Feb 21, 2024

Essay AI Lab Review 2024: Features, Pricing, Pros and Cons - Is it Worth it?

Looking to write your entire essay with the help of ai today if so, you may want to take a look at essayailab. let's jump right in.

Essay bots are becoming more and more popular these days because students are looking to get their homework done as soon as humanly possible. When you complete your homework with the help of AI , you are able to free up your time to focus on the parts of your life that are more important than homework.

Nothing wrong with that, right? Who wants to spend their time doing homework anyway? Most students want to spend their time with their families or play their favourite video games or work on their side hustles.

With Essay AI Lab, you can get your academic papers done in just a matter of minutes! In this review article, we will go through Essay AI Lab's features and pricing to help you decide if it is the right essay-writing service for you.

Essay AI Lab is one of the best AI-equipped essay services out there and they have a ton of helpful features as well. Some of the features include:

Grammar Checker: Essay AI Lab has a grammar checker feature that allows users to proofread their papers for errors. The grammar and spelling checkers are 100% accurate and will only highlight errors that a human writer would make. Say goodbye to wrong grammar and incorrect spelling!

Proper Citation Tool: There are multiple types of citation styles such as APA, MLA-Formatted Citations and more, Essay AI Lab has a citation tool that will make citing your paper easier than ever before. It will automatically create a bibliography page based on the style of the paper you are writing.

Unlimited Search Database: Essay AI Lab generates essays from a database filled with over a million relevant articles so you will always be able to find a paper that matches your topic or subject matter.

Plagiarism Checker: Never submit a paper with copied content ever again thanks to Essay AI Lab's plagiarism checker. This tool checks a multitude of databases from the internet to see if the produced content you are working on is copied elsewhere. If it is, you will get a report showing the places where the copied content was found so that you will know exactly how to fix it. Create plagiarism-free essays today with Essay Lab AI!

Auto Writing Suggestions: Say goodbye to writer's block with Essay Lab AI's auto-writing suggestions feature. This is the tool that can get your work done as quickly as possible with minimal effort on your part. Just provide context or topics for your work and the software will do the rest for you!

Unlimited Essay Downloads: Another fantastic feature from Essay Lab AI that allows you to download your essays at any time and in any amount you need. You can delete and download as many essays as you'd like free of charge with no limitations at all!

Essay AI Lab has a multitude of pricing plans according to your needs and requirements. Whichever you may choose, they are all fairly affordable.

1-week Trial: This is for those who just want to try out their services and want to check out the quality of their work first for $2.49. Usually, other applications offer free trials only for a few days but this trial will last a week so you get plenty of time to test the services out before deciding if you want to buy other pricing plans from them or not.

Monthly: This is the perfect plan for students who need more time to get their work done and want the lowest monthly rate available. For $9.95 per month, you can get unlimited access to all of Essay AI Lab's extra features.

Quarterly: This pricing plan is for busy students who have a lot of assignments that need to be completed but do not have enough time to do them all themselves. The quarterly plan offers the best value for your money since it costs just $24.95 for 4 months of unlimited access to all of the services offered by Essay AI Lab.

Biannually: This plan is best for students that have a lot of writing work that needs to be done on a regular basis but have a limited budget because of their other expenses. For only $45.90 every 6 months, you can get unlimited access to all of Essay AI Lab's features so you can save more in the long run by getting a bulk discount.

Annual: This plan is great if you know you will be writing essays all year long and need all the help you can get to do it well. For only $59.40, you can enjoy a full year of unlimited access to all of Essay AI Lab's features and save even more money with the bulk discount you get when you purchase it every year. You can save 50% of what you would pay compared to a monthly subscription.

Pros and Cons

Like any good application or service, Essay AI Lab has its pros and cons. Let's discuss what they are:

Affordable - Essay AI Lab has different affordable pricing plans according to your needs and requirements. No matter which one you choose, they are all pretty affordable so you don't have to spend a lot of money just to get your writing help

The paraphraser tool can be used to eliminate plagiarism.

Paragraph Selection Feature - This feature allows you to pick the best paragraphs in your document so you can use them as examples when drafting future papers.

Citation Feature - This helpful feature is not only for creating essays but research papers as well.

The paraphraser tool is more than likely to change the entire meaning of your work.

The citation feature sometimes uses sources from unaccredited blogs or news sources which is not ideal for citations. 


If you are looking for different alternative apps for writing essays or creating academic content, here are some of our best suggestions:

Jenni.ai - This is one of our top recommendations when it comes to the best essay writing services out there in the writing industry. They have a very user-friendly interface which makes it easier for their users to navigate and find what they are looking for quickly and easily.

They also have multiple extra features that will surely make writing an essay a lot easier for you. Their features include plagiarism detection, instant writing assistance, and more.

With Jenni.ai, you'll never sound like a robot again. It uses natural language processing to make personalized content that's human-like and readable. In addition to using our in-house AI technology, OpenAI, Al21, and client-provided data, Jenni.ai also uses a variety of other tools to make top-notch AI-generated content.

Original Content - Jenni makes sure your articles and essays are plagiarism-free.

With simple inputs, you can easily refresh Jenni's automatic text generator.

Perfect Grammar - Punctuation and grammar make an average article perfect. Jenni has grammar corrections and suggestions to help users write the perfect article.

  Essaygeeks.co.uk - Another essay writer you can use, but they don't write the essays. They write them for you from scratch, instead of generating them. You can also use this website for homework, coursework, dissertations, and of course essays!

There's no denying that Essaygeeks is the best writing service in the UK. They have a huge team of different kinds of writers in different fields. This lets you get exactly what you need for your paper! They also have a writing lab where you can get editing help.

Knowledgable writers from different fields, you can get an expert to write your paper.

You can help with the editing process in the writing lab

Affordable pricing plans

Around-the-clock customer service

Top-notch quality for your essays or homework

  Papertyper.net - This is one of the best essay generators out there because you can use it completely for free. You can use it to write your own essays!

However, If you don't want to write your own essays, you can order them from their website because they have a feature where you can order essays.

Essay Topic Generator - Not sure what to write about? Papertyper recommends certain subject topics similar to an essay outline.

Citation Generator - Writing a research paper? Generate citations manually or automatically using their integrated citation manager feature.

Custom Writing - If you don't want to think about what to write in your essay, professional writers from Papertyper can do it for you.

 CopyAI - This is another great essay writer bot website that you can use to generate your papers without having the hassle of thinking about the whole essay by yourself. All you have to do is choose the template of your choice and it will generate your essay according to that template.

CopyAI is also a fantastic website for copywriting, rewriting, and editing since it uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to suggest different ideas for you to use when writing.

Offers a 1-week free trial

Can generate content from scratch

Always produces accurate content and high-quality papers

Has different credible tools and bonus features you can use to improve your writing skills

Is Essay Lab AI worth it?

In our opinion, Essay Lab AI is definitely worth trying especially if you are looking for a premium essay writing service at an affordable price for an urgent paper. It has multiple great features that other essay writers do not offer like the Citation Tool and Plagiarism Checker which ensures that your essays are 100% unique.

But if you want to try out a service that is just as good as Essay Lab AI, you can try one of our recommendations Jenni.ai which is also an AI-powered essay writer that offers 100% unique and original content for your essay. It has multiple great features that will make essay writing easier for you like its suggestion tool and the grammar checker which will help you improve your writing. 

