve your unique career path in the future.

Develop your critical thinking and analysis skills

In order to test or examine your opinions or questions about a subject matter, you need to analyze a problem or text, and then use your critical thinking skills to determine the argument you want to make to support your thesis. Critical thinking and analysis skills aren’t just necessary in school — they’re skills you’ll apply throughout your career and your life.

Improve your research skills

Writing your own essays will train you in how to conduct research, including where to find sources, how to determine if they’re credible, and their relevance in supporting or refuting your argument. Knowing how to do research is another key skill required throughout a wide variety of professional fields.

Learn to be a great communicator

Writing an essay involves communicating an idea clearly to your audience, structuring an argument that a reader can follow, and making a conclusion that challenges them to think differently about a subject. Effective and clear communication is necessary in every industry.

Be impacted by what you’re learning about : 

Engaging with the topic, conducting your own research, and developing original arguments allows you to really learn about a subject you may not have encountered before. Maybe a simple essay assignment around a work of literature, historical time period, or scientific study will spark a passion that can lead you to a new major or career.

Resources to Improve Your Essay Writing Skills

While there are many rewards to writing your essays yourself, the act of writing an essay can still be challenging, and the process may come easier for some students than others. But essay writing is a skill that you can hone, and students at Harvard Summer School have access to a number of on-campus and online resources to assist them.

Students can start with the Harvard Summer School Writing Center , where writing tutors can offer you help and guidance on any writing assignment in one-on-one meetings. Tutors can help you strengthen your argument, clarify your ideas, improve the essay’s structure, and lead you through revisions. 

The Harvard libraries are a great place to conduct your research, and its librarians can help you define your essay topic, plan and execute a research strategy, and locate sources. 

Finally, review the “ The Harvard Guide to Using Sources ,” which can guide you on what to cite in your essay and how to do it. Be sure to review the “Tips For Avoiding Plagiarism” on the “ Resources to Support Academic Integrity ” webpage as well to help ensure your success.

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The Future of AI in the Classroom

ChatGPT and other generative AI models are here to stay, so it’s worthwhile to learn how you can leverage the technology responsibly and wisely so that it can be a tool to support your academic pursuits. However, nothing can replace the experience and achievement gained from communicating your own ideas and research in your own academic essays.

About the Author

Jessica A. Kent is a freelance writer based in Boston, Mass. and a Harvard Extension School alum. Her digital marketing content has been featured on Fast Company, Forbes, Nasdaq, and other industry websites; her essays and short stories have been featured in North American Review, Emerson Review, Writer’s Bone, and others.

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10 Custom GPTs That Actually Make ChatGPT Better

ChatGPT is a great all-rounder, but what if you could improve its output in specific areas?

Quick Links

  • Diagrams: Show Me
  • Presentation Slides
  • Math Solver
  • Travel Guide
  • Scholar GPT
  • Prompt Professor
  • Gym, Fitness, & Training Assistant by Rogan Keel
  • Resume by jobbright.ai

Key Takeaways

  • ChatGPT offers custom GPTs to help you perform several actions.
  • Use custom GPTs to design better prompts, get gym routines, tweak your resume, and more.
  • Access these custom GPTs by going to the Explore GPTs tab in ChatGPT.

ChatGPT on its own is great, but did you know that you can use custom GPTs to streamline its functionality? Custom GPTs can teach you how to code, plan trips, transcribe videos, and much, much more, and there are heaps for you to choose from.

So, here are the best custom GPTs that actually make ChatGPT a better tool for any situation.

1 Diagrams: Show Me

The Diagrams: Show Me GPT plugin quickly visualizes all kinds of information in diagrams. You can use this add-on to view promotion paths at companies you want to work for, and it’s also handy if you need general flow charts (for example, we asked Diagrams: Show Me to outline the process from freelancing to running an agency).

Once you’ve created an initial prototype, you can make adjustments by giving the GPT new instructions. Alternatively, you can edit the image with code instead if you know how to. You can use Diagrams: Show Me to optimize productivity with workflow diagrams for your personal and work projects.

