Research Reports published by DAM CAPITAL

Latest research reports published by dam capital.

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dam capital research report pdf


  1. (PDF) Dam Break Analysis–A Case Study

    dam capital research report pdf

  2. Esdd Report Bhatsa Dam

    dam capital research report pdf

  3. (PDF) Advances in Dam Engineering (Edited Book)

    dam capital research report pdf

  4. Dam Capital

    dam capital research report pdf

  5. The DAM Industry Report and Buyer’s Guide

    dam capital research report pdf


    dam capital research report pdf


  1. Dam Mast Malang Dam Mast Malang

  2. What's In Store For Healthcare Sector?

  3. The Largest Dam Construction Project in Eastern Afghanistan!

  4. Dam Breach Experiment

  5. Sediment Dam Removal: Top View

  6. Taking a Second Look


  1. Dam Capital

    DAM Capital, through its erstwhile entity, IDFC Securities, has been a leading provider of high-quality equity research in India's capital markets. We believe in adding value to our clients, through distinct and timely research, and have established an enviable track record over the years. We cover ~140 stocks across the following large and ...

  2. DAM Capital Brokerage/Research Reports, Indian Stocks ...

    315.00. 258.70. (58.58%) Target met. Buy. pdf post cache. Latest research reports by DAM Capital, with share price targets forecast and upsides. Search by broker names to get access to latest research reports.

  3. Research Reports published by DAM CAPITAL

    DAM Capital. With new product launches, better quality and brand equity improvement, the company has witnessed better pricing and margins over the past three years. Its consolidated EBITDA margins improved from pre-Covid 10.7% in FY19 to current 12.3% in Q1FY24. JK Tyre & Industries Ltd. is trading above it's 200 day SMA of 380.7.

  4. Dam Capital

    DAM Capital Advisors Limited, is an integrated full-service equity-focused Investment Bank and Institutional Equities platform. The company is owned and led by veteran deal maker, Mr. Dharmesh Mehta, a noted and able leader with more than 30 years of experience in the capital markets. He has been spearheading several large landmark transactions ...

  5. PDF Prince Pipes 06Feb24

    For Private Circulation only "Important disclosures appear at the back of this report" ... Source: DAM Capital Research . Prince Pipes 4 | DAM CAPITAL 6 February 2024 Income statement Year to 31 Mar (Rs m) FY22 FY23 FY24E FY25E FY26E Net sales 26,568 27,109 25,531 33,002 40,115

  6. Dam Capital Initiating Coverage Report On JK Tyre Rating BUY ...

    Dam Capital Initiating Coverage Report on JK Tyre Rating BUY Target - Free download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free. JK Tyre is India's third largest tyre maker and among the top 25 globally. It produces tyres for two-wheelers, three-wheelers, passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles, and off-highway vehicles. While truck and bus sales may slow, replacement demand ...

  7. PDF Project Financing of New Hydropower Development at Existing Non-Powered

    Retrofitting existing dam infrastructure can build additional capacity for non-intermittent renewable hydropower to communities with high-energy demand.2 Many of the fixed capital costs and environmental impacts of construction have already been incurred, thus reducing the technological and business risks associated with new dam construction.

  8. PDF Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited Q1FY22 Earnings Conference Call

    The Company had net cash & bank balance of Rs. 1,623 cr. at the end of Q1FY22, as compared to the opening balance of Rs. 1,868 cr. This is a marked improvement over the Q1FY21 balance of Rs. 1,168 cr. The cash deficit in Q1FY22 is the lowest cash deficit witnessed in the first quarter of any of the last 10 years.


    IDFC 03-2022 Statement of Financial Condition - Short Form.pdf. UNITED ST ATES SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION. Washington, D.C. 20549. OMB APPROVAL OMB Number: 3235-0123 Expires: Oct. 31, 2023 Estimated average burden hours per response: 12.

  10. Dams: Effects of Hydrological Infrastructure on Development

    Hydrological investments, particularly irrigation dams, have multiple potential benefits for economic development. Dams also have financial, environmental, and distributional impacts that can affect their benefits and costs. This article reviews the evidence on the impact of dams on economic development, focusing on the levels and variability of agricultural productivity, and its effect on ...


    will see parallels to this sentiment in trying to assess the long-term outlook for capital markets, given the barrage of new information we face each day. Amid today's demanding investing environment, we present the 2020 edition of J.P. Morgan Asset Management's Long-Term Capital Market Assumptions (LTCMAs). In our 24th year of producing

  12. DAM Capital Bullish On BHEL, Upgrades Stock To Buy, Target ...

    Shares of Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited rose over 3 percent after the company announced it had entered into an agreement with Coal India and NLC India for...

  13. Dam Capital

    The information contained in this section is pursuant to SEBI Circular number CIR/MIRSD/1/2012 dated January 10, 2012 with regard to the track record of the public issues managed by DAM Capital(formerly known as IDFC Securities Limited) ("DAM Capital").

  14. PDF Strategies for Resiliency: Working Capital Index Report 2023

    Source: Capital IQ. We analyzed the industries based on two parameters: leverage ratio and expected revenue growth for 2023. We've categorized these industries in to 4 zones: Æ Tier 1- Industries with high debt levels and low revenue growth. Æ Tier 2- Industries with high debt levels and high revenue growth.

  15. Dam Capital

    IMPORTANT: You must read and agree with the terms and conditions of the following disclaimer before continuing. The following disclaimer applies to the offer documents of companies filed by DAM Capital Advisors Limited (formerly known as IDFC Securities Limited) ("DAM Capital") (the "Offer Documents" and each, an "Offer Document") hosted on this Website in connection with the public ...

  16. PDF Ethiopian Nile Irrigation and Drainage Project

    The Ribb Irrigation Project is one of the Ethiopian Nile Irrigation and Drainage Projects. It is in Amhara National Regional State, South Gondar Zone on the eastern side of Lake Tana Basin. The Dam is a 73-meter earth-rock fill dam and the flooded area at normal water level (1940 masl) covers 11.235km2 area of land.


    active and passive funds and ETFs, Capital Research and Management Company will ordinarily maintain an average allocation of 30% or more to funds and ETFs in each of the active and passive components. Capital Research and Management Company will only consider proprietary mutual funds and ETFs for the active component of a hybrid portfolio.


    failure of dams. 1. Introduction: A dam is a barrier or large impounding structure designed and constructed on a water course to. confine large volume of water and then control th e flow of water ...

  19. PDF Morningstar Equity Research Methodology

    5. Cost of Equity = Market Average Real Return Expectation (6.5%-7.0% based on what we observe as a mean-reverting real return of the S&P 500 over long rolling time horizons— this is not a ...

  20. Sustainability

    A current trend is to implement dam risk management. Dam risk analysis is the premise of dam risk management. Methods such as PRA, FMEA/FMECA, FTA, ETA, and group dam risk analysis have been proposed in studies at home and abroad. In practice, it is found that dam breaks or accidents occur even though the dam risk calculated by the existing methods meets the acceptable risk standard, and that ...