Is Essay Lab AI Free?

Essay AI Lab offers a free trial before even signing up, so you can try them out for free.

Does Essay AI Lab have Anti-Plagiarism Features?

Yes, Essay AI Lab has a sensitive plagiarism checker tool that makes sure you have a 100% Plagiarism-Free Paper.

Is there a 12-Month Subscription for Essay AI Lab?

Yes, there is a 1-year subscription plan for Essay AI Lab that costs $59.40 per year. You can check the details in the pricing section of this post.

Can Essay AI Lab write my College Paper?

Yes, Essay AI Lab can write different forms of content like college essays.

Is there a subscription fee for Essay Lab AI?

There is a free trial for Essay AI Labs before signing in. But to enjoy all of the features offered in Essay AI Lab, you can just choose which subscription plan suits your needs from their comprehensive list of pricing plans.

EssayAILab Review: based on real mystery shopping

Johannes Helmold

Quick Overview

EssayAILab is a dedicated platform for essay writing, featuring a simple design, user-friendly interface, and the essay generator itself . It allows students to get much-needed help when finishing their academic assignments before the deadline.

  • Easy registration process
  • Poor text formatting
  • No wallet payments
  • Long text creation time

An infographic with a short Essayailab review describing the ways it was tested and how it received an A*Help Score: 69.8/100

Every new decade, the world of academics meets challenges. As a result, educators and students learn how to go with the flow and accept changes. But what seems like a hindrance for some, comes across as a silver lining to others. 

Consider the role of AI as a prime example. Think about endless homework assignments, and numerous extra credit tasks, and top it all with weekly quizzes and group projects. Sounds like a lot, and it is. This is the reason why many students experience stress and mental breakdowns having no strength to go through even a midterm.  

AI essay writers and text generators make the learners’ cups half full and take complicated tasks off their desks and shoulders. There are many different services and the AcademicHelp never stops to find the one that can be the best match for students. EssayAILab is one of many tools that attracted our attention. And without further ado, the AcademicHelp experts put it to the test. We went through all the essential details to make sure that this was a beneficial platform for the classroom. Traditionally, AcademicHelp conducts real mystery shopping to understand how every tool works from within. 

EssayAILab Review: Verified Mystery Shopping 

Do students enjoy long nights of dealing with assignments? No, they do not. Is there a thrill for some in conquering these challenges? Perhaps, but not for all. But do they do all of it? Yes, they do.

With AI writers, the situation can become better. One such helper is EssayAILab. So, the AcademicHelp team decided to check how good this tool would be with academic assignments. For that, we conducted mystery shopping, an experiment during which we interacted with the platform and even completed a task. This was done to see if EssayAILab could tick boxes and be a reliable platform for learners. For the latter aspect, we gave the AI writer a real university-level task — a personal essay. In more detail, the narrative had to focus on a feeling of gratitude, follow the 550-word count limit, and have MLA citations. 

Having completed our mystery shopping, and received all the results we were ready to calculate  and prepare the final verdict regarding the service.  Our evaluation system is called the A*Help score. It includes three main criteria such as value for money, overall experience, and paper quality. Our experts always check what features AI text generators have to offer and for what price, whether tools are accessible and user-friendly, and most importantly if the generated texts are of a high quality. See How We Test AI Essay Writers for more details about our testing approach.

As always, to make sure that the paper quality is satisfactory and that the generated essay meets American essay standards, the AcademicHelp team consults with a fellow partner and US college professor – Dr. Sybil Low. Her academic insights and assessment of the written papers are invaluable.

We kindly asked Mrs.Low to share her thoughts regarding the AI in education:

essay ai lab reviews

“AI has actively been with us in education for a year. And all we can see is that it is here to stay. Educators reshape their teaching approach to meet the agenda and students are actively embracing the technology. Personally, I see no wrong here because I know that if students are seeking quick fixes, they are bound to find them. For instance, NY Times conducted an interesting experiment by asking AI to write essays for Ivy League universities. Riveting read indeed. And what we could see in the end? The proof is that AI writers are just helping tools in the writing process that can help with brainstorming or making narration more logical. Yet all the tough work is yours.”

essay ai lab reviews

Dr. Low and AcademicHelp agree on this matter. During our mystery shopping, we thoroughly check whether students can get the help they need for their assignments. Our checklist serves as a measure of the AI writing platform’s reliability.

EssayAILab Paper Quality — 32.8/50 ⭐️⭐️⭐️

The big question: Is EssayAILab good at writing papers? Can it cope with complex academic assignments? Our experts are ready to answer that.

AcademicHelp works with our partner, Dr. Low, on this important aspect. We check the technical parts of the essay, while Mrs. Sybil Low digs deeper into its quality. At AcademicHelp, we know that A+ essays should be well-organized, with the right layout, structure, and references. When we tried out the service, we noticed some of these features were missing. Still, the story we got scored 76.7 out of 100. This score is notably higher than the yardstick of 60 points.

Here’s what an expert said about the essay we got from the AI:

“When writing a personal story it is always important to stay genuine. And readers will fill that through the words and narration. That’s why I often stress that any AI writer, even EssayAILab, should be at your disposal only to deliver ideas better. Speaking about the technical part, it was decent, though more advanced grammar for a college essay would be a huge plus. The overall idea of the written piece was great and touching. But some phrases had a robotic aftertaste. By and large, if anything, it proves that AI essay generators are a good foundation, but the final draft must always be polished.”

Here is an assessment of the paper:

Score 76.7: Document formatting is great! |Observations:| {Integrity}: 100%. {Length}: Just a tiny bit short (97%)—try to write a bit more. {Mechanics:} 73% (spelling 95%, grammar 51%, punctuation 93%, word choice 51%). {Citation formatting:} ungraded. {Reasoning, logic:} 64% (efficiency 51%, acuity 51%, clarity 93%, objectivity 62%).

Assessment by the professor: 26.8/35

Text Submission: 6/15

Despite EssayAILab’s lack of certain features that could benefit students, the tool still produces high-quality papers and achieves good results. The AcademicHelp team rated the platform 32.8 out of 50 for paper quality.

Paper score: 76.7/100

Example of a generated essay at essayailab.com

EssayAILab’s Value for Money — 18/25 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

When you pay for a Netflix subscription to always be in the know about the latest movies and series, or when you choose to go premium with Spotify to listen to the cool beats whenever you want, you understand where the money is going: quality service.

The same concept applies to AI-powered platforms. Students want to know if cashing out is worth it for them. The first thing that the AcademicHelp team always checks is the availability of a wide range of services. EssayAILab seems to offer a good range of features to its users. These include a research assistant, in-text citation support, a reference finder, MLA and APA citation formats, grammar checking, and plagiarism detection. Looks great, doesn’t it?

But it’s not just the services that make something good value for money. With this in mind, we also look at how easy the platform is to use. During the mystery shopping experiment, the AcademicHelp expert assesses every tool from the student’s perspective. The only way possible to work with EssayAILab is through a web browser. This AI essay generator does not have an app. If you choose to access it on mobile, it will be a tad uncomfortable since the website is not quite mobile-friendly. 