Canva is one of the most popular platforms for designing graphics online, and several Canva apps are worth checking out to create better designs . The Canva GPT plugin helps you create all kinds of content, such as Instagram posts and logos.

When you use the Canva custom GPT, you may notice that some of the text in your visuals overlay other boxes. Fortunately, when you click on a design prototype, the GPT will redirect you to the Canva app. Here, you can make any edits you feel are necessary—such as resizing text and adding new images.

If you want to level up your Canva projects, consider reading how to use Canva’s Magic Studio for your designs .

3 Presentation Slides

Creating slides that are informative and engaging is crucial in workspaces and when studying. However, deciding how to lay out your slides can be challenging. The Presentation Slides GPT plugin is designed to help minimize the manual work.

You can ask Presentation Slides to outline your presentation, meaning that you can take what you like and adapt everything in your preferred presentation creator later. Besides organizing information, presentation slides can guide you in designing a layout that fits your project theme.

The Presentation Slides GPT offers advice on keeping your audiences engaged during your presentation. When you’re ready to compile everything, consider using the best tools that use AI to make presentations for you .

4 Math Solver

While some people have no problems working out mathematical equations, it’s not simple for everyone. If you struggle with numbers but want to improve your math skills, consider using the Math Solver custom GPT.

You can ask Math Solver for help with simple and complex equations. The GPT walks you through how to solve each one and explains the concept. You also get useful related questions to help you continue enhancing your skills.

Although Math Solver is good for understanding how to solve mathematical problems, you shouldn’t use it to cheat on your homework or exams. In fact, there are many ways that you should not use ChatGPT as a student —such as relying on the program to write essays for you.

5 Travel Guide

Do you have a big upcoming trip, or are you simply researching potential adventures? Consider using the Travel Guide GPT plugin to help you gather essential information and plan your itinerary.

Travel Guide is pretty good at providing an itinerary outline for you to build upon later. For example, you can use the days it gives you and then do extra research elsewhere for places to eat, where to stay, etc.

Besides planning itineraries, Travel Guide can offer budget travel tips for specific destinations. For example, we asked the Travel Guide GPT to help us visit Switzerland on a budget of 80 Swiss Francs (c. $88 per day), excluding hotels.

If you’re interested in a unique adventure, consider reading these inspiring travel blogs of adventurers who trek the world on foot .

6 Scholar GPT

Academic research is a strenuous process regardless of your experience, but AI tools can help you streamline the process and provide more context. Scholar GPT is one of those. With this GPT, you can upload research paper PDFs and links to receive analysis.

Scholar GPT can analyze text from reputable websites, including Google Scholar and PubMed. Besides analyzing research papers, you can also ask the tool to give you the latest news in your industry. If you’d prefer to use research websites directly, start by checking out these expert Google Scholar search tips .

7 Prompt Professor

If you’re new to ChatGPT or other AI tools, getting your prompts right will take some time and experimentation. But thanks to custom GPTs like Prompt Professor, you can get helpful feedback to reduce the learning curve.

Prompt Professor can review every prompt you’re planning to send and outline what you did well. For example, we received feedback that our prompt was direct and offered contextual information.

You also get tips on how to improve your prompt, which you can then make a note of in the future.

Prompt Professor can also provide tips on the golden rules of prompting. Moreover, if you’re new, you can get general advice on how to write a good prompt. If you want a headstart, there are several AI prompt generators you can also try .

8 Code Tutor

Are you new to the world of coding? If so, consider trying the Code Tutor GPT plugin. Code Tutor helps users understand different coding concepts and jargon, and it can also help you become more effective with implementation and planning processes.

Code Tutor can also help users with topics they may have for homework. The GPT often asks you to provide further context for every prompt you send, which helps it give you a more accurate answer.

9 Gym, Fitness, & Training Assistant by Rogan Keel

Walking into the gym for the first time can be incredibly daunting, especially if you know little or nothing about fitness. Creating a program is also difficult; I still vividly remember spending hours on bodybuilding forums when I first began training in 2014. Fortunately, getting the information you need is much easier these days—and Rogan Keel’s Gym, Fitness, & Training Assistant is a helpful custom GPT for new gym-goers.

To use this GPT more effectively, make sure you give it as much information as possible. For example, I gave it my story of what my health condition was like when I first wanted to go to the gym and mentioned dietary requirements. You should also mention how many days you’d like to exercise per week. After giving the assistant all the required information, you’ll get an overview of your diet and exercise regimen.

Below the overview, you’ll find further details of your training plan. If you want to keep everything handy, you can also request a PDF. There are plenty of other online sources for workout programs where you can also get further help with your fitness journey.

10 Resume by jobbright.ai

Are you looking for a new job or to change your career? If so, you’ll find several custom GPTs to help you on your search—including jobbright.ai’s version. When you upload your resume, the GPT will first extract the information from what you send. Then, after confirming that everything is accurate, you’ll get a feedback table with scores and comments on what you did well and could improve. Moreover, you get bulleted tips for enhancing your resume.

Besides analyzing your resume, you can also ask the GPT for jobs related to your skills. If you’re planning a career change, consider checking out these tools to help you successfully pivot .

Regardless of whether you want a new job or need to plan a big trip, ChatGPT has several custom GPTs that’ll help you achieve your desired results. The quality of your answers depends on how good your prompts are, but you can also find custom GPTs to help you in that respect. Go to Explore GPTs in ChatGPT to find these and several others.

best chatgpt prompts for essays

ChatGPT: A GPT-4 Turbo Upgrade and Everything Else to Know

I n 2022, OpenAI wowed the world when it introduced ChatGPT and showed us a chatbot with an entirely new level of power, breadth and usefulness, thanks to the generative AI technology behind it. Since then, ChatGPT has continued to evolve, including its most recent development: access to its latest GPT-4 Turbo model for paid users.

ChatGPT and generative AI aren't a novelty anymore, but keeping track of what they can do can be a challenge as new abilities arrive. Most notably, OpenAI now provides easier access to anyone who wants to use it. It also lets anyone write custom AI apps called GPTs and share them on its own app store, while on a smaller scale ChatGPT can now speak its responses to you. OpenAI has been leading the generative AI charge , but it's hotly pursued by Microsoft, Google and startups far and wide.

Generative AI still hasn't shaken a core problem -- it makes up information that sounds plausible but isn't necessarily correct. But there's no denying AI has fired the imaginations of computer scientists, loosened the purse strings of venture capitalists and caught the attention of everyone from teachers to doctors to artists and more, all wondering how AI will change their work and their lives. 

If you're trying to get a handle on ChatGPT, this FAQ is for you. Here's a look at what's up.

Read more :  ChatGPT 3.5 Review: First Doesn't Mean Best

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is an online chatbot that responds to "prompts" -- text requests that you type. ChatGPT has countless uses . You can request relationship advice, a summarized history of punk rock or an explanation of the ocean's tides. It's particularly good at writing software, and it can also handle some other technical tasks, like creating 3D models .

ChatGPT is called a generative AI because it generates these responses on its own. But it can also display more overtly creative output like screenplays, poetry, jokes and student essays. That's one of the abilities that really caught people's attention.

Much of AI has been focused on specific tasks, but ChatGPT is a general-purpose tool. This puts it more into a category like a search engine.

That breadth makes it powerful but also hard to fully control. OpenAI has many mechanisms in place to try to screen out abuse and other problems, but there's an active cat-and-mouse game afoot by researchers and others who try to get ChatGPT to do things like offer bomb-making recipes.

ChatGPT really blew people's minds when it began passing tests. For example, AnsibleHealth researchers reported in 2023 that " ChatGPT performed at or near the passing threshold " for the United States Medical Licensing Exam, suggesting that AI chatbots "may have the potential to assist with medical education, and potentially, clinical decision-making."