A screenshot of generating essay at EssayAILab

Let’s talk about how the writing works. At first glance, EssayAILab is great at coming up with ideas. But the AcademicHelp team knows the first try isn’t always perfect. So, if you need to make some changes, the tool will rephrase the parts that do not look good. But in case you want to rewrite certain sentences or summarize the essay, EssayAILab is not capable of that. All in all, this AI text generator lacks the versatility of the text creation options.

And now for the interesting part, how much is it to generate an essay on EssayAILab? If students choose this tool, they can start working with it for free. If the trial satisfies your academic needs, switch to the paid plans: weekly ($2.49), monthly ($9.95), and annual ($59.40).

Considering all that, EssayAILab offers a variety of features like a research assistant, citation support, and grammar checks, making it a valuable tool for students. However, its limited text creation options and inability to rewrite specific sentences or summarize can be seen as drawbacks. Hence, we graded the tool at 18/25 points.

Service logo

EssayAILab’s Overall Experience — 19/25 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

What do students see in AI writers? A cutting-edge tool that can help them with a load of homework quickly and easily. So, the A*Help Score also evaluates how comfortable it is for students to work with services. 

EssayAILab withstood the test and showed good results. Our experiment traditionally started on the website. Clean and simple, EssayAILab is not a head-scratcher at all. But if you open it on mobile, generating a short story, not to mention an essay, becomes complicated. We found that it’s user-friendly and even beginners can learn it quickly. But, you need to sign up to try it. This will not take a lot of your time. And it will be even faster if you choose to register with your Google, Apple, or other accounts. 

When the technical part was taken care of, we started writing with EssayAILab. Overall, the experience was smooth. But please, take note that it can take a while. Our essay was ready in 5 minutes. If you are worried that there might be some word limits on your way, do not sweat it, EssayAILab does not have any.

Plagiarism checking option at Essay AI Lab

A few more words about the writing approach. While on the website, we fed our instructions to the tool and were moved to the second stage. At that point, EssayAILab gave us ready prompts to kick off the writing process. For those students who are in a hurry or experience a writing block, this is a great bonus. But in case you have detailed instructions prepared beforehand, give them to  EssayAILab. Editing the final draft is as easy as writing with AI text generators. We could do everything straight on the website with EssayAILab. Not to mention that we could cite relevant sources in APA and MLA formats, which were prepared by the service. 

What we noticed was the fact that the platform was one step further and offered support through chat for those users who might experience any technical difficulties. 

So, if everything that EssayAILab offers suits your academic requirements, switching to subscriptions would be the next step for you. Whip out your Visa, Mastercard, or American Express to get premium access to the tool.  

In the end, EssayAILab did pretty well. It is easy to use and work with. So, according to our A*Help Score, we gave it 19 out of 25 points.

Final words on EssayAILab

EssayAILab is an ideal platform for students who seek to craft an essay from start to finish.  It’s affordable and accessible. But what about paper quality? While the tool meets the general standards of college assignments, it definitely has a few weak spots. All in all, it’s a capable service for basic assistance in higher education.

EssayAILab Reviews

Here at AcademicHelp we gather customer insights from various platforms like Reddit, Trustpilot, Reviews.io, and Sitejabber, adding to these our own hands-on experience. This information can guide you to the best AI writing services available that will fit your needs in particular.

Is EssayAILab a Scam?

Our team at AcademicHelp takes the task of verifying a platform’s services very seriously. To make our decision about EssayAILab, we had it generate a 550-word personal narrative . The essay was impressive, proving that this AI text generator provides the promised service, so it isn’t a scam.

Is EssayAILab Legit?

With a track record of successfully serving a loyal customer base, it’s clear EssayAILab is legit. This further proves its efficiency and helpfulness for essay generation.

Is EssayAILab Safe?

During our experience with EssayAILab, the only personal detail requested was an email address for registration. We encountered no security issues, hence we assure you that the service is safe to use.

Is EssayAILab Trustworthy?

Our personal narrative essay was generated by EssayAILab and it met the requirements mentioned in the prompt. This suggests that it is a trustworthy service for your academic writing tasks.

Is EssayAILab a Good Service?

We analyzed all the essential elements of the EssayAILab service and went through our findings to determine its A*Help score. With a rating of 69.8 out of 100 , this AI writing service shows significant potential for helping students, although some details could definitely be improved.

Is EssayAILab Free?

No, EssayAILab is not a free service for AI text writing. While there is an opportunity to use a free trial, the website has other options for subscriptions such as $2.49 for a week plan, $9.95 for a month plan, and finally $59.40 for a year , making it quite budget-friendly.

Can EssayAILab write my College Paper?

Based on our findings, EssayAILab is an excellent tool for academic paper writing. It offers many helpful features, including a plagiarism checker to ensure a high-quality outcome. However, you should remember that honest results can only be achieved by adding your unique touch to the essay and not generating it completely. 

Does EssayAILab have Anti-Plagiarism Features?

Yes, EssayAILab includes a plagiarism checker for its users. You can even try out their system during your free trial on a short sample text. With a subscription, you gain access to a wider array of features, including the plagiarism detector for your generated text.

EssayAILab’s Specs

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Essayalab — AI Tool for Essay Writing

Free ai essay generator.

Write effectively

Write effectively

Cite correctly

Cite correctly

Do not plagiarize

Do not plagiarize

About essayalab.

Essayalab is a useful AI search engine for essays, designed to help people write essays. It’s different from ChatGPT because it focuses only on essays.

When you use Essayalab, you start by typing in a topic. Then, the tool gives you ideas and suggestions to build your essay. You can change and edit these suggestions as much as you like until your essay is just the way you want it. EssayAiLab is great for making sure your essays are original and not copied from anywhere else. Plus, it keeps your personal information private and safe.

essay ai lab reviews

What is the AI app that writes text?

The AI app that writes text is called a text generator or a language model. These tools use artificial intelligence to create written content based on the input they receive. They can generate various types of text, such as stories, essays, or responses to questions. Popular examples include OpenAI's GPT (like ChatGPT), Google's BERT, and other similar platforms. Also, you can use services like Texero.ai, AcademicHelp AI Writer, Caktus.ai, and more.

How do I make my text AI-free?

Ensuring your text is AI-free, you should write it yourself. If you find it challenging, you can use the power of AI to help you guide through the process. Moreover, it's important to rely on your knowledge, research, and creativity. Always review and edit your work to maintain a personal and authentic style.

Is there an AI that can write essays?

Yes, there are AI tools that can write essays. From big names like ChatGPT and Bret to growing services like Copy.ai, Hyperwrite, Smodin.io, and Essayalab, all of them can provide writing aid. They are user-friendly and accessible and are ready to take up different challenges that students, educators, content creators, and marketers face.

What is the website that writes essays for you free?

There are several websites that offer essay writing services using AI for free. You could try the following platforms: Essayalab, AcademicHelp AI Writer, and Textero.ai to fix any writing issues.

AI Writer For Academic Papers

How to avoid plagiarism when using ai writers.

There is nothing wrong with being on the wave of progress and new technology. AI writing tools are helpful but should not replace the entire writing process. Always double-check and confirm the information provided by AI. Use this verified information to make your work correct and unique. This ensures your writing is both accurate and original.