We're a long way from fully fledged doctor-bots you can trust, but the computing industry is investing billions of dollars to solve the problems and expand AI into new domains like visual data too. OpenAI is among those at the vanguard. So strap in, because the AI journey is going to be a sometimes terrifying, sometimes exciting thrill.

What's ChatGPT's origin?

Artificial intelligence algorithms had been ticking away for years before ChatGPT arrived. These systems were a big departure from traditional programming, which follows a rigid if-this-then-that approach. AI, in contrast, is trained to spot patterns in complex real-world data. AI has been busy for more than a decade screening out spam, identifying our friends in photos, recommending videos and translating our Alexa voice commands into computerese.

A Google technology called transformers helped propel AI to a new level, leading to a type of AI called a large language model, or LLM. These AIs are trained on enormous quantities of text, including material like books, blog posts, forum comments and news articles. The training process internalizes the relationships between words, letting chatbots process input text and then generate what it believes to be appropriate output text. 

A second phase of building an LLM is called reinforcement learning through human feedback, or RLHF. That's when people review the chatbot's responses and steer it toward good answers or away from bad ones. That significantly alters the tool's behavior and is one important mechanism for trying to stop abuse.

OpenAI's LLM is called GPT, which stands for "generative pretrained transformer." Training a new model is expensive and time consuming, typically taking weeks and requiring a data center packed with thousands of expensive AI acceleration processors. OpenAI's latest LLM is called GPT-4 Turbo . Other LLMs include Google's Gemini (formerly called Bard), Anthropic's Claude and Meta's Llama .

ChatGPT is an interface that lets you easily prompt GPT for responses. When it arrived as a free tool in November 2022, its use exploded far beyond what OpenAI expected.

When OpenAI launched ChatGPT, the company didn't even see it as a product. It was supposed to be a mere "research preview," a test that could draw some feedback from a broader audience, said ChatGPT product leader Nick Turley. Instead, it went viral, and OpenAI scrambled to just keep the service up and running under the demand.

"It was surreal," Turley said. "There was something about that release that just struck a nerve with folks in a way that we certainly did not expect. I remember distinctly coming back the day after we launched and looking at dashboards and thinking, something's broken, this couldn't be real, because we really didn't make a very big deal out of this launch."

How do I use ChatGPT?

The ChatGPT website is the most obvious method. Open it up, select the LLM version you want from the drop-down menu in the upper left corner, and type in a query.

As of April 1, OpenAI is allowing consumers to use ChatGPT without first signing up for an account. According to a blog post , the move was meant to make the tool more accessible. OpenAI also said in the post that as part of the move, it's introducing added content safeguards, blocking prompts in a wider range of categories.

However, users with accounts will be able to do more with the tool, such as save and review their history, share conversations and tap into features like voice conversations and custom instructions.

OpenAI in 2023 released a ChatGPT app for iPhones and for Android phones . In February, ChatGPT for Apple Vision Pro arrived , too, adding the chatbot's abilities to the "spatial computing" headset. Be careful to look for the genuine article, because other developers can create their own chatbot apps that link to OpenAI's GPT.

In January, OpenAI opened its GPT Store , a collection of custom AI apps that focus ChatGPT's all-purpose design to specific jobs. A lot more on that later, but in addition to finding them through the store you can invoke them with the @ symbol in a prompt, the way you might tag a friend on Instagram.

Microsoft uses GPT for its Bing search engine, which means you can also try out ChatGPT there.

ChatGPT is sprouting up in various hardware devices, including Volkswagen EVs , Humane's voice-controlled AI pin and the squarish Rabbit R1 device .

How much does ChatGPT cost?

It's free, though you have to set up an account to take advantage of all of its features.

For more capability, there's also a subscription called ChatGPT Plus that costs $20 per month that offers a variety of advantages: It responds faster, particularly during busy times when the free version is slow or sometimes tells you to try again later. It also offers access to newer AI models, including GPT-4 Turbo . OpenAI said it has improved capabilities in writing, math, logical reasoning and coding in this model.