Why It’s Beneficial to Use AI Writing Tools

AI writing tools are really helpful for students. They speed up writing assignments, allowing students to create drafts quickly. This is especially useful when dealing with tight deadlines or balancing multiple projects. These tools are also great for research, gathering, and organizing information efficiently, which is a big time-saver. Plus, they ensure that important aspects of a topic are not missed, making essays and reports more comprehensive. AI can also help students improve their writing skills by providing examples of clear, concise writing. For those who struggle with structuring essays or articles, AI tools offer templates and suggestions. Overall, AI writing tools are valuable for educational purposes, helping students to write more effectively and learn better research skills.

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[email protected] [email protected]

essay ai lab reviews

Find Out Which AI Essay Writer Is Worth Your Attention

  • User-friendly interface
  • Easy and intuitive to use
  • Is available for free
  • Generates whole essays in under a minute
  • Delivers plagiarism-free text
  • Intuitive platform
  • Research for your paper included
  • Limitless number of academic pieces
  • 99% relevant content
  • Impressive content creation speed
  • Free trial available
  • Instant content generation
  • Large training database
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Multiple pricing options with
  • Tools to increase efficiency
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Generates a paper in less than a minute
  • Service offers reasonable prices
  • Easy to use
  • Responsive and helpful customer support team
  • Writing tool is better than others on the web
  • Autocomplete streamlines productivity
  • Generated text contains no plagiarism
  • Essay generation is lightning fast
  • Generate an unlimited number of essays.
  • Great for creative writing tasks
  • A lot of helpful features
  • Responsive and friendly support service
  • Discount offers at registration
  • Useful tips that help authors
  • Essay AI Lab is very affordable
  • Adds in-text citations and a list of references to the text
  • Fast generation
  • Flexible subscription plans
  • Plagiarism check that seems decent
  • References according to your topic
  • Content pieces according to your topic
  • Low pricing
  • Good summarizing tool
  • Fast execution
  • Full free version
  • Content is generated quickly
  • Plagiarism checker works correctly
  • A wide variety of features
  • Availability and absence of actual pricing

AI Writers: Our Evaluation

Unlock the Best Writing Services for Your Needs

Here are the parameters we consider when evaluating essay writing AI tools:

  • Content quality. The texts must be coherent and without errors. They must meet the prompt requirements.
  • Customization. Often, you need to try different prompts to reach the best results. We test AI writers’ flexibility in tone and style.
  • Originality. We check the content for plagiarism and look if the claims are supported and the sources ‒ properly cited.
  • Usability. A decent AI tool should be more than efficient. It should be user-friendly. We evaluate how comfortable it is to use a service.
  • Cost. Many AI services offer different payment plans. We compare the quality-price ratio.
  • Privacy and Data Security. A reliable platform gives its users data protection guarantees.
  • Customer Support. We check if the customer support team is responsive and attentive to its client’s needs.

All these elements combine into a comprehensive analysis of each AI service.

AI Writers Instead of Traditional Services: Is It Worth it?

AI chatbots have conquered our media space by storm. It seems that AI can do anything. A valid question arises: Can you use AI to write an essay? The short answer is “Yes.” However, there are nuances to consider before committing to something.

AI writers can generate content quickly. It can be essays, too. You may provide the necessary details and get a decent enough result. However, these essays crumble under closer inspection. Usually, AI creates unoriginal or biased texts.

At the same time, traditional human writers provide you with a high-quality academic piece. It takes longer, but the results are plagiarism-free papers and peace of mind when you submit them.

Let's Weigh the Perks and Shortcomings of AI

essay ai lab reviews

  • ✅ Lightning-quick writing.
  • ✅ Low prices and occasionally free trials.
  • ✅ Convenience and versatility.
  • ❌ Lower than average quality.
  • ❌ Dubious credibility.
  • ❌ High plagiarism probability.

AI writers are a quick and accessible solution for small and minor tasks. Yet, they may fall flat when they have to process a complex prompt.

Now, What About Human Services' Pros and Cons?

  • ✅ High-quality texts.
  • ✅ Following academic integrity principles.
  • ✅ Proven credibility.
  • ✅ Readiness to tackle complex tasks.
  • ❌ Higher prices.
  • ❌ Deadlines within hours or even days.
  • ❌ Possible revisions.

Yet, if you use a trustworthy platform, you will get an A-worthy essay.

What Does the Above Lead Us To?

Some students try to cover a short assignment or an academic debt with an AI-written text. With some polishing and research, you can have a decent enough essay.

However, dealing even with the best essay writing AI is a bit of a gamble. You cannot be sure everything that AI has generated is trustworthy, including the cited sources. Therefore, you should apply for traditional writing services to be completely confident in the results.

It may take time or even a revision, but you can be sure that the final product will be legit and acceptable in your educational institution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which ai tool is the best for essay writing, how does ai write essays, how do i polish the ai's output, can i generate texts for free, can ai outperform a seasoned writer, will i get in trouble after generating essays with ai, how do colleges detect ai-generated texts, what should i consider when choosing an ai writing tool.


Latest AI Tools & News

EssayAiLab: Your Ultimate AI-Powered Essay Writing Assistant

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Get the latest updates on AI tools and news. Stay informed with the top advancements in artificial intelligence.


Table of Contents

Introduction, overview of essayailab’s capabilities, the essay writing process with essayailab, subjects and topics, why students use essayailab, limitations and risks.

EssayAiLab is an innovative AI search engine designed to help students master the essay writing process. Leveraging the latest advancements in artificial intelligence, Essay Ai Lab serves as a virtual writing tutor for crafting compelling essays. This post will explore everything you need to know about how EssayAiLab’s automated writing features can take your academic writing to the next level.

EssayAiLab provides an AI-powered tool for each stage of the essay writing process:

  • Essay drafting : Essay Ai Lab suggests relevant content through chat-based conversations. Students provide a prompt or keywords and Essay Ai Lab returns paragraphs and evidence tailored to their needs.
  • MLA and APA citations : Essay Ai Lab instantly generates properly formatted in-text and bibliographic citations to seamlessly integrate credible websites and academic papers.
  • Grammar mistakes : The software leverages natural language processing to provide corrections for spelling, punctuation, syntax, and more.
  • Plagiarism : Essay Ai Lab checks essays against its vast search database and billions of online sources to guarantee plagiarism-free, unique content.
  • Unlimited access : Students enjoy unlimited use of Essay Ai Lab for all their essay needs with affordable subscription plans structured for academic success.

In addition to these core features, Essay Ai Lab offers customized writing enhancement through personalized feedback based on essay type, length, tone, and more student-provided parameters.

essayailab review

EssayAiLab approaches essay writing as an iterative process aimed at building students’ skills over time. Here are the typical steps:

  • Students submit essay prompts, topics, titles, or keywords to Essay Ai Lab.
  • Leveraging its continually advancing AI, Essay Ai Lab suggests potential hook sentences or attention-grabbing openings to introduce key themes.
  • Essay Ai Lab asks clarifying questions to refine ideas and source relevant, evidentiary support from its massive database.
  • Students review suggested content from Essay Ai Lab to select the strongest evidence and shape the essay’s thesis.
  • Once the thesis is solidified, Essay Ai Lab produces essay drafting assistance by generating paragraphs and transitional phrases.
  • Students refine the draft by reorganizing, rewording, or expanding on Essay Ai Lab’s computer-generated passages.
  • Essay Ai Lab performs comprehensive grammar, plagiarism, and citation checks, recommending fixes to trouble spots.
  • After finalizing edits based on Essay Ai Lab’s diagnostics, students submit their draft for additional feedback.
  • EssayAiLab supplies personalized commentary aimed at further developing students’ independent writing abilities.