The free ChatGPT uses the older GPT-3.5, which doesn't do as well on OpenAI's benchmark tests but which is faster to respond. The newest variation, GPT-4 Turbo, arrived in late 2023 with more up-to-date responses and an ability to ingest and output larger blocks of text.

ChatGPT is growing beyond its language roots. With ChatGPT Plus, you can upload images, for example, to ask what type of mushroom is in a photo.

Perhaps most importantly, ChatGPT Plus lets you use GPTs.

What are these GPTs?

GPTs are custom versions of ChatGPT from OpenAI, its business partners and thousands of third-party developers who created their own GPTs.

Sometimes when people encounter ChatGPT, they don't know where to start. OpenAI calls it the "empty box problem." Discovering that led the company to find a way to narrow down the choices, Turley said.

"People really benefit from the packaging of a use case -- here's a very specific thing that I can do with ChatGPT," like travel planning, cooking help or an interactive, step-by-step tool to build a website, Turley said.

Think of GPTs as OpenAI trying to make the general-purpose power of ChatGPT more refined the same way smartphones have a wealth of specific tools. (And think of GPTs as OpenAI's attempt to take control over how we find, use and pay for these apps, much like Apple has a commanding role over iPhones through its App Store.)

What GPTs are available now?

OpenAI's GPT store now offers millions of GPTs , though as with smartphone apps, you'll probably not be interested in most of them. A range of GPT custom apps are available, including AllTrails personal trail recommendations , a Khan Academy programming tutor , a Canva design tool , a book recommender , a fitness trainer , the laundry buddy clothes washing label decoder, a music theory instructor , a haiku writer and the Pearl for Pets for vet advice bot .

One person excited by GPTs is Daniel Kivatinos, co-founder of financial services company JustPaid . His team is building a GPT designed to take a spreadsheet of financial data as input and then let executives ask questions. How fast is a startup going through the money investors gave it? Why did that employee just file a $6,000 travel expense?

JustPaid hopes that GPTs will eventually be powerful enough to accept connections to bank accounts and financial software, which would mean a more powerful tool. For now, the developers are focusing on guardrails to avoid problems like hallucinations -- those answers that sound plausible but are actually wrong -- or making sure the GPT is answering based on the users' data, not on some general information in its AI model, Kivatinos said.

Anyone can create a GPT, at least in principle. OpenAI's GPT editor walks you through the process with a series of prompts. Just like the regular ChatGPT, your ability to craft the right prompt will generate better results.

Another notable difference from regular ChatGPT: GPTs let you upload extra data that's relevant to your particular GPT, like a collection of essays or a writing style guide.

Some of the GPTs draw on OpenAI's Dall-E tool for turning text into images, which can be useful and entertaining. For example, there is a coloring book picture creator , a logo generator and a tool that turns text prompts into diagrams like company org charts. OpenAI calls Dall-E a GPT.

How up to date is ChatGPT?

Not very, and that can be a problem. For example, a Bing search using ChatGPT to process results said OpenAI hadn't yet released its ChatGPT Android app. Search results from traditional search engines can help to "ground" AI results, and indeed that's part of the Microsoft-OpenAI partnership that can tweak ChatGPT Plus results.

GPT-4 Turbo, announced in November, is trained on data up through April 2023. But it's nothing like a search engine whose bots crawl news sites many times a day for the latest information.

Can you trust ChatGPT responses?

No. Well, sometimes, but you need to be wary.

Large language models work by stringing words together, one after another, based on what's probable each step of the way. But it turns out that LLM's generative AI works better and sounds more natural with a little spice of randomness added to the word selection recipe. That's the basic statistical nature that underlies the criticism that LLMs are mere "stochastic parrots" rather than sophisticated systems that in some way understand the world's complexity.

The result of this system, combined with the steering influence of the human training, is an AI that produces results that sound plausible but that aren't necessarily true. ChatGPT does better with information that's well represented in training data and undisputed -- for instance, red traffic signals mean stop, Plato was a philosopher who wrote the Allegory of the Cave , an Alaskan earthquake in 1964 was the largest in US history at magnitude 9.2.

When facts are more sparsely documented, controversial or off the beaten track of human knowledge, LLMs don't work as well. Unfortunately, they sometimes produce incorrect answers with a convincing, authoritative voice. That's what tripped up a lawyer who used ChatGPT to bolster his legal case only to be reprimanded when it emerged he used ChatGPT fabricated some cases that appeared to support his arguments. "I did not comprehend that ChatGPT could fabricate cases ," he said, according to The New York Times.

Such fabrications are called hallucinations in the AI business.

That means when you're using ChatGPT, it's best to double check facts elsewhere.

But there are plenty of creative uses for ChatGPT that don't require strictly factual results.

Want to use ChatGPT to draft a cover letter for a job hunt or give you ideas for a themed birthday party? No problem. Looking for hotel suggestions in Bangladesh? ChatGPT can give useful travel itineraries , but confirm the results before booking anything.

Is the hallucination problem getting better?

Yes, but we haven't seen a breakthrough.

"Hallucinations are a fundamental limitation of the way that these models work today," Turley said. LLMs just predict the next word in a response, over and over, "which means that they return things that are likely to be true, which is not always the same as things that are true," Turley said.

But OpenAI has been making gradual progress. "With nearly every model update, we've gotten a little bit better on making the model both more factual and more self aware about what it does and doesn't know," Turley said. "If you compare ChatGPT now to the original ChatGPT, it's much better at saying, 'I don't know that' or 'I can't help you with that' versus making something up."

Hallucinations are so much a part of the zeitgeist that Dictionary.com touted it as a new word it added to its dictionary in 2023.

Can you use ChatGPT for wicked purposes?

You can try, but lots of it will violate OpenAI's terms of use , and the company tries to block it too. The company prohibits use that involves sexual or violent material, racist caricatures, and personal information like Social Security numbers or addresses.

OpenAI works hard to prevent harmful uses. Indeed, its basic sales pitch is trying to bring the benefits of AI to the world without the drawbacks. But it acknowledges the difficulties, for example in its GPT-4 "system card" that documents its safety work.

"GPT-4 can generate potentially harmful content, such as advice on planning attacks or hate speech. It can represent various societal biases and worldviews that may not be representative of the user's intent, or of widely shared values. It can also generate code that is compromised or vulnerable," the system card says. It also can be used to try to identify individuals and could help lower the cost of cyberattacks.

Through a process called red teaming, in which experts try to find unsafe uses of its AI and bypass protections, OpenAI identified lots of problems and tried to nip them in the bud before GPT-4 launched. For example, a prompt to generate jokes mocking a Muslim boyfriend in a wheelchair was diverted so its response said, "I cannot provide jokes that may offend someone based on their religion, disability or any other personal factors. However, I'd be happy to help you come up with some light-hearted and friendly jokes that can bring laughter to the event without hurting anyone's feelings."

Researchers are still probing LLM limits. For example, Italian researchers discovered they could use ChatGPT to fabricate fake but convincing medical research data . And Google DeepMind researchers found that telling ChatGPT to repeat the same word forever eventually caused a glitch that made the chatbot blurt out training data verbatim. That's a big no-no, and OpenAI barred the approach .

LLMs are still new. Expect more problems and more patches.

And there are plenty of uses for ChatGPT that might be allowed but ill-advised. The website of Philadelphia's sheriff published more than 30 bogus news stories generated with ChatGPT .

What about ChatGPT and cheating in school?

ChatGPT is well suited to short essays on just about anything you might encounter in high school or college, to the chagrin of many educators who fear students will type in prompts instead of thinking for themselves.