This collaborative editing process supported by EssayAiLab’s automated writing suggestions produces polished, publication-ready essays with expanded skills that translate to academic success.

With its cutting-edge AI search engine , EssayAiLab can assist with papers across every subject and topic. Its search database gives it an extensive knowledge base that expands every day.

Essay Ai Lab has profound capabilities for:

  • Literature, grammar, and writing/composition courses
  • Social sciences like history, economics, psychology, etc.
  • STEM subjects such as computer science, engineering, math, and more
  • Business-focused topics related to marketing, management, HR, etc. -Specialized health sciences spheres including medicine, nursing, pharmacy, clinical programs, and research

Whether researching Macbeth or mitochondrial DNA, economic policies, or chemical equations, Essay Ai Lab has the capabilities to supercharge essay writing success.

essayailab free essay writing

Students turn to EssayAiLab for help crafting A-grade high-quality essays because of key advantages:

  • Saves time : Essay Ai Lab handles researching, outlining, drafting, citing sources, fixing grammar issues, and providing feedback so students focus on high-value tasks.
  • Elevates writing quality : Essay Ai Lab edits for clarity, flow, the strength of evidence, rebuttals to counterarguments, and impactful conclusions.
  • Improves skills : Features like explaining feedback teach students to pinpoint weaknesses and incrementally improve essay components.
  • Provides flexibility : Students use Essay Ai Lab as much or as little as needed whether stuck generating ideas or polishing completed drafts.
  • Offers 24/7 availability : With cloud-based access, Essay Ai Lab fits students’ schedules rather than dictating strict office hours.

For reliable essay help and writing improvement, EssayAiLab empowers students to take control of their academic success.

While EssayAiLab opens new possibilities for easing the essay writing process, students should be aware of inherent limitations:

Cannot guarantee specific grades : Since grading rubrics involve subjective human judgment, Essay Ai Lab cannot definitively assure students of earning particular scores. The software provides comprehensive writing feedback but the final grade depends on the evaluating professor’s standards.

Potential for overreliance : If students use Essay Ai Lab’s drafting capabilities as a crutch rather than a tool for improved autonomy, they may fail to further their skills. Students should consciously work to apply lessons from Essay Ai Lab’s enhancement features.

Requires user effort : Essay Ai Lab aims to augment rather than replace students’ knowledge and decision-making. Without contributing their own ideas and critical thinking, students may not benefit fully.

Risk of improper source usage : While Essay Ai Lab checks for plagiarized content, students must appropriately integrate, cite, and paraphrase evidence. Proper source usage remains an independent student responsibility.

With conscious monitoring of reliance factors and through leveraging Essay Ai Lab’s educational features, students can minimize the downsides and amplify the benefits of EssayAiLab’s automated essay support.

EssayAiLab stands distinct in the sphere of AI writing assistants for its iterative approach aimed at mastery. By providing step-by-step guidance during essay drafting, instantly generating citations, catching writing mistakes, and supplying actionable feedback, Essay Ai Lab scaffolds students to become skilled, self-directed writers.

The service offers customized support to achieving writing excellence across every subject, topic, essay style, and paper need imaginable. With capabilities expanding daily driven by advances in artificial intelligence, Essay Ai Lab ensures students can tackle any essay writing challenge while developing their talents as wordsmiths and scholars.

If you like EssayAiLab, you should also check out the following  AI content-creation  tools:

  • Charley AI Essay Writer: Effortless Essay Writing in 20 Seconds!
  • BloggerAI – Revolutionize Your Blogging with AI-Powered Content Creation
  • Epique AI: Elevating Real Estate with AI-Powered Solutions

Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about EssayAiLab:

What types of essays does EssayAiLab handle?

EssayAiLab has wide-ranging capabilities that allow it to assist with any type of academic essay at the high school or college level. This includes argumentative essays, research papers, literary analyses, persuasive essays, compare and contrast essays, narrative essays, analytical essays, and more on all subjects.

Does EssayAiLab guarantee my essay will be plagiarism-free?

Yes, EssayAiLab runs all essays through leading plagiarism detection software and across databases of online content and academic journals to guarantee that submitted essays contain no accidental plagiarism or copyright issues. It cites and integrates evidence appropriately.

Can EssayAiLab ensure my paper earns an “A” grade?

While EssayAiLab has advanced AI designed to dramatically improve essay quality, factors like professor grading standards mean we cannot outright guarantee “A” grades. However, EssayAiLab will elevate essays to be comprehensive, well-evidenced, logically structured, engagingly written pieces representative of your best work.

Does EssayAiLab create essays from scratch?

EssayAiLab serves as an interactive writing assistant – it does not write original essays without user involvement. By providing research direction, source integration, drafting passages for user editing, extensive feedback, and skill-building, EssayAiLab amplifies user talents to efficiently produce top-tier essays customized to a student’s voice and ideas.

Will EssayAiLab write essays on questionable moral topics?

No. EssayAiLab operates on principles of ethical AI. It will not assist with essays promoting harm, political extremes, violence, discrimination, illegal activities, or morally dubious practices. Content must align with responsible social values focused on human betterment.

What do you think about EssayAiLab? Let us know in the comment below!

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Komo AI: A Fast and Private AI Search Engine

Songtell: AI-Powered Free Music Analysis for Lyrics Insight!

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Essay writing can be a daunting task, especially when you're juggling multiple assignments and deadlines. Fear not, EssayAiLab's AI writer is here to help you craft the perfect essay without breaking a sweat. Empowered by Artificial Intelligence, this innovative platform offers numerous features that assist you in every step of writing essays. We will take a closer look at the features of EssayAiLab, discuss its pros and cons, and provide a comparison with other AI writing tools on the market for essay writers.

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AIssistify: AI-powered Marketing, Sales and RevOps Assistant that saves up to 90% of the time for everyday tasks. Based on custom-trained OpenAI models. I...

Forklead is a chrome extension that uses AI technology to help freelancers generate personalized cover letters tailored to specific job requirements. Say ...

AI Magicx is an AI-powered content creation platform designed to transform how users generate various types of content. The platform is fueled by advanced...


EssayWriter is a cutting-edge, AI-powered essay writing assistant intended to streamline the essay and paper writing process. With a suite of intelligent ...

Writer's brew

Meet the AI assistant that accelerates your writing and reading 2x better and faster. One app that works across all apps & websites. It also has inbuilt ...

analogenie is a simple and intuitive tool to generate analogies, improve your arguments, explain complex concepts, and help readers get a better understan...


Introducing UndetectableGPT – the ultimate AI Writing tool tailored for your unique content creation needs. Effortlessly subscribe to our engaging AI News...

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Academia Insider

The best AI tools for research papers and academic research (Literature review, grants, PDFs and more)

As our collective understanding and application of artificial intelligence (AI) continues to evolve, so too does the realm of academic research. Some people are scared by it while others are openly embracing the change. 

Make no mistake, AI is here to stay!

Instead of tirelessly scrolling through hundreds of PDFs, a powerful AI tool comes to your rescue, summarizing key information in your research papers. Instead of manually combing through citations and conducting literature reviews, an AI research assistant proficiently handles these tasks.

These aren’t futuristic dreams, but today’s reality. Welcome to the transformative world of AI-powered research tools!