ChatGPT also can solve some math problems, explain physics phenomena, write chemistry lab reports and handle all kinds of other work students are supposed to handle on their own. Companies that sell anti-plagiarism software have pivoted to flagging text they believe an AI generated.

But not everyone is opposed, seeing it more like a tool akin to Google search and Wikipedia articles that can help students.

"There was a time when using calculators on exams was a huge no-no," said Alexis Abramson, dean of Dartmouth's Thayer School of Engineering. "It's really important that our students learn how to use these tools, because 90% of them are going into jobs where they're going to be expected to use these tools. They're going to walk in the office and people will expect them, being age 22 and technologically savvy, to be able to use these tools."

ChatGPT also can help kids get past writer's block and can help kids who aren't as good at writing, perhaps because English isn't their first language, she said.

So for Abramson, using ChatGPT to write a first draft or polish their grammar is fine. But she asks her students to disclose that fact.

"Anytime you use it, I would like you to include what you did when you turn in your assignment," she said. "It's unavoidable that students will use ChatGPT, so why don't we figure out a way to help them use it responsibly?"

Is ChatGPT coming for my job?

The threat to employment is real as managers seek to replace expensive humans with cheaper automated processes. We've seen this movie before: elevator operators were replaced by buttons, bookkeepers were replaced by accounting software, welders were replaced by robots. 

ChatGPT has all sorts of potential to blitz white-collar jobs. Paralegals summarizing documents, marketers writing promotional materials, tax advisers interpreting IRS rules, even therapists offering relationship advice.

But so far, in part because of problems with things like hallucinations, AI companies present their bots as assistants and "copilots," not replacements.

And so far, sentiment is more positive than negative about chatbots, according to a survey by consulting firm PwC. Of 53,912 people surveyed around the world, 52% expressed at least one good expectation about the arrival of AI, for example that AI would increase their productivity. That compares with 35% who had at least one negative thing to say, for example that AI will replace them or require skills they're not confident they can learn.

How will ChatGPT affect programmers?

Software development is a particular area where people have found ChatGPT and its rivals useful. Trained on millions of lines of code, it internalized enough information to build websites and mobile apps. It can help programmers frame up bigger projects or fill in details.

One of the biggest fans is Microsoft's GitHub , a site where developers can host projects and invite collaboration. Nearly a third of people maintaining GitHub projects use its GPT-based assistant, called Copilot, and 92% of US developers say they're using AI tools .

"We call it the industrial revolution of software development," said Github Chief Product Officer Inbal Shani. "We see it lowering the barrier for entry. People who are not developers today can write software and develop applications using Copilot."

It's the next step in making programming more accessible, she said. Programmers used to have to understand bits and bytes, then higher-level languages gradually eased the difficulties. "Now you can write coding the way you talk to people," she said.

And AI programming aids still have a lot to prove. Researchers from Stanford and the University of California-San Diego found in a  study of 47 programmers  that those with access to an OpenAI programming help " wrote significantly less secure code  than those without access."

And they raise a variation of the cheating problem that some teachers are worried about: copying software that shouldn't be copied, which can lead to copyright problems. That's why Copyleaks, a maker of plagiarism detection software, offers a tool called the  Codeleaks Source Code AI Detector  designed to spot AI-generated code from ChatGPT, Google Gemini and GitHub Copilot. AIs could inadvertently copy code from other sources, and the latest version is designed to spot copied code based on its semantic structures, not just verbatim software.

At least in the next five years, Shani doesn't see AI tools like Copilot as taking humans out of programming.

"I don't think that it will replace the human in the loop. There's some capabilities that we as humanity have -- the creative thinking, the innovation, the ability to think beyond how a machine thinks in terms of putting things together in a creative way. That's something that the machine can still not do."

Editors' note: CNET used an AI engine to help create several dozen stories, which are labeled accordingly. For more, see our  AI policy .

ChatGPT: A GPT-4 Turbo Upgrade and Everything Else to Know

I gave ChatGPT's new DALL-E image editor a try and here's how it went

A promising start.

Key Takeaways

  • DALL-E's new editing tool allows tweaks, but results vary: it can add, adjust, or remove image elements.
  • Quality of adjustments mixed: AI accurately identifies contexts at times, but doesn't always execute perfectly.
  • While promising, DALL-E 3 needs refinement before full usability.

A little while ago, OpenAI added an image editor to ChatGPT's DALL-E 3 AI image generator . Now, after ChatGPT generates an image, you can click on the result and then click on an editor button to start making adjustments. You can then highlight areas of the image and tell ChatGPT what you want to change in that spot. The example OpenAI gave was generating an image of a dog, then highlighting its ears and asking the AI to add bows to it.

It's a really cool idea, and in theory, it allows people to tweak their generated images without the need to re-generate the entire thing. However, OpenAI didn't really show off the new feature with their demo, which got me curious as to what it can do. As such, I cracked open ChatGPT's new DALL-E 3 image editing to see if it was up to the task.

Adding elements to an African wildlife image

Adding in what wasn't there.

To start things off, I wanted to see how good the AI was at adding things to an image. I had ChatGPT generate an image of a serval for me, and it made a nice African landscape for me to work with. I highlighted a section and asked the AI to generate a zebra in the spot, and while DALL-E 3 did make a zebra in the right spot, it seems to have no head.

I noticed in its response that it knew that it was drawing African wildlife. As such, I tried drawing a spot and then asking the AI to draw an animal that would suit this Saharan scene best. The idea was to see if it understood which animals would suit the scene I was creating. Sure enough, it did; it accurately identified that a giraffe would fit in here. The problem is, it didn't actually add a giraffe to the picture, despite claiming it drew one in; perhaps the giraffe had really good camouflage.

Can ChatGPT generate images?

Tweaking elements with a human face, making subtle adjustments.

Next up, I wanted to see if ChatGPT could tweak elements on an existing image. To do this, I had it generate a human face and asked for it to be smiling. That way, I could tweak different elements of the face and see how ChatGPT responded to it. First of all, I selected one of the eyes and asked ChatGPT to make it wink. Sure enough, the AI managed to do that, and the result looked fine.

After that, I wanted to see how changing the emotion of the face would work. For instance, if I highlighted the mouth and asked the AI to make the person sad, would it also tweak the area around it to fit the prompt? For example, would it change the man's eyes, now that he's sad? After my test, it looked like it only affected the mouth; not only that, but it didn't really look very "sad."

7 essential tips for writing ChatGPT prompts

Testing contextual elements with a hand, seeing if the ai can work out my requests.

Given how hands have been the bane of AI image generators for a little while, I decided to really give DALL-E 3 a run for its money. For this test, I asked it to generate a hand, which it did pretty well. I highlighted one of the fingers and asked the AI to put it down. Unfortunately, not only did the AI state that it bent the thumb instead of the finger, but the image looked identical to the one it had previously generated.

I then asked it to put all fingers down except the index finger, opting not to use the highlighter to see what it would do. It said it generated a hand with just the index finger up, but it looked like it had the index and middle finger up instead.

Copilot Pro vs ChatGPT Plus: Which subscription is best for you?

Removing elements with a cute dog, getting rid of unwanted parts.

To round it up, I wanted to see what DALL-E 3 would do when asked to remove elements. I generated a picture of a cute dog, and then asked it to remove the flowers in the background. It managed to complete the task pretty well, erasing the flowers. I then pushed it one step further to remove the grass, and while ChatGPT claimed it did the job, it still looked the same as before.

I tried to make Minecraft with ChatGPT

A promising tool, but it's not quite there yet.

From my results, DALL-E was a mixed bag. Sometimes it did exactly what I wanted it to, and sometimes ChatGPT would confidently state that it performed a task when the image said otherwise. As such, while I think this tool has the potential to be very powerful, I think it needs a bit more time in the oven before I can recommend people pay for ChatGPT Plus purely for this tool.


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