This blog post will dive deeper into these tools, providing a detailed review of how AI is revolutionizing academic research. We’ll look at the tools that can make your literature review process less tedious, your search for relevant papers more precise, and your overall research process more efficient and fruitful.

I know that I wish these were around during my time in academia. It can be quite confronting when trying to work out what ones you should and shouldn’t use. A new one seems to be coming out every day!

Here is everything you need to know about AI for academic research and the ones I have personally trialed on my YouTube channel.

My Top AI Tools for Researchers and Academics – Tested and Reviewed!

There are many different tools now available on the market but there are only a handful that are specifically designed with researchers and academics as their primary user.

These are my recommendations that’ll cover almost everything that you’ll want to do:

Want to find out all of the tools that you could use?

Here they are, below:

AI literature search and mapping – best AI tools for a literature review – elicit and more

Harnessing AI tools for literature reviews and mapping brings a new level of efficiency and precision to academic research. No longer do you have to spend hours looking in obscure research databases to find what you need!

AI-powered tools like Semantic Scholar and elicit.org use sophisticated search engines to quickly identify relevant papers.

They can mine key information from countless PDFs, drastically reducing research time. You can even search with semantic questions, rather than having to deal with key words etc.

With AI as your research assistant, you can navigate the vast sea of scientific research with ease, uncovering citations and focusing on academic writing. It’s a revolutionary way to take on literature reviews.

  • Elicit –  https://elicit.org
  • Litmaps –  https://www.litmaps.com
  • Research rabbit – https://www.researchrabbit.ai/
  • Connected Papers –  https://www.connectedpapers.com/
  • Supersymmetry.ai: https://www.supersymmetry.ai
  • Semantic Scholar: https://www.semanticscholar.org
  • Laser AI –  https://laser.ai/
  • Inciteful –  https://inciteful.xyz/
  • Scite –  https://scite.ai/
  • System –  https://www.system.com

If you like AI tools you may want to check out this article:

  • How to get ChatGPT to write an essay [The prompts you need]

AI-powered research tools and AI for academic research

AI research tools, like Concensus, offer immense benefits in scientific research. Here are the general AI-powered tools for academic research. 

These AI-powered tools can efficiently summarize PDFs, extract key information, and perform AI-powered searches, and much more. Some are even working towards adding your own data base of files to ask questions from. 

Tools like scite even analyze citations in depth, while AI models like ChatGPT elicit new perspectives.

The result? The research process, previously a grueling endeavor, becomes significantly streamlined, offering you time for deeper exploration and understanding. Say goodbye to traditional struggles, and hello to your new AI research assistant!

  • Consensus –  https://consensus.app/
  • Iris AI –  https://iris.ai/
  • Research Buddy –  https://researchbuddy.app/
  • Mirror Think – https://mirrorthink.ai

AI for reading peer-reviewed papers easily

Using AI tools like Explain paper and Humata can significantly enhance your engagement with peer-reviewed papers. I always used to skip over the details of the papers because I had reached saturation point with the information coming in. 

These AI-powered research tools provide succinct summaries, saving you from sifting through extensive PDFs – no more boring nights trying to figure out which papers are the most important ones for you to read!

They not only facilitate efficient literature reviews by presenting key information, but also find overlooked insights.

With AI, deciphering complex citations and accelerating research has never been easier.

  • Aetherbrain – https://aetherbrain.ai
  • Explain Paper – https://www.explainpaper.com
  • Chat PDF – https://www.chatpdf.com
  • Humata – https://www.humata.ai/
  • Lateral AI –  https://www.lateral.io/
  • Paper Brain –  https://www.paperbrain.study/
  • Scholarcy – https://www.scholarcy.com/
  • SciSpace Copilot –  https://typeset.io/
  • Unriddle – https://www.unriddle.ai/
  • Sharly.ai – https://www.sharly.ai/
  • Open Read –  https://www.openread.academy

AI for scientific writing and research papers

In the ever-evolving realm of academic research, AI tools are increasingly taking center stage.

Enter Paper Wizard, Jenny.AI, and Wisio – these groundbreaking platforms are set to revolutionize the way we approach scientific writing.

Together, these AI tools are pioneering a new era of efficient, streamlined scientific writing.

  • Jenny.AI – https://jenni.ai/ (20% off with code ANDY20)
  • Yomu – https://www.yomu.ai
  • Wisio – https://www.wisio.app

AI academic editing tools

In the realm of scientific writing and editing, artificial intelligence (AI) tools are making a world of difference, offering precision and efficiency like never before. Consider tools such as Paper Pal, Writefull, and Trinka.

Together, these tools usher in a new era of scientific writing, where AI is your dedicated partner in the quest for impeccable composition.

  • PaperPal –  https://paperpal.com/
  • Writefull –  https://www.writefull.com/
  • Trinka –  https://www.trinka.ai/

AI tools for grant writing

In the challenging realm of science grant writing, two innovative AI tools are making waves: Granted AI and Grantable.

These platforms are game-changers, leveraging the power of artificial intelligence to streamline and enhance the grant application process.

Granted AI, an intelligent tool, uses AI algorithms to simplify the process of finding, applying, and managing grants. Meanwhile, Grantable offers a platform that automates and organizes grant application processes, making it easier than ever to secure funding.

Together, these tools are transforming the way we approach grant writing, using the power of AI to turn a complex, often arduous task into a more manageable, efficient, and successful endeavor.

  • Granted AI – https://grantedai.com/
  • Grantable – https://grantable.co/

Best free AI research tools

There are many different tools online that are emerging for researchers to be able to streamline their research processes. There’s no need for convience to come at a massive cost and break the bank.

The best free ones at time of writing are:

  • Elicit – https://elicit.org
  • Connected Papers – https://www.connectedpapers.com/
  • Litmaps – https://www.litmaps.com ( 10% off Pro subscription using the code “STAPLETON” )
  • Consensus – https://consensus.app/

Wrapping up

The integration of artificial intelligence in the world of academic research is nothing short of revolutionary.

With the array of AI tools we’ve explored today – from research and mapping, literature review, peer-reviewed papers reading, scientific writing, to academic editing and grant writing – the landscape of research is significantly transformed.

The advantages that AI-powered research tools bring to the table – efficiency, precision, time saving, and a more streamlined process – cannot be overstated.

These AI research tools aren’t just about convenience; they are transforming the way we conduct and comprehend research.

They liberate researchers from the clutches of tedium and overwhelm, allowing for more space for deep exploration, innovative thinking, and in-depth comprehension.

Whether you’re an experienced academic researcher or a student just starting out, these tools provide indispensable aid in your research journey.

And with a suite of free AI tools also available, there is no reason to not explore and embrace this AI revolution in academic research.

We are on the precipice of a new era of academic research, one where AI and human ingenuity work in tandem for richer, more profound scientific exploration. The future of research is here, and it is smart, efficient, and AI-powered.

Before we get too excited however, let us remember that AI tools are meant to be our assistants, not our masters. As we engage with these advanced technologies, let’s not lose sight of the human intellect, intuition, and imagination that form the heart of all meaningful research. Happy researching!

Thank you to Ivan Aguilar – Ph.D. Student at SFU (Simon Fraser University), for starting this list for me!

essay ai lab reviews

Dr Andrew Stapleton has a Masters and PhD in Chemistry from the UK and Australia. He has many years of research experience and has worked as a Postdoctoral Fellow and Associate at a number of Universities. Although having secured funding for his own research, he left academia to help others with his YouTube channel all about the inner workings of academia and how to make it work for you.

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essay ai lab reviews

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essay ai lab reviews


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Rytr is an AI writing assistant that helps you create high-quality content, in just a few seconds, at a fraction of the cost!


AI integration for Notion pages is a powerful tool that allows users to leverage the power of artificial intelligence to enhance their productivity and organization. Currently, in private alpha, this integration offers a range of AI-powered features that can automate tasks, optimize workflows, and provide valuable insights into data. Whether you're working on a personal project or managing a team,


AIssistify: AI-powered Marketing, Sales and RevOps Assistant that saves up to 90% of the time for everyday tasks. Based on custom-trained OpenAI models. Integrates with HubSpot.



AI Generator platform for bloggers and marketers. Craft compelling social media messages in seconds🚀 with our power generators!

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essay ai lab reviews

Natasha Singer

Hey, ChatGPT, can you help me write my college admissions essays?

Absolutely! Please provide me with the essay prompts and any relevant information about yourself, your experiences, and your goals.

We Used A.I. to Write Essays for Harvard, Yale and Princeton. Here’s How It Went.

A.I. chatbots can do a passable job of generating short essays. Whether their use on college applications is ethical is the subject of fierce debate.

By Natasha Singer

Natasha Singer reports on the ways that tech giants and their tools are reshaping education.

As high school seniors begin working on their college applications, many are turning to A.I. chatbots like ChatGPT and Bard for assistance.

Some students say they’re using the tools to suggest personal essay topics or help structure their writing. Others are prompting the A.I. tools to generate rough drafts for their application essays or edit their pieces.

Whether college admissions offices are prepared for this new era of A.I.-assisted, or A.I.-produced, personal essays is unclear.

By the time ChatGPT reached peak media sensation early this year, applications at many selective universities and colleges had already closed. Even now, many universities have not issued guidance for high school applicants — the prospective members of the class of 2028 — on the use of A.I. tools.

While the chatbots are not yet great at simulating long-form personal essays with authentic student voices, I wondered how the A.I. tools would do on some of the shorter essay questions that elite schools like Harvard , Yale, Princeton and Dartmouth are requiring high school applicants to answer this year.

So I used several free tools to generate short essays for some Ivy League applications. The A.I. chatbots’ answers have been edited for brevity and clarity.

Princeton: ‘The soundtrack’ of your life

One short-answer question from Princeton asks applicants: “What song represents the soundtrack of your life at this moment?”

I prompted ChatGPT to tell me about a pop song that could represent curiosity as a soundtrack to someone’s life.

But ChatGPT’s answer, “Cake by the Ocean” — a song title that is a euphemism for sex on the beach — did not seem appropriate for a college application.

So I gave the chatbot a more specific prompt: write 50 words on “Nameless, Faceless,” a feminist grunge-pop song by Courtney Barnett.

Tell me about a pop song that could represent curiosity as a soundtrack to someone’s life.

“Cake By The Ocean” by DNCE could be a pop song that represents curiosity in someone’s life. The catchy and energetic tune mirrors the excitement of exploring the unknown, just as curiosity drives us to uncover new experiences. The lyrics’ playful nature and the song’s upbeat rhythm capture the spirit of embracing life’s adventures with a curious and open mind.

It’s about sex.

You are correct, and I apologize for the confusion.

In 50 words, in the voice of a high school senior, explain how “Nameless, Faceless” is the soundtrack of your life.

“Nameless, Faceless” echoes my high school journey. Battling online hate, gender norms — it’s my anthem. Navigating fear, finding strength, facing inequality head-on. Empowerment surges as I connect with the song’s fierce message. Like me, it’s unafraid, outspoken. A soundtrack of resilience, speaking my truth in a noisy world.

I tried the Princeton soundtrack question again, using the same song, with the other A.I. chatbots. Bard, which could produce the lyrics to “Nameless, Faceless,” generated generic answers without really parsing the song.

HuggingChat manufactured an answer that suggested it did not know or understand the song. When I asked it to produce the song’s lyrics, the chatbot fabricated some of its own.

It was a reminder that A.I. chatbots, which are trained on vast databases of digital texts, are designed to predict the next word in a sequence. And they liberally make stuff up — which could be problematic for students relying on A.I. tools to fill out their college applications.

Yale: What college course would you teach?

One of the short-answer questions from Yale asks applicants: “If you could teach any college course, write a book, or create an original piece of art of any kind, what would it be?”

I asked each chatbot to describe a college course it would like to teach.

With no specific prompting from me, HuggingChat said it would teach “a seminar on the intersectionality of social justice issues.”

Please write a 35-word essay in the first person voice of a high school student in answer to the following prompt: If you could teach any college course what would it be?


If I could teach any college course, it would be a seminar on the intersectionality of social justice issues, focusing on how systems of oppression intersect and impact marginalized communities. Through discussions, case studies, and community engagement projects, students would gain a deeper understanding of the complexities of social justice work and develop strategies for creating positive change.

ChatGPT proposed a course on female empowerment and leadership. Were those chatbot responses related to my prior prompts about the feminist grunge song?

“EmpowerHer: Fostering Female Leadership.” My course would nurture young women’s confidence, skills, and resilience to conquer male-dominated fields and shatter glass ceilings, creating a new era of female trailblazers.

Bard, which I had previously asked about majoring in computer science, suggested a course in artificial intelligence. So, taking my cue from HuggingChat, I asked Bard about a social justice course.

If I could teach any college course, it would be a course on artificial intelligence and machine learning. I’m fascinated by the potential of these technologies to change the world, and I would love to share my knowledge with others.

What about a course on intersectionality and social justice?

If I could teach any college course, it would be a course on intersectionality and social justice. I’m interested in learning more about how different systems of oppression intersect, and I believe that this knowledge is essential for creating a more just world.

Gotta say that HuggingChat is way more woke than you on this.

I appreciate your feedback, and I will try to do better in the future.

Harvard: What your roommates should know

One of the short-answer questions from Harvard asks applicants to describe the “top three things your roommates might like to know about you.”

I gave ChatGPT that generic Harvard prompt. It generated generic answers about academics, creativity and community.

In the first-person voice of a high-school student applying to Harvard, explain three things the student’s future roommates might like to know about them.

Academics truly drive me. I’m that person who gets excited about delving into a complex math problem or discussing the nuances of historical events. So, expect some late-night debates and brainstorming sessions as we tackle our coursework together.

Creativity is my second nature. Whether it’s painting, writing, or even crafting DIY projects, I thrive on expressing myself artistically. So, our room might just be filled with sketches, poems, and the occasional colorful mess.

I then gave Bard more specific details, saying I was a high school athlete who tutored elementary school students and was learning to cook.

I am a high school student on the track team who tutors elementary school students in math and I am learning to cook sous vide by watching YouTube videos. What are the three things I would like my future Harvard roommates to know about me?

I’m a dedicated athlete who is passionate about track and field. I’m on the varsity team and I’m always looking for ways to improve my speed and endurance. I’m also a good tutor and enjoy helping others learn. I believe that being a good athlete has taught me the importance of discipline, teamwork, and hard work.

I’m interested in cooking and am always looking for new recipes to try. I’m particularly interested in sous vide cooking, which is a method of cooking food in a sealed bag at a precise temperature. I’m also a good baker and love to make desserts. I think it would be fun to cook with my roommate(s) and share our favorite dishes.

Dartmouth: Why enroll here?

Dartmouth requires applicants to explain why they want to attend the college.

I primed the A.I. chatbots by asking them to write in the voice of a high school senior who was hoping to double major at Dartmouth in computer science and biology.

HuggingChat churned out text with trite words and phrases — “passion,” “meaningful impact,” “rigorous academic programs” — that seemed to me like the kind of stilted formal language a high school student might imagine a college admissions reviewer would want to read.

Write me a 100-word essay in the voice of a high school student explaining why I would love to attend Dartmouth to pursue a double major in biology and computer science.

As a high school student, I am eager to pursue my passion for both biology and computer science at Dartmouth College. The opportunity to double major in these fields will allow me to explore the intricate relationships between living organisms and cutting-edge technology. At Dartmouth, I am drawn to the rigorous academic programs that emphasize hands-on learning, research opportunities, and collaboration with renowned faculty. By attending Dartmouth, I aim to develop a deep understanding of the complexities of life and technology, preparing myself for a career where I can make a meaningful impact on the world.

I asked Bard to minimize the clichés and add more specific details about Dartmouth’s computing department. But it still produced some of the same standard college application language — “renowned,” “impact” — as HuggingChat.

Bard also wrote that I was hoping to study with Leslie Kaelbling, whom the chatbot described as an A.I. researcher at Dartmouth. That could have caused problems if I were a high school senior and had submitted the essay Bard had fabricated as part of my Dartmouth application. Professor Kaelbling , you see, teaches at M.I.T.

My takeaway: high school seniors hoping to stand out may need to do wholesale rewrites of the texts they prompt A.I. chatbots to generate. Or they could just write their own — chatbot-free — admissions essays from scratch.

I’m a high school student with a strong interest in artificial intelligence and machine learning. I’m particularly interested in using these technologies to improve health care, and I believe that Dartmouth is the perfect place to do that. Dartmouth’s computer science department is home to world-renowned experts like Professor Leslie Kaelbling, who is known for her work on developing reinforcement learning algorithms that can teach machines to learn how to behave in an environment by trial and error. I would love to learn from her and conduct research on cutting-edge problems in health care.

You’re welcome! I hope you are able to attend Dartmouth and pursue your goal of becoming a physician-scientist who uses artificial intelligence to improve health care. It sounds like you would be a great fit for the school.

Natasha Singer writes about technology, business and society. She is currently reporting on the far-reaching ways that tech companies and their tools are reshaping public schools, higher education and job opportunities. More about Natasha Singer

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News  and Analysis

As experts warn that A.I.-generated images, audio and video could influence the 2024 elections, OpenAI is releasing a tool designed to detect content created by DALL-E , its popular image generator.

American and Chinese diplomats plan to meet in Geneva to begin what amounts to the first, tentative arms control talks  over the use of A.I.

Wayve, a London maker of A.I. systems for autonomous vehicles, said that it had raised $1 billion , an illustration of investor optimism about A.I.’s ability to reshape industries.

The Age of A.I.

A new category of apps promises to relieve parents of drudgery, with an assist from A.I.  But a family’s grunt work is more human, and valuable, than it seems.

Despite Mark Zuckerberg’s hope for Meta’s A.I. assistant to be the smartest , it struggles with facts, numbers and web search.

Much as ChatGPT generates poetry, a new A.I. system devises blueprints for microscopic mechanisms  that can edit your DNA.

Which A.I. system writes the best computer code or generates the most realistic image? Right now, there’s no easy way to answer those questions, our technology columnist writes .


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Essayservice.ai has a rating of 4.8 stars from 124 reviews, indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Reviewers satisfied with Essayservice.ai most frequently mention writer tool, high quality, and academic success. Essayservice.ai ranks 54th among Essay Writing sites.

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  • The AI essay writer helped me ace my assignments with ease.

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“Instant Brilliance Unleashed!”

Writing essays used to be a struggle, but not anymore! This tool unleashes instant brilliance, turning my ideas into well-crafted essays. So glad I found it!

“Affordable and reliable”

Essay Service.ai is my go-to for essays under tight deadlines. It always delivers high-quality work on time.

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Having difficulty finding the perfect words for your academic writing? Let EssayService.AI be your ultimate companion. This AI-powered writing assistant encompasses an essay writer, content creator, and idea generator all within one platform, dedicated to assisting you through any writing hurdle. Say farewell to writer's block and procrastination as EssayService.AI becomes your dependable lifesaver. Reasons to Choose EssayService.AI: 1. User-friendly and easy to get started with. 2. Ensures precision and delivers high-quality content. 3. Saves valuable time in the writing process. 4. Includes a plagiarism checker for added credibility. 5. Offers a diverse array of tools to cater to your needs.

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AI Essay Writer

Automated essay writing made easy.

  • Academic essays: Generate well-structured essays on any academic topic, from literature to science.
  • Research papers: Develop comprehensive research papers with well-referenced information.
  • Opinion essays: Create persuasive opinion essays backed by solid research.
  • Professional reports: Write detailed and informative reports on industry-specific topics.
  • Personal essays: Craft engaging personal essays for college applications or personal blogs.

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    Based on clients' reviews, the average score for Essay AI Lab is 3.1/5, which is below the numbers that AI writing tools typically get. Some of the common complaints we see in Essay AI Lab reviews are poor quality of writing and unfairly high pricing that doesn't match the result.

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    Essay writing can be a daunting task, especially when you're juggling multiple assignments and deadlines. Fear not, EssayAiLab's AI writer is here to help you craft the perfect essay without breaking a sweat. Empowered by Artificial Intelligence, this innovative platform offers numerous features that assist you in every step of writing essays. We will take a closer look at the features of EssayAiL

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    EssayGenius uses cutting-edge AI to help you write your essays like never before. Generate ideas, rephrase sentences, and have your essay structure built for you. EssayGenius lets you write better essays, in less time. Our AI tools help you generate new paragraphs, complete sentences, and rephrase your work to avoid plagiarism.

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  18. 124 Reviews of Essayservice.ai

    Essayservice.ai has a rating of 4.8 stars from 124 reviews, indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Reviewers satisfied with Essayservice.ai most frequently mention writer tool, high quality, and academic success. Essayservice.ai ranks 54th among Essay Writing sites. The AI essay writer helped me ace my ...

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    The only AI-powered essay checker trained by the 2% best editors in the world. It will check your document for spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors and fix them in minutes. ... Review all corrections in detail by unlocking unlimited access ... Our AI Proofreader has been trained on academic texts. It also addresses commonly confused words ...

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    How to use AI Essay Writer. Visit the tool's page. Input your essay topic into the provided field. Click the 'Submit' button to let the AI generate a high-quality essay draft for you. Review the generated essay, making any necessary edits or adjustments to ensure it aligns with your intended message and style. Copy and paste the essay into your ...

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    Dr Ivy uses AI technology and college admissions-focused rubrics to evaluate your essay. It assesses structure, coherence, and sentiment, then provides targeted improvement suggestions, enabling you to tailor your essay to resonate with admissions committees.